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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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message a message to isis from the white house. >> we will not be intimidated.
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>> and a big brother steps in to stop an abduction. >> you want beer wine and liquor but you don't want to go to the liquor store, a new app launching in dc will bring the beverage to you. >> we'll be looking ahead to the weather this weekend. i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. we begin tonight with new information on the baby found dead at a maryland naval air station. the child's father found the boy in his car and his 17-month-old might have been there all day. >> the man discovered his son about 3:30 this afternoon. emergency crews tried cpr but it was simply too late for that little boy. ncis is investigating and our own topper shutt says the outside temperature hit the 90 occurring mark today, but depending on the circumstances the heat inside the car could have been higher than that. according to san francisco state university a car sitting in 90 degree heat for just 10 minutes
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jumps up to 109 degrees inside. after an hour, it tops to 135. new information tonight about a murder in langley park, maryland. police have identified the victim as miguel barias. police were in the area hoping to find more clue and made a direct appeal to families asking for information. >> in a community that is very strong and densely populated we're hoping that somebody has information that they could bring forward to us. >> it was about 4:00 this morning when police were called to the 8000 block of 15th avenue where they found his body in the street. police say he suffered trauma to his upper body. investigators are offering a $25,000 reward for any help solving the case. new tonight at 11:00, the justice department may open an investigation tomorrow into the ferguson, missouri police department. a person briefed on the situation said that investigation will look into the training and the practices of
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the department after the shooting death of an unarmed teenager last month. this would be separate from the ongoing civil rights investigation the justice department is already conducting. michael brown was shot and killed august 9. tonight, the washington post reports the metropolitan police department decided to move forward on a plan to issue body-mounted cameras to a test group of officers. now, the pilot program would begin october 1. a growing number of police departments all across our country are planning to use body cameras for police accountability following the ferguson shooting. however, police chief kathy lanier talked about the cameras in after she expressed concerns of several police officers. prince georges counties, keep advising your water. that advisory will not get lifted until sometime tomorrow or friday. a water main break is to blame. with 100,000 people are
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infected including mount rainier, chillham, landover hills, fairmont heights and brentwood, many others. check to see if this advisory affects you. we have a link to an interactive map where you can plug in your address. it is barbaric horrifying and sadly all too real. that's the word today from us intelligence videos on the video showing the beheading of american journalist steven sotloff. isis says the whole thing is a message to america. tonight, the white house had a message for isis. >> we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to take a fight against these terrorists. >> reporter: after two horrific beheadings by isis posted online in two weeks, president obama said america does not forget and
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its reach is long. >> our objective is clear, to degrade and destroy isis so it's not a threat. >> reporter: later on, president obama seemed more nuanced saying that with international help we can quote, streak isis's reach of influence. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. >> reporter: and on capitol hill, it appears more and more lawmakers are in a joe biden frame of mind, especially when it comes to targeting isis strongholds in syria. so far, american air strikes have been limited to iraq. here's virginia's frank wolf. >> this group is moving. there are a violent group. you cannot negotiate them or sit down and reason with them, so i think there's been a dramatic change. >> reporter: but down in pine crest, florida, all that tough talk of retribution a million miles away from the quiet
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language of greece as steven sotloff's dad showed off a photo of his son but left it to a spokesman to describe the family's los. >> steve it a gentle soul that this world will be without, but his spirit will endure in our hearts. today, we grieve. this week we mourn, but we will emerge from this ordeal. our village is strong. >> we want to give you a better idea of how far isis has spread. the militant terror group covers areas in both iraq and syria. the slivers you see in orange are under isis control and it may look like kind of a small area there but when you add in the areas supporting isis, you can see that influence is spread across a good part of northern iraq and syria. the ebola virus is spreading faster than health care workers can keep up with it. the outbreak will likely spread to more countries.
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more treatment centers are hoping, and this week, they're beginning vaccine trials in bethesda. the world health organization says more than $600 million is needed to fight the outbreak. joan rivers is out of intensive care and into a private room. her daughter melissa rivers says her mom is being kept comfortable. she is still on life support though. the comedian stopped breathing during an outpatient surgery on her vocal cords last week. jury deliberations will resume tomorrow in the trial of bob mcdonald and his wife. the jury began deliberations tuesday and continue through today. they're accused of taking $177,000 in loans and gifts from businessman johnny williams in exchange for prestige from the governor's office. the local seven-year-old's
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video who went viral for shaping a pop tart into a gun. the suspension was handed out more than a year ago to the second grader. it's a case of political correctness run amuck, but the school system says that pop tart incident was only the last straw after months of documented, threatening and disruptive behavior. >> the only reason he was suspended was because he mentioned the word gun and he said his pop tart looked like a gun. >> it's a case of an ongoing series of discipline incidents on the part of the student and the lengths to which the school has gone to to try to support that student before arriving at that decision. >> the school board hasn't said when it will make a decision. we will keep you posted. a virginia toddler is lucky to be safe tonight after a man tried to abduct her. >> fortunately her big brother was nearby and he acted fast.
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>> he was walking up to a three-year-old asking her how her day is. he is not right. >> that's right, it's not right. it all took place right outside the toddler's home on geraldine court in wood bridge near miniville road. stephanie ramirez talked to the relatives who saw it all. >> reporter: prince georges county police arrested 26-year-old patrick rooney right away but before police got there, thankfully someone stepped in. it started off as a normal labor day weekend with three-year-old ariana and her family playing outside her home sunday evening. all of a sudden, things turned for the worst. >> the man came and i guess he had no shoes on or anything. you can tell he looked rough. he extended his hand to her trying to pick her up. >> reporter: the three-year-old. >> he tried to grab my hand. >> reporter: he says he told her to go with him and that's
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when her brother came out of nowhere and stepped in. he shoved in. junior brewer was only 14 years old. >> he came up and looked down at her and was like hey, how you doing? like i walked up while he was saying that, he picked her up, ran up and i ran up and pushed him back. i was like you have to go away or we're going to have problems and going to fight. he walked around a little ways and turned around saying come here, little girl. come here. and i was like no, you have to leave now. >> reporter: he tried to do the same thing to another little girl. a spokesperson says rooney was drunk and has alcohol-related priors. nothing related to this, but officer jonathan parok agreed things could have been much worse. >> it's definitely troubling and a good point to remind parents to have that talk with their kids about strangers. >> you know you're a hero, right? >> no, i'm not. i'm just doing what i had to do to protect my little brothers and sisters.
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if that happened to your little sister, you'd be heart broken. i don't want to lose no family members. >> reporter: thankfully everyone in that family is okay but for dozens of other children, they are not as fortunate. that's why we have the bring them home wusa 9's missing children campaign. go online and you can find all the missing children in your area. in prince georges county, i'm stephanie ramirez. >> prosecutors charged him with attempted abduction. he's being held without bond. instead of cat videos and pictures of friends facebook users saw something else entirely this afternoon, that spinning circle of death. the social network went down in the united states after workers changed some of its infrastructure. it was brief but just long enough to drive some folks into a panic mode so much so the twitter account maryland fire tweeted this, quote, please do not call 9-1-1 because facebook is down. it is not an emergency. we checked in with dc,
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montgomery prince georges and fairfax county and nobody called in for that. there is an app for everything and now one delivers alcohol to your front door. >> a few concerns that some people might have. molla. >> reporter: there aren't as many concerns as you might think concerning the topic we're talking about here. alcohol, liquor stores looking forward to launching the app. so are those who enjoy the occasional adult beverage. >> the liquor business hasn't changed for years. >> reporter: delivery might change that. say you have a large beer, liquor or wine order or you just don't have the time or ability to drive to the liquor store on your own. now, in dc there's an app for that, drizzly, an alcohol delivery app. the app will show you the inventory of the liquor store near you. >> you can take whatever you'd like.
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>> reporter: select the amount, confirm the price which includes the alcohol, $5 rate delivery fee, whatever you feel like tipping the driver, and place your order. >> and that's going to be sent to the retail store. >> reporter: having been approved by dc's alcoholic beverage administration, the cofounder says the same policy that applies at the liquor store applies when the driver delivers your beverages. >> they're still scanning your id and checking if you're intoxicated or not. all the same checks that go on in the store happen. >> i would use it. >> i think it's a bad idea. making alcohol too easy. although, it's going to take sobñmebody off the road though perhaps. >> it would be a good idea for people who are already drinking so they don't make a beer run. >> i'd go to the store and get my own. >> reporter: sherry's liquor store in woodly park would rather deliver it to you. thai already hiring two people to help with expected deliveries and plan on reaching the
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customer who can't always reach them. >> they can't necessarily get here as often as they'd like but they could have our inventory at their door step in under 40 minutes. >> reporter: i did reach out to groups like alcoholics anonymous, mothers against drunk driving who didn't seem to have an opinion about the app. the washington regional alcohol program says assume that drizzly and the delivery drivers follow the city's regulation policies, wrap is okay with drizzly's existence. >> i lived in new york. they delivered everything. >> this is not necessarily a new thing. let's talk about cures for your aching back that won't break your bank. and you will not have to go under the knife. that's up next. >> you got my attention with that one. high temperature 89 today. wake-up weather, patchy fog possible early in the morning and by the time we get to 9:00, temperatures back in the 70s. we'll come b talk about tracking showers and storms tomorrow and the possibility of
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a health alert about something all too familiar, back-aches. >> we spend at least $50 billion every year trying to find some relief but andrea roan found
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out it doesn't have to be so costly. >> the number 1 reason people see doctors is back pain. it's more common than the c >> reporter: in fact, 90% of americans will have back pain at some point in their lives. >> ball room dancing is a huge part of my life. i'm no longer able to do it. >> reporter: taking aspirin and steroid injections aren't as effective as once thought for relieving back pain. >> they're wondering why they're having it and scared. >> reporter: many think surgery is the ultimate answer but dr.3hwollock of the inova spine institute says it can be relieved with physical therapy weight loss and home stretching. >> the truth is the majority will get better with time and conservative care. >> reporter: other myths about back pain include measuring the pain with actual back damage. >> people believe something on an mri is causing their symptoms, but it's not the case.
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>> reporter: is your bed the culprit? just pick a mattress that makes you comfortable. >> having good body mechanics the way you get in and out of the bed and chair and the way you conduct yourself throughout the day can help your back. >> reporter: and you don't have to be older to experience back pain either. >> back pain happens to everybody, all ages and genders. >> reporter: a common culprit you may not consider, your shoes. >> shoe-wear has a lot to do with back pain. the simplest way to find out if it does, if you're only hurting when wearing those shoes, it's a cause to it. >> reporter: address roan, wusa 9. >> if your back hurts, there's not much else to do until it feels better. how you can get in and out of your bed can also make a difference. for everyday ways to prevent the dreaded back pain go to our website we know gas prices are going to be a pain in the pocket book. we're going to take you to
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northeast tonight where the cheapest place to fill up is at the valerro. a gallon will set you back about 3.39. the most expensive spot is near fifth street. it's about 3.59. these stations are about three minutes apart so go to the valero if you want to say a little bit of money. know on the go. text radar to 25543 and download the wusa 9 weather app. >> so not so eventful, but storms possibly now west of town. >> and tomorrow looks like it could be all over the place on friday. and saturday the jazz festival in silver spring. saturday is does not look good right now. let's start with a live look outside. high temperature 89 today. our average high is only 84 so that's seasonally hot. 78 dew points in the low 60s. that's not bad. that's a heck of an improvement over last night's air mass. we were only in the 70s for dew
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points. remember, the dew point is a good indication of how cool it can get. it's not going to get that cool downtown. but it's way better than this morning. low was 77 this morning. patchy fog possible again early tomorrow morning. don't think it'll be a commuter problem, at least not widespread patchy areas of dense fog. bus stop temperatures not too bad, 66 to 76. a few thunderstorms, yes. i think as jan mentioned west of i-81, and the mountains more wet. and we're monitoring friday for a possible yellow alert. the models were all over the place. a few hours ago it looked like a good bet but maybe not so much now. showers may hold off on friday. might not be yellow alert worthy. 6:00 tomorrow, the future cast upper 60s to start, that's kind of nice. 68 in gaithersburg, 69 in leesburg, 74 downtown. and we get into the late morning -- well, late morning mid-morning, 75 downtown, some clouds, but dry.
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it's a dry commute. 69 gaithersburg and 71 in leesburg and manassas. by lunch time, again, nothing heavy heading our way but you might want to take your umbrella. 85 downtown, 82 in gaithersburg a couple of showers. by far and away, most of the activity is still out in the i-81 corridor, 82 in winchester 83 in la ray and by 5:00, showers thin back out. some showers may be up into loudon county into frederick county but mostly partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 80s. 5:00, showers around the south neck. temperatures kind of toasty even by 8:30. still 80 downtown walking the dog late tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s and friday morning dry again with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. day planner, 82 at 11:00. maybe a shower by 1:00. temperatures in the mid-80s. walking to lunch, bring an umbrella. some storms on friday, we'll
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monitor that for a possible yellow alert 90, showers arms on saturday. 89 that already is a yellow alert. sunday clears out quickly, maybe a quick shower but that's nice. good news for the nats and the ravens. back into the mid-80s next wednesday. >> thanks so much topper. it was a wild one out west. the washington nationals refusing to give up. it took almost six hours to prove a point about internet speeds we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this
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it was a wild afternoon in los angeles. there weren't many people in the stands today considering it is a wednesday afternoon and most people are working but those who stayed got plenty of free baseball. adam laroche resting a bad back didn't come into the game until the 9th inning but provided a spark for the team. bases loaded. two runs come in and nats go up 5-3. bottom of the inning, tyler clifford in relief. guess what happens next, topper, carl crawford, two run shot on two outs ties up the game with a
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home run. we go on. laroche grounds one, check out laroche with the wheels and the bad back and all. 1-1 scores. five rbis today but the nats pull off the victory after over five hours. after weeks of two-a-day practices, and after fielding question after question about their ability to compete, the redskins are ready to hit the field and play some meaningful football. their first chance to reassure the doubters that what you saw in the preseason is not the caliber of this team. game 1 is like the first day of school. players excited and anxious to take the field. >> we're excited, obviously, if you're a 12-year vet or a three-year player, you're going to have a little bit more experience and know what to expect kind of that first game, week 1, everyone will be flying around. it's like the super bowl for
11:27 pm
everybody. >> the baltimore ravens after their season opener sunday against the bengals. picking up where they left off. they lost to them in the final game of the season which knocked them out of the playoffs last year. this sunday, of course, they're looking for a different outcome. >> this year we come off an 8-8 season. the sense of urgency is definitely heightened and we'll get back to it and ready to play football. >> sometimes the nfl is more than just about football. while defensive tackle devon still is fighting for a roster spot with the bengals his four-year-old daughter is battling pediatric can released him after the preseason but re-signed him to the practice squad which means he gets the nfl health insurance benefits so he can take care of
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a new feature on facebook app could be jacking up your phone bill. >> you might have noticed the videos start to play automatically. that can eat up a lot of your data and put you over the limit on your bill. i've got my wusa 9 ipad to show you how to fix it easily. just go to your settings and there you'll see when you scroll through, you'll see your facebook app. click on that and settin again. notice here, auto play right there is on. all you've got to do is click on it turn it off. boom, that will save you some money. 10 seconds. that 10-second fix could save >> that could be expensive. that
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.


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