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tv   Right This Minute  CBS  February 16, 2014 1:35am-2:06am EST

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>> i thought it was about literacy. the video is going to make you go -- get a little sad. you're seeing two hoofs when the camera goes to the other side of the fence. you'll see what the hoofs are attached to. look at that. >> what was he trying to do? climb? >> i don't know. that's a baby moose. his eyes are all wide, like, get me out of here. i don't know how this happened, but you have to help me out here. we think this is in vancouver, british columbia, canada. this moose freaking out. they get an ax and start chopping away at a few of the boards. at this point, who cares about your fence, right? you got to save this thing. finally they get one free after they chop part of the fence off and the other one. he's like twisting now. ouch. they kind of split one of the planks in the wood there and -- i think he just -- he doesn't go anywhere. he just sticks his hoofs down in the snow, probably feels good. >> yeah. cool him off a little bit.
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icing him down. >> swollen. >> eventually, he's like, over there doesn't look so great. i'll go back this way where i came. you can see mseokay. now this video is going to be a controlled demolition. move some of this earth. they have to make room for something, right? >> the thing is there. >> there are two things. those are deer. they do sound an alarm. the one on the right is like, see you later. the other one is like what? >> oh, no. >> keep watching. there he goes. he made it out of there just in time. you see the explosion go off. the deer quickly realizes what the heck is going on. takes off as the earth is moving beneath him. >> i'm so amazed by this deer that it was able to hop up and avoid the detonation. >> it is just funny that the one is like, no problem. i'm out of here. the other one is, like, what was that? >> that is crazy.
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>> this looks like a good time, doesn't it? big festival on the beach. this is on casino beach. longest beach in the world. it is in rio grande, brazil. looks like a great time. everyone having fun. pay attention to where the people and the cars are in relation to where the water is. here is a different video from the same day, a tsunami hits. basically a huge wave swept in, threw everything around. tosses dozens of cars around. you see all these different vehicles strewn about the beach, stuck in the sand. party over. that party scene turns to chaos. who knew. >> wow.
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>> get out of the truck. >> what? >> prepare yourself. your hearts are about to overflow with love. it is trash monday in ojai, california. you see 5-year-old daniel. daniel is obsessed with trash day. he loves the garbage truck. 5-year-old daniel is autistic. and this has become the thing that he loves most. he's almost conducting the truck. >> he's captivated by the movement of this truck. >> this is actually a recycling truck from e.j. harrison and son, a local company there. after they're done with their jobs, the truck backs up. >> sure. >> he wants to give you something. a present. >> manuel sanchez, and manuel, i think, was familiar with daniel. >> daniel, look in it.
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c anyou look? what is it? it is a garbage truck. >> that's awesome. >> a garbage truck. >> oh, man. >> you're not going to believe it, but he had one like this and it broke. but you got him a new one. that is so sweet. thank you so much. >> it was a surprise gift from manuel, just out of the goodness of manuel's heart. to tell us more about this incredible gesture of kindness, we have little 5-year-old daniel and mom robin and dad david via skype from ojai, california. you were behind the camera. what was going through your heart as this beautiful moment happened? >> you hear it on the video, i was overwhelmed by his kindness. >> oh. manuel. >> really turned our world upside down. >> has he stopped playing with it since he got it? >> when he got it, all he wanted was manuel to get back in the truck and do the trash.
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that was his total focus. later that day, he started playing with the truck and he's been playing with it pretty much every day. >> you have a message to manuel for what he did. >> i think i said it on my post, i said, one man, one moment affecting the life of an autistic child. it doesn't take very much and it is the greatest gift of all. >> daniel, we adore you. we think you're absolutely fantastic. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> thank you so much. coming up, everybody. we're giving away an ipad mini. >> we have today's buzzword and we'll tell you how to enter and win. >> you have to be 18 years old or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> our ipad mini giveaway coming up in a little bit. some people just find any reason to cause havoc. this guy is at a big store. and in one of the aisles he decides to climb it because he is going to attempt this. >> oh, boy. >> what was he thinking? >> needless to say, incredible
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ilfa. he jumped too far. gets his feet on the other side of the aisle, fell on his neck and shoulders. watch him get up. you can tell he's really hurt himself. >> this is a dumb move regardless. wouldn't it be smarter to do this in the pillow aisle or the aisle where they sell the -- the comforters and what not? i have no pity for this guy. i really hope this doesn't turn into some sort of lawsuit toward the store. >> this is not the first time he's done this. this is a different -- >> can you see where he's at? he's on top of what looks like a refrigerator. he's about to leap. he's making a mess for someone else to clean up. here is another video. >> there are not just two. we got three. >> this guy is on to something. >> it is clear that he's not even trying to land these stunts. it is clear he's trying to, like, destroy a bunch of things. >> yeah.
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>> he's destroying property here. he should have to pay for the stuff he's breaking. >> every bit of it, every dime of it and then some. >> he did claim to want -- he's -- >> oh, yeah. >> he's terrible. >> a little boy claims a man is trying to abduct him. >> i was with my mom in the park. this guy took me. >> he took you? >> how do these people react when the man in the jacket shows up on the scen see how far comp strangers will go to help. it is no day at the beach for a pelican snared by a fishing hook. the surprise for rescuers who found more than a hook. >> oh, man.
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social experiment time. i got to be honest, the first time i saw the video, it gave me chills. they normally do skits and
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pranks. but this time they're doing something more serious. they have this young boy. >> my biggest fear is getting kidnapped. today i want to see if people actually help me if i were to get kidnapped. >> they approach strangers and say things like this. i was with my mom in the park, this guy in a jacket took me. tried to put me in his car. he won't stop chasing me. >> how do the people react when the man in the jacket shows up on the scene? watch. >> do not walk away from me and your mom again. come on. >> wait, wait, wait. >> sir, this is my son. w hatare you doing? >> is this your dad? >> yes, it is, come here. >> he just told me -- >> i'm not allowed to take my son. >> dial your mom's number. >> dial your mom's number? >> oh, wow. >> he's an everyday hero, he was willing to take this guy on. >> watch what happens when the guy with the jacket kind of takes a different approach. >> again?
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i'm his father. yeah, he just ran away from me. >> oh. >> he scared me. he said something about a car, i don't know. >> really? >> have a good day. >> and there, you know, because the guy was kind of jovial and kidding around, this stranger thinks everything is okay. you can understand why the little boy would be scared. you can understand why he would lie because the abductor guy is right here. this couple, though, watch this couple. >> no, he's saying you're not his father. >> he's not. >> oh, he sprays him. >> shep peper sprayed this guy. >> this is remalerkab. it showcases how incredible some people are and how far they're willing to go to help another human being. >> they say here at the end of the video, 30 seconds of bravery could save a family a lifetime of heartache and put this out there as awareness. abducted children are sometimes too scared to actually say what is happening when the abductor is there.
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not even close. >> fishing line is bait. good for a fishermen, not so good for a fish. but in this case, not so good for a pelican. you are looking at a pelican rescue, a pelican got tangled up in somebody's fishing line, specifically the hook. it is in its mouth. and these people, they're not professionals, they're still trying to help. you know that's hurting him so badly and you can't really -- he doesn't know that human is trying to help. >> i the hook down his throat or just in its mouth? >> you'll see it is on the side of its mouth. and it is a good way down. not just on the bill. so this guy comes, he's going to try to get it out. >> it is in that soft spot, that stretchy part of the pelican. >> did those fish just fall out of the pelican's mouth? >> oh, man.
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losing his lunch. still on the shore. >> this guy is working with just pliers trying to get that hook out. >> i think he's trying to snip the hook, pull it out , he's going to cut it. >> there is a second video that shows a outcome of the whole thing. still working on him. there you see the hole left in its side. a little hole. like the size of a number two pencil. >> looks like they got it all out, though. you don't want part of that hook left inside this thing's thro. >> that could be deadly. that could cause all kinds of problems. >> the guys still have some fish. look what they do with them. a lady goes down to try out a tourist attraction. >> she can't get out of there. she's kind of stuck around her waist. >> the team effort to set her free. >> plus, heading to aruba for one epic pirate battle.
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they're a series of interconnecting tunnels. you can go down in these things and kind of take that little piece of wood covered with leaves and put it over your head and you can hide. just like members of the vietcong would have done. there is videos all over the internet. this is a guide showing off what you do and what it looks like. >> that this is making me feel like i'm going to hyperventilate. they're in these little tiny holes and put the lid on. >> it is interesting you're worried about getting stuck. this woman here, she wanted to try this thing out. and she goes down, she gets in there, okay. here when she goes to get out -- she goes to lift, and she's stuck. and i feel bad because listen to the people who are kind of just standing around. >> oh. >> they're kind of laughing at her. she ends up getting a hand here. three people coming over there, trying to hoist her out of
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there. they're trying to create a little extra space if they can, pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling. it is taking a while here. eventually, one, two, three, sort of big jump and gets herself out of there right bere the video ends. >> there has to be that moment of panic. like oh, no. >> yeah. you're in a hole. you're stuck in a hole. >> am i going to have to live in this thing? >> get me out of here. time to surrender the booty! it is time for one epic pirate battle in aruba. >> up all that you've got and go have fun. the only way we know how to have fun on this show is with super tramp video. >> of course. >> this is an epic water battle between two ship on the island
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of aruba. they have jet boards, rope swings into the water, water balloon fights, those giant super soaker things, and those jousting sticks, you know, you knock each other off, big giant boxing gloves, everything that is fun is in this video. >> he has such a style of his own. the first frame of the video, you know it's him. >> you know what that style is? fun. it is pure fun. his style is fun on camera. >> check oute th sky diver parachuting in to join the party. all the fun video that he brought us, he said this is one of his favorites. he has a blast doing this. this video is a promotional video for aruba. if you click the treasure chest at the end, you can enter to win a trip to aruba. >> this makes you want to go. you want to dive into the computer screen.
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>> all right, everybody. time for another shot at winning an ipad mini. >> you got to be 18 years old, must be a u.s. resident and have today's buzzword to enter. >> enter on our facebook page. using a mobile phone or tablet, go to the first post on the facebook page and tab on the mobile link. >> here we go. the buzzword for today is performance. >> get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and enter today's buzzword performance. for your chance to win an ipad mini. >> good luck, everybody. >> it is an emotional ad about a father going to literacy classes, learning to read. but see why this tearjerker is jerking your chain. i thought it was about literacy!
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here is something i never thought i would say before. barbie is posing for "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. >> come on. >> more fake women.
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>> i thought they had enough plastic. >> apparently not enough of the she is making her debut and they brought in legendary photographer walter yost to be the lucky photographer. >> this guy is shooting supermodels in exotic remote locations and now with a toy. >> he's taking pictures of barbie. she's a big deal. >> she takes instruction almost silently. that's why she's the best model ever. >> and he says barbies can hold a pose forever. >> mm-hmm. >> she is actually going to be appearing in the issue of "sports illustrated" that celebrates the swimsuit issue turning 50 years old and she's an icon. fighting for the pillow.
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>> this commercial is from south africa. and it details a man going through literacy classes, learning to read. it has affected a lot of people because of the message. ♪ >> a. b. c. >> d. e. f. g. >> dog. ♪
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>> my son and i -- >> this is such a beautifully done commercial. there is so much power in the written word and there is so much power with the idea that it is never too late in your life to learn whatever skill it is that you want to learn. >> it gets better than that. keep watching. >> i read your book. >> you read my book? >> oh, man. >> this is a whiskey ad. >> a whiskey ad? >> a whiskey ad. he says, buy that man a bell. that's the catch phrase for
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bell's whiskey. >> i thought it was about literacy. >> it is. >> you know what, reeling you right in. >> i felt like doing a shot of it now and saying well done? that's it for "rtm," everybody. we'll see you next time. latte or au lait? sunny or bubbly? cozy or cool? "meow" or "woof"? wheels or wheeeels ? everything exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime. your mattress isn't bliss: it's a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. an innovative design that lets couples sleep together in individualized comfort. ' hes the softy: his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock: your setting is 60. that works. he's the night owl. his side is up while you're in dreamland. you're the early bird. up and at 'em. no problem, because you're in it together... keeping the love alive. and sleep is like love.
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as your needs cha ynge,ou can adjust your sleep number bed, so you can sleep better together. visit one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide for the largest closeout event of the year. don't miss 50% savings on innovation limited edition beds. know better sleep with sleep number. >> insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> i'm a football player, and i'm gay.
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>> could this defensive lineman become the nfl's first openly gay player? >> i won't be the last. >> our good week -- >> bad week with an "snl" star's dui arrest caught on tape. >> and making headlines at an art exhibit. >> he took off the bag and took pictures with. >> what happened with me and shia alone in a locked room. >> was it art, a publicity stunt or has he lost it? >> i was concerned for his mental health. >> plus -- >> i'm a little bit of a psycho. >> miley after madonna. our new one on one about the pressures crushing young hollywood. >> it is a lot. >> then our jackson brothers si sing-along. and -- >> how this "toddlers and tee yaras" star became a millionaire fashion mogul. new york fashion week. >> the latest celebrity news delivered 24/7 "the insider" together with yahoo!. >> a former "snl" star's drunk
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driving arrest caught on tape. shia labeouf bagging it up on the red carpet. >> we have those stories and much more as we play a little good week, bad week. it started out as a bad week for shia labeouf. he raised a lot of eyebrows starring in his own performance art show which included things like wearing a paper bag on his head and listening to a fan read tweets about him. >> i'm rooting for you. >> i stopped by to check it out, and y,he i thought it was art. >> he actually laughed three times. during it he took off the bag and he took a picture with me. >> licensed counselor sarah michael novia had a different take than michael when she visited shia. >> i asked him if he was okay. i was really worried about him. i was concerned for his mental health and for his staft. >> then on wednesday i heard jerry o'connell set up a spoof next door, part of a funny or die video. so of course i had to check that out. >> what's going on, man? >> i'm sorry. >> what are you sorry about? >> are you going to


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