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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00 breaking news as police arrest one man in the murder of a virginia teen, what police say led them to the suspect. >> also is there a better way to spend veterans day? bruce springsteen, born in the usa and thousands and thousands of vets and even more people salut ing them? >> a local woman's year long battle against her condo's property management company and the lessons we could all learn. we begin tonight with breaking news, an arrest in connection with the shooting death of a 16-year-old wood ridge high school student -- woodbridge high school student. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. this suspect has had several run-ins with police, his most recent arrest several months ago. hank silverberg is live with the latest on the arrest. >> reporter: that suspect
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lives a few blocks from the murder scene near woodbridge high school. his name is 20-year-old kawain tyrell smalls. he lives on dulles on dulcinea place. -- dulcinea place. he's charged with murder and firearms in commission of a felony. it's not the first time he's been arrested and what led police to him, he has been charged in the past with robbery, attempted robbery, buying stolen goods, even identity theft. we're told that smalls and wilson were acquainted with one another. can't say they were friends and that the murder might have been drug related. police have not gone into much detail on what that means, but kawain tyrell smalls now under arrest in woodbridge for the murder of brenden wilson. hank silverberg in woodbridge, wusa9.
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now we've just learned the names of the people charged in this week's mclean home invasion and stabbing. sources close to that investigation say 31-year-old andrew smule and his wife alicia are now in fairfax county custody and charged each with two counts of abduct and two counts of malicious wounding. the two are accused of knocking on the door, forcing their way in and attacking the homeowners, both local attorneys. we're told it stems from a workplace dispute. it was a star studded night in the district as hbo's concert for valor saluting our vets took over the national mall. >> the crowd was expected to be one of the largest ever on the national mall. our mow la helping -- mola lenghi is tracking the crowds as they make their way home, but we'll start with our bruce leshan who is probably dancing his way home. how was it, bruce? >> reporter: it was absolutely fantastic. they are breaking down the stage now, but let me tell you
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rihanna, bruce springsteen, eminem, all played for free, all out to remind us of the incredible sacrifices made by our vets and their families. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ >> reporter: awe inspiring from the start, jennifer hudson roaring through the national anthem in what must be the country's biggest stage. she rolled right into titanium with british star jessie j who joked about singing with an american accent. >> bang bang into the room. i know you want it. doesn't sound as good, does it? >> no. it sound pretty good still. >> really? it sounds like a joke. >> reporter: is this the most amazing way to spend veterans day? >> yes. >> reporter: in the audience
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one vet who lost both his legs to an ied in afghanistan and said he would go back in a second. >> it's about the guys who have given their lives. we've all lost people and weave all given sacrifice, but -- we've all given sacrifice, but the guys here got to carry on that memory. >> reporter: on the screen heroes like 62-year-old bill chrisoff who when his son nathan was killed in iraq went all the way to the president to get age waiver so he could enlist in the marines as a combat surgeon. >> his humvee had been blasted by an ied and he catch the the brunt of it. brunt-- caught the brunt of it. >> reporter: northern virginia's dave gurell that leads the foo fighters offered an acoustic tribute to the heroes all around. ♪ there goes my hero ♪ >> reporter: bruce springsteen and zach brown rocked a vietnam
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war era fortunate son about young people who pulled strings to escape the draft. ♪ it ain't me i ain't no fortunate one ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this was a way better place to spend veterans day than at a cookout or a mattress sale. organizers are really hoping this is the start of a change of national conversation to change national attitude about veterans, thank them for their service, give them a job, fix the va, things they think we can all agree on even here in gridlock d.c. >> great stories there. thanks so much, bruce. we certainly thank all of our veterans and our current service members for all they do and sacrifices they make. of course, the crowds on their way home now. it's a rough night out there, most of them using the metro or other forms of public transportation and mola lenghi live outside l'enfant plaza. i'm going to hope things are running smoothly.
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>> reporter: everything seems to be pretty smooth now, a little traffic, but in terms of foot traffic and people getting on the metro, it's pretty quiet. just going back about 30 minutes ago tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people, all leaving the national mall pretty much all at once, what could possibly go wrong, right? for at least some people things got a little hairy leaving the concert tonight. it started around 10:00 as thousands of people left the concert early. the l'enfant plaza seventh and c street entrance was shut down for about 25 minutes. the escalators appeared to be overheating as smoke poured out of them. police redirected foot traffic to the seventh and d street entrance only to shut that down a few minutes according to d.c. firefighters. the fire engine showed up and took care of business and reopened the entire l'enfant plaza metro station about 25 minutes ago. it seemed to be just a minor
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hiccup, 20, 25 minutes in all and frankly, once the ordeal was over with, things moved very quickly. this l'enfant plaza area outside the mall went from crowds of thousands of people to basically what you see now which is virtually no one in what seemed like the blink of an eye. metro is closing at midnight. they originally planned to stay open later, but with very low crowds at this point there's no reason to stay open later. mola lenghi, wusa9. >> never seen smoking metro escalators before, but i'm glad it worked out. right now on the wusa9 mobile app we've got a gallery of photos from the concert for valor. you can download the wusa9 app or upgrade for free on your apple or android devices. sorry, folks, winter isn't just on the way. it's here. in nebraska roads turned into virtual ice rinks, even more snow blanketing the region. in st. cloud, minnesota, 13
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inches of snow, a record for november and the deep freeze plunged further into the southern plains today. by friday every state except hawaii and florida will have below freezing temperatures. topper says the arctic air is not quite here yet. in fact, we're looking at one more mild day, but morning commuters could face a problem. >> i'm a little more concerned about dense fog developing in areas. it's going to be mild, 40s and 50s, 48 to 56 at 5:00, upper 40s to mid-50s by 9:00. the clouds roll back in as the cold front moves through. we'll come back, talk about the cold front moving through and tell you when the really arctic air arrives and the weekend, terps in town, burgundy and gold as well. president obama says he wants to take u.s./china relations to a whole new level. he's been attending an economic summit near beijing that's drawn leaders of the asia pacific region and today those
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leaders agreed to launch a two- year study of a free trade area for that part of the world. tomorrow president obama holds more talks with the president of china and then it's off to australia for another economic summit. isis released a new propaganda video on the internet. one scene reportedly shows isis fighters using an over the shoulder rocket to bring down an iraqi jet fighter. at 1 point a narrator calls both president obama and president bush liars and vows isis will not be defeated. >> as a counter point to that video iraqi state division is reporting a victory over isis saying soldiers have recaptured most of the town that's the largest oil refinery. iraqi fighters say their troops are meeting fierce resistance. a governor of missouri candle stands red -- stands
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ready to call out the national guard. governor jay nixon wants to avoid the rioting and violence. the grand jury decision is expected any day now. parents of michael brown made their case before the united nations today. they are attending the u.n. committee against torture session in geneva and say the shooting death of their son by a white police officer violates the anti-torture convention. it will be reviewed and a determination made if there needs to be a change. tonight two u.s. senators say al-gross is getting closer to release. the two met with gross for two hours today during a three-day visit to cuba. he was convicted of crimes against the state while working to boost internet access to cuba. he is serving a 16 years
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sentence. he is 65 and his health is deteriorating and he vows to end his life than spend another year behind bars. our wusa9 call for action is back at it again. >> it seemed like a never ending tug of war with fixes with the property managers. do you know your rights when things go wrong? >> the holidays are meant to be a time of shopping and sharing, not scamming, how
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(dad) there's nothing i can't resubaru outback.u.roduciw love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. it is a nightmare one woman has endured nearly a year. >> first a condo flood, then a mold problem she's been battling property management to fix. her frustrations led her to lesli foster and the wusa9 wusa9 call wusa9 -- wusa9 call for action team. >> when you walked, you could see your footprints. >> reporter: that flood of water came from a busted pipe in the unit just above the one where lee roderick lives in the cedar lake condominium community in fairfax, virginia. >> the smell of mold was pretty significant for me. >> reporter: lee says the property manager arranged for some cleaning, but that did not include removing mold or replacing the carpet and pads and he claimed it was unlikely a one time flood would cause mold, but an inspection lee paid $1,500 for shows mold
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growing in the living room and second bedroom may be due to the water leakage into the home as a result of that broken water pipe. >> they offered me $2,300. >> reporter: for lee the condo's insurance company's offer wasn't enough. she says it will cost an additional $4,000 to make her home healthy again. at what point do you decide i'm just going to have to pay for this out of pocket? >> i'm probably about at this point. >> reporter: the condo management company did not respond to our interview requests, but this can illustrate what can happen when a problem arises. the state law and regulatory bodies in virginia does not extend to the day to day operations of condo communities and each 1 gets to write their own rules. >> the biggest thing here is she has to understand what is in the bylaws of the condo association. that controls what their responsibilities are and they needs to hold them to it. >> reporter: according to the cedar lakes bylaws, the board is supposed to do what it can
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to restore any damaged units and the floor coverings to the way they were before an accident. 10 months later lee roderick says neither the board nor its insurance carrier met that mark. >> i don't want to live with the mold. >> reporter: lesli foster, wusa9. >> consumer experts say condo owners should always have a separate insurance policy to cover the interior of their home. also you need to make sure you are familiar with those guy laws and know that they don't always cover -- bylaws and know that they don't always cover always cover every accident. mcafee released its list of scams for this holiday season. here are the top three. fake shipping notifications in your e-mail. make sure to verify the really from a company before giving out personal information. that's on the free usb drive give aways and it's the easiest way for hackers to spread malware. contests and deals online and
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social media could be a trap. make sure they're posted on an official company site before you click. take steps to protect yourself. mcafee says avoid public wi-fi. never enter personal information unless you're on a private network when shopping. make sure the url includes that htts which indicates the site is using encryption to protect your information. be careful when you click on shortened links. use a url expander to know where you're really going. the best advice predates the digital age. just be suspicious. if it's too good to be true, know what your mama told you. >> despite the potential for scams, there really still are some good deals in the holiday season and retailers aren't wasting time. both target and best buy are giving folks a taste of their black friday sales. you can expect deep discounts on your big tvs. best buy's door buster, a 50- inch tv, 200 bucks. need a gift for the ultimate gamer?
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playstation 4, x-box one in a bundle. sounds like a winner to me. wusa9 wants to help you find the low s gas prices. in northeast -- lowest gas prices. in northeast d.c. the citgo on minnesota avenue you can fill up for 2.89. here's your chance to get 500 bucks worth of groceries from giant foods. to win the wusa9 grocery card give-away, head over to our wusa9 page, like it and fill out the entry form. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> the arctic air is heading our way, but 1 more day? >> that said it's going to be mild tomorrow, 60, a pretty good northwest wind, a little bite to it, but still tomorrow will be way better than thursday and friday, no doubt about that. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it was 71 today, how nice is
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that? our average high is 60. we were 11 degrees above average. by friday we'll be 15 degrees below average, all kind of equals out in the end, doesn't it? it's still 65. winds west, southwest at 6. there is a bit of fog developing. we're going from warm to chilly to arctic. so 61 tomorrow, pretty nice, but 49 thursday and then 45 on friday. our average high is still 60. so again by friday 15 degrees below average. that's not as bad. some folks with this arctic outbreak are 20 to 25 degrees below average. mild start with dense fog early. mr. bernstein will be here at 4:25. bus stop temperatures mild, 46 to 56, a steal. still mild wednesday but breezy. that northwest wind will add a little bite by afternoon. the arctic air slowly arrives here thursday, thursday night and friday and sticks around a while. 6:00 tomorrow morning some
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clouds, yes, no green blob. that's back in the mountains west of the divide, but 50 in gaithersburg, pretty good temp at 6 a.m. and 54 downtown. by 8:00 clouds, low to mid-50s. we clear out rapidly. so the cold front moves through dry. when you see clouds in the morning, that's the front, not going to produce showers and by 1:00 it's 61 downtown, temperatures upper 50s in the burbs, walk to lunch. it will be windy. by 4:00 mid- to upper 50s across the board. by 6:00 we see 40s appearing, leesburg, gaithersburg, up toward frederick andhagerstown 47. walk the dog tomorrow you'll be in the upper 30s and low 40s. after midnight we're in the 30s across the board except downtown. day planner, clouds to start, 61 on wednesday, colder wednesday night.
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thursday starts out with sunshine, only 49, overnight thursday, after midnight and before dawn, maybe a sprinkle or flurry. you won't see it friday morning. breezy and cold on friday, only 45, cold for high school football. next seven days, cold for the terps, 48 during the day. that's a nighttime game, 8:00 start. burgundy and gold in town, showers possible during the game, 46, only 49 monday, only 46 tuesday. once the arctic air gets here it stays cold for a while. $102,000 is how much money you, our viewers, donated today to the uso's turkey for troops. wusa9 had a phone bank today to raise money to honor our active duty military and their families. even some redskins players were in on the action. every dollar you gave will help provide thanksgiving and christmas food baskets to area military families. if you would like to thank a military member with a holiday meal this year, just go to and look for
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turkeys for troops on the blue bar. no donation is too small. we want to thank everyone who has donated thus far. >> very good. >> very good day. it is bitterly cold. we're about to have all kinds of horrible winter weather and you're talking baseball? >> i'm talking baseball. i've got good news with baseball. we may not have had a world series in this area from a cal team, but they were still great seasons and both the orioles and nationals rewarded tonight. hear from the managers of the
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> major league baseball's two best managers in the league work less than 40 miles from each other. it was a clean sweep tonight with the baltimore orioles buck showalter and washington nationals matt williams both ma the baseball writers association of america. williams received 18 of the 31st place votes tabulated
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before the post season. lliam led the nationals to an nl east title and becomes the fourth rookie manager to win. he's the second nats manager in three years. davey johnson got the honor in 2012. after receiving the news he, of course, credits the nats organization for giving him a chance. >> it's a testament to the organization that the player development, the scouting, drafting, the guys that make it happen every day allowed us to get to where we got to. it's not where we wanted to go. there's a lot of work ahead, but it was a great year nonetheless. >> from protegee to mentor williams played for arizona under buck show defaulter. the orioles -- showalter. it's a team that surprises the
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most and our guys didn't look at it that way. they held themself to a high standard. american league east was very tough, as it all is, but it's tough everywhere. nationals pitcher jordan zimmermann is reportedly the object of a trade. the chicago sun times is reporting the cubs are interested in the two time all- star. locally folks are saying the nats will want way too much for zimmerman for the trade to happen. we'll have to see how it develops. to the ice, washington capitals honoring the veterans before the game tonight against columbus. they scored in the first minute and a half and then added three mores. caps win tonight 4-2 the final. as we showed you earlier, several redskins players took time during their off day to man the phones and raise money for the uso. running back alfred morris told us afterwards why this was especially important to him. >> growing up we had family to support and we had thank you's
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at meals and going to different churches and just to be on the giving end of that from being on the receiving and not once on the giving end, helping at giving is awesome. >> here's your chance to win a redskins jersey signed by linebacker ryan kerrigan. go to our facebook page. you have until sunday, november 23rd. you can see all of alfred's interview on our wusa9 app. >> it was interesting. we had durrell young, alfred morris and the thing i noticed is the guys are not that tall. they're just wide. >> that cell phone interview did not help with alfred morris, but they were having so much fun today. >> great to have them
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