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tv   wusa 9 News Saturday at 6pm  CBS  August 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. right now at 6:00, breaking news. a small plane being guided by two f-16 fighter jets crashes off the virginia coast. details are still unfollowing, but here is what we've learned so far. the plane took off from wisconsin, en route to manassas, virginia. early this afternoon, the cirrus sr-20 ventured into restricted air space. air traffic controllers say the pilot stopped responding to radio calls around 1:00 this afternoon. that is when the f-16s began following the plane. about two hours later, just after 3:00, the plane crashed
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into the atlantic ocean, some 50 miles southeast of virginia, 170 miles from washington. we're told the pilot was the only person on board. no word on ihis identity. we'll continue to follow the story and report to you. happy labor day weekend, i'm in for bruce johnson. bruce has the evening off. certainly a welcomed, dry start to this labor day weekend, but your outdoor holiday plans could get interrupted tomorrow, as well as monday. first alert meteorologist erica grow is here with more on those yellow alert days. >> that's right. we had to issue yellow alerts because tomorrow's thunderstorm threat could affect any plans that you have for a barbecue or anything outdoors in the late afternoon or early evening hours. you can see right now on doppler 9000, a three-hour loop of an area of thunderstorms really starting to fire up and blossom here, but it's still a good almost 100 miles away from the downtown dc metro area. the thunderstorms just rolled
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through cumberland, now pounding fort ashby with heavy rain. most of the heaviest rain has moved out of romney, but slowly moving to the east only 20, 25 miles per hour. and 9 future cast doesn't think that these storms are going to make it across the mountains. they will dissipate as we head into overnight hours. so 11:00 tonight, it's just warm and muggy, under partly cloudy skies, with maybe a sprinkle or shower. nothing big. into the morning, though, we'll start off with lots of just really soupy kind of feelings in the air. it's going to be feeling like it's the 80s already as you're stepping out the door. then high temperatures getting into the 90s by noon. it will already be 88 degrees, before you factor in the humidity. a cold front's on the way. that cold front is not going to cool us down. we have more temperatures in the 90s and the threat for thunderstorms continuing in the first alert seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that, coming up. back to you.
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pretty large silver spring family is lucky to be alive, after a massive fire ripped through their three-story house overnight. montgomery county firefighters say the home on benny road did not have working smoke detectors. but stephanie ramirez tells us thankfully, one person was able to save the entire family. >> it's very sad because i was the first one born in this home, in 1949. my folks bought the home. my dad came back from world war ii and these homes were built for world war ii vets to help them out. >> reporter: looking at the home after, joseph roberts became lost for words. from the front of the home, you can't see it as well, but walk around the back and you'll understand. the entire home and most of its belongings are gone, after a fire swept through the family's benny road home. inside were five adults and one child, but fire officials say some of the home's smoke detectors had no batteries to warn the family in time. who saved them all, roberts' future son-in-law, who told me he woke to the smoke and jumped
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into action. >> he literally carried my mom out of the house across the street. >> reporter: an 86-year-old woman, very sick, on hospice. roberts tells me he can't thank his son-in-law enough for saving everyone, but for this vietnam vet, it's still a very deep wound. >> there's a lot of history here in the home. most all family pictures from generations were in this house. there's a part of our heart missing now. >> reporter: the red cross is going to be helping this family, now displaced. thankfully, everyone is okay, but for the fire department, a strong reminder for everyone to make sure you not only have working smoke detectors, but plenty of batteries to go along with them. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> roberts' mother is being monitored at a local hospital for smoke inhalation. montgomery county firefighters, meanwhile, returned to the neighborhood this evening to remind neighbors, a reminder to everyone, to check and test
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smoke detectors. could save your life. a late night scare at a dc hotel forced guests out of their rooms early this morning. [ no audio ] >> a spokesperson with marriott tells us as a precaution, guests evacuated their rooms and were forced to sleep in ball rooms and other areas of the hotel. small inconvenience. fortunately, no injuries. the fire is still being investigated. a health alert tonight for parents of montgomery county school students. according to health officials, there have been three confirmed cases and nine suspected cases of whooping cough at four public schools. they believe several students contracted the upper respiratory disease at a summer camp in pennsylvania. whooping cough, as you probably know, is highly contagious.
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health officials he may have been exposed at a summer camp. there has been an arrest tonight in a sexual assault case we first reported on 9news earlier this week. prince william county police arrested juan lopez carlos ramirez today, accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year- old and pushing her down embankment near the gainesville shopping square wednesday night. the victim eventually managed to get away and get help. ramirez has been charged with intent to defile and aggravated sexual battery. comedian joan rivers is on life support in a new york hospital, according to the entertainment website tmz. the 81-year-old rivers was initially placed in a medically induced coma after g goininto cardiac arrest thursday during a throat procedure. rivers' family is reportedly by her side at the hospital. well, the first openly gay football player to ever be
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drafted in the nfl made history. >> big story today. no doubt about that. i tell you, what's next for michael sam, i'm sure you'll ask. probably end up on somebody's roster very soon. >> good enough. >> no doubt. michael sam's sexuality was the bulletin board story of the spring and summer. then he got to rams camp and started playing, and playing well. still, the climb was steep because the rams had several good defensive linemen on their squad. sam didn't make it easy to cut him. head coach jeff fisher said he was very impressive. he made 11 ckles, three sacks during the preseason. after thursday's finale, fisher said, quote, i believe he could play in this league, end quote, but the numbers didn't add up for him. here's fisher after making the tough decision today. >> this is a football decision. mike fit in very, very well. he's fun to be around. he's a good teammate. there was no issue there. and, you know, again, as i said earlier, i'm pulling for him, and it just didn't work out.
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>> yeah, it's tough. numbers game in the nfl. if he passes, he's a free agent and anybody can pick him up. good football, just the rams have got a really good defensive line. >> that's right. still made history. thanks, dave. coming up next, they have acquired more weapons, territory, money and people than any terrorist í@hy
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. saudi arabia is warning the
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united states and europe tonight that terrorist groups will attack the west within months. the warning comes from saudi arabia's king abdalla, who says the only way to stop an attack is with collective power and speed from the international community. his comments come, as isis continues to seize land in syria and iraq. saudi arabia has backed the rebels in the syrian civil war, as those rebels try to overthrow syrian dictator assad. isis was allied with al- qaeda until the two recently broke. many experts say that isis is more brutal and more dangerous than al-qaeda and that force is the only way to deal with this hard core group, while others are calling for a much more measured approach to this very complicated region. >> right now, isis controls more territories and controls more people and more money and more guns than any other major terrorist organization has ever done. >> reporter: as isis, a terrorist group born out of the
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war in iraq has grown, brutality and revel in brutality more than any other sunni insurgent groups. despite territorial gains and ambitions, many around the dc area say a cautious approach is best. >> have to be a measured approach, cautious and it's a dangerous place. >> it's tempting to call in for air strikes, which have already happened and seem to be successful in a limited capacity. at the same time, you're getting involved in an incredibly complex situation. >> reporter: one that involves different islamic factions, a syrian civil war and global reper cughtses from this endlessly complicated region. the u.s. and its allies have not committed to ground forces, which is what national security experts say it might take. others argue to solve the isis problem in iraq and syria, the two countries must find political solutions. >> whether we wait and we wait
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till the iraqis -- [ no audio ] >> i think they are the most hard core of terrorist organizations, and they are not going to wait until a bunch of politicians get their act together. >> reporter: he asks how long will they wait to export their terrorism? >> there are also a lot of german and brits and dutch who actually joined isis and associated groups. these guys can actually move from, they can move back to europe, move to the united states very easily because they have a passport. >> reporter: very quickly escalating a regional threat into a global one. >> u.s. forces are currently on the ground in iraq, but the white house says they are only serving in an advisory role. some storms could interrupt your outdoor plans tomorrow. erica grow is coming back with the forecast. don't go away.
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. >> up next, the national book festival moves indoors and that's not the only first for the annual e
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. the national book fest is sponsored by the u.s. library of congress. this year's event features a couple of firsts, however. politics and pros is this year's official books, the first time a small independent book store has won the contract. the national book festival features dozens of bestselling authors of every genre. [ no audio ] 
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. a good start to the holiday weekend. >> yeah, yeah. not too bad. . [ no audio ] >> looking at the seven-day forecast, we have thunderstorms we'll have to dodge. right now, we're going to look at the michael & son weather cam, cloudy at reagan national. we've been playing cat and mouse with the clouds all day. we had nice sunny breaks and the clouds keep coming back in. the dewpoint, 70. that is such a huge change from yesterday. dewpoint was down in the 50s yesterday, so we had refreshing, comfortable air yesterday. then today, we're already at oppressive humidity levels. when the dewpoint is 70 or above, feels oppressive and it's really difficult to cool your body off, doing any kind of outdoor activity. as we head through the overnight hours, it's going to maintain the warm and muggy feel. a cold front's on the way. that's going to bring us the chance for showers and
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thunderstorms starting around noon tomorrow and extending through the evening and into monday as well. tomorrow turns hotter and more humid. you hear the word cold front and you think it means it's going to get cooler. it's not. wait till you see the first ladder seven-day forecast. 81 in frederick. >> on satellite and radar, you can see a few thunderstorms fired up in the mountains just as we said they would. those thunderstorms will dissipate into the overnight hours. tomorrow morning, we'll still be dry, even at noon, 1:00 p.m., rain still west of i-81. this time, it will hold together and we'll see thunderstorms just in time maybe for the outdoor barbecue or anything you might want to do outside tomorrow early evening. then the thunderstorms will continue to fire up as we head later into the evening. 11:00, yellows and oranges
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indicate the possibility of heavier rain to the north and west of the beltway. monday, we start out dry most likely, but spotty showers and thunderstorms. not looking at as much coverage on 9 future cast and labor day storms as what we'll have tomorrow. overnight tonight, 66 in the suburbs, 74 downtown. significantly warmer and more humid than it was last night. tomorrow morning, as you're waking up, it's going to be partly to mostly cloudy with very warm temperatures, in the 70s, quickly rising into the 80s. by the afternoon, some scattered showers and thunderstorms developing and moving eastward through the metro area. highs between 88 and 94 degrees tomorrow, so a day in the 90s for many of us. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the 90s stay with us on monday as well. 92, with a few scattered storms. isolated storms still possible on tuesday, with a high of 94 degrees. check out the first alert seven- day forecast, with no relief from the heat. we'll see temperatures in the
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90s for the entire seven-day forecast. that is the first time all this year that i have put 90s on the board all the way across. best day right now looks to be wednesday. >> tough, tough week. tough day in the nfl. >> it's the toughest. we talk about these players, but today is a tough day. jay gruden and his brain trust go through the player roster and they started slashing. and thjake and i have been best friends for years. one of our favorite things to do is going to the dog park together. sometimes my copd makes it hard to breathe. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function five minutes.
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. so this is the day, one of the few compelling things about the preseason is the cutdown from 75 to 53. it happens just like that. [ no audio ] >> let's take a look.
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here's a little surprise for some. see strung didn't make it. getting a lot of buzz for that. also showed pop in a few other games, but it wasn't enough. silas red's performance throughout the preseason, all that kind made seastrunk expendable. here are other cuts. . >> stephen bowen and leonard hankerson placed on the regular season list, meaning they have to sit out at least the first six games. here's other big news. brandon merriwether won't get a reprieve from the league office. his two-game suspension has been upheld. merriwether suspended after this hit on torrey smith in the third preseason game, the sixth time he's been penalized by the league for a hit. ravens slashing their roster as well. notable names, darren cox and
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dominique franks, offensive guard aq shipley and rookie quarterback keith winning. but the big news, a local kid from river hill high school in maryland made the squad as a seventh rounder. good for him. very impressive during this camp. he had three catches for 55 yards in the finale. good for him. down a level, in about a month, maryland will get force fed a heaping dose of big 10 football. i hope they are hungry. till then, they have time to brush up against some of the not so big opponents. we paid them a visit this afternoon. dukes in the house. c.j. brown is thirsty. here's why, guys. what can brown do for us? well, he can run over defenses. this guy looking like rg-iii used to look, running, not passing, goes into end zone for the score. he can throw it, too. sometimes when he's a little off, stephan diggs can make
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plays like that. suction cup hands. >> offensive lineman, boom! pin ball football. 38-0 right now, maryland handling jmu in the season opener. here's a good one. you know i went to navy, so i'm excited about this. navy with the storm trooper outfits there, brandon sanders is 5' 7. good thing he's not 5' 6. leading 7-6 at the half. mid shipmen killing themselves with turnovers. lisa scoops and scores, giving the buckeyes their first lead. middies up at half time, but ohio state coming back. you've heard about navy flyover. this is a buckeye fly-through. devin smith, 80 yards to the house. close for a while. then ohio state, imposing their will, 34-17. and we knew that going into the game that we had to play perfect, couldn't, couldn't turn over the ball, couldn't
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give up any big plays. we had to make them earn everything, and like i said, you got to give hats off to them. >> college football's back, it's football season. >> i'm happy. >> very good. spotty weekend weather- wise? >> definitely. going to go downhill from there. we have the threat for thunderstorms tomorrow, especially in the later part of the afternoon through the evening hours, but we could see a thunderstorm as early in the beltway as about 2:00 p.m. then more spotty thunderstorms possible on labor day. it stays hot all week. ac alert in effect! >> brace yourselves. thanks for watching. see you back here at 11:00. until then, all the news, weather and sports you need
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>> a true breakthrough in the fight against heart failure. jon lapook tells us about a pill so promising it's being called a game changer in treating the disease. >> reporter: when i reached out to card olses i got the same reaction, wow, this is huge. >> mounting evidence of a russian invasion into ukraine. another day of fierce fighting and a dire warning that moscow is pushing the conflict to "the point of no return." the the jersey shore rebounding big


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