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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 13, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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school of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. two other students were wounded. one is in serious condition. the other's injuries are considered minor this. high school is in the littleton school district just 8 miles from columbine high school which as we all know was the scene of a mass shooting in 1999. all the schools in the area were locked down after the shooting as a precaution. turning to the big story around here, could be a messy couple 24 hours. >> are we going to need a sleigh for this third round of wintery weather heading our way, top? >> let's say it's not bred o meter worthy. some -- bread-o-meter worthy. that said, some of the folks will be able to sled. we have a winter weather advisory from montgomery north and loudoun county to fauquier
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county back to the county line and all the counties into west virginia and back across the divide into garrett county, certainly going to be a great snow for the mountains and ski resorts which will be fantastic news for them. for us start time 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., snow or mix changes to rain between noon and 3 p.m. from the district, in the immediate metro area, the snow and mix hanging on frederick north and west and also winchester north and west, mainly snow for the mountains. you may end in sleet. how much we talking about? maybe a trace in the district. if you're in southern maryland, i don't think you'll see anything. you might see some flakes, maybe 1/2-inch to an inch toward leesburg and up towards winchester but the bull's eye right along the mason-dixon line with 7, 8 inches up toward oakland and back down toward timberline. one thing holding us back are the surface temperatures. it's 37 now in leesburg and manassas, 39 downtown and 40
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over in annapolis. we'll come back, show you another snowfall accumulation map and tell you when the snow and rain will get out of here if we can salvage half of our weekend. right now there are a lot of lingering traffic issues stemming from an overturned truck on the american legion bridge. the rig filmed over on the inner loop of the span heading into maryland. several lanes were blocked during the clean-up. all the lanes are open now, but there are residual backups that extend into virginia and maryland. an arlington county sheriff's department has been found guilty of killing an alexandria man. after a little more than a day of deliberations craig patterson was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the debt of 22-year-old jewel -- death of 22-year-old julian dawkins last may but found not guilty in the commission of a firearms in the murder. >> reporter: a man who dealt most of his career with inmates
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as an arlington county sheriff's department is finding himself as a convicted felon himself. there is also a mother whose only child was killed has only grief in her heart and she is inside this courthouse right now saying that she is defeated by the verdict and this is why. she says that instead of the more severe conviction of first degree murder craig patterson now is convicted of voluntary manslaughter facing only 10 years maximum in prison or he could face $2,500 fine. glenn pratt miller said she lost her only son for no good reason, 22-year-old julian dawkins, a shuttle driver aspired to own his own auto driving business, but those dreams were snuffed out when 45- year-old craig patterson shot and killed the man last man. dawkins was celebrating his cousin's news of making it to the wnba. he was drunk that night. the defense says dawkins chased
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him with knife and the sheriff's department was acting in self-defense. prosecutors say the veteran officer knew better, but instead left to get his gun, badge and handcuffs. dawkins father curtis dawkins came out and spoke to us a few hours ago. >> it wasn't unlikely that they would come with a verdict of that nature. as i say, i'm numb at this point, but something has to be done in reference to these time of crimes, not only for my son, but for other victims. >> reporter: well, the courtroom was filled with julian dawkins' family and friends. they are here waiting and say this is a very painful process. craig patterson also had family, friends and co-workers waiting saying that he is a very mild mannered person, very faithful, even a deacon in his church, but today he faces prison time, a maximum of 10 years. we are waiting here at the
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alexandria circuit courthouse to see what his sentencing and punishment will be tonight. back to you. the d.c. cop accused of prostituting children was back in court briefly today and sources tell wusa9 there may be more victims and more arrests coming. one big question still hanging over the case, how could linwood barnhill allegedly advertise children for sex on the country's second largest classified ads site? bruce leshan is here with more on that. >> the site is and while activists have forced craigslist to stop openly advertising sex for sale on its site, backpage continues accepting pretty thinly veiled ads for prostitution including sex with children. police say they busted linwood barnhill with one 16-year-old in his apartment and they say he may have been prostituting more than a half dozen girls taking nude pictures of them
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and posting the images on critics say backpage is the largest source of adult services listings on the internet generating 3 to $4 million a month in revenue and it has been implicated over and over and over again in cases of child sex trafficking. the new york times interviewed a young woman named bryanna who says her pimp sold sex with her on backpage starting when she was just 16. >> backpage makes it easier because the men can buy whatever they need and they can buy rugs for their wives, gifts for their children and buy a child as well. >> reporter: backpage has resisted pressure from state attorneys general including maryland's doug gansler to shut down the trade. state prosecutors say they have been left powerless to prosecute online classified ad sites that promote and profit from frost fusion and human
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trafficking because -- prostitution and human trafficking because of a quirk in the way the courts have interpreted the communications decency act. the prosecutors have been pushing unsuccessfully so far for congress to change the law. backpage insists it takes credit card numbers and responds promptly to police subpoenas and it insists closing down the adult services section would have no impact on the child sex trade and alleged pimps like linwood barnhill who prey on children. under the communications decency act sites like backpage do not have to police what someone else posts on their site. it is up to the police to police that and an epidemic of child sex trafficking suggests that that is just not working. >> wow, thank you. a former howard county correctional officer is jailed for allegedly having sex with a female inmate. 40-year-old gregory kirk was arrested at his home in owings mills this morning.
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police say he will be charged with sexual conduct between a correctional employee and an inmate. it's a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of up to three years in jail and a $3,000 fine. tonight a prince george's county police officer is recovering after a bad accident. police say he was hit by a drunk driver earlier this morning on route 1 in laurel, maryland. his cruiser was reportedly hit by a speeding car going the wrong direction. the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. the police officer is expected to make a recovery. south african police struggled to control crowds of mourners who wanted to see nelson mandela one last time. an estimated 100,000 people showed up for the last day of public viewing for the former president in pretoria, but 1/3 of them were turned away and many could not control their emotions. at the end of the day mandela's bold was taken to a morgue before -- body was taken to a
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morgue before it is flown to his home village in qunu where he will be buried sunday. our derek mcginty is in south africa. he was in line today with some of those people trying to see the great madiba for the last time. >> reporter: take a look at this line of buses and all the people out here. this is day three, the final opportunity for south africans to say good-bye and thank you to nelson mandela as he lies instate in the union building right up the street. we'll look at what the line is like and just how raucous and loud it gets on me of these buses. [ singing ] >> reporter: wow, spirits are certainly very high, but the line is very, very long. [ singing ] >> reporter: how long you been waiting out here? >> we've been waiting here for about eight hours now. >> reporter: you've been out here for eight hours. >> yes. >> reporter: but you're sure
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in a good mood about it. >> yes. it's for the leader, a great man who has done so much for this country, so much for the world and shown people that we can live together as one. [ cheering ] >> reporter: so you might be out here a couple hours more, it's all worth it. >> yeah. >> reporter: totally worth it? >> yeah. it's worth it because we are doing it for our president, our icon, the father of the nation. so whatever it takes to be here. >> even though it's a long line we don't mind. >> reporter: whatever it takes is the word of the day. i think the line is moving a little bit. that's the best news these people have had in several hours. we're about to get overwhelmed here by all this enthusiasm. i'm derek mcginty from pretore, why south africa.
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i'm going to throw -- pretoria, south africa. i'm going to throw it back to you in the studio. >> we asked how mandela's message twill live on for you on wusa9's facebook page. this was my response. knowing that we all have the capacity to do more, learn more, teach more, give more and love more. be sure to join derek for a special half hour report from south africa. it's called mandela, the man and the message. it airs tonight at 7:00 right here on wusa9. the national zoo is out with its findings into an incident where a worker was seriously injured by an aggressive zebra. a safety investigator concludes human error led to the attack last month. gates and doors from the zebra's stall to the adjoining yard where the zookeeper was working remember not secured. it's zoo policy that humans and animals should never be in the same space together. politicians have been long accused of lying for political gain. we'll have a list of this year's worst of the worst
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coming up. >> not as cold tonight, but clouds roll in and yes, we have another bout with winter tomorrow. we'll show you temperatures. 39 downtown, 36 in gaithersburg, 37 in manassas and leesburg. we'll come back, talk about our yellow alert for tomorrow for snow and for rain and tell you how much snow falls where. >> reporter: an american who disappeared several years ago in iran was actually on a rogue mission for the cia. i'm tara mergener in wash
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new information about a former nib agent that went missing in iran almost seven -- fbi agent that went missing in iran almost seven years ago. tonight it appears he had been there for an unauthorized spy operation for the cia. >> now his family wants the u.s. government to step up its efforts to gain hiss release. >> reporter: the white house is not -- his release.
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>> reporter: the white house is not willing to say robert levins was doing work for the cia when he went missing in iran. >> he was not a u.s. government employee when he made that trip. >> reporter: the associated press revealed, levinson, a former fbi agent, traveled to iran in 2007 for an intelligence gathering mission for the cia. his whereabouts now are unknown and the last images of him are hostage photos and video his family received three years ago. >> i need the help of the united states government. >> reporter: while the administration maintained as recently as last month levinson was in iran on private business, the cia fired three analysts and paid the levinson family $2.5 million to head off a lawsuit. cbs news senior correspondent jon miller is a former department it i director of national intelligence and person -- deputy director of national intelligence and personally knows levinson and his family and he says the latest news can help bring him home. >> now that it's out there they
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can say he's one of our person being held overseas and you need to do more. >> reporter: the administration says it continues to press iranian officials for levinson's safe return. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. >> the associated press has known about levinson's ties to the cia since 2010 but agreed to hold that story until now. today the white house called the decision to publish irresponsible because it likely puts levin son in greater danger. the focus on the compromised budget moves to the senate now. the deal that nobody seems too encouraged about passed easily in the house last evening. the agreement is a victory for house speaker john boehner who battled tea partied maligned members of his own party. >> they pushed us into this fight to defund obamacare and shut down the government. one of the members of these groups said we didn't really think it would work.
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are you kidding me? >> the budget cuts, the deficit $23 billion the next 10 years but it does not extend unemployment benefits for about 1 million people still out of work. democrats plan to bring that issue up when congress reconvenes next year. there's claims about the affordable care act provided the worst lies by political figures accord ing to politofax. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> coming in second texas senator ted cruz's false claim that the president granted all of congress an exception to obamacare. congresswoman michele bachmann's misstatement on fox news that the irs would be in charge of a huge national database on healthcare was third and fourth was conservative commentator ann coulter's claim that no u.s. trained doctor would accept obamacare.
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so give us the truth about the forecast. >> i just wish it were more clear cut and i could bring out the bread-o-meter because it's nice to have a storm on the weekend when people are home, but it won't be a clear cut snow and generally not an ice storm either. it's a different scenario than last sunday. let's start with some points, snow, then rain, start time 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. the snow will mix or change to rain between noon and 3 p.m., especially districts south and east and hang on north of frederick and maryland and winchester. mainly snow for the mountains. i don't think that will change. you may end in take little sleet. here's our hand drawn map. we've got a trace to an inch in the immediate metro area, maybe 1 to 2 inches gaithersburg to clarkbsurg towards leesburg and winchester is on the cuff there and then you get out toward north of winchester toward
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frederick up towards layingers town 2 to 4 and the bull's eye continues to be -- hagerstown 2 to pour and the bull's eye continues to be in western virginia 4 to 8. right now let's start with a live look outside, our live, very quiet. if you have plans, go out and take advantage of that friday night, 39, dew point low. we'll watch that because as precipitation falls tomorrow that will cause the surface temperature to fall as well. winds south, southwest at 6. here's our storm and a much different storm. see how far north the precipitation is? that's going to bring a lot of warm air northward. that's why this is not a clear cut situation and we don't have the cold air we had last sunday for ice. this will spread a lot of snow to the midwest and ohio valley overnight into tomorrow morning and then get in here tomorrow and tomorrow night. just a few clouds went through earlier. we now have some breaks, but the clouds return and will thicken by dawn. temps still 40 in college park, 34 in reston, 35 in springfield and 39 down in waldorf.
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so not crazy cold. no worries tonight, not as cold. some snow mixed saturday morning and then it changes from rain to snow saturday afternoon and roads are just wet in the metro area saturday night. you're inside the beltway and have plans saturday night, i think you'll be fine. just don't travel into western maryland. thickening clouds tonight, not as cold, 28 to 32, winds easterly at 10. we'll break it down. snow developing and rain south and east, 28 to 34. by afternoon snow and a mix goes to rain slowly, 30 five to 40 and then -- 35 to 40 and then a cold rain, 34 to 39 by evening. so we've got a yellow alert tomorrow and seasonably cold sunday, a few clouds early but then low 40s and cold monday, a few clouds late, maybe a flurry in the afternoon or overnight rather, temperatures back in the 30s. here's another model how much snow could fall and again we've got that trace to an inch 95 eastward and then more as you go to the west, a couple inches
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in gaithersburg maybe, but the bull's eye still cumberland, oakland, 6, 7, maybe 8 inches. tuesday we're back in the mid- 40s. we go down to the 30s on wednesday. look what happens. milder on thursday near 50 and i've not put 50s on in a while, we're in the mid-50s and dry next friday. there's something to look forward to. of course, it could always change. >> just leave everything out. >> it's tough. it's d.c. still lady an enterprising family -- still ahead an enterprising family creates something you don't often see in southern california, an igloo. >> up next washington remembers the host of the world's longest running tv q
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just got a followup now on the meningitis outbreak at princeton university. school officials say more than 90% of eligible students and staff have received the vaccine to stop the spread of the illness. 5,300 people were treated for the b strain of the meningitis bacteria. they received a vaccine approved for use abroad but not in the u.s. u.s. centers for disease control and prevention recommended the unusual step and the food and drug administration approved it.
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the long hose is being remembered this evening. mcgarry hosted the the high school quiz show in 1961 until he stepped down in 2011. >> thank you very much, everybody. welcome to another episode of it's appear democrat. we're in the heavy traffic now. these are the play -- academic. we're in the heavy traffic now. these are the playoff rounds. >> every school appeared on this show. mac mcgarry died of pneumonia and was 87 years old. brian moran was named secretary of public safety for virginia today. moran is a former arlington county prosecutor, delegate from alexandria and democratic party of virginia chairman. moran is a former rival of mcauliffe. the two competed for the democratic nomination in the 2009 virginia governor's race.
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that nomination went to state senator creigh deeds. >> i looked from that person to be positive and look ahead and over the last four years i've fully supported governor elect mcauliffe, so i really look forward the next four years working with him as a team. >> mcauliffe named karen jackson as his secretary of technology and matthew rodriguez as second of administration. coming up from chinese food to big macs, wait till you see what russ
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here's a quick look at some of tonight's top stories. a former arlington sheriff's department was found guilty today of involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of 22-year-old julian dawkins. craig patterson claimed the shooting was in self-defense while prosecutors argue he fired his weapon in a rage. police had their hands full today with angry mourners demanding to pay their respects to nelson mandela. this is the last day his body laid instate in pretoria. the former south african president and anti apartheid leader will be buried on sunday. a gunman opened fire in a colorado high school today. police say two students were wounded before their classmate in centennial, colorado took his own life. the sheriff will only say the shooter was armed with a
5:30 pm
shotgun looking for a teacher he identified by name. we've got some wintery weather heading our way. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is going to tell us all about it. >> we sure do. it's kind of our third event in about a week. we do have winter weather advisories from montgomery county and loudoun county and also north fauquier county back to the west virginia border in purple. the white is winter storm warnings for frederick county and allegheny county, all the counties in east and west virginia. going to be primarily a mountain snow. we'll see a little snow here. here is the system now, a lot of moisture spreading pretty far north. if you know anything about our snows, they kind of come like that and don't always produce that much snow that far north. what it does is brings warm air. that's what's going to happen tomorrow afternoon. start time 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., snow mix changing to rain between 1 and 4 p.m. the snow mix will hang on from
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frederick, maryland, northward and westward and the snow mix hangs on leesburg northward and westward but mainly snow for the mountains, garrett county and out toward timberline and romney, 4 to 8 inches, maybe 2 to 4 for frederick towards westminster and hagerstown and 1 to 2 in our northern and western suburbs. around town a trace to an inch. that might be pushing it. you folks in southern maryland, la plata, waldorf, calvert county might see snow to start. it won't stick. it will go to rain quickly, one reason, our surface temperatures, 36 in gaithersburg, leesburg and 37 in manassas. if you want to do something tonight, you can. nothing is coming our way until tomorrow morning. whether you love organic, chinese food, carryout or big macs in, this week's restaurant alert investigative reporter russ ptacek tracks down sanitation violations that are risky to your help. >> reporter: on benning road
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northeast inspectors closed z mart citing eight violations including food items stored in the basement with piles of rat droppings. when we looked around, you know what that is? >> yeah. mouse. >> reporter: well, that's more than a mouse. that would be an awfully big mouse. as we were leaving this man approached asking to see what's in my glove. pretty nasty surprise in here. then he asked for my glove. >> let me see that. >> reporter: all right. you're dropping them all out on the ground there. that's not what you dropped. >> no. >> reporter: i mean you dropped it all out there on the floor. yeah, right. you want me to show you where the rat feces is in your store? he said yes, but he got on the floor first himself before i could show him and he decided
5:33 pm
-- you said you wanted me to show you where i found it. >> no. >> reporter: whatever he saw down they said he'd clean it up after we left. on east capitol street southeast inspectors closed east capitol carryout citing five violations including hot water at 51 degrees. >> everything good right now. >> reporter: at first they let us look for ourselves, but when we found the supposedly hot water. >> supposed to be hot. >> reporter: that's not very hot. lukewarm at best. before we could test our faucets they asked us to leave. on pennsylvania avenue southeast inspectors closed
5:34 pm
mcdonald's with conditions that may endanger public health citing food prep in progress during a construction project and their food not protected. in a statement the mcdonald's franchiseee did not apologize saying, "i'm excited that my restaurant is undergoing renovations. in the early phase of renovation the drive-thru continued to serve customers and referred to the suspension closure as a suggestion to close the restaurant until the work is complete. on connecticut avenue northwest inspectors closed mr. chen's organic chinese cuisine citing 11 violations including rodent droppings inside the kitchen, unclean food contact surfaces and food uncovered sitting on the refrigerator floor. the manager we spoke with said everything was fixed, but he declined our request to look around. if you want to be first to know which restaurants we visit, we post all of our closure visits
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on four square. i've got along to that on twitter. you can also like me on facebook. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> except for mcdonald's all the other restaurants passed reinspection and are back in business. friday the 13th could prove to be a lucky day for players of a pretty poplar multi-state lottery. >> let's hope they're in my family. this jackpot mega millions drawing is now 4-$25 million. we have the story from one -- $425 million. we have the story from one traditionally lucky lottery retailer. >> reporter: the sounds of hope. >> you got a lot of winners here. >> reporter: she's no stranger to winning either. >> it came to me in a dream. >> reporter: 13 isn't her lucky number, though. how much did you win? >> 77,000, ruby red, february 10th, 2006. >> reporter: debra doesn't believe in luck, though. >> always be grateful for what you do have. >> of course.
5:36 pm
>> as i get a feeling, i stop playing. then when i get the feeling, i start winning again. >> reporter: when it's the unlucky day of 13, claim nonbeginner's luck. >> she's a first timer. we just met at the office and i said hey, why don't you play friday, the 13th? it's your first time and now he's on camera, too. so i mean all the times are here as far as i'm concerned. >> it's a slam dunk. >> we will be back tomorrow to get our money. >> there was a time tweed pool all our money, but -- tweed pool all our money, but then -- we'd pool all our money, but then we didn't win and didn't want to play anymore. coming up a california man dives into the ocean and comes out with the catch of a lifetime. >> up next prince harry and fellow adventurers make it to
5:37 pm
their final destination. >> don't forget we're always on at and
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for the first time in history a prince has made it to the south pole. britain's prince harrydowned about a dozen wounded warriors -- larry joined about a dozen wounded warriors who made a 200- mile trek over frozen terrain. the journey was supposed to be an international race between teams from the u.s., canada, australia and the united kingdom but the racing element of the expedition was called off due to safety reasons. a california couple has turned a local addition tradition into a real novelty. >> they used hundreds of milk jugs to make an interesting igloo. lettermans of corona are in the custom car business, so they're used to creating something out of the norm, but their milk jug igloo will be a real conversation starter at the holiday toy drive they host of year. they-- host every year. >> we had all our friends and family drink milk and save the bottles and 1,700 bottles later
5:41 pm
we have an igloo. >> all told a couple hundred guests are invited to the lettermans house for the party this year and the toys they bring will be donated to local military families. a california man has a whale of a lobster story to tell. this giant one was pulled from the waters around the pier in huntington beach. joseph ali says he was diving for his dinner when the lobster actually latched onto him. he wrestled it to shore. a 5-pound lobster is considered trophy size. this one ali caught weighed nearly 18 pounds. it's believed to be at least 30 years old. >> it was dragging him along the beach. still ahead a story of love and support, a local high school football player excels on the field and the special family that's been with him almost every step of the way. >> but first giving newborns their best chance to grow up to be big and strong.
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in our health alert finding a formula for healthy babies, researchers in los angeles are studying the effect of milk on growth in premature babies and they say that milk that's too
5:45 pm
low in calories might mean slower weight gain for the baby. >> we're finding that 10 to 20% of the samples would fall low in a ring where we likely would recommend supplementation. >> 200 unaltered samples have been tested for nutrition and now they'll test whether premies grow faster when supplements are added. 85% of patients with lung cancer have a smoking history. >> we'll see how a new technology is helping a nonsmoker tackle cancer. >> reporter: this coach doesn't allow his high school football players to drink or smoke, so he does not either. you can imagine the surprise when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told by his doctor that finding a medicine that would work for him was urgent. >> he knew exactly what it was
5:46 pm
and he was prepared with the drug. i had the drug within 48 hours. i've been taking it ever since. >> reporter: for months this simple pill has helped to shrink and contain ray's lung cancer. what made such a big difference for ray was this tiny chip. in the past most advanced lung cancer patients underwent chemotherapy, but by putting a small sample of ray's dna on this chip and running it through this machine doctors were able to pinpoint the best possible medicine for him. >> they can run not just one tube for one reaction for one gene, but one tube does actually 50 different genes of. >> reporter: dr. greg utterson says by looking for specific mutations in different genes doctors can better determine which drugs will work best for which patients because most lung cancer patients are diagnosed in later stages, getting the treatments right the first time being crucial. >> we've shown that if you bear that mutation, you do better
5:47 pm
with the pill than standard chemotherapy. >> reporter: it's working for ray who says more than anyone he appreciates doctors having an effective game plan for helping him tackle the billest challenge of his life. ed an -- biggest challenge of his life, andy ya ronnel, wusa9. >> there are now -- andrea roane, wusa9. >> there are now more options for treating lung cancer than ever before. one person of 15 minutes gets lung cancer in the united states each year. wusa9 first alert weather. >> we kick things off in the morning. >> we do. a little snow in the morning, kind of conversational. your south and east won't last long. if you're north and west, last for a little bit. if you're in the mountains, good news for ski resorts. let's break down the time frame, snow-rain, not an ice storm for us, way different than last sunday. start time 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. snow will change to rain between early to mid-afternoon depending where you are,
5:48 pm
changes first south and east obviously. the snow and mix will hang on frederick north and west and will also hang on leesburg north and west and remain mostly snow for the mountains. you in a just end in sleet -- may just end in sleet at the very end. we've got nothing to an inch through the immediate metro area and the beltway, so bethesda, the district, trace to an inch. 1 to 2 inches you start going north. this is kind of indicative of our microclimates, if you will. maybe toward gaithersburg and leesburg 1 to 2. up into northern loudoun county out toward percyville and bluemont you're in the 2 to 4 range, 2 to 4 in frederick and hagerstown westward into the panhandle into the mountains and back through the canaan valley 4 inches. live look outside, quiet, not that cold, 39, winds south, southwest at 6. a front will go through here and then cold air returns tomorrow, but it's not going to be fully entrenched here and will eventually lose
5:49 pm
the battle to the warm air because this system is a two- pronged system, not that unusual for us. we had one system roll through the ohio valley and tennessee valley and reform off the atlantic coast. that's what's going to happen. by the time that primary system gets close to us it brings up the warm air and turns snow to rain accept in the mountains. elevation plays a -- except in the mountains. elevation plays a big role in this storm. the clouds will increase tonight. temps, 39 in college park, 33 reston, 34 springfield. temps won't fall that far tonight, 35 in old town and 39 in waldorf, 40 in annapolis. no worries tonight, wants as cold, stays dry. some snow and a mix saturday morning, not going to be impossible to drive tomorrow morning and changing to rain saturday afternoon and evening and wet roads tomorrow night in the metro area. if you have plans downtown for
5:50 pm
saturday night, keep those in the belt way. north of fred rake, might want to reschedule. tonight -- frederick, might want to reschedule. tonight thickening clouds and winds easterly at 10. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, cold, snow and mix developing, mainly rain south and east, winds easterly at 10, 28 to 34 for temps and by afternoon cloudy, cold, mix to rain. snow lingers north and west, temperatures 35 to 40 and winds easterly at 10. snow developing in the morning, 28 to 34, 35 to 40 by afternoon and then 34 to 39, a cold miserable rain by evening. by sunday returning partly cloudy, clouds to start but low 40s and then clouds return monday and kind of cold, temps in the 30s, maybe a snow flurry monday night. here's another view of another model forecasting snow. you can see how quickly it increases as you go up 270 out
5:51 pm
into northwest. so around town probably nothing. frederick, you could get 2 or 3 inches. now you can give the music. mid-40s tuesday, cold wednesday and then a bit of a december thaw. it's normally a january thaw. i did make a joke there. near 50 on thursday and mid-50s with sunshine on friday, high of about 54. let's put a bow on football season with a special story here. you know for an athlete there's nothing better than that postgame moment when your family greets you and says job well done. you're about to meet a household who reminds us that kind of love and support is something we all deserve. that smile, life is good for rasheed gillis, friends, football, a state championship. >> that feeling, you couldn't describe it. >> reporter: and family. >> the minute i met rasheed i knew he was going to a champion. no one else believed that he
5:52 pm
would. >> reporter: ray's in pinehurst, north carolina, with his grandfather in a house the size of a single car garage, gillis was as at risk as it could get. >> i was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: one day he was at the right place when he met the volunteers in a community hoops program. >> not just helping him in basketball but leadership and confidence. >> reporter: soon gillis was not just on the hoops team, he was spending time in the pretopis home study, playing with their two sons. >> id ask my mom and dad who is this? >> reporter: a special bond was forming, so much so that when chris' job called for relocation to toronto they thought why not have rasheed live with them, an enormous decision, especially gut wrenching for gillis who had younger siblings. >> it was real hard. we talked about it and they thought it was the best decision for me. >> reporter: the family obtained legal custody. gillis blossomed starring in
5:53 pm
youth football north of the border. then another relocation and so chris and kimberly brought the family from toronto to bel air, maryland and finally to montgomery county, but this family was about to embark upon another amazing moment in this journey. family of destiny meet northwest high school or schoolful destiny. the jaguars just happened to be coached by mike nubizer, chris' former college teammate at wake forest. he welcomed gillis with open arms. he helped lead northwest to the title friday night. wears no. 12 because -- he wears no. 12 because he says when he was 12 years old, this family took him if and his life changed. by the looks of that smile it would appear so. what a smile there. rasheed still keeps in touch
5:54 pm
with his family back in north carolina. chris and kimberly want him to do that because the entire family bond is important. one last football note. rasheed earned defensive mvp in montgomery county this season. i'd say, guys, special player and a special family. >> absolutely. >> good story, dave. coming up tonight at 6:00 you know the streetcar testing is coming tonight, but find out why the line is a personal victory for d.c. mayor vincent gray. >> plus if you're watching your favorite tv shows in one fell swoop, you're not by yourself. >> and i may like to get on my bike, but i don't think i'd ever want to tack until hill. wait till you see how one cyclist -- tackle this hill. wait till you see how one cyclist decided to make his approach. plus. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in landover. coming up a bitter split that divided the once mighty city
5:55 pm
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we're hitting the road with today's hot holiday toy picks. this is the hess toy truck and tractor set. the lights flash. you can honk the horn, start up the truck. this is too much fun. i was having a lot of fun in my office today. you pull out the ramp here and
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give a gift, make a donation or give a card to one of the programs at volunteers of america. you can still make a difference through this monday. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. derek mcginty is still on special assignment in south africa. >> let's get started with a look at the most important stories in your world in 90 seconds. >> students raise their hands above their heads as armed police officers escort them across the ground. >> an individual came to the arapahoe high school armed with a shotgun. >> a ron hoe high school is located 8 miles -- arapahoe high school is located 8 miles east of columbine high school. a 1999 shooting there left 13 people dead. >> mourners shouted at police angry they couldn't get in to see nelson mandela. >> this is not fair. >> south african officials estimate 100,000 people showed up for the last day of public viewing for the former
6:00 pm
president. half were turned away. >> the white house is not willing to say robert levinson was doing work for the cia when he went missing in iran. >> he was not a u.s. government employee. >> the associated press revealed levinson traveled to iran in 2007 for an intelligence gathering mission for the cia. >> stocks chalked up their first losing week since august. a budget deal in washington wasn't enough to offset worries about a possible pullback in the federal reserve stimulus program. the dow industrials rose about 15 points. >> for the first time in history a prince made it to the south pole. 12 men and women, many of them after teams, have shown the world what injured veterans can achieve. >> it's 1 degree outside below the wind chill. >> it's a third round of wintery weather this month. lake effect snow


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