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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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information later on. we just did that interview. we'll bring that back when we come back at 6:00. live at prince george's county headquarters, debra alfarone, wusa9. now on to another big story, today in court state officials filed a motion to have katherine hog am removed from -- catherine hoggle removed from the hospital and placed into the custody of the sheriff to show police where her missing children are. wusa9's stephanie ramirez is outside the maryland district courthouse in rockville where the judge had a pretty surprising response. >> reporter: the judge didn't completely throw it off the table, but he denied it today for reasons i'll explain coming up, but the sheriff, members of the police department and sheriff's department were all dressed in uniform ready to take hoggle out right there and then. i talked to the family of the judge's decision. >> just anything about it like they're putting the court date before finding my kid. >> reporter: 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah hoggle's
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father troy turner was shaking his head after a judge would not allow catherine hoggle to go into police custody even after family members said hoggle recently told them she wanted to show authorities where her children are. her mother after the hearing. >> she's my daughter. this is heartbreaking to me, but she did call my mother and told my mother to have her call me. catherine did call me and request to speak to the police. >> i thought my primary obligation as state's attorney was to provide the court with the information we had and ask them for permission to allow her to help us find these children who have been missing about two months. >> reporter: the problem? the results of catherine hoggle's psych evaluation hadn't returned yet, so the judge found hoggle to be not competent, something her attorney supports. >> this woman has a diagnosed and published history of psychosis, of paronoia, of
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delewises. to -- of delusions. to think that she would be in a position to render assistance logically makes no sense given the circumstances. >> we were all hoping and praying she would have been able to be taking where she's saying the children are and if the children aren't there, she returns to where she is either way and nothing would have been gained or lost. so i think it was a chance that was missed and it's very sad. >> reporter: catherine hoggle did talk to the judge today and told her she's on two or three different medications. the judge said they have to come back with evidence she has to be found confident for him to grant the motion. she is due back in court january 5th. the state's attorney said to expect a superseding indictment before then. he just wouldn't say if there were any hmurder charges involved. he tonight new details of another alleged assault on a teenager by the man arrested in
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howard county in the caught on tape abduction of a philadelphia nursing assistant. dein barnes agreed to extradition to the richmond area to face the rape charge and just into the newsroom reaction to one of the philadelphia investigators who made good on his word to bring carlesha freeland gaither home alive. bruce leshan has the latest from townsend, maryland, where barnes just went before a judge. >> it's just like keeping a promise, you know. it felt good. you're overwhelmed because you have this 22-year-old girl who went through a hell of an ordeal and we're able to bring her back home safe. >> now here's bruce. what did the judge say? >> reporter: he said yes, sir, and no, sir, pretty calm, but the philadelphia police chief, charles ramsay, he called this guy a thug and a vicious predator.
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he's apparently also not real smart. he had a gps tracking device mounted on his car that police could tap into. for now delven barnes is here held as a fugitive until virginia authorities pick him up. carlesha freeland gaither fighting for her life as she was drug to his car and then went to aberdeen in maryland and then how did they find him? a car dealer had stuck a gps on his car because he was such a bad credit risk. >> she was crying and asking me, told me she loved me and missed me, to come get her. >> reporter: maryland is holding barnes on a fugitive warrant out of charles city county in virginia. >> for attempted capital
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murder, assault, malicious injury with acid, explosives or fire. >> reporter: the attack in the richmond area is about as horrific as you can imagine. police say they found a 16-year- old girl wandering along the side of the street. she had been missing for two days and when police found her, she was naked, she was bleeding, she was covered in burns and she reeked of bleach and gasoline. police say dna from that case led them to barnes. police chief ramsay says carlesha is a fighter. she kicked out the window of barnes' car and kept fighting as he drove her to maryland. she's home now released from a howard county hospital with some injuries, but the attack on the 16-year-old, perhaps a warning of what might have happened to her without the hard work of scores of investigators. >> you brought my baby home. you brought her right home. >> thank you. good job. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: so i was sitting right in the front of the courtroom next to the monitor when barnes appeared via closed circuit tv into that courtroom. he seemed calm. he kept pulling at his neck and kind of sucking his cheek and he answered the judge's questions yes, sir, no, sir, but here is another pretty scary fact. apparently after he hit that teen in the head with a shovel down in richmond and started digging a grave he apparently at some point showed her pictures of other women police say that he had attacked. so there could be even more cases tied to this guy. jan, back to you. >> that is amazing when you consider that a philadelphia girl was left alive through all this. thanks, bruce. >> reporter: no kidding, fighter. two people are in the hospital with gunshot wounds following an attempted robbery in gaithersburg. a man and a woman were hurt
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inside an office that provides commercial cleaning services and that building is near the montgomery county airport. police say the gunman shot out the front door of the business to get in and this is not the first time it's been targeted. >> apparently this business had been the victim of a robbery in the last two months and so that may have been why they had their front door locked at this time. >> the shooting victims are a 65-year-old man and a 75-year- old woman. police say luckily their injuries are not life threatening. turning to weather, the showers are starting to wind down, but we still have that yellow alert in place. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt joins us now from the weather center. who is seeing rain now? >> just to the west of town, fairfax and bearing down on d.c. now, the last of the showers. we had heavy activity earlier this afternoon, a severe thunderstorm for prince george's county, calvert, anne arundel county. that has now pushed across the bay into the delmarva, about to
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hit rehoboth. in the meantime it still has some yellow which is fairly moderate rain. if you're headed out 66 are 123, you'll still have wet roads. -- or 123, you'll still have wet roads going out to the west of town toward burke and tysons. it's moving south and east headed toward oldtown at 5:21, oxon hill about 5:27, but it is weakening as it moves off to the south and east. essentially once these showers leave we're in pretty good shape. by 8:00 tonight i think this is a bit overdone in term of leftover shower, 50s, walk the dog, no worries and be 50 in gaithersburg at 10:00 and 55 downtown. we'll come back, talk about some big winds tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend. police say today's wet
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weather may have played a role in a deadly accident in prince george's county. one person was killed and another badly injured after two cars collided at 6:40 this morning, one person pronounced dead at the scene, the other rushed to the hospital in critical condition. montgomery county police are searching for three men who carjacked a woman at gunpoint in bethesda. the 18-year-old victim was parked on hampton lane near wilson boulevard just before 7:00 last night. one of the suspects opened the driver's side door accident held a gun to her head and ordered -- door, held a gun to her head and ordered her out of the suv. about an hour later the vehicle was spotted in silver spring. officers attempted to stop the suv, but the driver got away in the area of 14 14 street and primrose northwest, maryland
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tags 1ae3792. if you see that u is, please call 911 immediate -- that suv, please call 911 immediately. some newly released court documents reveal more about a maryland teen's plans to go on a deadly shooting spree. the 16-year-old told police he was going to use a stolen handgun to murder his parents and drive to school to kill as many students and teachers as he could. the baltimore county student never got to follow through on the plans. police arrested him on saturday while questioning him about a series of car break-ins and authorities say they found three crude bombs that he intended to use. it is sentencing day for a corrections officer who sexually assaulted a female inmate. an alexandria judge sentenced deputy bryant pigave to five years in prison with 2 1/2 years suspended if certain conditions are met. he was caught on camera having sex with a victim in her cell.
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we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. excuse me. gop leaders lay out their plans for the future with their party in control of congress, that report coming up at 5:30. >> amber vinson, the nurse who beat ebola after contracting it from a dying man opens up about her battle with the disease. >> reporter: a 47-year-old ex- nfl cheerleader and baltimore socialite accused of raping a 15-year-old boy. i'm scott broom in baltimore, why many people have a heard time believing it is rape
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new developments in the case of an ex-ravens cheerleader and baltimore socialite accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy.
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now her estranged husband, a fortune 500 ceo has released a statement and howard county police say they are assisting delaware authorities after learning that some of the sex activity may have occurred there. scott broom is in baltimore. >> reporter: 47-year-old molly shattuck expelled from the many philanthropic boards she sat on here in baltimore while her ceo ex-husband mayo shattuck of exelon energy says he is shocked and saddened and is deeply concerned for the victim and his own three children. >> i'm able to completely be me. >> reporter: this while their mother, the ex-nfl cheerleader and self style online lifestyle guru face says felony charges -- faces felony charges for allegedly abusing a 15-year-old boy at her beach house and other places including a parking lot near the boy's howard county home. social media is life with
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debate. it's not rape. it's a fantasy come true wrote one sparking indignant responses it doesn't matter what gender it is. >> it's not a victimless crime. >> reporter: attorney jim wilkinson represents eqwitas. >> their healthy development for relationships can really be impacted. this isn't a locker room situation and a high five to a young 15-year-old boy who was preyed upon. grooming was used. alcohol might have been used. people do this to access this population and take advantage of them. >> reporter: baltimore's wealthy set are repulsed by all of it. said up with the whole thing is -- said one the whole thing is just pathetic. >> shattuck's children are with their father. she has pleaded not guilty but could be facing prison sentences up to 25 years. new surveillance video tonight of a bank robber who didn't bother to put on much of aiguilles.
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it happened at the suntrust bank in the -- a disguise. it happened at the suntrust bank around 11:30 on october 31st. if you recognize this plan, please call the loudoun county sheriff's office. alexandria police are looking for a crook who robbed kids of their halloween candy at gun point at 8:30 on halloween night on commonwealth avenue where 12 kids were playing tag on a school playground in the del ray neighborhood. the crook pulled out a gun, got the kids' candy. the children ran away. no one was hurt. there is only a vague description at this point. doctor now turning -- point. now turning to weather. >> a couple things. we've got the new wusa9 weather alert, not necessarily alerts. you get traffic alert and amber alert and everything and in came down earlier about catherine hoggle. this is a great app, three for one, everything included.
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go to the app store and search for wusa9 news. technically we're under a yellow alert with a couple leftover shower. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, yeah, it's dark already, isn't it? later on about three, four days from now it's going to be sad. the sun is going to set before 5:00. right now 58, which is mild. that's sort of the silver lining today, wasn't a great day, but it wasn't freezing and raining. 58 now, relative humidity 84%, winds pretty much calm. here's the radar over the past two hours. you look carefully on the right side of your screen. that was the heavy stuff that went through earlier this afternoon for prince george's county, calvert county and across into easton. now we have this activity which is weakening. it's a little heavier as it went through western fairfax county. it's still going to lay down light to occasionally moderate rain. west you'll have a wet commute toward 66, tysons corner, 123 and even out route 7 and
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eventually it moves east, southeast headed toward upper marlboro at about 5:55 on the storm tracker. if you're heading into southern maryland, you'll have some wet roads, but nothing crazy heavy. showers end early tonight. bus stop temperatures chilly, 44 to 50. grab your sunglasses tomorrow and a coat, okay? we're talking about 50s. sort of prepare for the 40s. we'll have wind over 25 miles per hour. it's going to feel much cooler than 55 degrees. in fact, it's going to be windy tomorrow, breezy on saturday and sunday, a little more like march, but sometimes november can be like march in terms of wind. futurecast 10:00 tonight, showers pretty much gone except for southern maryland. this is a bit overdone. i think you'll be dry by 10:00. clearing skies to the west, leesburg, back toward winchester and martinsburg, at least temps still in the 50s. by morning we'll have low to mid-40s pretty much across the board, lingering showers across
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the divide on the west side, oakland, davis, west virginia, canadian valley, rain and snow showers much of tomorrow, but it will not get into the metro area. just prepare for sunshine and kind of a blustery day. by 1:00 low to mid-50s and windy and by 6:00 we fall back to the 40s. football games tomorrow will be dry but blustery with temps in the 40s. day planner, 48 at 7:00, 58 by 9:00, 54 by 11:00 and also by 1:00, pretty much full sun. weekend looks fine, the heart walk on saturday, 56. mr. bernstein will be there, temps 42 to 52, a little blustery and sunday breezy and cool jfor the ravens game, tem around 60, tailgating in the 50s. next seven days, milder sunday. right now veterans day, still 69, not bad and rain on wednesday primarily morning,
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early afternoon, 54. in the wake of that one maybe the coldest air yet, high temperatures thursday with sun, hold in the 40s. amber vinson, the dallas nurse who successfully battled ebola, is now talking about her ordeal. she was asked how she felt while fighting off the deadly virus. >> it is very draining and even now walking a short distance i get short of breath, but when i was going through my very rough couple of days you had to force yourself to get up and forcing yourself takes a lot out of you, too. >> vinson said she followed all of the cdc protocols while treating thomas duncan and still has no idea how she contracted ebola. doctors say vinson and her fellow nurse nina pham are now ebola free. the former navy seal who claims to have shot and killed osama bin laden is apparently ready to talk about that secret
5:21 pm
operation. 38-year-old robert o'neill is expected to reveal himself during a two-part fox news special next week. a website dedicated to military news says o'neil is the seal team 6 member who killed osama bin laden. o'neil has apparently angered military brass by going public and seal leaders say revealing classified information is against the law and that there could be judicial consequences. maryland attorney general doug gansler is trying to save the life of an inmate on death row. jody lee miles was set to die before maryland abolished capital punishment last year. gansler asked for the sentence to be reduced to life without parole. gansler is trying to argue the state no longer has regulations and procedures to carry out an execution. it is now up to a former federal judge to decide whether baltimore ravens running back ray rice is allowed back on the field. rice and his wife concluded
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their testimony in day two of a hearing in manhattan. the running back maintains he was sunned to double jeopardy when his two-game suspension went to an indefinite ban. the league took action after a shocking video surfaced showing rice knocking out janay in an atlantic city elevator and there is no timetable for a decision in the case. an arlington woman raped at gun point 22 years ago, her attack are finally behind -- attacker finally behind bars, what took so long for the arrest. >> we've got new safety ratings on dozens of child booster seats. you'll find out which models are ♪ they may not be the most handsome of body parts.
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in tonight's call for action heads up. you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the options of booster seats, but the insurance institute for highway safety is trying to make the choice easier. this latest review of booster seats found a record number of new models earned the highest rating. out of 41 models 27 rated a best bet. three were rated a good bet and they scored these manufacturers on the design changes they made
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to improve the fit of the booster seatbelt. >> most important thing is that the booster seat do a good job positioning the belts and that means the lap belt lie flat across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt sit snugly on the center of the shoulder. that provides the best protection in a crash. >> this is very important. while most children between ages 4 and 8 will be in a booster seat, the upgrade from child seat to booster seat to an adult seatbelt should be based on the height and weight of the child and not age alone, because kids at a certain point will be advocating to get out of these seats. the safety group recommends you steer away from these three models, the deano olympia and pacifica and the batman no back booster seats because of the way the seatbelts fit. they say it's a poor fit. i've got a no back booster seat
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that my daughter uses. it's not in this roundup, but it got a good rating previously. to find out if your booster seat got a best bet or good bet rating, go to our wusa9 app. go into the news section and you'll find it under latest news. >> great information. this is the cleanest booster seat i've ever seen that's been used. >> i cleaned it just for you before i brought it over. >> mine has tons of cheerios and junk in it now. coming up, is it racist? a country music star cracked a joke at last night's show. >> plus an elderly man already in trouble for feeding the homeless is cited again for his acts of kindness. >> reporter: republican leaders lay out a roadmap for the new gop controlled congress. does it pave the way for conflicts wi
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we have breaking news out of woodbridge, virginia, where there is a report of a shooting in a wal-mart. there is one confirmed shooting, but no one was struck. police are still trying to figure out what happened and we will give you an update when we get it. the two republicans leading the new gop controlled congress laid out their vision. some items on their agenda are contrary to president obama's final two years in office. as craig boswell explains, it's a familiar scenario potentially putting the two side on a
5:31 pm
collision course. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says the gop controlled congress that takes over in january is ready to work with president obama. >> finding common ground can be hard work, but it will be even harder if the president isn't willing to work with us. >> reporter: the speaker warned the president against executive action to stop deportation of undocumented workers. >> the president continues to act on his own. he is going to poison the well. when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. he's going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> reporter: boehner and mitch mcconnell are on the same page spelling out goals approving the keystone excel pipeline from canada to the gulf coast a priority, repealing obamacare also topping the list. >> the individual mandate, people late it. >> reporter: congressional leaders from both sides head to the white house friday to start talking about next year's
5:32 pm
agenda. >> senator mcconnell didn't suggest he's going to fold on his principles. the president isn't going to do that either, but that shouldn't be an excuse not to get something done. >> reporter: while they look for common ground, they'll need to quickly compromise on other issues including how to he could the federal government funded beyond next month. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> senator mitch mcconnell said he could work with the president on the new congress, new trade agreements and tax overhaul. looking at some of the trending stories, the 90-year- old man who found himself on the wrong end of the law for feeding the homeless in public was back at it again last night. >> ft. lauderdale recently passed a law which bans feeding homeless people in certain parts of the city. despite being cited again last night this man has no plans to stop. >> i expected to be arrested because i figured that they would have to have a power pitch showing that the city is
5:33 pm
more powerful than a frail old man and, but they generously allowed us to feed all the people here, which i'm very grateful for. >> he's 90 and being cited for an act of kindness. i don't get it. abbott and his team fed about -- about 150 meals last night. the mayor doesn't want the homeless to take over the parks for the residents and tourists. singer brad paisley might have lost a couple fans last night during the country music awards. co the show preempted the new bmedylackish, so paisley said if you're looking for blackish tonight, this ain't it. in the meantime i hope you enjoy whitish. the next scheduled performer was darrius rucker. some laughed it off. others were offended. tempers are percolating at starbucks after execs brewed up a new dress code.
5:34 pm
this is very interesting to me. >> apparently they are not allowing women to wear their engagement rings because they say the stones could be a food safety concern. how about gloves? under the new policy wedding bands would generally be fine since they don't usually have the stone. also on starbucks' no no list? watches, bracelets and wrist bands. >> i think you're going somewhere with that. what about gloves? >> that sort of alleviates the problem. dirty deeds done dirt cheap, drummer of the rock band ac/dc in a bunch of trouble tonight accused of attempting to have two men killed in new zealand. rudd pleaded no contest in courtful investigators aren't revealing the names of the potential hitman or the people rudd wanted killed. the new star wars film has an official name. disney announced the movie will be called star wars the force
5:35 pm
awakens, plus the principal photography for the movie has been completed. the seventh installment of this franchise hits theaters in december of 2015. trending on facebook check out this picture of jennifer aniston without the makeup if we have it. this is from us magazine. aniston went without makeup for the new film cake. she says going natural was empowering and liberating. >> she doesn't really look that much different. >> i don't think, so but i guess that's the new thing now, everybody going all natural. sometimes you got to give your face a break. >> you're one of those people that can do that. i've seen you without makeup, doesn't she, top, to a man who doesn't go on without makeup, by the way? >> i don't wear it on the weekends, but yes, lesli is pretty much flawless. we talked about this yesterday. some of you will have a wet commute home. right now showers up 270 and passing east of town headed
5:36 pm
toward prince george's county. they've picked up in intensity. see the yellow and red now, upper marlboro, pretty heavy rains down 301 and also past the spur between rockville and germantown, the red there about rainfall rates 3/4-inch per hour. it's going to slow you down. that activity is pushing east headed toward 29 and this activity is sliding just to the south of 50 headed toward upper marlboro and calvert county. we'll come back, talk about how chilly it will be and look ahead to the weekend forecast. a civil war soldier honored today for his heroism 150 years ago. we'll tell you why alonzo cushing received the medal of honor coming up. >> why would country music
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wounds to his shoulder and abdomen were not enough to keep union soldier alonzo cushing from fending off the confederate army during the battle of gettysburg. in fact, cushing continued to fire at the advancing army.
5:40 pm
today at the white house president obama bestowed the late lieutenant with a medal of honor. >> i'm mindful that i might not be standing here today as president had it not been for the ultimate sacrifices of those courageous americans. today we honor lieutenant alonzo cushing who has lincoln said gave their last full measure of devotion, his story part of our larger american story, one that continues today. >> cushing was later killed in a firefight but not before helping the union turn the tide in one of the most important battles in the civil war. first lady michelle obama today paid a tribute to music and the military in an event filled with local high school students. >> special guests included willie nelson and hip-hop star common. andrea mccarren is at the white house with more. >> reporter: this event was as much about music as it was about honoring the children of active duty military. >> you're some of the most resilient young people that i
5:41 pm
have ever met. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama told the crowd of local high school students from military communities that their sacrifice is appreciated. >> you all are heroes to me and to my husband because of what you all do. you manage to allow your families to continue to serve. >> reporter: the first lady's gratitude came at an east room event documenting the impact of music throughout the course of history. >> your music can really change the perspective of someone's life. music has done that for me. >> music is the magic that brings us all together. >> reporter: and featured a performance by willie nelson. >> we don't quit. we never do. there's been many times in my life that i know music has saved me from all kinds of bad things happening. >> to come and find men and women of service 678. >> reporter: music of all
5:42 pm
genres can up it the hearts of military children and help them find a voice. children of military parents will move between six and nine times by the time they graduate high school. an arlington woman raped at gunpoint 22 years ago, her attacker finally behind bars. coming up what took detectives so long to make an arrest? >> you could call him a miniature macgyver. next find out how in 8th grader is winning over the tech industry with some legos and
5:43 pm
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a 13-year-old boy is silicon valley's newest sensation. he came up with a big idea playing with legos. >> shawn blackstone caught up with the young genius at a gathering of tech investors. >> reporter: in a roomful of investors shubam bannergi's energy may seem out of place, but he's the youngest person ever to get venture capital investment for a startup. it began last year during a conversation with his parents. >> i just asked a simple question how do blind people read? they said go google it and i
5:46 pm
found out that braille costs $2,000 on words. >> reporter: so using legos he set out to build an affordable braille printer. >> pins and weights. >> reporter: where did you get those? >> home depot. >> reporter: it was a science fair winner. how much did it cost to build this first one? >> $350. >> reporter: his braille printer got so much attention he was invited to the white house. henry wedler, a blind phd student, took notice of it. >> what you've done here is extraordinarily impressive and really demonstrates what is possible if you think outside the box. >> reporter: you built this on your kitchen table? secrets in there? >> yeah. >> reporter: his patent is pending. his father put up $35,000 to build the prototype. a lot of people believe in their kid's ability, but $35,000 worth of belief?
5:47 pm
>> yes. it is. i put in my own money without knowing what is going to be the outcome. >> reporter: shubom won't need to ask his dad for money again. >> i don't have to be a burden on my dad's shoulders anymore. i don't want him to go bankrupt. >> reporter: the startup is one of 16 companies selected to receive a total of $62 million from intel. arbin sudani head intel capital. he's using intel parts. his father works for intel. does that sway your decision? >> we were not aware of that. you've seen the product. it's designed to reduce the cost of braille printers from 2,000 to 400. that's disruption. >> reporter: shubam plans to keep disrupting. do you think this is your first product? >> yeah. there is going to be some more. >> reporter: another area? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you're not going to tell me? >> surprise. >> reporter: john blackstone,
5:48 pm
huntington beach, california. >> i love that dad i put the money in really not knowing where it was going. >> he knows his son is pretty smart and whatever it is it's going to be exceptional. in tonight's cool schools report we salute preschoolers at centro nia in northwest d.c. >> the 3-year-olds were part of an attempt to set a guinness world book record for the largest vocabulary lesson ever taught. we think this is wonderful. their lesson was from the book called mr. tiger goes wild. >> these children are very excited for the materials they have received. each child will receive a dvd with some instructional games and a hard cover book of the mr. tiger goes wild. >> 4,000 children in 37 cities took part in this. monitors from ernst & young were there to help make it official. the kids had to wear wrist bands to keep track of how many students were there. the whole event was
5:49 pm
orchestrated by pnc bank as part of a community outreach called grow up great. they set the record at 1,031. as soon as the rest of the classrooms are certified by guinness, the official number should go up. good for them. talking about our favorite books as a child, i loved corduroy. >> my daughters loved corduroy, too, good book. that's kind of old school. of course, i didn't read till i was 12, but my daughters did. >> genius happens sometimes late. we're looking at a couple leftover showers and we'll kind of let the yellow alert expire. then we're in good shape through the rest of the weekend. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature 65 today, still mild, 57, a little shower activity at the airport, winds west, southwest at 5. the front will go through shortly and
5:50 pm
that will kick winds out of the northwest. they'll really kick up tonight, breezy and downright windy tomorrow. here's radar. whenever you see yellows and oranges and reds, it's a little heavier rainfall. that's the case now essentially across montgomery county on the east side of 270 between 270 and 95. then we have this little area which is pretty heavy rain from upper marlboro toward 422 down toward dunkirk and everything is pushing east. get ready shadyside. it's going to rain in annapolis out 50 toward bowie, but the heavy activity will stay south of youful here's the activity on the east side of -- you. here's the activity on the east side of 95 to rockville to olney to 28 and extending across 29. this will continue to move eastward. get ready for another heavy downpour across 90 five between d.c. and baltimore and also -- 95 between d.c. and baltimore
5:51 pm
and also bus stop temperatures chilly tomorrow, 44 to 50. grab sunglasses and a coat. the key tomorrow, wind will make it feel colder than 55 for a high, but with the winds gusting over 25 miles per hour, it's going to feel more like 40s. a blustery start and finish. 10:00 tonight everything is pretty much gone. clearing to the west of leesburg, temperatures low to mid-50s. by morning we drop to the 40s, nothing crazy cold, 48 downtown, low to mid-40s north and west of town. yes, we're looking at rain and snow showers west of the divide in the mountains, cumberland, west of cumberland down toward oakland and timberline. for us sunshine in the morning, 40s and chilly in the afternoon, low to mid-50s. by 1:00 winds are gusting about 25 miles an hour and by 6:00 back in the 40s.
5:52 pm
high school football tomorrow dry and chilly, 40s and by late tomorrow night some 30s showing up. if you've got big plans, you will have to take a pretty heavy coat. day planner, 48 to start, 54 by 11:00 and 1:00. temps don't move much tomorrow. saturday we're okay, breezy and chilly, a few late clouds, 56. heart walk saturday morning should be fine, breezy and cool sunday, ravens are at home. mild, near 70 on monday and rain and showers wednesday morning early and afternoon and highs in the 40s next thursday. earlier this year we exposed the problem of untested rape kits sitting on shelves at police departments across country, 400,000 of them. >> as debra alfarone reports,
5:53 pm
in one virginia police department one such backlog exists ancd thanks to a grant and new advances of dna technology and the hard work of officers, justice may have finally been served. >> i never expected to receive a call. >> reporter: january, 1992, an arlington apartment, a 25-year- old female grad student answers. a man dressed as a maintenance worker armed with a gun rapes her. >> i was devastated. i couldn't stay in my house because he raped me there. i couldn't leave because i was terrified of everything. >> this kind of unnerves people. >> reporter: enter two detectives from the arlington police department. one by one they're solving rape cases gone cold. >> the new technology and it's just incredible. >> reporter: the pair resent dna from the victim's rape kit to the state crime lab paid for by a new grant from the
5:54 pm
commonwealth. new technology means they can get a hit with a lot less material. they got a match. >> this individual is actually at large. >> reporter: 50-year-old stevie brinson admitted to the crime and after 21 years she got a shred of closure. >> it was very freeing to be able to tell my story and have people say i'm really sorry that that happened to you. >> reporter: that victim said she worked hard to move on, now has a loving family and runs a successful business. she said when she got that phone call, it shook her to her core, yet she never hesitated to prosecute. >> it's a lot easier when you're looking at what you have in a case. >> reporter: the duo have closed seven cases. >> these are long cases, but we don't forget about them. >> reporter: because the victims don't forget either even after 20ier. >> it was good to go back and -- 20 years. >> it was food to go back and
5:55 pm
look at it and see that my life was what i wanted and he didn't take that away from me. up next a beautiful and breathtaking tribute to commemorate the horrors of world war i.
5:56 pm
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who wants eggnog? don't settle for half-fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v talk about an incredible display. each ceramic poppy represents a soldier who perished in battle. there are more than 800,000 of
5:58 pm
them. they are planted in what used to be the moat of the ancient tower of london. >> as mark phillips reports, hundreds of thousands of people have come to witness it and experience this lesson that no history book can teach. >> reporter: for 100 years the simple poppy has been the symbol of wartime loss and remembrance in britain and it has now become the subject of a remembrance like no other. the idea on this special anniversary was to plant ceramic poppies in what was once the moat of the historic tower of london and not just a bunch of poppies or a bouquet of poppies but a poppy for each british and commonwealth soldier who died in the first world war and the result has astonished and stunned the nation, a river of remembrance, a sea of sacrifice. it has drawn crowds in their hundreds of thousands. >> it just brings home the number of lives that were lost
5:59 pm
some might say wasted. >> these are only the british commonwealth losses. they're not the german losses. they're not the american losses. these poppies, each one represents a life. >> reporter: 888,246 lives. what began as a memorial has become a phenomenon. authorities here have even had to warn people to stay away, but the warnings and even the weather haven't kept the crowd down. it's as if the memories of the dead of the war that began 100 years ago have been brought to life. the crowds gather into the evening when the names of the dead are read out. >> private c.a. bass. [ trumpet playing ] >> reporter: and london goes silent as the bugler plays the last post.
6:00 pm
[ bugle playing ] >> that was mark phillips reporting. a quick lift lesson. poppies had -- history lesson. poppies had a special meaning during world war i because they were the first plants to sprout up on the scarred battlefields of france and belgium. that is it for wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. a big twist in the story of that abed baby in beltsville that turns -- that abandoned baby in beltsville that turns out it wasn't abandoned at all. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in fairfax. did senator mark warner learn anything from that unexpectedly close race in his apparent victory? see what he says coming up. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in alexandria, why an entire elementary school came to thank this one woman, why she's touched so many lives coming up. we begin with the breaking news out of prince ge


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