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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the upper 60s. really a nice looking day. we had some showers, heavier ones. i've -- they've been tracking on the eastern shore. some light sprinkles leftover in the denton area. the heaviest stuff has moved into central delaware. not too concerned about that although wet streets here on 404 between denton and easton right now. looks like queen anne you're just about done with the showers as well. we've seen some light showers out also in western maryland and west virginia just slipping in toward areas between paw paw and cross junction. a couple of heavier showers there. your morning temps are running in the 50s and 60s. andrea and mike. >> thanks, howard. here's what's in the news right now. today president obama meets with general john allen who's come out of retirement to lead the u.s. fight against isis in iraq and syria. the meeting comes a day after the united states conducted more air strikes against the terrorist group. on capitol hill, joint chiefs of staff army general mark dempsey and defense secretary
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chuck hagel face tough questions about the president's plan to degrade isis, including a request to train and equip moderate rebels inside syria. house lawmakers begin debating the measure today. >> the u.s. is expanding its efforts against the ebola outbreak. 3,000 military personnel heading to west africa order to combat and contain this especial dependic. the obama administration -- epidemic. the obama administration is looking for additional dollars to help the fight. for a second time the democrats failed to get the fairness paycheck through the senate. it would make it easier for women to find out how much their male counterparts earn. >> the nationals are one win away. an atlanta braves lost will clinch their second division in three years. they're playing the braves tonight. one year ago today, a gunman entered the navy yard in
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southeast washington and went on a shooting rampage which ended the lives of 12 innocent sevilleion workers. >> the secretary of -- sca villain workers. >> the secretary of navy will gather together to mark the tragedy. knick can i burdine is -- nikki burdine is live outside the navy yard with a look at that day. >> reporter: people are already arriving here at the navy yard to start their day. today is a day we will honor and remember the lives of 12 people who were gunned down essentiallessly here at the navy yard -- senselessly here at the navy yard. we'll also honor the heros who put their lives on the line to gun down shooter alexis -- aaron alexis. he opened fire and killed 12 people, all members of the navy systems command, men and women gunned down by one man shortly after 8:00 in the morning. he also wounded five others. alexis was a 34-year-old civilian contractor who went into building 197.
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[ no audio ] it's set to reopen in february. the officers credited with taking out alexis, park police officer paul hiott and officer dorian desantis will be recognized. desantis was named officer of the year in june. >> to go inside a building and search for an individual whose main mission is to kill individuals and you have to go in there and search for him, makes the hair on your neck stand up. >> reporter: it does indeed if you think about it. it's amazing to think about how they really put their lives aside and went in there to face this man and to take him out. we'll hear from the other officer credited with taking out alexis carl hoitt with park police. he'll be speaking to us shortly after the ceremony. the ceremony starts at 8:00
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with speeches from the navy secretary and vice admiral as well as others. they'll be reading off the names of the 12 victims killed here. a bell will ring with each one of those. then this evening at 6:00, the d.c. officers and federal officials will also hold an event at canal park at 6:00. outside the navy yard, i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> nikki, thank you. the white house says it supports the use of body cameras by police. an administration advisor says they're a solution between ending the mistrust of police officers and their communities. more than 150,000 people have signed an online petition urging president obama to enact a law to require body cameras. the petition comes in the wake of the rioting in ferguson, missouri after the killing of an unarmed teenager by police. attorneys for a 32-year-old maryland man say he was viciously attacked by a police officer and they say it was uncalled for and unwarranted. >> colin trust was attacked by a baltimore police officer and
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the incident was captured by a surveillance camera. they claim the officer came out of nowhere and punched their client several times. they say the attack came after trust and the officer exchanged some words. >> there's a pattern here. first the officers are stripping them of their dignity and rights and charging them with assault of which they are perpetrators. it's the same pattern. this is not baltimore justice. this is baltimore horror. >> the attorneys say they are hoping for a settlement in the case. they say the charges filed against their client were immediately dropped once the state's attorney's office saw the video. the n.f.l. is working to repair its image after a tumultuous week off the field. >> former ravens running back ray rice is trying to restore his career. nick giovanni joins us live in the newsroom with the latest from around the league. >> reporter: good all signs point to the n.f.l. players association filing an appeal today on behalf of ray rice. they have until midnight to do
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so tonight. rice as you well know by now was suspended by the league indefinitely last week avid crow surfaced of him beating his then fiance in an atlantic city casino elevator. he was originally hit with a two-game suspension. they're expected to foe causes on a clause in the collective bargaining agreement which bars the league and teams from double disciplining a player for the same act. meanwhile in the wake of the rice case, four women will now shape the n.f.l. 's policy on domestic violence and sexual assault. it includes three experts in domestic violence who will serve as senior advisors as well as the n.f.l. 's current bv of affairs and fill ran provide anna isaacson. -- philanthropy anna ace jackson. -- isakson. in another off the field case, the minnesota vikings announced adrian peterson will be back on the field sunday amid allegations of a second
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case of child abuse. peterson was indicted in texas last week for negligent injury to a child. our news partner khou in texas says peterson is being investigated into abuse to another one of his sons. the decision to reinstate him was made after, quote, significant thought, discussion and consideration, end quote. they will let the case go through the legal process but will continue to monitor the situation closely. one of the team's partnered raddisson hotel chain has suspended its sponsorship in direct correlation to this saying in a statement the company, quote, takes this matter very seriously particularly in light of our long-standing commitment in the protection of children. we're talking about two fluid situations we'll continue following and keep you posted. >> an eye opener, wow. >> thank you, nick. it's seven after the hour. virginia residents, prepare yourself for statewide budget cuts. they're coming. >> and a program that promotes clean air and exercise is about
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to expand thanks to our friends from the north. we'll explain. wusa9 is
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tracking a couple of showers up toward cross junction and berkley springs, but a beautiful looking sky here at 6:10 here in d.c. going to have a nice day today. we'll clear out the clouds. fine for the afternoon with highs mid- to upper 70s. northwest winds 5 to 10. when i come back in a few minutes, we'll take a look at doppler 9000. tracking a few showers. i'll have the seven-day forecast looking toward the weekend. now over to beverly farmer who is busier than she should be. >> reporter: absolutely, howard. busier on the rails and on the roadways. as far as virginia interstates,
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midinterstates for that matter, no big obstructions. volume delays we see here on 95, you'll find them getting into quantico, the prince william parkway into woodbridge and newington. typical stuff there. however, on the railways, problems with metrorail. there's a power problem impacting the redline headed toward shady grove. marc service, amtrak service are both impacted by some lines down north of baltimore. the marc penn line service suspended between perryville, aberdeen. and all traffic, amtrak's traffic service is suspended between d.c. and philadelphia because of those wires down. other big issue we've got to deal with, the water main break. that's at king street shut down west of 395 near beauregard street with the water main break each side of king street is closed. andrea, mike, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. more than ten major fires are burning in california this morning. >> as wendy gillette reports, this year's fire season has been especially bad in the
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state. >> reporter: buildings burned in california as anxious residents stood nearby. the fire destroyed or damaged at least 100 structures in the small town near the oregon border in the cascade mountains. >> there's nothing left. my lawn is all burned up. all that's left there is bricks. it's completely gone. >> it just came so quick, a firestorm. the wind just took it so quick. >> reporter: fire officials are warning the 1500 people under evacuation orders. >> this is the year to get out. when they tell you to get out, get out. >> reporter: helicopters dropped water on the fire that had burned several hundred acres. it started monday afternoon and moved quickly. fueled by high winds. in sutter county, california, burning trees from a brushfire that started monday night created an erie orange glow. firefighters contained the blaze to a walnut orchard. >> huge smoke and we were all like, let's track it down. >> reporter: dry conditions and
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high heat helped spread another fire in oakhurst, california. >> the house is gone. there were probably about 20, 25 other houses that went down. >> reporter: state fire data shows 1,000 more wildfires have burned in california this year compared to an average season. it's not over yet. the usual fire season ends in november. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. virginia's governor terry mcauliffe says he has no choice but to cut the budget. he says the cuts are needed to help fill a projected $2.4 billion gap. >> mcauliffe and republican lawmakers have signed on cuts of $192 million to state agencies along with $90 million for higher education. 19 deaths are linked to faulty g.m. ignition switches, and the numbers could go even higher. >> 1125 death claims and 320 injury claims have been filed. most of the claims involve drivers in their teens and early 20s who were driving their first car. luck ran out, trump plaza,
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one of atlantic city's best known casinos is shutting down for good this hour. trump taj mahal could also close in the next couple of months. showboat, revel and the atlantic club have already shut down this year. analysts say the closings are due to growing competition in nearby states. bicycles and bike share stations are arriving from washington's capital bike share program bought the biking stations and docks from ottawa. eight more have already opened in alexandria. 6:14. here's another look at our question of the morning. the average person does this about 14 times each day. is it a, lock and unlock their car. b, hum, or c stress about something. >> our facebook friend kristin cunningham wrote c which is stress about something but for some of uses, it's way more than 14. we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes so
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% you want to talk sports or weather or traffic? anything you want at 6:17. we decided we'd let howard handle it. >> i was just grabbing a picture of the beautiful sky out there. >> you were eating. >> just grabbing a grape.
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the light changes so quickly that you have to get it when you can. the morning sky. >> let's show you what's happening because it is an interesting morning. we had a couple of showers but for the most part, we're enjoying a fine morning except in areas in northern virginia and eastern and west virginia. the eastern shore, you're starting to clear out. these showers actually started first around fairfax, not far from mount vernon. still a couple of leftover sprinkles in maryland. most of it is now in toward delaware and pulling away. in northern virginia from cross junction up into west virginia now, berkley springs, ledgesville, martinsburg, inwood, these source are moving east. they'll probably past charles town north, hagerstown. they'll slip in toward frederick and washington counties and maybe even clip upper montgomery county in they hold together. most of this is light to occasionally moderate. we're talking moderate showers
6:19 am
in toward west virginia, berkley springs and i-81 moving toward the east. so martinsburg just about to get wet. this is a pretty picture that i was grabbing just a moment ago. you can see it out there now. it's beautiful. we're going to have a good, sunny day today. by 11:00 we should be mostly sunny if not earlier. 72 then. 77 at 3:00 with a high around 78, 79. still the mid- to upper 70s by 5:00 p.m. a lot warmer than yesterday morning. we had low to mid-40s with the dense fog in the shenandoah valley. temperatures running 10 to 14 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. the cool spots in the mid-50s here in frederick. it's 57 in manassas. 67 in southern maryland at the pax river naval air station. and into the high country in davis, west virginia, now we're talking 40s. for the most part we're in good shape. pretty skies this morning on the michael & son weather camera. 66 reagan national. partly cloudy. the winds still southwest at 3. there's a front coming through. that's helping to touch off the isolated showers but by 10:00 notice it's more and move
6:20 am
sunshine -- more sunshine developing. that will be the case for the afternoon. so they showers well west of us. tonight clear to partly cloudy. most temps in the 50s to about 60. tomorrow looks good. thursday just a stray shower. generally dry stretch coming our way. 79 degrees today, very nice after the early clouds and sprinkles. 50s tonight to around 60 in town. 76 tomorrow. pleasant wednesday. a little more humid. just a stray shower sprinkle thursday 77. friday looks good. saturday looks good. sunday warm 82. monday here comes the front with some showers possible. highs again above the 08-degree mark. -- 80-degree mark. beverly farmer, a lot of things going on. >> reporter: around the capital beltway interstates nothing too extraordinary. that's the upside. no problems oxon hill headed to the wilson bridge. your trip into silver spring has been a typical one as well. check out the ride 66
6:21 am
eastbound, we're finding delays to get through manassas and the rest area in centreville and leaving fair oaks here to get into vienna. inside the beltway falls church, more volume with the hov rules just going into effect. the water main break will greatly impact your trip king street but shut down in alexandria west of 395. right near beauregard street. police are detouring traffic right now in either direction there with the big water main break probably through the morning. lanes on 395 are open up to the 14th street bridge. we've got troubles with the trip on the outer loop of the beltway into silver spring just with volume as you make your way west of college park and around toward colesville road. as far as the rails are concerned, first off we have amtrak service suspended between d.c. and philly. i know that whole gap there north of baltimore it appears is where the problem with the wires down. also impacting marc rail service. s that a-- that's suspend
6:22 am
between perryville and aberdeen. they're subjecting folks use the edgewood station at martins airport. metroraiissue two. redline service impacted with trains running every ten minutes. green line might make a better option for you. >> beverly, transportation issues that are driving you crazy so at least let us try to save you a little money at the gas pump. we're looking at prices in southern prince george's county with the help of aaa's fuel finder. the most expensive gallon of regular is at the livingston gulf in oxon hill where it's $3.78 a gallon. >> if you head to the washingtonian express station, you'll pay
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it is 6:25. beautiful skies. we do have a couple of sprinkles toward martinsburg, northern frederick county, virginia and also in delaware. really i'm expecting more and more sunshine as the morning wears on. by lunch time low 70s. very pleasant lunch hour. then this afternoon good deal of sunshine. mid- to upper 70s. no weather problems once we get past the early sprinkle. beverly? plenty of traffic problems. we'll start with the water main break we're dealing with, howard, in alexandria. a stretch of king street closed west of 395. it's shut down between
6:26 am
beauregard between george mason and beauregard with police detouring traffic around that water main break. they estimate that it won't be repaired till about 6:00 tonight. got to dale with this one all day long. metrorail, have to deal with the delays on the redline. green line might be an option for you. training running every ten minutes because after power problem at glen month. also problems with the amtrak service that's suspended north of d.c. between d.c. and philadelphia. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. the effort to bring home a missing brother and sister in montgomery county has intensified. police have opened a homicide investigation into the disappearance of 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah hoggle. vekors and of course family members are still -- investigators and of course family members are still holding out hope the pair will be found alive. they've been missing now for a week. vanessa herring joins us live with more on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say they expect to find sarah and jacob hoggle together
6:27 am
but not alive. they are bracing for the worst as they ask people in this area to search their homes for any evidence of the children's bodies. meanwhile their mother katherine hoggle isn't saying much to place other than that the children are safe. take a look at their pictures. these are the children police are looking for. 2-year-old jacob hoggle and 3- year-old sarah hoggle. this is a new poster issued by the national center for missing and exploited children. catherine hoggle appeared in court monday by camera. she's already facing several charges, child neglect, obstruction and hindering and parental abdication and more charges could be filed. police say they questioned hoggle for 15 hours and she told them the kids are safe and with a friend named erin. >> i don't know if there's an erin at all. the part that i believe is troabl true, she probably -- probably true, she probably did drop them off to someone. she's not going to tell the truth i don't believe. >> reporter: police say catherine hoggle changed her
6:28 am
story during questioning at one point telling them she dropped the kids off at a playground in germantown. again, police are looking for 2- year-old jacob hoggle and 3- year-old sarah hoggle. we do have pictures of them on our week site. you can go to so you can take another good look at them. if you have any information about where these children could be, you're asked to call 911. back to you. >> thank you, vanessa. in virginia police have expanded their search for a missing university of virginia student who's also a resident from alexandria. >> her name 18-year-old hannah graham. she went missing after attending a party in charlottesville and no one has seen or from her since saturday. that is when she last sent a text message to a friend. police say graham's phone has been shut off since then. a man charged in three high profile murders is scheduled to make an initial court appearance today in alexandria. >> charles severance is charged with the deaths of nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruth ann lodato. severance was transferred if
6:29 am
leesburg to alexandria yesterday as loudoun county prosecutors dropped a gun charge against him. some key decisions still need to be made before a new medical marijuana law can go into effect in maryland. >> the head of the state's medical marijuana commission says the panel still needs to decide just how many dispensaries will be allowed. commissioners plan to meet again next tuesday. we've seen a few showers on doppler radar. here's a look outside right now. in the middle of morning rush hour, there we go. >> nello. >> reporter: a panoramic view of the city and the beautiful skyline shot. >> we know these are the witching hours and witching minutes. beverly farmer has a look at area roads. >> reporter: good morning. we started off with sort of the witching hour around the area. no big deals now as far as the interstates are concerned. i'm talking typical volume on the outer loop into silver spring. inner loop oxon hill starting to building heading to the wilson bridge. 95, 395 nothing too out of the
6:30 am
ormtd father there. big out of the order father, though, king -- ordinary there. big out of the ordinary, though, king street. closed between doss and beauregard street. possibly till 6:00 p.m. before they reopen the road. this could be an all-day affair. check out the ride for travelers on 395 where lanes are open getting up through landmark. the heavy volume here. more heavy traffic forming just past the pentagon and on to the inbound 14th street bridge. metrorail dealing with a power problem at glenmont. this will impact redline trains with delays up to ten minutes between trains. they're offering maybe green line may be a better option for you if you can. amtrak service suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. that is also because of the power or the lines that are down, the wires that are down across the rails. howard has a look at our forecast. that's better, right? >> sure is better. we have a few clouds, isolated
6:31 am
shower or two. all in all another nice the region. yesterday we got to 77. this morning your day planner, talking about a beautiful sky in washington at the moment, although skies overhead in northwest are mostly cloudy. we'll be mostly sunny by lunch time 74 with highs in the mid- to upper 70s. a couple of showersthe eastern shore. they're now into delaware. we'll see how that stuff has pulled away so we're not really concerned there any longer. i want to take you out toward winchester and martinsburg where we're watch something showers this morning crossing i- 81 now trying to get in toward maryland. other than that, a quiet morning out there. let's go back to mike and andrea. 6:31. time to see what news our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> one of those partners norah o'donnell joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> good to see you. ahead president obama announces he's sending 3,000 troops to west africa to help contain ebola. the president will lay out the
6:32 am
rest of his plan. then budweiser and miller could soon be made by the same brewer. we'll have the reason behind the possible buyout and whether it's going to affect the cost of beer right here in the u.s. then rent the runways ceo takes us inside their warehouse. the company's secret weapon to get dresses in top condition before they ship out to millions of members. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you at 7:00. >> again, norah, your interview with commissioner roger goodell still reverberating through. saw you last night on the evening news. that's going to be pivotal in whether he stays it seems as commissioner. very good interview. >> i think so. thank so you much, andrea. >> norah, have a good day. obama plans to meet with the man he's charging with leading america's mission to fight isis militants. >> retired marine general john allen is coordinating exactly what nearly 40 countries will contribute to the fight. today's meeting comes after the
6:33 am
u.s. launched an air strike monday just southwest of baghdad. it was the first in an expanded mission to go on the offense against the militants. one new york lawmaker says it will take more than u.s. action to defeat isis. >> this has to be a broad-bayed coalition so it cannot be perceived as west is going into another middle eastern country to make some kind of regime change. >> lawmakers are expected to begin debate on the president's $500 million request to train and equip syrian rebels to fight isis in syria. u.n. peacekeepers are pulling out of the syrian- controlled site of the heights. forces are being withdrawn over concern of their safety t. comes a little more than two weeks after islamic militant fighters took peacekeepers hostage. on monday president obama awarded the medal of honor to the nation's highest military honor to three servicemen who showed uncommon courage.
6:34 am
army sergeant major ben any atkins of -- adkins was recognize. he worked with south vietnamese troop whrs they came under enemy fire. he was wounded 18 times while saving 11 wounded american soldiers. he single handedly fought hundreds of enemy soldiers killing more than 135 over an 86-hour period. a second vietnam veteran and a civil war veteran were also honored posthumously. columbia university in new york, the university of hawaii in honolulu, the university of chicago, and the university of illinois at chicago all competing to be the home the obama presidential library. the four schools have until september 11 to submit a full proposal. the president, first lady michele are expected to make a final decision sometime next year. 6:34. coming up 06:35. wusa -- up on 6:35. wusa9 and d.c. jobs want to get
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together, we'll go far. 6:38 on this tuesday morning. we've got a couple of sprinkles coming out of charles town and martinsburg headed toward frederick in northern loudoun county at the moment. pretty skies if washington, even though they're mostly cloudy, they will turn mostly sunny later this morning into the afternoon. we're in for a great afternoon and evening around here with highs in theto upper 70s. perhaps even the 08-degree mark. back with dop -- 80-degree mark. back with doppler 9000 and the seven-day forecast which should be agreeable for most of you. now beverly farmer and a busy commute this morning. >> reporter: it has been busy. we're getting busier with a new problem we're hearing about,
6:39 am
sky 9 over a crash in the colesville area that impacts bridge cheney road. this will be a little west of old columbia pike fair dale. blocked basically between new hampshire avenue and old columbia pike. some of the equipment moving around. they are entering some traffic -- they are getting some traffic around under police direction. nothing out of the ordinary to head into high wanttown -- hyattstown. keep in mind the stretch of king street closed because of the water main break. andrea, mike, back to you. ray rice's punishment for domestic violence has outraged many. instead of standing trying for assaulting his then fiance, rice was allowed to enter a counseling program. >> for all the infourness and hypocrisy that rice supporters blame on the league, it's the legal system that touches many more people, specifically diversion programs like the one rice was allowed to take advantage of. >> the woman you're about to meet would also seem to be suited to the same jurisdiction
6:40 am
-- diversion program, was in the same jurisdiction, same prosecutor, but for her a very different outcome as randy kay explains. >> reporter: shanine al lenl was driving in new jersey when she was stopped for a traffic violation. in the car with her, her brand new handgun. >> when i went into my purse to give them my license and registration, i also gave them my license to carry with it. that's when i told them i have my firearm on me. >> reporter: the trouble is, it was for her home state pennsylvania, just across state lines from where she was pulled over in new jersey. she says she had no idea it didn't transfer state to state. she had just bought the gun a week earlier after being mugged. still this mother of two was handcuffed and arrested on the spot charged with both illegal possession of a firearm and possession of hollow point
6:41 am
ammunition. she's now facing more than 11 years in prison. >> reporter: how worried are you about going to prison in. >> very worried. i'm woarld every minute every day. i have to -- i have to worry about where my kids are going to go, what's going to happen to them. >> reporter: this is the man looking to put her in prison. atlantic county prosecutor jim mclean. the very same man who chose not to prosecute baltimore ravens stare rice. rice was charged in the same county with aggravated assault. he pleaded not guilty and applied for a special intervention program that gives arrestees a chance to wipe their record clean. in may prosecutor mclean approved rice for that program. the pretrial intervention program or pti as it's called allows first-time offenders to avoid prison and probig. those accepted into the program have to get counseling, do community service and stay out of trouble. once the program is complete, all charges are dropped. rice was facing up to five
6:42 am
years in prison when he got into the pti program. shanine is facing more than double that yet a month before clearing ray rice for the pti program, prosecutor mclean refused shanine's request to enter the same program. >> reporter: why do you think the prosecutor denied you access into the program? >> he's trying to be tough on guns and use me as an example. the pti program is -- [ inaudible ] that's what i should have got. >> reporter: prosecutor mclean declined our request for an interview but his office gave us this statement. mr. rice received the same treatment by the criminal justice system in atlantic county that any first-time offender has in similar circumstances. adding, the decision was correct. are you angry? >> very. very angry. i'm frustrated. i think that our situation should be switched. i should have gotten pti and he should have gotten years in
6:43 am
prison. he definitely got a pass. >> reporter: now we're learning the prosecutor is going to take another look at her case. he sent this letter dated september 12, friday, addressed to the superior court judge telling him that he, the prosecutor, is, quote, reviewing our office's position on the appropriate resolution of this matter. the prosecutor is asking for three-weeks time to review everything and for the court to delay the star of the trial and any pretrial hearings. the trial was supposed to start the first week of october. maybe he's caiiving to all the -- caving to all the attention and pressure this case is getting due to the ray rice case or maybe not but for the first time shanine has hope in more than a year. randy kay, cbs news, new york. >> it seems it shouldn't have gone that far. it's costing taxpayers to pursue something that may not even come to fruition. she had a legal permit. >> we'll keep following that story and bring you a
6:44 am
resolution if and when it happens. it's 6:44. a long-time d.c. lobbyist is being remembered this morning. >> and a temporary loan made
6:45 am
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for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™. it 16:47 on this tuesday -- it is 6:47 on this tuesday morning. some people have seen showers. for the rest of us it's going to be dry. a nice day for all of us. >> one thing on doppler up to the north that will miss us here in washington. in the afternoon, midday, lunch time, recess, all looking good acrobeen one of those nice weeks of the year where temperatures are just right. you're not out of the ac or the furnace on. just enjoy it while we've got it. doppler 9000, a little busy up north. we have the showers that went through the eastern shore, now into delaware and over toward the ocean actually. then we've got this one other batch of showers coming out of the west virginia panhandle
6:48 am
now. pretty much over with in martinsburg and coming out of the charles town area over toward brunswick, maryland toward frederick and southern washington counties now. you see it here from brunswick back toward sharpsburg approaching myersville. here's tbred rick and buckies -- frederick and buckiestown. frederick just after 7:00, looks like you'll have light showers moving in. libertytown just before 7:20 moving east at 30 miles an hour. we're awaiting for the sunrise although mostly cloudy skies may give us a little sliver of light here. then it will get cloudy and the sun will return. but this afternoon, nothing wrong with that, huh? 75 at 1:00. 77 at 3:00. on our way to 79. then this evening looks great, too. 73 at 7:00. look at the winds north, northwest 5 to 10 miles an hour. humidity levels will start to mid-60s in town.
6:49 am
cambridge is our warm spot now at 67 degrees. and reagan national, boy, pretty out there. 66. mainly clear although it is mostly cloudy. a light southwest wind at 3 miles an hour. so the futurecast is going to clear things out once we get this front to push through. then for the afternoon, evening, clear to partly cloudy. tomorrow looks pretty good. a couple of clouds south of us and maybe a late day shower along the virginia-west virginia border. more toward charlottesville than around here. by thursday a tad more humidity. with that some chance of a shower. 79 today. some early clouds, a sprinkle, very nice. 60 tonight. that's d.c. low 50s north and west. tomorrow another nice one with mid-70s. thursday 77, more humid but not bad. just a slim showers chance. by friday 75. the weekend looks good, saturday 77. sunday looks awesome at 82 before a shower or storm possible on monday. it's 6:50. let's go over to beverly farmer
6:50 am
who's been giving us way too much to deal with this morning. >> reporter: absolutely. too much to deal with on the roads, on the rails. overall, though, your trips on the interstates and around the capital beltway nothing too out offed ordinary. i'm talking about the beltway into silver spring, into oxon ilwhen. volume building past the toll road. that's typical stuff as are the interstates. check out the ride that would take you 236. that stretch of king street -- route 7 rather, not 236. but king street route 7 in alexandria closed down because of a water main break right between nova and beauregard street. virginia american water says that will be an all day affair. the closure of king street west of 395. more people using seminary, duke, glebe road as options on the west side of 395 today. check out the ride for the travelers on 66. eastbound getting into manassas, we still have the volume delay getting into fair
6:51 am
oaks toward vienna. everything is open but a slow go. outer loop of the beltway as you head from landover into greenbelt, college park, not too bad. delays closer to i-95 on the outer loop to get through silver spring. metrorail has been experiencing red line delays because after power problem at glenmont. more people using green line. amtrak has updated their service outage between d.c. and philadelphia. they now say there is some limited service on northeast regional and acela trains. back to you, mike, andrea. >> beverly, thank you. 6:51. time to answer our question of the morning. the average person does this about 14 times each day. is it a, lock and unlock their car, b, hum. or c, stress about something? >> i was reading about our facebook friend brandon. thank god i'm the only guy who locks their keys inside the car 14 times a day. >> you're alone on this one. the answer is c, you're stressing about locking your keys in the car 14 times a
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
i'm vanessa herring outside montgomery county police headquarters where a homicide investigation has been launched related to the disappearance of 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah hoggle. the children have been missing for nearly a week. their mother catherine hoggle is in police custody facing several charges. however, she has not told police where the children are. you can take a look at their pictures on our website
6:55 am back to you. this afternoon dr. kent brantly is scheduled to testify at a senate hearing on the ebola outbreak. brantly is one of four americans infected with the disease. he was transported to emory university hospital atlanta for treatment. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,000 people. the head of the centers for disease control is also scheduled to testify. long-time lobbyist and washington insider thomas hail boggs, jr. has died. his family believes he suffered a heart attack. boggs was the son of louisiana congressman halebobbs. hisster is cokie roberts. he helped craft the trade agreement. the smithsonian museum of african-american art will
6:56 am
feature the comes by check. they plan to showcase their extensive collection of african- american art at an exhibition at the museum this november. >> it consists of more than 300 african-american paintings and drawings has never been seen publicly ever. the exhibit opens november 9. a couple of sprinkles, light shower toward frederick, maryland the next few minutes. otherwise we're going to turn sunny and beautiful this afternoon. mid- to upper 70s. nice again tomorrow. thursday a slight chance of a shower but we're looking good friday, saturday and warmer on sunday. beverly? >> howard, we're check be out the ride southbound 270 travelers already with delays heading out of frederick county into hyattstown. here in clarksburg quite slow too. that will take you most of the way through germantown and off and on delays through rockville. not open a stretch of king street west of 395. that remains closed near beauregard street probably all day with the water main break. mike, andrea, back to you.
6:57 am
>> thanks, beverly. cbs this morning is next with a look at how rent the runway became the netflix of luxury fashion. >> you'll get a look at the new warehouse and the secret of their success. >> you can get your news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day on >> join howard and me at noon. take care, everybody, tomorrow
6:58 am
in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know.
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i'm john foust and i approve this messge. ♪>>
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> good morning. it is tuesday september 16th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a large explosion kills nato troops near the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. flames tear through 100 homes in california, and the aftermath of hurricane odile threatens to swamp the southwest. robin thicke said he lied about co-writing blurred lines. his admission turns it upside down. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye op ener," your d worlin 90 seconds. >> california wildfires force thousands to flee. >>


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