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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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client? whether he's on the run or hiding out, no one seems to know the whereabouts of jesse leroy matthew including his attorney. >> i am mr. matthew's attorney. i was hired by him and his family on saturday. that's the only comment i'll make at this time. >> reporter: where is he? >> will you stop this. what didn't you understand about what i just said? what didn't you understand about it? you guys, that's the only comment i'll make at this time, it's pretty clear english. i don't mean to be getting annoyed, but i've been dealing with you guys for hours. >> reporter: police continue to roll on potential sightings and new information has come out about the suspect in hannah graham's disawer. the day before she -- disappearance. the day before she went missing jesse matthew is seen working in this video as a football coach in the private covenant
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school. the headmaster said matthew will no longer work with the football program until this matter is clarified and resolved. student nathan minnick played on the team and knows matthew. >> he ran away. obviously he has done something. it might not have been the whole thing with the girl, but did he something illegal because he wouldn't be running away. >> reporter: he has been suspended from his job as an operating medical room technician. he has been charged with abduction with intent to defile, a reference to sexual assault. the charge was filed yesterday after forensic test results of items seized from matthew's apartment and car. covenant school's headmaster sent out additional information this afternoon and said jesse matthew is no longer associated with the school in any capacity. in charlottesville, peggy fox, wusa9. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert
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weather. >> we have a flood watch in effect for the immediate metro area, includes montgomery county, fairfax, the district, prince george's county and anne arundel, for some reason does not include our friends down to the south. you folks in st. charles county, calvert, you'll have plenty to go around. it's about to cross over 95 and up 270. the heavy activity won't roll in till later tonight. we'll zoom in. we have rain downtown, rain in old town and also a wet ride home from d.c. south through dale city down toward quantico and stafford into fredericksburg and also wet down 301, waldorf to la plata, but the good news is we're getting this out of the way. tomorrow night's game decreasing cloudiness, cool, tailgate temperature around 70s and during the game in the 60s. this is 8:00 at night. there's the heavy rain in yellow. this rolls to the north. so by 10:00 it's essentially raining about in the entire metro area and then the real
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heavy activity rolls through between 10 and 6 a.m. the yellows and oranges blasts through the metro area. you folks in loudoun county are not technically under the watch, but i think you'll see as much as 2 inches of rain with this system. by 6:00 in the morning heavy rain leesburg to frederick. the rest of us just have showers. i would allow extra time tomorrow morning for the commute, but in the immediate metro area you're just looking at showers. we'll come back, talk about when we clear out, how we finish the week and what the weekend holds. the head man at metro is retiring. richard sarles told the metro board today he's stepping down as general manager as of the middle of january. sarles says he's about to turn 70 years old and wants to spend more time with his family and friends. >> i just want to thank you so much for the opportunity to have served wmata. it has been truly a pleasure and honor and to lead the men and women of this fine, fine
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organization, all of whom really want to do a great job. thank you again. [ applause ] >> check it out. sarles gets a standing o at today's board meeting. sarles was appointed as gm in 2011 after serving several months as interim chief. the board chair says the agency will be searching nationwide for a new manager. we'll have more on metro and show you why the days of the herky-jerky train ride are numbered. calls tonight for the leader of perhaps an even more crucial agency calling it quits to step down. >> ron kessler says the director of the secret service should resign after a fence jumper made it through the front door of the white house and bruce leshan reports members of congress want to know if there is something seriously broken at the agency that protects the president. >> reporter: the president in new york while the controversy continues to rage in washington over the troubled iraq war vet who made it over the fence,
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across the lawn and into the front door of the white house. >> exit 17th street, please. >> reporter: the secret service held its fire. if you had a dozen people jump the fence aiming for the president, could they stop them? >> i don't think so. they really are still thinking in term of the jfk assassination when there was one lone gunman as opposed to a dozen terrorists. isil would like nothing better than to take out the president. >> reporter: the man with perhaps the most to lose expresses little concern. >> secret service does a great job. >> reporter: but from the salahi slipup to the prostitutions in colombia, ron kessler who has written two best selling books on the agency says the secret service is suffering from a rotten culture, lack of money and bad morale. >> there has been nothing to change the culture of corner cutting in the secret service. >> reporter: congress holds a
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hearing tuesday called white house perimeter breach, new concerns about the secret service. expects some tough questions. >> i don't -- expect some tough questions. >> i don't want people to even imagine they can get beyond the secret service. >> reporter: elijah ely cummings is the ranking democrat on the -- elijah cummings is the ranking democrat on the house services committee. even some tourists wonder if the sixth ring of fence around the white house is enough. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> secret service director julia pierson released a statement praising the restraint the officers showed when they didn't shoot the intruder, but she promises a full report on why they famed to release the guard dogs -- failed to release the guard dogs and failed to release the front door. the d.c. police department
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unveiled a pilot project that will see up to 165 officers wearing body video cameras. chief cathy lanier says in police departments using the cameras complaints against temperatures have dropped by 80%. dropped-- against officers have dropped 80s%. >> people's stories often vary between citizens and officers in the process of making an arrest. so this gives us that independent unbiased witness. >> there were roughly 400 civilian complaints against d.c. police officers last year and manufacture those cases are dismissed -- many of those cases are dismissed after long investigations because it turns out it's the officer's word against the civilian's word and there's no evidence to support either side. if you're already fed up with those pumpkin spiced drinks, starbucks is rolling out a new coffee that could appeal to certain beer lovers.
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the herky jerky ride on metrorail drivers a lot of commuters crazy, but that's going to change soon. >> metro is going back to technology that will smooth out your ride and it will happen the first time since that fatal red line crash back in 2009. >> reporter: after nine people were killed in metro's worst
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ever disaster june 22nd, 2009, the transit authority shut down its automatic train operation system known as ato. that left the acceleration and braking of trains to humans. now that metro's overhauled its once faulty track circuitry system and put in place technology to prevent the repeat of the deadly crash, it's ready to return to aco. think of the metro train like a car. some people are heavy on the gas, others on the brakes. that's what accounts for the herky jerky motion on the train right now. abrupt starts and stops are not the only aspects of manual operation riders find frustrating. whenever an operator misses his mark, he has to inch the train forward wasting valuable seconds. the general manager says next month you'll start to notice a smoother ride. >> the new ride obviously will be a lot smoother because of the predictability ato
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provides. >> reporter: metro will restart automatic train operation on a handful of red line trains next month with the goal of having all red line trains ready by march. 75% of the train operators have never experienced running a train under ato and must be trained. automatic operation will return to all other metro lines by fall, 2017. got a commute ever problem that's crazing? drop us a -- that's driving you crazing? drops a line at tellwusa9. topper is up next with the forecast and things are going
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washington d.c.'s food scene is about to change. that change will happen on the national mall and hit a lot of people where it really hurts, their wallets. wusa9's stephanie ramirez brings us the who and the how. >> reporter: there's an allure between foodies and food trucks that can't be beat. when it's lunch hour at mcpherson square, it just works, but for those food truck owners -- >> it's a huge battle, especially when you have 20 trucks, you know, against you. >> reporter: where there's a sea of food trucks here on the national mall it's a little
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barren with only the hotdog trucks and souvenir vendors on the curb, the only ones allowed. if these food trucks could be there, other owners tell me it would be great for business. >> for the cherry blossom festival having the convenience of having the food trucks there and creating the cosmopolitan flare in the city, i think it's a big win for everybody. >> reporter: the district's department of regulatory affairs is taking over the vendor lottery metropolitan police usually handle which will open up these some 74 truck spots to the gourmet mobile trucks. only problem is that would pretty much be a nightmare to all these hotdog trucks. >> i have no customers. >> reporter: that's without a gourmet truck parked next to her. many of these trucks are owned by immigrant families, some businesses passed down
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generations. from vietnam nguyen tells me she's pushing 80 and if those mobile food trucks come here, she'll most likely have to quit. >> i'm very scared of a new monopoly. >> reporter: nguyen says she'll just have to wait and see. the lottery will go into effect in november. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. starbucks is experimenting with a new latte that tastes like beer called the dark barrel. there's actually no beer in the beverage. it's made with expresso and darked with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle and has a stout flavored sauce. there's a frappuccino version of the drink. >> i remember when starbucks sold coffee. >> years ago. we got a followup on yesterday's story about jeff kinney who is the best selling author of diary of a wimpy kid. >> he spokes to students at
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mcnamara high in forestville where he went to school in the '80s. he put his money where his mouth was and donated 1 million bucks which go to a project for everything from new classroom construction to tuition assistance, very, very generous. >> that is incredible. don't we all wish we could do that kind of thing? >> i would love to be able to. rain is here now in northwest, the heavy stuff not till about 10:00 tonight but get ready and it's better tonight than tomorrow night, right? >> yeah. >> thank you. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, see the little raindrops on the screen. temperature is still 72 downtown, relative humidity standing at 60%, winds increasing east, northeast at 17. they'll gust over 20 miles per hour tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is the radar. the dark green is the flood watch which goes into effect now until 6 a.m.
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here's the rains crossing 95, crossing the beltway almost up to the spur. it's all green, so no heavy activity yet. it will roll through. it's already across 95 into fairfax county and much of prince william county and fauquier county. we'll zoom in. you'll have a wet ride going out 66, coming down 95 and out toward burke around 123. even out route 7 and 50 into loudoun county. yellow alert late tonight for heavy rain, flood watch in effect for the immediate metro area until 6 a.m., heaviest rain still between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain. this would have been a great winter storm. is it a harbinger? we'll see. looks dry for tailgating and also for the kickoff. check this out, midnight. look at all the yellows and oranges around most of the metro area, especially south of town. temperatures around 60. it won't be that chilly tonight. you saw the big batch of orange
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roll through? that's a huge amount of rain between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. in some ways it's good sleeping weather. by 6 a.m. you'll have a wet commute, heavy yen rain lingering in frederick and back -- heavy rain lingering in frederick back towards leesburg. i would allow extra timefor tomorrow. people like to freak out when it rains. 66 by 1:00, a few scattered showers and by 8:00 kickoff nearing, clearing skies back to the west, just some clouds over the stadium. so i think we'll be fine for tailgating with temps in the 60s. during the game i think we'll see decreasing clouds going through tomorrow night. tonight cloudy, windy, milder with rain and showers, heavy at time, low temperatures 54 to 62. looking at rainfall potential, this is one model and it's 1 to 2 inches. i just got a new run from this particular model, pretty much the same, 1 to 2 inches across the board. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy,
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windy and cool, but rain tapers to showers quickly, temperatures 54 to 68. day planner, temps in the 60s across the board, heavy rain by 5:00, tapers off to showers, 66 by 1:00, not that bad. look what happens friday, maybe clouds in the morning but then beautiful, upper 70s and fantastic on sunday, temperatures around 80 on sunday. we're looking at a good finish to sunday for the nats, ravens in town as well, warm monday, showers tuesday and wednesday. redskins are one of those teams where somebody gets hurt and another guy steps up. >> 17 people on the injury list. we've talked about kirk cousins stepping into the starting roam, but he's just one of many redskins having to do -- roam, but he's just one of many redskins -- role, but he's just one of many redskins having to
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in cases of rape and incest, just like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion
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to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge. wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> one of the major themes this season for the redskins has been next man up. seven teen players on the -- 17 players on the injury report, many will see extended roles on the field which includes tight end paul who will once again take over the no. 1 tight end role. paul transitioned from wide receiver to tight end after his rookie season in 2011. so he's been on a built of a learning curve, but paul -- bit of a learning curve, but paul's coaches have been happy with
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his growth so far this season. >> it's really fun to see the progression he's been able to make. going in the third year he's much more comfortable. i think wes phillips has done a nice job with him, some of the things in the run game and just seeing his confidence being able to make some of the plays in the last game and how aggressively he's catching the football. it's been a real pleasant surprise. the nfl players association is cub its own investigation into how the league and -- conducting its own investigation into how the league handled the ray rice investigation. believe it or not, training camp for the washington wizards begins next week. >> what? >> after last season's success this year's team is met with high expectations. last season the team met many goals they reached for for years, their best record in almost a decade. they made the playoffs and to the eastern conference semifinals and finally got a buzz going in this area that's been missing for quite a while. now the challenge is building off that success to keep it
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going again this season. >> as a coach you want to have these expectations. i'd much rather be sitting here talking about ghhi expectations than these so-called experts might think we win 15 or 16 games. >> we accomplished some good things last year, but that's behind us. players the end of this season were not satisfied with the way the season ended. race car driver tony stewart will not face criminal charges for the august 9th accident when he struck and killed fellow driver kevin ward, jr. a grand jury analyzed videotape of the crash and determined there was not enough evidence to indict stewart. a toxicology report also found ward, the victim, was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident. a reminder tonight to cast your vote in our game of the week poll, four great games. text the code of the game you
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want to 25543. you have until thursday night to vote. finally the nationals have beaten so many teams this season apparently it's hard to keep track. they all blend together after a while. the scoreboard last night for the win over the new york mets showed them beating the atlanta mets, not the new york mets or the atlanta braves. now they've got fictional teams they appear to be beating. >> a win is a win. >> even the atlanta mets can't beat the nats. >> cbs evening news is coming up next. >> i'll be back with jan for your only local news at 7:00. we'll see you then.
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well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken.
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> pelley: tonight, enlisting the world in the war against isis. >> the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. >> pelley: major garrett on the president's address to the u.n. today. a dirt track driver was killed by nascar star tony stewart. a tragic accident or a crime. don dahler has today's decision. her family got a government benefit check when she was just a child. now, she tells wyatt andrews the government says she has to pay it back. >> they feel that we're the government, we can do what we want, however we want, whenever we want. >> pelley: and jim axelrod on a course that teaches students how to commit cyber crime. >> if you don't understand how it's happening, how do you stop it?


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