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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 30, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> we identify all people who may have had contact with the patient while he could have been infectious. once those contacts are identified, they are all monitored for 21 days after exposure to see if they develop fever. >> we spoke with dr. anthony from the national institute of health where another patient is under isolation due to possible contact with the ebola virus. he's not surprised if we have a few infections in this country, but he is confident that we will not experience a huge outbreak here. >> but what we will not have is an outbreak. an outbreak anything like you are seeing right now in west africa. the reason is, that we have the healthcare system and the capability to identify, isolate, contact, trace, and shut off an outbreak. >> now that virus killed more than 3,000 people across south africa so far.
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more breaking news to bring you tonight as well. police in montgomery county are dealing with a pair of mysterious deaths. >> two bodies found miles apart. the other in a car on piney meeting house road. both in potomac. >> sky 9 was over the scene as it unfolded this afternoon. major roads in the area still closed until further notice. our jim osmond joins us live with the very latest. what have you learned, jim? >> hi, jan, hi, derek. it has been a wild afternoon for montgomery county police. let me step out of the way and show you the live picture. police here at the first scene and the second scene is about a mile away from here. let's take a look. here's what we know. montgomery county police are investigating the two deaths. at around 2:30 p.m., police received a call concerning a natal accident at piney meetinghouse road near river road.
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the driver of the car was found dead. >> at 2:34 p.m., our communication center received a call for a fire at a nearby residence. officers responded to that residence and located a deceased person. again, this investigation very early. >> police are not saying these two deaths are related, but they are investigating whether there is a correlation. >> we are still trying to piece exactly what occurred in these two incidents. if these incidents are related and so we should have more information, but more information later, but very early in the investigation. >> you can hear the caution in the voice of the public information officer for the montgomery county police. reporting our breaking news, here's what we know. police are investigating two deaths in the area of piney meetinghouse road. we'll have more tonight on wusa9 news at 11:00. reporting live, wusa9. >> thank you, jim. jesse matthew, the suspect in hannah graham's abduction is
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under investigation in a possible third case. >> law enforcement yesterday linked matthew to the 2009 abduction and murder of virginia tech student, morgan harrington, now matthew is being investigated for the murder of a woman in campbell county, virginia. and peggy fox is in charlottesville to explain. peggy. >> 23-year-old, cassandra disappeared one week before morton disappeared. disappeared from lynchburg. both women's bodies were found in different wooded areas. now cassandra morton's body was found in campbell county and that sheriff's department is now investigating jesse matthew for a possible connection in her disappearance and murder. matthew is being held here at the regional jail. he is charged with the abduction and and intent to defile in the hannah graham di
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appearance. jesse matthew behaved in such an aggressive way that two women he met at the blue light grill left to get away from him. >> he kept putting his arm around them, touching their hair, touching their back, touching their faces. >> and their legs. >> wanting to touch their legs above and below the knee until one of the young women told him keep your hands off of me. >> the women and others who encountered matthew that night talked to coy barefoot. a journalist and adjust instructor at uva. this picture of matthew was tangen by a friend of the suspects who was with him that night. investigators are pursuing what is believed to be a dna link between the murder of morgan harrington in 2009 and hannah graham's disappearance september 13. heirington's case is also linked to a fairfax rape in 2005. in 2002, jesse l.j. matthew was investigated in a
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rape case at liberty university. he was never charged, pros prosecutors say. liberty kicked matthew out of school. st man we interviewed, coy barefoot, runs a blog. two women he talked to that met jesse matthew september 13, the night hannah graham disappeared, they told him that when they met jesse matthew, he picked them up and threw them over his shoulder. they were shocked and embarrassed and he tried to get away from him. i found that kind of similar to the case the fairfax rape case. that victim also told police that she was picked up and thrown over the shoulder of the man who raped her. now of course, law enforcement here in charlottesville are searching for hannah graham and we have deborah alfarone who is covering that part of the story. deborah. >> reporter: i've been here
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all day and we have been standing here. the jail is behind us and in front of us, the virginia national guard. it's behind the camera, but that's where the searchers come in and go out all day. that's the place that we are talking to people earlier. the search is the most important here. we are on day 17 and day 17 stretched out into albamoro county. we were in that area earlier. it stretched toward scotsville today and you're looking at right now at the woods and mountains between routes 29. now the following leads and tips from police, but they are also searching areas with links to matthew. they rely on basically what worked before. >> we're following areas that are based somewhat on geographical profile. so that leads some of our work. >> and we're told that certainly that brush sp really tough to go through.
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these guys have been working very hard. they have been working very hard for 17 days. certainly they have to switch off sometime. now earlier today, they did have some problems because there's a lot of fog. certainly we're going to be here on the ground with them every step of the way. follow me on twitter at deborah alfarone and i'll keep you updated. for now, live in charlottesville, wusa9. >> so many new developments in this case. thank you, deb. the director of the secret service is grilled over major security breeches. that newest information reveals omar gonzalez over powered an agent before being subdued. he made it pretty far. >> and bruce johnson reports local leaders are concerned that new security measures will put more barriers between the public and the white house. >> this is disgraceful. this is absolutely disgraceful that this has happened. >> in a hearing on capitol hill today, secret service
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director, julia pearson, was grilled by members of congress. >> it is clear that our security plan was not properly executed. this is unacceptable and i take full responsibility. and i will make sure that it does not happen again. >> i have very low confidence in the secret service under your leadership. >> d.c. delegate wanted assurances that any new security measures would not push local residents, visitors, and protesters further away from the people's house. >> from that hearing on capitol hill today, we learned some of the new stepped up security measure pes include putting a lock on that door that the intruder used to get inside the white house last month. on the outside, you can see it's clear they moved barrier to the general public back by about 6 to 7 feet. you can no longer stick your arms, cameras through the bars there to get that clear shot of the white house. >> years ago, pennsylvania avenue was closed to cars and strucks after the oklahoma city bombing. the white house fence jumpers just keep coming, though.
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16 in the past five years. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> michael phelps is in trouble with the law again after getting pulled over and arrested for dui last night in his hometown of baltimore. scott broom is there today with hometown reaction. >> i'm scott broom in baltimore where disappointment describes the mood here after the arrest of olympic iron man, michael phelps. phelps distinctive range rover still on the side of i-95 this morning after his arrest. phelps accused of driving 84 miles an hour in a 45 zone through baltimore's fort mchenry tunnel and flunking the field sobriety test. after being pulled over just past the toll plaza at 1:40 in the morning. phelps found himself in a similar position ten years ago. phelps was accused in 2004 of drunk driving and under age drinking after running a stop sign. >> i have already learned from this experience. i will pass this along to others who think about making the same mistake that i made. >> phelps arrest came in the mist of a comeback bid with
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recent workouts at his hometown in baltimore. >> very sad. >> and the role model for kids, not so great. >> in baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> coming up, find out why online auction giant, ebay, is parget ways with the long-time partner. plus -- >> i'm martin. a d.c. council member is proposing legislation to end the controversy over the popular ride sharing service, uberx in washington. i'll have that story coming up. we'll be closing september out on a high note. some good thunderstorms in the mountains. haggerstown, about to go into winchester. we'll track these for you and a cold front on friday and tell you what that means for the you what that means for the nats first ho
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enron, the largest coporate fraud in american history... and ed gillespie was their lobbyist. enron paid gillespie and his firm seven hundred thousand... dollars to block regulation of the energy markets... so they could raise utility rates. then got even worse. "thousands lost their jobs and life savings." "the former leaders of enron head to prison." enron's ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist who put enron ahead of you.
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nd in fairfax county we had to cut a lot of waste. we consolidated offices. started sharing printers. we can walk a few feet. replaced computers, but kept the monitors. they still work fine. we even discovered that the phone company overcharged us by three million dollars! i approve this message because congress doesn't need another right winger. they need someone who can balance a budget. oh, and we definitely didn't need so many government studies. uber has been at odds since the day it launched in washington. now new legislation finally may end the controversy if the driving regulators and
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consumers crazy. wusa9 transportation reporter tells us the proposal has passed. will legalize uberx and other similar car services. >> how long have you been driving through? >> almost a year. >> when you order a ride with uber, a taxi doesn't show up. it will be someone like sodi driving his personal car for profit. >> it is a freedom. it is your own. >> he doesn't agree with the critics who say uber is unfairly taking away customers, damaging the established taxi industry. >> the big market, a lot of restaurants, and i don't think we have taken that. >> the other big issues, do uber drivers have adequate insurance? are background checks tough enough? mary will propose legislation tomorrow requiring uber provide liability coverage from the moment the driver turns on the app. uber does background checks, but the bill will not require
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fingerprint checks that can cabbies will pass. >> so they can operate and yet we provide what we think are the basic protections. >> uber protects the chase plan saying the requirements are not much different than what the company has been offering. >> now you are seeing these high standards, you know, being the baseline and being law. >> d.c. c. cabbies have been unhappy. giving it an unfair advantage. >> uberx is coming. >> and the chairman of the d.c. taxi cab commission at war with uberx issued a statement saying the council member's end safety. >> i don't think he knows what is in detail in the bill. >> the bill would conserve. martin, wusa9. >> all right, there's going to be a hearing on the legislation tomorrow at 2:30 at the wilson
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building. >> here's another delay that is sure to drive you crazy. beginning thursday, 16th street between colorado avenue and kennedy street. shut down to just a couple lanes. d dot says it's all due to overworked paving work. and commute kiers will experience single lane closures on 16th street northwest between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and this is all going to be happening until october 11. wusa9 wants to help you find the lowest gas prices in xr your area. so tonight, taking you to falls church where you can find the cheapest gallon of regular at 5652 columbia pike. you can fill up nor $3.19. that's according to aaa. ebay now cutting ties with online payment service, papal. the online auction giant says creating a separate company makes financial sense. the move does not come as a huge surprise. wall street analysts have been urging ebay to make that move for some time and the company expects the change to be done by late 2015. coming up on wusa9 news at
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7:00, your only local news at 7:00, there's a confirmed case of ebola here in the u.s., but b could the hard hitting ebola outbreak be over in west africa? health officials suggest two countries are finally seeing pn
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just getting home, here are some of the top stories of the day. two school shootings. one in kentucky, the other in north carolina. have parents on edge tonight. the shots were fired tuesday morning injuring one student at a louisville high school. the gunman in that incident is
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still out there somewhere. in north carolina, a student is recovering after being shot in the leg. their condition is unknown. another student was taken into custody immediately after that shooting. some relief may be in sight on the front lines of the ebola outbreak. the outbreak may be over in two west african countries. officials say no new cases have surfaced since late august. ebola has infected over 6500 people and claimed more than 3,000 lives. top, we hear some storms are on the way. >> we have storms off to the west. still diminish as they move eastward and possible more storms friday night. a live look outside. it's the big fer ris wheel. relative humidity at 71%. winds out of the south at 7. here's the radar. we've been waiting for these storms to diminish, but they have a lot of reds and oranges in them. nothing severe right now, but heavy rain, hagerstown, down i-
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81. and right into winchester. rain fall rates over an inch per hour in the deeper red. some lightning strikes, so again, stay away from windows. this is heavy rain around 11:00 and out 40. heavy rain down into regsville. and move farther south and west and big time rain is just entering winchester. moving out across junction, everything is pushing off to the east. headed toward charlestown in ten minutings with moderate rain. move back out and track the whole system. headed toward frederic at 8:33. and perhaps over toward dulles and sterling at 9:57. i think they will weaken, but still, they still have a little bit of pop to them as it were. so, weather headlines look like this. evening okay, but we'll keep a shower and thunderstorm in overnight because those will move in through parts of the many e area. and both commutes will be dry
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morning and night on wednesday. it's a nice start to october, really. 60s to start downtown. 70 at 11:00. and then 73 at 1:00. maybe a sprinkle by 1:00. but primarily west of town. so, the next three days, a couple showers tomorrow. just an isolated shower on thursday. 78. really pretty nice. light showers on friday, 77. that actually is good news because the heavy activity comes in friday night with the cold front that will spill into saturday morning. the time for the terps game is not ohio state game, not listed just yet. the latest they play, the better off they'll be. the nats should be okay for their second home game. much cooler on sunday. maybe a shower late monday. that should occur after the game. >> okay, top, thank you. we have all done it, agreed to the terms. but have you ever really taken your time to actually read the terms you are agreeing to? coming up, the crazy things people agreeing to by rushing
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so these days, a lot of people can't live without their wifi. >> in fact, a whole lot of folks say they would trade their first born for free wifi.
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i'm not joking. that's what some folks agreed to do. in fact, it was an experiment conducted by the european union law enforcement agency. apparently folks just didn't read it. >> you said free, the magic word. it wasn't really free, was it. >> you have to give your first born. >> and some say, okay. nothing is free, as you know. >> we were just talking. when i got a hotel, they better have free wifi. >> i will pay. i have to have my wifi. because i can't survive. i'm an addict. >> i see that. >> you know, it's slow. would you pay for wifi? you know you would. that's all for our broadcast at 7:00. we will be back at 11:00 and perhaps we will continue this conversation. >> i want to know how many people would pay. >> would you pay for wifi? answer the question. make it a great night, everybody.
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we have your first look inside mrs. clooney's fitting for her wedding dress. >> "vogue" was there, and only telling us what went down. >>he arrived with her mother r.d her siste there were tears. >> we're going to tell you how amal worked with oscar de la renta and landed on these covers. >> what was the price tag for the wedding photos? the internet is exploding about adam levine and his wife and their new video. >> some asking if it glorifies stalking. ♪ annie mall then joan london opened up today about her breast cancer fight. hoda kotb tells us about their emotional interview. >> i know where she's been. >> we are on the "ncis" set with michael weathe rly. >> brooke anderson will never ever be the same. >> oh, god. >> and nancy, the scary part, more from michael. >> explain why kevin hart was stripping for you?
7:30 pm
>> our dancing pop quiz went absolutely off the rail. "pulp fiction." "magic mike". >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> cut it off, guys. now," e.t." home of celebrity dance off. >> the first pictures of amal alamuddin's wedding dress are out there. "hello" magazine for europe, "people" for the u.s. and we hear those magazines made a seven figure deal to secure the rights. >> open only we can tell you everything that happened inside amal's dress fitting. "vogue" was there. >> three magazines, tons of details and all starts with the stunning mrs. clooney. >> i think this wedding weekend really marks the debut of amal as a style icon. i mean she's sort of rocketed right up there to princess kate levels in terms of an enviable personal style, her hair, her body. everything about her one of amal's best friends gave a


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