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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  September 28, 2013 2:35am-3:05am EDT

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making matches like these happen. start something today at startsomething. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you like great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute."
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you hear him coming before he crashes. >> just spectacular fashion. >> why a wall and water don't mix. some folks set up a security camera and this is what they captured. what cops say this guy was about to do. a skydiver gets hung up at -- >> 13,000 feet in the air. >> dangling out of the plane is part of the adventure. >> he's right next to the door. want a free ipad mini? we have the buzz word you need to win. and cee lo is back. now he reveals all about his new youtube channel with -- >> 160,000 subscribers already. it's like charlie sheen [ bleep ]. if you are going to lose a race,
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go out in spectacular fashion like this race car driver in the netherlands. this is at a rally there. a porsche 964. >> oh! what? >> did he try to turn? what happened? >> good question. here it is in slow motion. the driver and co-driver come around the corner. he approaches it barrier. you can see the smoke pour off the wheels. it indicates full wheels. he can't make the turn and goes straight into the barrier. they roll it over into the water. >> down in the water. >> right. >> it's stuck in there. >> the driver and co-driver, uninjured in this wreck. people did jump in and get them out. >> unbelievable. >> the only speculation what caused this is maybe a stuck
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throttle. here, all he was able to do was jam on the brakes. >> it's like he didn't know to turn. he gunned it right to the barrier. >> despite how crazy this accident looks, the driver says the car wasn't damaged that bad and they are going to put it back together again. >> they are going to put this back together and back on the road? >> that's right. ♪ >> this one definitely qualifies for a dumb criminal award. >> oh, dear. poor fellow. >> 11 miles outside of boston. police identify this man as charles. he saw this window next to the air-conditioning unit and decided to climb into it. the home belongs to the duffy's. they had been robbed two times so they put up a surveillance
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camera. the third time, this is what they captured. he had to rest a second. >> come on, dirt bag. kids toys all over the place. you are invading their home. >> the alarm went off and police came soon. he entered through the window, but exited through the door. when mrs. duffy got home, she checked out the video and e-mailed it to police. this fellow happened to be familiar to the police. they went to his house. after a couple questions, he confessed to the crime. >> look at the dopey look on his face sitting on the toy chest. >> i want to punch him. >> you want to punch him in the teeth sticking out. >> it would be great to catch him half way through. >> he walked through the house. nothing seemed to be out of order. he's facing a breaking and
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entering misdemeanor crime for this. it's american but we have all done it before. park your car, get out and your seatbelt is on. kind of embarrassing. how about doing that 13,000 feet in the air? here goes a group of people jumping out of a plane. >> oh, no. >> he forgot to unbuckle himself. now he's dangling 13,000 feet above the ground. >> he's 64 years old, retired air force, 600 jumps under his belt. unhooks and there he goes. no problem. have a good trip there, see ya, bye. >> can you imagine, you get up enough nerve to jump out of a plane and realize you are dangling with one leg. >> we have the guy with the camera joining us from salt lake
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city to find out what happened here. that's the first question, what happened? did he forget to unbuckle? >> you need to have your seatbelt on for take off. we all have them on. he that has unfortunate situation of being next to the door so he can go out. i mean there was no danger. he falls out. i reach down under the seatbelt. if i hadn't undone it, he would have. it looks weird. but, yeah, i mean it's not like there's any danger. he is very embarrassed. needless to say, every time he goes up now, someone says don't forget your seatbelt. >> was he saying anything to you, calling into the plane? >> he can't hear, there's so much wind out there. the look on his face was like oh geez. it wasn't a look of terror, it was what did i do. >> was he hooked by his leg?
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>> it was his harness. it didn't hurt him. there was no pain. >> is there a tradition he has to do now, like buy everybody beers or a sandwich or whatever? >> i think just the embarrassment was payment enough. okay, everybody. ipad give away time is coming up in a bit. >> you are going to need today's buzz word to win. >> you have to be 18 or older to win and u.s. resident. >> the give away is coming up in a lile i have two videos of very shocking rescues. this first one is in the uk. this is the moment the firefighters you see in the video are pulling a stranded dog out of a tiny hole. >> oh, look. >> that is 5-year-old roxy. she was on a walk with her owner
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and started chasing some rabbits. for two days, they couldn't find her. finally, they found her in the hole in this embankment. she was surrounded by sand that was unstable. at any given moment, the sand could cave and collapse on her. they had to call the pros. it took a team of firefighters four hours to rescue her. >> oh, you're all right. >> he pulled her like a baby. >> even though she was in there for two days, she didn't have any injuries other than an eye infection from the dirt around her. this is what she looks like now. this is another rescue, a raccoon that is stuck on the barbed wire fence. see that? >> you can see fur in the photo caught on the bars. >> yep. at this point, it's really stuck in there. >> poor baby.
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>> that has to be painful. >> the rescue society in canada came to help. he's wearing heavy duty gloves. he's taking the raccoon one way, then the other way. >> that raccoon is mad, too. >> he is finally able to release it. it's skin wasn't punctured. >> just fur. >> it was all fur. they inspected it, made sure it was okay and released it back into the wild. >> don't look at me like that. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> things turn nasty in a discussion between neighbors. why she's upset over something in his yard. swhak is the matter with you? >> what's the matter with you? >> a couple guys yucking it up in ireland get an eyeful. >> what is that? >> gotta watch the video, man. >> see what's got steven all worked up, next. [ male announcer ] if you're living with limited mobility,
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i want you to watch this video, then tell me who you might side with. >> do you want to have a home? do you want me to find you a home because you are not taking care of it. >> what the [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> i been trying to take care of that [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> this is a little discussion between neighbors, apparently.
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this woman, according to the poster of this video has been coming on his property and feeding his cat and leaving nasty notes for him. he finally decided to face the issue head on and discuss the issue with the neighbor. >> what is the matter with you? >> what is the matter with you. you are on my property. >> i keep my dog food in the house. how does anybody know i'm feeding my dog. >> she says the cat looks like it's starving. >> you are not responsible. >> she sounds a lot like her. >> this is not your [ bleep ] property, go live somewhere else. >> rhubarb lady has nothing on this lady. >> i tried to be nice to you. i tried my [ bleep ] best. >> i'm on my property feeding my animal. >> do you side for the cat, feel
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bad for the neighbor or this lady? >> we don't know the interaction we have had before. i side with the dude. stay off my property, not your business. >> whose side are you on? head over to i'd say these guys are having a good old time in ireland. they have their game jersey's on, drinking a couple beers. this guy is using a post there to get up. >> i think this is what you call yucking it up. >> something is about to happen here. >> oh, my gosh. what was that? >> gotta watch the video, man. >> ahhh! oh, my god. put it back in.
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put it back in. >> oh, my god. >> they were all wigged out about a guy on the street who has this parlor trick where he popped out his fake eye, puts it in his mouth and then it ain't over yet, pops it back in the empty eye socket. >> that's disgusting. i thought it was his real eyeball. i get it now, it's a false eye, but that's gross. >> oh! oh, my god. a junior profootball player has a little trouble keeping his game face on. meet the military dad who scored big with his son. >> it felt great. that was the first game i have been in in two seasons. want a new ipad mini? we have the buzz word for your chance to win.
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another dashcam video that captured something incredible in russia. the cars are stopped at what looks like a red light. you can hear the sirens. this is an ambulance responding to an emergency. >> no! >> someone wasn't paying
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attention, a car ended up crashing into the ambulance, sending it rolling, flying in the air in the direction of these cars. >> do you know if there were patients inside the ambulance along with the drivers? >> no patients because it was e respo responding. they were able to treat them on the spot. >> the gridiron for a little junior profootball. the indians out on the field getting ready to take a stance. see that guy there? he's having a bit of a tough time getting his game face on for this game because during the national anthem, they introduce a very special guy. a fellow indians fan.
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♪ >> oh! >> immediately the tears come. >> as soon as he spots his dad, he falls to pieces. in the background, "unchained melody" makes it more heart wrenching. [ applause ] >> who says there's no crying in football? >> this makes you. it's okay if you get a little weepy in this moment. i was curious to know how he did in this game. we have them joining us via skype from lawrenceville, illinois. >> hello. >> describe that feeling. just running up and being in your dad's arms for the first time in a long time. >> exciting. before that game, i didn't want
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to play. until i finally saw him there. >> oh! >> did this fire you up for the football game? were you an animal out onhe sidelines? >> yes. >> i bet. >> dad, talk about the feeling of pride watching your little guy running up and down the field. >> it felt great. it's the first game i have been able to see in two seasons. he kept telling me he's making good plays, you hear his name all over the announcement. to see it and the hits he was delivering, it was a good game. i can tell he played his heart out. >> what was the final score? >> 22-20. >> 22-20, yep. he won. >> well done. >> it's ipad minigive away. >> you have to be 18 years old with the buzz word. >> enter on facebook.
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go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> time to reveal the buzz word. it is -- trending. >> now, head over to to win. >> then ender trending for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. he's a well known jokester. >> holy [ bleep ]. thank you, everybody. >> he's a jack ass. >> now he has his own youtube channel. >> stunts, comedy. i'm going to be all over the place. it's going to be a lot of fun.
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en want to see something weird. >> i'm recording. >> i'm going to call it the birth of a hairy dude. >> oh, boy. >> you have an aboveground blow-up pool. >> like a giant kiddy pool. >> it's been there a while. this guy decides to make the best of it and make a video. he goes flopping into the pool. >> so far, so good. >> then he starts diving for the leaf. at first, he can't see it. >> where's the leaf? >> birth of a grown, hairy man.
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>> that is what it would look like. a lot of after birth, too. >> a lot of water breaking. >> he came out in a bathing suit, which is better than nude. >> thank goodness for us. >> summer is over. why not. >> don't try any of this at home. >> we are real magicians. >> there's a new youtuber in town. he's a familiar face. we recognize him and he is a total jack ass. he will be featuring pranks, comedy and all kind of video. he has a beer bottle and a buddy of his puts it on his head. >> oh! >> wow. >> that's just one of his videos. he has another one.
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of course with the help of 50 cents, he stands in a luggage cart and gets pushed. >> i thought it's safe. it's like a roll cage on that thing. >> nope, to tell us about more of what we can expect, we have him via skype "right this minute." >> thank you so much. >> it's great to see you are back. >> there's been some collaborations going on. >> it's 50 cents, but i have been sitting on that quite awhile. i have been sitting on paparazzi stunt man and i inundate celebrities with my trips. the list goes on and on. we became buried under a pile of cops. >> we saw the video. >> there's got to be plenty of comedy as well. have been doing stand-up for seven yrs now. place andit's going to be fun.
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i have 160,000 subscribers already. >> that's sweet, right? >> it's charlie sheen [ bleep ]. >> a huge fan says what's up. >> kicking each other in the balls was a great inspiration for young men. >> oh, steve, dude, is there any chance that i can get you to kick me in the balls? who am i to not. of course i'll kick you in the balls. >> is there anything you won't do? >> a few years back the people from vh1 asked me to do "rock of love." i said i can't let 30 girls say how fast i [ bleep ]. you are crazy, if you don't subscribe to my channel. i think it's becoming clear. >> right now, yeah. >> that's it for "rtm."
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see you next time.


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