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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the officers fire their weapons. >> alexandria's police chief said his officers were justified in killing taft sellers because he pulled his gun on them right here, but the chief won't release the videos. >> you do not even have to dig for pieces. >> they buried most of it. >> the air force left most of the wreckage of the b-52 in a cattlefield. >> secretary of state john kerry met face to face with his iranian counterpart. >> now we have to see whether we can match our positive words with serious deeds. >> fbi agents are in kenya helping forensic teams search for evidence in the al-shabaab terror attacks. they're trying to get as much information as possible to prevent a similar attack from happening. italian divers may have found the two missing passengers from the costa concordia cruise ship disaster. divers found the remains near the center of the ship where they were last seen alive. after a high of 77 a comfortable night, upper 50s downtown but 53 out toward bethesda, 52 in rockville,
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maybe around 50 laytonville, olney, 51 in sterling, 52 in manassas but not enough to turn on your heat. new developments regarding that green paint vandalism at the washington national cathedral. doctors have found her incompetent to stand trial. mayor vincent gray trying to work around a government shutdown and keep employees on the job by calling all district employees essential workers. >> are you willing to go to jail for this? >> i'm expecting and hoping that our plan will be approved. top stories tonight, it was supposed to be a routine afternoon of drill practice. instead it turned into chaos for eight high school rotc students run over by an out of control car. >> now that 19-year-old driver is facing several charges. it happened at northwestern high school in hyattsville after 6:00 this evening. our ken molestina picks up the story from there. >> reporter: imagine this for a second. all eight students are rotc
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students mark along in formation along the side of the school when all -- marching along in formation along the side of the school when all of a sudden a car plows through them. this amateur video taken shows the panic that set in of at eight students were left injured and on the ground after being hit by this honda. >> it was driving in the direction of a very bright sun glare. at the same time there was a group of rotc students training and in formation and the vehicle struck the group of rotc students. >> reporter: paramedics rushed to get them all into ambulances and to nearby emergency rooms as sobbing parents were left worried sick watching their kids be carried away in pain. once again all those eight students received minor injuries sent to different area hospitals. the driver of the car has been identified as a 19-year-old man from mount rainier. police don't believe he was speeding, but they have charged him with multiple counts of negligent driving and failure to control the vehicle. he was also cited for driving on a learner's permit without the required supervision.
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in hyattsville ken molestina, wusa9 news. in prince george's county public school officials say they immediately called the parents of all the students involved and the rest of the afternoon activities continued as planned. right now police have shut down frederick community college. investigators tell us a suspicious item was left in the cafeteria. the bomb squad is there now trying to figure out if there's anything dangerous inside that item in question. the office of d.c.'s chief medical examiner has completed its autopsy on the body of navy yard killer aaron alexis. it released the body, but the office declined to give the results of that autopsy, nor would it reveal who claimed the body. earlier this week investigators said alexis was shot dead by a d.c. cop and a park police officer. here's where we stand tonight on a possible government shutdown. right now a partial shutdown looks more likely. that's because house speaker john boehner is saying tonight that his gop colleagues will simply reject what the senate is expected to do tomorrow and
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that is pass a spending bill to keep obamacare intact. without a new spending bill a shutdown will kick in tuesday. >> you might have heard about -- you might have heard about the comedian arrested for allegedly punching a journalist last night at the improv. the comedian tells us the journalist is the one who took the swing at him. apparently the cops didn't see it that way. they charged the comedian with simple assault and josh rogan, the journalist works for the daily beast. he was live tweeting comments about the show and apparently they weren't so complimentary. he was confronted and this led to the off stage punchlines and arrest. josh rogan was up front about his comments, but what would you say to the negative nancy who hides behind what they call keyboard courage? >> debra alfarone may have the ultimate comeback in tonight's big story.
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it's a hilarious skit on kimmel. >> is he leap a gomez is on the radio -- selena gomez is on the radio right now. is there a volume lower than mute? sorry. >> i saw larry king at dinner, but it might have been just a run of the mill goblin. >> it happens to everyone even here at wusa9. >>, really? molestina? yeah, really. >> news flash, you have done absolutely nothing with your life and rely on a piece of scarf to advance your career. i will let you fetch my coffee for me once i make it if you are competent to do that much. here's your coffee. >> thanks. >> for a report with the name of isha chow dry i would expect a little -- chowdry i would expect a little more knowledge on the indian culture. >> she belongs on a soap op
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remarks not the news. >> sorry, all very are nice tweets. >> for perspective we talked to a man who takes punches left and right on sports radio and the stage. >> somebody disagreed with me about what the wizards should do with their draft pick went to let me get in a car accident. >> who better to help us form our comebacks? >> you know who is attractive? soap opera people. i would get you coffee and drink it because the word poison comes to mine. that's topper shutt. >> this phenomenon even caught joe concha of media hype eye's. >> get attention to yourself. how? go negative. >> last thought, don't hide behind this, #growup. it's okay, kenny. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> i'm still laughing at the run of the mill goblin comment. >> that was mean.
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>> we know not all those twitter followers are real and i did not know what a twitter imposter was until a few hours ago. >> a lot of celebrities, politicians, average joe have fake followers. all you got to do is pay an online company to boost your twitter following or friend you on facebook, but most of the time these aren't even actual twitter users. they're computer generated accounts and it's big business. get this. for as little as 10 bucks you can purchase several thousand followers. why the heck would someone want to do that? >> why would you do that? >> let's face it, social media marketing a part of a big game. it's a popularity contest. a website called recently looked at what it says are the politicians with the most faked twitter followers. >> in tonight's list a look at those with the highest percentage of followers that are said to not be real. no. 5, speaker john boehner with a 33% fake following. no. 4, first lady michelle obama, 36% of her followers not real.
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no. 3, the white house itself has a 37% fake following. vice president joe biden is in second place, torment 6% of his followers identify -- 46% of his followers identified as phoney baloney and president obama, of his nearly 37 million followers 53% are said to be fake. >> of course, all of ours are real. >> yes. >> our three followers. >> both of my followers are real. i can guarantee it. >> you could hit us up any time on twitter, our address right there on your screen #janjeffcoat and #mcgintyman. i have some followers, but it's all the real deal. 77 today was the high, just beautiful. here's your wakeup weather. 50s at 5:00, 50s at 7:00 and mild by 9:00, temperatures back
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in the upper 50s to upper 60s under partly cloudy skies. we will come back, tell you how the day and week will finish and if we can carry this glorious weather through the weekend. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 11:00. >> still to come a late night partiers alive and well tonight thanks to the kindness of a whole crowd of strangers. it's video worth sharing in tonight's streaming. >> plus roaches? check. flying vermin? oh, yeah. find out if your favorite restaurant is on russ ptacek's naughty list in a couple minutes. >> right after the break a taser wielding robber on the loose and it's right here in d.c.
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tonight in news where you live. >> we begin in northwest washington d.c. where crooks with tasers are ripping folks off. over the past three days there have been three robberies on n street between 9th and 13th. tasers were used in all three cases. all three victims are hispanic and now the cops have only a vague description of the suspects. to prince william county where four more juveniles were arrested in the kenny diaz murder case. that makes 12 total arrests in the stabbing death of the woodbridge high school football
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player. detectives say the latest suspects were accomplices of diaz. they were with him when the fight over a botched drug deal went down. those accomplices face attempted robbery and firearms charges. let's get to montgomery county where a toddler is alive tonight after falling out of a window from possibly as high as three stories. it happened about 5:40, circle d drive in germantown. we are told the 20-month-old was alert when they took him to the hospital. unwashed hands touching your food caught on tape, roaches and flies at a bethesda crab house and a chinese restaurant with so many violations it even shocked investigative reporter russ ptacek and believe me, that is saying something. >> enjoy your dinner tonight if you're eating, folks. tonight's restaurant alert begins at that gaithersburg chinese spot. >> reporter: maybe the worst inspection report i've ever seen, page after pain documenting, get this, 44 violations. among the worst of the citations at new fortune on south frederick road?
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a severe roach infestation, even a dead roach observed in a container of oil. violations the manager says they've corrected and he didn't consider such a big problem. >> not much, a lot, yeah. >> reporter: inspectors also cited a hand washing sink nonaccessible. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: that's exactly what they're talking about. workers quickly cleared that sink and then lined up to wash at the other. now look at this video shot in great falls, virginia, at romantic pizza by the slice did. you see it? watch it again. >> no heat, right? >> reporter: inspectors temporarily closed romantico pizza by the slice with nine violations include nothing staff trained in food safety and an employee handling ready to eat food with bare hands. that would be great, too but if you want to call your manager.
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you're calling the police. now watch this worker in kensington maryland cracking fresh eggs, tossing them over the soon to be served bread, then barehanded grabbing that bread, buttering it, toasting it and stacking it up to serve to unknowing customers. it all happened at kensington's donut king on university boulevard. suspended prior to our visit for operating with inadequate refrigeration. inspectors noted food in the walk-in refrigerator ranging from 45 to 49 degrees, temperatures that put you at risk of getting sick, but when we checked this is perfect. after we talked to the manager that worker put on gloves. the mexican restaurant la polopa3 in silver springs was operating without hot water and a house infestation in the walk- in unit, but when we checked, it hit 100. no signs of rodents. in the district oh street northwest i sectors cited -- on
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i street northwest inspectors cited l.a. cafe for a heavy vermin infestation and unsafe food temperatures like tuna at 55 degrees. in a statement d.c. coast said we have always and continued to be in compliance. when we arrived, they had equipment failure and the special part was on a delivery truck coming to us within hours. we knocked. we tried ringing the doorbell, even calling, but there was no response from at home catering in northwest d.c. when d.c. health inspectors paid a visit, they cited the place with 33 violations. in bethesda steamers on auburn avenue, officials shunt the seafood restaurant down citing 20 -- shut the seafood restaurant down citing 26 problems, food equipment soiled and not properly sanitized and a heavy roach and fly infestation. steamer said the violations have been collected and blame the pest and debris problem on a very large construction
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project. >> we hope that people will continue to come back. we couldn't feel we have anything to hide and we're sorry that this -- don't feel we have anything to hide and we're sorry that this happened. i think it's being blown a little out of proportion. >> reporter: steamers is a very popular destination in bethesda. how do i know? i've eaten here, too. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> all the restaurants russ visited except at home catering passed reinspection and are back in business. if you would like to be the first to know which food establishments in our area are being cited for violations, you can follow russ on twitter or friend him on facebook. as you know, there's been a whole lot of extreme weather in our northern hemisphere this year. some scientists say it's all because of that strange thing known as the jet stream. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here to explain who more about how this works. >> the jet stream guides the path of storms and we've seen all the weather this year, the
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gamut really, floods in colorado, the late march freeze in florida. the jet stream is a river of fast moving air, the upper levels of the atmosphere, up to 18 to 30,000 feet and there is more than one jet stream. you know when we discovered the jet stream? >> when? >> world war ii. our planes couldn't fly high enough. normally the jet stream retreats north in canada. this year it's gone north and south and dramatic swings in the north and south it split into two streams and john nielsen research professor at texas a&m say the double jets played a huge role in the weather. i'll try to explain it to you, a normal versus abnormal jet. normal jet comes in british columbia summertime and dips down through the rockies and maybe into the plains and goes pretty north.
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so this is going to be pretty normal, cool air to the north, warm air to the south, but this year it's sunk further south which has been good for us, a cool summer, but because of that the weather was much different. this is more of a wintertime or fallish jet that actually occurred in the middle of june, july and august. yeah, the jet stream controls and guides highs and lows but also highs and lows affect the jet stream. of course, the $64,000 question is why did the jet do this this year? let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 65 degrees, dew points up but it's still comfortable, humidity 68%. can't complain about that. look at this. you see kansas city, dallas clear, no big weather to our west. we're in good shape, still got rocky mountain snows, snows tonight and tomorrow. we'll zoom into the southeast in the mid-atlantic, a few clouds today. we are watching this system off the coast. this will now slide away from us. we'll be in good shape, a few clouds from time to time, but
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what a finish to the week and the weekend now looks pretty nice as well. mild at the bus stop, mainly in the 50s, perfect for high school football tomorrow, temperatures in the 60s for the games. weekend looks nice. i would make outdoor plans, do whatever you want. overnight partly cloudy, comfortable, lows in the 50s and then by morning partly cloudy and pleasant. 50s and 60s. by afternoon a great finish to the week, partly cloudy, seasonable, continued beautiful, high temperatures around 75. upper 50s at 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning and jump to the mid- 60s by 9:00, almost 70 by 11:00 and low 70s by 1:00, just great. next three days, beautiful tomorrow, fantastic saturday and still great sunday, temperatures either side of 75, lows in the 50s. that's perfect, no ac, no furnace. next seven days, it will go up a little bit going through
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monday and tuesday. by wednesday maybe 80 degrees and thursday perhaps low 80s, a couple sprinkles possible, mainly in the mountains, not enough to change your plan i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women.
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so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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now game on with dave owens live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> baylor, bing, grant hill, kevin durant, all d.c. hoopers point this area as a basketball hotbed. the pro team has been not the best since 2007. fans have been clamoring for change. with the season around the corner i sat down with the top dog ted leonsis front and center. ponder how bad it's been for a minute. washington is still reeling from gilbert's gun gate, a six year calamity of bad luck, bad drafts, bad ball, bad coaches. how has gm ernie grunfeld survived this? cats seemingly have fewer lives. it's a very i had to ask grunfeld's -- a question i had to ask grunfeld's boss, when is enough enough? what is it that made you say i'm not going to fire him.
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i'm going to stay with ernie? >> well, it's a plan that we articulated together. >> leonsis' loyalty might confound some, but he stands by it saying he is not judging ernie on anything before he became owner in 2010, but after 2010 hasn't been great either. the wizards have won a great total of 72 games since leonsis took over. miami won 66 last season. >> this is an important year for the franchise. we want to take a step forward. we want the team to play better and qualify for the playoffs. >> they need to. the d.c. sports scene is hot right now. records or postseason appearance as side the nats and redskins are national stories with young recognizable stars. hoop fans desperately want the wizards to return to that level. so does leonsis and if they don't, ernie on the hot seat? >> all on the hot seat. i'm on the hot seat. >> come on, you own the team. >> if those ratings aren't
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good, you'll be in the hot seat, too. so yeah, we live in very accountable businesses and we're all accountable. >> i don't think ted is on the hot seat. he owns the team. believe it or not, media day is tomorrow where we'll get to talk with john wall for the first time in a while and bradley beal who had that stress reaction in the lower leg. now big announcement, drumroll, please, set a record in our game of the week poll, falls church, yorktown won the poll 650,000 votes cast, highlights tomorrow night. that's going to be a lot of fun. >> but dave owens won the poll for reddest tie ever of all time. >> he's looking sharp. >> we can't even show you those shoes which if he clicks the heels together three times, he will be at his appointment in alexandria. we'll be
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and then there, and then here -- simmer down. technology that makes life more entertaining. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. and tonight. >> streaming. >> we start -- we're just not right, folks. we start with this video from beantown. a man stumps from the train platform and falls to the tracks. several people jumped down to save him. word is he just passed his medical boards and was out for some cocktails. so he doesn't even remember falling or being rescued. good thing he has this video to remind him because it kind of explains why he should not hit the pavement after hitting the bottle. then there's this. [ singing ] >> you might figure this is some sort of bizarre street opera until you realize instead it's a living keyboard. >> that makes it even more
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bizarre. >> that man dances on the keys. singers hit the appropriate notes. you may have heard snappier tunes, but the good news is i don't think there's a guinness book record involved here, just a man and his keyboard friends. that's our broadcast. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. >> bye, guys. >> make it a good night.
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