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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  September 30, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the busload at least three times a week. >> got to put food on the table and you have to pay your rent. >> we're going to have to improvise, pointing things out more than letting folks off and in and making the best of the situation. >> by shutting down the museums, we're going to lose all our clients. >> reporter: james dupree has been a bus driver for nearly four decades busing people on historic tours and to national parks. he brings thousands of tourism dollars to d.c. while the city he helps tries to find ways to take them away. >> i'm hoping that they can get things together on the hill and look out for me and my family and everybody else. >> reporter: the national zoo would be one of those smithsonian casualties that would shut down if the government does and people who are visiting d.c. this week have that in mind during their trip. >> these are some of the great features that d.c. has to offer with the zoo and the museums and things like that.
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when they shut down, it really takes away from things that families can do. >> we're going to try to get in as much as we can today. >> reporter: daniel smith is here from san diego. >> we scheduled it a long time ago not knowing what would happen as far as a shutdown. we're here. we're going to take advantage of the moment. >> reporter: there are so many other things you will still continue to have access to. >> we don't want to frighten some of the families that are already planning on coming in. >> reporter: viviane is a destination board member. she said trip insurance will not cover a government shutdown as a reason to get a refund. >> that's not going to happen. the amount of money you're going to have to pay to reissue your ticket could run as much as $200 a ticket. nobody so far has hit the panic mode and said to me we're going to cancel, we're not going, we're not coming into washington, we're not going on our travel. so let's all stay positive. >> reporter: in washington, surae chinn, wusa9. while congress deals with the budget crisis, president
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obama will be hosting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house. nettian hugh is coming with one -- net yahoo is coming with one message. don't trust iran. he says iran will build a nuclear program regardless. we have a travel alert for all of you drivers out there. >> a government shutdown, we've been talking about that for weeks but that's not the only thing you need to be worried about. starting october 1. can you hear me now? >> we're talking about tomorrow. you and i are maryland drivers and it's officially time to put the phone down because starting tomorrow, october 1, the new state law says holding a cell phone in your hand while driving will become a primary offense and there is a hefty fine. here's what it is. it's $75 the first time police catch you with a hand-held phone. the second and third time is
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$125 and $175. maryland also wants everyone to wear a seat belt. this includes adults in the back seat in case you weren't already doing that. we were. and all children under the age of 8 in a car safety seat regardless of their weight who are less than 4 feet and 9 inches. those are both secondary offenses but you can be slapped up to a $50 fine for each person unrestrained inside the vehicle and you can get more information on our website on the new maryland driver safety laws october 1. >> be forewarned. >> that's right. >> doesn't exclude me because i have a d.c. plate. if they catch me doing the texting in maryland, i go down, too. >> yes, you do. >> pay attention. be smart. be safe. the department of justice is taking the state of north carolina to court. cbs news reports it's about the safe new voter irchlts d. law. starting in -- i.d. law. starting in 2016 vote letters have to show a valid government
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i.d. in order to vote. officials there say it's to prevent voter fraud but u.s. attorney general eric holder arpgs it's dis-- argues it's discriminatory. he says minorities and students are less likely to have i.d.s and would likely vote democratic. another robbery. the latest 3:30 sunday morning. look at this surveillance video here. 1300 block of 12th street. three people of interest can be seen in this video. they're armed with tasers. they say they may have escaped in a gray colored vehicle. if you have any information, please call d.c. police. two casinos in maryland are being hit hard for allowing underage gambling. maryland live agreed to pay $25,000 for four incidents of underage gambling. hollywood casino, they'll pay $10,000 for two similar issues. these finds mark maryland's first financial penalty for
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underage violations. this year gambling regulators have discovered 30 known underage violations. the state can impose a maximum fine of $5,000 per incident. there's a new report out about d.c. schools and it's making some people pretty upset. during evaluations more than half of the district's public school principals were rated  below effective or ineffective. according to the "washington post," only 14 of the city's 120 principals were rated highly effective. only a third were deemed defective. critics say the evaluation system is unfair because it relies too much on student test results. the national aquarium is closing down, the one in washington after 128 years. it's a local landmark. it has to move from the herbert hoover building so the building can be renovated. the 1500 animal it is houses will be moved into new
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shelters, including the national aquarium in baltimore. they want to bring a similar attraction back to d.c. right now there's no definitive plan for that. >> such a popular attraction that maybe the future is so far away in d.c. again. before you use the atm, check with your bank. it may cost you just a little more. that's coming up in jessica's your money report. >> you know what? it's almost fall but summer is not done yet. howard's first alert forecast is coming up next. i guess we're going to be
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it is 4:39. chilly in spots and some fog toward warrenton and culpeper. the usual suspects. as far as today, though, after
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the chilly start, it's going to be a nice afternoon. partly to mostly sunny with temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. yeah, a little taste of summer returning this week. we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. in glen bernie on the ramp from i-97 south to route 32, i told you about an accident. it now involves two tractor- trailers and a fuel spill. that ramp is blocked. you want to watch out for that up in glen bernie. here on 270 in clarksburg, nice and quiet early monday morning heading down to the point where the lanes divide. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. it's 4:40 and time for your first money segment of the morning. good morning. >> good morning. monday morning. the whole world is focusing on the possibility of a government shutdown and the markets are no different. word markets are trade -- world markets are trading down about 1% or more. futures in the u.s. indicate wall street will open to the down side and the earn certainty gives stocks their first weekly loss since august. the dow dropped 70 points on
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friday. friday. the s&p 500 dipped seven points and the nasdaq off by six. before you try to take money out of the atm, make sure you have enough cash in the account. bank fees rows for the 15th straight year and it includes overdrafts. fees rose by 3% to a record $32.20. another bank atm on average will cost you just over four bucks to take out your money. you have to remember here, though, those fees are avoidable. exxon-mobil is recognizing its gay employees. for the first time the gas company is offering benefits to legally married same-sex couples. the company says the benefits will begin in january. exxon-mobil is facing a same- sex discrime nation suit in illinois. and a story that would make alec baldwin happy. the federal aviation administration is considering
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easing restrictions on electronic devices. that means you'll be able to leave your smartphones, your tablets, your cell phones on after take jove and downloading data, talking on the phone would still be off-limits. >> you wonder how happy he might be. he might be happy but less wealthy because look at how he's marketed at bad behavior. >> exactly. ever want to take a trip to space with or without alec baldwin? if you have deep pockets, one entrepreneur is trying to make it possible for you, that right after the break. >> you're going to need a jacket when you leave this morning but if you run to the office, you won't need
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>> good morning. got the winter clothes out of storage and now 80s could be making a return? >> they will for a few days. put the sandals up high, boots down low. my wife, say what are you doing, playing in the closet again? >> i'm not playing. >> if i win the big lottery, i have to get her a kitchen and a closet. the list is growing. not too needy. weather wise, if you're needy for rain, i'm sorry to tell you we're going to be waiting a little while longer. just looking at some numbers, we're four inches below average since august 1. it's only rain. 13 days since august 1. dry around here. 70 by 11:00. it's going to be beautiful nonetheless after the chilly start. we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s for highs this afternoon.
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look at wind speeds 3 miles an hour. so light winds, generally southeasterly 5 miles an hour or less. watch something high clouds coming in from the west here. by the way, you see this little low? we're worried -- they were worried about that developing into something bigger late last week but right now not a problem. manassas has improved but from warrenton, culpeper south down even 95 if you're going to richmond in a little while you'll run into some of that potentially north of richmond. temps are in the 40s in reston at 49. dulles and leesburg are at 48. germantown 47. you see manassas also in the 40s. the low 50s from waldorf, baden has dropped to 48 with andrews at 516789 even bowie this morning a chilly 59. prince frederick 54 and john up in hagerstown telling me he's down to 51 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, boy, it looks good this morning. we've got mostly cloudy skies. these are high thin clouds.
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visibility not a problem. 58 with calm winds. humidity 81% and that barometer is steady. now, nationally, there's been a big storm going on in the northwest. that's going to help us out. weak cold front approaching. other than some passing clouds not much with it. temperatures will be getting warmer over the next few days as a prove out west really brings in warmer air and pushes it our way. the long stretch will continue with rain by late sunday. that's when i'm thinking is our next best chance for rain. the jet stream taking this big dip in the northwest and rising here in the east. powerful on shore flow. look at all the heavy rains here. the storm coming into british columbia so there's cold air, going to heavy snows in the mountains. off shore we have this little low which is trying to develop. looks like it's tracking up more toward maybe the canadian maritimes. so there's no real significant weather. i've been saying that for a while headed our way till
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perhaps late in the weekend or early next week. with the pacific storm that should change this pattern which has been around for a few weeks. looking at the futurecast, not much going on. perhaps a couple of showers popping in the mountains today. that front comes through with not much fanfare tonight. tomorrow high pressure builds back. look at this. sunshine, warming temperatures. get ready for this seven-day. it's a warm one. today 77. a gorgeous afternoon. warm and dry weather tomorrow, 82 after being in the 50s to near 60 to start. wednesday warm, dry, 85. the average is 74 now. we're going to be 10 degrees above average roughly from wednesday through saturday. maybe a couple of clouds thursday but generally dry and next chance of rain will be later sunday with a high of 82. cooler after that. monika samtani, more san diego weather on tap. >> that's nice to hear. weather wise we have good news. traffic wise not so good news, especially coming in from itself north blen bernie.
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southbound i-97 on the ramp to route 32, two tractor-trailers in a crash. a fuel spill and one of the tractor-trailers has lost its load. that ramp is complete hi shut down. the ramp to route 32i-97. watch out for all the activity coming out of glen bernie early this morning. the beltway looks great close in. no reports coming out of southern maryland. 210 accokeek up into oxon hill and across the wilson bridge we're in good shape right now. let's take a live look. if you're planning to head here on 270 out of clarksburg in from frederick all the way down to the split we're in great shape early this morning. let's go back to the maps this time from the west. dulles toll road, i-66 both incident free toward tysons corner, the beltway between basically the american legion bridge and springfield and we'll take a live look one more time. here's what it looks like on 66 coming in from manassas. back to you guys. you got a quarter million dollars kicking around? feeling like spending it? you can go into space. if you have some deep pockets
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and you're one of those travelers, you can actually sit down, get in a spaceship and shoot toward the stars. >> i think justin timberlake wanted to do that. virgin galactic will start shuttling passengers to weightlessness next year. we look at the next frontier in space travel. >> reporter: who would spend up to a quarter million dollars just for minutes in space? >> seeing the spaceship is just absolutely mind blowing. >> it's not a destination but a journey. >> reporter: these people, more than 600 have signed on. how much to charter one of these puppies? >> $1.2 million. >> reporter: i hear you're going to leave two seats empty? >> no, not empty. it's two angels coming with us. >> reporter: passengers won't just check in and hop on board. the whole experience will mean three days of training and health checks. then a few hours in the air. and three minutes weightless in
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space. the mother ship will carry space ship to up and then release it to fly back. unlike nasa's rocket, it won't orbit the earth. it's sir richard branson who is determined to take them there. is this the new space race? >> i think it's the start of it, the new space race. it's not been easy. it's taken us five years more than we thought it would take but, you know, but finally they pulled it off. >> reporter: that is, if the faa gives galactic the green light. virgin says commercial launch is just months away. >> you're broaching out into a new field in the sky. we're going to have some mishaps that happen now. hopefully they won't be catastrophic. >> reporter: did you ever fear maybe you're putting too much at risk with this? >> people risk a lot to get space off the ground in the first place. unless you risk something, the world stays still. >> reporter: branson is such a believer, he plans to take the
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first flight with his own children. david ma could i will be at the controls. >> we don't want to push too hard too quickly. it would be nice to be the first to do it but the most important thing is to do it right. whoever is first has to do it right. >> reporter: what is your ultimate dream for this? >> we'll start with giving people a taste of space. then we'll send some people into orbital flights. we'll start building hotels in space. >> reporter: really? in our lifetime? >> in your lifetime definitely. hopefully in my lifetime. >> richard branson thinks the galactic program could be the most profitable business virgin has ever run and he hopes to see space flight develop so they can offer more flights. happy monday. question of the morning time now. according to a survey, which of these political figures do 58%
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of women find the manliest. is it a, m.i.t. romney, b, barack obama or c, bill clinton? >> log on to our facebook page and tell us what you think and the answer and why. we'll have that for you in the 6:00 hour. don't forget it's either him or
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4:36 on this monday morning. you may need a jacket. there's a touch of fog around. culpeper, warrenton down toward orange. temps in the 40s and 50s to start. another nice day. getting a little old but going to be a nice week. 62 by 9:00. if you have plans for lunch time, i hope they include something outside. it's going to be beautiful. 72 in d.c. with 70 in frederick and la plata. we'll take you into the afternoon. could be a shower or sprinkle in the mountains. highs today mid- to upper 70s. a great start to the week. monika? if you're planning to head on the beltway on the north side of town, things look great in silver spring on the beltway between i-95 and i-270. the top stretch of 4935 in great shape. -- 495 in great shape. no issues at this time. i'm have information on an accident out of glen bernie in a few moments. justin timberlake completes his 2020 experience and taylor swift is headed to the big screen. >> suzanne mr cez has --
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marquez has those stories and more. >> reporter: taylor swift jumps to the big screen. the country crossover star is the latest addition to the upcoming movie "the giver." meryl streep and jeff bridges star in the movie. alicia keys, john mayer rocked the great lawn in new york's central park. they gave a free concert as part of the global citizen festival marking progress in the fight against poverty. the new york film festival kicked off with a star studded weekend. tom hanks and cast members from the real life pirate thriller "captain philips" walked the red carpet. >> we were actually on board. to be there and be able to use the parameters of physical space itself, that was an ally to the process. >> reporter: "captain philips" opens in theaters next month.
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the 1960's folk film stars oscar isaac and john goodman. >> i think a lot of the guys that they write for me, the brothers have that -- they consider themselves geniuses. >> reporter: justin timberlake is also in the film. he's out today with the second half of his album the 2020 experience. the first of two disks was released in march. timberlake's tour launches next month. that's your eye on entertainment. >> justin's audio on his album is really, really good, better than suzanne. inside edition celebrating 25 years on the air. can you imagine. this past week debra norville was in washington to take part in the march of dimes event. she also taped a special edig of inside edition here in our studios where the show asks fans to pick one of d.c.'s
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hottest bachelors. one of those eligible bachelors is our own colleague russ ptacek ptacek. >> i cannot reveal who the winner is but i can reveal that russ is the greatest sport in the world. he came into this with a smile on his face. he participated. he went to the photo shoot. there are all these amazing guys there. he is right there in the hunt and i think he's a hot number and a great pick for somebody. >> russ has a little competition, though. he's competing against a dozen other d.c. bachelors. find out who fans picked this afternoon on inside edition at 3:30 right here on wusa9. >> i missed the episode? >> no, you haven't missed the episode. it's coming on today. good morning. thank you for watching wusa9 at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. happy, happy monday to the guys
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at mama lucia's. >> yum. >> nice work. heather says get to weather, howard. >> same old, samed on. another cool morning and a beautiful afternoon. front is on the way but has no moisture to work with. our next chance of rain probably not until later sunday. here's a look at your forecast this monday morning. we have some 40s out there so i think a jacket for quite a few of you. by lunch time you won't need it at all. a beautiful 72. going up to 77. how about driving home with 75. if you have plans this afternoon and this evening, again more dry weather. it's only rained five days, measurable rain, five days in the month of september at reagan national. 8 in august. we have some high clouds coming across right now. that's it. a little fog to the west and southwest. again up to around warrenton. there's culpeper to a mile and in the mountains. in visibility issues here in the metro. your temperatures down to 45 now in winchester. it's 52 over at andrews. across the bay cambridge is 50


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