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on edge d.c. as police hunt for a machine who ambush an officer with -- a man who ambush an officer with an axe. >> heads up where you fill up this weekend. >> why the driver next to you could be getting a better deal. >> plus what's that in your child's trick-or-treat bag? >> we'll be tracking shower and rain saturday and cold temperatures. we've issued a yellow alert, te you when the rain rolls in and out. but we begin tonight with breaking news, three people, maybe even four shot in chinatown near the verizon center where there also happens to be a sold out fleetwood mac concert. we're looking at pictures from the scene. our investigative reporter russ ptacek and stephanie ramirez are both at the scene. russ ptacek actually is on the phone. what do you know? >> reporter: i'm at sixth and f. there's a lot of police activity here and at the same
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time that they're trial to control the situation we're now getting word of a possible fourth gunshot victim. there are thousands of people streaming out of the verizon center, a concert just getting out as police are trying to control a crime scene. we have f street shut down. we have seventh street shut down. police initially reporting shortly after 10:00 the initial report a report of gunfire. they reported a crowd of juveniles in the area. police are staging for a press conference. we anticipate having more information in a few moments, but right now it's a scene filled with flashing emergency lights and people streaming out of the verizon center coming out to something they would have never expected and that is at this point we're hearing three or four people shot. we're waiting to hear their condition in a few moments. >> any word of an arrest, russ? >> reporter: we have heard no word of a suspect or an arrest.
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the police initially tweeted out that there were a group of juveniles involved in an initial incident that happened shortly after 10:00 tonight. >> talk about the scene for a minute there because it is halloween, obviously lots of revelers in the area. are there a lot of people in disguises right now? >> reporter: this is the interesting thing. coming down here i ran into many people in costumes, but what i'm really looking at is mainstream america as thousands of people continue to stream out of the verizon center. these are not people in halloween costumes. these are people at a fleetwood mac concert walking out in the middle of this crime scene. >> how much can you see of the crime scene? have they kept you far from it? >> reporter: police are staging the media about a block away from what i believe to be the primary crime scene. i believe that to be the primary crime scene because they have seventh street shut
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down at f street and f street through seventh is also shut down, but i believe the primary crime scene to be there in that neighborhood around seventh and f. they have the media staging at sixth and f. we're expecting to hear from the police department. because i'm waiting for more details i'm about a block away from what i believe to be the primary crime scene. >> we will check back in with you. in the meantime zombies, is from heroes and candy packed with pot, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. it was all in the mix of what we're finding this halloween night, mola lenghi live in georgetown where a little more quiet scene was in place. >> reporter: much more fun scene here, derek. you may not recognize georgetown. you can see everybody dressed up in costumes roaming the streets on this friday, halloween night. thousands of people are in costumes in the area while extra police officers are also out trying to keep the order, especially now that the friday night bar crowd is out and about.
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halloween is not just for the kid. this friday night in georgetown -- kids. this friday night in georgetown everyone is playing along from musicians to pets, costumes from the classics to the hop cal. classics-- topical. looks like she just escaped. how can we be sure you're not an actual convict? you could be? >> i could be. >> reporter: there are local favorites. there are some so spooky they sent stranger running and screaming. even you know who showed up, well, sort of. there are some who act the part. >> i'm a real reporter. >> reporter: no. i'm a reporter. >> really? i'm a real one. >> reporter: no, no. others who only look the part. what are you supposed to be? >> what do you mean? >> reporter: your costume. >> this isn't a costume. >> reporter: oh. metro pd both act and look the part. officers are flooding georgetown and the surrounding
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area. they'll be out all night directing heavy vehicle and foot traffic and monitoring the combination of halloween and friday night. police are on heightened alert and in prince george's county police encourage parents to be as well. this week police seized boxes of marijuana infused candy from the west coast in colorado where pot is legal which can be scary in more ways than one. until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning police are enforcing new parking restrictions as well as some street closures all around georgetown. we'll have that information to many closures and restrictions, the list, on our website live in georgetown i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. the death toll in last friday's seattle area school shooting now climbs to four. >> 14-year-old shaylee chuckulnaskit died from her injuries tonight after being shot in the head by fellow student jaylen fryberg.
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fryberg opened fire inside the halls of a high school there one week ago. two students remain in the hospital. classes have been on hold this past week. grief counselors will be on hand monday. a u.s. marine reservist has been released from a mexican jail after spending eight months behind bars after crossing the border with loaded guns. he served in afghanistan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. he was arrested after taking a wrong turn on a california highway that funneled him into a tijuana port of entry with no way to turn back. tonight some northeast neighbors are on edge as d.c. officers are looking for a man who ambushed a cop with an axe. >> the attack happened in the brookland neighborhood last night. look at the picture of the axe buried in the window of this d.c. police cruiser just inches away from the officer's face. the officer chased the attacker but got hurt trying to take him down and he got away. police chief cathy lanier
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talked to new york's top cop because just days ago a man attacked two officers with a hatchet in queens. there's no connection, but warnings and alerts are multiplying for uniformed officers because they are the new targets for isis linked terrorists trying to radicalized here in the u.s. >> we know there's an increased threat level on uniformed services and for us to not be on our toes on and off duty in this environment is careless. >> lanier said the officer hurt his shoulder and knee and is expected to be okay. if you have information, please call the number on your screen, 202-727-9099. in an attempt to prevent the spread of ebola canada announces it's suspending entry visas from the hard hit west african nation. that nation joins australia in banning travel visas and like
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australia canada has yet to deal with a single case of ebola. the measure does not apply to anyone who already has a visa. a judge ruled the state of maine cannot force into home quarantine a nurse who recently came back from west africa, but the judge did rule kaci hickox has to submit to daily monitoring for the virus. hickox said she's already been complying. more than 13,000 people have been affected by ebola, most of them in west africa, close to 5,000 depths. the world health organization cautiously reported today the wave of cases in liberia may be dwindling. the pentagon says it's going to train more military medical personnel to handle new cases of ebola that may occur in this country. the first 30 member group completed its training this week at san antonio military medical center in ft. san houston texas. jesse matthew, the suspect
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in the hannah graham death investigation, made his first fairfax county court appearance today via video conference arraigned on charges related to a 2005 sexual assault in albemarle county. matthew has not appeared in charlottesville court yet. northeastern pennsylvania can breathe easier after the capture of eric frein, the accused cop killer who kept the community on enfor seven weeks. today he was arraigned on first degree murder charges. the former fugitive didn't say anything while a crowd of spectators stood around venting their anger. frein did not enter a plea. county prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. civil rights charges will not be brought against the police officer who shot and killed michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the washington post reports investigator from the u.s. justice department have all but concluded they do not have the evidence to bring a civil rights case against officer
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darren wilson. a grand jury in missouri has been reviewing the case. it has not announced its findings. new tonight probable isis propaganda found in a marine base and fbi academy in virginia. investigators are trying to figure out if the leaflets are authentic tonight. a crash about 2:30 this afternoon, two cars, a minivan and suv collided. first responders say the safety seats saved the children. otherwise there would have been more injuries. we all know that gas prices are finally going down. the national average for a gallon of regular is below $3 for the first time in four years. >> you got to love that, but the question is are you still getting a raw deal when you go to fill up? the answer could be yes
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depending on where you go. hank silverberg is live from springfield. >> reporter: you won't believe this, but there are some people pulling up at gas stations tonight with smiles. the gas station behind me, 7- eleven, 2.85 a gallon, about 11 cents below what is now the d.c. metro region average of 2.96 a gallon. averages can be tricky and d.c. near the watergate regular is going for 3.63. river road in bethesda you can buy a gallon for 2.97. >> markey has found all of these crude fields -- america has found all of these crude field and they're pumping in north dakota and elsewhere, so right now the market really is flooded and we're at a time of the year when demand is not really that strong. >> reporter: aaa says the price variance in the virginia and maryland suburbs is tied to the lower gas tax in virginia, but in d.c. it may be from the lack of competition. >> that has hurt the motorists of the district of columbia.
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>> reporter: we reached out to the man who owns most of the reations in d.c., but he didn't the question for most of the public is will the lower prices hold? right now it appears supply outweighs demand which is not lost on motorists. >> enjoy it. i spend more money on food or enjoy a nice meal or go to a people, a nice break i will enjoy. >> i'm excited because i have a big car that takes a lot of gas. >> i've worked in the energy field for years, so i'm not completely surprised by the fluctuation, but still it helps with the home pocketbook. >> reporter: even as the volatile situation in the middle east, iraq and elsewhere continues, it's been offset by domestic drilling. >> right now we have many countries like iraq and others that have not been producing their normal volumes. so if we had not found huge new
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oilfields that were producing crude in the united states, we probably would have a shortage on the world market. >> reporter: that means the price of gas is still volatile and still viable for you on go around and search. for example, we found a their 8- cent difference in the price by going across potomac -- 38-cent difference in the price by going across the potomac river and driving a few miles. back to our breaking news story, three people, maybe four shot in chinatown near the verizon center. >> right now investigative reporter russ ptacek is on the scene. russ? >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of f street. this is an area that's been shut down by police. seven street has been shut down. the police chief has just arrived. we expect to be briefed in moments of what is going on. the initial reports indicate three or possibly four people have been shot, mitt initially reporting just after 10 -- police initially reporting just
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after 10:00 there was a group of juveniles involved. the entire scene remains under control of police. in the middle of all this, thousands of people came out of the verizon center and police had to control that crowd coming out of a fleetwood mac concert as they were trying to control the crime scene. right before you shot towards us the police chief was coming over towards us where the media is staging. we're expecting to be briefed by the chief any moment. the moment that she does start talking, we'll be live. for now reporting live from verizon center, russ ptacek, wusa9. >> we will be back the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino.
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a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin. bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work legislation.
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the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most esimpr nsiveew lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message. so we don't know. we have a person with some sort of injury, a cut or graze wound. we don't know if he's related to this scene a couple blocks away. we have detectives down there now. it's very recall on, but again there's literally -- early on, but again there 25 police officers on this block all night. we have three transported to the hospital. when they left here, the information i have, one shot in the shoulder, two with graze wounds transported anyway. >> reporter: anything to do with anybody at the concert or
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was it outside? >> no. the concert didn't let out -- it let out about 25 minutes after the incident. so we were trying to move the crowds along before the concert let out, but we were aware this is a pretty packed crowd tonight. >> reporter: any idea what sparked this at all? >> no, we don't have any idea yet. halloween obviously we try and keep up with all of the things going on with different kids and groups of kids and then adults. so we had a lot of people out here to he could the high visibility. who knows? we've got a lot of people. hopefully tomorrow we'll have better answers. >> you don't know if the two are connected? >> we don't know yet. it's very likely possible somebody from this team because people ran when the shots were fired. this is a pretty crowded street at any given time. it's possible they're connected. if not, we'll figure that out. >> reporter: how tough does it make your investigation with thousands of people streaming through right when you're trying to -- >> realizing the concert was
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going to let out within 20 minutes of the time the shot was fired we were trying our best to coordinate with verizon and security. we have police officers inside that were aware right away. we tried to coordinate the release to deviate around our crime scene. we had all the injured persons in ambulances to transport off as the crowds were coming off. >> reporter: can you describe the scene when officers arrived? >> i walked out on this corner about six minutes after the shots were fired and most people coming into the block were unaware of what was going on. the officers on the block when the shots were fired said that literally there was at least 20 cops on the block when the shots were fired and they were able to chase the group down the street and make that stop. i think a lot of people didn't realize it was going on. as you can hear the noise level here, a very loud band, street noise. i think a lot of people didn't realize gunshots had been fired and those in close proximity took off running. you had at least 20 cops on the
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block. thank you very much. always watching, always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> in case you have any thoughts of traveling up to happy valley tomorrow to see terps playpen state, chilly, cloudy with showers, 47 to 52 during the games, tailgate temperatures 40s. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 52, relative humidity 57%, pressure beginning to fall and it will continue to fall as we get into saturday and also sunday. if you're going to go to the game at fedex saturday, which you can watch here, temps in the 40s, wind chills 30s, but good news, partial clearing, windy and cold as navy takes on notre dame, a tall, tall task. winds will gust over 30 miles an hour tomorrow night. next three days 52 tomorrow, windy, wet, yellow alert, nothing heavy. the games will be played. bright but brisk sunday, 52 and
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then nun seasonable, high temperatures gab -- monday seasonable, high temperatures back in the low 60s which is average. tuesday we're 70, 74 wednesday, a few showers thursday, weak cold front approaching, still 70 ahead of the front, behind it a little below average, but temperatures go back to the 50s with sunshine. my favorite night of the week. if you're sitting at home right now, i have instructions for you. get the popcorn ready. high school football night is here. highlights like this guy right here. look at this gu she did it behind closed doors, hoping you wouldn't notice. as a legislator, barbara comstock pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client,ting her special interest client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington poscat lled comstock's behavior "an appa brenthreac c ofongressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock.
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trpamaiot jority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you.
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and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger. welcome to game on varsity, everybody, best high school football show on earth! we got spirit, yes, we do. we got spirit, how about you? to prove it the dematha lady stags are in the house. ladies!
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[ cheering and applause ] [ cheering ] >> i like it. i like it. i like it. all right. let's get to the game of the week. all right, i like it, good stuff. here comes gangrene in our game of the week loudoun valley taking on loudoun county. vikings got a pretty good running back with the short run. now on the ensuing kickoff here this guy's name is jon jackson and all i can say is i'm sorry, ms. jackson. your son is for real. jon jackson, takes it all the way to house. the kickoff return for the touchdown, nice play. that was great, but you want to see something even better? watch this as the cheerleaders are getting all loud and proud there. watch ryan moush stretching out making the nice aypl, toe tap in the corner.
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loudoun valley gets the upset 28-24. to fairfax county we go, fairfax at stone bridge, everybody in costumes dressed up tonight. look at the direct snap by stone bridge, trick play. more bulldogs here taking a chance with chance frye, easy touchdown. stone bridge winning it 41-14. it won't be long before we're eating turkey on thanksgiving day. it's right around the corner. can you believe it? thanksgiving means turkey bowl and two team fighting for the right to bowl thanksgiving morning getting after it today at spingarn wilson versus beleau. i call this guy mr. 7-eleven because he's always open. into the end zone touchdown wilson. lavon livingston says it's halloween and i'm just going to steal the candy, rip it, scoop it, score it, beleau takes it
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into the end zone, a pretty good ballgame. tigers pulling away late. williams the quarterback with the keeper, they win 36-14. our final stop, look at those teeth right there. kennedy's andrews on the kickoff return and takes a pretty good lip right here, boom, out of bounds. spring brook punched it in. he says i got legs and i know how to use them. he skips into the end zone. springbrook wins 24-6. you like those highlights? you'll love these. here's your poll for next week, fall church, jeff stewart, gwynn park at friendly, wooten at quince orchard, mckenly tech at bell -- mckinley tech at bell. great highlights, but before we go to the break, i got to hear
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from the dematha lady stags one more time. lady, take us to the break. >> pump it up. >> pump it pump it up pump it up. >> oh, yeah. >> pump it, pump it up pump it up. dematha pump it up. pump it, pump it up pump it up. >> look in there and say we'll be right back after these messages. >> we'll be right back after on gun safety, larry hogan isn't being straight. after filling out their questionaire, hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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happier today because $900 of free gas from wusa9 helps keep the crazy at bay. this is investigative reporter russ ptacek with an update on that shooting just outside the verizon center. police now have f street shut down. they have seventh street shut down, the police chief telling us there were three people shot near that intersection of
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seventh and f and possibly another incident a few blocks away. police say that the people injured did not sufficient life threatening injuries and that they all appear to be adults. initially police reported several juveniles involved, but now they aren't sure exactly the ages of all the people involved, no life threatening injuries, back to you. >> russ ptacek live from chinatown where halloween got a little ugly tonight. >> thanks for staying up with us. letterman is next. in the meantime we want ♪
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