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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 6, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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how are we looking? >> reporter: rather wet. doppler 9000 busy. it will stay that way for a couple more hours and then things will improve but probably not before the rush hour is generally impacted greatly. as we go through the day today, even at 9:00, most of the showers i believe are going to be south and southeast of washington over toward the lower eastern shore, southern maryland, 95. lunch time a few showers but also sunshine, especially west. 63 on our way to 66. even a share shower or two this afternoon. the big area on doppler 9000, rain area up in pennsylvania, it's starting to clear out or break up at least as you get west of the blue ridge but here in washington and most of metro, we have steady lanes. the back edge has come from i- 81 over the blue ridge. give it another hour and this area will be over us. until now and then, a slow go. give yourself extra time and a jacket. temps in the low to mid-50s going to the lower 60s. a philadelphia woman whose
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terrifying abduction was captured on surveillance video has been found alive. >> police found carlesha freedland gaither yesterday inside jessup, maryland. nikki burdine is live not far from where she was fine. >> reporter: this is a terrifying and incredible store that all ended right here in this parking lot of a shopping center in jessup, maryland. we started telling you about this story yesterday when we showed you surveillance video of a woman being abducted from a street in fill film. take a look -- in philadelphia. take a look at the video. after we showed the video t circulated and they got a tip that that man and that woman were here in this shopping center. thankfully they were able to get here just in time and rescue that woman 22-year-old carlesha freedland gaither. she was abducted in philadelphia sunday night. when police found the vehicle matching that description here, they rescued freedland gaither and her alleged
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abdu, ctor-y37olear-d delven barnes who we are now learning is connected to a crime in richmond, virginia in charles county. police say barnes' d.n.a. is linked to a crime there where a 16-year-old girl who had been reported missing showed up at a business in charles county naked covered in burns, bleeding and smelling of bleach. that business happens to be two miles away from barnes' home. he is now facing charges in that case of capital murder, abduction, forcible rape, malicious wounding with a chemical. that's in addition to any charges that could be pending in this case that ended here in jessup. last night freedland gaither's mother spoke to media as well as police about what led up to rescuing this woman. >> after a few moments they saw there was a male and female in the rear passenger seat or actually the rear seat of the vehicle. after another few moments, the male then climbed from the rear into the driver's seat and looked like he was attempting
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to start the vehicle and drive away from this location. >> he sat in my kitchen in front of me and told me, i'm bringing your daughter home. i'm bringing your daughter home. he brought my baby home. >> thank you. >> he brought her right home. >> good job. [ applause ] >> reporter: that was freedland gaither's mother speaking to media last night, obviously very happy the way this turned out. the daughter was released from the hospital, supposed to be okay, emotionally damaged and very shaken up after what happened. police are not sure exactly why this man allegedly targeted this woman. of course they are now looking into that. in jessup, i'm nikki burdine, back to you. >> thank you. police are searching for the mother of a newborn girl found outside a house in beltsville. >> police believe the child was about ten hours old when she was found on shoal creek terrace around noon yesterday. a neighbor made the discovery.
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>> i walked out to my backporch and heard a baby crying. normally people walk their babies around the neighborhood. it's a nice development. when i heard it again and closer -- [ inaudible ] >> the baby is in good condition. anybody with information regarding the mother's whereabouts, please call prince george's county police. a former baltimore ravens cheerleader faces third drea rape -- degree rape charges. the mother of three is accused of having sex with a 15-year- old boy. court documents show the relationship started when she started commenting on the photos of the boy posted on the instagram. police say the two had sex in a car in a columbia, maryland parking lot and bethany beach. a contractor accused of groping a baker middle school student in damascus, maryland a month ago may have had inappropriate contact with a second student. john epps is accused of groping a 12-year-old girl in hallway of the school. police say the alleged groping was caught on a security
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camera. he is charged with fourth degree assault. police have not released many details on a second case. they say it involves a damascus high school student volunteering at the middle school. eric hoppedder has referred to loretta lynch as a top prosecutor. she started her career back in 1990. in 1999 she helped prosecute the police brutality case and helped investigate citigroup over mortgage securities frauds. if chosen she would be the first black woman to headed justice department. a new report says a number of safety seats meet the mark when it comes to keeping your child safe. >> getting into your hotel room will soon be as easy as point and click from your mobile
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device. wusa9 is back right after this.
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6:008 this thursday morning a. yellow alert day -- 6:08 this thursday morning. a yellow alert day. we have rain the next couple of hours. the damage is done i think with the rain. mild, some sunny breaks but a few more showers during the day today. a lot less than this morning. highs between 62 and 68. cooler wementer for the weekend. -- weather for the weekend. i'll dr have doppler 9000 and the full forecast in about seven minutes. right now we check in with beverly farmer. volume is building so i'm guessing the incident list is growing, too. >> reporter: absolutely. we have the crash on braddock
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road. a vehicle rolled over close to shirley gate road impacting a portion of the roadway there. braddock road near shirley gate. police and fire have been on the scene of that crash. 210 complicated now multiple ways. northbound 210 heavy volume to the beltway. there's a crash at palmer road. police and fire on the scene. the signal lights at 210 and kirby hill road north of that are dark. police are on scene to direct waiting for pepco. getting a new crash of la ata 301, going to be northbound 301 in la plata, north of route 6 it looks like. police are just arriving on the scene. also with a crash northbound georgia avenue at forest glen. a pedestrian struck there. mike, andrea, back to you. >> thanks, beverly. new safety ratings on child safety seats begin our look at this morning's consumer news. >> nick giovanni joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety just released its latest report which takes a look at booster seats specifically. the report finds options across a wide range of prices. the record number of new
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booster seat models earned iihs their best bet rating. the organization points to some video showing why proper restraints are critical. here's what can happen to a child with no restraint in a 35 mile per hour crash. >> what they do is elevate the child and help guide the lap and shoulder belt so they're in the best position for protecting the children in a crash. >> out of 41 new models rated for 2014, 27 received the top rating of best bet. they cost anywhere from $25 to $370. keep in mind most kids get to sit back in booster seats between ages 4 and 8 but it's worth noting the progression from chilseat to booster seat to eventually an adult seat belt should be based on height and weight rather than age alone. meanwhile there's a new age of keyless entry in the hotel industry. no need for travelers to fumble around looking for the room key cards anymore. thanks to new apps hotel guests
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can unlock the door with a smartphone. ten starwood hotels are offering the technology which allows travelers to avoid the check-in line in the lobby. >> it really resonates with our members. we've had 15,000 guests already register for keyless. that's just in a handful of days. >> other major hotel chains are on board with this, including marriott and hilton also opening the door for mobile technology. there's an app for that and a wrist band for a little bit of this, a little bit of that. one model has the ability to track your heart rate for 24 hours a day for a week straight. the top of the line model can measure skin temperature. it has a feature called smart code which recognizes what kind of physical activities you're doing from yoga to tennis and even zumba. it will cost you $180 we're told. taylor swift's new album 1989 is drawing some references to 2002. it's posted the largest sales week in more than a decade with
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more than a million copies sold in week one alone. that's according to nielsen sound scan. swift the only to have three albums top a million units in its debut week. can you guess the last person to close out any week in the million dollar benchmark area? >> michael jobson. >> how about emminem. in 2002 his album the emminem show hit that mark. >> what was that again? >> thank you, nick. >> that's our guy. >> our rap reference for the day. 6:12 now. in today's cool schools report, we want to salute some preschoolers in northwest d.c. 3 and 4 yearldzs so cute. they were part of an attempt to set a guiness book record for the largest vocabulary lesson ever taught. 215 children in the d.c. area were part of the effort.
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their lesson came from the book called "mr. tiger goes wild." >> these children are very excited for the terms they have received. each child will receive a dvd with some instructional games as well as a hard cover book of mr. tiger as well. >> a total of 4,000 children in 37 cities participated, even monitors were there. the whole event orchestrated by the community outreach group called grow up great. if all the classrooms are certified by guiness, the official numbers could go up to 4,000. 6:13. here's another look at the question of the morning. 30% of people say this is their biggest pet peeve when they dine out. is it a, rushed service, b, people who chew loudly or c, screaming kids? >> our facebook friend ashley
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nicole davis wrote d, when someone blows their nose when i'm eating at the restaurant. >> we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in 30 minutes. thank you for watching wusa9.
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it is raining outside right now. >> in many areas it s. when you leave us today because i know you're not going to be here the entire time, don't forget to take our app with you. great things on that so you can track showers throughout the day as well. i'll be doing it. even though the steadier rains are going to shut down the next couple of hours, we still have the threat for showers coming through midday, even the afternoon and you might get one or two rumbles of thunder out of this. here's a look at doppler this morning. the steady rain, where is it raining? most areas east of the blue ridge. west of the blue ridge a lot of breaks. west virginia notice more greens showing up. those showers will be off and on through midday and the afternoon. right now looking at moderate rain. you see the yellow area coming through the region, all those areas of yellow, you see them down toward prince frederick, south toward lexington park and leonardtown, coming across charles county, now over toward colonial beach and chester town on the eastern shore and west of us across area in fairfax,
6:18 am
coming out of loudoun counties and caroll county. we have the spotty areas of yellow n. is moderate rain. when you get to route 15 west, there's not much going on. berryville up toward almost charles town and jefferson county, west virginia we've got some wider showers there but the steadier stuff is going to taper off to showers here shortly. then again it's one to two showers. most showers south, southeast of washington. by noon a few showers 63. a stray shower this afternoon, mid-60s. 366. possibly 6 # in the warm spot -- 68 in the warm spot. back to the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. patience you'll need to pack. temperatures lower to middle 50s across the board. in the mountains we're in the 40s so even there all rain. i think there will be a little snow up that way as the colder air moves in. we're talking 3,000, 4,000 feet. 56 at reagan national. dew point 50. a light east wind at 3 miles an hour. with the rain on us now and the
6:19 am
steady stuff pulling away, we look back to the west. scattered showers into ohio andeanian from a second system in the great lakes will keep the rain threat with us for the afternoon and evening. the futurecast, nice breaks coming up later this afternoon. unfortunately we're not done with the rain until probably sometime this evening. 66 today, a yellow alert day. rain tapering to showers. 45 tonight. it gets colder, winds northwest. tomorrow blustery, 55 degrees. a stray shower. looks good for the heart walk. just a little chilly saturday morning around 40. afternoon high of 55 with some showers. saturday night if you're going out, you may run into that. weather looks better on sunday, sun returns, 57. ravens are home up in baltimore. monday as tuesday look fantastic before it gets cold here. coldest air arrives on wednesday. let's go to beverly farmer. we've got to get past this rush hour and tomorrow is friday. >> reporter: absolutely. friday eve is wet and sloppy and it will take you extra time
6:20 am
this morning. waldorf crash northbound 3301 -- 301. turns out it is in waldorf. police out with that crash and 301. still the volume continuing into brandywine getting into camp springs as you make your way up toward the beltway. 210, our problems there, a crash northbound 210 at palmer road. police and fire rescue were out with that. then 210 at kirby hill road before the beltway, the signal lights are dark. police were directing there. got a crash in riverdale impacting riverdale road getting on to the bw parkway northbound. that will tie up the drive in that stretch. southbound the bw parkway has been open. beltway heading west into college park and silver spring, slow go there with the lanes open the. did check in earlier for a crash on the beltway. didn't find anything there but the crash at forest glen still in the clearing process. it's southbound out of wheaton, lanes are open into downtown silver spring. 270 volume delays still out of frederick county into hyattstown. then the heavier traffic getting down through germantown, gaithersburg, rockville all with lanes open.
6:21 am
justed extra time on the wet pavement. braddock road, they're clearing up the crash of a vehicle that rolled over near shirley gate road. 66 still going to be the volume delays manassas, centreville getting into fair oaks and into vienna northbound 95 the volume up to quantico getting past dale city and toward the prince william parkway interchange. north of the occoquan still heavy traffic into newington, spring field, 395 loading past edsall road. downtown anacostia river routes the volume building but we don't have any incidents to report in your way there. a good start into northeast and routes into northwest. that's a look at timesaver traffic. thanks for joining us this friday eve morning. wusa9 news continues next. here's an idea.
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6:24. a murky looking sky. we have rain around slowing things down. fupt cast shows this -- futurecast shows this stuff will be moving quickly, maybe faster. i'm thinking about 8:00, 7:30 8:00 it gets toward i-95 and starts to pull east. lingering showers down across the northern neck, lower eastern shore as we get to mid- to late morning but we're not done with the rain. we will see a few showers here and there this evening, even a rumble of thunder is possible, highs mid-60s. beverly? >> reporter: we still got troubles with a crash on 210
6:25 am
northbound 210. it's going to be right near palmer road. police on the scene. then at kirby hill road, signal lights are dark. police are directing you there. that's tying up the trip on 210. accident on braddock road close to shirley gate road have police to direct you around the vehicle that rolled over on this wet pavement. back to you. a germantown woman at the center after missing child case is due in court this afternoon. >> montgomery county police said they believe catherine hoggle may have killed her two toddlers. a massive search has turned up absolutely no sign of jacob or sarah. neither has been seen for two months now. hoggle has been in custody since mid-september. doctors are looking closely at her mental state to see if she would be fit to stand trial. we are learning more about an alleged school shooting plot in maryland. court documents show 16-year- old baltimore county boy planned to kill his parents and shoot people at his school all to make up for years of bullying. police arrested the teenager saturday after discovering
6:26 am
thefts from a car and from a business including the theft after handgun. a former prince george's county middle school student accused of punching a student is due in court for a bond hearing. >> he was indicted last week and removed from the job. delia goncalves joins us live in upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: the former principal is behind bars this morning. he's expected to come to court a little later today to answer to the charges of child abuse and second-degree assault. he is 45 years old, a former principal, dwight jefferson. he allegedly beat up a student inside dwight eisenhower middle school in laurel back on september 23. according to the state's attorney's officer, he stopped the boy in the hall. he ran off. he caused him back and sent the boy to a back conference room and this is where it went
6:27 am
horribly wrong. there the 45-year-old principal allegedly punched the boy twice in the stomach. the boy tried to defend himself. police say jefferson punched him in the face leaving him with a swollen eye. a spokesperson with the school department says, quote, the type of behavior that led to the allegations are not accepted or tolerated in our school district. the bond hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. today. back to you. >> thank you. the president has asked congress for $6.2 billion in emergency funds. he wants those funds to tackle ebola in west africa where nearly 5,000 people have died. >> he says this will keep the outbreak from spreading here to the united states. meanwhile, health officials say dr. craig spencer who is undergoing treatment for ebola in new york is continuing to improve. it 16:27. this is a live look outside. much of our area has received steady rain all morning. we heard it was really pouring outside our studios just a
6:28 am
little while ago. >> the forecast from howard in just a little bit. take a break, the rain will, and probably come back at some point in the afternoon. we'll should some sunshine. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s across the region. >> in fact, we will have some rain over the weekend and howard is making his way out to the weather deck. he has the yellow slicker on so he's prepared and he's saying one of your fashion accessories today, the umbrella. >> absolutely, howard. >> reporter: i've got the umbrella making my way outside. still coming down at a steady clip here this morning. you can see the murky skies on our michael & son weather camera. out on the weather terrace, not greatest morning. if you've got good news it's that the next one to two hours the back edge ever the rain will make it here toward d.c. but it doesn't mean we're din with the rain just yet. let's -- done with the rain just yet. let's start with the forecast. not the greatest conditions early. however, as we go throughout the morning, i think we could even see some sunny breaks along with a few showers and then this afternoon a stray shower and even a rumble of
6:29 am
thunder. highs will make the mid-60s. as far as the rain on doppler 9000, you can watch the back edge, this goes back about six hours. that back edge getting closer to d.c. back in west virginia, we still have more showers and more showers in toward ohio andeanian. we're -- and indiana. we're not done with the rain. i just think the sceddier rains. some -- steadier rains. some of the rain has beened on moderate side. you see the areas of yellow coming out of fair fairfax county toward d.c. most of frederick county, maryland is clearing out. down through prince william as well. improvement in another hour. your highs in the 60s. let's go to beverly now. she has timesaver traffic for us on this thursday morning. >> reporter: it's complicated out there. northbound side of 95, it's been a slow go. still getting into quantico heading through dale city. then north of the occoquan leaving woodbridge to make your way up toward newington, springfield. wet pavement. interstates have been in pretty
6:30 am
decent shape this morning. they're still dealing with that crash on braddock road. police have been directing traffic around that. 210 complication had involved both the crash northbound 210 at palmer road. police out with that. then the signal lights that were dark 210 south of the beltway kirby hill, power issue. pepco issue there. police were directing, waiting for the pepco crews to make the repairs to that stretch. north of st. patrick drive near shoppers world, police are on the scene there. the trip right now on kenilworth d.c. 295 into downtown, slowdowns inside the beltway off the parkway 50 to head south on kenilworth past eastern. most of the trip down to the 11 rght street bridge. outer loop delays west into silver spring, the crash on northbound gentleman jack forest glen still along the right side of the roadway. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. the incoming senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and house majority leader the speaker john boehner are laying out some of the republican agenda. >> that includes the completion
6:31 am
of the keystone x sell pipeline -- xcel pipeline and possible repeal. both the president and punish mcconnell say they -- and mitch mcconnell say they actually want to work together. >> the most important thing i can do is get stuff done and help congress get some things done. >> we're going to function. we are. we're going to pass legislation. >> hopefully. despite their stated intentions, there are signs gridlock is far from over. the next showdown of course could be over immigration. president obama says he will -- all right. time now to check with our partners at cbs coming up in new york. >> charlie rose is in new york ready to tell us what's ahead at 7:00 a.m. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, mike and andrea. ahead an emotional reunion. a philadelphia woman is found alive. she was abducted days ago. vinita nair on how agents tracked her down. plus, a boy wakes up one day
6:32 am
with no appetite and more than a year later doctors still do not know why. 's rapidly losing weight so his parents take us through a typical day in their first division better view and the church that knows -- interview. and the church that knows how to put on a show. thousands line up for weekly sfs. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you this morning. >> thank you, char lip. we'll be watching -- charlie. we'll be watching. he's the most hated man in major league baseball league baseball and back in the news. >> former baltimore ravens all pro running back is facing charges too. these are some of the stories nick giovanni is following. >> reporter: we'll start with a- rod who has been out of the headlines and away from baseball the past year. yesterday we learned he spent part of the down time with the d.e.a. a report claims he admitted to investigators back in january that he did in fact use banned substances between late 2010 and october of 2012.
6:33 am
that included testosterone cream and hgh. a-rod was just reinstated by the yankees and major league baseball at the end of october. the team still owes him around $61 million on his guaranteed contract. meanwhile former ravens all pro fullback mclean is behind bars in alabama arrested on a felony charge of drug trafficking. the 29-year-old was picked up late last night after police found 122 grams of synthetic marijuana inside his mother's home. he's now being held on a 500,000 bond. mcclain if convicted could be facing a minimum sentence of three years in prison. to another former raven today, is day two of ray rice's appeal hearing in new york city. later this morning he will get his turn to speak after listening to n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell testify for more than two hours
6:34 am
yesterday. the dmitioner was the first -- the commissioner was the first witness called in the appeal. rice and his wife are expected to testify separately along with baltimore ravens president again later this morning. the n.f.l. is arguing that rice was ambiguous in his original description of the incident. the players association meanwhile argues double jeopardy. mike, andrea? >> nick, thank you. it 16:34. time to con-- it is 6:34. time to congratulate our fan of the day. anton net suggs of the district. she says i will be 65 years old. i started watching wusa9 with my mom when i was 12 years old and still do to this very day religiously. >> that is loyal. thank you, antoinette. she wins tickets to see usher next week at the verizon center. to become our next fan of the
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it will turn partly sunny today. a few more showers later into the afternoon. comfortable temps. mid- to upper 60s. we have cooler weather on the way. i'll detail that with your weekend forecast coming up in 6 to 7 minutes. beverly farmer, take it away. >> reporter: troubles off the eastern shore the westbound side of route 50 at the bay bridge. down to single file coming from route 8 to get across the bay bridge with a police incident on the bridge span. eastbound lanes are open from the toll plaza on to the eastern shore. 210 corridor northbound trying to get up to the beltway troubled by the accident that was northbound at palmer road. and the power outage signal lights that are dark before the beltway 210 at kirby hill road. police are directing there as well. mike, andrea, back to you. the same people who brought us frozen, tangled and wrecked ralph will bring big hero 6 to theaters tomorrow. it's packed with futuristic
6:39 am
technology with flying robots. >> this wasn't easy. producers had to develop brand new software and technology to make it happen. >> hello. i am your personal health care companion. >> reporter: when hero and his robot friend swoop into theaters, moviegoers will enter their highly detailed futuristic city, a mashup of san francisco and tokyo. >> there are 83,000 unique buildings. there's a quarter million trees. >> reporter: visual effects artists created more elements for big hero 6 than in the previous three films combined. >> we really wanted to create hundreds and hundreds of unique characters so we could create a crowd without you seeing the same character over and over. >> reporter: and passenger the light look realistic. >> we have to do mathematical calculations for every bounce, for every ray.
6:40 am
sometimes there's ten billion rays per frame. >> reporter: a new software program did the heavy math in big hero 6. >> there's a subtlety of how the light interplays with the objects and a richness in the film that i quite frankly haven't seen in a lot of films. >> reporter: disney producers also say this is the most focused film they've ever made. >> in the film there's 3-d printing all kinds of robotics, transmitters, being able to pick up people's thoughts. >> he was controlling them telepathically. >> reporter: helping them beat the bad guys with a little bit of help with some tech behind the scenes. in san francisco, for cbs news. >> sounds really interesting. you think the kids will like that? >> this might. >> you might like it. it 16:40. time -- it 16:40. time to -- it is 6:40. time to answer the question of the monk.
6:41 am
people say this is their biggest pet peeve when they dine out. is it a, rushed service, b, people chewing too loudly or c, streaming kids? >> one viewer says c for sure. most of today's time-out parents think the rest of us should understand. they think ignoring the kid will shut them up sooner or later so just live with it. i don't want to understand. we pie the high prices for the meal. let me enjoy it. >> but there are people making noises as they chew and the answer is b, people chewing too loudly. >> that's a lot in a restaurant. >> exactly, a very qu hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown!
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you were saying there were some power stages? >> north of fort washington but south of national harbor. they're right on the river. there have been about a thousand customers out. about 8:00, 9:00 they hope to get some power restored. weather wise it's just been raining. not like we have any storms or high winds. we do have a threat for an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon with the showers that will be coming but the steady rains i'm happy to tell you look like they'll be winding down in the next hour, maybe two south and east. we start with doppler 9000 on this. i'm show you the aicialght first. that's a murky looking sky. it's going to look a lot better in a few hours. the back edge of the rain, you follow that as it's marching toward the i-95 corridor but we also look at west virginia. there are showers behind this. yes, we will get into more rain tapering to showers so definitely lulls are coming. some moderate rain showers there from york up toward philly earlier. moderate rain showers the
6:46 am
eastern shore through southern maryland and coming into d.c. with the back edge of the rain here, just about through fairfax up for, almost to the beltway to tysons, a few lingering showers up toward point of rocks through southern frederick county through southern and eastern part of montgomery county and right through d.c. now with moderate rain. this is going to be a dramatic difference i think over the next half-hour here in d.c. look, you get west of the blue ridge, there's not much going on now. stilsome showers will be returning later this morning. outside on our michael & son weather camera, not the prettiest sky we've shown you by a long shot. temperatures this afternoon will get into the mid if not upper 60s for highs. winds southwesterly at about 10 miles an hour. still a couple of showers, even a rumble of thunder can't be ruled out during the afternoon. but tonight we're going to clear this stuff out of here. we'll be down to the mid-50s by 9:00. on our way to the 40s tonight. cooler air will definitely be here for tomorrow, saturday and sunday. in fact i'm thinking over the weekend potentially those areas
6:47 am
did not get that killing freeze last weekend. this may be the real end of the growing season. low to mid-40s in the mountains. we've got low to mid-50s almost everywhere. tappahannock is 57. it's 53 on the bay in annapolis. same temp up in martinsburg. we don't have the big variation like you do on a clear, calm night when the bay is keeping those folks warmer and inland we get a lot colder. this time of year you can have a 10en 20 -- 10, 20-degree spread. 55. humidity 82%. just a light south, southeasterly wind now. big picture, we have two storms i'm watching. we have one storm producing the rain this morning. the upper level swirl from pittsburgh. the. then there's this other feature. you can sort of see this spin. almost a couple of spins coming out of great lakes producing rain and now some snow across parts of central wisconsin. behind this one is the colder air. that stuff will be arriving tonight. this first batch will give us just the rain tapering to
6:48 am
showers as we go through the day today. the futurecast has the rain just about shutting down over the next couple of hours. by 9:00, 10:00, if you're down in the lower eastern shore, the northern neck like in reedville perhaps you could be with lingering showers. maybe you're traveling today taken you down to southeastern virginia, they'll be lingering with the showers. then we watch a few more showers come through us during the afternoon. going to be spotty. it's not going to be everybody but the scattering of showers will be there. from areas west of the blue ridge at 5:30 out into the mountains, more showers. they may have a tough time making d.c. because once the sun sets, we lose some instability. overnight with the colder air, the blue indicates snow in the higher elevations. they'll turn the snow guns on back at snow shoe trying to get open by thanksgiving. colder air tomorrow with the breeze. temps low to mid-50s. just a slim chance we'll see a passing shower as we go through the day on friday. then friday night a chilly night. saturday morning i'm going to plug it again. d.c.'s heart walk at the
6:49 am
national mall. i've been a big sup porters of -- supporter of theirs for years. looks like early temperatures downtown will be close to 40 degrees at about 8:00, 9:00 saturday morning. 66 today. the rains tapering to showers with sunny breaks, too. 45 tonight. tomorrow 55. a blustery day. we could have gusts on friday in the 20, 25, 30 mile an hour range. 38 friday night for the low in town. that means low 30s in the suburbs. saturday cool, 55. some showers saturday night. if you're going out, keep that in mind. by sunday the sun is back. the skins are off but the ravens have a home game. should be nice. great wet other veterans day -- great weather on veterans day and some of the coldest air of the season arriving on wednesday. beverly farmer is in with another look at timesaver traffic. i bet she has some ugly news for us. >> reporter: have some better news. how about that. still ugly conditions. it will take extra time in this wet, sloppy ride. on the westbound span of the
6:50 am
bay bridge, the issue there pretty quickly resoffed. all lanes are open each direction at 50 and the bray bridge. 210 corridor they did repair the signal lights. fixed on 210 at kirby hill outside the beltway but northbound 210 was already damaged, especially with a crash in the backup at palmer road. cleared the crash in waldorf on 301 north of st. patricks drive at shoppers world so that's a done deal. 66 eastbound delays still first manassas most of the way to centreville. more heavy traffic fair lakes into fair oaks, vienna. outer loop of the beltway into silver spring, still slow, the whole length from i-95 to georgia avenue. northbound georgia avenue the crash above the beltway forest glen tying up the right side of the roadway. southbound lanes are open out of wheaton and silver spring. back to you. that commute up i-95 can be
6:51 am
a real pain but we found some nice gas prices to make it a little better. >> we're tracking prices in woodbridge with the help of aaa. the wawa at daniel stuart square selling regular unladied for $2.72 a gallon. 6:51. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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will it be fisher price little people or american girl dolls? the national toy hall of fame will announce the winners for its class of 2014. >> the other toys in the running include my little pony. that's been around forever. rubiks kook, ninja turtles and -- rubiks cube, ninja turtles. a member of the british royal family will help kick off a special exhibition this morning at the library of congress. princess anne will attend the opening of magna carta muse and meantor. the ten-week exhibition marks the 800th anniversary of the magna carta and praises its influence -- traces its influence on government from medieval england to modern times. the postmaster general will announce the postal service's plans for handling the high volume of holiday cards and
6:55 am
packages including the all important mailing deadlines. >> the post office will also unveil forever stamps for the holiday season. one of them rudolph the red nose reindeer stamp. it starts at 10:00 a.m. >> it's open enrollment. if you have questions about medicare today on our noon news, we have some answers. >> we'll have a team of experts from the maryland department of aging here to answer your questions about medicare open enrollment and more. the phone lines open at 11:30 this morning and the experts will be available until 4:00 p.m. >> 202-860-8920 is the number to call to get your medicare questions answered if you live in maryland and the district as women. you can start dialing after 11:30 a.m. some good news. i know it's raining out in many spots west of us but that back edge of rain is quickly approaching d.c. i think over the next half hour we'll see the steady rains taper off here in the district. it may take another our or two, especially southern maryland and the eastern shore. we can't even rule out a rumble
6:56 am
of thundz dear with highs mid-6 -- thunder with highs mid-60s. tomorrow 55, a stray shower. saturday morning the heart walk weather looks good. it will be a little chilly, around 40 early. and 55 in the afternoon. sunday looks good after saturday night showers, 57. another shot of warm air next week before a major cold front here. coldest air of the season comes for the second half. wednesday's highs 50. maybe optimistic. that will be a big drop. if you've been waiting, you may be able to break out the win set on wednesday. beverly farmer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 210 although still jammed toward the beltway, earlier obstacle, the crash at palmer road cleared. the signal light power back on 210 at kirby hill road. that's better news. virginia 95, your lineup still getting into quantico, getting out of dumfries, dale city, up toward 123. then the volume heading north of the beltway or north of the
6:57 am
occoquan up to the beltway, very slow go on 395 up past the beltway and again at the 14th street bridge. beltway headed out of college park into silver spring although with lanes open, solid northbound georgia avenue above the beltway clearing up the crash. everything open again on westbound 50 at the bay bridge off the eastern shore. still residual delays. back to you guys. cbs this morning is next. that story about the child with the eating disorder is really interesting, coming up. >> bev and i s0
6:58 am
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be a weekender and book weekeyour stay at hampton. it is thursday, november 6th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." republicans warn president obama not to poison the well after a crushing midterm defeat. 72 hours after this violent abduction, a philadelphia woman is found alive. and a young boy loses the desire to eat. holly phillips on the history baffling the doctor. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> great wsne. carlesha freeland has been rescued. >> she was found wither


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