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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 4, 2014 10:55pm-11:59pm EST

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good night to you all. >> we are following three high stakes races tonight. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. we begin with a major upset in virginia, a race still not decided. mark warner and ed gillespie in a neck and neck race for the senate seat. >> mark warner has 49% of the vote. ed gillespie with 49%. just a few thousand votes separate the incumbent with ed gillespie. warner and his team are headquartered in arlington. we begin with debra at the warner camp. >> reporter: no one thought it would turn out like this, and
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actually, it hasn't turned out yet. what has turned out, everybody in this room in the ball rom in arlington is packed. you can hear every once in a while a cheer goes up when warner takes a slight lead, but the leads are .1% at times. he's been ahead in the polls, but the poll numbers and leads have been shrinking as of late. no one thought it was going to get to this at this point. we've had many big name democrats out here tonight, governor mcculla, of course, senator tim cane, everyone behind mark warner and it's been the kind of thing where they're not sure what's going on exactly. i keep refreshing my phone. you can see it's .1%, it keeps changing. fairfax county is always a little bit late to come in with the polls. at this point, they're saying they're at 100% reporting.
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so at this point, it's really just a couple of votes here and there. i am sure it's a little bit different though over at ed gillespie's headquarters. they must be pretty excited over there that they've gotten this close at all and certainly time will tell. let's go over to jim osmond who's in springfield, virginia. how's it looking there? >> hi, deb, good evening folks at home. here's what we can tell buthis shocker of a race and when the headlines are written tomorrow, it will indeed be headline, shocking race in the senate. according to a gop election official, ed gillespie outperformed expectations in northern virginia. he held his own in rural counties of virginia and may have been helped for the comstock for congress, getting her help, another republican. here's another key fact, this race could go to a recount, when the gap in this race is 1% or less, according to virginia law.
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we're still waiting on ed gillespie here. we've been waiting all night and we thought we might see him sooner, because the expect agdz is that this race wasn't going to be as close. looking at the overall control of the senate, a big night as they pick up seats in arkansas, west virginia, and colorado. we're still waiting on a few others, including iowa, and we're still waiting for the man of the night, ed gillespie to come out, when and if he does tonight. reporting live in springfield, jim osmond, wusa 9. >> now we want to talk about the us senate balance of power right now because the gop needed to gain six senate seats in order to take over the senate. we want to take a look at the map right now. in the balance of power, democrats currently have 42 seats. republicans have 48 seats. again, they would need three more seats to regain balance of power there in the senate. >> and, of course, a lot of states still in play tonight. alaska and idaho have yet to be
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called. there's talk those states will go republican and a lot of folks believe republicans will indeed gain 51 or 52 or 53 seats before this night is over. meantime, in the race for senate in louisiana, that seat is still up for grabs even though most of the votes are in. the winner needs to get 50% or more of the votes. as of now, none of the nine candidates will get the vote and if that happens, the top two vote getters will go into a rematch. 1/3 of the entire senate was on the ballot today. but we mentioned nine toss-up races out there. >> republicans looking to take control of the senate. andrea mccarren is live from the white house tracking the key races in the nation and how a republican-led senate would change things, andrea. >> reporter: well, a bit of a rough night for the white house, jan and derrick, but not
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unpredicted. interesting to see that president obama earlier this evening had already invited a bipartisan group of congressional leaders to a meeting here at the white house on friday. clearly, his mission is to move forward. obviously anticipating the potential for republicans taking control of the senate. what he will be looking for, we're told by white house officials, is common ground. topics, issues that both republicans and democrats have the greatest potential to agree on. one of the examples given this afternoon by white house press secretary josh ernest, was funding for early childhood dwchlt also on the table, improvementses to infrastructure, creating jobs, fighting ebola, potentially talking about an increase in the minimum wage. what will not be agreed upon is the very contentious issue of
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immigration. tonight, no word from president obama, no photos of him watching the returns released by the press office, quiet here, but it has go to be a very rough night for the white house. reporting live, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. back to you. >> it will be interesting to hear what he has to say tomorrow. certainly talking to some of the leaders now in the white house. another tight local race we're tracking is maryland's race. >> martin o'maly is out. it's down to lieutenant governor larry brown versus republican larry hogan, and the numbers aren't looking too good for anthony brown with 67% of the precincts hogan is up. >> scott broom is tracking the team. they're at the university of maryland college park. we go to bruce leshan. what's the mood like there now, bruce? >> reporter: the mood is pretty much just waiting and trying to
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see what's going to happen. i don't sense a whole lot of tension right now, but it would be a sign of just how horrible a night this has been for democrats, should republican larry hogan win here in a state that has elected only one republican governor in the last 40 years. we are still waiting for huge numbers of votes to be counted in democratic strongholds like baltimore city and in prince georges county, and we understand there's still a lot of votes to come in montgomery county which tends to be democrat as well. but the latest tally in this race from the state board of elections has hogan ahead of democrat anthony brown by about nine points, as you say, with almost one million votes counted, hogan has 53.7% of the vote. anthony brown has 44.6% of the vote. hogan is winning so far in every
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jurisdiction except for montgomery, howard county, baltimore city and prince georges county. as i said, no strong reaction at this point. people are just sitting around drinking and eating and so forth. but brown has pitched himself really as a defender of the middle class, a fighter for working class families, but hogan has really capitalized on the kind of simering discontent among the voters over tax increases, over less than stellar economy, and over eight years of governor martin o'maly, some discontent with martin o'mally as well. we'll keep an eye on things and let you know what we find out here. let's send it back to you now. >> thank you so much, bruce. as we follow the results coming in on cnn as well, as of right now, 51% of the votes in the state of maryland has been counted, and in montgomery
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counties, not all have been counted. >> so a lot of democratic strongholds still need to be counted. scott broom is live in anapulous. sounds like there's all cheers right now, scott. >> reporter: they are all cheers. there's a huge amount of optimism here. i don't think there's a single person in the room that doesn't think that hogan can come through in the end here, but nobody is declaring victory, and it's because of the analysis that you all and bruce just provided. these folks have been here before, at least those that are not college students, they've seen it happen where the republican comes in very late with a lead, all the way up to the end, and i'm talking about ellen salabray in the 1990s, and in the end, a bunch of numbers come in from prince georges county, baltimore county and ends up pushing a democrat over the top in a squeaker at the end. that's the way things are shaping up tonight.
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they've just announced the latest numbers that we've reported from the podium tonight, and there is a great sense of building optimism. let's put it this way. right now, larry hogan, the republican in maryland, is leading by more than 100,000 votes. so anthony brown has a long way to go tonight to scratch it back, as other democrats have done in the past. the question is, does he have the juice in those stronghold counties? i've been told boy a couple of the insiders here who follow the polls that some of the rural counties, they don't bring in big votes, but they count in the aggregate, and a lot of the state and the rural counties, in fact, all of i is turning red tonight, and some of those counties, carol county outside baltimore, sort of an outer suburb county, is over-performing compared to when governor bob urlich was elected. it is looking very much like a squeaker. folks here are counting on staying up very late to figure
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out what the end game will be. reporting live at the hogan headquarters in annapolis, scott broom, wusa 9. >> we know that no lieutenant governor has been elected in quite a number of years to the governorship. and once again, we see it being play out tonight. let's move to dc. many thought this would be a contested race. right now, mario bowser is winning. >> let's start with stephanie ramirez who is with katanya's camp. we begin with bruce johnson. >> right now, david katanya is making what people are convinced is a concession speech. you know how it works, he comes out and concedes, so it will be
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a long speech and murrial bowser is going to come out on the stage shortly after that. the polls closed three hours ago. >> democratic parties have stuck to home and done their job. the african-american voters needed to win. they did their job, came out and voted. murrial bowser won four, five, seven and eight. she loses the other four wards, one, two, three and six. get this, those wards that she lost, she did far better than kat did in the wards that he lost and that's the difference in the contest. we have over a 20% margin of victory. muriel bowser winning in a town
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where. you've got a number of people that pulled through for muriel bowser from east of the river from mayor vincent gray's past campaign. it's a pretty diverse group, they're united, prepared to party and go home tonight if they can count all of the votes. we've been here before. they're not going to wait for the final count though. a 20-point margin. they're sure they've got this. david catania conceding now. we can bring it back here live when it happens. back it you guys no-bruce leshan at catania's headquarters. and, of course, he's needing to convince voters that they want something different, something that wasn't a democrat, and apparently they weren't able to do that. let's turn to stephanie ramirez who's live at the campaign
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headaches. >> reporter: he's thanking their staff for all of their hard work right now, greeting family members and everyone as well here. i want to say, he has held a very close race compared to the history here in dc. this is really one of the first races where he gave muriel bowser here a run for her money. she was in the lead for most of it, and they kept about the same lead. every time we got an update here. but really, he gave her a run for her money which is different than we've seen in the history of this. sorry i have a little bit of an echo. toipt get back to you guys over there. this is what's going on here. we'll keep you up-to-date at the end of the speech. >> stephanie, thank you very much. david catania conceding the race to bowser for mayor. republican barbara comstock is the projected winner. >> she's weighing in with a
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significant lead, 57% of the vote. this was expected to be closer than it was. didn't work out for john foust. foust took the stage and conceded a couple of hours ago. >> barbara cocomstk's camp is celebrating in virginia and that's where we find our peggy fox. >> i'm here with the winner, barbara comstock. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: you blew it out of the water. you defeated john foust soundly. thank you for your supporters. i know you have just a tremendous campaign. how did you do it? >> well, we as i said, we listened to the voters, we learned from them what their priorities were and we led them on their priorities. that's what i've focused on and talked to people. and i think people really want
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to solve their problems with the economy turning things around. they're concerned about the very dangerous situation we're finding ourselves in on the international scene. these are very sobering times and i think people want to stop the bickering and focus on the issues that need to be addressed. >> when you took the stage, first of all, your daughter introduced you as the first congresswoman of the 10th district and you took the stage and said this was going to be -- you were hoping it was your first real job. that comment played a part in this race, how much do you think, a lot or not really? >> people want to get things done. i have a record of that and was endorsed by all the local newspapers, people that looked at the records, so we put together a broad coalition of
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people in the district and i think now we get to work and focus on these issues and make sure we deliver result. >> people are crediting your campaign with support of ed gillespie's campaign. i know you two had a lot of events at the same time. do you think that helps each other's campaign, perhaps? >> we've been friends over 25 years. he's a great policy person. in our campaign, he was focused on a policy-driven campaign and i certainly hope he'll be serving with us in the senate. he will be a great senator and i'm thrilled that the 10th district did so well for ed, because people want to focus on some of these issues. >> barbara comstock, congratulations. thank you very much for your time. barbara comstock winning the 10th district after long time congressman frank was not here tonight. his absence definitely felt. they talked a little bit about
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barbara comstock and what a hard worker she is, and said that nobody will work harder for the constituents here. i'm peggy fox. back to you. >> we know of course for every candidate raising their arms in victory, there is another one giving the sad concession speech. mola lenghi is tracking them down in dulles. >> reporter: expected to be one of the tightest races in the country, but it didn't seem to work out that way. i spoke to a lot of people going into tonight, a lot of them seemed hopeful but not so much confident as they hoped for. it was a tough year for democrats across the country. the campaign says they'll spend the next few weeks and months analyzing what cost john foust this race. he outspent barbara comstock. there was a comment made about
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comstock never having a real job, which she pounced on for the remainder of the campaign and the foust campaign insists it was taken out of context. many people point to that as a turning point in this contest. or perhaps many people suggest 2014 seems to be the republican year. in concession, foust wished comstock the best of luck in congress and said he would help her in any way he could. from the foust campaign in dulles, i'm mola lenghi, wusa 9. as we head into break, we leave you with results for the key races in dc.
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>> what i think has been so remarkable about tonight is that the republicans who have won have are won by a large margin, including comstock, which we just heard from. >> and republicans who are expected to give up soundly have battled it out to the end in a lot of places. there's one race that turned out not to be close at all and that is the race to legalize marijuana in dc. >> lesli foster joins us with more on the ballot initiative 71. >> reporter: hey, we take a look at the results and 69% of dc supporters vote ballot initiative 71, which would make it legal in the city. 31% were opposed to that. if it passes, adults over the age of 21 would be allowed to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to
11:18 pm
six marijuana plants at home. that is the early indication here with 86% of precincts reporting, so it looks like it is a done deal. of course until we get the final numbers, nothing is quite final. >> thank you so much. as we head into break, we leave you with results from some of the key races in virginia.
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>> there are alerts out in maryland for a young woman abducted in philadelphia. she was dragged into a car late sunday night and has not been seen since. >> but police say her abductor was seen using her atm card monday morning nine hours later. that car was in aberdeen
11:22 pm
maryland, roughly 30 miles northeast of baltimore. how police are tracking the suspects through surveillance video. >> . >> reporter: detectives arrived at the pnc bank 75 miles south of where carlisha was abducted. police say they want to talk to the man who used her atm card here. a minute later, he's seen inside a gas station convenience store. a distraught mother pleads for her daughter's safe return. carlisha's father begs to trade places with her. >> if anything, come get me. she's a young female. she doesn't need to go through this. she has a job and family and brothers and sisters she needs to see also. >> reporter: on surveillance, carlisha struggles with her kidnapper who grabs and drags her down the block. he forces her into a dark gray
11:23 pm
metallic ford taurus. once inside, she punches or kicks out the window. a man who doesn't want to show his face says he saw the abduction and says the man had a large knife. it was left on the ground along with carlisha's cell phone and glasses. he said he heard the woman scream. >> help me, help me. i turned around and started running up and i called the cops as i'm screaming, stop. he's dragging her to the car. >> just let my daughter go. whatever it takes. i don't care. just let her go. >> and bring her back safely, that's all. we just want her to come back safely. >> and there is surveillance audio of the abduction. police have not yet released. philadelphia police are working with the maryland state cops and the fbi. the reward now is up to $42,000. she's a nurse assistant who works with cancer patients in philly. she used to live in maryland and moved to philly two years ago. >> wow. all right. we want to go to bruce johnson
11:24 pm
right now for campaign 2012. he is live at muriel bowser's headaches where she's about to give a victory speech. >> reporter: you have all the dc council up there. this girl is on fire, the alicia keyes tune is what they're playing to intro, the mayor-elect. is about to walk out on the stage as we speak. jack evans is up there, marion barry, yvette alexander, the new councilmember from ward 1. shs going to be coming out any second on the stage. this crowd has been waiting patiently. this contest was almost a non-contest. she's leading by 20% almost out of the gate, never relinquished that lead and proved herself to be a formidable campaigner, and if you followpo dc litics, you
11:25 pm
probably saw mureiel bowser grow as this campaign went iel bowser grow as this campaign went on. she started in the debate to get more specific with things she was going to do, a dc native, adrian fente protege, long-time community activist in ward 5, a product of parochial schools, early 40s, single, been living in ward 4 all of her life, homeowner. what else can i tell you about muriel bowser? you're going to hear a lot more about her. she's about to come out on this stage. >> once again, put your hands together for the next mayor of washington dc, muriel bowser! [cheering]
11:26 pm
. [crowd chanting] >> oh, my goodness. [crowd hollering] >> oh, my goodness. i think washington dc has spoken. and i want to thank you, residents of the district of columbia! i'm proud to be here today, thank you. a fifth generation washingtonian, someone who grew up here, i came home shortly
11:27 pm
after college. i dedicated my life to serving my neighbors at riggs park, in ward 4. , in this city. i'm humbled. and i'm grateful. to stand here the next mayor of my home town. [cheering] i stand here like so many of you on the shouers of all of those who sacrificed so that we might be here. i stand on their shoulders, and i take a great sense of responsibility in doing my best every day to never let them down. i start with you, john bowser. i start with you, joe bowser.
11:28 pm
my parents, my entire family, my sisters, my brothers, my cousins, my aunties, my uncles, my neighbors, my friends, thank you for sacrificing with me, pushing hard with me to make sure we get this done. let's hear it for my family. i thank those, and i'm looking at probably a few thousand of them, of all of you who stood shoulder into shoulder with me over these last 20 months. you told me then to carry a positive message. you told me to speak about my own vision. you told me to conduct myself with integrity, to be a woman of my word. to work harder, longer, and smarter than anybody.
11:29 pm
you told me to go out in the heat, the snow, the rain, and the shine, and you told me to make sure that we assemble the best campaign team in the history of the district of columbia. so i want to thank all the good people standing behind you, and all the people out there with those green shirts and hats. now, some people call you a machine. i just call you team muriel. so thank you, team muriel, because team muriel for 20 months has campaigned in all eight wards of the district of columbia, and all eight wards, you cast your ballots to send a clear message, that together we will ensure that all washingtonians, whether you've been here for five generations like us bowsers, or you've been
11:30 pm
here like five minutes, like so many people that are making dc strong. i don't have the words tonight, nor could i say thank you enough to express my appreciation. so thank you, again, to the residents of the district of columbia. i want to thank all of the candidates who threw their names and hats into the ring, and i got to tell you, i don't know the results of all the races, but i'm pretty sure that the warrior, our warrior on the hill, won by a landslide. let's hear it for elanor holmes norton. let's hear it for elanor holmes norton. i want to congratulate phil mend elson on his victory. and i want to tell him that i look forward to working with him and the entire council of the
11:31 pm
district of columbia, and i'm so pleased to be joined by my colleagues tonight. let's hear it for the council members of the district of columbia. >> councilmember muriel bowser getting used to a new title tonight. that is mayor-elect as she gives her victory speech in northwest dc. she won four of the city's eight wards to take the new job. >> you heard her talking about the hill. let's talk about capitol hill. the new senate majority leader will be mitch mcconnell from kentucky who won by a huge margin tonight. not a great night for the white house. >> they won a few states where it was hotly contested, nebraska for example, he will hold on in virginia as of now but it wasn't enough. north carolina, arkansas, kentucky as you've mentioned, colorado looks like it may go and so may alaska and idaho.
11:32 pm
the gop taking over the us senate. as of now, they have 51 votes and a couple of more are likely to come. let's talk about the white house reaction. we go live to our own andrea mccarren who is at the white house. andrea. >> well, derrick and jan, as washington will wake up tomorrow to a new senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, the question at this hour is how a senate majority, a republican majority, will reshape the last two years of the obama administration. earlier today, white house officials stressed that the president stands ready to work with his republican colleagues. he said to benefit policies related to middle class americans. on that front, the president has already invited a bipartisan group of congressional leaders to the white house on friday,
11:33 pm
presumably to craft some issues to move forward with in the years and the months to come, really. so right now, we are really anticipating an interesting comment. interesting comments tomorrow from president obama. i'm going to send it back to you. >> andrea, thanks so much. as we head into break, we want to leave you with results of some of maryland's key races. we are sti waiting for the maryland's governor's race. hogan has been up. we'll get the latest results after the break.
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>> in virginia, two college professors vie for his seat in the shocking loss of the primary. >> we kind of knew about these results early in the night. tea party candidate dave brat and jack camel sought bracketor's seat but brat can claim victory. the randolph college econprofessor received 61% of the vote to beat out his opponent. you may recall bratt pulled off a surprise upset when he toppled eric cantor on a shoe string budget of a little more than a few hundred thousand dollars. that's the latest here. back to you. only in today's -- all right. only in today's politics could $200,000 be a shoe string budget. thank you, leslie. let's look at some of the latest numbers on some of the other big races in virginia,
11:38 pm
maryland, and dc. we start with the senate race in virginia between democratic incumbent mark warner and republican challenger ed gillespie. again, a lot closer than anyone ever expected and with 99 percent of the precincts reporting, looks like mark warner has 49% of the vote to ed gillespie's 48%. >> let's get to debra alfaron who has the latest from the headquarters there, mark warner. debra. >> no one thought it was going to be this close. so close, in fact, that maybe an election -- maybe they would have to have a recount, perhaps. that is certainly something not off the table at this point. we have heard that senator mark warner is going to come out at any moment and going to speak. what he's going to say, we really don't know at this point. but let's go over to jim osmond who's at gillespie's headquarters. >> reporter: things are breaking now. we're hearing from speakers and
11:39 pm
told that gillespie was supposed to be out here five minutes ago. that's kind of typically of politicians, five minutes is 10 minutes. we don't know what he'll say tonight with the race so close and the potential for a recount. and i'm sure ed gillespie is probably as shocked as the rest of the political world is tonight. remember, folks, one of the polls only had him seven points behind, but that was the best poll for gillespie. the rest of the polls had him behind 27 points. we will get back to you when ed gillespie shows up. >> curiosity as you mentioned exactly about what he would say. would he concede or demand a recount. another surprise finish between hogan and brown for sure. >> 79% of the precincts reporting, larry hogan has 53%
11:40 pm
to brown's 45%. could be a huge upset. >> don't mean to cut you off, but mark warner has come to the stage along with virginia's governor and we are about to hear from them. >> folks, i told you i'd be back, and we're back with our next senator, mark warner. folks, it was just about a year ago we had another close election. we pulled that victory out and are here tonight and i want to thank all the folks in this room and all the folks on telephone who worked so hard to help mark warner. you raised the money. you knocked down the doors. you made the phone calls and you made tonight possible, and i can
11:41 pm
tell you, -- and i can tell you as i've said in the campaign, we need mark warner in the united states senate. virginia needs mark warner. we need someone who's going to fight, who's going to work in a bipartisan way, who's going to get things done, who's going to fight on health care, making sure we bring our money back to us to provide health care for all those virginiians, who will work on job creation and fight for education as he did, and i am so proud as governor, the largest investment in higher ed in the history of the commonwealth of virginia was mark warner, folks. and with all the cuts coming through sequestration, we need a partnership to work together at
11:42 pm
the federal level to protect our assets to grow and make virginia the greatest state in the country, and i'm proud to bring up to the podium the oer partner who's fighting to protect our assets and grow the virginia economy. he knows a thing or two about close elections as well. ladies and gentlemen, our other great senator, tim cane. >> hey, hey, virginia. so the results are in, and we won, right. with 99.1% in, senator warner had by 19,000 votes. folks, we got this. we got this. so it was close, but that's what you get when you're in a
11:43 pm
battleground state. this really is like a tim cane election waiting until the wee hours to call it. i am here for my friend and so happy to be here with a great governor. he's making us proud every day to be standing on stage with my congressman, third district congressman, bobby scott. give bobby a round of applause. how about don biers who just won a big race. we've seen some news around the country that doesn't make us thrilled but the virginia delegation didn't move back ward at all. we're doing it right here in virginia, right? we're doing it right. but i'm here for the man of the hour, my friend of 35 years. when i was lieutenant governor,
11:44 pm
i had a chance to sit next to him and govern in a very challenging time. every day i learned from mark warner when he was governor and when i was governor, i drew on those lessons. i was a lot better than i would have been, because i learned from him. i don't even mind the junior label. i'm in the senate of the united states working with the best partner anybody could have. welcome your senator mark warner! thank you, tim cane. thank you, governor! thank you, congressman! and most importantly, thank you, virginia! well, it was a hard-fought race. it went a little longer than we
11:45 pm
thought. but i think we know in virginia about close races. tim's already made mention of this, but i am so grateful for so many people. i want to start any of us who do these -- or are crazy enough sometimes to go into politics, we all have great partners, and i want to thank my wife lisa. [cheering and applause] my three daughters couldn't be here. they're great. they sent their love and also sent their absentees. and i want to congratulate also ed gillespie. he ran a hard-fought campaign. i have known it's come up lib short against a warner a few years back, but i wish him well and his family well and i know
11:46 pm
he'll stay involved in virginia and national politics. so give it up for ed gillespie. you know, the thing that we're seeing all across the country is that people are tired of politics as usual. they recognize, and why i think we were successful tonight, at the end of the day, they want to hire folks to go to washington that can work across party lines that can actually put the poem's business first and you have given me that chance to go back and continue that fight. [cheering] now, there's a lot of people to thank. i'm going to make this speech a little bit shorter, but i wanted to call out one individual, one great virginiian, who i've had the honor of taking his position. he served for 30 years. that was john warner who i'm proud of a lot of endorsements,
11:47 pm
but the fact that somebody i actually ran against, remember the old mark, not john. now we're friends. now it's mark and john and i'm grateful for his service to our country and grateful for him campaigning around virginia for us. [applause] so lessons, you know, whether it's here in virginia or anywhere around the country, the people of america want us to move past sound bites. they want us to move past political bickering. they want us to get out of our political gridlock, and they want us to make sure that we get the job done for you and actually govern. and the commitment i make to you is that i'll go back to washington and recognize that we've got to find that common
11:48 pm
ground. in this new senate, i'll work with anyone, democrat, republican, independent, you name it, if we're going to make sure we get our country's problems fixed. and that's going to require us to pass a budget so we don't go back to the stupidity of sequestration. >> senator mark warner, sounding the campaign themes that may have squeaked him by in this election. >> senator-elect. >> well, he was already a senator so he remains a senator. mark warner as you see the numbers here, he apparently has squeaked by his challenger, ed gillespie, by a margin a lot closer than a lot of folks expected. >> the question now though is gillespie hasn't conceded the race technically. so will he ask for a recount if it's within that 1% margin of error? or will he concede? we are waiting to hear from gillespie's camp. of course our jim osmond is there right now.
11:49 pm
currently, the amount of votes that separate them is within the 1%, which means he could ask for a recount. as we head into break, we want to leave you with results ofome of the other key races here in washington dc.
11:50 pm
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the votes are still being tallied for the attorney general. but the camp from anthony brown is about to say something. >> of course, the race for governor and maryland still being decided. we want to go to bruce leshan live at brown headquarters. what are you hearing out there? >> reporter: well, we aren't hearing much of anything. the folks just started to gather up there. there's the state's attorney. we have steny hoyer and we have all of the democratic leadership in maryland.
11:53 pm
you can see just how many of them -- there are. and all of them now gathering up on stage. we are expecting anthony brown, i guess, to come out at some point and speak to us. the race still not called by anybody that i know of. but larry hogan, 9 points up in this election. there are still a lot of votes to come in from montgomery county. there's still a lot of votes to come in from prince george's county but clearly anthony brown has decided it may be time to come out and talk. i just spoke a time ago with the congressman and he said the problem with brown's campaign, he just failed to define himself in any clear way, in a positive way to voters particularly involved in baltimore city and his region, in baltimore county, which is a
11:54 pm
crucial kind of turning point for democrats and republicans here in maryland. he says he failed to tell folks what he was about, to talk about the fact that he was a colonel in the military, that he was on their side, that he wanted to do something for them, that he wanted to get beyond partisan politics. i spent a lot of time with anthony brown and the issue was him warming up to people showing his humanly. whether that cost him the election or not, we don't know. les go to jim osmond in virginia. jim? >> reporter: let's get righted to podium. ed gillespie speaking tonight. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you you a so much. it's so great to see so many friends and supporters. i can't thank you for all of your hard work.
11:55 pm
unfortunately, some campaigns last longer than others. i'm gonna need more hard work, obviously, we all know the process here in the commonwealth of virginia. we know there will be a canvass that commences tomorrow. we'll have a better sense. there's still some precincts remaining out as well. and a very close race. 6/10 of 1% i think was the last count. we'll be patient here and i believe that we need to be respectful of the voters and i clearly want to be respectful of all of the work that all of you have done. i appreciate it so much so. i'm gonna ask everyone to get a good night's rest. obviously, we've had a very vigorous campaign. i commend westerner for a vigorous campaign. as we all know, this is the process that we go through in the commonwealth. we'll have a better sense, i think later on tomorrow in terms of the canvass and where
11:56 pm
things stand. i just came here to thank you for all of your hard work to tell you that -- i hope berun a campaign that's made you very proud. [ applause ] >> okay. you just heard ed gillespie speaking there, not giving a concession speech which is very interesting because we just heard a victory speech from senator mark warner. he said he's waiting for the process to shake out and we would get a better idea tomorrow. he's not conceding. >> 13,000 votes separating them. that would allow for a recount in virginia if ed gillespie wants one. he wants to wait for the next few days to make a decision. but we've seen close races in virginia over the last few years. as gillespie pointed out, we all know how this process works. in the meantime, the votes are still being tallied for maryland's next attorney
11:57 pm
general. lesli foster has more. >> this one is not quite at close. right now, the democrat has a comfortable lead over the republican in the race to become the state's top law enforce. gansler, as you know, was eligible for a third term but he ran unsuccessfully for the democratic nomination for governor. frosh is another son of montgomery county. he's served five terms in the senate and with 64% of precincts reporting, it looks like he may be headed to the attorney general's office. back to you. >> all right. thank you. tonight we're gonna go to a break and we'll have more in just a few minutes. the maryland governor's race goes on.
11:58 pm


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