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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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to anger the extremists in his party. >> reporter: president obama accuses republican leaders of giving in to tea party members who are obsessed with stopping his health care reforms. >> we should sit down and have a discussion, but because there is an insistence on no negotiations, no talking, my way or the highway, we're here. >> reporter: house republicans are taking a piecemeal approach to try and reopen parts of the government passing bills to fund some agencies one at a time. today they're pushing to pay national guard troops. but senate democrats call that strategy an ear rational ploy. a -- irrational ploy. a new cbs poll finds more americans blame republicans for the shutdown and most americans want compromise. many acknowledge a bill to fund the full government with no strings attached would pass easily. it has budget 800,000 federal
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workers on unpaid leave. in addition to the shutdown, there's another budget crisis looming. two weeks from now, the u.s. government will run out of cash to pay its bills unless congress agrees to raise the debt ceiling. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> many of you have told wusa9 that if federal workers aren't getting paid, capitol hill lawmakers should suffer the same fate. apparently some of the politicians agree with you. here's what some local lawmakers tell us they're doing with their salaries during the shutdown. senator mark warner is donating his salary to the federal employee education and assistance fund. virginia's first district congressman rob wittman is giving up his pay. another virginia republican scott rigell tells "the washington post" he's donating his salary to the wounded warrior project and maryland democrat john delaney who represents the sixth district says he'll donate a portion of his salary to charity.
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it's a big college football weekend and the good news is this saturday's military academy football games will happen despite the government shutdown. that means you navy fans can still enjoy the much anticipated air force-navy matchup in annapolis. the teams will be allowed to play because the games are paid for with nonappropriated funds and were planned and paid for before the shutdown happened. next weekend? that's still to be decided. so how long will the government impasse last? most of you think it will be more than a week. one of the comments from website says i hope it lasts less than a week. federal government workers will get reimbursed for their lost wages. i'm a contractor and i won't. in past shutdowns, federal workers have had their pay restored but that's not guaranteed. another comment reads they're all out of control. they care about their power and party but not the u.s. citizen. term limits. post your thoughts at
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besides the shutdown, we're now in day three for the new health care marketplaces. states and the federal government are still working out some bugs. for example, maryland yesterday, residents had more technology delays with the state's new online marketplace. the website informed users it may be temporarily unavailable as technicians conduct maintenance and tests upgrades. that's after maryland residents had problems on tuesday almost as soon as it opened. the site couldn't handle the volume of people trying to create accounts all at once. it was closed for nearly 15 hours. now the tennessee highway where eight people were killed in a bus crash has finally reopened. more than a dozen others were hurt. the crash happened yesterday near knoxville, tennessee, as the bus full of senior citizens returned from a gospel festival. they were heading back home to north carolina. investigators say a front tire on the bus blew sending it into oncoming traffic. >> the tractor-trailer became fully engulfed as i understand
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it. in my 17 years probably the most serious incident that i've ever been a part of. >> family and friends of those killed held a memorial service last night. investigators are also looking into the bus driver's history and other possible mechanical problems that might have contributed to the crash. nearly 100 bodies have been recovered off the coast of italy after a boat smuggled african migrants caught fire, capsized and sank. authorities expect to recover even more bodies. the boat was smuggling more than 500 migrants seeking new lives in europe. hundreds are still missing. first responders were able to rescue about 150 people. the sinking is the second deadly boat accident involving migrant workers this week. 13 men drowned on monday just a few feet from the shore of southern sicily. an elderly man is beaten within an inch of his live and it's caught on camera. see the man in the purple walk into the picture and attacked
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this 75-year-old man, odim henderson. this was at a philadelphia gas station. the elderly man was beaten and robbed of $40 and some lottery tickets he had purchased. >> it could have been your dad, his dad. could have been your brother, your sister. it's just not right. >> the senior citizen is there, not bothering anyone, playing his lottery. for someone to physically attack him for no reason. >> we learned the suspect joseph smith has a history of violence. police arrested smith last month about an hour after this attack. they say they caught him just moments after he robbed a second person. today more than two million children nationwide are reading to set a new world record. delia goncalves tells us the jump start campaign hopes to foster a love of reading at an early age. >> time to move out, otis. from that day on otis loved the little calf and the little calf loved otis. >> reporter: five classrooms,
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more than 75 children reading for the record. today children all around the country and here in ward 7 are reading the story of otis the tractor by "new york times" best selling author lauren long. >> having a book like otis that highlights friendships and working together and even gender, age, all of that is in that one story with rich vocabulary. >> reporter: what was your favorite part of the book? >> then the little -- then the little cow was sleeping in a barn. >> he got stuck in the mud. >> reporter: and when he got stuck in the mud, who tried to save him? >> the tractor. >> reporter: jump start together with the pierson foundation highlighting the need for early childhood reading in all communities nationwide hoping to close the income gap that leaves many young readers behind. >> that's the role of the teacher. no matter where the child lives, to give them an experience that's going to move them further. >> reporter: principal peyton
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says the lessons must be reinforced, love of reading fostered outside of the school doors and in the community and in children's homes. >> we're part nears with the home so it begins in the home. >> spending the time in the classroom so you can understand the routines and the patterns and reinforce that at home and repeat it at home is a terrific opportunity for parents. >> reporter: with a good book, attentive teachers and parents, kids can get that jump start they need. in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> jump start trains college students and community volunteers to serve preschool age children in low income neighborhoods nationwide. this is the eighth annual read for the record campaign. still to come when the news continues, find out why women in the d.c. area have no excuse when it comes to getting their annual mammogram thanks to george washington university. george washington university. we'll
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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have you ever seen some of the online ads to do work at home to make extra cash? should you try it or should you not? our director from the call for action center shirley rooker is here. we see them all the time. they come up in pop-up ads. should you try one of these work at home things or are they scams? >> there are a lot of scams. some experts say out of every 60 offers, only one of them is legitimate. keep that in mind if you're looking for an online job because there's too much fraud out there and there are some red flags. if someone asks you for personal information such as your social security and haven't hired you, run. secondly, if they want money, you shouldn't have to pay money to get a job. thirdly, they may tell you that they're going to ship you merchandise and that you can tat check and put it in the bank and then you're going send -- going to send them the remainder. you'll keep a percentage. but the whole thing is wrong. ity going to be a fake check.
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it rips consumers off. it's a terrible problem because people genuinely need jobs. >> how do you find a legitimate one? better business bureau? >> better business bureau isn't going to offer you job leads. they can tell you if they've received complaints. the best thing to do is do a lot of research. read about t. find out what scams are out there. there are all kinds of things but be cautious and keep in mind that one out of 60 chances those are not very good odds. >> thanks a lot. shirley, the call for action link is where you can get more information. we're enjoying some warm weather, unseasonably warm weather that will be around for a few more days. we have a tropical storm brewing and it's petline thursday. we'll look at the allergy index. just like the last couple of days mold spores are moderate. grass pollen,
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limited access, little or no insurance, too little time to devote to your own health. those are some of the excuses women make for not getting tear annual mammograms. removing all of those excuses is a health clinic on wheels seiving virginia, maryland -- serving virginia, maryland and the district. it's money as the mammovan. >> october 10, i christen the mo making geography van. >> reporter: with 17 years in
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service, the gw mfa mammography program is one of the oldest in the country. the mammovan makes health care accessible showing up at a parking lot or street in your neighborhood, even your job. >> we're on the road four days a week. we don't go out on holidays. we're not out in bad weather. >> reporter: that ads -- that adds up to about 200 days a year. since 1996, more than 36,000 women have been screened on the van and 125 breast cancers have been detected. who is eligible to be screened on the mammovan? >> 40 and over. they don't have to have any existing condition. they don't have to have a lump. >> we see patients that have insurance and patients without insurance and patients that can -- [indiscernible] >> the van saved my life. >> reporter: antantionett's
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last mammogram was in 2002. >> i'm here because the van was in hyattsville that day and it did save my life because otherwise i wouldn't have been able to afford a mammogram. >> reporter: getting screened on the mammovan was step one. but because antionett's exam turned up an abnormality, she had to proceed to step two. that was a follow-up visit to gw breast imaging for a biopsy. >> because she didn't have the money to pay for it, we used a foundation and they helped her pay for the procedure. after that the pathology showed that she had a positive diagnosis so i helped her fill out some paperwork for the maryland breast cervical and cancer program. and they were able to get her an appointment with the breast specialist. she had the surgery done and she's been getting treatment since then. >> i'm able to see my oncologist on a regular basis.
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i'm able to get my hormone treatments every month and i have blood work done every three months just to check and make sure everything is going fine. >> and to mark 20 years of buddy check 9, wusa9 is bringing the mammovan right here to broadcast house. thursday morning, october 10, the van will be parked right outfront at 4100 wisconsin avenue northwest. to see patients who signed up for a mammogram. get active. get screened. call today at 202-741-3252 and after you've called for your appointment, remind your buddies to do the same. another very warm day across the area. not as hot as yesterday because we've got more clouds. most of these are high, thin clouds but still we call it mostly cloudy if not overcast a little bit. temperatures shooting into the middle 80s and slowly tapering off this afternoon. 83 by 5:00. then we'll be in the upper 70s by 7:00 and mid-70s at 9:00.
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average high 73. we're already 80 in town. low 70s in hagerstown and cumberland but low 80s down in fredricksburg, culpeper, tappahannock and cambridge. yes, cambridge is the warm spot at 83 at this hour. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you see this hazy sun, this filtered sunshine if you will? high thin clouds but officially overcast being reported in spite of a decent amount of sunshine making it through the cloud cover. 80, feeling like 81. there's just a sliver of a heat index with those dew points now in the low 60s and some very light winds. clouds have been streaming in most of the day from the southwest to the northeast. oh, wow, we had some great skies this morning if you were up early or you follow me on facebook or wusa9 page or twitter. i post these pictures when we get them. beautiful. that's what the high thin clouds do. the showers are staying out to the west. the midwest will see the source and thunderstorms. around here we're going to stay dry. here's the future cast showing you a couple of showers in
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southwestern pennsylvania, southwestern virginia at 5:30 this afternoon. things settle down tonight with the loss of the heating although up to the north, well to the north we've got some lingering showers and storm. now tomorrow looks like we'll have a chance for a few afternoon showers north and west of us. i don't think -- maybe an isolated shower gets into d.c. but another isolated shower to the north and west on saturday. in the tropics we're watching newly formed tropical storm karen with hurricane watches from west of ap lash cola around -- apalachicola around to louisiana. tropical storm watches in the new orleans area. karen went right to a tropical storm. the hurricane hufntsers find a nice irk -- hunters found a nice circulation. forecast to become a minute ma'am hurricane the next couple of days and make landfall as we head into saturday night, sunday morning toward the western florida coast, maybe alabama. then it will be moving to the northeast bringing potentially beneficial rains around here but not a lot of wind on monday. today 85. not as hot. tonight 66 but some upper 50s
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outside the beltway. tomorrow the slight chance of the afternoon shower, very warm, 87. as we head toward the weekend, still warm, mainly dry. mid- to upper 80s. monday looks potentially wet with temps in the upper 70s and i think we'll clear out pretty quickly tuesday and have a beautiful wednesday as well behind karen. it is petline thursday. joining me is lisa starskedich, the montgomery humane society. you brought this sweet guy along. >> i did. this is colt. >> colt knows how to sit, i can tell you that. we've been working on that. what can you tell me about colt? >> colt is a 4-year-old pit bull terrier mix. he's been at the humane society since july 20 so he's more than ready to find his forever home. he's a favorite of the staff and volunteers. >> people are always skittish when you say pit bull but this guy is sweet. he has a nice demeanor about him but he's big and strong also. >> he is, especially when he sees a squirrel. but otherwise he walks very
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well on the leash. >> somebody either has to walk him or maybe a yard so they can work off some of this energy? >> absolutely. that would benefit him. >> any idea how he is with other animals and kids? >> definitely with dogs -- we met a neighborhood dog. it went very well. he's met older dogs at the shelter and he's been interested but not aggressive. >> sweet. he's a sweetie. the montgomery county humane society. how do we contact you. >> at >> we all more information on and all the other dogs we feature right there at good boy. we'll be back with more
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at aetna, we wanna know, what's your healthy? man: it's getting off the couch. it's getting on the bike. whoa! [crash!] it's, uh, getting access to the right care. no matter what your healthy is, we have the tools to help you get there. aetna. what's your healthy?
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a few steps could go a long way in the fight against breast cancer but the grand chapter order of the eastern star holds its annual 5k breast cancer walk this saturday. here with us is matron barbra e. murray and margaret anderson is also here. the walk is named after her. ladies, thank you very much for being here. looking beautiful in pink this october day. margaret, i'm going to start with you. the walk is named after you. why? you're not a breast cancer survivor. >> no, i am not but my grandmother was when i was the leader in 2001 and 2002. knowing charity was one of the major components of our organization, i thought, we can't do this alone. we need a community partner. being a howard university alum and worked there for 20 something years, i thought howard university is in the business of trying to help women with this terrible
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disease. so why don't we partner with them and that has been a wonderful feat. >> it has been an ongoing feat. you've been doing it for ten years. it's saturday. can people still register for the walk? >> yes, they can. they can go to our website and register -- and the registration form is there. there's a link. >> how many people have you signed up so far? do you have a fund raising goal? >> yes. this year our goal is $10,000. thus far we probably have about 100 people that have signed up already, but i'm sure that we're going to surface the goal. >> we talk about breast self- exams, mammograms but we need research to be a part of this to get us to the cure and a lot of money is going towards research. >> yes, it is, at howard university. >> you've heard howard's good forecast so you know it should be a beautiful day. it starts at 9:00 a.m. >> 9:00 a.m.
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the masonic temple. and we will then kick off the 5k. >> howard and i will be back tomorrow
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