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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 16, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. arthur daniels. >> than 2,000 people gathered to remember the victims of the washington navy yard shooting. 12 people killed while just doing their jobs. shot dead by a former navy reservist and government contractor. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and good evening, i'm derek mcginty. we're going have a lot more on tonight's solemn anniversary of the navy yard shooting. we have new information about a possible missing persons case that has literally gripped our area for decades. >> detectives with the cold case squad are in rural virginia tonight, their investigation centers around the disappearance of the lion sisters who went missing in 1975. mola, what have you learnedded in. >> jan, derek, the sisters disappeared has been 39 yearlong mystery. it was a case that made national headlines and shook the d.c. metro area. so this possible connection would certainly come as a relief to many. back in 1975, sheila and her
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ten-year-old sister, katherine, disappeared. they were never found. no one was ever charged. since thursday, police have been in bedford county, virginia, they have been searching property that once belonged to relatives, an uncle and an aunt. welch was named a person of interest in the lion dis appearance in february of this year. 39 years after they vanished. the 57-year-old has been in prison in delaware since 1997. serving a 30 year sentence for sexual assaulting a ten-year- old girl. charged with sexual offenses against young girls. welch's alleged connection to the lion disappearance. witnesses place him in the area where the girls were last seen in 1975. they were reportedly walking to the wheaten plaza shopping center near their home. montgomery county police chief back in february when they named welch as a person of
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interest. >> investigators have established the fact that welch was at wheaten plaza on march 25, 1975. we have also established that welch was observed paying attention to the lion sisters while at wheaten plaza. >> now our sister publication, the u.s.a. today reports that welsh has denied to his relatives any involvement in the lion disappearance, but he has a stepsister who told u.s.a. today that he doubts his innocence, telling the paper she doesn't believe him, never has. welch has not been charged with anything relating to the lion sisters dis appearance. >> a lot more to learn here, but thank you. >> a lot of emotion this morning at the sprawling navy yard complex in southeast. >> mourners wipe tears as the names of the loved ones were read during the ceremony. another public ceremony is wrapping up. bruce leshan is live with more
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on that. >> almost sun down on just a spectacular september day. and just like 9/11, many of the people, about 100 of them all gathered here near the navy yard for a ceremony are pledging to never, ever forget. congressman said we should remember the victims not as statistics, but as real people who gave their lives for their country. but mayor vince gray used the moment to issue a clarion call for stricter gun laws. >> i ask every one of us today, ladies and gentlemen, when is enough, enough? enough was enough a year ago and the years that preceded it. it's time for us to stand up as we do more to mourn the victims of the navy yard. thank you very much. >> there are plenty of gun
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rights advocates that -- some say we need to really be working on the mental health system. one of those people who think the mental health system is broken is jessica gardy who lost her mother at the navy yard. she says, we need to focus on that. >> well, not a day goes by that i don't notice she's not there or wish she was. >> jessica gardy is left with only pictures of a mother who was filled with love. >> my mom, my brother. >> kathleen gardy adored the capitals. she was adventurous enough to strap into a parachute and jessica says after her rebellious teen years, their relationship was blossoming. >> we are finally in transitioning from that where you get the friendship part. >> kathleen gardy was e- mailing with her husband from work when the killer started
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stalking the halls. a coworker saw him shoot her, but her family did not find out for hours. >> when you find out through rumor mill before you find out officially. >> kathleen gardy was months away from retirement. she dreamed of traveling with her husband, of raising orchids, and of surveying bluebirds here at the national wildlife refuge. >> how was the last year for you? >> piecing things together. kind of like trying to make things work even though there's a gaping hole. >> she does not use his name, but jessica gardy does not seem to bare malice for the troubled man who killed her mother. >> i think he was as much of a victim, mental health system is not what it needs to be. >> and a year later, she's not
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sure much has changed. not the hole in her heart, nor her nagging fear that it could happen again. jessica and her father tried a little while ago to try and pack up her mother's things at their home. they broke down, they could not do it. it is still too painful. jan and derek, back to you. >> thank you. and for some survivors of the attack, hoping and moving forward comes in part from sharing their story and from then, we learn that what it was like, but also what they can teach us about what good can come from evil. scott broom spoke with a group of survivors who named themselves the rooftop gang. >> it is like being in the matrix. it slows down. >> navy yard survivor describes the moment she came face to face with shooter, aaron alexis, in a stairway of building 197. >> he blinked. i watched his furrow brow. his brow was completely furrowed and i saw a very angry
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person and i watched his decision, watched him pull the trigger. watched the blast. watch it go into me. >> we didn't know what was going on in the building. none of us knew there was a shooter in the building until jen was shot. >> captain chip found the way out. >> he was below us, the only place we had to go was up. we wound up on the roof. >> coworkers scrambled. jen, at first, was a loan in the stairwell badly wounded. >> i looked at my wound. i tried to move my fingers and i said well, he shot my arm off and my jacket is keep ting in place. i had also been screaming. i told myself to stop. i took a couple more steps back on the landing and said, well, if he comes back up, i can't defend him with one arm. i need to go. >> she moved up the stairs. >> what they heard is i called out verbally, jesus, please come help me. >> a coworker, michael jackson, who witnessed jen's shooting, nearly hit himself assisted. he guided them to the exit he
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found. >> i took my jacket and stuffed it into her wounds as best i could to stem the bleeding. >> a fourth coworker scrambled up, too. the rooftop gang was born. >> we could hear more gun shots during our time up on the roof. you have an immediate dependency in emergency situation, anything like that. where it's the four of us. and that's all there was. >> the captain emerged as the leader for what would become an hour and 20 minute ordeal for trying to get help and keeping jen alive. but it was jennifer that forged them into a group with a remarkable prayer. >> i said you guys are going to do two things for me. first, you're going to pray with me. second, you're going to make sure i'm breathing. i knew it was important to have my eyes open and be in communication. so i led us in prayer and i first prayed for shooter. i prayed for, i knew knew he was not going to make it out.
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i asked god to look out for him. i prayed for his mother and their family. our society, and our culture is not nice to the people of the families who do these kinds of things. so please protect her. then i prayed for our safety. >> rescue eventually came by air. the rooftop gang later appeared for the first time in public together as iab, bennett, and jackson, threw out the first pitch at the nats season opener this year. >> we will be remembering the lives of the navy yard victims throughout our newscast. what a remarkable woman she is leading into prayer like that. >> that is grace under fire. >> that's exactly right. in other news, the subject of a long man hunt in prince georges county is locked up tonight. he is 25-year-old, dayvon wallace picked up in d.c. this morning charged in the shooting death of three-year-old, knija h bibb. cops say she was the unintended victim when wallace fired several shots into a home in landover. he was mad after a dispute
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involving some stolen clothing with somebody else who was also in that home. wallace will have to be extradited to prince georges county to face those charges. georgetown university revealed a student died after apparently contracting meningitis. that victim, andrea jamie was asophomore in the school of nursing and studies. the student affairs says proper medical precautions have been taken. do not need to take any additional action at this time. and again, our tribute to the victims of the navy yard shooting continues. but first, topper is looking ahead. top. >> high temperature 80 today. low humidity. here is your future cast. if you're going to take a walk. 68 by 10:00 downtown and low 60s in gaithersburg, leesburg, and manassas. we'll tell you how low they will go and look ahead to the upcoming weekend. richard will always be one thing to his family. >> i want him to be a dad.
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>> the 52-year-old worked security at the navy yard, served in iraq, a former maryland state police trooper and above all, was a protector for many years to his wife, tracy, and daughters heather, meegan and mady. he loved his country.
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delays to d.c. streetcar program driving a lot of folks crazy. the cars are about to embark on a critical testing phase before they open to you, the public, this fall. wusa9 transportation reporter has exclusive details from the tracks on h street. >> you could be boarding one of these streetcars, too. steven weeks of operator training are wrapping up this friday. d dot confirms stimulated cars
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september 29. the streetcars will run on their normal schedules. simulated service could last 25 to 35 days. enough to break in the streetcars and live traffic conditions. >> going to take drivers some time to adjust to streetcars that will be making frequent stops. at platforms to pick up passengers and when parked cars are blocking their path. >> this continues to be a problem along the 2 1/2 mile streetcar quarter on h street and bening road. it's why some folks wonder if the systems are going to work. >> i doubt it. it's blocked and the businesses when they can't park at certain places. >> when simulated service begins, the streetcars will have to meet their goal arriving at these platforms every ten minutes. staying on schedule will be tough at first, as streetcars navigate the dense traffic mix along h street following established traffic lights and
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special signals. robin willis has gotten the message, telling her deliveries to park in the back, not out front where the streetcar traps are. >> it will be more of a challenge for some of the restaurants and bars. >> the streetcars and a grand opening date has not been determined, but d dot is eyeing early november to open the system barring any
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turning to sports. prosecutors have announced a grand jury is going to investigate the fatal sprint car accident involving driver, tony stewart. stewart struck and killed a fellow driver named kevin ward out on a dirt car track in new york last month. the two had collided on the lap before and ward was hit. stewart sat out three sprint cup races before getting back on the track. the grand jury will decide whether or not the nascar star is going to face charges in that driver's death. democrat, maria cantwell, a senator from washington state is trying to introduce a bill that will reduce the taxes. of course, it is unlikely the bill will become law any time soon especially as congress nears recess for the november elections. republican senator threaten add similar bill and it received little attention. now the redskins sent us this statement in response, our position remains consistent with more than 80% of americans
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who do not want to change the redskins name. we also reached out to the nfl for comment, they have not responded. top. >> always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> all right, live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. i just tweeted this out on the board walk and it's a nice evening there. pretty nice sunset. temperature here, 75. dew points in the 40s. that is a very dry air mass and winds still kicking up north, northwest at 13. they will subside tonight. so, another perfect evening, just cool. now that the sun is down, temperatures are going to fall quickly. bus stop temperatures, 52 to 65. that 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the kids. sweatshirt, a good idea. and a good idea for you. a sweater, and sunglasses. and generally we're in a nice groove. there will be a weak cold front coming through tomorrow night. for the most part, we are in good shape. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, low 60s downtown and low 50s in the
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suburbs. by 8:00, we're in the low 50s and look, d.c. hasn't moved. by 1:00, want to walk to lunch, probably don't need it. 74 downtown. by that time, temperatures upper 60s to 70. by 4:00, mid 70s inside the beltway, low 70s elsewhere and by 6:00, we're still in the low to mid 70s across the gamet. there are showers popping up back to the west. weak cold front could generate a few showers tomorrow evening. i don't think many will make it across the mountains. by 7:30, 72 downtown. low 70s in the suburbs and by 10:00, want to walk the dog, need another jacket tomorrow night, low 60s and upper 60s downtown. you can see the showers dry up as we get into the 11:00 hour. we'll keep the chance of a sprinkle in early thursday morning. for the most part, we're in good shape. cool again, lows 52 to 62. and winds out of northeast at 5 to 10.
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your day planner, low 60s to started. 64 at 9:00 and only 70 at 11:00. then 74 by lunchtime if you want to walk to lunch. now the next three days, we'll talk a little drop in here. still a very nice day on thursday. sprinkle possible. a few clouds early, but gorgeous day, 76. and a nice finish to the week. 74. that said, high school football, bring a sweatshirt. temperatures fall quickly again. next seven days, warms up over the weekend and keep it dry. 76 on saturday. 82 on sunday. front goes through sunday night, so well after any kind of outdoor activities. shower or thunderstorm possible overnight on sunday and then nice again monday. skies return partly cloudy, 75. a bit cool on tuesday withfh highs in the low 70s. we will be
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of that iconic coffee shop in central perk. it opens tomorrow in new york city. it celebrates the show's 20th anniversary. visitors can also check out memorabilia and props from the show. including the infamous smelly cat, cat litter. there you go. >> new antibacterial, by the way. if you like friends. >> were you a friends watcher? >> my wife liked it. it was a must watch thursday. it it was like friends, seinfeld. >> and er. >> oh yeah. >> very quickly, a great looking stretch of weather here. in fact, we may have a drop on thursday. but, the best chance of a shower or storm will be sunday night. mid 70s tomorrow. mid 70s thursday. cool for high school football. keep that in mind, and warming up, 82 on sunday and cooler again next week. >> a barbecue every day. >> pretty much. is. >> finish up the summer right. >> pleasant. keep it going. >> that's our broadcast. we're coming back at 11:00. we promise.
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>> have a good night, everybody.
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did robin thicke admit he
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was too drunk and high to have written "blurred lines?" >> could it have been the craziest defense strategy ever? ♪ blurred lines ♪ >> what robin's overshare could mean for the lawsuit, and was he drunk during our interviews? >> just a shot of vodka. >> and more music news. riri loses her mind after her and jay-z's "thursday night football" song was pulled. >> also headlines today say this is joan rivers' raspy last voiceover session, but listen carefully. >> my voice has been bothering me. >> we'll tell you this is a terrible hoax as the doctor from her clinic gets confronted. >> is it true that there was a biopsy performed? >> then, in tonight's big picture icon, barbra streisand unplugged. we talk about her new duets album. >> i'm just hearing that she stripped down. >> a bit risque. >> that's why we're calling it unplugged. >> and speaking of naked, well, we're at a naked wedding rehearsal with yoga. >> huh?
7:30 pm
>> now, "e.t.," breaking out the blur for those i dos. is being drunk and high a legal excuse? well, robin thicke sure seso? hi, everybody. >> it might be the dumbest legal strategy ever. he is accused of ripping off marvin gay for his hit "blurred lines." now he's saying he had nothing to do with it because he was too messed up at the time. >> and how about the tmi. i mean he's telling the court and now the world all about his drug pews problem. tonight's top story, robin's blurred life. >> being drunk and high isn't a defense for anything. >> do you ever do any like pre-performance rituals to kind of get you going? >> just a shot of vodka, you know. >> if you're doing an interview drunk, that's a problem. ♪ i know you want it ♪ if you're writing a song drunk, that's a problem. ♪ blurred lines ♪ >> there's new fallout today over robin thicke's stunning


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