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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the night before thanksgiving. why it's one of the most dangerous nights to be on the road. >> this great american holiday we're getting ready to celebrate. has it really become a battle between fields versus dinner? >> with thanksgiving just hours ago, is your kitchen safe? how to pass a simple health inspection. you might be surprised at what could make your family sick. i was. all those stories in just a minute. good evening. i'm derek mcginty . >> i'm jan jeffcoat. >> let's get right to todd. >> the good news is the big storm is just about to exit the
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continental u.s. some lake effect snow showers are firing up. if you've got folks trying to get in late tonight or tomorrow morning maybe from the northeast, the drive will be fine. we had a couple snowflakes earlier today. couple of snow showers this afternoon. now everything has move off to the south and the east. we're looking at clearing skies and it's getting cold. 27 in gaithersburg. 30 in leesburg. 28 in manassas. 32 downtown. we'll come back. we'll add wind to this, talk about wind chills, talk about the prospect of the macy's day parade, and what about return weather for travel? we'll talk about that as well. wet weather also making for rough road conditions tonight. >> you combine that with the typical increase in holiday weekend drinking and driving and that could add up to disastrous outcomes. >> we spent the evening with montgomery county police who are cracking down. >> this is one of the holiday
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weekends where drinking and driving seems to spike. police say it is the busiest night for drinking and driving of the year. that's why montgomery county police are in full force honing in on the drunk drivers tonight. >> they've deployed dozens of additional officers to keep the roads safe. they're strategically placed throughout the county. there are saturation patrols cruising high density areas where more drunk drivers are expected. police whe not just looking forve drirs o looknk dru butny a infronacti. if'v youe been drinkingt tha may ultimately lead to a. dui >> it's the busiest year for drunkri d.vers you haves kid coming home from college, everybody outh wit the fyamil likes too g out drinking. erevybody thinkst' isew n year's ev rbutyeallon tight is the busiest nightf o theea yr for drk driving. >> what advice do you have have folks? >> if you go out, have a designated driver. >> obviously this is not just the case in montgomery county.
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police throughout the entire metropolitan area will be out in full force throughout the night and throughout the weekend. and so they stress if you're going to be drinking, do not drive. >> for from warnings about dui checkpoints to checkpoints in your kitchen. that in just a minute. headlines around the world in 90 seconds. >> sterner burst in to the church's food pantry on fire, his clothes soaked in a flammable liquid. sterner grabbed a church volunteer in a bear hug. the fire trapped him upstairs. he died after being found by firefighters. >> police say the woman was at an atm in the 5100 block of wisconsin avenue. the man pointed a knife to her back, robbed her and forced her to walk several blocks to this alley and sexually assaulted her. >>akes me feel like i can't
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leave my house at night. that's pretty horrible. i hope they do something about it. >> more trouble for obama care. there's another issue with the healthcare enrollment website. >> small businesses won't be able to use it to get coverage for their employees for another year. >> those interested in buying insurance for the program will have to use an insurer or broker. >> today is the start of hanukkah. michael helped light the national menorah near the white house. >> a judge in vegas denied oj simpson's new trial. the judge said the evidence is overwhelming that simpson, quote, planned, organized and led that confrontation. >> it looks like the iconic balloons at the macy's thanksgiving parade [ inaudible ] >> thursday's weather forecast looks very good. and new tonight, this is
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the scene at the carrollton east apartments in glendale. a tree smashed in to an apartment complex in prince george's county. firefighters forced their way in to two apartments. fortunately no one was hurt or home. a person has been hospitalized after being hit by a train in manassas. that person was trapped under the train when crews arrived very quickly, rushed the victim to a nearby trauma unit. the washington post building is being sold for $159 million. car properties, a real estate development company is expecting to scoop it up. the sale is expected to close at at the end of march. in less than 24 hours america will engage in one of our most storied tradition, thanksgiving. while some are gearing up for food and family time, others strategizing about
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the black friday bargains. >> another american past time is frivolous spending. >> reporter: let's face it. thanksgiving and flaf black friday have practically become synonymous with one another. has it really become a battle dinner? >> we're looking to get as much ban for our buck. >> reporter: i guess it all depends on who you ask. keith waters and his daughter are scanner the stores, looking for where they'll be right after their bellies are full after thanksgiving dinner. >> we went to the apple store
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but it was closed. >> reporter: michael hayes shared his thoughts. >> i don't like black friday. i think it disrupts the ordinary thanksgiving. >> reporter: he's expecting it good on thursday. >> i'm quite confident my daughters are probably going to run off and go shopping and leave me by myself when they should be coming back. >> how does it make you feel then when you do that >> lonely. >> reporter: clear ly his daughters won't be the only ones. usa today reports 33 million americans will be hitting the stores on thanksgiving. that number nearly triples on black friday to 97 million. >> for all those folks who plan to head out shopping tomorrow, there are a lot of options for you. >> here are some of the stores offering big bargains. kmart will be opening at 6:00 in the morning. toys r us at 5 p.m. walmart and best
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buy open their doors at 6 p.m. target, sears, jcpenney and many macy's stores join the crowd at 8 p.m. we break down what shoppers will be buying over the next month. you can expect to see a lot of clothing under the tree followed by gift cards. 44% are buying toys. 33% are thinking electronics. then there's julie at the bottom. is head to the website, and see it all under top news. would your kitchen pass a health inspection? mine, maybe not. with thanksgiving hours away we're about to get very personal in the kitchen with someone we all know and love. >> i let an inspector in to my kitchen. you've been there before. you know what it's like. unlike restaurants i knew they were coming to my house. we thought we were prepared.
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just watch. >> first the good news. jan's kitchen a ppears spotless. even here there are lessons to be learned. >> reporter: we brought in expert jennifer mcentire. >> i'm a food scientist through and through. >> she'll be testing jan for refrigerating processes, safe storing, and more. the required minimum handwashing time is 20 seconds. >> always wash the hands. am i doing good so far? >> i'm not not going to tell you yet. >> helped by the same musical timing method she teaches her daughter, she washed. >> i make her sing the happy birthday song. or old mcdonald. >> reporter: j an scrubbed for 21 seconds. watch what happened when we put germ simulation stuff on her hands. you can feel it until you've really
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washed your hands clean. >> it feels still like on my hands and i can feel it. >> reporter: this time to get clean she had to wash four times longer and even then black light reveals there were still missed spots. >> in the refrigerator, that's a safe temperature, well below the maximum 41 degrees. but although she has a digital readout, jan doesn't have a hanging thermometer. >> it's always recommended you keep a little refrigerator thermometer. >> reporter: if you don't know the temperature, your refrigerator can make you sick. jan scores points because she's thawing that meat in the fridge instead of at room temperature where pathogens can grow quickly, but there's a problem. >> the seal is not the best. >> reporter: the problem is what is just below, potential cross contamination. >> your produce, raspberries you're feeding your daughter are underneath m theeat. >> reporter: we found a bottle of outdated ketchup.
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probably safe but still a violation. >> i want to show you something i found. this one is a big one. professional kitchen, the dog. that's a failure. >> reporter: even our expert will allow you and jan to keep the family pet. >> the important thing is to wash your hands, make sure after you pet your pet. >> reporter: our expert used a petri dish taking several samples including from this cloth towel. that's where clean hands come in contact with the germs of the previous towel user. >> should be using disposable paper towel. >> the meat before the fruit? >> that's a no-no. >> overall ? pass or fail? >> pass . >> don't be so surprised. [ laughter ] >> for five easy tips to make your kitchen safer, go to
11:12 pm >> i did pass. she did hez hesitate, right? i did learn some things like you need one of these things in your kitchen. this is what grew out of one of those samples. it smells worse than it looks. this is what came out of the sink. surprisingly that towel was actually pretty clean, probably because i just put it out there. >> boiled it. [ laughter ] >> got some bleach out there. >> i'm not eating at jan's house because she's got outdated ketchup. oh, no. [ laughter ] >> i just moved here a few months ago so i must have bought it that way. she did say this about condiments. not that it's going to hurt you, it just might change in color, but it's not going to hurt you. >> she came to my refrigerator, there's stuff there older than me, let's be real. [ laughter ] >> i don't doubt that at all. still
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ahead, big thanksgiving forecast to serve you up the way to get to grandma's house. >> coming up, revisiting one of the city's greatest turkey bowls, a championship game that capped a season full of trials and
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that's the president, mr. obama and he's about to take a look at this guy. his name is popcorn. he's a turkey as you can see and he was pardon ed by the president. the president also pardoned his buddy, caramel. caramel did not get the benefit of meeting the commander in chief. the turkeys are both headed to mount vernon. they'll stay there until january 6th, then they're off to leesburg where they'll spend the rest of their natural lives probably giving thanks they didn't end up on your table. although we're told they don't live that long. we have three ways for you to give joy to local families this season. you can log on to wusa9 to make a donation or send a card. maya sent this card, merry christmas to you all.
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may god bless everyone who reads this car. i pray your christmas season is filled with his joy, love, and peace. and maya, thank you for taking part in our give joy campaign. we hope you'll take a minute to give back this holiday season. help us plan our day, sir. >> get up early and put the bird in. the worst part about tomorrow is trying to deep fry a turkey and the wind is your nemesis. it's keeping the flame hot and directly under the pot. got to get it to 350 degrees. >> i've got a temperature somewhere around here. >> what were you thinking letting him in to your kitchen. thought you were smarter than that. [ laughter ] we're looking at a cold day but a quiet day for travel. live look outside. 32 now is the low so far this morning.
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we had a high late last night, now we'll have a low late tonight. relative humidity only 50%. even drier air has been moving in. winds west northwest at about 13. satellite radar combined, it's quiet coast to coast and this bodes well for the return home either saturday or sunday depending on when folks are leaving. we'll zoom in. this is what's left of the storm. it's now off the coast of maine. most of the precipitation is left except for maine. we do have lake effect snows that will continue to fire up tonight and tomorrow. even here in the metro area, cannot rule out a passing snow shower. you can see the little fingers of snow, snowing again back in to garret and western maryland. that will probably continue in to the wee hours of the morning. right now we're looking at clearing skies across the metro area and colder air is moving in. so cold and dry for turkey day. very cold again tomorrow night. we're back in the 20s tomorrow night. still cold for black friday. less wind. that's good. then we get in to saturday, kind of trade cold for
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chilly on saturday. temperatures go back in the mid 40s. overnight, a clearing, windy and cold. upper 20s downtown. low 20s in the burbs. winds northwest at 10 to 20 and gusting. you have a run tomorrow, a turkey trot tomorrow or neighborhood football game? it's cold. 34 by 11:00. upper 30s by 1:00. we've got 38 tomorrow for turkey day. maybe 31, 32 on friday. still cold but good shaupg weather. -- shopping weather. no storms to worry about. our next seven days, sunday we're getting there. high temperatures near 50. going to the redskins game, dress for the 30s and 40s. monday we're in the mid 40s. i got some rain and showers on tuesday. kind of low confidence on that. some of the models have it dry. we'll split the difference there. we're back to 50 next wednesday. good news, travel home should be no worries and local travel tomorrow should be no worries. >> sounds good. >> dave , really, really
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anticipating the story tonight. the true spirit of overcoming, sport, coming together. i think you're going to really enjoy this story. coming up, i'm about to introduce you to an amazing team who overcame some pretty substantial odds to play for the right to call them selve -- themselves champions. they put forth one of the most valiant efforts this area has ever witnessed.
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so tomorrow is the annual turkey bowl or city football championship. it's a good football game on the field. in the stands you'll have alumni from various schools reminiscing about the past. and among them will be a group of men telling the tale of a season now 20 years old. the city hasn't seen anything like it up till then and i'm not sure we've seen anything like it since. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. >> reporter: it's the first time mike anderson's been back on this field since the 1993 turkey bowl. >> we knew we were just
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destined to be here on thanksgiving day again. that was just a tradition. >> reporter: it was a tradition of domination. in a 10-year stretch between 1988 and 1997 the indians played in nine city championships. 1993 began like so many others. but it would quickly become like none other. >> my gunshot wound was so close. it was only a few inches away from my heart. it would have blew my whole heart out. >> reporter: robert smith was one of three football players shot before the season even began. >> i was walking home with a group of friends and someone drove past in a van and was shooting. >> reporter: his arm was broken but he survived. as did his teammates. the indians were
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shaken but pressed on, believing the worst was behind them. they were wrong. a few weeks later, moments before game 2 -- >> coach stewart didn't tell us until right before kick-off. >> reporter: a fourth player, albert preston had been shot, only preston didn't make it. >> man, that shook us. >> i remember it and it was a very trying time. >> reporter: they lost that day 49-12. >> with drugs being prevalent and homicides going on, they had a lot to face. >> reporter: coach stewart was the right man to lead them through rough waters. instead of the team collapsing, they rose. smith, a talented tight end, made a miraculous return. >> my arm was still broke when
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i was playing. they padded it up real good for me. >> reporter: over the next eight weeks, opponent after opponent fell after hd woodson beat them in a regular season throwing finale, a gut-wrenching loss. >> we knew we would see them again in the championship. >> reporter: a week later the indians defeated wilson in the first round of the laufz and that victory got them to here on thanksgiving morning. the opponent that day, you guessed it. season long nemesis hd woodson. back then the games were played at howard university. that morning willy green stadium was electric. >> their side was filled up with people from northeast. >> reporter: it was a heavy weight fight between the city's two best teams. the game spilled in to overtime. the indians took a 6-point lead. woodson responded. >> they got their possession. they scored, touchdown
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, and they got the 2-point conversion. >> reporter: heartbreak. woodson celebrated a city title while anacostia's wirl win season came to an end. it was an incredible season considering what the players had to overcome. four players shot, one killed. on the anniversary of that game and that season, the memories are still vibrant. >> it's something to actually read those articles. see the pictures. it takes you back. >> takes them back to a season of grief and grit. >> grief and grit. anderson over th e years he sort of lost touch with some of the guys on the team. they're working that team and they went through some struggles in the early 2000s. they think they're turning it around and of course all of them will be there tomorrow morning at the turkey bowl.
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what an amazing story. >> that's a great story. as i'm look ing at those guys talking about that time, do they reminisce of great sadness or more pride? >> both, actually. you talk about the pride factor, that's a group of guys from southeast, a tough area. they've got a lot of pride they've been able to overcome. a season to remember. boy, it was tough. it was really something. we'll be back. i was going to the library to do my homework.
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all right, topper. give us the news about tomorrow and it's better than the news has been all week. >> actually pretty good looking 7-day. upper 30s, a little bit of a breeze if you're deep frying the turkey, remember when
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you're done, don't sit around and think about things you could deep fry. that's when bad things happen. [ laughter ] low 40s on friday. >> a few extra french fries never hurt anybody. >> it's bad. >> makes for a better thanksgiving. should be on the menu. >> that's our broadcast. >> thanks for watching and don't forget, we're always
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