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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. the man accused of getting into the white house with a knife has a federal court hearing just over an hour from now. people occasionally jump the white house fence. police say that he got further than any jumper they could ever
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remember. we have reactions to the security breach so close to home. >> reporter: secret officers say this is omar gonzalez, the man that jumped the white house fence on friday, ran across the lawn, and made it all the way inside with a knife. gonzalez was finally arrested charged with unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly weapons. jumpers are not unheard of, but getting as far as this man did is. a manmade the same attempt 24 hours later and didn't get that far. >> how did he get beyond the fence? >> reporter: that's what everyone wants to know. a full investigation into what happened is underway. gonzalez's ex-wife said he was an iraq veteran. according to court documents once gonzalez was in custody he told officers he was trying to warn the president because the atmosphere was collapsing. >> yeah, we had been in it and we have been through the security. we couldn't understand how that man could do it. >> reporter: roger and mary were touring the white house right before this happened.
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they came back today before their trip home, but they didn't notice the extra security officers and the new barrier. >> this is that drastic, i don't think. just some minor changes. >> reporter: although the extra barriers put in place in front of the white house might not have a big impact on how tourists visit the other area. other measures might be in place that might. a secure check point for the public. with the defense language institute, they tour dc five times a year. >> i was kind of concerned. whether they would close off pennsylvania avenue here in the front. you could still drive on pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: gonzalez is due at court today at 1:30. at the white house, wusa9. >> president obama and his daughters had left for camp david just minutes before the jumper incident began. a man believed to be the last person seen with hannah graham now faces wreckless driving charges. but police really want to question jesse matthew about graham's disappearance.
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detectives in charlottesville say matthew showed up at a police station with family members, asked for a lawyer, then sped away. the grandmother claimed he bought the 18-year-old drinks, but as they then went their separate ways. graham has not been seen or heard from since the early morning hours of september 13. volunteers and police came away empty handed over the weekend after an intense search for two missing montgomery county children. they've been missing for two weeks. their mother katherine in jail. a pilot even got special faa clearance on saturday to fly at lower altitudes to help search crews on the ground. and police are asking for your help in finding a former dc treasurer who disappeared over a week ago. mack is 51 years old and a frequent financial guest on wusa9. police are calling him a critically missing person. mack was last seen september 13
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in the 2200 block of taylor street northeast. police say there's no indication of foul play. he might be driving a 2012 gray ford explorer with dc tags ee8080. the threat from isis takes center stage this week at the united nations. today, they are meeting with the world leaders in new york, with the united states and france already conducting the air strikes against isis in iraq, work continues to build an even bigger coalition to defeat the group. on friday president obama signed a measure to arm and train moderate syrian rebels. members of the team urged president obama to arm these rebels back in 2012. >> i think that it would have helped. and i think that in part we paid a price for not doing that. >> the administration says they
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could take a year to train the syrian rebels. the latest countries with offers to join the coalition, fighting isis, including both russia and iran. three afghan national army soldiers who were in the united states have disappeared. and they arrived in the u.s. for the training program earlier this month. the massachusetts national guard say the three do not appear to pose any threat. 100 tons of medical supplies are arriving and two of the countries most affected by the virus. and the gloves, medicines, flown out of new york over the weekend. today an emergency official announced 130 new ebola cases were discovered in the country's three-day lockdown that ended yesterday. american airlines heads back to back after the dallas fort worth airport.
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headed from buenas aires turned back because of mechanical problems. they showed the pressurization issue both jets landed safely. we are still a little more than 10 hours away, but feels a lot cooler this weekend. here is meteorologist erica grow with our first alert forecast. >> hey, it's not just that the temperatures are cooler than what they were this time yesterday, but we also have those gusty breezes. right now it is 70 degrees in manassas and downtown frederick as well. but look at this big temperature change for you once you go north and west of the beltway as we will be 10 to even 20 or more degrees cooler right now than what we were at this time yesterday. the cold front has already slipped on through, but now it's the gusty winds that are bringing in the drier air and cooler air. 25 miles per hour is your
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current wind gust in leesburg and dc. 23 miles per hour in cumberland. coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast, we will track the diminishing winds and some pretty chilly temperatures overnight tonight. back to you. >> thank you, erica. the ravens plan to respond soon to reports from espn that the team may have misdirected the investigation of the ray rice case. yesterday the analyst ray lewis, the future hall of famer who was honored with the statue outside the stadium earlier this month commented on the former teammate and team. saying that raven's executive never lied to him, then talking about the ray rice video. this are some things you can cover up and some things you can't. he plead guilty to obstruction of justice after being charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of two men in atlanta. no one was ever convicted in their deaths. if monday traffic drives
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you crazy, just ditch the car. there are plenty overweighs for you to get around without your ride. dozens of people hopped on the metrobuss this morning to get to work. if you can't go completely car free, think about going car lite by sharing a ride with co- workers, friends, family. >> i walked to work, but it is certainly resulting from the congestion issue that they would have. >> it is great on gas and pollution, so it is a great idea for those to use the metro and the carbon footprint. less congestion. >> the membership only costs $1. including bikes, gym memberships, certificates. don't let the gas prices
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drive you crazy. there's a big difference in prices just along pennsylvania avenue southeast. you can get a regular gallon of gas for $3.30 at the penn avenue shell, but you'll pay $3.80 if you stop at bp instead. we have good news about gas prices. gas prices this fall could hit your lowest level since 2010. they believe the average nationwide price for regular could drop up to around $3.20. gas prices have been dropping across the country for the last seven weeks. well, if you have monday blues, we found five adorable things to perk you up. plus, celebrating the successful arrival of their latest mission to mars. those stories are coming up.
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for the 16th straight year alcohol sales in the state and restaurants set a new record. they run 350 liquor stores statewide for the fiscal year that ended june 30. mars with a new stab lite today. nasa's spacecraft hit their mark and started making the rounds late yesterday as they will collect data, as well as assisting the communications with them already on the surface of the planet. they hope that they could help them discover more about the history of their climate. okay, we are throwing down the cuteness challenge for the week and it comes from the metro richmond zoo, which will be celebrating the birth of five cheetah cubs that were born on friday. the zoo had a special live cheetah cub for a litter of cubs, for a litter born last
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october, but shut down that online camera once they went on public display. they say that they hope to restart that camera some time this week. >> the start this week means a special menu across our area. still ahead the chef will prepare us for the new year. plus how to prevent your job from becoming a big pain in the back. it feels really pleasant. we're going to have a fall-like feel for the atmosphere over the next couple of days. we'll talk about that and the we'll talk about that and the next chance of rain coming up in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices.
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started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies.
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next month in family help, we'll be talking about back and health pain. >> the pressure is falling in front. oh my, yes. i didn't see that. >> on the house call to wusa9, the co-medical director of the nova spine institute shows us the problems he sees in the workplace that could lead to a lot of aching backs. >> we have a c-shape spine. they add unwanted pressure to the wall around the disc and the gel that lines in the middle. the gel is pushed back. >> eventually the back wall
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could stretch or even crack, affecting the nerve roots. if too low, we have a tendency to keep that forward. >> reporter: causing the problems in the spine and the neck area, but it will be two high computer monitors that are not ideal either. i also have the laptop at this level. >> right. >> that's correct? >> that is correct. a couple of problems here though, the lumbar support of your chair is too high for your legs. >> it won't move, it's a broken chair. >> okay. >> reporter: forget the chair, on the sales floor the colleagues are keeping good back posture sitting on the fitness ball. >> her posture right now is actually correct. my only concern for a short period of time this works, but in the long run there's a chance that the supporting muscles of the spine will
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fatigue. >> reporter: he says that it is best to alternate between the fitness ball and the chair. but we found a remedy to that only a few steps away. >> this is a ball chair. >> with the back support. >> oh, this is ideal. >> wish we had more of them in the newsroom. if you have questions about back, neck, spine health, talk to one of the several nova experts who will be here to take your calls tomorrow, september 23 during this noon newscast, so we are definitely will be hearing from you. it's great day to stretch your spine outside doing some exercise because it's gorgeous. >> yes, make sure that you secure your hair. >> yes. >> it is breezy out there, yes, but they will start to settle down as we head further into the afternoon and evening as the winds calm down with the clear skies. and beautiful sunshine for the most part this afternoon.
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and that is your temperatures for 3:00 as well. out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour by 9:00. we are going to see those clear skies and as i mentioned before, calming the winds adding to a chilly night. but right now it's pretty comfortable out there. 72 degrees. the dew point is 45, so the relative humidity is very low. and the winds are out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour. gusting up to 25 miles per hour as of right now. and so in our weather headlines, we do have that fall- like feel in the forecast. mostly sunny skies today and then clear and chilly for you tonight as we head into tuesday, the sunshine stays with us, as it will be staying on the cooler side for this time of the year as we should get into the mid to upper 70s in the lower to mid-70s
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instead. i'll show you on 9 future cast, the next coastal system that will bring us a chance for some rain, you can see how the clouds are bubbling up. and that most of those clouds are not going to be making it down into the metro area. and because of the high pressure, they will be trying to bring in that cooler air because of the clouds bubbling up to the north and west of us, which will be here and here to stay for the next few days. and as the coastal system will be making their way towards us. and mostly sunny afternoon on tuesday. wednesday is a different story. more clouds will be movi in, still dry at noon on wednesday. as a matter of fact, we will still be dry for the evening commute for just about everybody. but heading into the overnight hours on wednesday, that is when the rain will start to make their way towards us. but notice that the heaviest rain is well offshore, not impacting us here in the immediate metro, but the rain
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could be hanging around for the thursday morning commute. so our high temperatures today, nice and comfortable, 74 at fredericksburg. 72 in andrews and leesburg. 65 in hagerstown. so it will be a little cooler, getting chilly overnight tonight all the way down to 43 in hagerstown. 53 in downtown washington, and 51 in fredericksburg. here's your first-alert seven- day forecast, best chance for rain on thursday. notice the temperatures, they will be staying in the 70s until we get to next week
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people around the world are
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getting ready to celebrate the new year as they would start at sun down on wednesday and here to celebrate the sweetness of the season, the author of the holiday. always good to have you back here. >> it is great to be back here. >> what is on the menu? >> today we are making this apple pizza tart, which is just so easy. then you sprinkle it. >> is that cinnamon? >> so simple. not that many ingredients in it. i make a little bit of the border here so it puffs up, then you sprinkle some on top, this is the finished product. you can do this with any tart you want to have. you just need to glaze it with the apricot jam. super easy. >> you have so many beautiful things. >> these are honey cake
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biscottis. these are brownie bites from the holiday kosher baker, all easy desserts. this is made with mmus a cinnamon spice cake as they are opening up the pop-up restaurant next week and i love the challenges of trying to create the recipe out of something interesting. >> you made all of this from scratch. >> this is a one bowl brownie and cookie. these are easy for the kids to do together. all these things could be frozen before the holiday to make it easier. >> i saw you say to join the baker revolution. but what does it take for you to be kosher? >> we don't eat that together, so you need the dairy free desserts. >> and you learned your skills in france? >> i did. i was practicing law at that
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time and i never managed to have it turn into a career. >> that's what was amazing, you were a speech writer. so what made that big change for you? >> i was living in switzerland as my husband was working for the u.s. government. thank you for your tax dollar for that. so we were living there and i left that legal job and i wanted to go to the school to learn how to bake that and they asked me to bake them and i started teaching and editing their books and now this is my second book already and i have a third one coming out this winter. >> you say that anyone could do this? >> anyone. i teach classes here at home as you could find that online, but anybody could make these recipes, i promise. >> but so much better if you are invited to the party where they are doing all the baking. erica, come on in and help us sample some of this as we do want to say thank you very much. this looks absolutely wonderful. that is it for us. the next news at 5:00 p.m. of course we are always on 24/7 on and of course erica and i will
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be back starting bright and early at 4:25 a.m. have a great monday. thank you. >> thank you so much.
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>> austin: i know how much it helps you to be around your mom. >> summer: yeah, it does, especially with everyone moving on with their lives. i just want to reconnect, you know? i just want to look at her and hold her hand. >> austin: you gonna go tonight? >> summer: yeah, as soon as possible, so we should probably start getting ready. >> austin: "we"? >> summer: yeah, you're coming with me, aren't you? >> austin: i wish i could, but i'm due at work, and i-i can't blow it off. >> summer: okay, i-i'd really like the company. >> austin: i know, and if it was six months from now, i'd feel a lot more comfortable taking time off, but... >> summer: are you sure there's nothing that i can do to change your mind? >> austin: [ chuckles ] >> dr. cutler: so, you're telling me no one saw anything? >> somehow, phyllis managed to slip by us. >> dr. cutler: slipped by you? i don't want excuses. i want her found now.


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