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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: tonight getting in deeper. the president plans to send 1500 more troops to iraq. reports from major garrett at the white house and david martin at the pentagon. a super typhoon taking aim at alaska is about to trigger a dramatic change in the weather in the lower 48. meteorologist eric fisher on the return of the polar vortex. awaiting the grand jury's decision in ferguson missouri. michelle miller is with the the man who's trying to keep the peace. >> there's a lot of fear, a lot of people are afraid of what could happen. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" with a college-level course in sportsmanship. >> we laugh together, we cried together. we all hugged. it was really a big family of huggers there. it was awesome.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the president, who was all about getting the united states out of iraq, is sending more troops in. late today the white house announced that president obama has given the go-ahead for 1500 more troops to deal with the threat posed by the terrorist group known as isis. with this expansion, the number authorized has grown from 275 in june to 3100 tonight. david martin is at the pentagon for us this evening. david. >> reporter: scott, president obama is doubling down on his strategy to defeat isis, not only increasing the number of american troops in iraq but also spreading them out to a half dozen locations across the country. until now u.s. troops have been confined to baghdad and the city of erbil in the north. 630 will be sent as advisers to the headquarters of iraqi units
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fighting isis north and west of baghdad, including in anbar province where some of the bloodiest battles of the iraq war took place. 830 of the additional troops will be trainers stationed at iraqi military bases throughout the country to train a total of 12 iraqi and kurdish brigades, roughly 54,000 soldiers. the aim is to regenerate the ground forces that, with the help of american airstrikes, are supposed to retake the territory seized by isis earlier this year when the iraqi army broke and ran. the pentagon says other countries in the coalition against isis have pledged to send an additional 700 trainers. the white house insists none of the american troops will engage in combat. this is the next phase of the battle against isis. it will take two to three months for all the american troops to arrive in iraq and another six to seven months to train the iraqi units. >> pelley: david martin at the pentagon for us.
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david. thank you. the president is asking congress for $5.6 billion for the operations in iraq and syria. he met with congressional leaders at the white house today and major garrett is there. major. >> reporter: scott, good evening. the president and the white house deny there's any mission creep involved here but under questioning from reporters the white house admitted it may need more troops than these to fulfill the mission in iraq. the white house denied it delayed this ridiculous qfor more troops and money until after the midterm elections. newly elected congressional leadership is supportive but skeptical. general lloyd austin briefed all congressional leaders today during their lunch with president obama about the progress against isis in iraq. afterward, congressional leaders signals they will approve this request for more troops and more money during the lame duck congress. but, scott congressional republican leaders have made it clear to the white house when they become the majority party they want better benchmarks and goals to determine if this
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strategy against isis is working. earlier this week, the president declared it was too early to say the coalition the u.s. is putting together and backing is in fact winning in iraq. >> pelley: major, thank you. it was in 2003 that president george w. bush ordered an invasion of iraq after saddam hussein defied an ultimatum to give up power. bob schieffer asked mr. bush about that in an interview for this weekend's cbs news broadcast "sunday morning. of. >> were you surprised when you gave the ultimatum to saddam that he didn't leave? diddid you think there was a chance he would leave? >> i really did. >> you did? >> yeah. when he was captured i was told that the f.b.i. agent that talked to him, he said, "i just didn't believe bush." and it's hard for me to believe he didn't believe me. but that's what he-- i think that's accurate. it was just hard in retrospect for me to look back and say i
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don't see how he could-- i don't see how he could doubt my word. >> pelley: bob will have more of that interview on "sunday morning" and on "face the nation wrts when he will also interview president obama. one hour, two presidents because it's "face the nation." late today, the white house announced that president obama has chosen loretta lynch to succeed eric holder as attorney general. lynch is currently the u.s. attorneyattorney in brooklyn, new york. she would be the first black woman to serve as attorney general. tonight, the new secretary of veterans affairs says he has 1000 people he intends to punish, even fire, after the biggest scandal in v.a. history. bob mcdonald just sat down with "60 minutes" for his first interview. he's the former c.e.o. of procter & gamble the world's largest consumer products company. he took over v.a. in july, after it was discovered that managers had kept phony waiting lists that showed vets getting medical
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appointments in 14 days when in reality, they had been kept waiting more than a year. if a thousand people need to go, give me a sense of what are some of the things that they did? >> well, we're simplistically talking about people who violated our values. >> pelley: and those values are what? >> integrity. it's advocacy. it's respect. it's excellence. these are the things that we try to do for our veterans. >> pelley: but bob mcdonald can't write 1,000 pink slips right now. he's discovering how different the capitol is from capitalism. to fire a government manager he has to put together a case and prove it to an administrative judge. >> scott, the reason this is-- the reason this is okay in some respects is that a lot-- >> pelley: a lot of people think it's not okay, that if people lied and put veterans second-- >> that's different. >> pelley: and themselves first they sthb cleared out. >> absolutely, absolutely. but we've got to make it stick.
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>> pelley: how do you mean? >> so we propose the action, the judge rules, and the individual has a time to a. that's why we have a lot of people on administrative leave. we've moved them out because we don't want any harm to our veterans. >> pelley: sunday on "60 minutes," mcdonald will explain the biggest reorganization in the history of the v.a., america's largest health care provider. that's sunday at 7:00, 6:00 central. the u.s. supreme court agreed today to hear a second challenge to obamacare. the issue this time is whether the government may help people pay their premiums in states that did not set up health insurance exchanges. only 16 states have them. back in 2012, the court upheld the maine obamad care provision the one that requires almost all americans to buy health insurance. chicago is living up to its nickname, the windy city. have a look at this jet coming in nearly sideways at o'hare airport.
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the pilot landed safely in spite of high winds. that could be a taste of what's to come. a typhoon in the pacific is about to slam into alaska with enough force to alter the jet stream. the polar vortex will then nudge arctic air over much of the united states next week. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs station in boston. eric, what can we expect? >> reporter: well, scott, for a lot of folks who are hoping maybe winter would come late this year, that is not going to be the case. nuri as a super typhoon is no more. now a storm similar to an east coast nor'easter, wind gusts approaching 100 miles per hour noalaska. that sends a jolt of energy to the jet stream and buckles. basically you get a large ridge over the west coast with warm and dry air and a huge area of cold air coming straight down out of arctic, high pressure you would you werely see in the middle of february. snow is going to come along with this. the spots that need to watch
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montana, a stripe of snow stretching across the midwest into the great lakes, plus upslope snow moving into the denver area early next week. slowly it will seep its way southward, and by wednesday we're look at high temperatures during the day in teens and 20s, and scott by the end of the week, affecting pretty much every state from the continental divide to the atlantic ocean. >> pelley: eric fisher, wbz thank you very much. the economic climate however is improving. labor democratic told us today that employers added 214,000 jobs last month, and the jobless rate fell to 5.8%. we have more now from anthony mason. >> reporter: at its kansas city assembly plant, ford added a second shift this fall. >> we're happy to announce today we are adding 1200 new jobs. ( applause ) >> reporter: the plant, which bottomed out at about 2,000 workers a few years ago will have 6000 by the end of this year. joe hinrichs is ford's president
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for the americas. >> we're seeing steady growth, and we anticipate more steady growth for the future. >> reporter: for pat johnson hired after four months of looking, his new job on the assembly line is a relief. >> like bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. jobs are hard to come by, especially good jobs nowadays. >> reporter: the economy's created more than 200,000 jobs a month for nine straight months now, but wages have climbed only 2% over the past year and inflation up 1.7% has almost wiped out that gain. are the new jobs the economy is creating as well paying as the ones it lost in the recession? >> the data tend to suggest that they're not. >> reporter: stephen wood of russell investments says the labor market is the last part of the economy to feel the recovery. 6.8 million jobs were lost in middle and higher wage industries during the recession. only 5.6 million mid- and higher wage jobs have been created in
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the recovery. why is the recovery in the labor markets been so slow? >> because i think businesses have found that they can replace workers either with machinery or they can just more out of current workers and they don't need to hire. >> reporter: the long-term unemployment picture is slowly improving. 2.9 million americans have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. but that's down from 4 million a year ago scott. >> pelley: still a lot of folks working part time, though. >> reporter: that's true. >> pelley: anthony, thank you very much. we found out today retire ease who work for the city of detroit will see their pensions cut 4.5% as part of a plan approved by a judge that will allow the motor city to emerge from bankruptcy. some in ferguson missouri fear new violence. we'll meet the man who's trying to keep the peace. and we'll get the view from inside a bubble when the cbs evening news continues. . in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood
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symbolizes this community and how fragile and how crumbled things are here. >> reporter: one of the three highest ranking black officers in missouri state police, he grew up in this community. he was brought in to restore order after days of nightly clashes. to some, the mostly white law enforcement response to the overwhelmingly black protesters seemed excessive. what did you tell your rank and file? what message did you give them in how to deal with the community? >> i tried to give a sense that we have to get out and let them know who we are. the cross-hands have to come down. we have to have conversation. >> reporter: was there anything that you learned that you wish you could have done differently? >> i think if we had connected with the community early on, maybe this wouldn't have gone on as long. >> reporter: so johnson's trying to make up ground, meeting with locals, including students former gang members and ministers, who are concerned
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about what will grand jury does not indict ferguson police officer daren wilson. >> what plan do you have in place that is going to protect our community? >> reporter: we sat down with pastor robert white at his church, along with a group of others committed to maintaining peace in ferguson. 42-year-old michael johnson. >> there's going to be a lot of angry young people that-- that pretty much not going to look to the system anymore. why should they? >> reporter: 33-year-old ronardo ward. >> we are getting prepared for war. and that's crazy. >> reporter: what are you hearing on the ground from people? >> there's a lot of fear. a lot of people are afraid of what could happen. >> reporter: talking to people across this nation, they believe this is a powder keg waiting to explode. >> i don't think it's going to be as bad as people want to make it out to be. but i think there are in tough times ahead. >> reporter: tough times
6:47 pm
johnson hopes police and the community will get through together. michelle miller, cbs news, ferguson missouri. >> pelley: in new zealand just one day after rock drummer phil rudd was accused of a murder-for-hire plot prosecutors dropped the charge for lack of evidence. he still faces several lesser charges. rudd, who is in the heavy metal band ac/dcsout on bail. honda is recalling even more cars because of an airbag defect, and we'll have that next. member when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought. ♪ ♪ when i didn't worry about the hepatitis c in my blood. ♪ ♪ when i didn't think twice about where i left my razor. [ male announcer ] hep c is a serious disease. take action now. go to or call 1-844-444-hepc to find out how you and your doctor can take the next step towards a cure. because the answers you need may be closer than they appear. ♪ ♪
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>> pelley: today honda expanded a recall of airbags made by japan's takata corporation. they may have a defect that could cause them to explode in a crash. at least four deaths and more than a dozen injuries have been linked to this. the new recall covers hondas and acuras model years 2001-2006. we have a complete list of the recall on some things you only get to see in space including the view from inside a bubble. the crew at the international space station was doing experiments on water bubbles that form in the weightless environment, and they found they could put a camera right inside of one. this is what you see on the inside looking out. as we mentioned earlier, bob schieffer will be interviewing president obama and former president george w. bush on "face the nation." "face," as we call it around
6:51 pm
here went on the air 60 years ago today and every president since eisenhower has been a guest. >> former president of the united states, dwight d. eisenhower, will "face the nation." >> senator john f. kennedy "face the nation." >>im as wholeheartedly committed to the separation of church and state as any other american. >> a spontaneous and unrehearsed news interview on "face the nation." >> did you really call a fellow member of the board a lying son of a. >> very quietly i express a long-held opinion quite forcefully. >> from cbs news washington "face the nation," with cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. >> this week, the whitewater special prosecutor, mr. star, got a federal judge to extend the life of that grand jury looking into the whitewater case. how can so many reputable respected professionals keep pressing along with this? >> well, that's your characterization, not mine.
6:52 pm
>> what would you say is your area of expertise? >> uniting people and setting an agenda that's hopeful and optimistic. >> we have to remember how we got here. not so much to allocate blame as to understand the choices that are going to face the next president. >> pelley: in another piece of tv history one of the more famous sitcom characters was introduced here on cbs 44 years ago tonight on the "the mary tyler moore show." >> say aren't you-- are you chuckles the clown? >> no, no, i'm walter cronkite. ( laughter ) >> pelley: tonight we unmask chuckles to tell you the veteran character actor who played him richard schaal, has died. he was 86. can you imagine a ballplayer so exceptional, even the opposing team is rooting for her to score. "on the road" with steve hartman is next.
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>> pelley: steve hartman's been following the story of a young basketball player seriously ill whose dream was to play in a college game. well, this week, that dream came true with, it turns out a little help from some friends
6:56 pm
that she didn't know she had. here's steve "on the road." ( applause ) >> reporter: last sunday, in the opening seconds of this game, in the final weeks of her life, mount saint joseph university freshman lauryn hill made the shot heard 'round the world. >> and the lay-up is good! >> reporter: the story of her terminal brain cancer and her in spite of it has been told all over the world. >> we will remember that lay-up forever. >> reporter: but while most news cameras were either focused on the celebration at center court our the crowd ofcheering fans, our cameraman noticed something else remarkable. he zoomed over and caught the reaction of the opposing team, a reaction that went so far beyond good sportsmanship he just had to meet them. >> i can't even really describe it. i don't know, i was just overcome with happiness really. >> most happy feeling i've ever felt of an opponent scoring. >> reporter: they are the hiram terrierfrom hiram, ohio
6:57 pm
and what they showed on the court that day surprised even their coach emily hays. >> i have my girl inbounding the ball wiping her eyes. i was just like, oh, my gosh. the thing is, i didn't teach them. i can't prepare them for that. it just shows the kind of people that they are. >> reporter: the fact sno one deserves more credit for making lauren's moment possible than the women of hiram college. this team not only offered to move the game up two weeks. they surrendered their home court advantage. they wanted lauren to be able to play in front of her friends and fans. >> today has been the best day i've ever had. >> reporter: as a thank you the night before the game, mount st. jo took hiram out to dinner something unheard of in college sports. >> the team took us in. they acted like we were their family. >> we laughed together, we cried together. we hugged. it was a big family of hug thrers. it was awesome. >> reporter: that good will extended throughout the entire
6:58 pm
game. >> yeah, and at one point in the game one of the girls i shot a three, and she was like, "that was a great shot. i'm so glad you took it." it's like, unreal. >> reporter: should we be borrowing this, taking some of this into the rest of the basketball season? >> that's how i feel. i'm like i i want to play games like that every time. >> reporter: certainly if college sports were a little less cutthroat kid might learn real winners decided by scoreboards, but how you behave when you think nobody's looking. steve hartman, "on the road," in hiram, ohio. >> pelley: amen. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world i'm scott pelley. i'll see you sunday on "60 minutes." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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tonight a lot of you want to know who will care for and get custody of this newborn reported abandoned by her own mother. >> reporter: an exclusive interview with the atf agent who helped crack the case of that abducted philadelphia woman. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll tell you how she did it coming up. >> reporter: a hit and run driver claiming it only happened after his car was attacked by 10 people throwing rocks. i'm scott broom in wheaton. coming up more on how a 17-year- old ended up in critical condition. >> a little weak system rolls through on saturday. we'll tell you if there's showers with the clouds. we'll take you through the weekend forecast and look ahead to next week. a temperature roller coaster is ahead. first there are questions about what will happen to the newborn once thought abandoned in prince george's county. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the child's mom told a tale of finding the baby girl and reversed course admitting the
7:00 pm
child was hers. today debra alfarone set out to learn more about the woman herself. >> family members of 23-year- old khiani jackson told me at a hearing today it was determined jackson can keep the five children that she had prior to giving birth to the newborn baby. what's going to happen with the baby remains unclear and that baby has captured so many hearts. >> she told investigators that she felt overwhelmed after the birth of the child. >> a sentiment echoed to us this afternoon by 23-year-old khiani jackson's stepmom who confirmed khiani has five children previously and after a hearing today will be allowed to keep custody of those children. what will become of this little baby girl? prince george's county police spokesperson julie parker was on hlntv today along with wusa9's video. >> of course


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