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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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show that the things that we're doing in dcfs are working. >> d.c. school chancellor kaya henderson declaring that her students are showing the greatest growth in math and reading scores of any urban school district in the country. >> when the 2014 winter olympics begin, president obama won't there be. >> this delegation represents the diversities that is the united states. >> the u.s. is sending two openly gay athletes with its delegation. >> one of the things i'm really looking forward to is gay and hells byian athletes bringing -- lesbian athletes bringing home the gold, silver or the bronze. >> the new budget measure saves $85 billion over 10 years. >> my favorite philosopher mick jagger, if you just try sometimes you might get what you need and what we need is a budget. >> the dow jones industrial average hit another all time high. the market soared wednesdays,
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gaining 292 points. >> if -- wednesday gaining 292 points. >> if you didn't go to maryland, you probably didn't know this statue is a good like charm. >> there's a lot of stuff one- and-one thing lit and it all kind of lit. it's been six weeks now since election day. now the virginia attorney general race is finally over and done and the winner is a democrat, mark herring defeating the republican mark obenshain. you will recall election night herring led obenshain by a razor thing 165 votes. a statewide recount got underway this week and that gives herring hundreds more votes. in afternoon obenshain conceded the race. >> today is not the time to contest the process or question the results and as we near the conclusion of the recount, i'm confident that the final total today is going to show mark herring ahead. i called him earlier today to
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offer my congratulations to him. >> herring spoke a short time ago and promised to deliver mainstream leadership. herring will succeed current attorney general republican ken cuccinelli who was defeated in the governor's race. so far two serious candidates have come forward already to run for congress member wolf's 10th district seat in virginia after he announced tuesday he's not going to seek reelection. >> after 34 years in congress wolf has big shoes to fill. our peggy fox spoke to the congressman today and two elected officials who are hoping to replace him. where am. >> i'm the chairman of the -- >> i'm the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee. >> reporter: this is congressman frank wolf in springfield just a few hours before his bombshell announcement he's not seeking reelection. he told me told the decision has nothing to do with the government -- he told me today the decision has nothing to do with the government shutdown which he voted against and wants to spend more time
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working on human rights. republican party leaders vow to keep the 10th district seat red. >> he has been a great mentor to a lot of leaders in our 10th district. we're going to have a great nominee and hold that seat. >> reporter: but for the first time the democrats have a formidable candidate in john foust who represents mclean, great falls, vienna, herndon and parts of falls church. >> i think i've common straighted i can work across the aisle. -- demonstrated i can work across the aisle. >> reporter: foust said it was the government shutdown that pushed him to run for congress. >> i was so disappointed with congress when that happened. it was just like come on, guys and gaps, grow up. >> reporter: the tent congressional district spans a -- 70 of 10th -- the 10th congressional district spans a huge geographical area, many represented by state senator dick black who lives in ashburn and plans to run for the
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congressional seat. >> we're extremely strong in the west. >> reporter: black served also in the house of delegates and is a former marine who was wounded 10 minutes after this photo was taken in vietnam. >> there is corporal smith who was killed right beside me. >> reporter: he says the marine training gives him the drive to charge forward and he says he's determined to win the gop nomination. >> i am what i am. i am pro life. i am pro gun. i am pro free enterprise. these things are not going to change. >> reporter: he also supports traditional marriage and says he'll vote the way he believes, though he wasn't in favor of the shutdown, he praises those who try to defund obamacare and wants to continue on that course. peggy fox, wusa9. >> black is not an official candidate but has taken the first step of forming an exploratory committee. virginia's 10th district includes much of northern
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virginia. it has been gerrymandered to favor republican candidates but has been split down the middle the last few elections. republican ken cuccinelli won the district by only 1% of the vote in november's gubernatorial race. republican mitt romney also won the district by 1% in the 2012 presidential race and in 2012 senator tim kaine won the district with 51% of the vote and president obama won the vote in 2008 also with 51% of the vote. the senate has passed a bipartisan budget that. house passed last week. that legislation now goes to -- that the house passed last week. that legislation now goes to president obama's desk for signature. the budget erases some of the spending cuts known as sequestration, cuts that had a big economic impact here in the d.c. region. an advisory group now recommending changes in how the national security agency collects and stores information
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on us, americans. ko im has the story from the white house. >> reporter: an advisory task force is telling president obama if he wants to restore public trust, he must make changes at the nsa. the group of intelligence law and tech experts includes former counterterrorism advisor richard clark and former deputy director of the cia michael morell. they gave the president 46 recommendations, among them the nsa should no longer store americans' phone records. instead phone companies or a y records. the report also calls for limits to how much data the spy agency can collect and how long it can be stored. the white house will review the suggestions over the next few weeks. >> including sorting through which recommendations we will implement, which might require further study and which we will choose not to pursue. >> reporter: the president formed amount advisory group shortly after former nsa contractor edward snowden revealed how the agency tracked
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americans' phone and internet use. >> we need to make sure that we're not gathering intelligence solely because we can but because we must because we need it in order to achieve the objective of protecting the united states. >> reporter: the president is expected to announce the recommendations he will implement next month. ko im for cbs news, washington. >> the white house released a report several weeks earlier than expected and officials say that's because its contents had been mischaracterized in news reports. citing the improving job market the federal reserve today decided to reduce its massive economic stimulus program. in january the fed will buy $75 billion in bonds each month, that instead of the 85 billion it was buying ever since september of 2012. however, chairman ben bernanke says the economic recovery from the recession is far from done and that move sent stocks soaring. the dow finished up nearly 300 points. this d.c. cop accused of running -- that d.c. cop accused of running a child
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prostitution ring out of his home, somebody dropped the dime on him two years ago, but he wasn't busted until this month. >> reporter: i'm bruce leshan at d.c. superior court. a judge here says linwood barnhill seems to be a rogue cop, a flight risk and a danger to the community. he ordered him held without bond. you don't think he's a danger to the community or flight risk? >> no. the judge has made his decision, so we'll continue the case. >> reporter: barn hill's lawyer tried unsuccessfully to get him out jail in a hearing at superior court. the prosecutor pointed out issues with the cop going back years. an anonymous caller more than two years ago on may 17th, 2011, said the officer was smoking weed and running prostitutes out of his apartment on stanton road southeast. then on december 18th, 2012 he accidentally shot himself with his service weapon in his own bedroom.
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finally this month the investigators arrested the cop who has now been on the force for nearly a quarter century after finding a 16-year-old run- away inside. in d.c. bruce leshan, wusa9. still ahead a long time washington redskin says after the season he is perhaps done. who might that be? top. >> a relatively cold night, but a pretty average day. we'll show you the numbers. 44 was the high at national, low 33, averages 46 and 32, record 74 set back in 2006. that record is safe, but some of the records over the weekend may not be. we'll explain. >> up next a bit of a holiday gift from the nation's health insurers when it comes to paying your first
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american health insurers giving consumers an extra 10 days to pay their first month's premium under the affordable care act. the industry is citing tight deadlines around the holidays and those problems with the federal and state health exchanges. consumers still have to select their plan by next monday, but instead of having to pay their first premium by new year's eve, they've got until january 10th. the coverage would still be retroactive to the first of the year. october's government shutdown is delaying the federal tax season by 10 days.
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that means taxpayers can start filing on january 31st instead of january 21st. the irs says you can blame that 16 day shutdown on the interruption to the workers who were programming and testing the agency's processing systems, but april 15th is still the deadline and that is not changing. bao bao is ready for her closeup and coming up you're going to find out when you'll be able to see the national zoo's newest giant panda cub in person. >> but up next a statue of the university of maryland mascot goes up in flames. apparently there was a long time tradition, but it got
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for a university of maryland good luck tradition, it may be getting out of hand, bronze mascot testudo the terrapin watching over the library where good luck stuff can pile up and last night that
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pile caught fire. this student took the picture tweeted around the world. >> i guess as soon as one thing lit, it all got lit. >> when i walked by there were two candles stuck in a croissant right next to him. >> reporter: whether it was vandalism or accident is up to the university police to decide. >> i feel sad about it. >> reporter: by morning the diamondback newspaper published this photo of the clean-up complete and immediately the parade of students resumed coming to rub testudo's nose and offer tokens for luck. >> we're putting band-aids on him because he got burned. >> reporter: but senator student said this raises the problem -- but this student said this raises the problem of all the piles surrounding him. >> it's progressed to something kind of dangerous and ridiculous of. >> reporter: at university of maryland scott broom, wusa9. talk about a grinch who stole christmas, thieves stole 15 credit cards from choir members while they were a chari
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concert. this happened sunday during the thomas circle in singers annual christmas concert at st. paul's lutheran church in northwest. the choir members left their purses and coats in a practice room and many didn't know their credit cards were gone in they got home. >> it's really disheartening to think that at this time of the year someone would do something like this and it's also a hard time of year for us to have something like this happen. when you're buying presents and getting groceries for holiday parties, you don't want to freeze a bank account or cancel a credit card. >> the pastor says d.c. police are now investigating but so far no suspects. tonight we do know one of the two winners of that huge mega millions lottery jackpot's name, ira curry of stone mountain georgia. she did not want to step before the cameras today. the lottery said she bought her ticket at a newsstand in
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atlanta, but she's got to split the jackpot with the other winner where it was sold in a small gift shop in san jose, california. that winner has yet to come forward, but the shop owner who sold the ticket is celebrating because he gets the commission of $1 million. >> today very good day. i'm so excited. i win $1 million, too! >> he is the evil shop owner. no jack for the winner in our area, but one person who bought a ticket in annapolis won $1 million. they've had five winning numbers but not the mega ball. that was the funniest thing ever. a piece of supposedly created by george zimmerman is now attracting bids of more than 100,000 bucks. it's a canvas painting of a u.s. flag in shades of blue with the words god one nation with justice and liberty for
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all listed by a usernamed the real george z. and there is this picture of george zimmerman holding the piece of artwork. the auction is set to end saturday. zimmerman was acquitted in july in the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. here's somebody we all want to see, the national zoo's giant panda cub who makes her public debut january 18th, but the amount of time that bao bao and her mother mei xiang will be on exhibit each day depends on their behavior. panda lovers have been able to watch bao bao grow up via the panda cam since four months ago. she's starting to climb the rocks in her exhibit. members of the friends of the national zoo get an early preview of the cub from january 11th through the 17th. >> you know what the best name about that name bao bao is? it's easy to pronounce. you don't have to have any special skills. look who is back from south africa 36789 it was 80 some degrees there and it's going to
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be 70 some degrees this weekend. >> i brought the warm weather with me. not going to last, is it? >> not forever. it is december. we're looking at a cold night and milder day tomorrow and the real warm stuff rolls in the end of the week. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, national airport, temps 41, relative humidity 45%, not that dry, winds light out of the west at 5. they're in the process of shifting becoming southwesterly. satellite picture radar combined, a few snow showers north of us today and through pennsylvania. they have now diminished. we're left with clear to partly cloudy skies and relatively cold night, some areas in the low 30s, reston 32, 34 fairfax, white oak 30, but still 36 in college park and 37 in waldorf. cold again tonight but dry, no snow showers. we were tracking those yesterday. bus stop temps 26 to 36 and breezy and milder thursday and
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breezy and milder friday and breezy will be a motif through the weekend. for tonight clear to partly cloudy, cold, 26 to 32, winds surgeoning southwesterly at 10. that -- turning southwesterly at 10. 38 by 10:00 and 50, breezy, milder by 1 p.m. low 50s tomorrow, 60 friday and then 65 on saturday. we got a shower possible saturday that will be after nightfall, probably well after the sun goes down. now next seven days talked about it yesterday. i did it. yes, i did. i put 70 on the map for sunday. we could see record highs fall by the wayside over the weekend. most of the showers will occur during the ravens game, maybe get through the redskins game without the showers and then morning showers on monday, falling temps, colder tuesday and christmas day chilly, upper 40s but dry. >> that's okay. no white christmas, though,
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right? >> right. jan jeffcoat is in our newsroom with a look at what's ahead on wusa9 news at 7:00. >> welcome back, d man. tonight on your only local news at 7:00 a 13-year-old on life support and her family's fight to keep her there. we are looking at the ethnics this emotionally charged debate. >> plus you know the deadlines are pushed back for the affordable care act federal exchanges, but what about locally right here? >> and the national film registry announces its new editions. we'll look at those and the virginia facility playing a key role in their preservation tonight at 7:00, looking forward to seeing you back, derek. we've got a big announcement out of redskins park today. >> the team's most senior player says this is most likely his last season. we'll have reaction comin
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today is the first time in a long time we go surfing while well rested. time for some 6 a.m. dunkin' coffee. #mydunkin dunkin' coffee, brewed to perfection for the rich, smooth taste you love. share your story. #mydunkin now game on with kristen berset live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> linebacker london fletcher has been the undisputed captain of the washington redskins. he organized team practices during the lockout. he's taken the young guys under his wing and shown what it means to be a true professional having never missed a game in his entire career, but today fletcher told reporters he will most likely retire the end of this season. he's 99% sure he says that this 16th season will be his last. fletcher decided to share the news today in order to give his
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fans a proper good-bye during sunday's home finale. >> the reason why i'm doing it now is because this is more than likely going to be the last time i'm able to put on that burgundy and gold and run through that tunnel at fedex and say thank you to the fans. >> it's going to be a sad day. lodge done is special, not just for this organization -- london is special, not just for this organization but for the nfl as a whole. >> the news comes when so many rumors are swirling around this 3-11 team. remember this is dallas week. kind roberts has more from redskins park about shutting out the noise and facing those hated cowboys. >> reporter: it's dallas week, but you barely would know it with the gushing of leaks coming out of redskins park. mike shanahan is staying, but his coordinators are getting fired or mike shanahan is leaving to be replaced by robert griffin, iii's college coach, but 1 thing that is true is the redskins have the opportunity to spoil the
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playoff chances of their biggest rival if everybody can get over all the talk. >> i don't think there's as much noise as you think there is. i think our players are really concentrating on their job. they know their jobs are determined if they play well. >> reporter: does it even feel like dallas week with all the rumors and london retiring and all the other stuff going on? >> it of it's still dallas. we -- it's still dallas. we know there's a big rivalry game. they're playing for something. we have to go out there with the same intensity and mindset. >> i really do believe that it's about our fan base and our fans want nothing more than for to us beat dallas. that game means so much to them, especially at home. dallas has a lot on the line. >> reporter: if washington beats dallas sunday, it would stick in the craw of the cowboys because then their playoff scenario would get very convoluted and that's just how the redskins would like it, playing spoiler. from redskins park diane roberts, wusa9 sports. a reminder there's still
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time to vote in our high school game of the week poll, four great choices. text the code of the game you want to 25543. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night. >> there's been some other seasons where the redskins didn't play well and they beat dallas at the end. >> makes you feel a little bit better. >> very sweet. >> you know they want that so bad. >> that's it for us now. the cbs evening news is next the cbs evening news is next and you and jan will see so i tried depend last weekend. the cbs evening news is next and you and jan will see it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. hi-ya! and i tried a baking class. one weekend can make all the difference. unlike the bargain brand, depend gives you the confidence of new fit-flex® protection. it's a smooth and comfortable fit with more lycra strands. it's our best protection. take your weekend on with a free sample at
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