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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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♪[ music ] >> how to get to sesame street ♪ our top story at 7:00 the president's full-court press for affordable healthcare. in just five days, millions of you without health insurance will be able to buy a medical plan and those without insurance would be forced to pay a fine. >> but a new cbs news/new york times survey finds 39% of americans approve of the affordable healthcare act. 51% don't like it. today, president obama held a campaign style event at prince george's community college touting the been fits of the new law. he went after those who said it won't work. >> like any big product launch, there are going to be some glitches. folks in different parts of the country will have different experiences. it's going to be smoother in places like maryland where governors are working to implement it rather than fight it.
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>> for most people, come october 1 there's no change. >> reporter: so if you already have health insurance, nothing will change. but for those without insurance a ton of options await you as marketplaces open up. >> they will have a wide array of plans. >> reporter: this man says they are the metal tiers as they range from bronze to silver, gold and platinum plans from each provider. >> you select bronze your monthly premium will be lower but every time you go to the doctor you're going to have to pay more out of pocket. >> and as your monthly cost goes up, the cost of doctor visits and medications drops. for those who never had insurance, these choices can be complicated and the help you can get will vary depending where you live. >> maryland and d.c. both said we want to set up our own exchanges. they have sort of arranged to have a larger number of people there on board to help assist.
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virginia said that they didn't want to run it themselves. the federal government is doing it on behalf of virginia. >> reporter: so in the commonwealth, there will be fewer government run programs available for assistance. >> it's a nonprofit organization called enroll america. it has decided it's willing to sort of donate some resources to help. >> reporter: health coverage doesn't start until january 1 but you better not wait until december or your coverage may not start at the beginning of the new year. medication expansion varies from state to state affecting your chances for reduced healthcare costs. >> d.c. has already expanded its medicaid program. maryland is going to expand its medicaid program. virginia is not. >> a lot of you still have questions. so log on to go to our check it out section and there you will find a state-by- state breakdown with the closer look at the healthcare law and how it affects you. congress has until monday
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midnight to come up with a temporary spending bill or risk a partial government shutdown. but both the house and senate still at odds over the president's healthcare law. senate democrats called on the house to pass their version of the house temporary spending bill which was stripped of the language that defunds obamacare and house republicans said no way. >> you can huff, you can puff, for 21 hours but you cannot blow the affordable care act away. >> the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. >> now, president obama has already delayed the law for big business, for insurance companies. >> and the house already has its eyes on the next battle that's raising the country's debt limit since lawmakers and the president don't know how to stop spending. speaker boehner rolled out a proposal to raise how much the country can borrow to pay its bills if the white house delays
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the implementation of obamacare for one year. >> d.c. mayor gray says he heard back from the omb after he toll them he won't keep the city workers off the job if the congress shuts down the federal government. >> some call it an act of defiance in the face of d.c.'s lack of statehood. surae chinn says mayor gray is calling it a plan. >> the mayor has already said with a defiant tone -- >> i wouldn't say i was defiant. >> that's your characterization. i was following my assignment to determine who was essential. i submitted a plan toker who was essential. you're calling it defiance. not me. >> reporter: mayor gray trying to work around a government shutdown and keep employees on the job by calling all district employees essential workers. >> do you expect to have any response from omb? >> i'm sure we will. our plan is submitted. >> reporter: gray introduces newly nominated cfo jeffrey dewitt. his response to keeping all employees on the job not just fire and police during a
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government shutdown? >> as a cfo, you follow the direction that comes out of that process. and if that process is that there's a solution between those two parties, then you write the check. >> reporter: the district's attorney general says it's illegal to declare every d.c. worker as essential. >> you can't do what's illegal. i'm not going to jail. >> reporter: the outgoing cfo echoes the same thing. >> i will follow the lead of the attorney general in terms of making sure that we do everything legal. >> if they can guarantee that we get paid, i mean, you know, we would definitely come to work. >> reporter: city employee chanel harris would come to work. >> no one wants to work for nothing. >> no comment. >> reporter: would you come to work? >> i can't talk about that. >> are you willing to go to jail for this? >> i'm expecting it to be
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approved. don't you think it's a good plan? >> reporter: d.c. city council is expected to approve the move making all city workers essential. that could mean that city leaders would face federal charges and face consequences from congress. at the wilson building, surae chinn, wusa9. >> the federal government if it shuts down national parks and museums including the national mall and the smithsonian will be forced to close and nonessential federal workers will be sent home. in the shadow of the u.n., secretary of state john kerry met face to face with his iranian counterpart. this would be the highest level meeting between the united states and iran in decades. top diplomats from five other nation also took part in the conversation about iran's nuclear program. it was held at the waldorf- astoria up in manhattan. the white house says today's meeting is, quote, an encouraging sign but it also said iran has to prove its commitment with actions, not just words. meanwhile, it appears that five permanent members of the u.n. security council have agreed on
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a resolution that requires syria to dismantle its chemical weapons. britain's u.n. ambassador says he is going to introduce totten tire security council at a meeting tonight. the united states and russia have been at odds on how to enforce that resolution. fbi agents in kenya are helping forensic teams search for evidence in the deadly terror attack on a nairobi shopping mall. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened and prevent another attack like this one from happening again even here in the u.s. >> i would not say that we have any specific credible evidence that al-shabab is planning to do anything in the united states. >> 67 people are confirmed dead in that attack and the red cross says dozens are still missing in the rubble of the collapsed mall. investigators believe the al- shabab militants cased the mall months in advance even renting a shop inside to stockpile weapons. today interpol issued a worldwide arrest notice for the british fugitive dubbed the white widow. the person is wanted in connection with a 2011 terror plot in kenya.
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kenyan authorities are trying to establish if she had part in the mall massacre. >> coming up a pizza shop burglarized for the second time in two months. but this time the burglar didn't get much of a haul. >> high temperatures 77 today. let me show you temperatures. it's getting cool but it's still very comfortable. 72 downtown. 66 in gaithersburg. 71 manassas and 69 in annapolis. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> up next, though, the results of an internal investigation of a deadly shootin
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a health alert from the cdc. they say you now is the too many to get the flu vaccine. more children got the flu vaccine last year but health officials urge you to do better this time around. only 45% of people were immunized last year. nearly 57% of children were
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vaccinated 2/3 of adults 65 and older received the vaccine in 2013. alexandria police chief says cell phone video shows they shot a man in self- defense. a man who saw the video disagrees. >> i'm peggy in alexandria where the police chief says his officers were justified in killing taft sellers right here because he pulled his gun on them. but did he or did he not? and what does video show? >> i know what i saw. >> reporter: vicky sellers watched as 7 alexandria police officers shot her son. a former marine legally carried a gun but he didn't fire on february 18th when officers opened up with 37 rounds hitting him five times. >> only at the point that mr. sellers pointed his gun at within of my officers did the rest of the officers fire their weapons. >> reporter: he says cell phone videos recorded by people
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across duke street at this mcdonald's shows sellers pointed his gun at the officers. but vicky sellers, who has seen the videos and was there, says she only saw taft point his gun down. she believes the shooting started when one officer began firing because she thought taft fired first. which he did not. >> the video is part of our criminal investigation. >> reporter: the chief won't release the video to the public but will consider my request to let reporters view it. peggy fox, >> a jury is deliberating whether concert promoter aeg live was negligent in hiring the doctor who killed michael jackson. the lawsuit was filed by the singer's family. during closing arguments their attorney claimed aeg hired murray without considering whether he was fit for the job. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death. but aeg maintains that jackson insisted on hiring murray to care for him during his comeback concert despite the promoters' objections.
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>> the first russian to carry the olympic torch. he will go to greece to be on hand for the torchlighting ceremony in olympia on sunday and then back here to d.c. just in time to travel with the team to chicago for next tuesday's season opener. the national zoo says it's baby panda had another vet exam today. the cub weighs over 3 pounds already trying to support her own weight. vets say she hasn't opened her eyes yet but they expect her to in the next few weeks. amazing checking out that video there. the panda cam. wusa9 first alert weather. >> weather is spectacular, my friends. >> it is spectacular. we are saving utility bills like crazy. >> if it only could stay like this through december. >> this is good for a while. take this through october and then we need to move to another season. let's start with a live look
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outside. high temperature 77 today. and temperatures are still at least downtown anyway in the low 70s. some of the suburbs in the 60s already. but temperatures not really going to fall off the table tonight. it's not that dry. we have a few clouds out there. winds also out of the east at 8. we'll keep temperatures from really getting terribly chilly. so almost a perfect night. satellite picture radar combined, big snows out in the rockies. i was just looking at some data. up in northwestern wyoming some places had 4 to 12" of snow. that's for derek. now we have some high clouds pushing in. the little area of low pressure spun through last night and this morning. it's now out to sea and this will continue to move away from us. it will keep clouds along the delmarva for a while but we're in good shape. maybe not quite as spectacular as monday and tuesday when there were no clouds but still good shape. temperatures 63 in germantown one of the cooler readings. 67 in reston. 66 fairfax. 69 springfield.
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still 71 in college park and 71 down in waldorf. so cool, mild at the bus stop 50s and 60s. strong finish on friday seasonable air mid-70s just about perfect. the weekend still looking good. tonight, partly cloudy just cool, comfortable, lows in the 50s. tomorrow morning we are in great shape. partly cloudy and pleasant, temperatures in the 50s and 60s so early in the morning you got upper 50s but by 9:00 you got 64 degrees. by 1 1:00, almost 70. really in the afternoon, you got low 70s under mostly sunny skies. so next three days, fantastic on saturday. 74. still great on sunday, high temperatures around 75. next seven days. >> nothing organized rain or shower-wise coming our way. >> you know, there was a story
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in the paper today saying we're dry. >> we are dry. not water table dry but soil moisture dry. >> my grass noticed. >> caught on camera, burglar who did a lot of banging but only got a buck. yesterday morning at decarlo's pizza shop in wheeling, west virginia, the burglar wear a white hooded jacket goes not register. he is using a crowbar. bangs at it pulls at it. pries at it. eventually getting it just open enough to pull out -- you're about to see here in in a second, folks -- he got one buckaroo. that's it. >> that's a lot of work for a dollar. >> might be -- i can tell if it was a guy or girl. police say this is the second time the shop has been robbed in two months. the burglar is still at
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i was honored to serve as governor of virginia. we brought folks together in richmond to focus on creating jobs and getting results. that's the virginia way. and that's why i'm backing terry mcauliffe for governor. terry won't let ideological battles get in the way of making progress. terry will work with democrats, republicans, and independents to create jobs and move virginia forward. it's important for virginia that we elect terry mcauliffe as our governor. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad.
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who has the light bulb now, my man? >> me. >> ready to get serious? >> decades after his romp in mork and mindy, robin williams is back on tv tonight on wusa9 called the crazy ones. i think you know who they are talking about there. >> aha. hello. i'm looking at one. the comedy stars robin williams as the executive of an advertising agency in which his partner is also his daughter, played by sarah michele geller. i was looking in a mirror. >> she is basically the playmaker and i'll go now try this. >> i think it's everything and anything you would expect in a father/daughter relationship. she is exasperated with him at times. you know, she looks in awe and wants to be just like him and wants to be nothing like him. >> you're still that guy dad. >> thinking of putting your face up there. >> great writing. good people. that's all you can ask for. then the rest is up to -- that dad out there. that incredible world out there.
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>> crazy ones airs at 9:00 tonight immediately after the one hour season premier of the "big bang theory" at 8:00. "two and a half men" airs at 9:30. elementary comes on at 10:00. then here are just a few of the stories we're working on right now at 11. >> the affordable care act has a lot of people confused. congress at odds may lead to a government shutdown. tonight we look at the issue from both sides and then it's called keyboard courage. that's the urge to tell it like it is anonymously through your social media. >> we are going to tell you how some folks are striking back at their face become foes. >> plus rug digging the up
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in the mail back, changes, our good friend john from chantilly wants to know what is up like that my brother? well, we have had company for the last 10 days so i haven't been watching the news. and i come back last night and things have change! anita is gone.
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your coanchoring the 6:00 news and you now have a sidekick at 7:00?! i hope you aren't going to be leaving the 7:00 news which is the only newscast i can watch from start to finish. >> well, john, as you know, everything must change. but i personally plan to be here for the duration. and i should probably news you to my sidekick, as it were, she is actually our new anchor. so john, meet jan jeffcoat. and we are really blessed to have her. >> go on. >> happy to be here. although now that you called her a sidekick i don't know. >> i think -- look, i have been called much worse. that's actually very nice. thank you for all of your emails. good and bad. we like them all. derek will read them all. >> he will do that, too. >> jan and i are your wusa9 team at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. weeknights. i hope you'll check us out. send us your emails. you want to click on the seven- day? >> real quick. boom. there's the music. all right. whenever that runs i have to
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actually talk. sunshine tomorrow, saturday and sunday. look at this. mid-70s across the board. we get to 80 on wednesday and thursday. >> get out of here. that's amazing. >> nice stretch. >> speaking of getting out of here, we are about to go. >> have a nice evening. see you at 11:00. >> don't forget you can log
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kaley cuoco's surprise engagement. who is she marrying after less than three months of dating.
7:28 pm
i'm rob marciano. "the big bang" star says yes. ph >> it's so romantic. >> her pro athlete fiance. the ring. why the rush to the altar. plus, what i found out on the set about "big bang's" big surprises before tonight's premiere. >> what would you think about having a "big bang" baby? then more couples news in tonight's top story. did miley try to dump liam way back on valentine's day. >> i'm here in the big apple alone. and did khloe give lamar an ultimatum to clean up by their wedding anniversary tomorrow. >> are you going to spend the anniversary with each other? kirstie alley and rhea perlman's "cheers" reunion rivalry. >> i'm just a little upset. then why is sabrina the teenage witch confessing to smoking weed, taking mushrooms. former president bill clinton. the nancy o'dell interview. >> what he shared with me about his private life with hillary. >> i said you might find me
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totally boring. >> i doubt you're boring. >> plus, hear what he thought about oprah's performance in "lee daniels' the butler." tom hanks diving into freezing water. a gun held to his head. >> you're coming with us. >> "e.t." with the behind the scenes footage from his harrowing new! now, "entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> kaley cuoco's surprise engagement after less than three months as we take you to the set before the "big bang" premiere. welcome to "entertainment tonight." my visit behind the scenes is on the way. first, we got to talk about the wedding news. why the rush to the altar? kaley kicks off the star romance surprises in "entertainment tonight's" top story. the new photo of the bride-to-be with her engagement ring on. ryan sweeting popped the question yesterday just three days after they made their emmy red carpet debut. and barely three months since they first met. why so fast to say "i do." >> a source tells us that she


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