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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  October 4, 2013 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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yes! yes! [applause] good night, everybody! good night!
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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for some great videos from the web "right this minute." >> a visitor to a high-end home does a dirty deed in the driveway. >> you know, there's a lot to this story. >> why she did it and how the shocked homeowner is getting revenge with the video. >> you're famous worldwide. you're now on youtube. >> just call it spontaneous
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carbustion. must be from -- >> russia? >> it's a compelling documentary called -- >> screw you, cancer. >> go along on one woman's radical journey for peace of mind. >> move over, miley. now rihanna -- >> is giving her a run for her money. >> see this audition tape. >> i don't know how they think of things to do. >> the video starts out fairly normal, surveillance video from a pretty nice home. all of a sudden the home is getting a visitor. looks like a woman in her 60s. she's dropping on by, not to deliver any cookies or say hello. she has a clip board.
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she sets that down. >> what? no way. granny granny's pooing on the carport? >> i think it's more number one. >> why? does she have a problem with the homeowner? >> mitch is the real estate owner. i understand this woman was trying to serve you papers. what the heck is going on here? >> i'm guess being it's related to a lawsuit which took place at recreational facility that leases property from me. >> you had two interactions with her before, you thought she was a salesperson. >> initially on the first visit, i was working on the side of my house.
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she came up asking are you mitch? i said, no, i'm not. i didn't want salespeople, i'm out there working. the next day it turns out she came back at 9:00 in the morning and then she came back at 1:00 and did the performance you see on the video. >> this isn't a matter of you just had to go really bad? >> absolutely not. there is a port-o-can literally 75 feet from where she's standing. she's making a statement saying, okay, you avoided me, you tricked me. i'm going to get you back. >> what's your plan of action. are you just going to publicly shame her on youtube or are you going to press charges? >> at this point i don't know who she is. >> well, i hope you get some new papers. if they ever get you copies db. >> if those papers reappear, i'm not getting anywhere near them.
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>> triple dose of dash cam, this first one from -- >> russia! >> thailand this time. keep your eyes peeled. you're about to want to duck. >> i did move. you lean left. that was a car out of control rolling from the other side of the oad. jure missing, colliding with that car that's out of control. just a very, very near miss. now, this next one from -- >> russia? >> yes, this time you're right. this car up ahead. i don't know what makes it do this. >> what! >> it's like a bombing. the two people in that car managed to escape. i have no idea. maybe a fuel leak inside the car and the car ignited or someone
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smoking. i don't know. >> he's patting himself, trying to get his jacket off. >> and then the next one from russia. you never see this one coming either. >> whoa! >> wow. >> oh! >> that's horrible to see. >> oh, it's fine, it's fine. it's fine. that is a huge elk that this woman hit, crunches her car, a heavy impact but the elk manages to get his footing, back off into the wood it goes. >> that car is jacked up and the elk walks away from it. and you know the elk doesn't have any insurance. >> crazy stuff. >> police in melbourne, australia, are looking for two men. they stroll into it place with a crowbar and knife. they shove one customer out of the way but then they terrorize an employee and tell her give us the money. she runs away. one of the guys goes to the cash
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religi register, he takes the drawer with $700 australian in it. the woman talked to the news. >> they came in and just drew the weapon and said get down, get down and i thought they were going to hit me with it. >> you can hear the tension and the fear in her voice. >> i'm glad she got out there. you could see her flee the scene as quick as she could. better than get into a confrontation with these guys. >> we jump to the united kingdom, london. these fans are getting into it with the police. but you see that police dog right there? i want you to pay close attention to him because the police dog gets confused. >> he got the wrong guy! >> he's going after the police officer and the people around there notice it immediately.
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>> that was embarrassing if you're the police. >> no word on if the dog was suspended or sent to his kennel without a bone. >> he's obviously confuses so many people, so much chaos. i feel bad for the dog. that's a big oopsy. >> maybe the fan was impersonating an officer and the dog was the only one that picked up on it. >> glamour magazine has a story coming out. this is a model, her entire family has breast cancer. she got tested for the gene and tested positive which means she's at a high risk for breast
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cancer. so she decided to get a double mastectomy. >> they're going to cut from here to here. my boobs are being cut off. >> this documentary series will show us what that journey is like for her from the early stages to the actual process. we're also going to see all the people important to her life, her relationships, her mother. >> my first thought is you can't mutilate your beautiful body. >> the name of this series is called screw you, cancer. she's a comedian so she has a good outlook. >> i can put fake nipples in there. >> this could save so, so many lives. just a chance to make a decision before you have to go through all of the difficult treatments that come along with a cancer diagnosis. >> this is the most powerful thing i can do for myself right
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now. >> they're the couple always up for an adventure. >> they go to the extreme. they base jump, proximity jump. they're known as los banditos. >> what it's like to live on the edge. >> it's a constant thrill and that's the way it should be. >> and turning siri into sir. >> this is what siri would be like if it were a man. >> it will have you saying -- >> what the heck!
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welcome back to the show, everybody. and don't forget to check out great videos all day long. enjoy. >> it's been said a couple that plays together stays together. in the case of sam and carly, that is the case. they go to the extreme, they base jump. they're known as los banditos. this is one of their episodes in switzerland, showing one of the best episodes of base jumping. >> he has a camera on it. >> he wants to show off himself and his girl friend carly. >> that sure beats going to brunch for the couple. a lot of couples go to lunch,
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they base jump. >> you don't put on a lot of calories. they lose some. >> they say "in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take." sam, what does that mean to you and why is it on your web site? >> you don't want to regret chances you didn't take. you'd rather just go for it and have a good time and see what the outcome is after. i guess it gives you the extra boost when you need it. >> to have the woman you love beside you taking the chances. are there ever moments like i don't care if i jump but i don't want to you jump? >> it runs through my mind often. the person you jump with, i'm looking out for her, she's looking out for me. we have a really nice connection together. we look out for each other every day. >> does every jump have the same significance for you?
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>> every one has a different story. the main story is to look after each other and stay safe. >> what do the two of you do to relax? do you ever calm down and chill out? >> we drink coffee go, to dinner. we spend time with our family. a constant thrill, that's the way it should be. >> that's perfect. >> owen weber very popular on youtube for making some pretty darn funny parody videos, the iphone and operating system has a new feature for siri. you can choose the voice, male or female. >> introducing sir, the world's most accurate artificial male intelligence. >> this is what siri might be like if she was in fact a man. >> good morning. i love your new hair cut. it's super sexy. >> thanks, my boy friend didn't
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notice. >> sir knows how to be a lady. >> owen makes a claim, the world's middle east accurate male artificial intelligence. it begins to get a little more accurate. >> did you just take my picture? >> a little pervy. >> not as much a gentleman as i think. >> hold on, what's that? >> that's a protective cover. >> with that you can barely feel my when i vibrate. >> too bad, you're wearing it. >> put me in your purse for just a second. >> whoa. >> i don't like him. >> hey, did you just check out that samsung? is that what you want? >> i only looked for a second. >> you want a bigger screen, don't you? once you go blackberry, you never go backberry. >> siri, can you find me a
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nearby italian restaurant? >> of course. i'm here to help, you vicious bitch. >> up close and personal at a wedding. >> feels like we're there. >> what happens when the bridesmaid is also doubling as a photographer. >> and still to come, some kalts get stu -- cats get stuck in a wall. >> the surprising ending to this lengthy rescue. >> plus, she quit, she wants to get hired. >> see mom's final message in this parody every parent can relate to. save them.
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woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. >> a couple of rescues to get animals stuck in walls. the michigan humane society got a call from a woman saying there were some cats trapped in a wall so they had to get them out. >> the best way to open the wall
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with out creating a lot of damage for the homeowner -- >> they took out one and brought out another one. >> and they're adorable little kittens. >> they're still young. they depend on mama. >> they pull a third one out. >> i love how he says we tried not to create too much damage. he started with this little hole and now half the wall is out. >> it wasn't just half the wall. it was all the way down. there were more cats. four days later they got a call from the woman because she found the cats. there were six cats in all so mom and kittens are together again. >> we've seen a lot of wall rescues where it's not just cats like this one. >> the humanity ann wildlife rescue was called to this home. they heard scratching in the walls. that is a squirrel. they say it's 2 months old.
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>> again, another wall had to be destroyed. it's just a wall. >> when they grabbed the squirrel, the squirrel was like no, no, don't take me. they put it in a reunion box and later in the day mom came and got her baby. >> i like that they made the extra effort. >> and i like that the mom finds the baby. it's an amazing thing. >> first there was the incredibly viral video of marina quitting her job. she was dancing and making a statement to kanye west's "gone." and she quit. then there was the response video, their employees dancing around to kanye west's "gone" basically saying now we have an open. this woman wants to quit her
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job, too. here we go again. it's brenia jennings. same song. except brenia jennings is a work-at-home mom. now, hers -- i think hers is the best i'm going to say. her captions here are hilarious about her family, they trash her house, she says her bed's never made, her kids' room is a hell hole. this part freaks me out, her bathroom is a petri dish. it's very similar. she's dancing around in difference spaces all over her home, which is her working location. she has the dance break just like in the other two videos. now she starts sticking it to all the things in the home here, the trash, this pile of fresh pink hell, she's like out of here, quitting my job, i'm gone just like marinia was. >> some guys stumble upon a
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hornets nets -- >> and they decide we're going to throw a piece of wood at this thing. why? >> watch what h
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tampa police are looking for this guy. i think what might tip them off is he's got a lot of handbags with him. this is in mahall's in
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tampa. >> you think was he look for a bag for his mom or girl friend? >> nope. he was going to lift these bags. police say he lifted $1,200 worth of michael korz handbags. >> a dude stands out carrying a designer bag, let alone 12. >> there were only six so they're worth $1,200. i do have to say he has a good choice of designers. michael korz does make a nice bag. >> was he planning on selling these? >> i would say he doesn't have them anymore. >> he might keep the orange one. it does match his search. >> recently miley cyrus has become the celebrity face of twerking. now there's the new celebrity that's giving her a run for her money, in a stripper kind of
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way. this is the video for rihanna's song "whore it up." feminists beware. ♪ dollar bills, i got my money >> nothing too crazy. >> oh, honey, you are 20 seconds in right now. ♪ ♪ >> oh! is this anything worse than what we've seen? 80s hair band videos were bad. cher videos were atrocious. >> i think one of the weird things about this one is that it is rihanna doing the moves. this woman can sing and can dance and instead of utilizing her actual skills, she's doing this. >> and people are going crazy over it. she's getting a lot of attention. people love it, especially dudes i'm sure. >> she wrote a song about
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throwing cash up on a stripper stage. what do you expect it to look like? >> this video itself is going viral but the making of this video also went viral, as did one of the audition videos for the backup pole dancer. ♪ ♪ >> gee, i wonder why this went viral. her nickname is like "nicole the pole." that's incredible. >> well, she's obviously in shape. >> i don't know how they think up those things to do. i don't know. i thought they just spin around. they think of all these crazy things. >> a bees nest. >> you know that saying you don't want to stir up a hornet's nest? >> yeah. >> these guys took it literally. they decide we're going to throw a piece of wood at this thing. >> why? >> because it's just dumb. these are your dumb guys of the
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day. but watch. >>, oh my, god! >> kill it, kill it! >> that guy is screaming like a school girl. one hornet got inside their jeep and they freaked out. it's stupid, you're messing up their home. no wonder they're mad, no wonder they're going to come after you. no one got hurt, no one got stung. >> except for the hornets. >> sure, the hornets got hurt. >> i do appreciate the screaming, though. >> oh, my god! >> kill it, kill it, kill it! >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you next time.


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