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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 2, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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this morning was filled with redskins news from the bus crash on the way to the stadium in minnesota, to the espn article citing sources that say griffin had alienated himself in the locker room. now, griffin came out and
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didn't show much rust. every time the redskins would score and take the lead, the defense would allow the vikings to come right back. all in all, some poor play on both sides of the ball. afterwards, jay gruden wasn't one to hold back his disappointment. >> he did some good things offensively. offensively we weren't good enough. defensively we weren't good enough. but robert made some great throws, obviously made some poor throws. we'll have to have look at the tape. d.c. united in new york for game one of the eastern conference fines. they have knocked new york out every time they have faced them in the post season. this time the red bulls making it difficult. they shut out d.c. united 2- nil. washington capitals looking to snap a three-game skid. they get their captain back on the scoring side of things. ovie got the third goal for the first time in six games but in the third, sam gagne gives the
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coming in on griffin, the throw is low and incomplete. >> the vikings win the battling a gain, putting a damper on robert's return. trey finally finds his game but the defense can't hold up their end of the bargain. from a bus accident to a protest, a strange day in minnesota. charm city heads to the steel city has. big ben's time run out? we'll take you around the league as well as to the soccer pitch. the playoffs begin for the red and black. "game on overtime" starts right now. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for "game on overtime." i'm kristen berset. perhaps it was an oman today but nonetheless a very strange start for the redskins. on the way to tcf bank stadium
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police say one of the police squad cars escorting the buses to the stadium crashed into a guardrail on an exit ramp. the first pus hit the brakes, the second bus hit the first one. aside from sore necks, most everyone was okay. rgiii here finds his receiver for 24 yards. a scary moment here, griffin brought down. but look at his leg. it just bends awkwardly. he was a little slow to get up but he would be okay. once again today we see why the skins wanted desean jackson. incredible cachet a few plays
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later alfred morris takes the hand-off and right into the end zone. redskins take a 10-0 lead. griffin still had some rust to take off. here he gets picked off by captain munnerlyn. the star of today's game was vikings running back mike asciata. remember that great catch from desean jackson? here's another one. redskins regained the lead but the skins' defense had no answer. three touchdowns on the day for the vikings star. you can see from that angle how
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poor this ball was thrown to pierre garcon. here's a look at the numbers from the game. griffin in his first game 1 of 28, 251, touchdown, interception. 120 yards went to desean jackson today. teddy bridgewater may look like a rookie sometimes but he is becoming the king of come- backs. all three of his wins have been comeback wins. dave owens has reaction from minnesota. >> reporter: there always seems to be something following this football team. on sunday the team bus was involved in a wreck on its way to the game. there was always scathing pregame report which stated robert griffin iii had alienated himself from his teammates. drama, controversy, and a loss on the field, sunday had it all. >> glad to see us compete but i'm disappointed. i thought our defense would play a lot better than that. just not good enough, any
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stretch. >> collectively i thought we did a good job. we played good on offense but not good enough to win the game. that's all that matters. we will go back, watch the game, get better from it, come off this bye and get ready to get rolling. >> it's frustrating after the way we played the first half. i don't know how you do -- it's like a tale of two hassles. sad football. >> it's really tough. we came in here expecting to win, going into our bye week. this was like a must-win game but we weren't able to get it done. >> reporter: so what now? well, robert griffin says those pregame reports are not legitimate. but they sound eerily similar to some of the things we heard last year. can washington clean this up so that their season doesn't spiral like did it a year ago? only time will tell. in minneapolis, dave owens for "game on overtime." >> thanks so much dave. joined now by holden kushner. let's first address the article
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dave was talking about saying robert alienated himself from his players. we've heard this before. it stemmed from an incident friday in the locker room where the media had to go out to interview him because the players were being so loud what. do you take from all that? >> you reviewed the tape, didn't you? >> i did. >> you actually reviewed the tape. >> we rolled on the whole thing. >> listen this is obviously a report that was at the very least blown out of proportion. would that be correct in saying that? >> yes. >> there were some voices that were raised. they were in the direction of somebody else other than robert griffin iii. >> the players were being loud, and we've seen them do that all season long when the media is around. for sure they are sick of hearing about robert griffin iii. they've got to be sick about that. i'm sure he's sick of talking to us about it. but the sounds, the noises were directed towards us, the media, and the pr staff. griffin just kind of put his head down and shook and laugh.
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the article was supposed to be more that he didn't have the authority or didn't stand up for himself. >> let's look at it this way. when you're a bad football team and you are not performing, these types of stories are going to get legs of their own and carry out, then they are going to turn into stories when they shouldn't even be stories. and this really is not a very big story. the story is what happened today. they lost. really unfortunately they got in a bus accident before the game. this guy, robert griffin iii, was on the early bus. he wasn't on one of the two buses, but this is ridiculous. it is good fodder, and that's about it. when you are a bad football team, these stories have legs. >> what else could really happen to this team? the buses -- we're glad everybody was okay. apparently it was a lot scarier. some of the players saying the bus driver did well in keeping the bus from tipping over but shaking them up. silas redd couldn't play because he had back spasms. but when you look at rgiii,
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let's get to the game, the pocket collapsed quite a bit. he was sacked five times. london fletcher tweeted today that he thought griffin did enough to win the game. what is your take? >> i do, too. 64% completion percentage. that wasn't bad. but he's holding on the ball too long. but he hasn't played football in two months. these kinds of things are going to happen. he's getting chased around the pocket. he probably had a man open when he was holding onto the ball too long. he found desean jackson a couple times downfield, showed off his canon. did a lot of things that colt mccoy and kirk cousins can't do. the big thing, that holding onto the ball too long. i give him a b minus. >> pretty good for not playing
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so long. >> exactly. he kept his team in the ball game and really just a tough turnover at the end of the first half cost him. >> they came out of this unscathed. he came out uninjured. now they have the bye week. before the game thousands filled the streets outside the stadium protesting the redskins' name which is nothing new. the team has met protesters their last two road games but this was by far the biggest of them all. >> reporter: the redskins' name change debate is certain not a new one but it is perhaps as heated and as passionate as it has ever been. thousands turned up outside the stadium to call on the redskins to change their name. this was billed as the biggest redskins name change rally yet. the speakers included tribal leaders, former minnesota governor jessie ventura, and members of congress.
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still, native americans admit convincing redskins owner daniel snyder to give up the redskins' name has been and will be a struggle. they say many sports fans have become de sensitized to the word redskins. >> team names have so candy coated these racial terms. people don't see it for what it really is, you know. redskins is one of the most derogatory terms that you could call a native person. >> native americans are the only group treated this way. we have a professional football team, disney's pocahontas, indian in the cupboard, and the village people. >> reporter: you've got the cleveland indians, the atlanta braves, kansas city chiefs, chicago blackhawks. there are plenty out there. but native americans told me today that the redskins is the only one that is a racial slur. still, despite that, they say ultimately their goal is to
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change all mascots with native american connection. in minnesota, "game on." >> we've seen the protests in arizona and dallas. 3,000 to 5,000. holden this is growing in terms of the protest. >> this one event did garner a bit more attention now. so thousands as opposed to -- there have been some smaller protests. we had one in phoenix when they played the cardinals. there have been little protests but by far and away this has been the biggest protest to this point. the end game still is when does dan schneider start losing money, when does the national football league start losing money. this really does get people together for the same cause but again, until it gets even bigger than this, this maybe is just a small step. it is going to need to get 10, 15 times the sizeof this before it really starts catching on.
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>> minnesota has more than 100,000 native americans that live there. one of the larger populations. now, a judge did rule friday in dan schneider's favor that -- dan snyder's favor that he can go ahead with the lawsuit. sometimes it is going in his favor. really, what is it going to take? how do you see this progressing? >> again, this will end with him having to change the name, and i think it is going to -- because it is going to cost the nfl or the redskins money. that's the only way it is going to happen. whether or not you agree with it or not doesn't matter. this is just the way that it is going. we saw it with some very serious off the field issues with the nfl. all of a sudden sponsors are starting to take note of this. sponsors will start taking notice sooner or later, and there will be something
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changed. >> growing exponentially. so we'll continue to follow it. still to come on "game on overtime," ravens-steelers part two. sunday night football. who would come out victorious? more on that coming after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra.
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it's an amateurish report. it's totally not true. anybody who reports that is an amateur. it's totally false. but we are in d.c., and it is robert griffin. they're always going to try to tear him down but we're going to stay united as a locker room, and that's that. >> redskins coach jay gruden addressing an article that says griffin has alienated himself in the locker room stemming from an incident friday. gruden, of course, squashing those rumors as did his players after the game for the most
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part. let's take a look at the rest of the nfc east. carson palmer made an early mistake. tyler patman ran it back 58 yards but he settled down after. that palmer threw for three touchdowns, beating the cowboys 28-17. frustration mounting in dallas. you can see it there. the eagles visiting houston. philadelphia on top, dallas in second, giants at 3-4, washington at 3-6 going into their bye week. eagles visiting houston. nick foles looking for riley cooper but gets picked off here. the return is for the score.
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foles would leave with a shoulder injury. remember mark sanchez? he is coming in to save the day to lead the eagles to a 10- point win. sanchez, 202 yards. d.c. united is very familiar with facing the new york red bulls in the playoffs. and they have pretty good success having won all four matchups. this season they faced them again. ben olson and d.c. united in new york for this first game. the red bulls really taking advantage of home field. 40th minute. this is a pretty goal. the ball in the box, pretty back field pass to bradley wright phillips. yes, three names. red bulls win 2-nil. the second leg is at rfk saturday. alex ovechkin in the middle of a six-game goal scoring
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drought. caps up 3-1 after the first period but all coyotes after that. late in the second, arizona on the power play. shane doan scores on the short side to tie the game. in the third, the game still tied, but coyotes go on to win. caps have lost four in a row. still to come on "game on overtime," ravens-steelers just getting wrapped up. we'll check in on the finale of that, coming
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welcome back to "game on overtime." this afternoon the snow stopped in time for manning-brady. 7-3 after the first quarter but terrific tom took control. check out this incredible catch. patriots scored the next 24 points. brady gets the w, 43-21 the
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final. san diego chargers looking for their first win since january 1982 in florida. the miami dolphins marched down the field their first two drives of the game, both resulting in touchdowns. ryan tannehill threw for 288 yards, three touchdowns. miami routes the chargers 37-0. time for our fay ntasstuds of the week. some other names coming up. we have the brady's, the gronkowski's, but i'm going with mike asciata from the vikings. three touchdowns for the third time in his career. >> you can't even talk about his nickname. we will just move on. >> it is not appropriate for tv. >> well, it was for seinfeld, but not for "game on overtime." jeremy hill getting his first start against the lowly
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jacksonville team. jeremy hill, sensational start. >> those are our fantasy studs for this week. "game on overtime" will be back right after this. we will talk and give you an update on the ra n
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welcome back to "game on overtime." ravens-steelers, part two,
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still underway in pittsburgh. right now it is 42-23. pittsburgh's ben roethlisberger six touchdowns again. really? >> that's 12 in two weeks. >> just a couple of weeks ago we thought they were down and out. >> the game is still not over, either. the thing about roethlisberger, we thought he had no weapons. last year he and todd haley hate each other, worst offense ever. beginning of the year, a little slow, but antonio brown is turning into one of the best play makers. now he's got brown who again they had to make a decision, do we keep mike wallace, sanders, or brown. they kept the right guy. they've got le'veon bell, mar martavious as well. i guaranteed people he wouldn't
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throw another six touchdowns this week so what do i know? >> it's getting heated now. they're actually fighting on the field. we know how heated this rivalry. if you go back to week two, the ravens won 22-6 and held the steelers to without a touchdown. >> catching them at the wrong time. >> i guess so. >> that's what it is. >> you think about the ravens coming off the loss to cincinnati, so kind of on the down slow. pittsburgh this is their third straight home game. and they've had that momentum going. >> who are they missing in the secondary? >> jimmy smith. >> i know. it's incredible how one person can make that difference. >> i know our guy omarr in the back says one of the most overrated guys. jimmy smith extraordinarily important to the secondary. does ben roethlisberger throw four touchdowns when jimmy smith is back there? probably. does he get to six? i don't think so.
12:04 am
that's a big member of their secondary. >> let's take a look at the afc standings with the way this game will stay, because it is too big a margin. cincinnati still in first. >> the votes are in. they're going to give pittsburgh the win? >> i think that's safe. i think baltimore can call it on that one. they were all 5-3 before this game so that puts pittsburgh up to second, cleveland hanging in there, 5-3. baltimore drops to 5-4. but holden, when you look at those standings and numbers, this is one of the only divisions in the league where every team has a winning record, but can baltimore escape? all they have left is cleveland. >> pittsburgh has the tie- breaker. second of all, their divisional record isn't good. third of all, 11 of the 16 teams in the afc are over .500. 11 of 16 over .500. baltimore has a hole to dig out of now especially in the division and the head to head with the steelers. >> before i let you good as this game winds up, i do want
12:05 am
to go back to the burgundy and gold for a second. >> sure. >> they're going into the bye week. after what you saw today, griffin, the defense, what should be their main focus? they have tampa bay coming out of the bye week. >> they do, and that's good news. i never say any more that i expect the redskins to win, or it's a game that they should win. it's just another game. because it's not like the redskins are a good team. minnesota is a bad team, the redskins arrest bad team. i know robert griffin has to knock the rust off. get away, let the stories go away, and move on. >> they actually get like five days off. >> vacation time. >> vacation time, relax, get healthy. i agree, let the noise quiet because they have a lot left in this seas


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