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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 17, 2014 7:00pm-7:11pm EDT

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peggy fox has the latest from charlottesville. >> and hearing the pain this family is experiencing and pick up the phone and tell us something. >> charlottesville police are tracking the last known movements of hannah graham. the latest surveillance video shows her running in front of this shell gas station near the downtown mall area. just before 1:00 a.m. saturday. >> i'm assuring you today that this department's focus is to find their daughter. first and foremost, to find their daughter and by the grace of god, return her safely to their care. >> these still pictures show graham working in a hall way at 9:30 friday night in the camden apartments near the popular business district. the next surveillance video is at 12:46 a.m. on saturday in front of mcgrady's pub. she was having a converonsati with a male and appeared drunk. ten minutes later, she is seen
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running and walking in front of the shell gas station. then at 1:20, she texted her friends, i'm coming to a party, but i'm lost. >> when she left the second location, we believe that she lost her bearing. she was lost. >> graham's disappearance is a chilling reminder of harrington, the virginia tech student who disappeared five years ago when she was attending a concert. her parents attended today's news conference. >> we hope that they find some information soon that will bring hannah back home safely. >> the women had been drinking heavily before they disappeared. today, the chief said he put out that information about hannah graham to help people understand she may have been vulnerable, not for people to attack her character. in charlottesville, wusa9. >> three months after morgan's disappearance, remains were found ten miles away on farmland. they are close to solving a
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40-year-old mystery. what happened to the lyon sisters that went missing so long ago back in 1975? scott broom is there. >> reporter: montgomery county investigators working in bedford county, virginia, said this afternoon they are now confident they know who is responsible for the disappearance of the lyon sisters 39 years ago, quote, each and every one of them. >> we are on taylor mountain. we are looking to recover evidence that will ultimately hold those that harmed those girls responsible in a court of law, which includes lloyd welch and family members. >> this came at a press conference near a farm that montgomery county investigators have been scouring with virginia authorities since last week. that farm is linked to the uncle of a convicted sex offender named in the
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disappearance. his name is lloyd lee welsh, jr., sitting in a prison after molesting a ten-year-old. detectives won't say what they found, but clearly they have been searching for human remains. >> i want to make it absolutely clear. we will find out the entire truth. we know a lot already. but we are going to find out the entire truth of those people involved and we will bring them to justice. >> frank said welsh and family members all still alive are the focus of their investigation. >> lyon sisters were abducted in maryland and brought all the way to bedford, virginia, before being murdered. 12-year-old sheila and ten-year- old katherine disappeared in march of 1975. while walking to the shopping center. and now after 39 years, investigators expressing very unusual confidence that they know nearly all that happened to those two sisters. after searching this farm in virginia. formal charges have not yet
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been brought. at montgomery county police headquarters, wusa9. >> we have pictures of dozens of children missing from our area. you can log on and take a look and maybe you can help bring them home. and join us tomorrow beginning at 6:00 a.m. where we will be airing more stories and showing you their pictures. >> one day after the navy yard shooting anniversary, d.c. police chief details scores of changes in tactics and weaponly that she hopes will make a new strategy that could allow the police to respond a lot faster and more effectively if anything like that ever happens again. here's bruce leshan. >> hoping to learn from tragedy, the chief outlined the after action report for dozens of police and firefighters from across the region at gw center for police and security studies. but she add mitses realistically, there is only so much police can do to whead off a troubled and violent lone
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gunman. >> yes, it can happen again any day. we do everything we possibly can and we try and implement things that prevent it, detect it, disrupt it, but there's no guarantees. no guarantees. >> there are 160 live surveillance cameras inside building 197. here at the navy yard. but when aaron alexis started shooting, a security officer locked himself in to the one room where they are monitored and never told anyone, including the police officers who were desperately trying to stop the killing. >> you wish you had access. >> we do. >> would it have made a difference? >> who knows, it could have and surely would have given us another perspective to try and track aaron alexis' movements. >> there is also the issue of a detailed map of the massive building. it was in a homeland security command bus and never shared with d.c. police. >> we never thought we'd have
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to go inside of a military base on an active shooter. we had this mistake image that everybody inside the military base was armed. >> multiple shots fired. multiple people down. >> the city's 911 call center did not even have a map of the navy yard streets in its system. but call taker kept asking for an address and when the person pleaded for help, offered a street, it did not come up. that has been fixed. in washington, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> now the chief is convinced that alexis could hear the officer's radios and she thinks that allowed him to ambush them. so chief lanier ordered ear pieces like the one secret service agents have, so the officers can hear the dispatch, but nobody else can. >> gun owners can apply to carry a concealed weapon. a new proposed law after the long standing ban was declared unconstitutional back in july. council chairman, says that the
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gun permits will be issued on a basis and give police chief, kathy lanier great discretion who will be allowed to carry a weapon. scheduled to vote on the new gun bill next week. in arlington, the con si gentlemen of sierge is accused of stealing their booze. brooke chan was caught on surveillance video to enter an apartment and consuming the alcohol. residents at the meridian had been complaining of mising their booze. charged with burglary and released on bond. police say she admitted to the break in. >> that is one you don't hear every day. more stuff you don't hear every day is still ahead on wusa9. the house approving a bill to authorize the u.s. military to train syrian rebels. we have more on that. top. >> all right, a beautiful evening, but you've been sneezing more, you may be sensitive to weeds.
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here's the pollen for you. and it's high for weeds, low for grasses and moderate for trees and mold. we are in weed season now and until we get that first frost, you have to get ready for weeds. we will talk about the prospect of a couple showers both tomorrow and friday and look ahead to the weekend forecast. >> plus, the second phase of metro's silver line. will it mean increased costs? those stories and
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