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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  CBS  September 21, 2014 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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from washington, the -- the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. >> issue one, obama take on ebola. >> in west africa, ebola is an epidemic. it's spiraling out of control. it is getting worse. it's spreading faster expo inertially. today, thousands of people are infected. that number could rapidly grow to tens of thousands. >> president obama launched an unprecedented plan to -- now afflicting countries chiefly in west africa. he's dispatching 3,000 american
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troops on the mission to help in containing ebola. the price tag up to $1.26 billion-dollars including -- the u.s. trool troops will assist in medical training and set up hospitals. they will also establish a headquarters in the nation of liberia. to protect its personnel against ebola. u.s. troops will have no direct contact with patients suffering from ebola s. >> is this a proper role for the u.s. military and is the u.s. military doing enough? >> they're doing more than anybody else and the reason the military and army is doing it because there's no nobody around that can do that fast and do that much.
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be brought up -- you could have a hellish problem but this is a very serious matter. i think the thick is it has to mutated to where the did cz k be airborne from one person to another. that's one good thing about it. if it does mutate, this could be really hellish and an enormous international problem. the influenza epidemic, it took something like 30 or 40 million lives. >> the u.s. military is uniquely capable of dealing with this. they have the resources. they can set up military tents and hospitals. this is an appropriate use of the military. better to send # ,000 than having to deploy 200,000 it that epidemic leeched our
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source. total probably that it can. there's a three week -- a global, mobile society. so the president is acting in the hope they can still put something of a cap on the disease. this is entirely appropriate and an excellent us oof the military humanetarian. >> the embroils comairlt -- highly -- battle highly contagious upgrades. that's what this is. >> well, our military is equipped to handle nerve gas, viral bio chemical gas. and -- >> biological war fair. never happened led that before. >> had to handle in combat conditions. can respond faster. another problem is we've seen this happen more in recent days. is out on the rural areas
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people panic and sang that -- ebola doesn't really exist. this is just a plot. and as a result you had some violent confrontations. it's the sort of thing that -- as soon as we can help to restore order and contain this virus, it doesn't spread any further geographicically. where you have this highly contagious disease. do you think the commander in chief did the right thing? >> if this particular disease spreads we would be faced with a terrible problem. you got to get it as soon as you can with as much as you can in order to cab it so this a practical matter. it's weird -- we are the only country that could do this but
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the consequences if we don't do would be disasterous. glnches what is ebola. is spreads through direct contact with body fleurds. blood, -- drug companies are working to develop up. it can kill up to 95% of those that contract it and spread pan nick community. the -- since countries in the country. senegal -- nigeria and the republic of congo. they contact that over the last nine months over 5,000 cases and 250 deaths. president obama has stressed that the likelihood of a
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outbreak is extremely low. but that doesn't cover all of basics. >> it's is threat -- if people panic. that has profound effects on all of us even if we are not directly contracting the disease. >> is it conceivable that this could affect global security or was that high -- >> in terms of the global economy, it's hyperbole. if you get a number that contract it over there and an outbreak from, there will be a fire stone so bring them and take care of our own people first. i think the president will be in very serious trouble will happen. >> he's gotten the u.s. troops
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contracting this. president said they're not going it come in direct contact with patients. tough be in touched. besides if one or two or more got the disease, we've treated at least two people at emery and they've recovered and another person in a nebraska hospital if you can support someone well enough there to -- >> three weeks. >> i think that -- if you're going to get worried about this, worry about us -- hundreds of thousands of people may be contracting this in south africa. maybe the disease being brought here. i wouldn't worry about your scenario which end up with obama taking the blame. >> and -- trying to disinfect the village. will u.s. troops be vulnerable to this kind of attack? >> anything is pob. i don't know what the deals of the -- i'm sure they will take
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all the appropriate precautions such as they know what they might be. this is a stagger disease. it's just come up and come out. nobody knowings how to contain it. to follow on what eleanor was saying, this thing could spread here and if it spreads here, that would be really a disaster for this country. >> more important to contain it over there. >> how can -- do they know how to contain? they're putting up these hospitals and routes and -- hundreds of thousands of people carrying this out. >> we're not up to hundreds of thousands dead. >> suffered from and died from ebola must be carefully transferred to the ground right away. sure because -- >> in a delay in that circumstance, the ebola continues to be a lightning -- >> one of the reasons it's spreading where the dodge rate
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is falling through. let's not -- clarence, you have a new book and -- reflections on race, politics and social change. i have one of the advance copies of this volume, which i must tell you is a terrific review of so many important issues that you have handled and you have handled with such a superb research and great stuff. you've been a great stylist. >> thank you. instrumental in my success. >> i particularly like bubba's vocabulary lesson. in 2012, i was talking to michael whitmore. he's a linguist and i got to
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transcript look agent the words and found that obama was primarily remans word and-and -- rhythm of his and the metaphors. this is became -- leading off with obama's pulled by is somebody to appoint bill clinton. i explain why that characteristic is true. >> i see chris matthews wrote the introduction to the book. >> i will take it. >> so far so good with you. this great journalist is covered but what he's been through as a man -- you understand what that sentence means.
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but what he's been through as a man. what could be more purple? the life of the law has not been ljic because of ol' -- it has been an experience. >> one of my favorite quotes. >> let's hope the volume goes well. it's -- you could use it to refer back to you. >> put together 50 years of the editorials in college. >> the ornlal classroom warrior. >> back to ebola. will the u.s. military be able to contain? >> a good chance, yes. >> i think they will backing out. >> i think they will too but not without an enormous cost. >> do you think they'll bring any back then. >> you can't -- i can't say yes. i don't think they will. but -- because i think they'll be very careful about it. i don't know if they can detect
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it. >> are they on board with this? >> i don't know. >> they look -- everybody's worried but everybody's pretty much on board. >> why did obama do it? ift like -- this thing could explode and an event to contain it if it takes someone store. >> it's a humanitarian effort. >> a very good point. >> i'm proud of the fact that we've gotten into this one. >> well, let's hope that the soldiers -- all well and remain well. >> it would be a major security issue if it spread to other parts of the world. the whole balance of the world economy and the general political mood could shift if you had a giant world-wide epidemic. >> why haven't we sent out doctors and -- why haven't they been able to breakthrough it?
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>> they're making great advances. >> people are dying from it. >> they cured them. >> there's two americans who were over there wade workers and medical workers that are saying. >> they were over there and they have to -- >> my guess would be yes. >> invited the u.s. in. this is not a hostile invasion. we should say something about all the doctors. doctors without borders. working at threat to their own lives glsms want me to salute them? salute. >> yes. >> all right. don't forget we have our own website. you can watch this program at any time from anywhere in the world. go to anything be slip her. more self-improving; right pat? you trade president obama takes
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a plea to the u.s. will he get what he wants?
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join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker sm. issue two. >> live free or die was one of the mottos of the civil war. why standing together in this
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time of enormous challenge. >> a joint session but the ukrainian president. the president appealed to the u.s. to -- maintain its independence from russia. >> they need more military equipment. bought. lethal and nonlethal. urgency. [ applause ] please understand me contractually. blankets, night vision goggles are also important. one cannot win the war can blankets. >> the -- america, britten and russia to accept -- integrity
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and sovereignty. so, when vladimir putin -- it was a clear violation of that security guarantee. >> the annexation becames one of the most cynical acts in the history. [ applause ] i just want to attract your attention. ukraine just gave up the third largest nuclear potential for it -- by one of countries who gave her -- >> as fighting tends to east they asked the -- to fepped off russian back is separatists and what nato sees as an excursion. thus far, president obama has
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regarded military aid to ukraine as two provocative to russia. though -- the u.s. spent $# 0 million is such as ready to eat meals. medical supplies and communications kid. he wants more. >> i strongly encourage the united states to give ukraine a special security and defense status. which should reflect the high level of -- no, >> president obama likely to get the president the special security and defense status he wants by -- a major nonnato ally of the united states. >> no. i don't think he will. i don't think this president has the -- he's come to the conclusion that if he's not going to go very off. he stated. he does not want to arouse.
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i think this is a dangerous position for us to take because it does, once again, give putin the sense he can push us back and we will not respond in an area where we have an interest. >> president obama wants to give a missed arule, an exit ramp. that's not bad. >> it is. >> as far as playing the universal game. >> that's on the assumption that he's looking for an exit ramp. >> what are we going to do? it's going be too late. >> let me defend obama. he's doing exactly the right thing. the russians will win the war. the president's doing the exact right thing. we awghtd not to make and -- if there's a war between russia and ukraine the united states is going to go to war with
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russia. this time i think president obama shows some gusts and done some things rite all along. >> pressing russia anterussians are expecting the cease-fire with ukraine. so i think right now the president isn't looking for something that will look like a direct provocation. if you make ukraine a non-nato ally, that's in the russian mind. that's an honorary membership. i think that's probably a bridge too far right now. >> what's the senate going to do? cosponsored by senators corker and jimenez. military equipment for ukraine. will it pass? >> the military equipment part is problematic. it's provocative. i don't know if we're going to have votes for.
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that the administration is going it be pushing back saying we need to negotiate. maybe it's -- authorization for the weapons without actually -- >> obama would veto it. >> he would veto it? >> of course he would. you give guns there. they're building up their military. let go in and take them out early. what would you do then? >> give it to ukraine. december there's a -- and lethal. well, that's the -- yeah, yeah, yeah. but i think obama's going to do that. he's not going to give them missiles or anything like that. >> corporate and mendes. also to georgia and -- would
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putin find that provocative. >> it is provocative. oui got it deal with putin who's an expannishist. for, very aggressive. a political leader. very tough minded as we all know. where is he going to stop? >> it's right here. the russian people feel an expansionist themselves. >> what would we say if military became a militarily- aligned china. >> congress gets involved in this -- and the exercise of foreign policy. that's a progress tiff of the president. it's not a prerogative of congress. >> congress should advise but this is a provocative ad. then to look tough. >> congress -- judging by that -- really loves this president and loves the ukrainian president. and they just passed a -- where the rebels -- they look like a
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more militaristic mind. i don't know if it got through congress if the president would veto it. >> i don't know why we're getting involved with the syrian rebels. that's not our cup of tee. >> you're exactly right. problematic too. >> problematic. >> acts of war by the united states against countries that haven't attacked us. >> we'll be right back with predictions.
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assuming that hillary clinton is the nominee for president. will repubcans put a woman on is >> not necessarily sew. >> i agree so. sarah palin. republicans would have to find a credible woman. >> you think that -- that's difficult? >> there aren't a lot of women in the republican party looking to be presidential caliber. >> no. >> the answer is yes. bye-bye.
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