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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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i'm going to manage it. work off my list. >> three people are dead after a crane collapsed on part of the stadium being built for next year's world cup. set a december deadline to have 12 world cup venues ready. tonight work on the stadium is hold for a complete investigation. >> got out of bed and answered the door and there were these two young girls and they were distraught. >> the girls had been imprisoned with for approximately the last two years. >> collected evidence all day the girls escaped. >> the children have been removed and the parents in custody. >> melissa bebo is the owner and master mind. and recently inspired by the east coast trend of be dazzling dogs. >> fun way to express creativity on your dogs.
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>>. >> and tonight, new information about that deadly church fire in ocean city. >> as scott tells us, a church volunteer fighting for her life after a popular pastor died. >> the drifter and the pastor. one needing help and the other there to give. now both are dead. a church volunteer is in critical condition and an entire community is in shock in the wake of what appears to be a bizarre act of a der anoknowledged man who set himself on fire. >> laid down his life for his friends. >> he served at the saint pauls church for 8 years. with a particular focus on helping ocean city's down and out. people like 56-year-old john raymonds turner. >> we believe jesus said i come among you as a servant as one who serves. he served and gave
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his life in that servanthood ministry. >> burst into the church's food pantry on fire. his clothes soaked in a liquid. grabbed a church volunteer in a bear-hug. another volunteer tried to stop it. the resulting fire trapped pastor up stairs where he was working in a church office. he died after being rescued by firefighters. church administrator escaped as the wood framed landmark went up in flames. the entire diocese is stunned by his loss. >> it's a little overwhelming. because that's what we're called to do. and he paid the price. >> the flaming man turner also died. dingwall was married and the father of three sons. there is no explanation for why this flaming man came bursting into the church.
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scott broom, wusa 9. >> tonight's affordable care act finds another delay in the president's plan. enrollment for small businesses. today the department of health and human services confirmed the online exchange for small business owners to shop for coverage is being pushed back for a year. so until november of next year, owners of businesses with fewer than 50 employees will have to use brokers or agents to buy health plans. and remember earlier this month when the president announced that people whose insurance policies were cancelled would be able to extend them for a year? apparently not in the district. the city's department of insurance securities and banking announced there will not be exercising that option. more than 21,000 dc residents will have to buy new policies. >> this morning the prince georges county council voted to raise the minimum wage to $11.50 an hour by october 1st, 2017. that vote comes one day after
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the council enabling montgomery county voted to do the same thing. joining me now is at large council member. thanks for coming. >> glad to be here. >> you voted to raise. virginia has not. are you worried you are going to lose out? >> no. when you look at the sectors that are affected, they are not going across the river. when you think about economic development strategy for the county, that's something we're banking our strategy on. trying to bring in high paying jobs, high quality jobs. we really don't believe mcdonalds is going to save. >> you bring up the high paying high quality job issue, is that what this is all about? back in the 90s, nobody was complaining because those jobs went begging. now there's nowhere to go. >> in the real world there's nowhere to go.
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in the 80s, the minimum wage was closer to what a person could sustain themselves on. since the 80s since nothing got indexed, that has fallen farther away from the living wage. we spent a lot of money on social programs and the reason you spend money on social programs is because people don't eastern enough money. >> how do you handle the tips issue? what's going to happen to waiters and waitresses who are allowed to be paid much less? >> we came up with an elegant compromise. they'll have to pay 50% of the state minimum wage but they are liable up to the county's minimum wage. so for an employee who does not make the minimum wage -- >> and you are going to enforce this? >> we're going to enforce this. >> let's talk about the transit system. dozens of bus routes all up and down the county. how's it going to work and how are you going to pay for it? >> it's going to work because most stays out of traffic.
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we're looking at as many dedicated lanes as we can have. making sure the buses don't get in traffic. >> dedicated lanes on streets? building new lanes? the lanes are already full with cars. >> we might be looking at median strips. a lot of places we can put this. one of the innovations is that i can run a single reversible lane. think about how congested it is. and you are watching the other lanes, if you do this with buses, you can do a single reversible. the bus goes in a peak direction and returns in the opposite direction but they can do the speed limit. >> very quickly, how much is it going to cost and who is paying? >> it's hard to say the cost. we've had estimates as low as a billion. estimates in excess of $2 billion. who is paying? virginia is doing taxing districts. they've relied on
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the business community which is the primary beneficiaries. >> the businesses, not the residents. >> my focus is on a solution that focuses on commercial business. >> we got to run. thanks for coming in . we appreciate it. always nice to chat . >> traveling for the thanksgiving holiday has prafb entricky this year. wicked weather along the eastern sea board meant long lines and delayst airports around the country. we checked the local airports in the last hour and a spokes person tells us delays there are running about half an hour. at bwi in dulles, they are not seeing anything delayed more than 15 minutes. that's great news. tonight though it's all about the reunions. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox at dulles international airport wore flights are on time. inside only good news to report. one happy reunion after another. >> chris is here to pick up his daughter who has been far away in college.
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>> look foreground transportation. >> taylor is 19 and a student at north florida university. >> hi, beautiful. >> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good . >> hi. oh, good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> are you cold? >> yeah, i'm freezing. i did not expect it to be the weather. >> this is peggy. >> pretty exciting seeing my parents. i never get to see them any more. they are 11 hours away. >> we're going to do thanksgiving in our home. we normally go to relatives. we're going to do thanksgiving at our house this year. it will be a house full of grand kids and kids. it will be good. >> we'll see how that goes. >> at dulles airport, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> most people who are hitting the road, hopping a train or boarding a plane have already done so. there are always those folks who like to make the mad dash thanksgiving morning. like me. meteorologist outside right
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now with a look at what we all can expect. always traveling on thanksgiving. >> it's not a bad strategy, actually. i have a nephew coming in tomorrow morning. it's going to be fine. it's going to be cold but the rain showers are over with. we're left with low windshields. 24 downtown -- 30 downtown. let's look at davis, west virginia. feels like it's 5 below. the only thing we have to worry about is low windchills. it's going to be dry but cold. we'll come back and tell you if the return home will be as pain less. >> thank you, topper. still to come tonight, gobble tops. hanukah gets a start on the season. >> and you may have seen the turkeys get a presidential pardon today. that does not put them in the clear. we'll explain. >> first, a quick check on the roads for some of you folks making that mad dash hoping the rush hour died down. this is
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i-95 south springfield, virginia. that's looking darn good. looks
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a development company is buying the building that served as the washington post headquarters for years. properties will pay $159 million for the space if the deal goes through next year. continues to be vague about whether he's going to seek a second term. >> three or 4,000 people in there, have anything important to tell them. >> not this day. >> which day? >> it's coming. >> mayor vincent gray took part in the feast of sharing today and we'll keep asking him if he's running or not until we get an answer. and the leader of
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the navajo cove talkers at red skin's game says he does not have a problem with the team's name. he considered the word redskins a symbol of loyalty and courage. >> this marks the start of hanukah. late this afternoon, helping to like the national menorah. performed for the crowd as well as the cantors. for all who were brave enough. tomorrow will be the only time in our lifetimes hanukah and thanksgiving overlap. and today the president took part in turkey day tradition of his own. pardoned two birds. only one of them in person.
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popcorn. caramel was standing by in case popcorn fell over or something happened to him. i don't know what turkeys do. both birds are off to george washington mount vernon's state. no common on the craziness of pardoning one bird and eating the other tomorrow. >> speaking of which , you might think it sounds like a nice peaceful place when you pardon a turkey. apparently all the turkeys have died a short time later. the director in charge of livestock says turkeys are generally bread to be eaten. so they are not the healthiest specimens. the longest to live lasted 16 months after thanksgiving. >> there you go. maybe he's not really doing much of a favor. might as well eat him. >> get in my belly. >> there is that. yes. >> we have some breeze as we're left with the winds now.
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the precipitation is up. the winds up in boston gusted over 50 miles per hour. heavy rain and snow inland. i think the winds are going to be below criteria tomorrow. the macy's day parade will be okay. the winds will be under 43 miles per hour. live look outside. pretty quiet. temperature still 39. drier and colder air is moving in. so here's the picture. you can see the storm lifting up quickly still looking at rain up into boston. pretty good shape. clouds are hanging tough . clear out later tonight. the rain and snow showers are gone. temperatures will begin to fall
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as the skies begin to clear. and we had some pretty interesting snow showers. kind of intense for a few minutes. and then they go away. 35. 36. 35 in fairfax. temperatures still above freezig . i think the winds will dry the roads. we're not going to have flash freezing tonight. winds are still gusting to 26 miles per hour downtown. still gusting to 38. what does that translate to? teens in the burbs. mountains and blue ridge, windchills in the teens. drier air moves in tonight. a cold by dry thanksgiving. and a cold but dry black friday and chilly but dry. temps will moderate on saturday and sunday. we'll break it down. only 30 at 9:00. downtown temps. 34 at 11:00 and 37 at 1:00. it will be clear.
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42 on friday. black friday still cold. 45 almost seasonable on saturday. not quite. next 7 days, seasonable on sunday. temps around 50. going to the game on sunday night? dress for the 30s and 40s. and monday and tuesday, mid 40s. i got rain on tuesday. some models keep it south. and back to 50 next wednesday. >> all right. back to the 50s. >> get in my belly. >> speaking of your belly, still ahead tonight, not a long weekend for everybody. why this guy thinks his stance over working on thanksgiving at that pizza hutos ct him his gig.
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okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better.
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back now with a look at how you can give joy to local families this holiday season. wusa 9 is teaming up with volunteers of america to help 5 local organizations with a virtual toy drive. log on to wusa to give a gift, give a donation or give a card. debra writes on our facebook page that it's a wonderful easy way to help a child. love it. you can share the love at wusa and we love you as well. thank you so much for helping out the families here in our area. >> everybody should jump in there. for the second time this month, we have word of a rate reduction for the customers at dominion virginia power.
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after reviewing the finances, state agency ruled they have to lower rate just a bit. save the average customer 11 cents a month. if you add that to the savings earlier this month, it's a little better. >> every penny counts; right? who eats pizza on thanksgiving? apparently enough that one chain needs to stay open. how it factors into today's big debate is n
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tonight the big debate on has a lot to do with having to work on thanksgiving. a topic we're familiar with here in the news room. but in indiana, a pizza hut manager lost his gig because he took a stand. tony said he told his bosses he would not open the pizza hut. asked him to sign a
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resignation letter. wrote his bosses a letter saying he wasn't quitting or resigning but his refusal to comply with the greedy and moral request meant the end of his tenure. pizza hut has not commented to say he quit and was not fired. so that leads to our question of the night and all the rush to start black friday earlier and earlier. are we losing something out there? john writes on our facebook page he's got no problem with it. let the market decide. if there's no business to be had, the stores will close. we get similar sentiments from phil. yes, the store should do whatever the store wants to, not what you or the government thinks the store should do. but there are things more important than making money. where is the true meaning of being thankful if families are being cheated out of spending their time together? erin may have said it best. it's up to the management of the store and the shopper if they want to shop. it's not the same world our parents grew up in.
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but if we put aside our god-given right tohop until we drop, job less pizza hut manager and i are not the only ones around who wonder if we're losing something important as another holiday gets rolled over by consumerism. perhaps as you say it is a different world. >> perhaps everyday would be thanksgiving. we'll be back
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why britney's dad ran a background check on her new man. >> and did ashton steal mila kunis from cameras because she's pregnant? i'm nancy o'dell. >> i'm rob marciano. >> yeah, you're in the street, get off. >> ashton's paparazzi fake-out. running interference as mila slips into his car. >> what we know about the new pregnancy rumor and the final divorce papers just in. >> "e.t." breaks down why amber riley won dancing. plus, how she's celebrating. >> thankinsgivg is at my house, so it's going down. >> britney spears gets personal. >> you went through a pretty high profile break up. >> i know. >> you are in one. >> what she only told me about her new boyfriend. >> the reports of your dad doing a background check on david. is that not true? >> that is true. >> that's true? >> yeah. >> that's crazy. >> my dad's a little crazy like that. >> what do you think about britney? live chat wednesday.
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tell me now on "e.t.'s" facebook page. >> controversy today over a new website restricted sexy singles only. you don't let ugly people join. >> our roxy diaz uncovers >> then my rare interview with howard stern and the woman who tamed him. >> my mother hung up the phone when she heard i was dating him. >> can you blame her? >> and prince william, the pop star. we have the future king singing with bon jovi and taylor swift. >> now, enaitertnment tonight, the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> ashton kutcher's paparazzi fake-out. the in your face confrontation to protect mila. hi, everybody. welcome to "entertainment tonight." >> you have to give props to ashton. but first, props to amber riley, "dancing with the stars" new champ. >> congratulations, amber.


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