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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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no working smoke detectors inside. santos says he is best friends with the young victim. >> survivors were rushed to the hospital. they are in stable condition. the fire department says they will be back here tomorrow to continue their investigation. in virginia, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> an arlington fire department spokesperson says autopsies on the two victims should come back wednesday. right now, d.c. police are offering a $25,000 reward to anyone that can help them find the killer of a woman in southeast. 26-year-old, latroywas found in a burned out apartment sunday morning. police say an investigation revealed the mother of three young boys was suffering from a gun shot wound and burns. today, of course, is election day. and right now at 5:00, we have team coverage of the big races in maryland, virginia, and the district. >> polling precincts across maryland are reporting a steady
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stream of people coming in to vote. fantastic weather and a closer than expected governor's race, looks to have gone up. my precinct was packed this morning. bruce leshan is live where anthony brown is hoping to celebrate. hey bruce. >> you got it jan and lesli. there are many more democrats here in maryland than there are republicans, but democrats turn out in far fewer numbers in elections where there is no presidential candidate at the top of the ticket. and so anthony brown's campaign has been working for months to lay out a massive get out the vote effort, especially here in prince georges. anthony brown working the crowd until the last minute. >> the weather is beautiful. there's absolutely no reason not to come out and vote. >> in silver spring, one of the busiest precincts in the state, there were lines down
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the hall and by late morning, 163 democrats had voted and fewer than half as many republicans. >> i'm very excited. it's important that we get out and voice our vote. we need more democrats. >> i think it's time for change and i'm hoping that brown will win. >> i'm hopeful. >> hoping for what? >> i'm hoping for change. not the kind we've been having for the last six years. >> so you're voting for hogan? >> yes, sir. >> hogan's relentless attacks on what he calls 40 straight tax increases, has helped him cut into the democrat's advantage in maryland. >> we are feeling hopeful and optimistic. we run a tough fight. it's been a long campaign. >> turnout was also heavy in republican strongholds like davidsonville and anne arundel county. where by early afternoon, 315 republicans had voted and just
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185 democrats. >> i have been wanting change. we have too many democrats in office. >> i would like to see something done about the spending and the taxing. >> never under estimate the power of stupid people in large groups. >> dan boone is unhappy with the status quo. but even less happy with the g.o.p. >> republicans trying to sell the idea that the way to improve this country is to cater to big business. >> now for anthony brown, just a little drop off in voter turnout here in prince georges county could make a huge difference. this is where he lives. this is where there are huge number of democratic voters. as of 3:00 p.m., the election board here says that about 87,500 people had voted and a spokeswoman says that is about on track with how people voted back in 2010 in the last governor's race. jan and lesli, back to you. >> all right, bruce, thank
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you. in virginia, voters are deciding a u.s. senate seat in several congressional races. one is expected to be very close. the 10th district race stretching from mcclane to winchester, peggy fox has been covering that race and she joins us live from a viewing party in sterling. hi peg. >> hey, yeah, you can guess where i am. i'm here at the barbra comstock viewing party. this will be filled with folks in the next few hours. it has been a tight race. the campaign out brought a lot of voters out to the precincts, to the polling stations today. and this is the first election in virginia with virginia's new voter id law. election officials tell me it hasn't been much of an issue. in fairfax county, they have brand-new voting machines and running very smoothly. take a look. >> new voting machines in fairfax county were holding up well. a steady stream of voters kept election workers busy at langly
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high school's double precinct polling station. it's part of the 10th congressional district, which will choose retiring frank wolf's replacement. >> i feel very strongly that this is a crucial election. >> it's where republican barbra comstock voted this morning and where her son, sister, and mother-in-law greeted voters this afternoon. >> i thought she was destined for this. >> growing up. she's been involved for many, many years in politics and she is driven. she's driven like no one else. >> this race has gotten nasty. there's a lot of attack ads. what is it like as a son watching that? >> well, i live in california, so i haven't seen a whole lot of the ads. i think my mom's message has been focused on her positive record and so you know, like any campaign, sometimes there's negative ads and that goes with the territory. for the most part, she is talking with voters and mostly supporting a positive message with growing the economy and helping people in the district. >> you already voted? >> like wise, john foust had
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his son and wife knocking on doors all day today. >> president obama is not very popular, but he's going to come out on top because he is the one who will work across the aisle to get things done. >> there are two types of people that go into politics. there are people looking for power and people that are looking to do the right thing and help people. and my father is absolutely the latter. >> reporter: so as far as voter turnout goes, loudoun county's registrar tells me at 4:00, they had about 25% registered voters already at the polls. not as high as they hoped, so it might be around 30, a little over 30% in loudoun county. fairfax county, however, is looking to break about 40%. and that's about average for a midterm election. this race is very tight. it has brought out a lot of voters and watching it very closely for you tonight. i'm peggy fox reporting live in sterling. back to you.
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>> also in virginia, two professors are running for eric cantor's 7th district seat in the wake of his shocking primary loss. dave bratt and jack trammel. >> and now to the district where election officials say turnout has been moderate and improvement over the april primary. the mayoral matchup puts david catania and carol schwartz. bruce johnson has been visiting a number of polling precincts. the only poll that matters is the one today. >> we have been canvassing the city. right now we're in northeast washington off of south dakota avenue. this is the udc community college campus. its precinct, 66. and as of 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, some 873 votes have been cost here. they say as many as 1800, 1900, as much as 2,000 votes could be cast here before the polls
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close at 8:00 tonight. of course they are voting for mayor, two seats up on the d.c. council. they are voting for the first time for an attorney general and also legalizing marijuana. that's getting a lot of people out to the polls today. >> i want somebody that knows d.c. and also has a great plan for his future. >> he went to all the schools and talked to us and explained how he would fight for us. >> i voted for murrell bowser. >> i voted for mayor, for david catania. >> the only real issue is somebody in the early morning hours broke into the davis elementary school in southeast and made off with four laptops and all of the beverages that did not impact the casting of ballots today. coming up at 6:00, i'm going to be at shepherd elementary school in northwest. the latest polls are any indication, d.c. voters are poised to vote yes on a plan to legalize marijuana. legalize possession, home cultivation, and the sale of
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marijuana paraphernalia. the city council voted to decriminalize marijuana earlier this year. voters in alaska and oregon are considering marijuana legalization initiatives as well. we have heard several complaints today from people who said their montgomery county voting machine changed their vote from one candidate to another. a board of elections spokesperson says most of the problems appear to be operator error. where a voter accidentally swipes a finger over the wrong candidate. but since every voter can review his or her ballot before submitting it, the spokesperson believes everyone voted the way they wanted to vote. well, bruce johnson just talked about this a little bit. some election day thefts in southeast washington, board of elections officials say computers are stolen this morning from the davis elementary school voting precinct on h street. the computers were supposed to be used to check voters before they cast a ballot. we're told that no information was compromised because the computers needed to be connected to the board of elections. replacement laptops were
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dispatched to the polling place and opened on time. this year, voters in virginia have to bring photo id's with them. if you show up without one, you can still cast a provisional ballot so long as you produce a valid photo id by noon on friday. in maryland, some first-time voters will be asked to show id. in the district, voters do not need to show identification, but if you do, it could speed up the process. and we have complete voting guides for maryland, virginia, and d.c. on our wusa9 mobile app. you still have time to read them and you still have time to vote. down load it or upgrade your app for free on your apple iphone or on your android device. weather can play a big role in voter turnout. topper shutt joins us now. how is the weather looking? >> just about perfect. we have a fair amount of clouds, but it's nothing on radar. let's start with temperatures. it is still 67 in college park. it's 66 in chevy chase.
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it is 64 in arlington. remember, our average high is 62. this is a little bit above average despite the clouds. it's 69 out in ashburn. so, this is kind of a treat for us, if you will. let's talk about the future, okay. and we'll kind of advance this and we'll see what is ahead in the future. we're looking at temperatures again holding in the 60s. pretty much across the board. in fact, looks like we're going to hold in the 60s. looks like until 10:00 or at least 9:00 as we go through the next few days. 63 at 7:30. we might dip to 59 in gaithersburg and 60 in leesburg and 62 in manassas. by 8:00, we are still low 60s downtown. polls just closing at 8:00 in d.c. and maryland. by 9:00, upper 50s. 11:00 walking the dog is cloudy, but it's dry. next front is wednesday night. a yellow alert on thursday. showers late tomorrow night, but the main event is going to be on thursday. we'll talk about that and we'll finish the week with sun, but it's going to be chilly.
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we'll tell you how cold it's going to be if you plan to attend a high school football game. >> top, thank you. we looked at voting across the dmv. so now let's go national with the focus on the u.s. senate. voters will weigh in on 1/3 of the senate's seat. and control of the senate is on the line. the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows republicans are likely to pick up the six seats needed to win a senate majority. one of the battleground states is north carolina. kay hagan is trying to hold on to her seat. >> i think it's very clear since august that continued to go positively in our direction. >> some other tight senate races we will be following tonight are in new hampshire, arkansas, colorado, louisiana, and alaska. and we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. a crook net more than $100,000 using a device to rip off atm's. how police in maryland are trying to catch him coming up
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at 5:30. >> plus, a guy caught on camera abducting a woman in philadelphia may be in maryland. a bethesda organi just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming.
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and now, the wusa9 restaurant alert. i'm investigative reporter, russ ptacek. text food to 2543 for a link to restaurant alerts. enter sweet green on bethesda avenue to see a september 17 report siting facility closed. montgomery county paper report tells ten violations including license suspended due to roaches on food contact surfaces and food at improper temperatures. it passed reinspection and back in business. click suspended restaurants to see hundreds of others we
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covered. text food to 25543 for your own restaurant alert. >> a 77-year-old man was killed in this accident in silver spring this morning. he crossed new hampshire avenue near randolph road. he died later at the hospital. the driver of the car that struck him stayed on the scene. police say they have more work to do before they can determine if charges will be filed. a woman's abduction on the streets of philadelphia is caught on camera. just checked this out. cops say one of the victims bank cards was used at an atm in aberdeen, maryland, and tonight, an emotional plea from her family. >> just return her to us. she has a family here. we need her. >> police say the suspect may have been watching 22-year-old, and you can see in this video,
5:17 pm
he wrestled with her down to the block to his waiting car. investigators say her eyeglasses and cell phone were dropped on the sidewalk at the scene and she was screaming and she even kicked out the car windows in the fight. >> four native americans are taking aim at two los angeles tv stations stations over their use of the word redskins. four people signed a petition asking the agency not to renew kttv's and the fourth filed against knbc about their broadcasting license. now broadcasting and cable reports that both licenses were targeted because the station and their licenses are up for renewal on december 1. always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> i tell you what, earlier today, it was beautiful weather. so no reason you couldn't the polls, right? >> pretty nice out. and if you haven't voted, i mean it's mild. temperatures are still in the
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60s. nothing on doppler, as it were. we'll be tracking some stuff on doppler as you get late tomorrow night and also on thursday. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperature wise, it's fantastic. winds out of the south at 6. so really all in all, remember you have some time. polls don't close until 7:00. in virginia, 8:00, maryland and d.c. so a mild evening with temperatures in the 60s. bus stop temperatures tomorrow 47 to 58. that's pretty good. a lot of clouds tomorrow, but still warm. pretty good hump day, really. and yellow alert on thursday. mild with showers and also some patches of rain as well. so, here's the future cast. 7:00 tonight, you haven't voted, 63 downtown. around 60 in the rest of the notice a fair amount of clouds, but no rain. 63 downtown at 8:00. but still upper 50s in the suburbs. by 10:00, still 61 downtown. that's a pretty good deal.
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and by 6:00 in the morning, we're still relatively mild, considering this time of year. the clouds will keep temperatures up. so 51 in gaithersburg to start and 50 in leesburg and 52 in manassas. by 8:00, look at this. we jumped to 57 downtown. 54 in la plata. we see a couple sprinkles up near hagerstown and winchester. may be overdone, not out of the question. i think the best chance for sprinkles on tomorrow night. by 1:00, a few breaks in the clouds. we'll have some peeks, temperatures in the mid 60s by 4-b. 66 downtown. but 62 in leesburg and 63 in leesburg. 62 in gaithersburg and 66 in la plata. by 6:00, we look west. we see some showers beginning to get very close to i-81 around peters burg and winchester. by 8:00, we are comfortable. mid 50s to low 60s and by 11:00, we see some showers spreading out and a little yellow and rumble of thunder toward romney and hagerstown
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with temperatures in the low 50s and some of the showers, walking the dog late tomorrow night, you may run into sprinkles. fairfax, rockville, gaithersburg, and leesburg. good news, it's still mild with temperatures in the 50s. okay. tonight partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. 47 to 52. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. so, we'll break this down in the day planner. 50s across the board to start. 65 by 11:00. and then 67 by 1:00. again, peeks of sun, periods of clouds. now we're still looking at a yellow alert on thursday. showers, rain, mild. 65. blustery on friday. blustery 54. bundle up, temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s. next seven days, more sunshine on saturday. another system comes at us on sunday. a little coastal tries to develop. 52 with rain. that might be optimistic. the ravens game could be a chilly game. wet, too. 60, seasonal on monday and
5:21 pm
upper 50s next tuesday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, ford is sshing five new safety recalls covering more than 200,000 vehicles, including its popular f150 vehicles from 2014. the recall also includes certain 2005 to 2011 ford crown victoria, mercury grand marquee, and lincoln town car models because they were not fixed properly in previous recalls. ford says it is aware of one accident related to the issue. the recall also covers transit connect vehicles from model years 2014 and 2015. gas prices fall, truck sales are on the rise. jeep suv sales are up 52%. ram truck sales up 36%. even the hummer h2 market is picking up in used car sales. and that is a mammoth vehicle. on the other hand, sales of small cars like hybrids and electric cars are tumbling.
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prius sales alone were down 13% for october. there's a national shortage of organic milk. we'll tell you why the well is running dry after a bit. hope you're thirsty. what you need to drink to prevent kidney stones. you can fill up for just $2.76 a gallon at the dash and food store located
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-that's predictive medicine. inova. join the future of health. in tonight's health alert, it is estimated that 20% of americans will develop a kidney stone during their life and once you have one, you are much more likely to develop anotp of doctors is releasing new guidelines to help prevent stones from recurring. bigat shaban reports. >> reporter: ken has been struggling with the pain of kidney stones for nearly 20 years, including right now. >> usually when i get a stone, it is constant. this time it's come and go kind of thing. >> new guidelines from the american college of physicians say people who had a kidney stone should drink at least two liters of fluid a day to prevent future stones. >> the reason that water is supposedly helpful is it's a mechanical flushing process. so the stone fragments can pass, but also so that the
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urine doesn't sediment into the kidney and collect. >> drinking more fluids could cut the chances of recurrent kidney stones in half. the group is also recommending diet changes, including eating less beef and dietary, which is found in chocolate, nuts, beets, and leafy greens. cutting back on soft drinks, including colas may help lower the risk of additional kidney stones. >> so oxolates which are both major factors in the formation of kidney stones. in addition, soda can be a diuretic. >> kim follows all of these recommendations. >> i carry water with me. >> but he still gets kidney stones. he has a procedure coming up to remove the ones he is currently dealing with. cbs news. >> guidelines also show medications can be effective in reducing recurrent kidney stones, but they do come with side effects. >> trending now, actress, leena dunna dunham.
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taylor swift's long list of ex's. >> a new reward and new pictures of a tech savvy suspect who has been skimming card information and pin numbers from atm machines. i'm scott broom, coming up, what to look out for on you get sick you can't breathe through your nose suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine
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shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle.
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right now, an alert for
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anyone who uses an atm card in our region. maryland state police are looking for a skimmer who has been putting secret electronic devices on atm machines to steal victim's card information and pin numbers and so far, he's getting away with it. scott broom reports tonight from montgomery county. >> with skimmers, you and your bank don't know your victims until the money vanishes. maryland state police looking for this suspect. who has been installing secret electronic devices like these over atm card slots in several counties. victimizing scores of people and making off with at least $100,000 so far. >> it's really scary how easy it seems to be to hack into things. >> leaving atm users if the machines are safe. >> in our case with this circular card reader, there was one place directly over the top of this. >> rob is director of security for sandy spring bank, which has been a particular target. >> once you feed your card in, this makes sure you hide your
5:31 pm
pin transaction or copying your pin. in your case, you had device in this area. >> in an online underworld, skimming devices can be bought from shady overseas technology like this. make vices that look just like the card slot, but that blew right over the top of the real port. so protect yourself by looking for anything on the card slot that looks crooked or damaged or maybe glued on. if your card ever gets stuck in the machine or hard to pull back, report it immediately and watch your statements carefully while police in the banks watch out for this tech savvy skimmer. and try to catch him. scott broom, wusa9. >> and that's a pretty clear picture. so if you recognize who that is, please call police. sandy spring bank is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of that guy. and take a look at stories
5:32 pm
trending right now. it is a showdown between spotify and taylor swift. swift had all of her music pulled from the streaming service. and the reason is likely related to money. her new album has sold a million copies. swift likely hopes that pulling her tunes off will help her sell even more albums, but an editor says the move goes against where the industry is heading. >> we are seeing the kind of erosion in those sales that we saw in cd sales after napster was introduced. we are seeing is an increase in people who are willing to pay for streaming. >> in a statement, spotify hopes swift changes her mind and the service also noted that it shares nearly 70% of the profits with the music community. actress, lena dunham is speaking out about her new book. many said what she wrote constituted to sex abuse against her younger sister.
5:33 pm
dunham says her use to a sexual predator was insensitive. plus, dunham apologized. >> a santa cruz, california, man is facing charges after he allegedly attacked somebody on halloween. he was dressed up as a fox news anchor. cops say sean corey took the victim's halloween prop of fox news microphone and shovedded it down his pants. and then police say corey tried to hit him with a tennis racket before running away. >> they were able to give us a good description of mr. corey who wasn't hard to find. >> he reiterated the fact he doesn't like fox news. that was the whole attack. >> corey is also getting social media attention over his looks, some comparing him to the booking photo for jeremy meeks. remember, he's the one that people were saying, i guess, you know, whatever. anyway, his photo went viral over the summer. >> a dad going through his
5:34 pm
eight-year-old daughter's halloween candy found a baggy of meth. it was a tenth of a gram more than enough to hurt a child. investigators say they don't have a whole lot to go on in finding the culprit could be a challenge. >> much to the dismay of employers everywhere, internet archive has added 900 old school arcade games to his collection. so now, anybody can log on to and relive their youth by playing games like pacman. remember those games? classic games from atari are already up on the site. has a library of hundreds of thousands of hours of audio, visual, video, and images for the purposes of preservation. >> so i had an atari growing up with a joy stick. my brother and i would play after school every day. >> boy do we wish we held on to those. a dubious distinction for candidates running for office on this election day. >> according to a survey
5:35 pm
commissioned by politicians are the most feared job in america. the reasons are pretty obvious. there's a lot of responsibility, rejection. also on the list, microbiologists, kindergarten teachers, and morticians. a possible meteor sighting over parts of eastern u.s., this is video from a police dashcam. this recording is from about 6:20 last night. >> and a camera at an airport in western japan picked up what some experts called a fire ball meteor about 6:00 p.m. their time. did you see it? weather officials say they received reports of about ten sightings. there it is. >> pretty spectacular. you see that video? >> i got a call yesterday and couldn't confirm it. so, there's the confirmation right there. meteor stays above the earth and then meteorite comes to the earth. that's the difference. let's talk about temperatures. it is very nice.
5:36 pm
64 downtown. it is 66 in leesburg. i'm not quite believing the temperature up in frederic. i think they need to recalibrate. generally, it's mild with temperatures in the 60s. it's 68 in martinsburg and 68 in hagerstown. here's a look at the future cast. still time to vote. so 7:00, we're still looking at 63 downtown. 59 in gaithersburg. no shortage of clouds, but nothing will become of these clouds. by 8:00, polls closing now at 8:00 in the district and also maryland. 63 downtown, upper 50s to around 60 in the suburbs. 9:00 we're in the 50s. except for d.c. and 62. and then 11:30, temperatures still in the mid 50s. we'll come back and tracking a cold front and we'll tell you why we had to issue a yellow alert for thursday. >> iranian students kidnap a group of americans from a run. a little later, a look back at the epic hostage crisis 35 years later. plus, some welcome news in the fight against ebola.
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a mother is charged with murder accused of throwing her six-year-old off a bridge and into the frigid waters below. it happened last night in newport, oregon. cops say the mother, jillian
5:40 pm
called 911 to tell them what she had done. investigators say that even if someone did survive the 100 foot fall, a person could only chilly water for 20 minutes. >> the fight against ebola is far from over. in liberia, new cases of the disease are on a steep decline. according to the washington post, some of the busiest treatment facilities are only half full and that is all happening without any of the additional facilities the u.s. has promised to build. so far, the post reports that in the u.s. spent $360 million fighting ebola in west africa. a warning tonight about an increase in the number of irs phone scams. frederic county sheriff investigators say there have been eight ca work for the internal revenue service. investigators say the caller claims the potential victims owe money from a mistake on 2008 taxes. now the irs makes contact about unpaid taxes by mail, not phone, according to the fcc. >> remember that.
5:41 pm
up next, could voting compromise your personal information? investigative reporter shows you how vulnerable you are when it comes to online voter registration. also ahead -- >> organic milk sales surge as supplies slump. i'm in new york. the latest on the milk shortage that could be coming
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
you registered on vote. an investigation has identified online security concerns that experts say could put your personal information at risk. investigative reporter, russ ptacek uncovered one of the worst rated systems in the country right in our own backyard. >> it is fast. it is easy. it is convenient. but our test is for security. an elections technology expert. >> almost every cycle, someone wants to break, they can break it. >> we put voter registration sites to a test developed by labs. wolf gang is the chief technical officer. >> we deal with vulnerability. >> voter registration sites want name, address, phone numbers, but there's more. in virginia, they want a social security number. in maryland and d.c., a driver's license number. first up, maryland and
5:45 pm
virginia. when we first ran the test several months ago, both states earned an a minus, but we run the test several more times over the past few weeks and both states have slipped to grade c. >> let's take a look at it. >> security expert, allen says there is a big difference between an a-grade and a c when it comes to protecting your voter information. >> how do you feel about a c? would you put your information in a c? >> no, because it will reflect how the security is across the whole site. >> then there's d.c. when we first ran our tests this past july, an f. >> okay, that's really bad. >> d.c. failed because it is using an obsolete version of incorruption incription. >> you found some significant smoke. >> we immediately took our findings to the d.c. board of elections who told us the lapse we found did not create a
5:46 pm
security risk. >> if you got an f, you're in a world of hurt. >> the very next day, they made changes and scored an a. all the agencies made changes after our investigation. virginia and maryland have now both improved to a minuses. i'm russ ptacek, wusa9. >> you can use the same test we used to test the security of any website before you buy something online or even before you do any banking. we have a link to that on our wusa9 mobile app you can down load right now for free. >> more of us are using social media. a new research center survey found twice as many of us used our phones to track information about this year's election than we did during last midterms. of the registered voters surveyed, 16% say they followed politicians on social media compared to 6% four years ago.
5:47 pm
no on the go. text radar to 25543 and down load at wusa9 weather app. >> could very well come in handy this week. >> i'm telling you, this is a great app. what i like about it, unlike the other app we had, we handwrite our forecasts. so when you go into the weather forecast, we are getting our handwritten forecast along with the hour by hour stuff. pretty cool stuff. go to the app store and search for wusa9 news. okay. we're in great shape tonight. we're in okay shape tomorrow. not a perfect day tomorrow. and then yellow alerts on thursday for rain and some showers. a live look outside, it's our lye michael and son weather cam. it's a big ferris wheel i'll never get on. still pretty nice. winds out of the south at 6 and relative humidity pretty low. only about 43%. pretty comfortable air mass. so a mild evening with temperatures in the 60s. bus stop temperatures pretty mild for the kids, too. upper 40s to upper 50s by 9:00.
5:48 pm
that's 6:00 a.m. to 9:00. a lot of clouds, but warm on wednesday. despite the clouds, mid to tupper 60s. yellow alert thursday. had to do it. talked about this a long time ago. mild with showers and patches of rain. don't see anything crazy heavy, but it could affect the morning commute on thursday and the ride home. okay. 8:00 tonight, 60 in manassas. 59 in leesburg. in fact, these clouds will keep temperatures up a little bit tonight. 56 in gaithersburg. 58 in leesburg. and then by morning, we're in the to mid 50s. nothing crazy cool. by 8:00, you see some breaks. it's not going to be a completely cloudy day tomorrow. it will certainly be more clouds than sun. but temperature wise, it's still nice. by 1:00, 67 downtown and 63 in gaithersburg and 64 in leesburg. 4:00, future cast picking up a few showers. i don't disagree with that. primarily west of i-81. by 6:00, temperatures upper 50s, low 60s.
5:49 pm
and 7:30, upper 50s and low 60s. and notice by 9:00, some pretty good showers and rain. out toward rahmny and martinsburg and that's certainly possible as we get into the 9:00 hour. the best chance for showers will not be until 11:00 or maybe even until midnight. so, partly to mostly cloudy. breezy and mild tonight. 47 to 52. winds southwest 10 to 15. actually is a small craft advisory on the bay for tonight. now tomorrow morning, partly sunny and pleasant. there will be some sun. 47 to 64, and by afternoon, mostly cloudy. still warm. high 66 to 70. winds out of the south, southwest at 10. so, again, maybe a shower in oakland and 54. but 62 in cumberland. your showers will arrive at night. low 60s, winchester 64. not quite 70 in culpeper and not quite 70 in manassas or also warrenton. maybe 68 in leesburg. probably 69 in mcclane and
5:50 pm
downtown. 69, 68 in rockville and gaithersburg. mid 60s by the water. there's not a small craft advisory tomorrow on the bay. here's a day planner. we are 58 by 9:00. pretty good. 65 by 11:00 and 67 by 1:00. now the next three days, yellow alert thursday. rain and showers. we'll talk about setting the alarm five minutes early for thursday morning. 65. nothing crazy heavy, but we don't need much with our rush hours. and breezy and cool. blustery on friday. only 54 for a high. next seven days. more sunshine on saturday near 60. a little coastal tries to develop on sunday. rain develops only about 52. could snow in the mountains on sunday. by that, i mean cumberland westward and 60 on monday and 58 on tuesday. >> all right, in tonight's consumer alert, organic milk is becoming more popular across the country. in fact, so popular, some grocery stores just can't keep it on the shelves. chris shows us why supplies are
5:51 pm
limited. >> this is shorn's second trip to the grocery store this week in search of organic whole milk for her young son. >> the milk wasn't there. >> is that becoming the norm? >> half the time. >> bare shelves and signs like these are showing up at grocery stores apologizing for what has become a national shortage of organic milk. >> i went shopping yesterday and there wasn't any organic milk that i wanted. so came here to get it today. >> at this new york city grocery store, there is still organic milk, but fewer brands and supply is limited. it's a matter of supply and demand. drought conditions in the west are making feed more expensive so cows are getting less and producing less milk. at the same time, sales have risen 5%. >> we do the best we can. thankfully, we have multidistributors we can pull from if one of our distributors shorts us on a particular day, we can react to it rather quickly. >> it is definitely frustrating when you want to run to the store and grab some
5:52 pm
milk. >> it's not clear when supplies will catch up. for now, the answer to got milk may not be an easy yes. chris, cbs news, new york. >> gas prices have hit their lowest levels in four years, but it feels really good to save on that stuff regardless. if your drive takes you through woodbridge, virginia. the bp is selling regular unleaded for $2.75. that is cheap. wow. coming up when the news continues. >> a bethesda organic eatery shut down for roaches and other violations. >> it's been 35 years since america was held hostage. next, how some are trying to heal old wounds
5:53 pm
reliability, is now an american thing. introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
today marks the 35th anniversary of the start of the iranian hostage crisis. a group of iranian students stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran and kidnapped a group of americans. >> as alfonzo reports, the antiamerican sentiment that led to the hostage crisis can be seen on the streets today. >> militants seized the u.s. embassy in tehran in 1979 as payback for america's support of the former shaw of iran. they took 52 americans hostage and held them in captivity for 444 days. >> from an iranian perspective, time has flown. >> iranian journalist has
5:56 pm
reported on the u.s. led sanctions against iran that followed. she hopes iran's more moderate president will help repair relations with the u.s. >> but mr. rohani has realized and certainly sections of the establishment have realized that this cannot continue. iran's isolation cannot continue. >> some say the west cannot it is demanding an end to iran's nuclear development program. >> the core of the policy of the united states towards iran is the nuclear question. >> the antiamerican -- that led hostage crisis can be seen on the streets of tehran. hard liners return to the former u.s. embassy grounds and yell death to america. alfonzo van marsh, cbs news, london. >> john kerry and iran's prime
5:57 pm
minister are going to discuss this month. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. it is a night the constituents and candidates have been looking forward for weeks and weeks. >> i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. tonight, we have team coverage of the key national races and contests in d.c., maryland, and virginia. we're going to get to andrea mccarren at the white house where all eyes on the senate and who will be in control starting in january. andrea. >> reporter: in fact, on this election day, lesli, white house officials confirm that the department of justice has dispatched federal election monitors to 18 states. that's to help ensure that every american citizen eligible
5:58 pm
to vote can. president obama voted early on october 20, in his home state of illinois. and today, the white house fielded direct questions on whether this election is a referendum on his six years in office. >> the vast majority of voters across the country are making decisions in this election based on the candidates themselves. and not on, you know, on president obama. >> the white house defended low public profile this midterm election saying he helped candidates raise money, did robo calls and appeared at rallies for some democratic gubernatorial candidates. >> ultimately, you know, it's the quality of these candidates that is going to be the driver of their success in this election. >> the white house acknowledged that if the republicans take control of the senate, it will be more challenging for the president to find a middle ground in congress. >> unfortunately, the vast majority of republicans have repeatedly adopted an approach that places the interests of
5:59 pm
the wealthy and well connected ahead of the middle class. >> and tonight, president obama will be watching those election returns from the white house residence. while this is the last election with a direct impact on his presidency, white house officials say that in 2016, mr. obama will actively be supporting democratic candidates. we're live from the white house, andrea mccarren, wusa9. back to you. >> the biggest contest in the district, of course, is is the race for d.c. mayor. bruce johnson spent the day talking to the voters canvassing the area and for the very first time, we see signs turnout will not be as big as some had anticipated. >> this is bruce johnson. we're in upper northwest right now outside of shepherd elementary school. this is precinct 62. one of the heavier voting precincts. but get this. at 5:00 this evening, there were 1134 votes cast inside this precinct today. some of the people outside, some of the veterans who worked campaigns throughout the city's
6:00 pm
history are disappointed in these numbers. we don't know how that's going to impact meryl bowser. we don't know if that helps or hurts david catania and his band of enthusiastic volunteers. but here's some of the issues people say they came to the polls with today. >> we come concerned about ww education. my kids and everybody else's in this city. >> education, my kids attend the school. >> the district's communities are safe, focused on economic growth. >> we were at precinct 27 on the other side of the park. off reno road in northwest. they have more than 2,000 registered voters. by midday, some 600 plus had voted. that is not a big number either. so, both precincts over there and over here at shepherd, they were talking about a surge


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