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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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help a lot of people i can't wow. she is brave. >> i know. very hard. very hard to follow that story, given the other story we ran about a young woman with cancer. it is 6:00 straight up. good morning and welcome to wusa9. i'm andrea reason. we begin this hour with timesaver traffic. beverly farmer, take it's wii. >> good morning, good start on the roadways. 66 volume for you to build into manassas. typical stuff there, as you head into fair oaks, vienna. just this volume, 95 experiencing similar volume too in virginia. all of our problems really have been in maryland. in frederick market street is closed, south of south street for the structure fire. use east street or 15 around market street until further notice. montgomery county, we have a closure at falls road. vehicle rolled over there. they are diverting traffic
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along that stretch of falls road. if you normally take the clair barton parkway, it is closed. three vehicle collision police diverting traffic at those points. more people using the gw parkway, macarthur boulevard in and out of wash be. howard? >> a chilly start, a more comfortable afternoon. milder this afternoon. sun is coming up here in about a half hour with standard time. see some light already out toward the eastern horizon. a passing high cloud, call it partly to mostly sunny. mid to upper 50s for your lunch hour. winds northwest become southwest this afternoon. might get a few gusts, freeze warnings i-95 and west. this goes until 8:00. dc, baltimore, south and east to the bay. where the winds are really calm, that allowed temperatures to really drop off.
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lake down south with culpepper and orange. harrisonburg 25. winds are still blowing a little bit. that is enough to keep things mixed up atmosphere wise. we have 30s and 40s. partly sunny to mostly cloudy at times with highs in the low 60s. andrea and mike, back to you. maryland firefighters are battling a fire in the city's downtown area. >> it broke out in a up to house in the 300 block of south market street around 1:00 a.m. good news there are no reports of any injuries, some of the homes in the area date back to the civil war era. election day is just one day away. 36 governor's races will be decided. and the race to gain control of congress, also expected to be very close. president obama made his final campaign swing in pennsylvania yesterday to support the
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democrat tom wolf. the focus of the midterm election is to control congress. the gop needs to take six seats away from the democrats and they will control the senate. the race to be the next governor of maryland, one of the top local races. campaigning hard anden listing star power. >>en listing larry hogan and democratic anthony brown. >> today is the last full day of campaigning and candidates took advantage of the weekend to get voters's attention. hogan got the support yesterday of new jersey republican governor chris christie. hogan is gaining ground in a typically very blue state. counties where the biggest
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percentage of eligible voters, meanwhile brown getting the support of hillary clinton. and today first lady michelle obama. polls showed brown had a huge 18-point lead but now the margin is significantly tighter, polls showing a individual lead for browover hogan. even though tomorrow is the big day. voters we talked to still vice president made a decision. >> going to move from there. >> i have not decided who i am going to vote for governor. what is going to be the deciding factor for you on tuesday. >> how i can improve the economy. >> more than 300,000 people voted early. that is about 8.3% of eligible voters. if you plan to vote be sure to download our wusa9 app.
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back to you. whether you are in maryland, as she just said, it is right there on our website and our app. wusa the return of rg iii back under center and a fight in nascar top our local look at sports this morning. nick? >> reporter: mike jay gruden called sunday's tripe to minnesota quote sickening. because they let a lead slip away in the final minutes of that game. rg iii back in action for the first time since we led back to back scoring drives to open the game. looking like his old self. rare form but there were two passes griffin would liked to have had back. an interception he threw just before halftime which led to
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minnesota's first points of the game. then his final throw short armed it. pierre garcia son effectively ends the game. the redskins end up falling. rg iii shouldered the blame. >> personally looking at the game. i put that on me. on my shoulders. because i didn't get it done at the end of the game. say what up, about any other side of the ball, any other phase of the game, the way i look at it, i could have played better to help us win at the end. >> one quarterback in particular could not have played better. ben roethlisberger. for the ravens last night. a week ago against the colts completely overshadowed joe flacco by throwing six more against terrell suggs & co. set a record in consecutive games. to hand the ravens a 43-23
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blowout loss in the spot at the bottom of the afc north stdings. >> has drivers doing a lot more than just turning left. brad keselowski and jeff gordon after exchanging a bump on the tracks at the texas 500. getting involved in a post race brawl. came in 29th as a result. that essentially ended gordon's shot at a championship and this was the end result. you can tell it was a big deal again. lake we talked about earlier you do not see jeff gordon break out for nothing. we all know about the major races around here. the race for governor in maryland. what about the races which could affect on capitol hill. wusa9 is back right after this. >> as we head to break here's
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start bold and finish smooth with a cup of dunkin's new dark roast coffee. it is 6:10 on this monday morning, boy it is pretty out there, sun is coming up in about 20, 25 minutes. we are talking about a chilly morning though. a milder afternoon, your sun
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and clouds, highs 69. we have problem for the middle of the week. tell you about that in five minutes. beverly with timesaver traffic. >> 6:00 is the winnipeg hour, we have problems on the roadway. we started earlier this morning with the closure on the clair barton parkway. three week collision there, falls road blocked between tucker man and montrose road. waldorf into brandywine. the big tie up is on the stretch of 205. northbound from route 5 is jammed to the crash at poplar hill road. a crash at the 231 bypass and route 5 at brian town for charles county accidents this morning. mike, andrea, back to you. candidates in our area and across the country are making their final bids for votes today. >> we are looking at some of the hottest races, first and foremost, we want to start with maryland. anthony brown should have been able to go right through, a
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blue state. >> twice as many democrats as republicans in the state of maryland and yet that has become a race. that is bad news not just for anthony brown, who may still pull it out. it is bad news for martin o'malley. people are looking at where the women are turning their votes and what they are doing is voting their pocket books in some of the ads in maryland about the taxes have hit home. >> another thing that has helped some republicans is concern about ebola, concern about isis. just a general sense the world is a dangerous place and some of the issues that have been targeted women voters. >> as far as being able to have a republican in office there, it is not the first time robert ehrlich was there. when you look back at that race, are there comparisons that can be made is that against the other candidate? >> one thing we know about governors races is they are a
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little less partisan than races in the senate and the house. each my home state of kansas, which is a republican state as you might know, the democratic candidate paul davis for governor has a real shot. governors are -- voters are looking for executives and they don't always vote the party line. what about the house? how much more will they extend their advantage over democrats. >> there is no question republicans will keep control over the house. if they could gain 13 seats, they would have the biggest house majority they have had in six decades. >> it could be good for the white house as well. john boehner, the speaker might be in a position to cut a deal with the president that he has been unable to do with the tea party forces. >> they are not going to be the ones filling these seats? the tea party is not going to doell? >> if the republicans have a bigger majority in the house, it gives them a little more
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running room. he could lose people and still cut a deal. it would make it more possible. >> what is going to make it a long election night? >> you know we are going to be watching for cruel of the senate, two races where mary landrieu is running, and in georgia where we have an open seat. in both those states the winner has to get at least 50%. at the moment no candidate in either race has reached that mark in the poll. >> they could hold up everything. >> runoff races in december and louisiana. not until january in georgia could be a long time. >> we have a woman running in iowa who is a veteran as well making a pretty strong run for it. >> this has been a race disappoint fog democrats. joni ernesto is now ahead by seven points in the iowa poll, out yesterday. the pollster there, highly respected, says that race is
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done, she is going to win. >> nice to be here mike. thank you. >> whether you are in prepared the district or virginia. we have our complete voter guide. >> you can actually look at that voter guide you are in line to make your final decisions. >> it is 6:50.
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can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. i want one of these opened up. because tomorow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. when csx trains move forward, so does the rest of the economy. csx. how tomorrow moves. 6:17. beautiful this morning. look at the skies here.
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sun is coming up in about 20 minutes or so. just a few clouds and the color make it real interesting. clouds passing from time to time today. most of these should be high and hid level clouds. not going to rain. temperatures climb to the mid- 50s by lunch time. southwest 5 to 10. we do freeze warnings west of i- 95 and south of dc. south of 66 is where we are seeing most of the freezing temperatures. the winds are up enough to keep things mixed. that is a frost advisory, dc baltimore east. a few 30s in suggest then maryland and over by the bay. the cold stuff really is in the mountains and down south. culpepper and manassas, i have seep. 33 on the bay for example. 51 degrees there right on the chesapeake. again beautiful outside in washington. 46 though. feels closer to 40s, air is
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dry, humidity only 39%. gathering strength here in the southwest. seeing the jet stream following clouds into mexico and new mexico. snow in the rockies, rain into new mexico and texas. this will eventually head our way. wednesday night into thursday. that is when our better rain chances will be. out ahead of it, southwest flow that tends to warm us up, that is exactly what is going to happen for the next couple of days. only in the low 50s. patchy fog, freezing temperatures this morning. notice the areas trying to come across the region for the afternoon. at times those skies will get muddy. upper 50s to low 60s. chilliton, 402045 with a few upper 30s in the coldest spots. even milder on tuesday. sunshine pushing toward 70 degrees, that is our rain threat, wednesday night into thursday. shower threat shanendoah valley
6:20 am
may be the blue ridge. 62 today, milderton. tomorrow beautiful my pick of the week 70. on wednesday 70ish again but the late shower questions with increasing clouds. showers around 62. friday saturday sunday cool and dry. saturday rather chilly but highs only around 50 for the dc heart walk. saturday morning here's beverly. timesaver traffic. in frederick maryland that structure fire that has been blocking market street. still closed market street north of stadium drive and south of south street. 15 being your best option. east treat as the north south route. market street closed with the fire department activity investigation. montgomery county we have some closures. a crash on falls road south of money transocean north of tucker man at victory lane. all the equipment on the scene,
6:21 am
detouring traffic on falls road. clair barton parkway still is an option for you between the chain bridge. diverting traffic there more volume on the gw parkway. even macarthur boulevard. take it to the beltway. branch avenue that is moving just fine as you make your trip along the beltway. crash northbound poplar hill one lane squeezing by. checking for the crash down at the 231 hughesville bypass. and route 35 brian county. virginia volume on the interstates but lanes are open to the beltway and beyond. that is a look at our timesaver traffic. more noon and traf
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client,ting her special interest client,
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failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington poscat lled comstock's behavior "an appa brenthreac c ofongressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. trpamaiot jority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising. you can see in our futurecast, upper 40s here in town. we'll take you to lunch time. now in the 50s. not any chance of rain today. another afternoon mix of sun and clouds. highs upper 50s to low 60s, milder than yesterday. let's go over to beverly to facetime saver traffic. >> we are checking out the
6:25 am
rides. getting up toward the beltway. the crash at poplar hill road also crashes down in  hughesville. on route 5 at the 231 bypass. for charles county accidents. montgomery county falls road remains closed shut down south of money transocean and north of tucker man. the clair barton parkway closed as well. andrea, mike, back to you. a local candidate who served jail time for embezzling thousands of dollars there's years ago is back on the ballot. >> his name, william c shelton. running again, this time in a different dc neighborhood. delia goncalves has this exclusive. >> i definitely would have a problem with it and do have a problem with it i don't and we do too. william shelton, who pled guilty to stealing nearly $30,000 from the bank account, in 2011, wants to be commissioner again. this time in ward 8. when i
6:26 am
confronted him at his northeast apartment three years ago, he shut the door in my face. according to the dc auditor, shelton used the money for dc shopping sprees and to pay his car note. so i tried tracking him down again for answers. stopping by his address list with a board of election. the lawn littered with building materials a car with no tags and an old political sign. the home owned by 84-year-old car dell shelton, not the 45- year-old candidate william shelton. then again you may not recognize his name and he is counting on it. running on the 8 c05 as w car dell shelton. new name, new address. >> with the situation in the dc government being as it is with individuals being caught during all kinds of underhappened and
6:27 am
undermined things that betrays the public trust, i definitely would not feel comfortable voting if a -- an individual who has been deceptive in his practice and his who has embezzled money before to be running for any office in my ward. >> reporter: finally we tried shelton's last known address. a man spoke to me through the closed door. >> i'm looking for william shelton. >> yeah, is this where he lives? >> no he done. >> hello? i can't so you may be asking as we all did, why is he doing this? how can william shellton run again after he pled guilty, served jail time and was ordered to pay the 30 grand back to the city. well i called the dc board of ethics and elections. they say he is within his legal rights. the current law on the book,
6:28 am
only applied to city council and not to any other smaller position within the city does not apply to the anc. all of this happening just a week after the ward 5 former council member harry thomas jr. pled guilty to us and was found guilty to stealing $300,000 worth of charity money. well now william shelton is within his legal rights to run again and he's on the ballot in ward 8. back to you. delia goncalves from our satellite center. >> as our forefathers said we get the government we deserve. besides the candidates voters in the district will also be choosing a new mayor. three candidates are running to replace vincent gray tomorrow. >> mur yell bows soldier facing off against carol schwartz.
6:29 am
for the first time voters will also get to elect an attorney general. this is a look outside. the cold air is still out there but it will give way to a mild afternoon. >> indeed a beautiful start. >> good morning, mike, andrea, we have had a number of problems this morning. the weather looking much better than the traffic. in frederick, maryland the market remains closed. market street closed between stadium drive north of i-70, south of south street. want to use east street 15 as north south options there in frederick, maryland. also dealing with the closure in montgomery county. falls road closed too. closed between montrose and tucker man lane. outbound diverted at shane bridge for the ongoing three
6:30 am
vehicle crash. waldorf, bean town road one lane blocked there at poplar hill road and they were checking leonard town road at the hughesville bypass. beltway incident free right now, beltway at the oxen hill wilson bridge inbound lanes slowing to kennelworth. north capital at rigs road have police on the scene. 66, 95, 395 virginia the volume for you i can't. a chilly start. the jacket, still a little bit of a breeze in dc and points north and east. south of town where the winds have gone near dead company, that has allowed the temperatures to drop off. what a beautiful pick this morning with the plane and the sky. that is a pretty shot here at 6:30. just a few minutes before the sunrise at 6:37. a mix with high clouds at times. 95 by 11:00. 5:59. let me remind you sunset at
6:31 am
5:05. for baltimore dc south and east of the bay, a light blue, that is a frost advisory in effect until 8:00. the lighter winds and the colder temperatures 30 in la ray. 31 in fredericksburg. we are in the 30s and 40s going into the low 60s. tomorrow looks even warmer. more on that in a few minutes. andrea and michael. >> thank you howard. charlie rose joining us live with a preview, good morning charlie. >> good morning charlie. i can't good morning. britney maynard decided to end her life after a fight with terminal cancer. january crawford will have more of her interview with britney. plus investigators are looking into the cause of the virgin galactic spaceship crash. and nancy cordless takes a closer look to influence voters
6:32 am
ahead of tomorrow's midterm elections. the redskins arrived at it cfstadium for their game against the vikings yesterday and had thousands of native americans in protest. >> reporter: if you think the redskins should keep their name, minnesota may not have been the best place for you today. it was a peaceful protest but certainly a passionate one as a few thousand people came out here to call on the redskins to change their name. though redskins owner dan snyder has made his position clear, he is not budging. he says he is not going to change the name. >> reporter: thousands in minnesota demand their name back. but native americans admit convincing daniel snyder to give up the redskins name will be a struggle. they say many sports fans have become desensitized to the word redskins. >> team names have so candy coated these racial terms.
6:33 am
people don't see it for what it really is. you know? redskins is one of the most derogatory terms that you could call a native person. >> see the name as my football team. >> reporter: this skins fan is not bothered by the word redskins. >> if there was a team that had the name about blocks i might have a different point of view. >> i can understand how it offends other people. i'm sort of on the fence about it. if it changes i'll change my shirt. if it done, i'll keep my shirt on. >> i'm not native american so it is hard for me to say. i enjoy the name. >> the off the field tradition the name created, reducing their people to mascots and characters. >> native americans are the only group we treated this way. we have a professional football
6:34 am
team. we have village people. >> the native american community is no stranger to harmful issues plagued by suicide, alcoholize simple poverty. in the face of all this, why focus on the name of a sports team? >> they won't each listen to it. >> it begins with one change that they hope will lead to others. in their community and beyond. >> we have the cleveland indians, we have the kansas city chiefs, the chicago blackhawks. >> i guess what i'm asking is why does the focus seem to be on this team? >> a countless polls have been conducted on this debate, each as recently as this summer. wusa9 conducted a poll. should the redskins change the name? time and facetime den in these polls -- time again they have
6:35 am
come back overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the name. daniel snyder is the one that can change the name. again police estimate there were about three to 4000 protesters taking part in the march to it cfstadium. the national park foundation is hiring a coordinator, individual and planned giving full-time position requiring more than four years of experience. if you would like to find out more, go to jobs. today's winner is betty cole from gaithersburg, maryland. betty says i should be fan of the day, because i am a fan every day. my day is not complete until i see the morning crew. of course you guys aren't bad either, see you in the morning. we would like you to become our next facebook fan of the
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day. see usher in concert monday at verizon center. all you have to do is go to our facebook fan page, fill out the fan of the day and so we can put you on tv no as we head to break more from our local artist wesley spangler. you can check him out on facebook. if you would like to hear more
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inova. join the future oftinge is-that's prhealth.e medicine. disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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6:39 on this monday morning. it is chilly out there, 30s and 40s, but pretty skies. the sun came up just two minutes ago. temperatures are going to be more mild and comfortable this afternoon, upper 50s and low 60s with a mix of clouds and low sunshine. good morning beverly. >> good morning howard. getting some resolution on a couple of incidents we have been dealing with this morning. brandywine the volume and signal light delays out of waldorf. waldorf still tied-up with a crash at poplar hill road.
6:40 am
earlier accidents in hughesville and written town are out of the way. so it is not as much of an issue for you in charles county. good news is they reopened falls road. but the clair barton parkway still closed. back to you guys in the studio. thank you beverly. it is sunday morning and that means it is time for the morning fun. >> usa entertainment reporter aria thompson is here. prince goes away and comes back with a bang. >> as only prince can do right? he was on snl, saturday night and he did an epic 8-minute set. not everybody gets to do that. >> no they usually divide it. >> only the princes of the world can do things like that. he was joined by of co ursehis beautiful band, third eye girl. >> is this video from snl? it looks look a large concert venue. >> i met his band and they are
6:41 am
stilarl stru stck. they are buddies and they are work together but eyth are like we are with pr. ince this is amaze. >> they said twitter was blowing up and people loved it and the critics loved it. called it historic, visually stun and go went on and on skew just amazing of the he is a -- stun, ningand went on and on. >> he is just amazing. he is going to town. >> shredding. >> you don't think of prince and shredding. >> no, you think of shredding. >> he could be hear himself at one point and realized the cord to the guitar was on the mike stand. but never missed a beat. >> this is the third eye. this is his new reincarnation. i don't and the symbol? >> he has always been the
6:42 am
symbol. but we can call him prince. >> amazing. somebody else who is doing something remarkable may be bonessy? >> yeah so there is buzz she is going to drop another secret album. the first secret album dropped last december. we are almost a year into that. there was a document that was quote unquote leaked. i take this with a grin of salt. but apparently beyonce's self titled volume two may be on the way in a few weeks. >> we are talking about ji don't that is one of those in case you miss it had moments. >> you know casually i dropped an album. whatever. >> some of these artists are on only wal-mart or only itunes. >> the buzz on this potential secret album said she will do it like she did last year.
6:43 am
itunes first and then physical copies. there is a neck and neck race right now in the box office. we'll get final numbers later today. night crawl and weekgy, they are neck and neck at the box office, which doesn't happen a lot. and an interesting thing is because halloween was on friday, not a lot of people were out at the movies. they were trick or treating or going to parties. a good showing and two creepy movies. we'll see what happens. >> fury is rolling right along, doing really well. all right it is 6:43. time to answer the question of the morning. it was the average person spends seven and a half days each year doing this. is it day dreaming, eating? or chopping. good morning. sue mcgraw says a. i eat, shop,
6:44 am
and day dream about the things i should be doing. >> the answer is c. shopping. >> seven and a half days. >> you would did that in a month. >> we'll be right back of the
6:45 am
after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposecomprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi
6:46 am
terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
6:47 am
welcome back to wusa 9 on this monday morning. it is warming up. >> we are going to have a beautiful tuesday. tomorrow is the pick of the week. if you have outdoor chores or just want to get outside and enjoy it while we still can. >> vote. >> no excuse weatherwise, not to get out and cast your ballot. >> we voted for an alternate candidate once and my brother was getting on my case. that is a wasted vote.
6:48 am
no i said the only wasted vote is a vote not cast. 61 at 3:00. that is our call if a lie. 61, 62. with a mix of sun and clouds. back in the mid-50s by 7:00 and low 50s by 9:00 and not nearly as cold tonight. lows in the 40 to 45 range. a few upper 30s. a hoard freeze with the light winds. the winds are still up in the metro, especially north. you'll notice the wind chill is down to freezing gaithersburg. the winds are calm so no wind chill effect. annapolis feels like 36. in washington sun came up at 6:37. that is a pretty sky. officially 46 at the airport. feels like 41 with the wind out
6:49 am
of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. the air is really dry. dew point only 32. late wednesday night into thursday is now taking shape in the southwest. jet stream coming off the pacific ocean. snow in the rockies with rain in new mexico headed toward the plains. that is going to be arriving here late wednesday. until then high pressure is really in control today. that is at the surface. one thing we are seeing in the mid to upper level atmosphere, clouds coming through from time to time mud dig up the skies. without that we might be a couple of degrees warmer. certainly milder, tonight won't be nearly as chilly. tomorrow will be rather pleasant. highs on election day will be closer to the 70-degree mark. still going to be warmer on wednesday as well. wednesday. nce is more clouds shower threats with us, late afternoon west of washington might sneak to the shanendoah valley here. look what happens wednesday night as the rain overspreads us into at least thursday
6:50 am
morning. with luck we get rid of it early thursday. certainly going to turn wet here by wednesday night. the forecast 62 today, tonight 45 with upper 30s. tomorrow 70, a pleasant tuesday. with the afternoon shower late afternoon shower west, better chance wednesday night into thursday. thursday 62. fry drying out breezy 55. a chilly day saturday for the dc heart walk. which i'm helping with for the american heart association. beverly farmer, we are almost at 7:00 a.m. no metro rail has an issue with the red line train broken down near brooklyn. on the roadways, we have been busy with the closure of the
6:51 am
clair barton parkway dealing with the crash. shut down between the turn around and shane bridge. ongoing work with that crash in the diversion. they have reopened falls road south of money transocean. that is the upside. frederick maryland, the row house fire market street shut down south of south street, you want to use east street or 15 as alternates. building volume 270 south, into frederick. 66 corridor, you have the volume delays trying to make your way in toward the beltway as you make your way in past fair lakes. waldorf crash northbound side of 205 bean town road at popular -- at poplar hill. thanks for joining wusa9 this morning, we'll be right back.
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♪this feeling, i can't hide it any more. my-'
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it's easy for politicians to forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller. today is the last official day of campaigning for the maryland governor's race. lieutenant governor anthony brown or republican businessman larry hogan? it is shaping up to be a tighter race than expected, especially for a typically very
6:55 am
blue state like maryland. brown will have first lady michelle obama and hogan had chris christie yesterday. we have your complete voting guide at or on the app. the funeral for former boston mayor tom menino will take place today. menino's private funeral mass will be preceded by a public procession through the city. yesterday thousands gathered to pay respects as his body lay in state. mourners included john kerry, duval patrick and current boston mayor marty walsh. one world trade center opens today. construction on the 1700-foot office tower was completed this year. employees of conde nast will work in the building. today's soft opening will be followed by a former ceremony
6:56 am
later this year. construction of the new tower costs nearly $4 billion. harry potter author j. k. rowling has a special treat for fans. she posted a story about the life of the much hated hogwarts professor delores umph bridge on her website. it looks at her early years. rowling says umph bridge is partially based on a teacher she had. low 60s this afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. looks great for election day. 70 degrees as we head toward middle of the week. more clouds, some late showers and showers wednesday night into thursday. metro rail has a broken down
6:57 am
train in brooklyn. the clair barton parkway just reopening after a lengthy crash clean up. 301, the tie up out of waldorf. cbs this morning is next. according to the government, one in five college women will likely be the victim of some form of sexual assault while in school. a 60 minute sports report, the mix of alcohol, athletes and consent. going to
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steak & eggs. steak & eggs! steak & eggs. steak & eggs? steak & eggs. boom. dunkin's angus steak and egg sandwich is oven-toasted
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and made with angus beef. make today a steak & egg day. america runs on dunkin'. it is monday, november 3rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the young woman who sparked a national debate over the right to die ends her own life. >> nuclears in the deadly explosion of the virgin galactic spaceship. richard branson joins us live. radicals. footage from last night's interview you have not seen. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's been rough, yeah. it's windy. hard to see. >> two nor'easters that were back to back this weekend and maine got nailed. >> an early


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