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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  December 2, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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bronx, new york. the ntsb is going to look to see if another crash in july is linked in any way. the revamped is showing major improvements, but is still not completely fixed. according to a report from the department of health and human services. the report says it still needs more tweaks. officials say more than 50,000 people at a time can now log on at the same time, which means a total of 800,000 people will be able to shop for insurance every day. the medical technician who infected people in many states, david parkway cow ski, accepted a deal where he admitted stealing painkillers and replacing them with syringes tainted with his blood. 32 patients were infected in
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new hampshire, seven in maryland, six in kansas one in pennsylvania. an organization that helps the poor needs a lot of help itself this morning. it got burglarized over the weekend and is now missing $10,000. >> the office is on martin luther king boulevard. there are signs it may have been an inside job. >> reporter: it is not the way we are used to seeing the red salvation army kettles. these have been cracked open with nothing but loose change around them. administrators at this southeast dc salvation army say this suspect or pair of suspects broke into the building. they tell us whoever did this knew exactly what they were looking for. >> they gained access to this office and systematically went kettle to kettle, taking out
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any of the dollar currency that was in there, which could be dollar bills, fives, tens, 20s. >> that suspect headed for the doors in a mad dash to get out of here with all the stolen money. it was a at that point he encountered a security officer, pulled a knife on the person and took off running. cash was taken not only from the red kettles but also from a safe that stored don't nations. it was all intended to needy families in ward 7 this holiday season. >> to rob from the poor is kind of crud did i. >> reporter: what do you make of the motion this person knew where they were going? they worked here or had good information where to find this money? >> i don't want to guess about that. we'll leave that to the police. >> reporter: we are told police are looking at surveillance cameras, but so far have come
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up empty. in southeast dc wusa9. >> in the past year the center has helped more than 4000 families in ward 7 and 8. prince george's county police have identified the man who died early friday morning after a fight break out at a party. 23-year-old -- nee penn died at the hospital. they are offering a reward for up to $25,000 for anyone with information that leads to an arrest. fast and furious star paul walker is dead after a car crash this weekend. he was a passenger in a 2005 porsche that slammed into a tree. the actor and his financial advisor were in the car and both were killed. investigators say speed was a factor. china launched its first
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mission to land a rover on the moon earlier this morning. the chang 3 lander will be used to transmit images. this will be china's first spacecraft to land on the surface. imagine getting a package delivered to your front door by a drone. if you saw 60 minutes last night you got a chance to see what that might look like. the amazon ceo jeff ringling bros. and barnum & bailey all access built to amaze pre-show cease -- basso's says the plan feeds some safety testing. he thinks the service could be possible in the next four to five years. a house committee will hear testimony on whether century-
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old restrictions should remain. it generally requires the height act not to allow buildings higher than a certain height in the district. the new stadium is already behind schedule. according to the washington post the city and team missed dead lines. city administrator al lan lewis was given -- allen lewis says he is ready but council members don't want to rush through an expensive deal. pretty much hopes are done for the washington redskins. playoffs not happening. aspirations gone. sunday night's 24-17 loss came
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with controversy too. on the last possession a referee incorrectly gave the team a first down. the chain gang messed up, mike shanahan ripped the refs afterwards. the redskins are now 3-8 and are left to be the spoiler this year. >> they looked so good at the beginning. >> they did. >> rg iii had pass after pass completed. >> they did. businesses are preparing for the busiest shopping day shipping day of the year. >> a lot of people will be shopping online. you know what, take your sweater off when you jog off that turkey. you are not going to need it. not nearly as cold this weekend. howard has the forecast, coming up next.
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it is 43:00 on this monday morning. it is cold outside, 30s, even a few low 40s now. a mostly cloudy day, seasonably cool. the winds fairly light, east at 5 miles per hour. 7-day forecast coming up, we have milder temperatures, also a wintry weather possibility. i'll let you know when all that is going to happen. on the beltway in college park we are in great shape. the beltway is looking good throughout prince george's county. there is a water main break outbound between bladensburg
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road and 17th street. november is a typically strong stock market month and this year no exception. the s & p 500 gained 2.8%, the index has advanced. we had mixed results checking the numbers. the dow was down nearly 11 points. the nasdaq rose about 15. if you didn't get enough retail therapy on friday or saturday, don't worry, cyber monday is here, looking for deals. busiest shopping day of the year online. last year sales hit nearly $1.5 billion, making it the biggest online spending day ever. coming up, we are going to have a live report from fed ex. a lot of stores opening their doors on thanksgiving day led to the lowest sales numbers for black friday since 2009. shopper track reported a 2.3% increase in spending on
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thursday and friday. but sales at brick and mortar stores dropped off friday, according to the national retail federation. 141million americans did some shopping over the weekend, many were shopping from home. online sales were up 17% from last year. check out e-bay, someone is selling leonardo decaprio's lexus. the guy who bought it on auto trader says it still has the home address programmed in the navigation. bidding has reached around $11,000. the bidding ends tuesday around 10:00 p.m. >> what is the blue book you
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think? it is a 1999. your favorite zoo panda has finally been named. and you might have seen frost on your windshield over the past few days. the forecast coming up from howard. keep it here. f
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good morning. 4:45. a lot of you are going to be hitting the computers for cyber monday. a lot of you will be hitting the pavement, running. >> we are getting used to the colder temperatures. we can handle that. >> some sun this afternoon. more clouds and light winds again. temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be seasonably comfortable. >> here you go with the day planner before your monday. slowly coming down, we'll get back on work.
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41, 47 look at the wind speeds. with a high around 50 or so. give or take a couple, a little cooler by the bay. this morning we are in the 30s and low 40s. you notice the colder temperatures, more clear skies. problem over there, for us more clouds, we have stayed a little bit warmer in the 30s and low 40s. from annapolis. 34 in hagerstown. a little frost here, with the clouds really helping out. one more look outside on our michael and son weather camera. clouds in the distance. 42, calm on the wind speed. no problems with the visibility here. the barometer 29.98 and currently, it is falling. weather headlines, we are going to start the week nice and
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quiet. temperatures potentially over 60 here. showers arriving. later thursday into friday. then the question is what happens later sunday into monday. we could be looking at a wintry mix. it will be a snow to ice potential. it is only monday. i'm just throwing it out there as a precaution. nothing set in stone. you look across the lower 48, nothing horribly cold here for the first monday in december. no sub zero readings. the minus 40, some of that in western canada. >> kind of the split on the northern branch and southern branch. heavier rains from portland, north to seattle this morning. these little impulses with these rain snow systems coming through the midwest. nothing horribly strong there.
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see all the clouds with the southern branch, mississippi alabama approaching atlanta this morning. with the two systems. what we are going to watch is just more clouds, i don't think it will be this sunny as the models are depicted here. again tonight, you are looking tomorrow morning, northern shanendoah valley. potentially a few showers, with the storm system offshore. in the afternoon we are looking skies partly sunny with no significant weather headed our way. there is the storm headed toward southeastern canada. for us it is a quiet weather pattern. 50 today, seasonable, mostly cloudy. an isolated shower. it will be in the 30s tonight. milder wednesday, 55 as we head toward thursday, even warmer with a high temperature of 61.
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showers thursday afternoon. cooler air on saturday. i know the ravens and redskins are both home on sunday. again don't know at this point but we'll certainly be watching it. monika samtani has an update on timesaver traffic. good morning everybody. a water main break in the northeast. bening road is closed. i believe you should just go ahead and use maryland avenue as your alternate route here. inside the beltway 395 and 66 both look okay. let's go to a live picture and show what you it looks like northbound on i-95. it looks great here in springfield. no problems on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. let's look at another live picture. no problems on 270 southbound, heading down from frederick to and across the american legion bridge. we are in great shape here.
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in from the airport route 7 in from leesburg. back to you guys. she is so precious. and now the panda cub at the national zoo has a name. people voted and they have chosen bow bow for the name. >> sue rae chin was there for the celebration. >> reporter: now the moment you have been waiting for. >> after more than 123,000 votes online, baby panda has a new name. bow bow means precious, or treasure in chinese. >> we were thrilled that was what we wanted and voted for. >> besides bow bow, folks voted for names, and 12-year-old emily mckenna came from
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pennsylvania for the big announcement. >> i voted for mu lon. but i still like bow bow. >> reporter: six-year-old madison had been learning chinese in school and says she is happy about the new name. >> it is a great day. we have a very good name for the baby panda and everybody is so excited. >> reporter: visitors who want to see bow bow in person will have to wait a little longer. zookeepers are predicting sometime in early january. on so for now, we'll have to rely on the panda cam. >> she has been on field trips outside of the den, but it will be a little longer before she is ready to explore the outdoor world.
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>> reporter: sue rae chin wusa9. >> if you just can't get enough of bow bow, there is a panda cam. it will cost you $1.99. how your toddler's mess is actually helping them. according to researchers at the university of iowa who studied how 16-month-old children learned words for nonsolid objects like oatmeal and glue. kids who throw objects in their high chairs learn the names of those objects more quickly than children who don't. researchers in germany say cardiac mris show healthy adults who concealed assumed energy drinks high in caffeine had significantly increased heart contraction rates an hour after finishing the drink. the study suggests people with heart conditions and children
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should avoid energy drinks. the new study showing soldiers who suffer mris can have problems with their brains more than four years after getting hurt. time now for our facebook question of the morning. according to a study, 92% of women do not want their men to do this. what is it? >> overeating? growing a beard? or controlling the tv? give it some thought. we'll share some
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quiet out there. mostly cloudy skies. cold, more clouds i think than we are showing you here. upper 30s to about 40s by 9:00. this afternoon, a shower possible in the mountains. high temperatures around 50, give or take the key today. the winds will be light once again. good morning monika. southbound i-27 0, looks great from shady grove road, the beltway north of town in good shape as well between 270, i-95 up in college park. there is a water main break on bening road. a bizarre crime in seattle
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this weekend. a man tried to steal a ferry boat. the president of clipper vacations was in his seattle office when he saw the $8 million boat leaving the dock. he called bliss once he realized it wasn't an employee at the helm. the vessel was 300 yards from shore. the man was alone on the ferry, which can hold more than 300 passengers. he faces multiple charges. these days it is hard to find a toy that is not a high- tech gadget. even barbie is getting in on the act. >> this morning toys controlled by a wave of the hand. pajamas that tell bedtime stories and a mirror that does face painting for you. >> reporter: if you are planning to hit the high-tech aisle, ever fashion forward, barbie is literally shining bright this season. the $50 barbie digital dress
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doll features a touch panel. press barbie's necklace to watch pre set animations. the $70 barbie digital makeover lets them expert with makeup digitally. the software uses the forward facing camera to track faces and lets kids apply eye shadow, blush, masks and more. for some high flying fun try flutter by fair ries. the secret is an infrared detector that detenths your hand. consider a subscription to little passports. an online adventure game. each month a package arrives in the mail that teaches kids about a different state or
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country. even bedtime has gone high- tech with these $30 smart pjs. parents download the apps, snap a picture with a set of dots and you'll see stories or animal fun facts that kids can read or share. there is the disco robo, pump up the jam and watch this robot boogie to the beat. >> okay that is funny. >> great moves and now you don't have to read your child stories any more? just tune in their pajamas? no. no. >> human contact is really kind of essential to children. >> it is a good thing. >> and it is a good thing you are watching us. i'm andrea roane. >> thanks for joining us, i'm mike haiduk. so my daughter was headed back to school yesterday. caught in the traffic, turned around and came back home.
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>> come on back home. much better if you hit it now. >> that is what she is going to do. >> fairly quiet here in the east. later thursday and friday is when our weather will be the worst for the work week. quiet, clouds out there this morning. south of us over toward richmond. temperatures climb to 45 or 47 by 1:00. with mid-40s for the evening hours. back into the 30s tonight. lots of clouds around. but you notice down toward richmond, you don't see the clouds. toward norfolk and williamsburg. temperatures this morning, the upper 30s in ash burn 38. baden and north beach. we are holding on to 39 at both


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