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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 28, 2014 5:00pm-5:57pm EST

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freezing rain. that's what accumulates on the limbs and power lines and knocks out power. so next winter storm monday, by the morning commute, timing not changing much. ice storm not an issue. we see very little freezing rain thankfully. more sleet than freezing rain is good, ain't great. time frame 5 a.m. to about 8 p.m. on monday. you have time to do some stuff. if you're going out tonight, it's cold but dry, only 30 in chevy chase, 28 in rockville, leesburg and 27 in fairfax. tonight no winds, but bundle up. we'll come back with some good news about the weekend. we are watching carefully how people responsible for keeping the power on and the roads clear are preparing for the next blast. >> reporter: the incoming weather has utilities on alert and the no. up with word they are fearing most is ice. one example of the power outage
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mayhem caused by ice played out february 5th in frederick county, maryland. some went without electricity for four days. potomac edison power reported today the company has been holding weather watching conference calls since wednesday. crews have been alerted and decisions on how to deploy them may come as early as tomorrow. pepco is also watching the weather forecasts saying the utility is now prepared for the worst of the predictions with 150 company linemen and 450 contractors currently available if needed. good news from dominion power saying the utility there is anticipating minimal operational impact in northern virginia. the utility remains on stand-by and watching carefully. meanwhile maryland's emergency management agency tweeted today a warning for late weekend weather and reminders to be prepared for possible power problems by stocking up on batteries, canned food and bottled water. one thing that is distinguishing this incoming storm is how much the forecasts have been changing day to day. as one utility executive put it
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to me, it is too early to put a stake in thground but critical decisions will start getting made within the next 24 hours. scott broom, wusa9. >> coming up at 6:00 scott talked to the people responsible for making sure maryland's roads are ready for the storm. wusa9 news will start at 4:30 a.m. on monday to have all the news, weather and traffic information you need about the potentially nasty weather. we will be here as well all day if it gets to be a red alert day. when bad weather hits, the wusa9 news ipad appear is the perfect weather companion with live radar and traffic map and accidents plus the all latest weather-related closings. you can download the wusa9 ipad app from the app store for free. new information on the firefighters who refused to help a man who ultimately died outside a firehouse.
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the deputy mayor released the internal affairs report on the incident, but what the mayor's office failed to say was that it was not the entire report. surae chinn joins us now with nor on what she learned today -- more on what me and learned today and what you were able to see -- more on what she learned today and what you were able to see. >> reporter: it's 13 pages long, but the full report is 125 plus pages long and the one made public omitted certain actions of the rookie firefighter. he was just two weeks on the job and according to the full report, he failed to ring the firehouse bell. it also said that he was on desk watch and that he was afraid to leave his post. this all sends a question about the cadet program and is the program actually preparing these firefighters or these budding firefighters in these types of situations? >> i think it is working. i've been to the graduation.
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we're talking about one person. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray says one bad decision by a rooky out of dozens of others shouldn't tarnish the cadet program. that rookie failed to respond along with four other firefighters. the 19-year-old was worried about leaving his desk watch post at engine 26 and failed to ring the firehouse bell when 77- year-old cecil mills collapsed across the street. >> why something that simple was omitted from the report? >> the question is notice. you ring the bell to give notice. he gave notice. he called over the loudspeaker. to me it didn't seem like it was jermaine. >> reporter: but who is to say other rookies might have responded the same way? you have confidence in the cadet program? >> absolutely. some of our finest members have gone through that program. it allows district high school students to come into the agency. did he make a mistake? yes. he should have rung the bell. >> reporter: the d.c. cadet program has run into problems through the decades.
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in 1992 some cadets did not meet physical standards and the chief made the class go through training again. several years ago chief dennis ruben suspended the program after finding some of his cadet says were involved in criminal behavior. a common denominator of those getting in trouble forced the program to end until chief ken ellerbe made it his top priority to reinstate the program in 2011. council member tommy wells hasn't even received a copy of the full report as public safety chair. >> there was information that apparently they did not share th the committee that's in the mills report. that's very disappointing. it's a lack of transparency and it really breaches faith with the community that we is everybody. over the last several days the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. throughout this crisis we have been very clear about one fundamental principle. the ukrainian people deserve
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the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged ukrainians to pursue a course in which they've stablized their country, forge a broad based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke several days ago with president putin and my administration has been in daily communication with russian officials and we've made clear that they can be part of an international community's effort to support the stability and success of a united ukraine going forward which is not only in the interest of the people of ukraine and the international community, but also in russia's interests. however, we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has a historic relationship with ukraine including cultural and economic ties and a military facility in
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crimea but any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destablizing which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games that would invite the condemnation of nation around the world and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. the events of the past several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions, but the ukrainian people have also reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future. right now the situation remains
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very fluid. vice president biden just spoke with the prime minister of ukraine to assure him that in this difficult moment the united states supports his government's efforts and stands for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic future of ukraine. i also commend the ukrainian government's restraint and its commitment to uphold its international obligations. we will continue to coordinate closely with our european allies. we will continue to communicate directly with the russian government and we will continue to keep all of you in the press corps and the american people informed as events develop. thanks very much. >> and you've been listening to the president address the crisis in the ukraine saying he is deeply concerned by the reports that there have been russian military movements in the ukraine and that, of course, the u.s. stands with the ukrainian people. >> and the international community according to the
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president. at this point what we know right now that is according to sources inside ukraine, russian military helicopters and transport planes have entered that country. currently two of their main airports in crimea are now reportedly captured by russian armed forces at this point. >> we'll talk more about that coming up a little later on in the show. now breaking news on the death of phillip seymour off man. the medical examiner just announced a toxic mix of drugs were found in his system including among them heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. ultimately the death was ruled an accident. hon ffmawas found dead in his new york city apartment with a syringe in his arm on february 2nd. police now identified a teenager gunned down in d.c. jonathan adams was 17 years old, a student of beleau high found shot to death on halle
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terrace southeast just a few blocks from beleau. >> i'm saying that's southeast d.c. today. >> so far police have not made any arrests. they don't know what the motive could have possibly been in this case. a reward of up to $25,000 is being offered to help solve it. a samoan woman studying to become a nun pleaded guilty to killing her newborn son at a convent. investigators say sosefina amoa killed her newborn back in october and pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter today and will be sentenced in may. only on wusa9 a disabled waldorf woman is fighting her family's eviction tonight even as she head back to the hospital for complications from back surgery. madeline lane is in such fragile health even the homeless shelter won't take her she says. bruce leshan reports she is pleading for help. >> can you pull my arm out first, this one, the right one?
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>> reporter: 54-year-old madeline lane still has an open wound from surgery to fuse part of her spine, surgery that was supposed to get her back on her feet. >> 23 years of living with pain every day. you wake up with it. you go to sleep with it. >> reporter: but now madeline, her 13-year-old son charles and her home health aide are struggling with another kind of pain. her land lady wants to kick her out of her three-bedroom waldorf townhouse. >> i haven't slept in five nights. i haven't eaten in five days because i'm worried about my minor son who is 13 and myself being put out in the streets. >> reporter: charles county calls it a sad situation, says it is willing to help her keep paying the rent with section 8 funds, but this all may have started because her home health aide is living in the house to provide her the necessary 24
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hour care. >> the only reason why i'm here is because she needs my help. if i wasn't here, she would not be able to do anything. >> if i can't walk, if i can't cook for my son, if i can't cook for myself, if i can't go to the bathroom by myself, then i'm not entitled to have home health aides? >> reporter: i spoke briefly on the phone for the land lady joanne jarvis who declined to explain why she felt she had to evict the family right now. mad lynn says no home -- madeline says no homeless shelter will take her and her son because of her fragile state. she is now headed back to the hospital because she's lost feeling in her leg and she just hopes her belongings will still be here when she returns. >> not being able to go outside. >> reporter: in waldorf bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the land lady has yet to file any of the legal eviction paperwork with the tenant
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landlord court. madeline says she can't kick her out without a court order but fears it will happen anyway. she needs a couple more months to figure out how to move in with her daughter in philadelphia. park too close to a hydrant or stop sign and there's a good chance that will cost you, but how mad would you be if you got a ticket for something you didn't even know was illegal? at 5:30 some obscure road rules that could cost you some serious cash. >> u.s. sending a message to russia on the escalating tension in the ukraine. we just heard from the president. coming up we'll talk to face the nation's bob schieffer. >> temperatures today 20 degrees below average. we'll give you temperatures now if you're going out, bundle up, no wind chills, 209 downtown, 30 in leesburg -- 29 downtown, 30 in leesburg, 28 in manassas. coming back we have good news about the winter storm, a little silver lining.
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pinpointing exactly when weather will hit your neighborhood hours before it happens, wusa9 first alert weather. >> right now on wusa9 their storm is our storm. we told you this a few minutes go about how the system is dumping huge amounts of rain on california. it's going to bring us ice and snow monday, fast moving floodwaters leaving some homeless people stranded near dodgers stadium. other parts of the state are getting ready for mudslides. some areas have seen up to 2 feet of snow in the mountains above about 5,500 feet. meteorologist erica grow joins me now. we talked about how this is a difficult forecast because of all the precipitation types. we're sort of less worried about freezing rain. let's go through what all the types are. >> first off we'll look at what you can expect as we head into monday morning. this storm will make its way toward us and overspread basically the entire d.c. metro area with an icy mix. the snow line should be further north and the rain line further
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south. as we head into the afternoon, everything will shift off to the east and the wrap around moisture on the backside of this storm system looks to be mostly snow. so in your backyard you could see all four different types of precipitation that are possible out of this type of event. so if you have all snow, it means the snowflakes fell from the clouds all the way to the ground without any change happening in melting or freezing, but the transition happens when you mix in some warmer air. so if it's all warm until you get to the ground, then it's just rain. most precipitation starts out as snow and then melts before it hits the ground. sleet is where you get the mixture of both. the snow melts when it hits that air that the above the freezing mark and then it freezes again. so you have tiny little droplets of just frozen raindrops. if you have freezing rain, that means the cold air is much shallower, closer to the surface.
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so showing this description in a slightly different way with a little bit of vertical profile here, if we have snow, it means the temperature is below freezing all the way from cloud to ground, but if you have sleet, then that means that you have a little wedge of warmer air mixed in there. so it would be snow and then rain and then the sleet pellets as it hits the ground, but the freezing rain is when you have more warm air in there and the cold air is shallower closer to the ground, so the raindrops don't have an opportunity to freeze before making contact with surfaces. that's when you see the icy coating on tree branches. sleet will look more like this. it can sometimes look like stye stye -- styrofoam. with more on this approaching storm, here's topper. >> let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 29 right now,
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dew point 8 below 0, relative humidity outside 20%, inside about 6%. that's about as dry as you get. here is the storm, a lot of rain across california, snow in higher elevations. it's going to move quickly on a more southerly track which means colder air for us which is good which means less freezing rain and less sleet. so complicated forecast. sunday will be in the 50s. that's part of the problem. cold air is moving in. it's not already in place. right now we think 16% rain, 23% sland 60% snow. that's actually good. notice there's no freezing rain in there. accumulation difficult because of this mix. right now we'll say 1 to 2 inches of sleet possible and 2 to 4 inches or more of snow possible as we go through the day monday. temperatures, 29 chevy chase, 28 reston, 27 fairfax, even 30 out toward leesburg, but most folks in the 20s this hour, no wind chills to worry about. not quite as cold tonight, no
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wind and it's dry, moderating temperatures all weekend. 40s on saturday, 50s on sunday. get outside, bike, take a hike. you can do it because monday will be a tough day. temperatures will plummet monday. so low 20s to start on saturday, upper 20s by 9:00, 11:00 we're 36 and 42 seems pretty nice, doesn't it, with partly sunny skies by 1:00. next three days milder, late shower sunday but 53 and temps plummet monday, ice and snow, yellow alert. may have to make that a red alert before the end of the weekend. next seven days, stays cold, mid-30s on tuesday, back in the 40s wednesday and thursday and friday another system tries to develop off the coast, models all over the place with this particular system. so we'll say rain and/or snow thursday night or it could stay to our south and east. some good news. less freezing rain. that means we'll have power more than likely, which is good, and right now the
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heaviest concentration will be snow. >> but will the kids be in school or delayed? >> perhaps no school at all. >> i'm so done with mr. winter. >> we want to remind everyone if we do have severe weather monday, the wusa9 help desk will be up and rubbing to answer your questions and -- running to answer your questions and concerns and we'll have a streaming webcast on wusa9. >> that's right. and on your mobile app. >> 9:00 to 10:00 on sunday if you want a break from the oscars, you can watch erica and me on the web. then we're talking specifics by then. coming up a new painkiller about to hit the market and there are concerns addicts could abuse that drug. >> plus do you or someone you know have a tattoo you wish you lent gotten? there's a brand-new -- hadn't
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in the health alert, we
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told you about zohydro earlier this week. >> a new kind of laser treatment can completely remove tattoos after just a few treatments. >> that laser fires at 1/20 of a second. by doing this you get an even more intense reaction and destroys the tattoo particles. >> the treatments are generally spaced about a month and a half apart. maria westphal from temple hills tells us that a 5-mile stretch of piskataway road is a wreck. these are some images from our pothole cam from inside one of those potholes and ms. westphal, we have reported these craters to the maryland
5:26 pm
state highway administration who is responsible for maintaining that road. shoot us an e-mail. go to if you have a pothole driving you crazy and please give us a street number or cross street if possible and if it's safe, try getting us a picture of that pothole as well. it is being called a miracle. we'll explain how a fan found himself very much alive inside -- man found himself very much alive inside a body bag. >> a repeat offender in tonight's restaurant alert. a little later russ ptacek investigates a cosi restaurant trying to rid itself of restaurants. >> right after the break little known driving laws, parking and moving viol
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back on wusa9, a live shot outside. it looks really inviting except for the fact it's very cold, 29 in chevy chase, 27 ashburn, dulles, 28 in leesburg and 25 in white oak, good news no wind chills tonight, but bundle up. clear to partly cloudy, still cold, lows 14 to 24, winds turning easterly at about 10. even downtown 22 for a low tonight, 20 in woodbridge and dale city and 201 in waldorf. we will come -- 21 in waldorf. we will come back with more new information about our monday storm.
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checking up on our top stories at 5:30, that report from the d.c.'s deputy mayor following the investigation into firefighters refusing to help a man leaving him to die on the street did not tell the whole story evidently. 13 very unflattering pages were open mitted to the public -- omitted to the public. the city said it did not want to harm the reputation of the fire cadet program. tonight president obama is warning russia there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. in a press conference held a few minutes ago the president said any violation of ukraine's sovereignty would be destablizing. also a medical examiner ruled the death of philip seymour hoffman an accident. cocaine, herein and methamphetamine were found in his system. he was found dead in his apartment february 2nd. there are a few things that fire people up like parking
5:31 pm
tickets, but imagine getting a ticket or being pulled over for an infraction you didn't know about. get ready to take notes because you probably didn't know about some of these obscure rules of the road. >> we're getting a sunrise here at 6:48. >> when howard says what time the sunrise is, i'm aware what time i need my lights on. >> the sun was about to peak when al snowe was driving to work and he noticed sirens behind him. >> a policeman tells me your headlights aren't on. it's light outside exactly like it was now and he said well, the law requires that you have your headlights on 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunrise. >> here it is. in a long list of traffic infractions in fairfax county failure to display headlights at night or during time of poor visibility and the fine with processing fees is a whopping $92. >> reporter: did you learn about this in driver's ed? >> they sure didn't teach that. >> while you're in fairfax county, come to a full stop
5:32 pm
before you turn on a red light. if you get caught rolling through, that's a $250 fine and here's another potential one. when you pull away from the curb, put your turn signal on. if you skip that step and get caught, that's another painful $250 ticket. in montgomery county if you leave your car running and you aren't in it, you could face a $70 fine or if you drive with both earbuds in your ear at the same time, that's a $60 fine. you know if you're driving, you can't read, write or text. that's a $70 fine, but did you know if you drive too slow or if your windshield wipers aren't working so well, those are $70 fines? >> you almost have to carry around the code book in order to understand all the possible ways you can get a ticket. >> reporter: john townsend with aaa mid-atlantic walked me through some of the little known ways to snag a citation in d.c. >> reporter: so you can get a
5:33 pm
ticket for failing to parallel park? >> properly. >> reporter: or not being within 25 feet of a stop sign? >> that's confusing. who would know that? >> reporter: i've gotten a ticket for this. not turning your wheels toward the curb. what is the value of that? >> that's antiquated and archaic because it hearkens back to the day when the average car on the road was a standard shift. >> reporter: so what's a driver to do? you can start by educating yourself and be a proactive driver wherever you live. luckily al only got a warning for not having his unknown headlight infraction. >> not really spelled out. you're doing the public service by explaining this. this is something that you can be written up for. >> we sure hope so. if you think that some people don't pay attention to these little known violations, think again. i've got a letter here from holly sykes in prince george's county who took these pictures
5:34 pm
of people parked within 5 feet of the driveway or on their street more than 72 hours. those are violations in new carrollton, maryland, and if you farc on the street more than 72 hours in new -- park on the street more than 72 hours in new carrollton, that's a $50 fine. >> i love the quality of that picture. >> he went to great lengths to write and send us pictures. thank you. we've got links to other little known violations in parts of d.c., maryland and virginia on our website >> get that code book, keep it in your car. thousands of secret documents about the inner workings of the clint on white house were made public today -- clinton white house were made public today. among them? documents about hillary clinton and her healthcare task force. papers also show the clinton administration's response to early attacks by al-qaeda. friends and critics of the former first lady are exedpect to pour erov the documents as she considers a run at the presidency. it has been called a major breach upof s remet cour
5:35 pm
security. a protest group posted this video from inside the high court during oral arguments. the high court nsba electronic devices and has never allowed cameras. that shaky youtube video shows a protester denouncing the court's decision in a campaign finance case, no reaction from the justices and no toward if anything will happen as a result of this video. you can believe they'll be looking for the person who posted that. man declared dead woke up inside a body bag at a funeral home. >> this is one of the most bizarre and amazing stories. we'll share it with you all night. this started wednesday night in lexington, mississippi. the coroner checked walt early williams' -- walter williams' pulse and found no heartbeat, so everybody thought he was dead until the next day when funeral homeworkers were getting ready to embalm him and he started kicking. in an effort to get out of a zipped up body bag. i'm outdone by this. he was rushed to the hospital where he's recovering tonight. >> probably just in the nick of time. >> the coroner said he's seen
5:36 pm
everything in town. he's never seen anything like that. >> wow. that's a miracle. turning now to a one time on screen couple gets ready to tie the knot in real life. >> plus learning the fly, amazing video of an animal lover teaching a pelican how to fly. >> also a behind the scenes look at this sunday's academy awards.
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trending on google, mila kunis now engaged to her one time on screen boyfriend ashton kutcher. >> kutcher stars on the hit cbs show two and a half men. kunis has been in oz the great and powerful. trending on yahoo leira menini opens up about leaving scientology. she said her 9-year-old was approaching the age where scientology leaders would begin auditing her which apparently is a series of probing questions required for acclimation into the church. >> okay. trending on twitter, the new hashtag new oscar category. >> folks having a bit of fun ahead of sunday's academy awards. here are a few of our favorite
5:40 pm
suggestions. best performance by matt damon where he doesn't play a boston street tough. best trailer that made the movie look deeper, better, more exciting than it actually was. >> there's a bunch of those. >> and glasses on a female known as ugly until they are dramatically removed. >> i don't quite understand that one, but it was so odd we pied it. tren dingon youtube this pelican learns to fly. the bird washed ashore after a storm in tanzania. so this guy put a go pro camera on the bird's bill and helped him get into the air. the pelican does eventually land. so we assume the owner gets his camera back. 150,000 people checked this out since his post hit yesterday. >> clearly he got that camera back. you're looking at the video, right? finally president obama and vp biden shake up the first lady let's move challenge to take a nice little jog in and around the white house. now you get a firsthand look.
5:41 pm
look at the dog. >> at the end they go in. >> i want to see this. do we have it all the way? >> they go through and keep on running and circle back and get into the oval office at some point, but you got to see what they do once they get in. a little stretch and then they reach for just the right drink because -- >> after a good workout got to drink up. otherwise we'll be in trouble with jill and michelle. >> just let michelle know i did drink this. >> he said let michelle know i drank the water. whatever you do, we hope you get out and enjoy the weekend because monday will be messy. topper is tracking the storm. the latest on our yellow alert is coming up. >> better monday than saturday. up next don't fuss with russ, our investigative reporter goes back to a downtown d.c. restaurant struggling with
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5:44 pm
russ ptacek was told to mind his own business last spring and he's in trouble again. >> in tonight's restaurant alert the return of mice and a
5:45 pm
$10,000 bet on whether cosi will truly clean up its mess. >> reporter: well, you may remember this metro center cosi from the rodent closure last year. they followed that up with an e- mail from their district manager calling our investigation unwarranted and asking us not to look inside. well, they've been closed again and that's a new health hazard closure order on the front door. inside we watched cosi workers clean for the reinspection it needs to reopen. outside bewildered customers pulled on locked doors and read the health department closure plaque. that's a health department health hazard sign. >> oh. >> reporter: rodents. >> oh, gross. >> reporter: in its second closure inspectors cited cosi with mold growth in the ice machine, said floors near the oven were heavy with dirt and mouse dropping accumulation and cited heavy amounts of mouse
5:46 pm
droppings throughout. last year inspectors cited rodents and rodent droppings. the district manager called our inquiry then an unapproved investigation saying our actions such as looking under furniture causes a great deal of distress. >> will you please move out of the door? >> reporter: the franchise owner apologize ad suring last year cosi has -- apologized assuring last year cosi has introduced new standard ensuring health measures and hygiene. nine months later closed again for rodents again. >> what happened? >> reporter: were you going to get something to eat? take a close look at that sign. >> imminent health hazard. >> reporter: this time the owner said i'm as furious about this as anyone. he said we had a system in place that i was under the impression was working. that system broke down. the franchise owner says they believe the rodents got in during deliveries and they're
5:47 pm
now changing protocols to prevent that and this time he made a promise to me to hold himself and cosi accountable. he said and i quote, "i'll put up that $10,000 we don't get cited for rodents in 12 months. tell me the charity and we'll make that donation on your behalf." we've asked the cosi franchise manager to give us an open ended invitation to come back and look inside even in the kitchen to make sure they're keeping it clean, an unannounced spot check. so far we haven't gotten that invitation. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> if you want to be the first to know about closures, you can follow russ on twitter, like him on facebook. russ would like to hear from you if cosi doesn't live up to its bargain. you can tweet him where that $10,000 donation should go. cosi passed reinspection and is back in business. wusa9 news at 6:00 just a few minutes away.
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>> derek is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> we're following that breaking news in the ukraine within the last hour or so. president obama said the united states is deeply concerned about those russian troop movements over there and warned there will be costs for any military intervention. >> and virginia gun owners, you've got a friend in virginia's former attorney general for a small retainer. ken cuccinelli will come to your defense. we'll have that story and a lot more at 6:00. i all eyes now are sort of -- all eyes now are sort of zooming past the weekend to monday morning. >> you should enjoy saturday and sunday, 40s on saturday, 50 on sunday, not bad, take a bide ride or a little jog. we've been talking about going through this evolution of the forecast now it's been trending colder and cold are and it continues. it's possible -- colder and it continues. it's possible by monday evening temperatures could be in the
5:49 pm
teens in the metro area. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, looks harmless enough now, just cold, only 29, high 30, advertised 50. winds are light. at least we don't have wind chill, but if you're going out tonight, treat it like a january night, hat, gloves, scarf, the whole bit. there's the radar for california. again their rain will be our ice and snow. they're getting hammered. it's just feast or famine. at least it will fill up the water table and a lot of snow for the mountains. it's going to race to the east. the good news for us, it won't develop and turn up the coast. it will continue to go out at a pretty good clip. otherwise it would be a monster storm. it has plenty of moisture and now has some arctic air to work with. it's a very complicated forecast. 1 reason because sunday will be in the 50s. it's hard to figure out how much will stick and how soon the cold air moves in as opposed to the cold air already
5:50 pm
being in place. here's what we think. 16% rain, no freezing rain, 23% sleet and now 60% snow. so the majority of precip will be snow which actually i know you don't maybe like snow, but that is the lesser of all evils. accumulation difficult because of this mix. we'll say 1 to 2 inches of sleet possible and 2 to 4 inches of snow possible or more. 28 chevy chase, leesburg, 27 in dumfries, woodbridge and dale city, 28 in waldorf. 23 in annapolis for crying out loud. not quite as cold tonight, but no bargain, at least no wind, dry. moderating temperatures all weekend, 40s tomorrow, 50s on sunday. get outside. you can do some stuff this weekend. keep your guard up for monday for ice and snow because it's coming. wanted to show you this. here's the jet stream. again north of the jet cold, south of the jet warm. the high tomorrow in bismarck is 7 below. that's why i'm getting more and more concerned about this arctic air plummeting southward
5:51 pm
and turning most of the precipitation into snow monday. break saturday down, 20s to start, 28 by 9:00, city temps, mid-30s by 11:00 and low 40s, still chilly by 1:00. next three days, nice sunday. we got a shower but 53, a good deal. ice and snow monday, temperatures plummet starting out at 32. next seven days cold on tuesday. we're in the 30s, 40 on wednesday, 40s on thursday, friday. i got a rain/snow mix thursday night into friday morning, low pressure trying to develop to the south. it may end up passing us off to the east. >> enjoy sunday, folks. 53 and then it drops all the way back down. >> that's why we keep getting these crazy jolts. we don't know what to do, how to dress. >> we'll be with you all day monday and sunday night as well. dave joins us now with a sports story that really every parent needs to pay attention to. >> you both are mothers and the safety of our young student athletes, obviously you're keyed in on that.
5:52 pm
if you're a parent of a high school student, wouldn't you like it if someone could tell you your kid might be predisposed to certain injuries? of course you would. in this week's high school spotlight you're about to meet a guy who doesn't have a crystal ball, but he can help predict what may lie ahead for your student athlete. >> good job. >> every one of these homes, twists and contortions -- hops, twists and contortions are part of his master plan. >> i was the kid that made my own vertical jump platform and strapped rubber bands to my shoulders. >> reporter: well, things have changed a little for blair donovan in. in era of athletic specialization he's providing athletes with a critical tool, more knowledge of their bodies. >> there is more to train in the weight room than just lifting weights. >> reporter: or just bouncing a ball. donovan and his staff use a different paradigm training around a tool called
5:53 pm
hundreds of millions of


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