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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 22, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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senate democrats vote the nuclear option, they vote filibusters but it comes with a warning. >> my friends on the other side
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of the aisle, you'll regret this. you'll regret it a lot sooner than you think. phone-friendly skies. the government imposes new rules to let you use your cell phone during air flight. >> apparently official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> and on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy, a witness to the tragedy shares her story. >> i was the last film of the limousine before he got shot. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, november 22nd, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the senate has changed the way it does business. senate democrats approved a historic rules change that all but ends the use of a filibuster to end most president nominations. president obama welcomed the
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shift but republicans are ward s precedent has been set. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. this rule change is so controversial it's known in washington as the nuclear option. it basically removes the ability of the party to block fi filibusters. they say they have a hidden agenda. >> the ayes are 52, the nays are 48. >> with all but three members agreeing to the change they killed the filibuster in the senate. now the threshold to move a nomination forward drops from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. >> the change would effect the nominations an up or down vote on nominations. yes, no. >> president obama says repuicans have used a record
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amount of filibusterslock his nominees. >> today's pattern of obstruction, it just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. >> but republicans say democrats are making this move to divert the public's attention of the botched rollout of the affordable care act. >> this strategy of distract, distract, distract is getting old. >> and while the move change is meant to move the senate beyond partisan politics it could separate the two sides even further. the opponents say the 51% vote threshold removes the party to have a say. they cater to the extreme wing on the other side of the charge. >> you may regret this. and you'll regret this a lot sooner than you think. >> now, this rule las not been changed in 1975 when the senate voted to lowering the filibuster from 60 votes to a twir
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this morning a cold front threatens to deliver snow to much of the southwest. winter weather advisories and snow warnings are posted from nevada to kansas, up to a foot of snow is possible in parts of utah, colorado, and new mexico. wi nd gusts of up to 80 miles an hour slammed central utah just north of salt lake city last night. the wind knocked down power lines. hundreds of households lost power. the expected winds are expected to last through tomorrow. federal prosecutors are appealing a conditional ruling that would release a central figure in a bribery scandal that has rocked the navy. a sixth officer in the navy has been suspended. bigad shaban was in the courtroom. >> leonard francis has helped stock navy vesselsith supplies
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for more than 25 years but court documents accuse him of overbilling the navy for millions of dollars. three have also been accused. they gave francis access to classified navy shipping schedules. when the navy began looking into allegations of fraud, francis allegedly briebd navy investigator john beliveau to get inside information on it. he even e-mailed a picture of a prostitute he asr.kefo your kinda babe? >> you bet. hopefully i'm her kind of guy. he's pleaded not guilty to all of them. francis has been in custody since september but thursday night was granted an unusual bail that requires the multi-millionaire to rent the san diego apartment and pay for
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security cameras and part of his guard outside his home. he must also pay a bond. the massachusetts high school student accused of killing his math teamer has been indated. prosecutors charged 14-year-old phillip chisliip chism. he stole her credit cards, underwear, and phone. ke had previously pleaded not guilty to murder charges. kennedy cousin skakel woke up a free man for the first time in 11 years. he faces a possible retrial in the 1975 murder of his neighbor martha moxley. last month the judge ruled he was not properly represented in his original trial. and overseas, a man and a woman who were arrested on charges who held three women as
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virtual slaves for decades are free on bail. the women were rescued from a house in london and are said to be doing remarkably well under the circumstances. mark phillips reports. >> reporter: police said they moved in on a house in london after they discovered a tip that three women had been held there against their will for 30 years. a woman's protection charity arranged for the escape and the police arrested an m and a woman both in their 60s. the trapped women had apparently been allowed out occasionally but only under strict supervision. detective inspector kenneth hyland said the women had been tear an iced from their captors. >> they were all rescued. all three of them were highly traumatize and were taken to a place of safety where they remain. >> police say there's no
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evid t abuse at this stage but warned the investigation isn't over. if you break down the numbers, it seems the 30-year-old woman may have been held as a domestic slave all her life. mark phillips, cbs news,mond. coming up on the "morning news," stocks start the day on record levels. and they allow passengers to make mobile phone calls during their fliechlt this is the "cbs morning news." well i drove grandpa to his speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon.
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than expected employment news. the dow gain 109 points yesterday. the nasdaq composite finish the day nearly 48 points higher. the dow also helped to boost shocks in asia. hong kong's hang seng gained a half a percent. mortgage rates are lower this week. rates declined after two weeks of increase. freddie mac said the average 30-year fixed loan fell to 4.2%. and the average on a fixed rate mortgage fell to 3.27%. a california jury ordered samsung to pay apple $290 million in a paerntent dispute. it covers 13 samsung devices that copied features if apple's iphone and ipad. that jury awarded apple over billion dollars. but the judge ordered a new trial and low erd the award. samsung plans to appeal. united parcel service is increasing its rates.
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ups says its rates will go up an average of 4.9% this year. it's feeling the competition from lower priced shipping services, especially wit international customers. and that cargo-hauling jub bow jet that landed at the wrong point in kansas finally made it to its original destination. the 747 took off yesterday for the nine-minute flight to the mcconnell airport. wednesday night it accidentally landed at a smaller field nine miles north of its intended destination. and "the hunger games":catching fire opens today. it stars jennifer warren. it took in over $67 million in ticket sales and went on to gross $91 million worldwide. anne-marie, something tells me it may top it this time. >> i'll be adding to it, i'll have to admit.
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>> metoo. >> thanks a lot, alexis. airline passengers may soon be able to make phone calls while in the air. government regulators are weighing whether to relax the ban on in-flight cell phone use but as cnet's sumi das reports it's being met with some resistance. >> people use their phones everywhere except here where cell phone use is banned. that could change. the federal exchange communication is considering allowing passengers to use their phones inflight to make calls. the proposal would allow calls above 10,000 feet but still ban the use of cell phones during takeoff and landing. the move comes on the heels of an faa decision to allow passengers to keep their electronic devices powered on gate to gate. >> i think what they'll probably do is see what your connectivity will be. if you're doing it over wi-fi, there is no reason for anyone to say that causes problems with the plane. >> the commission has gone down
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this road before. it considered relaxing the ban in 2004 but didn't take action after flight attendants and others lobbied against it. in a statement from the fcc, chairman tom wheeler acknowledged times have changed saying, quote, modern technologies can deliver mobile services in the air safely and reliabl reliably. the airlines will still ha to decide how much cellular usage they will allow on their planes. and then there's the question of whether people want to sit in a cabin full of people making phone calls. >> but i'm sure that airlines will institute parts of the plane that will be the no-phone zone and they'll be highly sought after. >> the fcc will introduce it and will offer public comment on the proposal. in san francisco, i'm sumi das, kr nets. when we return, we'll meet the woman that took some of the
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hisor motcade traveled through dealey plaza in dallas. this is how it looked when walter cronkite reported it on cbs. >> apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. vice president johnson has left the hospital in dallas, but we do not to where he has proceeded. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and will become the 36th president of the united states. >> thousands will gather at dealey plaza this morning for a phone ceremony. in boston, the jfk library open an exhibit of never-before displayed items from kennedy's funeral. and at the white house president obama meets with volunteer from
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the peace corps, a program kennedy created. a woman who was in dealey plaza half a century ago recorded the final seconds of the president's life. >> right on the corner. and as the motorcade approached, we stepped into the street. >> tina towner pender took a day off from school with her father and filmed the video of the motorcade. you shot footage no one else got. >> i filmed right behalf he got shot. >> you turned off the camera. what happened? >> i'm told it was two seconds. >> three shots were fired. president kennedy got hit. >> what was it like to be in the middle of that? >> it was confusing. people were running in all were
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everywhere. it wusas jt chaos. >> reporter: less than two hours later lee harvey oswald was arrested. police determined he shot three rifle shots from this book depository. >> it's hard to believe i was here for such a world tragedy. >> the family's camera is now on display at the museum where the book depository used to be. she want to attend. >> i don't like crowds. >> after this? >> it could be. i never thought of it. >> she said the dark memory hasn't faded in 50 year. in dallas, vinita nair, cbs news. cbs news will have much more on the anniversary of president's assassination throughout the day. scott pelley will air the cbs eechk news from dallas. straight ahead, your local
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., showers today with sunshine in atlanta. rain in st. louis with a high of 43. denver will be cloudy and sunny in seattle. time now for a check of the national forecast. it will be cold and snowy from the southwest to the plains. the desert southwest could see up to 2 inches of . a cold front settles into the midwest today. and look for rain in the northeast and south. in sports two nfc southwest rivals match up on "thursday night football." the saints and falcons meeting in atlanta. new orleans quarterback drew brees throwed a 44-yard bomb to jimmy graham in the corner. graham celebrate as little too
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much. he leaves the goalpost crooked. they hand the falcons their fourth straight loss, 17-13. in the nba, kevin durant scores 28 points as oklahoma city beats the clippers, 105-91. but the shot of the game belongs to fan brad brucker. the shot leaves him with $20,000. it leaves lebron impressed. finally, a minor league hockey team is getting into the holiday spirit. the reading royals unveiling these ugly christmas sweater jerseys. the team will wear them during their game december 14th and lucky fans will be able to purchase them after they were worn. this is the cynthia bowers. ailt dark chocolate meets sweetened soft centers this is the "cbs morning news." flavored with exotic fruit juices, like pomegranate, goji with raspberry, and acai with blueberry.
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. good morning. welcome to wusa9. today is friday, november -- yes, i know. overnight, it just went away. sinuses. november 22, 2013. good morning. i'm andrea roane. it is friday. >> i'll go get it. >> no, no, no. >> happy friday. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika. how are you? >> i'm great. >> you are great. you're outstanding. >> good morning, howard. weather wise, mild this morning. temps in the 40s, some in the
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50s. we're 47 right now. we're going to be up into the 50s, even low 60s this afternoon. about 61 here in d.c. south, southwesterly winds 5 to 10. some spotty showers, too. better chance will be north of d.c. till late this afternoon and we'll have our chance of showers. a bunch of rain this morning up in pennsylvania and new york. it breaks up in kentucky and ohio. that's what we're looking at a little bit later. right now just a couple of showers south of harrisburg sneaking in from hagerstown and emmitsburg headed toward northern caroll county. milder. it's 54 in luray right now. 42 in martinsburg. 46 at joint base andrews and 47 in d.c. going up to 61. there's a big chill coming over the weekend. i'll tell you about that in a little while. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> get the fire wood ready for sunday. this morning really there's
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for one spot. it's always on 9 95, isn't it? southbound 95 at route 1 in woodbridge, there's a disabled tractor-trailer. you need to scoot over to the right. southbound 95 at route 1 woodbridge. again a disabled tractor- trailer. northbound 95, we'll take a live look. if you're planning to head inbound i-66, things look good at the beltway. no issues to report coming in from manassas. let's go back over to the maps, this time to the north side of town. no issues on 95, 270 a little slow but no accidents or incidents. we'll take a live look southbound 270 at route 121 clarksburg coming in from route 109. no brake lights yet. president obama has ordered flags rrotheed inhonor of john ce kennedy. remonies will be held in dallas
4:30 am
shooting took place. the president laid a wreath at j.f.k.'s grave site at arlington national cemetery. today he'll meet with representatives from the peace corps which kennedy established in 1961. one witness to president kennedy's assassination was also the first man to hit the airwaves with news of the shooting. >> he also apparently unknowingly spoke to the assassin. vinita nair caught up with him as he reflected on very somber day. >> it's forever in 1963 when i sat here. >> reporter: pierce almond was the program manager at the local radio station in dallas the day john f. kennedy was assassinated. the reporter, then 29 years old, delivered this news over the phone. >> we do not and cannot confirm the report at this time but the president has been shot. >> reporter: you were the first reporter on the air. >> yes, the only


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