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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 14, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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darius staten hit twice. >> gary: i thought it was joe drummond, wasn't it, 54? >> verne: yes, first. >> gary: nice play by drummond. >> verne: then geoffery bacon. >> gary: yes, drummond was in there for ugenyi on that play. came in the way maxwell did on his first play. >> verne: under 3 1/2 to go. ken niumatalolo with the lei that he wore in his first year. >> gary: they wouldn't gatorade him, would they? >> verne: no, the lei made by an 82-year-old lady from hawaii. left side. inside the 10. darius staten. her name is betty ah-hah ra, she made the lei, 11 strands and a
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players, she is here as ken niumatalolo's guest. it's the first army-navy game she's ever seen. i hope she's in a suite. >> gary: yes. >> verne: she presented that to him in person at the navy hotel. 2:43 to go. >> verne: marcus thomas, number 26, the ballcarrier on that one. >> gary: right now, the navy offense is running the same play over and over again and obviously army does not want to let them score, for pride now. this is all about pride. the simple, most basic play that navy can run, and army is trying to stop it. >> verne: nearing two minutes to
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go, rich ellerson. it's been a tough couple of years. >> verne: quentin ezell. stay tuned after the game for "the jeep post game show" and one of the traditions of army-navy is which team gets to sing second. >> gary: speaking of rich ellerson, rumors about his job. will he get it again this year? we talked to him about that and he said "i'm at peace with the decisions i made. if they me another year -- if they give me another year, i'm ready to go." >> verne: fourth down with 1:05 to go.
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fourth and goal. >> verne: 50 seconds remaining. reynolds appears to have snuck in. he does. a little after-play chippiness exhibited. >> gary: trimble put the helmet on there first but just after he crossed the line. almost what do you do, it's lack of respect if you don't try to
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score. there is not much you can do. respect your opponent. it's the basic offense. >> verne: the extra point. nick sloan. i wonder about the halfback pass. >> gary: the first play of this one. that was different. >> verne: these guys are saying, "what freezing rain?" as a matter of fact, these guys are saying, "what freezing rain?" >> gary: he might not be feeling well, that guy. >> verne: i wouldn't want to be standing to his left. any way to keep warm. >> verne: easy decision. our player of the game, keenan
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reynolds. 136 yards rushing. three touchdowns. he tried eight passes, completing only two. he was more than effective on the ground. >> gary: and also, in this weather, on this field, the offense they're running, no turnovers in this game for navy. it just had to be, army needed help. they needed help from navy. that's the first thing coach niumatalolo said to tracy starting the second half. "we can't make mistakes and give them a chance to get back in the game." it was a perfectly pitched game by the navy offense. >> verne: kickoff coming. >> gary: one holding penalty the whole game down here. 10 yards. >> verne: bobbled, picked up, julian crockett.
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time for the napa auto parts play of the game, keenan reynolds, with the call pete nedhurst of the navy radio network. >> cuts it up the middle, 40, 30, down to the 20, cuts back against the grain, keenan reynolds, touchdown, navy midshipmen, 47 yards. >> verne: he added to that ta a 34-7 score with 38 seconds to go. >> verne: hayden tippett.
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tippett again. 15 seconds. >> verne: sweep to the right. baggett. not much there. this one is over. make it an even dozen in a row for the midshipmen of navy. >> gary: as much as army tried to build their team, navy has been building their team too. they're better. >> verne: reynolds and santiago, mutual respect for the two quarterbacks. let's go down to tracy, who is
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with ken niumatalolo. >> tracy: thanks so much, verne. the streak continues. 12 straight. headed back to the white house for the commander-in-chief's trophy. what about the job in the elements? >> proud of our seniors cody peterson and matt aiken, keenan, the quarterback, our guys battled hard, this isn't the best elements, i'm proud of our guys. >> tracy: let me talk with keenan reynolds, once again you come in and you are able to lead this team to victory. for you, what does a win like this mean? you break the record, the single-season touchdown running record for a quarterback. >> that's huge. coach said this game can make or break a season, and we had three long weeks of practice, we were ready to play, fortunate to get a win. army played us very tough, they're a very tough football team and we were able to execute when we needed to. >> tracy: verne.
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>> verne: and one of the great traditions, the singing of the alma maters. army will sing first. ♪ ♪
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>> verne: now the midshipmen lead the charge to their brothers. and the midshipmen will sing second.
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♪ ♪ >> verne: so it ends. 12 in a row for the midshipmen.
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34-7 the final. our next get-together 2:00 from the hyundai sun bowl in el paso. for all of our wonderful crew who braved the elements to bring you this one, for gary danielson, tracy wolfson, i'm verne lundquist. "the jeep post game show" is next after these messages and a word from your local station. you're saying i can get at&t's network with a data plan and unlimited talk and text for as low as $45 a month? $45 a month.
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>> tim: we welcome you to "the jeep post game show." tim brando. a reminder. tonight on cbs. celebrate the season with rudolph and frosty. followed by a new edition of "48 hours." navy a winner for the 12th straight time. they get the job done. longest dominance in the series history. >> spencer: keenan reynolds was the key. anytime you average 6.6 yards a carry in inclement weather, you don't have a shot. army tried to get it going. no turnovers made it more difficult. >> brian: navy pushed them are around to create the nice 12-game streak and you look at the alignment for navy, the smallest 281, the largest for
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army 257. >> tim: two hours from now the heisman trophy will be awarded. the six finalists stopped by our studios earlier. here is a sampling of what they had to say. >> brian: why are redshirt frem having so much success? >> because we don't carry about the upperclassmen, we just come out ballin'. [laughing] >> we come out ballin'. that's what we've got to do. i was blessed with the situation i'm in, i'm at florida state with kevin beverage mib, rashard green, i'm blessed, i know i'm in a better predicament than johnny was last year. >> spencer: what advice would you give jameis if he won the heisman trophy? >> me and jameis had a talk at dinner and i told him no matter what continue to be yourself, continue to be hungry and don't let this change you, if you are to go on and be a winner and be the second freshman winner, be yourself. continue to be you. don't let this change you.
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>> spencer: is auburn a tempe destiny in your opinion? >> yeah, i think so, we worked hard, we came from the bottom, as coach malzahn said we came from the outhouse to the penthouse. >> brian: incredible finish to the iron bowl, auburn and alabama, of course not for you. what was going through your mind during that ballgame, at the end there? >> "let's get off the field before they storm it." that's football. it happens. like i said after the game, i try to leave football on the field and not take it into my personal life. >> spencer: jordan, i am so impressed with your style. talk about your style of play. >> it's the only way i know how to play, grew up on the south side of chicago, blue-collar town and i'm going to fight for every inch and give my team a chance in the fourth quarter. >> spencer: is there any point during the process when you felt like you were going to get it? >> i never set my eyes on 2,000. i was worrying about each individual game and performing
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the best i could in each individual game and the numbers stpt adding up, and it just arted to seem like a ridiculous amount of yards at the end of it. >> tim: it's been a while since we've had six guys invited but it jameis winston is the runaway winner? >> spencer: i don't know if it's a runaway winner, 77 straight years the heisman elect orate have given the stiff-arm to an underclassman and there is an opportunity for him because he's that good. >> brian: i think he is the runaway winner. there will be some voters who will harbor ill feelings toward him because of the situation he was associated with but he should be the winner, clearly. >> tim: when we come back, we will count down the iron-clad truths of this 2013 season. that's when "the jeep post-game show" continues. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tim: welcome back to "the jeep post-game show." as we close out our season, it's been another remarkable year but we need to make mention that brian jones had all the ironclad truths. spencer and i have been together 15 years and we had nothing to do with any of them. brian said johnny manziel will not play a down. georgia, brian said, florida or south carolina will win the s.e.c. east. eight. the targeting rule according to brian will be good for the game. seven. jadeveon clowney would be a heisman finalist. number six. duke will never be any good at football. he said alabama will threepeat, nick saban will be the greatest coach of all time. he was the new sexy hire to the show. urban meyer will run the table and play for the b.c.s. title.
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number three. a freshman will never win the heisman trophy again. see jameis winston for details. number two, auburn doesn't have a prayer. to win the s.e.c. championship. brian. the b.c.s. was great for college football. so says brian jones. how about that. >> spencer: they got it right, the b.c.s. got the last one going out with a bang. >> tim: good riddance. >> brian: drop me in the grease. >> tim: thanks for watching "the jeep post-game show." here is a look at what you will see tonight on cbs. tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern it's "marching on." on the cbs sports network, 24-hour home of cbs sports. be sure to join us on december 31st for the hyundai sun bowl as virginia tech takes on number 17 ucla. there is more football action tomorrow.
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>> tim: brian says we can now have dinner and he will pay. spencer tillman, brian jones, tim brando saying so long. bye bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ keep them in your pocket. you won't be needing them with us. at southwest, low fares never mean low service. ♪ if it matters to you, it matters to us. ♪ if it matters to you, it matters to us.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening, i am jim axelrod. the calendar says winter doesn't start for another week but try telling that to anyone caught in the path of a massive fast-moving storm that stretches more than 1,000 miles from missouri to maine. this is the third major snow and ice storm this month. more than 10,000 flights have been canceled this week, 1,000 today alone. and as terrell brown reports, the timing of this storm couldn't be any worse for retailers, in the midst of an already short shopping season that has been underwhelming.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: in the middle of a gusty snowstorm on a 19-degree day in mohegan lake new york, she couldn't resist going to shop. >> we are in a snowstorm. >> yes. >> and you shopping? >> yes. >> why? >> because it is still christmas and things still need to get done and there are still gifts to buy. >> a snow day for retailers during the holiday shopping season could be the difference between a profit or loss. so many stores stayed open and were counting on shoppers like audra aggin. >> the stores are throwing some good sales, to, so you have to get out when they have the sales. >> reporter: in upstate new york, clearing the snow has been a week long marathon. just ask ron bacon. >> i get out with a blower and blow it out and it piles back up again and blow it out again. >> the storm dumped as many as five inches an hour in syracuse, mary lou smith could barely recognize her car. >> it was insane, it wasn't, it
6:57 pm
was big puffy flakes, small ones, then large ones, just pounding, just insane. >> whiteout conditions and slick roads prompted troopers to close down portions of interstate 65 in indiana. >> plows in st. louis were on the move all day, clearing some of the ten inches of snow on the ground. at least one person died at a snow related car accident in michigan. with the official start of winter just a few days away, meteorologist say just over half the country has snow on the ground, slightly above normal for this time of year. >> oh, come on, it is perfect. >> you are right. >> at today's army navy game more than 60,000 fans braved wind gusts and 20 degrees windchill. >> and an expert we talked to says this winter storm would have been much worse for stores if it happened next weekend, the weekend before christmas. jim. >> axelrod: terrell brown in the middle of it in mohegan lake, new york, thank you. tonight investigators in
6:58 pm
colorado are piecing together just what happened yesterday at a, at arapahoe high school in centennial, colorado, a high school senior opened fire there, seriously injuring a fellow student before killing himself. barry petersen has the latest. >> reporter: arapahoe sheriff gray son robinson said the shooter came ready to kill, arm armed with a shotgun, ma che he at the and three, me chet at this and incendiary devices. >> armed was with and multiple rounds available to him. >> but when a deputy stationed at the school confronted the shoot never the library, the shooter killed himself. >> the shooter, 18-year-old karl halverson pearson was called a top debator with excellent greats. >> ou outgoing with excellent friend and came from a religious family, his parents recently divorced. >> classmate chris davis. >> he is really smart but weird, just has some weird ideas and weird thoughts about stuff. >> his target was teacher and
6:59 pm
debate coach tracy murphy who reportedly kicked pierson off the debate team. officials think pearson wanted revenge but murphy fled the building he fired at fellow student, 17-year-old claire davis apparently at random, sheriff roginson roginson read a statement. >> our beautiful daughter claire davis has severe head trauma as a result of a gunshot. she needs your continued prayers. >> johnson had several classes with her. >> it is kind of surprising for me, just like to know such a nice girl and such a girl that is so innocent this would happen to. >> reporter: there are whys that go unanswered, why another school shooting, why again the dread of frantic parents in a place where parents and students say it should never have happened. barry petersen, cbs news, centennial, colorado. >> axelrod: and that is a
7:00 pm
shortened version of the cbs evening news, later on cbs, 48 hours, for now, i am jim axelrod in new york, for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh zçzçtó


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