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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a final stand before the test vote. >> i'm a little bit tired. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz spoke all night and into the morning. >> we're losing america. we're losing the wonderful free enterprise system. >> reporter: he had help from some of his conservative colleagues, all fighting an uphill battle to derail the president's health care law. >> this is a disaster all the way around. >> reporter: at one time he read bedtime stories for his young daughters watching at home. >> i do not like green eggs and ham, i do not like them sam i am. >> reporter: lawmakers are trying to find common ground on a temporary spending bill that will keep the government fully open until after the october first start of the budget year but the process became complicated when the house attached an amendment that cuts money for the affordable care act. the less has already been passed, signed into law and survived a challenge in the u.s. supreme court. president obama said in states like new york, the health care
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overhaul would save consumers thousands. >> it turns out their rates are up to 50% lower than what was available previously if you just went on the open market and you tried to get health insurance. >> reporter: a new government report shows americans will pay an average of $328 a month for a mid tier insurance plan when health exchanges open next week for enrollment. tara mergener for cbs news, capitol hill. >> many lawmakers are concerned about the political and economic repercussions of allowing the government to shut down. medics rushed four middle school students and their school bus driver to a nearby hospital after a crash on davis road in waldorf, maryland this morning. sky 9 was over the scene around 8:00. charles county investigators say an suv collided with the bus carrying students from davis middle school and north point high school. medics airlifted the driver of
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the suv to a nearby hospital and 26 students on the bus were also taken to a hospital to be checked out. ariel adams and another are among eight people charged with the stabbing death of 18-yard kenny diaz of -- 18-year-old kenny diaz of woodbridge, virginia. the high school senior was killed over the weekend. diandra samuels has been charged with murder. the others face kidnapping charges. detectives say that samuels robbed a friend of gi jazz early crer -- diaz earlier this month. diaz and some friends confronted samuels saturday at her home. police say that's when samuels beat diaz and the other suspects drove him to a nearby park where he was killed. a man suspected in the disappearance of a virginia teenager has been indicted. 48-year-old randy taylor was indicted on a single count of kidnapping and stealing an atv.
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taylor admits to meeting 17- year-old alexis murphy but he says that she left with someone else. with the deadly siege over at a kenya mall, militants, however, are now launching allegations online blaming government troops for many of the deaths. alfonso van marsh reports. >> reporter: authorities are denying terrorist claims they used chemical weapons to end the attack at a shopping mall that killed more than 70 people. in a twitter message reportedly from al-shabaab militants, the group accuses kenyan forces of using gas and demolishing part of the mall burying more than a hundred hostages. a spokesman blamed militants for causing the fire that caused the floors to collapse. there are reports that as a helicopter hovered overhead, militants started executing hostages and tossing their bodies off the roof.
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some survivors say the gunmen let muslims leave. one hostage said he begged the attackers for his life. >> i told them to leave me alone, i've been injured so they let me go. >> reporter: a grenade blew off part of this man's foot. >> shrapnel in the shoulder. >> reporter: kenya says it has five suspects in custody. five died in the assault. kenyan officials say it's too soon to confirm the attackers' nationalities hint something may still be buried inside. >> authorities say that american forensic teams are helping kenyan investigators search through the rubble for evidence. with less than six weeks until virginians go to the polls to elect their next governor, tonight republican ken kush nellie and democrat -- cuccinelli and democrat mcauliffe will swear off in their first prime -- square off in their first prime time
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debate. last night the candidates for lieutenant governor faced off in a debate that was held in arlington. >> it will open up coverage to approximately 400,000 hard- working virginians. i would underline the word "hard-working." this is not a handout. these are virginians who are working whose salaries have not been able to keep up with the cost of health care. >> i think there are other ways to do this and i think we need a variety of approaches to this rather than a one size government fits all approach. if you have compassion for people, you want to see to it that they have health care but turning it over to the federal government is a way to arrive at the opposite result. >> that was democrat ralph northam and republican e. w. jackson. they are talking about the affordable care act. by the way, wusa9 reporter peggy fox moderated last night's forum and the general election is going to be held
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november 5. still to come when the news continues, find out how you can check out this year's fall fashions while knocking out domestic abuse. >> also, after nearly 60 years of concerts, campouts and road trips, volkswagen puts the brakes on
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i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job.
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who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia? we're looking at a live picture. by the way senator at the time cruz and other conservatives have ended more than 21 hours of talking against the obamacare law. that's a live picture right now. it is the end ever the road for one vehicle because after more than 60 years, volkswagen has decided it is getting out of the minivan business. michele miller has more on a
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long road that is now coming to an end. >> reporter: for some the volkswagen bus with us the driving spirit of their youth. for others it's an enduring relic, long past its prime. but for all its charm, volkswagen will stop producing the pill-shaped advance after december 31. that's when brazil, the only country where it's still being produced, will start requiring air bags and antilock brakes in all new cars. >> volkswagen rather than bringing the bus up to that standard have decided to stop selling it there. >> reporter: that will mean the end of the road for a vehicle first introduced in 1950. >> really without the volkswagen bus, you wouldn't have seen the poppization of kind of a mass market people move like a minivan. it's something that's almost universal appealing. it makes people smile whenever
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they see them. >> reporter: in the u.s. the bus has sometimes resembled art projects on wheels. others are immortalized in actual works of art like the one in this bob dillon album cover. in "argo" the bus was less art and more hero, ferrying embassy employees to safety. the design hasn't changed much through the decades, a testament to the vehicle's sound engineering and functionialty. >> it really resonates pretty broadly. >> reporter: it was the second car model introduced by volkswagen after the beetle. since then some ten million buses have been sold worldwide. for cbs this morning, michele million are, -- michele miller, new york. coming up, we're going to get the forecast from howard. >> it's turning out to be a stunning afternoon here. boy, it's nice outside. i hope you can take advantage of it and the allergy index,
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that's out also. yesterday the mold spores in the high category. they dropped to moderate. everything else is low. it's a beautiful day. i'm let you know how much longer it's going to be around
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must have fall fashion trends and you can also fight domestic abuse at the same time. i'd like for you to meet style author lauren rothman. she has a new book that you can see. it's called "style bible: what to wear to work. all the latest fashions are going to be presented. saks fifth avenue is presenting the fashions. you will be there with your book. you'll be signing copies of your book before it comes out. >> yes. >> this october. and the wonderful thing about this fund-raiser is it's helping women who have had violence committed against them. >> yes. we're very excited. this is both fashion and fun and charity all for a great cause. so at the park hyatt on monday night, come out and see us. we're going to be doing a great fashion show with all the latest fashion and 10% of proceeds. there's going to be pop-up
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shops from saks. you'll actually be able to go shopping. 10% of proceeds from shopping, from buying the book. an early release of the book, 10% of the proceeds will be also going to knock out abuse. >> give me some tips. what's in for the fall? >> we have a couple of fun pictures. first up, we have royally rustic. >> really? >> yes. we have men's trends. but this is showcasing our mini. letter is hot. >> don't you have to have legs for that? >> you have to be careful on tv, right? we know that's a hard trend for us. >> you have gorgeous legs but i don't know. the mini is back. >> it's in. leather and texture is really great. the lux sweat shirt. the oversized luxury sweat shirt. that's what we're seeing here. very edgy. straight off the new york -- straight off fashion week from new york. we've got some really fun, edgy trends that you're going to be seeing on monday night but a
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lot of them are going to be things you can wear to work and there will be stuff out there for the men as well. >> and for the older woman. >> yes, every age, every body. you can definitely accommodate. tickets start at $100 and again those proceeds do go to knockout abuse. >> i'm going to put your -- the knock out on my site so if you'd like to get more information, would like to get a ticket, go to and you'll get all that information. thank you, lauren. >> thanks for having me. let's go to howard and get the forecast. beautiful weather out there. a chilly morning. we dropped into the low mo mid- 40s in -- low to mid-40s in many areas. did you see the sky? it was fantastic. the high thin clouds, when the light is below them, being lit from below, they glow and they were great. we have a chance this afternoon with the sunset to have something like that. so partly sunny to mostly sunny conditions. 74 by 3:00. i actually think we'll poke up
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to 77 for the mid hour high. back to 70 by 7:00. that will be the sunset tonight. tomorrow the panel will be dark at 7:00 and 9:00 partly cloudy, 67 degrees. won't be as chilly tonight. we'll stop in the upper 50s in town to 50, 49 in the cold spots. high thin clouds coming up through new jersey and pennsylvania. clouds thickening up a little bit, especially the mountains of west virginia and garrett county see something cloud cover now. we have plenty of sunshine and just a gorgeous day with 70 degrees and many readings like in fred rigs burke. we have it at andrews, upper gnarl borrow in the upper -- marlboro in the upper 60s to 70. 65 for annapolis. gaithersburg running at 730 degrees with -- at 70 degrees with leesburg. 72 for call peopler and -- culpeper and tappahannock. a great day on the bay. on our weather camera, sunshine. some of the high thin clouds making it a little hazy and murky, if you will.
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that's a beautiful 70. very dry air. the dew point is 42 so the relative humidity to that 70 is 36%. and right now a northeast wind at 7 miles an hour. that wind direction is important because it's bringing drier air and off the northeast, it's coming off the ocean. that will keep us from getting all that warm. storm system out to the west and southwest of us throwing some showers through the carolinas, southern west virginia, southwestern virginia, but trying to come into this high pressure here, that's going to be very difficult for the system as it moves off toward the east, it's actually going to give a nudge to the south. again the north easterly winds with the drier air, the cool air, there's nothing but a few clouds coming through. here we are at 6:00 a.m. so tonight partly cloudy. that's one reason, mostly cloudy, we won't be as cool tomorrow. the clouds will act like a blanket. the middle of date more sun in the afternoon -- middle of the day more sun. in the afternoon more sun. still a northeasterly wind which may knock down the temperatures a few degrees as we go into the weekend. but the system stays off shore.
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as far as any rain chances, they stay real low. tonight we'll deep into the upper 50s. after a beautiful 77, tomorrow still looks great. again about 77. a very nice day. i think a few more clouds in the morning than the afternoon but, you know, not going to sweat that. 59 degrees tomorrow night. again the low 50s north and west. friday just a touch cooler with temperature 74. as we head to the weekend, not much change. slight chance after shower come monday with a cold front but there's not a lot of moisture to work with. rain chances stay low and tuesday still looks nice with a high of 75. got some recipes for a healthy breakfast when you're on the run coming up when wusa9
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we know breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day and when a student has a nutritious breakfast, they're able to focus better in school. very dietician isabel with me and she's brought some selections of how breakfast can be easy, nutritious and quick. >> that's right. this time of year, the excitement of back to school time is over and parents sometimes realize it's hard to get your kids out of the door sometimes with a healthy breakfast. so as a dietician, i recommend three of the side food groups at least for a breakfast. i'm show you an example of what i mean but i also want to make sure you include a protein. protein can be some milk, cheese, yogurt. it can be from eggs. obviously it can be from meat but can be nuts, beans, even soy or tofu so any of those things along with at least two more food groups like grains and fruit. >> that's the first time i've heard of that.
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protein is important. >> right. because you don't want just the energy when they get out the door. you want to make sure they last till lunch time so they're fueled all morning. so take an example. here's a regular oatmeal, great on a cool morning. got to get some good fiber and energy it but if you make that with water and send your kids to school with that it's not really that much. it doesn't balance out with more food groups. so if you -- you can make it with water or milk to make it creamier. you could add milk to it. you can mix in yogurt. you can mix in dried fruit. then you have at least three food groups. that's what i mean. there are going to be sometimes when your kid is just tired of traditional breakfast foods. so it doesn't have to be. it could be left over pizza or a breakfast pizza. sometimes kids like the ideas of pizza and they'll eat anything if it says pizza. you can still make a sand witch
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witch. -- sandwich. or make a sand witch out of peanut butter and banana. you put it on a waffle, burrito, bread. extra points, mom, if you also get a whole grain in there. >> okay. >> or there will be times when you just need -- kids are not hungry and they just neat a meal in a glass -- need a meal in a glass. smoothie is a good time for that. frozen fruit make it is better because it make it is nice and thick. yogurt. or if you can't seem to please anybody any morning, maybe put out different cereals, different flavors of yogurt and have them make their own fruit and yogurt buffet. got the fruit in it. you can get the grains in there with the cereal. you have the yogurt. that's dairy. so you have the three food groups including a protein and it's delicious and quick. >> but don't let that student get out the door without having that important nutritious breakfast. thank you, isabel for being here. thank you for being here. don't forget to go to
12:27 pm come back and visit us at 5:00. have a great day. bye-bye.
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[ cellphone rings ] >> billy: tell me that your plane landed early and you're waiting at the house for me in that little, blue, slinky, lacy thing. >> victoria: um, i'm afraid you're out of luck, sailor. >> billy: still in the air? >> victoria: no...dallas. yeah, um, i'm just, you know, tying up a few loose ends. >> billy: okay. [ clears throat ] so, how late is your plane coming in tonight? >> victoria: about that... >> billy: tomorrow? >> victoria: [ sighs ] monday. >> billy: monday?! that's in an entirely different week! >> victoria: i'm so sorry. it's just that dad needs me to meet with some more associates. but, uh, the good news is... in my downtime... i did a little lingerie shopping. >> billy: oh, yeah? anything you think i might like? >> victoria: well, let's just say that... it will make you forget about that little lacy, blue thing


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