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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  September 27, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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little around cumberland but right now their visibility is ten miles. monika samtani it's been a good week. well, yes weather-wise. not traffic-wise at all. and so i'm hoping and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that today everything stays calm and commuters you definitely deserve it. really all over town we've had problems all week long. this morning it's just a minor accident on the northbound side of i-270 at clopper road. everything's on the shoulder. i really don't think it should be a problem. southbound 270's in great shape really tall way in from -- all the way in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. here's what it looks like on the west side of town at the american legion bridge. no problems to report basically between 270 and all the way down to 66. let's go back to the maps, and this time heading to southern maryland. route 4, route 5, route 301 all in good shape heading up to andrews air force base and down into oxon hill. a live look one more time and here's what it looks like northbound 395 at edsall road. back to you jess and mike. thanks monika. today the senate is expected to vote on the federal budget bill
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passed by the house last week. >> however, they're expected to take out a key part of the bill and without a last-minute compromise that means the government shutdown looks more likely for tuesday. delia goncalves joins us live from capitol hill with the story. and just this is not going to go away is it deal jaw? >> reporter: let's see. i mean hope springs eternal right? but actions speak louder than words because even though many members of congress say they do not want a government shutdown, well, they're dragging their feet. if you do to math there's not a whole lot of time left even if the senate pasts a bill today it goes back to the house. members there will likely make changes and then simply return another version to the senate. and we are only a few days away. senate majority leader harry reid tried to speed up the process by moving on some votes yesterday. but guess what? republican head cruz you may remember him, the talk -- ted cruz you may remember him.
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the talk-a-thon senator. he on thed to that. his foal -- he said no to that. john boehner isn't getting a lot of support from conservative members. >> my two colleagues who i respect have sent out e-mails around the world and turned this into a show possibly. and therefore they want people around the world to watch maybe them and others on the senate floor. >> everybody in this body knows how the votes are going to go out. this is going back to the house of representatives and the house of representatives have said publicly and privately they're going to send something back to us. >> reporter: time is running out. the deadline october 1st. that is tuesday. so today, the administration already making moves and
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bracing itself and unfortunately this will not be a good friday for a good number of federal employees. those folks will be getting verbal notices of possible furloughs. but get this. i hate to be the bearer of bad news but a government shutdown is not the worst thing that we are facing without a compromise. i'll have details on that coming up at 5:30. jess, mike? >> we know the situation could get from bad to worse. thank you delia. looking forward to that. well, this morning doctors are trying to save a shooting victim. this is in prince george's county. they say the man was shot during a robbery at a home in glen dame. dale. the -- glendale. the scene 100th avenue. the man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police are now looking for two suspects but they do not have a more detailed description than that. eight rotc students are recovering this morning after a car plowed into them. this happened at hyattsville at
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northwestern high school. the students were marching in the school parking lot when a car ran into them. fortunately all of the injuries were minor. police have charged the 19-year- old driver of the honda that hit the students. he's accused of negligent driving, failure to control the vehicle, and driving on a learner's permit without proper supervision. well, for the first time in more than a decade. the fairfax county chamber of commerce is endorsing the democratic candidate for virginia's governor race. that of course is terry mcauliffe. the chamber announced it after hosting wednesday night's debate in tysons corner. the officials cited his pro business policy positions and support for governor mcdonnell's transportation reform legislation. those are the reasons they chose him over ken cuccinelli the republican who opposed the transportation legislation. 5:05 and i'm watching your money. it's a good friday because we can say green arrows. the dow and s&p 500 snapped a
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five day losing streak. that's always better than expected news on jobs. the number of people aploying for unemployment -- applying for unemployment benefits last week fell to a six year low. everyday of course that few -- evidence of course that fewer companies are laying off workers. checking out the numbers -- nissan has sent out a recall for more than 908,000 vehicles including certain infiniti m. models. the affected models may have a defectsive accelerator pedal sensor. if unstable it can cause the engine to stall. company says it will replace the pedals and keep the engine control programming. most of these recalled vehicles were sold in japan. the district of columbia's new online health care exchange will debut tuesday but it will be missing a key feature. district officials said wednesday the new site caused
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dchealthlink won't automatically determine if they are available to help pay for insurance. officials say the website was producing a high error rate when making the determinations. instead people can use the website to submit an online application for medicaid eligibility. serious talks are finally underway after 30 years but the united states still is not ready to lift sanction against iran. at least not yet. that story is come up. >> plus the medical emergency forces a commercial jet to make an emergency landing overnight. >> late for sports the nationals close out 2013 and now they're looking ahead to a possible change for next season. we'll explain.
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5:09 and we've got some clouds out there. you know there's a slim chance for a sprinkle today but bigger story i think is the continuation of this very nice fall weather we've been dealing with. one more day planner for you look at the forecast i should
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say. see a few clouds there over the city this morning. sunrise just after 7:00 this morning. 7:01. some early clouds then a sunny and pleasant afternoon. mixing with the clouds and highs once again in the 70s. monika samtani happy friday. happy friday. it's really great outside. there are no big problems to report. very quiet here on the south side of town across the wilson bridge. happy so say whether you're traveling in alexandria, springfield. annandale on the beltway you will be fine. the entire stretch of the south side of town. back to you guys. thanks monika. here's a look at what's new this morning at 5:10. 234 india rescuers are trying to reach at least two dozen people trapped in the rubble of an apartment building. the five story building collapsed shortly after down in the southeastern part of mumbai. it's the latest in the string of building collapses in that huge city. including one in april that killed 72 people. secretary of state john kerry says the united states is not yet ready to lift sanctions against iran.
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he met with iranian diplomats yesterday at the united nations but he says he wants a verifiable process in place to make sure iran does not produce more nuclear weapons. full interview on "60 minutes." a medical emergency led to an emergency landing for a united airlines flight overnight in boise, idaho. a spokesman for the airline says a member of the flight crew became ill passengers said they were told it was the captain. the flight from houston eventually took off again for its original destination of seattle. the first week of fall absolutely picture-perfect. could summer be making a comeback? >> howard's got details on a warming trend next in his seven day for all those who sleep too hot or too cool,
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how much time do you need howard? >> it's beautiful. one second. >> tell us more. tell us more. >> you know it's a little cool. we do need jackets this morning and nay just see an isolated sprinkle which would be a welcome change at this point. and rain chances stay low for a while. so yeah -- >> good. >> not much change in this weather pattern. let's get you going though. nice look outside. we have some clouds in the city lights this morning and coming out of the northeasterly flow and they're going to be a little tough to burn off. may take until later this morning. some early clouds and sunny and beautiful afternoon as temperatures shoot into the 70s here.
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and that hour by hour breakdown. by 1:00 71. 3:00 73. this morning more clouds and this afternoon more sun. but also that spotty sprinkle. 72 at 5:00 and then the evening, hey it's friday night. if you have some plans northeast winds 5, 8 miles an hour and should be pretty comfortable. high school football games look at that 67 by 9:00. so i don't think you need much more than maybe a sweatshirt. looking good out there. this morning you can see the clouds i'm talking about up in pennsylvania and jersey. they've moved southwest on the northeasterly winds and they've moving over us and that's why we have the cloudy start but expecting more sunshine for the afternoon. clouds keeping temperatures getting all that chilly but the clouds are going to be slow to move? and we drop into the upper 40s in northern loudoun county. 48 also in manassas. warrenton's been reporting a touch of fog this morning with 53 for waldorf and baden this morning. bowie at 55 and in town well one of the warm spots as usual. and at reagan national. there are the clouds and you
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can see them overhead on our michael & son weather camera. not affecting viz about at all here at the -- visibility at all here at the surface. the dew points are now in the mid 50s and some of the models hinting at just a slim chance of a shower and spotty shower during the mid oh part of the day. all the big story weather-wise is really out west. we've got this flow of moisture coming in. it's hitting the higher elevations of the rockies and i've seen some snow reports, montana be wyoming in the 18- inch range. so yes going to get going there soon with ski season. offshore though we still have the little twist right here. behind it high pressure northeasterly winds, so get some of the marine layer to come in and that's why today will start with some clouds. and you know middle of the day you see an isolated speck of green pass through. that's why i'm thinking maybe a 20% chance of a shower but generally this pattern is stuck and it's not going to be changing anytime soon. 75 today. after some clouds this morning.
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looks like another great afternoon. tonight back in the 50s upper 50s in town. closer to 50 in the cool spots with light easterly winds. tomorrow 75. nice again. a beautiful on sunday. 75. now next week, some subtle changes where we'll warm up a little bit. 77 monday with a stray shower. and then by wednesday and thursday, looks fantastic. high temperatures should be up toward that 80-degree mark. so jessica i took a couple of minutes but really i needed a few seconds. monika? >> jessica? >> i said jessica earlier. how long do i need to say it's beautiful? >> you still needed a few minutes to say that. but all in all it was a great message and i have a great message as well. there are no problems to report all around the beltway. looking good on the bw parkway and route 50 through cheverly. the entire stretch between 95 and college park all the way down to the wilson bridge in prince george's county. a live look and i'll show you what it looks like first here on the american legion bridge. west side of town looking good
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as well. so really the entire 64-mile stretch of the beltway all lanes are open right now. let's take a look back at the maps this time out west and looking good on the dulles toll road if in sterling -- in from sterling. into fairfax it's all green this morning. and the beltway through tysons corner as i just said things look great. we'll end with the live look here on the northbound side of 95. this is at -- 395, this is at the 14th street bridge looking good into the downtown area early this friday morning. back to you. well unfortunately davey johnson's managing career is not going to end with another world series like he had hoped. >> now the question is who will replace him as the nationals' manager next year? that's coming up in today's "inside pitch." >> before we head to break let's take another look at the facebook question of the morning, here it is -- >> our friend patrick white is weighing in on the facebook page, he says it's a., which
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would be she can't cook. he says can't survive off hot pockets for the rest of my life. okay pat tick, post your guess okay pat tick, post your guess -- i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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5:21. watching some cloudiness from the district and areas north and east right now. it's moving south and west we've got some upper 40s to
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even 60ish downtown. with this northeasterly flow and i think this is underdone. still going to be mostly cloudy at 9:00. 50s to low 60s. by lunchtime, you can see a little bit more sunshine working its way in but also look, it's spotty showers time to be spit out by the models this afternoon. it will be a comfortable afternoon and temperatures in the low to mid-70s. jess and mike back to you. thanks howard. the nationals kick off their final series of 2013 tonight in arizona. and then they will have the off- season to think about how to bounce back from a disappointing season. and who will be at the helm next year? >> in today's "inside pitch" after i chew this protein bar. dave owens and senior baseball writer paul white look ahead to 2014. >> nats not going to the playoffs. what happened to this baseball team this year? did the pressure really get to them? >> you know you start to wonder. at first i didn't think so but they played so well in the second half of the season. when? the expectations dropped off. >> lowered. >> maybe. you know, but -- that being said, maybe that's all part of
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the process here. they -- they stepped forward too fast. a year ago. if it had been two years in reverse, probably be saying this is really going well. they're on their way. >> so much of what i hear from you for the nats to take the next step it has to be nonbaseball stuff. we know on paper this is a very good baseball team but the nonbaseball stuff they need to get that hashed out. >> the most important decision they have to make this off- season is who's going to be the next manager? because that guy -- is going to have a lot to do with what this clubhouse becomes. >> what does this team need from a manager? are there some names and are there some people out there that you might want to consider being the next manager? >> i think they really need a guy with cachet everywhere. in the clubhouse, with the fans around the league. even though there are very confident guys on the team now with the franchise, probably not going to cut it. this is the phil jackson kind of job. [ laughter ] it is teed up for the guy who wants -- >> really? >> that's what the team is and
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that's what baseball people think around the country. >> the zen master. >> that's why joe girardi the free agent has to look at this. ron gardenhire in minnesota. highly respected guy. heck if they really wanted to they could get mike from the angels and work out a deal. >> one last question here. possible off-season moves that we might see with this roster because we know again on paper they're pretty good but do they have to make a tweak here and there? >> they have to be very careful because you don't want to break up the core of this team. that's what's going to keep the team winning. the dan haren spot in the rotation. you can make that a little bit better. you have to -- look at adam laroche isn't going to be here that much longer and you don't know what he's going to hit if he stays. where do you go forward? not a major overhaul i don't think. >> finger crossed for the nats next year. okay to hockey, alex ovechkin will be the first russian to carry the torch for the winter games in sochi. he's going to travel to greece after tonight's preseason game to be on hand for the lighting
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ceremony on sunday and then return to washington in time to travel with the team to chicago for next tuesday's regular season opener. one car maker receives the only perfect scores in the latest round of crash tests. i'll tell you which one coming up. >> plus, with the start of the fall, health experts say now is the time for you and your family to get the flu shot. monika? >> northbound on i-95 and unfortunately i have word on an accident. it's after lorton in the left lane northbound on i-95. once you're in springfield both the main and hov lanes are still light heading up to 395. more info coming up on that crash. you're watching wusa9.
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happy friday. i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane today. >> boy doesn't that sound good? friday. man. you know what?
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we've had one of the worst traffic weeks i can remember in a long time. >> yes. >> how we doing so far? >> we have an accident. >> already right? >> on 95. but i'll give you the information. >> but weather-wise -- >> one of the best weeks we've had in a long time. >> so far. >> it's been great in the afternoon. the cool mornings very autumnal around here. this morning, we have the clouds and last couple of mornings clouds gave us some beautiful colors presunrise. i'm hoping we can get that but they look a little thicker that morning. here's the day planner and you can see the clouds right now reflecting the city lights because we don't have sunrise for another 92 minutes here. so yeah. it's going to be a while in the darkness. temperatures are going to be comfortable once again this afternoon. i think a better chance to see sun later on with 70 by noon. about 75 for that high and then this evening by 8:00 we're down to 68. so friday night football under the lights. oh looks like a good night for that. with the northeasterly winds a mix of clouds in pennsylvania and jersey that have made their way down southwest and covering the district now moving in toward areas in northern virginia. and temperatures well they've been held up a little bit.
5:29 am
50s even 60ish or so under the clouds but where there were more breaks we're into the 40s. warrenton louisa a touch of fog there. slim slim chance of a shower. only 20% today an isolated one with highs in low to mid-70s. over to monika samtani and you just said we already have an accident at this hour? we do. i thought friday morning would be so light and so easy and i know commuters really suffered this week but at least you know about it and you can prepare before you head out the door. accident northbound i-95 right after lorton. it's in the left lane and i know our sky 9 will head out there in a few short minutes and i'll give you as much information as possible about it. and hopefully it's just a minor accident. in the meantime already got that slow traffic right here. you see a bit of yellow there trying to get up past that accident. once beyond it you're okay in springfield and on to 395. let's take a live look there. here at the 14th street bridge. cameras a little dark but
5:30 am
things are fine across the river here into the downtown area. back over to the maps, this time all the way north coming in from upper montgomery county. you're going to be fine no problems on any of your major corridors here. and we'll end with a live look in prince george's county on the beltway here at route 210. back to you jess and mike. thanks monika. now there may be some senate votes today. but it does not appear that lawmakers are going to be any closer to avoiding a federal government shutdown next week. >> the senate will send its version of the budget back to the house where it will most likely be rejected. that's unless there's some sort of compromise made at the last- minute which is unlikely because they're not doing a lot of faulking on -- talking on either side. our delia goncalves is keeping track this among on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning jessica and mike. time is running out with just three days to go before the shutdown, that's just three very short days for compromise here on capitol hill. a compromise that many say
5:31 am
seems very far away. but get this. that is not the beginning. that's just the beginning rather of our nation's problems. if a budget deal is not passed before october 1st, not only does the government shut down forcing the closure of national parks and furloughs of thousands of government workers, get this. 17 days later, the u.s. could default on its loans if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. and many say that would be catastrophic. >> i will not negotiate on anything when it comes to the full faith can credit of the united states of -- and credit of the united states of america. >> the president says i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry but it just doesn't work that way. >> reporter: speaker boehner says he's willing to compromise but that last soundbyte there doesn't quite seem like he's ready to do that. everyone's digging in their heels and so while everyone's hoping that they'll come to a
5:32 am
compromise, it doesn't look good with again three days to go. and unfortunately, some nonessential government workers will be getting notice today of possible furloughs and the impact is just huge. for instance, we know that the smithsonian museums will close. and nearly 6,000 employees there will be furloughed. jessica back to you. >> thank you delia, delia goncalves live on capitol hill this morning. later today, a funeral will be held for a woodbridge high school football player six days after he was stabbed to death. 18-year-old kenny diaz was killed last saturday. one woman has been charged with murdering diaz. and seven others accused of kids napping him. -- kidnapping him. now police also arrested four of diaz's friends all 16 years old. investigators say the teenagers went along with diaz to confront murder suspect deandre samuels over an earlier robbery. police say during that time
5:33 am
diaz was forced into a vehicle and taken to the park where he was stabbed. get your flu shot now. that's the word from the experts at the centers for disease control and prevention. they say now is the best time for people to get started. more children than ever got the flu vaccine last year which is good. but federal officials are urging families to do even better this time around. only 45% of americans got flu vaccines last year. but the rate was indeed higher for young people with nearly 57% of children getting shots or that flu mist. plus two-thirds of adults 65 and older got vaccinated. doctors recommend the vaccine for everyone over 6 months old. and at 5:34 it's time for another your money report. if you're a pickle owner there's a chance you may be denied certain insurance coverage. some insurance companies have decided they no longer want to insure homeowners who have pit bulls as pets because they're considered risky. the insurance information institute says dog bits account for one-third of all -- bites
5:34 am
account for one-third of all homeowners' insurance liability claims costing them about $490 million a year. other dogs considered too risky are doberman pinchers, rottweilers and german shepherds. they are releasing the first ratings of crash avoidance systems. their tests focused on more than 70 new cars and suvs that have front crash prevention systems and/or autobraking. researchers say safety systems that combine both features performed the best in testing. >> there's a warning. and there's the autobrake. vehicle stopped by itself. >> that is really cool. researchers say a 25-mile-per- hour crash between a mercedes c. dallas and a chevy mall buy can do more than -- malibu can do more than $28,000 worth of damage to the cars. two vehicles wound up with
5:35 am
perfect scores. they're both subarus and the legacy and the outback. >> i love to try one of those. i always worry about giving up control to a machine but that looks really cool. >> i think you know i've been looking for a car forever and might be putting down on that. coming up this half hour, is it date night? you want to go to the movies? we have an expert in to try to tell us which ones you might want to see. >> plus we have new information about our baby panda. after her latest checkup. >> come on sam. roll it up baby. don't forget. we are always on and the wusa9 app. so right here, happy friday. we'll be right back.
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5:39. yeah got the jacket on but it's a little milder than i thought it would be out here. the suit jacket would have been enough. we are 60ish here in town. as far as today is concerned, we're starting out with some clouds. we'll see some sunshine later on. even a slim slim chance of a sprinkle here or there. but a comfortable afternoon once again with highs in the 70s. i'll be back with a look at the weekend forecast and some subtle changes in the seven day. right now inside to monika samtani with another look at timesaver traffic. thank you so much howard and here is the beltway near route 50 and new carolton. things are looking good. no delays to the wilson bridge or north to college park. no delays across 95 over into silver spring topside of 495. back to you mike.
5:39 am
thank you monika. george washington's home in mount vernon is starting a new chapter today. the grand opening of the fred w. smith national library for the study of george washington is going to open later this morning. mount vernon's vast collection of george washington books, manuscripts and materials will be organized and conserved at the library. it will cater mostly to scholars and researchers it will be open to the public by appointment. panda update for you. vets at the national zoo are raving about the latest baby giant panda czechup. -- checkup. staffers received her for a short time yesterday. in ten days since the last exam the female cub has gained more than a pound. she now weighs just over 3 pounds and is more than 14 inches long. so how cute she is her little feet up in the air. >> very cute. >> oh my god. she is squirmy and wiggly as she tries to support her own weight. the vets say she hasn't opened her eyes yet but they expect
5:40 am
her to in the next few weeks, she's already getting the brown and black spots. >> supercute. good morning, happy friday. yawning -- okay. so what is going to be the deal weather-wise once we head into the next month? october is almost here. howard has the seven day forecast coming up. i know. >> plus a pricey piece of real estate near los angeles is in a smoldering ruin this morning. we'll tell you more about this. >> birthday time. who's celebrating today? >> today's your birthday. happy birthday. ♪
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a little quick change here. >> it's all good. how's the coffee? >> i haven't tried it yet. it's very hot. >> that's how you like it. >> that's right. >> good morning howard how are you? >> i get it. >> you know what? it's a little bit chipper outside and you grab the coffee going to the car and you'll be okay. >> got the 40s this morning and i say go for the hot stuff. not the cold stuff. this afternoon going to be another beautiful afternoon. we have some cloud cover that we're dealing with here this morning. and i'm not really expecting much in the way of any rain today. so some of the -- some of the fine resolution models now look at several different things. try to gather as much data as i can for you before i get on the air. hinting at a sprinkle or to in spots but nothing to -- two in spots but nothing to write home about. day planner for the friday morning. if you look to the top you can
5:45 am
see the city likes reflecting off the clouds. the lower clouds this morning. but great visibility here in d.c.. so mostly cloudy at least at 10:00 or 11:00 i think with mid- to upper 60s going through the morning. this afternoon more sunshine and call it partly sunny. winds northeast 5, 8, 10 miles an hour. 73 by 3:00. high today 75 and we're driving home with a 72-degree reading. another beautiful afternoon. but the northeasterly winds behind the storm pulling away can the high pressure off to the west pushing the lower cloud deck over thus morning. that's tracking over to areas west. shenandoah valley you're not really seeing the clouds yet. although they're starting to move in. and even western maryland's dipped into the 40s but mainly 50s even some low 60s out there this morning. locally we've seen the 40s again with the clouds no longer slower to move in. so round hill. lovettsville 49 degrees. even manassas remember everything was coming from here southwest? 48. but under the cloud deck columbia's 58.
5:46 am
andrews is 58. it's 59 in crofton with rockville. 55 and arlington 56. one more look outside on our michael & son weather camera. great visibility in spite of the fact that we're mostly cloudy. 61 degrees. but you notice that the humidity's 83%. so we're not saturated by any stretch. and a north wind very light at 3 miles an hour. so we've got the northeasterly flow bringing in those clouds from time to time especially through the morning hours. might see a stray sprinkle pop up here in one or two areas this afternoon. but the vast majority of the clouds and the moisture stay offshore. we'll take you into tonight and tomorrow morning. notice some clouds forming and even maybe a little fog right there toward the shenandoah valley. then a nice looking saturday. wow. look at that. there's a line of showers and storms out of the mississippi valley. that's a cold front. by the time it gets here there won't be much moisture to work with unfortunately and i think that's going to happen monday. so slight chance of a shower monday. but this generally dry pleasant weather pattern is going to be good for another week, maybe
5:47 am
week and a half. 75 degrees another great afternoon. 50s tonight. upper 40s and the isolated cold spots the near 58 downtown. -- to near 58 downtown. tomorrow sunday look good both days. partly to mostly sunny. 75. next week slightly warmer, 77 monday. that front stray shower chance and then tuesday through thursday, highs up around the 80-degree mark. here's monika now. timesaver traffic. working an incident the last hour? how we doing? yeah. you know -- i just feel so bad for aloof you commuters who use 95 this week because it has been super rough. northbound 95 i told you about an accident earlier near lorton. it was moved to the left shoulder and everything's been pushed off. your lanes are open but look at the results of that. it is slow from route 1 in fact it is jammed all the way toward that accident north of lorton. look here in springfield all green and it's going to be just that stretch here woodbridge all the way to lorton. because of that earlier
5:48 am
accident. now on the left shoulder let's take a live look outside and if you are planning to head over here in springfield. like i said, things are moving along just fine. to 395 which was light to the 14th street bridge. back over to the maps, this time all the way north. northbound 270 just getting word of an accident at 124. southbound looks great coming in from frederick all the way down to the point where the lanes divide. no delays yet and we'll take a live look here on the beltway in new carolton in prince george's county. looking good east side of town. mike back to you. thanks monika. see you in a little bit. here's the stories we're following this morning at 5:49. syria has reached an agreement to hand over all of its chemical weapons. the resolution is supported by five permanent members of the united nations security council and it removes the threat of of a possible u.s. air strike. president obama announced he was considering a military action after the nerve gas attack on a syrian village. the owners of a colorado cantaloupe farm now face misdedemeanor charges stemming from the deadly 2011 listeria
5:49 am
outbreak. brothers eric and ryan jensen are charged with introducing adulterated food. 33 people died in what was one of the deadliest outbreaks of foodborne illness. quick moving fire consumed a $4 million mansion in beverly hills overnight. look at those flames. they spread so quickly when for thes got there they didn't even try to save the house. they tried to protect the houses around it. no one was injured in this. >> that's why you have home insurance. >> exactly right? well, time right now is 5:50. and we're going to take a look at our question of the day for this morning -- >> our facebook friend fletcher says c., she had too many male friend. guys are jealous just like females. log on to our facebook fan page and we want to hear your answers, we'll have the correct
5:50 am
answer to our quiz in the 6:00 show. today the senate the expected to change the house -- is expected to change the house budget bill just days before the shutdown. >> but first a look at what's new in theaters this weekend including "cloudy with a chance of meat balls 2." >> in the meantime, we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. and some friday favorites for you. looking for a taste of adventure? how about a little white water rafting? harpers' ferr adventure center will let you go through the rapids all for 50% off. you're going to find that deal on -- want to get away? valley ballooning wants to send you on a hot air balloon flight with sparkling cider. the amazon local deal is valued at $220 but you only have to pay $132. and six flags america is offering a fright fest rip package. i guess instead of vip on living social. for $59, you can get a ticket
5:51 am
into the park and you get an extreme scare pass for all five haunted attractions a meal and a drink including beer and you get parking. this deal is good september 28th through october 12th. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i'd love to hear from you on facebook. we'll be right back. really special.
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welcome back. now it's time to look at what you can see in movie theaters this weekend. date night is friday of course and we talked about this one
5:54 am
last week. the new film directed by ron howard the race car movie "rush." it tells the real life story of two formula one racers in the is th1970s. four out of four stars. calling it an antibromance between two different men who actually learn to respect each other. the latest romantic comedy i've heard don't spend your money on this one. called "baggage claim." paula patton is a flight attendant desperate to get endangered before her little sister's wedding. her colleagues schedule her on flights with her exes in hopes she should figure out which one she should have held on the in the first place. -- to in the first place. jess? that's one to miss. thanks mike. "usa today" entertainment editor dennis moore is back with us again on this friday. the look at a -- to look at a couple more filming out there today. first though we're going to sample a little bit of "don john." >> there's only a few things that i really care about in
5:55 am
life. my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, and my porn. >> that's a man who loves his porn. we're talking about joseph gordon-levitt. you thinks the terrific. >> it's a dirty minded romantic comedy. check all the boxes. >> so you know it kind of remind me of -- a thinking man's "jersey shore" in a little bit of a way. >> he resembles the situation. just a bit. although -- should i say smarter? >> time but a little smarter. so in the movie, his character meets the perfect woman in scarlett johansson and then they run into some trouble. what is that all about? >> she's addicted to romantic comedies and she has the image of the perfect man. say a channing tatum.
5:56 am
and so -- he has different images on his computer and when she finds out he is not happy. >> so this is definitely racy one we don't take the kids to. >> you do not. [ laughter ] >> okay. you see some stuff that's -- >> actually see some things on the screen. >> for an adult audience. >> yep, be surprised. speaking of the kids we'll take them maybe to this one instead. the sequels many families will be rushing to see this week. "cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." here's a look. >> we have to shut down the machine before the food animals get off the island and invade the mainland. all we have to do is cross the breakfast bog, brave the food animal jungle and scale the big rock candy mountain. piece of cake. >> so -- with kids' movies they don't really have to be good. in order for us to go see them because we're desperate to bring our kids to something. just to occupy them for an hour and a half. is it any good? >> it is actually. >> good. >> if you like food puns.
5:57 am
>> okay. who doesn't love a goodfood pun? >> here comes a piece of cake. >> does it get to be a little too much by the end? >> it's so vibrant and you enjoy seeing the characters that -- yes. it's still fun. it keeps your imagination piqued like what sort of animal are they going to come up with next? which is part food, part animal. >> this strawberry in the commercial adorable. the strawberry that essentially poops itself right? the trailer. but how does this compare to the first cloudy with a chance of meat balls? >> this has nothing to do with the second book. the first one followed the first. this one has nothing to do with it. just a flight of fancy. >> and highlights that we should look for? it's 3d of course right? because it's -- >> oh yes. the kids respect 3d and if it's 2 d they nod off. >> we know what we're going to
5:58 am
go see. dennis thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. all right good morning, 6:00 a.m. friday. thanks for waking up with us, it's september 27th. i'm mike hydeck, jill will be back with us -- jessica doyle will be back with us momentarily. the lovely monika samtani is here. >> happy friday yes. >> mr. bernstein a good week. weekend is here. we have a big birthday party planned at the house, will i be okay outside? >> you should be okay outside. don't do it too early. little chilliment but afternoons -- chilly. but afternoons look good. race in rockville saturday morning, temps generally if the radios for that -- in the 50s for that. the weekend looks nice once again. might be a week week and a half before we see the next really good chance of rain. right now all is quiet and we've got cloudy skies in washington. temps are running in the 50s in most areas although we'll be seeing more sunshine i believe this afternoon. 70 by noon. high of 75. northeast winds 5 to 10 and you're driving home with a very comfortable 72 degrees. this morning's clouds courtesy of northeasterly winds. first they visited new jersey
5:59 am
and pennsylvania and you can see how this gray area is kind of moving southwest in that's the cloud cover we're dealing with now and will be dealing with for several hours. some mid 40s where there were definitely more breaks in the sky so some of that heat radiates out to space. 45 degrees in winchester. cumberland is 46. to the east though we've got 50s even low 60s on the bay with 58 in easton. it's 56 at the pax river naval air station and gaithersburg also in the 50s. in afternoon -- sunshine and a couple of clouds even about a 20% chance of an isolated sprinkle. a look at these temperatures in the 70s. we're going to turn it over to monika samtani. it's been a rough week traffic wise. and why should friday be any different? it didn't work. we have got solid delays from the prince william parkway all the way to lorton where there was an accident earlier this morning. it blocked the left lane for really just a short time but look at


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