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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 30, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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canonize pope john paul, ii and pope john, 23rd. who will spend up to a quarter million dollars for minutes in space? more than 6 600 have signed on. -- 600 have signed on. breaking bad cooked up quite an ending critics and many fans loved. our region is likely to get whacked the hard eases in a government shutdown. hundreds -- hardest in a government shutdown. hundreds of thousands of government workers are looking at no days without pay on top of the furloughs they've already taken. one member of congress said he'll be thinking of them when he votes on the new house bill that the senate and the president have already rejected. >> i have a deep understanding and sympathy for the effects it will have on people's lives and that's one of the things that will play strongly in my decision moye vote. >> whitman declined to say how
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he'll vote, but some of the gop are expressing reservations on this latest gambit on healthcare. >> a government shutdown would have a huge impact on the dmv, federal employees bracing for the government shutdown beginning at midnight deeply worried about the next paycheck and the day to day losses of business. >> if the government workers don't -- some think the government workers don't necessarily work as hard, but we work long hours and through a difficult situation. >> it's going to take a huge effect on our food truck. >> the law says members of congress still get paid if there is a shutdown. >> so does the president. now it's your turn to sound off, of course, with our help a little bit. >> the wusa9 soapbox traveled to dupont circle in northwest today where scott broom talked with some fed up individuals. >> reporter: you have an opinion? you look like an opinionated person? he said he didn't have time.
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>> we can't. we're lawyers. >> considering i'm with the federal government. i can't. >> reporter: you look like you have an opinion. >> i still don't understand your politics. >> i have a lunch to get to real quick. shutting down the government in order to deny people healthcare is absurd and insulting. >> pretty disappointed in my elected officials, especially in both houses really. >> i don't even believe they're going to shut down the government. i sometimes think it's them just having a fit, a bit of a temper tantrum. >> reporter: what do you think about the government shutdown? >> this is huge for our country. healthcare is a ream crisis in our country and finally -- real crisis in our country and finally they're doing something about it and they shut down the government. >> why don't they demand political factions are stalling out america. >> my nephew is in afghanistan and he's facing the possible fact of not getting paid. i think that's really unfair. >> we send people to congress to run our government and
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instead we're get being pushed over the fiscal brinksmanship and that to me is sort of the opposite of why we want people there. >> my wife is a dod civilian. she's probably going to be the first on the chopping block. >> if they don't get paid, they're not going to get pizza out, go to the dry cleaners. it will have an enormous ripple effect. >> i have a 2-month-old son. that paycheck matters. they're fighting and bickering. we have government workers. actually what we really need is for the government to keep moving. it's stressful, my man. it is stressful. >> the latest cnn poll shows 68% of americans think even a short shutdown is a bad idea. >> and if in goes forward, national parks and museums will close and that includes the national zoo. today many visitors at the zoo rearranged their plans to try to see the animals before the shutdown and they were not disappointed. giant panda tian tian was in his yard, but when the zoo
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closes no, visitors or volunteers will be allowed in and that popular intranet canada cam will be turned off, too, though the staff will monitor the new baby through the cameras and most of the zoo's employees, everybody who doesn't take direct care of animals will be furloughed. >> the animal care staff is considered essential. the animals will get fed, framed and cleaned up after regardless of the shutdown. >> coming up in about 10 minutes we'll talk to d.c.'s mayor vincent gray about how a government shutdown could affect the district. despite all the republican opposition, the affordable care act or obamacare is still on track. new health insurance marketplaces are scheduled to start signing up customers beginning tomorrow morning. many pieces of the healthcare law are not tied to the annual spending bill. an estimated 40 million more americans will be able to buy health insurance starting tomorrow. in other news maryland will be coming down harder on people who use their hand-held cell
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phones while they drive. starting tomorrow if you are caught talking behind the wheel, you can be ticketed and fined up to $75. that fine goes up to $125 for a second offense. if you do it three times, it's $175. this law is already on the books in virginia and in the district. >> how is the officer going to prove you're talking on that phone? >> they're going to be watching you. former contractor edward snowden began leaking details of the nsa's gatherings many months ago. >> now we're getting the first glimpse into what the nsa says it may be doing with the information it gathers. as pamela brown discloses, the new disclosures to the new york times are only adding to the growing concern among privacy advocates. >> reporter: the nsa isn't only tracking meta data from your phone calls and e-mail logs, it's using that information to create a
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confiscated network of information. >> if the government is looking at your information, it's because they have a reason, because you're suspected of a crime. >> reporter: this slide from an nsa power point presentation shows how analysts use software to create diagrams to chart a person's social ties, location at certain times, traveling campaign companions and other personal information. according to the documents leaked by former government contractor edward snow den. the policy shift was intended to help the agency discover and track when there's a link between an intelligence interest overseas and a u.s. citizen. the nsa is draw material from facebook profiles, gps location information, insurance information, property records and other public and commercial sources to better analyze americans' phone and e-mail logs. >> now we know from these leads that this is how the government is operating, that there is a much broader swath of people, that americans are included in this mix. in a statement the agency
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says we know there's a false perception out there that the nsa listens to the phone calls and reads the e-mails of everyday americans aiming to unlawfully monitor or profile u.s. citizens. it's just not the case. and the chief keith alexander has said a person's individual data is analyzed only when there's a foreign intelligence justification. some argue the nsa surveillance efforts are keeping americans safer, critics say this latest disclosure is yet another example of how the nsa is infringing on americans' privacy. >> americans assume a right to a certain kind of privacy that usually starts at the door to their home. >> that was pamela brown reporting. the leaked documents do not specify how many american citizens have been caught up in the effort and how many have actually been involved in wrongdoing. the surveillance efforts used to only be allowed for foreigners due to privacy concerns, but that changed back in november of 2010 and in the
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wake of some recent disclosures president obama has ordered a review of all nsa surveillance policies. coming up next we're talking live to d.c. mayor vincent gray about how a federal government shutdown could impact business and services right here in the nation's capital. topper? >> a great finish to the month. here are the numbers for the books, 76 and 56, average 74 and 57. only about 1/2-inch behind in precipitation for the year. we were 2 1/2 inches behind for the month of september alone. we'll come back, see if there's any showers in the forecast and how warm it will get before the
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d.c. mayor vincent gray has told the obama administration and congress that the d.c. government will not close in the event of a federal shutdown even though the district of columbia comes under the authority of the congress and has been treated like every other federal agency in these cases. joining us right now exclusively is d.c. mayor vincent gray. mr. mayor, thanks for joining us from the wilson building. >> thank you, bruce. i'm delighted to be here. >> we know by now you've declared all city workers essential meaning you will not send them home. have you gotten any feedback from the office of management budget? have you gotten feedback from anybody on congress they don't like this plan? >> well, first of all, we've had continuing discussions with the office of management and budget. as a matter of fact, our staff is talking with them now. we've gotten no decision one way or the on either and we
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tried to make clear what our position is and why we take that position. >> they haven't said yes or no. so come midnight tonight if the federal government is shut down, what will be your position and the position of all those workers that you have declared essential? >> well, first of all, our government will be open tomorrow and it will be open for all workers. we know that we have the authority to be able to use contingency reserve funds that are available to our city, our own money, i might add. that will last probably up to as much as 15 days. that is legally permissible. so we know we will be open and we continue to make the case, bruce, that we're not a federal agency. we're not a department. >> mr. mayor, you pointed this out the city has already suffered because of the sequester cuts. should the federal government should down, what's likely to be the result with sales taxes
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of the city government? >> the overall impact to the city could be about $6 million a day, which is a heavy hit for us, and obviously will have a profound influence on the dollars available to us heading into the new fiscal year. >> there's no way to make that up, right, $6 million a day? how do you make that up? >> no. i don't see how we make it up at all. maybe we'll get more people coming into the city to visit. maybe we'll get more people we think moving into the city, but there's no way that i know of that we can make up those dollars. >> mr. mayor, talk to me about essential workers and homeland security. you've got that massive responsibility here. the navy yard shooting is still on our minds. what about protecting the city, your ultimate responsibility, how do we look there if there's a shutdown? >> we're going to continue to protect the city. all of our police officers will be at work, our firefighters will be at work, homeland security will be at work. our employees, all 32,000 of
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them, are expected to show up for work tomorrow and into the foreseeable future. >> okay. d.c. mayor vincent gray talking to us live from the wilson building, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. >> thank i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest.
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... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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what's your healthy? woman: for our daughter, emily, it's going home. it's just being a kid again. no matter what your healthy is, we have the tools to help you get there. aetna -- what's your healthy?
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always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> so in addition to topper being excited about great weather, he's very excited about some ladder he purchased this weekend that he can't stop talking about. >> he needs to get a life really. >> you're exactly right, but a 24-foot ladder, more mobile, easier to maneuver by myself. it's a 36-foot ladder you need somebody to foot to walk it up. >> the joy in his face. >> painting in the fall is fantastic. there's no bugs and it's comfortable. you're not sweating and it dries quicker because there's less humidity. you ought to see this. >> if it makes you happy. >> it does, little things. we're looking at temperatures about average today, but tomorrow and through the rest of the week they will be above average. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 76 today, a pleasant night for anything, soccer, long walk, temperature 74 now, dew points still low. humidity is still 46%, very
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comfortable, light winds and the pressure is falling. i don't recommend everybody getting up on a ladder. i used to do it a lot. don't do that. do as i say, not as i do. we got a few clouds in the mountains. back in the ohio valley is a very weak cold front that will go through, but boy, the trend is your friend. the cold froms have been dry and this, too -- fronts have been dry and this, too, will go through pretty much unnoticed. 71 in arlington, 76 college park, 72 in waldorf, 70 in annapolis, 71 in baltimore, comfortable again tonight, no worries, no ac or furnace required. a warm start to october and then you'll need sunglasses for both commutes tomorrow. in fact, i'd keep them handy all week. either warmer on wednesday. we could see temperatures wednesday 10 degrees above average. so partly cloudy and comfortable tonight, lows in the 50s. we're talking low 50s in the burbs, but upper 50s downtown. tomorrow partly cloudy and mild, 50s and 60s, a great
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start to your tuesday and to the month and then by afternoon partly cloudy and warmer, high temperatures around 80, winds light southwest at 10, so great from the mountains to the coast. even oakland will be 65. you jump the divide, 79 in cumberland, low 80s in culpeper, warrenton, manassas, around 80 in leesburg, probably 80 or 81 in fairfax, vienna and mclean, 80 downtown, gaithersburg and frederick, 77 by the water, but great day to be on the water, no small craft advisories tomorrow or for the foreseeable future really. we've had this nice stretch of warm weather with very little wind. upper. ifs upper 50s to -- upper 50s to near 60 at 5:00, mid-60s at 9, low 70s by 11:00 and upper 70s around lunchtime. wednesday partly cloudy, warmer near 85 and then nice on thursday, a few clouds come in
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late, keep it dry, temperatures still rebounding to the low 80s. the next seven days we got low to mid-80s friday, stray shower possible, saturday mid-80s. sunday and monday we're still in the low 80s, a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm on sunday and a much better chance monday. so again we're okay for the year on the water table, but for the month of september 2 1/2 inches below average is very dry. redskins won. >> that's true. >> it can't be too exciting about this win, right? >> oh, no. it's one win. thankfully they did what they needed to do, but they geto go into the bye week on a high note with that victory, but now what? we'll look at what the redskins need to focus on du their break. sports is next.
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now game on with kristen berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> all right. for the first time this season we get to talk about a redskins victory and it came on the road. this is the bye week, so the players have the week off to heal and reflect. as dave owens tells us, this team still has a lot of work to do. >> reporter: gps, apparently the redskins could use this to find the end zone more these
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days. i'm joking, of course. it got better yesterday in oakland, but despite their first win, the redskins not giddy looking to build on the victory. >> i've seen things happen throughout the national football league that, you know, hey, you just got to focus on the job at hand and once you get too carried away, to me that's when a team goes one way or the other. you have to know what gives you a chance to win and that's doing the little things the right way. >> we still have ourself in a huge hole. we understand that it wasn't a perfect game. we got to continue to improve because every week, every day in this business is a new day. >> it was just taking the lead. it was one of those things where you're happy you converted and you've been practicing all week and for it to finally come through is a sigh of relief. >> reporter: here's hoping there's more visits to the
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place. depending on how things roll, they could be playing for first place. wow, the nfc east is that bad. at redskins park dave owens, wusa9. >> here's a look at that bad nfc east. rough start, cowboys on top 2- works skins and eagles tied at one -- 2-2, skins and eagles tied at 1 win apiece. it's time to reveal this week's choices for the game of the week. much better games in the high school football division anyway. one from all around the dmv, text your vote 25543 to vote for your game of the week. the winners will be announced thursday night. >> i was amazed at how many people texted in. wasn't it a record game? >> yeah. the high schoolers are so much better at that. we have a way to avoid the mass
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texting that sometimes these kids know how to do, so that was that many texts. >> we have the division nfc least, new title. quick look at the seven- day, get ready for the 80s across the board tuesday through next monday, not much in terms of showers, maybe a stray shower friday, better chance late sunday and monday. >> october in the 80s. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> then stay with us at 7:00. i'll be joining jan jeffcoat for the area's only local newscast wusa9. >> have a great night, everybody. bye bye.
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>> pelley: tonight, countdown to a shutdown. only hours left before congress shuts down much of the federal government in a dispute over obamacare. >> we're at the brink. >> pelley: nancy cordes is at the capital, major garrett with the president, bob schieffer's insaoeug and people who would lose their paychecks. >> everyone else is supposed to get along. why can't they? i am very angry about it. >> pelley: what's behind the recent whooping cough outbreaks? bill whitaker has the answer in california. and they "ought a" know better. john black stone shows us what happens when humans tried to show otters how to survive. >> we're not very good sea otters. we're not only not that cute but we just can't do what they do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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