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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they went back monday and collected more possible evidence at the apartment, including clothing. police are waiting for the results of dna tests on the items. it could be jesse matthew has by now consulted with an attorney and is negotiating his surrender, or it could be he's still on the run. police believe he is driving his sister's blight blue nissan and he has contacts outside virginia, in other states, including pennsylvania, maryland, new york, and d.c. reporting live in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa9. >> thank you. jan. >> lesli, the overnight air strikes against islamic militants in syria now top of the agenda at the week-long meeting of the u.n. general assembly in new york city. the united states is getting support on its mission to take down isis. >> president obama came to the
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united notions tuesday nations to talk about climate change. but before he left washington, the president spoke for the first time about the overnight attack. >> this is not america's fight alone. >> he praised the five air ran countries, calling them friends and partners. >> america's proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with these nations. >> and his address to the general assembly here at the united nations on wednesday, the president is expected to talk more about the international coalition's military strikes over syria. pentagon officials called the american led offensive against isis and a separate terror group affiliated with al-qaeda very successful and said that there is more to come. >> last night strikes are the beginning of a credible and sustainable persistent campaign to degrade and destroy isil. >> military video of a residential sight being destroyed.
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he said that area was used for training and logistics and confirmed that u.s. participation will be limited to air strikes. >> we have not put ground forces into syria. >> turkey, which borders syria has agreed to provide military and logistical support to the coalition. teresa duncan, cbs news, new york. >> expressed criticism of the military action, but saved his harshest criticism claiming their actions are part of the reasons why isis exists. >> one local democratic congressman is calling on the speaker of the house to bring congress back. and bruce leshan will bring us that story coming up at 6:00. >> a funeral procession in stafford this afternoon for a fallen marine. sky 9 flew over the scene just a short time ago. 28-year-old sergeant charles strong was killed in afghanistan at an apparent insider attack. he was shot to death by a man wearing an afghan national army
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uniform. his widow, taylor adam strong has family in the fredericksburg area. the district's ban on concealed arms has passed an emergency bill. bruce johnson has been following this story and you're bringing us reaction from city hall and from the street. >> absolutely, as you know, lesli, we would still have that total ban on handguns here in d.c. it's not up to them. we have a second amendment. at one time, there's a total ban on handguns, but the supreme court said nothat's in violation of the second amendment to the constitution. then we had the limited rule from the council that said you could have handguns, but only in the home, which brings us to where we are today. you will soon be able to have some kind of guns, but not out in public on the streets. >> you know, i believe in the second amendment of the
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constitution. i think it's a great thing. >> at the best cut barber shop in northwest, lifting the ban on carrying concealed weapons outside the home was the talk. >> i think it's smart for people to have guns in their home. i don't think you need to walk around in the street with a gun. >> definitely, we should be able to, or just have the right. you never know what could happen. >> a few miles away downtown at the wilson building, the d.c. council was reluctantly lifting the ban on carrying concealed guns in public. >> we have to take some action, because the laws are not being enforced in terms of people carrying pistols without a license. >> an emergency bill approved would allow gun owners to seek permission to carry concealed guns in the district. places where guns would still be banned, include all government office buildings, schools, the national mall, places where alcohol is served, public transportation and the list goes on. >> i don't think there will be
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a large number of people who will get a license. the requirements are rigorous. >> council members know they will have to defend the new ban in court. >> supreme court was not clear, what are the limits on restricting access to a handgun? >> the union station -- >> i'm not saying is i'm going to get it right away. >> for me, to be honest with you, i don't want to see it gone. >> tried and failed to amend the new bill today to make public a list of the people who would be carrying the concealed weapons. >> maybe interact with somebody on a regular basis that you would like to know, whether or not they are carrying a weapon or not. >> citizens have a right to carry arms. that's a great thing. >> ordinary reason of best cuts is fred. he doesn't want those weapons inside his business. he has the right to post a sign to keep those weapons out. every employer has that same right. d.c.'s police chief had her own rules to who could carry a
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concealed weapon and where. we should also point, after they lost that last court case, they can appeal that. they decided that they will lose that eventually. they have to act now. another reason as you just heard council member chase say, the u.s. attorney is not enforcing the current gun laws, because no one will know. >> it could be a situation where this goes forward and your workplace puts up a sign that determines whether or not you can bring that concealed weapon. >> we have been calling around quite a bit to workplace and they are going to put up the sign and let employees know. those workplaces where they don't want the guns. they have to deal with the courts and get something on the books. this is an emergency piece of legislation. there's a permanent piece of legislation that is also being issued today that will go to committee. >> very busy day at the d.c. council. >> you can tell? >> yes, just a little bit. thanks, bruce. all right, tomorrow we expect to get new details on a pilot program to outfit police
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officers with cameras. they plan to release the details during the mayor's biweekly press briefing. the washington times reports that as of september 3, d.c. police had 200 body cameras. the six month program is expected to begin october 1. an extra layer of security in front of the white house tonight after last week's breech. cbs correspondent tweeted these photos of the new shorter barrier put up a few feet in front of the larger fence. investigators say 42-year-old, army veteran, omar gonzalez jumped the fence and made it to the white house door, which was unlocked at the time. he is being held without bond and yesterday in court, we learned that gonzalez had a knife and more than 800 rounds of ammo in his car. the nights are getting cooler and we've got a yellow alert in place for thursday. first alert chief meteorologist, topper shutt joins us now with more on what we can expect. >> yeah, no worries tonight. in fact, we are looking at another dry, chilly night. wednesday night and thursday we
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are talking about. we'll start it tomorrow night at 6:00. clouds in place. rain and showers just to our south and by 5:30 in the morning on thursday, we have showers in here. so we issued a yellow alert because of a wet commute on thursday. notice the bulls eye is out in the dell morva. and we're going to watch that carefully. a shift to the west will bring heavier rain into the immediate metro area. right now we are thinking less than a half an inch. by 11:30 on thursday morning, most of the showers pull north of town and then by 8:00, kickoff time, look at that. we have clouds, yes, but no green blobs. all right, i'm optimistic for kickoff and fairly optimistic for tailgating tomorrow. so, looking ahead. yellow alert thursday morning for showers. primarily just in the morning for showers. heaviest rain across the delmarva. time frame, 6:00 p.m. wednesday to noon on thursday. which is good news for the game. and then looks dry for tailgating and the kickoff. certainly for the kickoff again, i'm optimistic for the tailgating. we'll come back and talk about
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how cool it will get and look ahead to the weekend forecast as well. >> top, we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. trending now, why neighbors are unfriending facebook's mark zuckerberg. plus, the surprising thing people are not doing before trading in their own phones. katherine hoggle has been transferred. i'll have the latest
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as efforts continue to find little sarah and jacob hoggle, we have new information about their mother. wusa9 news learned that catherine hoggle has been transferred from montgomery county to a facility in jesup, that is no howard county.
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why hoggle cannot be forced to take her medication. stephanie ramirez picks up that part of the story. >> in case you didn't see it, this is the physical fire police are passing out. they are asking business owners, but really anyone with any type of surveillance equipment to check their cameras. the hope is, someone in the clarksburg area will catch catherine hoggle in one of these vehicles on tuesday, either sunday, september 7, between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and her parents nissan suv or monday, september 8 from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. in this light blue chrysler mini van. with that video, police may be able to find where she took her children. why wasn't this information released sooner? montgomery county police lieutenant tell us officers already checked the businesses they thought could provide leads. >> as we get further and further away from the date when they went missing, it becomes more critical to reach out to a wider area. >> the other problem for police is while now in the court's custody, hoggle still
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hasn't given up the location of her children, which begs to question, is she on her medication? when police took her in -- >> she claimed she has been taking her prescription. >> catherine hoggle cannot be forced to take her medication without a court order and to get that court order, hoggle in her evaluation has to be found a danger to herself and others. it doesn't matter that her children are missing because they are not in her close proximity. even though catherine hoggle is due back in court on september 30, her attorney tells me there's a chance her psychological evaluation may not be done by then. outside montgomery county police headquarters, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> right now on our facebook page, we have dozens of children, pictures of them missing from our area. log on, take a look, and share these fliers with your friends. hopefully, you can help bring them home. >> the only station with weather alert days, wusa9's
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first alert weather. >> and topper joins us right now. we have had a stretch of fantastic weather. so, of course, we're now expecting the rain. >> a lit speed bump. otherwise a pretty nice week, really, and it is unusual that this is happening. this is more like a late fall, early winter type situation. but the heaviest rain appears toe be east of town. although i'll show you two interesting computer models. a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. it's very nice out. it's still 73. the dew point is 40. that's lower than last night. relative humidity is 30%. now i think the dew points are going to come up a little bit, because i'm not going as cold last night -- tonight as cold as i went last night. we'll keep an eye on the temperatures. maybe some low 40s in the suburbs this morning. dry and chilly again tonight. you can do anything you want outside. clouds roll in quickly wednesday afternoon. yellow alert thursday for primarily morning showers and co equently, a wet commute in the morning.
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and right now, i think it's going to be dry for tailgating and also for kickoff on thursday. now, here's the future cast. this is the rpm, rapid precision model. we'll start now at 11:00 tonight. want to walk the dog, no worries. mid 50s, low 60s downtown. tomorrow morning, just kind of cool in the 50s and notice not as many 40s with this particular run. this may be a little bit high, actually, but i don't think it's going to be as cold as i was last night. some clouds overspread maryland. a sweater is still a good idea. and then by 1:00, 71 downtown. some showers now peeking into the northern neck and just across the river into southern maryland. by 4:00, it's still dry in the immediate metro area, but showers now in southern maryland, this may be more aggressive. temperatures in the low 70s. by can have, most of us will barely get home south of town before you get some showers. if you're going to go to d.c., you could see a couple showers. notice it's all green for now. okay, now 8:00, we have showers
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up to gaithersburg and past manassas. and then by 10:00, some yellow showing up. mainly east of 95. in terms of the heaviest rain. back in the 60s and then by midnight, now we have some yellows and oranges showing up, which is different from what it did three hours ago. and now i'm going to show you a different model and you saw that model, wow, how much rain could fall? must be a lot, well this model says .13 and it keeps all the heavy rain in the dell morva. welcome to our forecasting world. right now, we will split the difference and keep the yellow alert. tonight, clear skies, chilly again. open the windows, but not too far. mid 40s to mid 50s. we closed the windows. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny early. a chilly start. grab your shades and a sweater. 46 to 72. clouds will come in quickly. high temperatures near 75. i think we'll stay dry through 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. so, we have 50s to start.
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63 by 9:00. 68 by 11:00 and 71 by 1:00 and clouds are rolling in quickly in the afternoon. so next three days, increasing clouds tomorrow, rain and showers tomorrow night. showers early on thursday. thus the yellow alert. beautiful again own friday. 78. this is a bump in the road, so to speak. next seven days, saturday beautiful. sunday beautiful. nats in town through sunday. ravens in town on sunday, too. perfect. even monday and tuesday, nice. temperatures around 80. upper 70s tuesday. throwing a cloud in there sunday night. a weak cold front goes through, but it moves through dry. >> all right, top, thank you. three people are dead, including the gunman at a shooting at at ups facility. cops say the shooter was a current or former employee and appears to have died of a self- inflicted gun shot wound. they do not know why he went on this shooting rampage. the number of ebola cases in liberia could rise to
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between 550,000 and 1.4 million by january. that's if there are no changes in the way that the disease is handled. the world health organization say there have been 5800 confirmed cases of ebola, resulting in 2800 deaths in west africa. experts do believe the total number of cases has been under reported. a judge in new york has sentenced osama bin laden's son- in-law to life in prison. he was sentenced for his role as al-qaeda's spokesperson after the september 11 attacks. he has testified his role was strictly religious, but he's the highest ranked al-qaeda member to be sentenced since 9/11. the shiny new iphones are here. before you upgrade, are you really clearing off all of your personal information? you won't believe some of the things people leave on their phones. >> it's the hottest new toy
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around. >> it is gorgeous. >> well, we are intrigued with the new phone. >> the introduction means it's time to say good-bye to the old. but are you and your iphone making a clean break? >> customers come in and don't realize that they need to reset their phone. they aren't thinking from the security perspective. >> and this austin cell phone repair shop, we were shocked to find out what some people are leaving behind. >> some has pictures, texts, e- mails. >> pictures and texts may not be too bad to leave behind, but -- >> papal account, there's a chase card account. >> certainly request a password reset on that account and while i have this phone before it's been reset, make purchases on their behalf. >> what do you need to do before you upgrade? make sure you do a factory reset on your phone. to do that on an iphone, go to settings, general, reset, and then reset all settings. you can also erase all content and settings from the screen. ctia, a wireless community
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research group say it may not wipe everything clean. it all depends on your phone maker and model. ctia says we should all consider down loading a data eraser application to wipe the phone. remove the sim or sd card before selling or returning it. and finally, if you want to be 100% certain your personal information is not at risk, don't sell it or trade it. have it dismantelled. some recycling companies may even melt your phone down to recycle valuable metals. >> all right, we know middle school can be a rough time for kids. the author of the diary of a wimpy kid series. here's the inspirational message of getting through it. >> yeah. and right after the break, why law enforcement agencies across the region are preparing together in case
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress.
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all right, taking a look at gas prices that is driving you crazy. the best prices we can find are at the shell located at 5110 river road. it's 3:50 a gallon. across the way in oxen hill, the best price we are seeing is located at 6804 livingston
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road. >> that is much better. >> yes, it is. there is no shortage of law enforcement agencies in our region. >> can they work together in the event of a disaster? that's the goal of a training exercise held this morning at rfk stadium. it was coordinated by joint force headquarters and teams, practiced by responding to an incident that involved a lot of casualties. it was involving a fake explosion of toxic chemicals. d.c. fire department participated in this exercise and spokesperson, tim wilson, explains when his agency might need to call in help from the feds. >> any time there's a significant threat or a significant incident that hinders our capability, certain the military is more than capable. >> wilson says with so many federal buildings in the d.c. area, it only makes sense that local and federal responders build strong relationships.
5:25 pm
>> a cpr flash mob today at tyson's mall. fairfax county rescue wants to show people just how easy it can be to save a life. hard to believe, but some people do not want to perform cpr because they are grossed out. so, as it turns out, these experts are pushing a hands only style -- >> recent studies have found that doing hands only cpr increases the likelihood of survival in a sudden cardiac arrest incident by two to three times. if they receive free arrival of 911 services. >> staying alive. i like this music. fairfax fire officials say the goal here is for everyone to know that in case of a heart attack or other medical emergency, someone nearby would be able to step in and perform pre911 response cpr. they are doing it to the beat. >> you like new clothes, but hate to shop? how new duds can appear on your doorstep with a couple clicks
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of a mouse. also, some tips on getting great travel deals during these offpeek times. >> and trending now, why facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, isn't getting any friend requests from his neighbors. some d.c. suburbs rank high on a list of best places to live in had the u.s. and believe it or not, there is a reason this guy is allowing his wife to do this. this. we'll explain after this b working hard. and, if there's a problem, they don't blame... others, they try to solve it. that's also the story of... this virginian: mark warner, the governor who worked to turn... a record budget deficit into a surplus. now ranked one of... america's most bipartisan senators, he's working to create jobs, fix veterans' healthcare and cut... the national debt. i know you get a lot more done when you work together. i'm mark warner and i approve this message.
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trending now, mark zuckerberg's neighbors are lighting up to unfriend the facebook founder. >> he and his wife are spending a fortune for their renovations, but the remodel is taking a long time and you know what that means, it's taking up parking spaces and yeah, pretty much ticking off the nearby residents. >> tell me about what some of the problems have been in the neighborhood? >> a lot of the problems have been traffic congestion. a lot of noise. numerous dump trucks, cement mixers, you name it, all shapes and sizes that start early in the morning. >> digging has been so extensive, it seems like a daily earthquake. >> frustrating for you. >> extremely. >> on top of that all that, buying up all the properties in the once working class neighborhood. now nicknamed, facebook hill. but realtors say these homeowners are going to like him and start clicking that like button again when their
5:30 pm
property values inevitably go up. i say exactly. they should be appreciative that he is beautying the neighborhood. >> except you are trying to sleep, you can certainly understand the frustration. >> i can, but ten years from now, their property value will be up and they will be liking him. high praise tonight for d.c. aresuburbs. >> according to the best places to live, 2014 report for money magazine, the columbia ellicott city area is the sixth best place to live in the country. other notable mentions from our area, reston, virginia, at number ten. rockville, maryland, at number 24. bowie, maryland, pat 26. and gayle city virginia at 37. by the way, mckinnie, texas, was ranked number one. the best place to live in the country. a new world record tonight, jan. something that you and i didn't know was a category. >> okay. >> not at all. >> john lays under a bed, a 3,000 nails weighing 125-pounds
5:31 pm
while his wife jumps rope on top of it. last year in california, amy jumped 117 times shattering the previous record of 70. guiness certified it this month, nail bed jump roping, whatever this is. she nailed it. it's a difficult thing to practice, evidently. >> it hurts him so much, so we only ever do it at the shows. i try to jump 500, actually, to get the tiredness in my legs. >> one of the main things i did, i took these bags, they are called iron body bags and they are canvas bags filled with rocks and i would beat my chest and stomach to build up that resistance. >> remind us why anyone would want to do that. >> why? all right, take a look at this right here. oh my goodness. a couple of crooks leave empty handed after a woman will not let go of her purse. this is video from the country of columbia. one of the thugs beats the
5:32 pm
woman and tries to get her handbags. she is not having any of it. the guys gave up and took off. hard to tell what is going on there. girl power, watch out. charlie sheen, he wants to get back on the show that fid him. all right, this is the final season of the hit cbs show, two and a half men. not such a hit anymore, because in a recent interview, sheen did approach how his deceased character could return, and whatever happens next is up to them. we heard sometimes the ratings are not as good as they would like them to be. >> the wall kill mighty mights football team. say that fast. they won their first home game of the year the last year. that banner took down one player after another, after another. >> a vinyl banner? >> after another? that tells you -- why isn't it
5:33 pm
paper? hello. no deed goes unpunnished. >> they use it next week. >> maybe so. >> and drop it. that's all. another beautiful evening. want to do something tonight? it will get chilly. almost cold. let's start with the lows tonight. forecast lows tonight. lots of 40s. not quite as cool, but still for september, upper 40s is cool enough. even places like bethesda, 49. 47 47. so, still a pretty cool night across the board. even 48 down toward brandy wine and 48 in bowie. okay, here's the future cast. 10:30 tonight, want to walk the dog, you can. temperatures will be in the 50s and low 60s downtown. i'll advance this. by morning, no worries. we are looking at a chilly start. clouds will roll in quickly during the afternoon. by late morning, clouds already in place in southern maryland.
5:34 pm
temperatures in the 50s and by 1:00, some showers showing up in the northern neck. downtown is dry. walk to lunch, no worries there. temperatures in the low 70s, but this activity begins to move northward. we'll talk about why we had to issue a yellow alert for thursday morning and if this gets out in time for thursday's game. >> all right, top, how to look fashionable without having to deal with the madness at the mall. >> so, what has this entire room full of 800 kids so fired up? i'll give you a hint. it has to do with the word --
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his books have sold millions. have you heard the diary of a wimpy kid series. >> today he took his message to prince georges county. debra alfarone has your 90 second dose of inspiration. >> let me say for the record, middle school is the dumbest idea ever invented. >> the movie made millions. the original diary of the wimpy
5:38 pm
kid book, a new york best seller. >> i feel a real responsibility to these kids toe help them through their own child hoods and to show them that life can be funny even when it's hard. >> 800 plus students packed the gym at bishop high school. the message in his books, middle school is tough. the message of his speech, never give up. >> i wrote one to encourage everyone here, everybody here has a talent or interest or some sort of dream to start developing it now. to start nurturing it now. because by the time you are out of college or into your young adulthood, you may be an expert. >> the university of maryland grad started off being a cartoonist. that's what led him to start writing and drawing the main character, greg. 11 books later, his success is phenomenal. he shared how this was one of his proudest moments when a sketch of greg became a float in the famous macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> if you have a dream, like i
5:39 pm
said, to nurture it. one day if you're lucky, like me, you'll get to see your idea fly. >> if you are wondering what the students think about jeff coming here, what do you think? >> i think it's really inspiring that he is here, because i'm a writer. i love to write. i have his book right here and since he went here, he can do it, i should be able to do it. >> debra alfarone, wusa9. >> and you know, we had the bishop cheerleaders here on friday for friday night lights and kenny ended his visit by signing books. a lot of them brought their books with them. >> i tell you what, i remember being that age and having authors come to our school and how impactful it was. to see them in the audience, they won't forget about this and they may be inspired to do the very same thing. >> and a lot of people write about their own experiences. he is telling people, how do you like me now? >> that is right. >> funniest movies ever. getting the most from your
5:40 pm
smart phone takes more than just down loading the latest. we'll show you how to keep your phone from affecting your help. >> but first, you want to look good, but you don't want to shop for it. there's a new way to get your clothes tailored to your taste without setting foot in a mall.
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dropping off, working hard. and if there's a problem, they don't blame others. they try to solve it. that's also the story of this virginian. after working his way through college, mark warner started two businesses, failed at each. he didn't blame anyone else, he tried again. and that company became nextel. as our governor, he brought democrats and republicans together, to turn a six billion dollar defecit into a surplus. and when we sent him here, this senator chose not to shout,
5:42 pm
but rather to work with republicans, to bring maufacturing and tech jobs back to virginia. to improve veteran's healthcare, and find a bipartisan solution to cut the national debt, even if it means taking on his own party. whether you're starting a business, leading a state, or making everyone has the same fair shot i had, i know you get a lot more done, when you work together. i'm mark warner, and i approve this message.
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it is shopping. there are now online retailers that will send you clothes based on your personal preferences. how you can look great with not a whole lot of hassle. >> sharon has never decided what to enjoy to wear, but what she really hates is shopping for clothes. >> i'm lazy. i don't want to go to the store. i don't want to go through racks of clothes. i don't want to dress myself. >> so now she has someone else pick clothes for her. she signed up with the online retailers, stitch fix. customers fill out a survey with dozens of questions, including age, size, and budget. you can also pick out your favorite kind of styles. a computer algarhythm crunches the data. every month, a stylist sends her a box with clothes and accessories. plus, instructions on how to wear them together. >> and i don't have to think about clothing now.
5:44 pm
i have choices to wear. >> stitch fix is one of several online clothing companies that offer this type of personalized shopping. and retail analyst, wendy, says it appears to be a growing trend. >> it is something that is becoming more mainstream, more established as retailers see the opportunity. >> nordstrom sees the opportunity. it recently bought the men's personal shopping site, trunk club, for $350 million. barrow says she keeps 90% of what she is sent, which costs her $250 a month and ship back items she doesn't like free of charge. marley hall, cbs news, new york. >> stunned. >> i'm dumbfounded by that. >> $250 a month? that's how you know you work closely with someone when you finish someone else's sentences. on most shopping personalized sites, we sort of buy a few
5:45 pm
sizes and whatever doesn't work, we send it back. >> when you're a working mom -- i'm on the 5, 10 minutes to find something. i need to get it quick and i got to get out. >> and they have the accessories that match with everything. >> you don't have to think about it. all right. i know, wusa9 wants to also help you find the best and worse gas prices in your area. tonight, we are checking out pumps where the most expensive gallon. gas there, about $3.39 according to aaa. you can find the cheapest gallon at the 7-eleven on jefferson davis highway. you can fill up for $3.11. most travelers know that fall is a good time for good deals. orbit says you can find great deals near the holidays. >> i guess you have to start looking for that now. what destinations will get you the most for your money? karen has tips on where to look for offseason savings. >> fall is a big season for business travelers and for
5:46 pm
conventions according to travel website, orbits. major cities like chicago and new york may not be the places to find deals for get aways over the next few weeks. instead, think contrary to the calendar. >> think about where was expensive during the summer travel season that might be dropping off now because kids are back in school. >> that includes looking in places that have emptied out or haven't yet ramped up. >> the beach destinations, east coast beach destinations, west coast beach destinations. and those ski resort towns, because they haven't hit their ski resort season yet. so it's all those places that are inbetween their seasons where you will find the best deals. >> travelers can get close, but not too close to the kickoff of the holiday travel rush. and hotels and resorts in their offseasons want to fill rooms, so look for packages with extras, like free breakfast or seasonal activities. for consumer watch, i'm karen. >> the only station with
5:47 pm
weather alert days, wusa9's first alert weather. >> you love days like this, don't you? >> i do. i wish we didn't have this speed bump in the road. it's going to be okay for the game. we're looking ahead to thursday and tailgating will probably be dry. but the kickoff will be dry. that's good. that said, we had to issue a yellow alert for thursday morning's commute. it's our live michael and son weather cam. it's very nice. it's postcard perfect. it's 73. but the humidity is 30%. that's like desert air. so, temperatures are going to fall very, very quickly when the sun goes down. i'm worried about my lows. i'm going warmer last night. we shall see. winds northeasterly at 6. satellite picture and the radar combined. we're going to zoom in. this system off the southeast coast. that is what is coming our way. a few high clouds will stream in and go back down. showers and rain already into north carolina around raleigh and certainly over toward the
5:48 pm
area. but after, we get into tomorrow morning, the clouds roll in quickly with this system as it works its way up the coast. some kind of excited if it were january. we have high clouds down to the south and most of the rain still well to the south of us. it will get to norfolk by dawn tomorrow. okay. let's talk about the headlines. we are looking at a great night. chilly again, yes, but dry. clouds roll in very quickly tomorrow afternoon. yellow alert thursday. primarily thursday morning for those morning showers, which means a wet commute. and looks dry now for tailgating and for kickoff, which is really excellent news. all right, here's the future cast. late tonight, 11:00, want to walk the dog, no problems. although low 60s downtown. by morning, still in the 50s across the board. some of these areas could be in the 40s. gaithersburg will sneak into the upper 40s. by 7:30, some clouds showing up into southern maryland and still in the 50s. by 1:00, you can walk to lunch
5:49 pm
around town. you'll be high and mid level clouds, but dry. low 70s downtown. upper 60s in the suburbs. a couple showers will move in by around lunchtime and then we get into the afternoon, 4:00, showers into southern maryland. you can see how the system is setting up. the bulls eye is not going to be us, it's going to be the dell morva. we're looking at heavy, heavy rain for places like east and cambridge, georgetown, and the ocean resorts, no doubt about that. by 6:00, some showers possible up to d.c., primarily down toward fredericksburg and by early tomorrow night, showers everywhere. up 270, past gaithersburg, and all the way out 66 past manassas. already seeing some yellow and orange flecks in there. by 10:00, still some showers. 12:30 tomorrow night, temperatures in the 60s with more showers and some rain. tonight though, clear skies, 46 to 56. it will be clear. open the windows, but not too far. okay, tomorrow morning on your day planner.
5:50 pm
63 at 9:00. still some sun. fading sunshine at 11:00. 68 and mostly cloudy. but dry and 71. next three days, rain and showers ending on thursday, but a yellow alert for the morning. we'll cancel that, and beautiful again on friday. upper 70s. what a way to finish the week. and great for high school football. and nice over the weekend. nats in town through sunday. wrapping up the season, and the ravens in town also. low 80s with sunshine and monday and tuesday, nice, we're back in the upper 70s next tuesday. >> thank you. in our health alert, how the flu affects pregnant women. they get sicker from the flu because their immune system reacts adversely. this is an unexpected finding during a study on pregnant women. pregnant women can produce more immune cells than the body needs and those cells clog airways in the lungs that can cause more sickness. >> concern over losing your job can boost your chances of developing asthma. that is according to german
5:51 pm
researchers who followed more than 7,000 adults working through the latest recession. those who believe that they might lose their jobs were 60% more likely to get asthma than those who had better job security. scientists say more research is needed to determine links between work related stress and asthma. our phones have become a regular daily part of our lives. >> yes, they really have. could our attachment affect us negatively? susan takes a lack look at how it could. >> ringing, singing, even flashing. if alerts are not turned off, smart phones can constantly prompt their owners. >> the technology travels with us everywhere we go. is routinely interrupting our concentration or ability to focus. >> if this sounds familiar, here are tips to be smart about your smart phone use. >> first thing is to tune into how you are using your smart phone. is it dictating your life or are you creating rules on how you're going to use it? maybe you are willing to check your phone once an hour or once
5:52 pm
every half hour rather than every time you hear an alert. >> practicing mindfulness. being truly aware of your surroundings may help. says psychologist, scott b. >> one of the things that reduces stress and people's sense of controlability, as we create better decision rules, we are in governance of our life and where our attention is going. >> that means, deciding when you were going to bother with your phone versus when it's going to bother you. i'm susan hendricks. >> there are times that i don't put it by the bed, because i know how i am. >> do you charge it somewhere else? >> i'm tempted. i charge it by my bed and i charge it in the office. so sometimes i'm like, it has to go in the office so i'm not tempted. >> we have our phones with us and we get tweets and story ideas and tips. >> i think that's different. >> might be a little different. or it might be crazy. >> clearly there is a market for people who pay for a
5:53 pm
platonic snuggle buddy. >> that's crazy. >> a snuggle buddy? a snuggle buddy. sounds like a kids book, but it's not. >> oh my gosh. look at this video. all right, now to a serious story. okay. how do you transition from that? president obama is at the united nations following a wave of overnight air strikes to take out isis. >> but first -- there is a hunt for suspected killers over three teens who were kidnapped
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
isreali troops stormed a west bank hideout and killed two palestinians. >> they were abducted back in june while hitchhiking home. this morning's deadly raid ended in one of israel's biggest man hunts ever. >> isreali special forces say a gun battle broke out when they raided this building to arrest the suspected killers of three jewish teenagers. >> they opened fire on the forces. our forces responded, killing one on the spot and the second perpetrator was also killed. >> isreali officials say the palestinian suspects were well known hamas militants and responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three isreali teens. the jewish students disappeared in june while hitchhiking in the west bank and found dead just over two weeks later.
5:57 pm
the murders triggered a massive isreali crackdown on hamas that led to a 50 day war in the gaza strip. israel's prime minister said the long arm of isreali justice finally caught the killers. thousands of palestinians mourn the death of the suspects. the mother of one called her son a martyr. isreali security forces said the killing of the militants ended one of their largest ever man hunts. tina krause, cbs news. >> weeks after the killing of st isreali teens, extremists killed a palestinian boy in a reveatnge tack. >> local members of congress on this syria air strike. did congress let the troops down by failing to vote on authorizing force? i'm bruce leshan. reaction coming up. >> police are awaiting forensic test results in the hannah graham disappearance
5:58 pm
case and the search for jesse matthew. m peggy fox. a live report coming up. irs scammers caught on tape on voice mail. coming up, a followup to my report yesterday is costing a lot of local people a lot of money. well the united states and arab partners unleash air strikes on isis targets in syria. thanks for being here, i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. missiles and bombs rain down striking isis terrorist command command posts overnight. hit the coroson group. president obama talked this morning about the u.s. military action against isis rebels in syria. >> we're going to do what is necessary to take a fight to this terrorist group. for the security of the country and the region and for the entire world. >>the president is expected to talk more about the international coalition
5:59 pm
military strikes during, over syria during his address to the united nation's general assembly tomorrow. >> no iraq war 2.0. that was the tweet today from one influential maryland congressman about those strikes in syria. >> and democrat is urging the house speaker to immediately call the congress back into session to vote on whether or not to authorize the continuing use of military force. bruce leshan reports on the voices suggesting that congress has ducked its duty under the constitution. >> article one of the constitution gives congress the power to declare war. but when the president announced a new campaign against isis earlier this month, congress voted money to train syrian rebels, and then ducked out of town without debating the larger issue. >> what congress needs to do its duty. we should come back now to vote. >> maryland democrat supports the current strikes, but thinks congress should vote on a war authorization with a time limit
6:00 pm
and a ban on american combat troops on the ground. >> we don't want to end up in another quagmire. we don't want to end up in another iraq. >> we owe it to the men and women who serve, many of whom end up maimed and treated at places like walter reid military hospital. we owe it to them to have a political consensus and a specific vote on the war on isis. >> don't ask service members to risk their lives if there's not a political con sees consensus that the mission is worth it. >> the obama administration should come to congress with clear objectives and congress should immediately debate the use of force. failure to do that, he says, could given even more war powers to the next president and all the presidents after that. >> if congress allows the president to begin this campaign against isil and go


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