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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  November 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. much colder weather. plus some evening showers, even some snow flakes in some parts. it adds up to a yellow alert day later this evening. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here with the forecast. >> it's a marginal yellow alert. we have a few showers. a yellow alert is issued when
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the weather is going to be incons conveniences, nuisance sort of weather -- inconvenience, nuisance sort of weather. look at the 20s and 30s. there's a ton of cold air. this stuff will be around for a while. that is -- well, if you like the mild stuff, that is unfortunate. we're talking about this air moving in. what's happening with the yellow alert, we've got this moisture coming in from the southwest. this will get here later on this afternoon. i've got to kick my computer. what's going to happen we enter 5:00, 6:00, maybe 3:00 toward i- 81, we'll see rain showers. higher elevations west, they'll mix with some flakes and these will be with us till midnight or so late tonight upper 20s and low 30s. there's a slight chance we'll see a few slick spots by tomorrow morning. if you're going to be out this evening, looks like cold rain showers with maybe a wet flake or two mixed in. >> howard, thank you. two of the suspects in the a murder of a woodbridge high school student made their first appearance before a judge this morning. delia goncalves was inside the
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courtroom. >> reporter: we have just learned that kawain smalls is charged with second-degree murder. he and his llged accomplice -- alleged accomplice appeared in court via video monitor. a third suspect, a person understand age was arraigned just yesterday. police say smalls and 18-year- old kymothy wilson set up a fake drug deal with 16-year-old brenden wilson with intent to rob him of his marijuana. police say they ambushed the woodbridge high school student and smalls shot him in the head at close range. police say he then fired additional shots into the boy's body. the victim's mother vicki wilson moore says despite the police account, her son was not a drug dealer. the victim's mother goes on to thank prince william county police for moving so quickly to make these three arrests. the three suspects are behind bars. they will be back in court next month. in manassas, delia goncalves, wusa9. a former district heights
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police sergeant was sentenced to five years in prison for shooting a handcuffed manual. jonnie riley was convicted in the september 2012 shooting that left calvin kyle paralyzed. prosecutors say riley shot kyle in the back after kyle got out of the officer's cruiser and began to run away. riley's sentencing was delayed two months because the iraq war veteran tried to attack prosecutors in court. the family of jacob and sarah hoggle are upping their efforts to find the missing toddlers. a news conference just wrapped up minutes ago. scott broom is live in clarksburg, maryland with details. >> reporter: troy turner, the father of the hoggle children is still here now talking to police officers and reporters about this situation. again this family missing their two children sarah and jacob. their mentally ill mother suspected of abducting the children and wraps killing them. she's currently in a mental hospital and she's not talking
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about the situation leaving the grief stricken fath and family to work with police to find these children any way they can. today they announced the victims rights foundation based here in montgomery county is now raised in a reward to try to get additional information about these kids. and a message from the police today as the weather has turned, so has the terrain turned. leaves have dropped. the woods are more open and they're asking people to search their properties. be mindful to look for anything unusual, perhaps signs that some bodies may be somewhere on their property. despite that, the father troy keeping his spirits up. i talked to him before the press conference a short time ago. here are some of his thoughts on the situation as it stands. >> my message is simple. a lot of it is gratitude for everything that's happened over the past two months with the community, with the local media, all the support we've had. i would say part of it would be a plea for more support continuing forward to get it done, to get the awareness out
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there and get my children home and i want people to know that the victims rights foundation is involved with us as well. that's going to give us more structure. >> reporter: again, troy turner talking about his missing children sarah and jacob hoggle. it was remarkable to have him stand in front of us today and talk about his optimism that he insists on carrying forward, that his children are still alive and yet standing shoulder to shoulder with the police detective who is clearly building a homicide case. the father said that's okay. he thinks the police are doing their job just as they should be. they're doing what statistically makes the most sense but he as a father has to continue forward on the assumption that his children are alive and in fact, the mentally ill mother catherine hoggle has suggested from behind the locked doors of the clifford t. perkins state hospital that she has some information that the children
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are alive somewhere in a home in montgomery county. police said they think that's a very remote possibility, but she will not offer any additional information. and that includes an appearance in court last week. a very frustrating situation. reporting live from the aurora hills park in clarksburg, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, thank you. the prime suspect in the abduction of hannah graham will appear in a fairfax county courtroom tomorrow morning. jesse matthew was transferred from charlottesville to the fairfax county adult detention center early yesterday. he faces three felony charges in connection with the 2005 sexual assault in fairfax county. matthew also faces attempted murder charges in fairfax city. today is day two of testimony about the man convicted of killing chandra levy. lawyers for ingmar guandique said he should get a new trial because one of his former cell mates gave false and misleading testimony. levy's disappearance in 2001
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sparked national interest after she was romanceically linked to california congressman gary condit. her remains were found in 2002 in rock creek park. this week's hearings are scheduled to wrap up tomorrow. one of the country's most renowned pathologists will testify today before the grand jury in the michael brown case. dr. michael baden was hired by the teenager's family. he conducted a second autopsy after a local medical examiner was complete with his duties in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury is deciding whether to indiet ferguson police officer darren wilson for brown's death. an announcement on a possible indictment could come this month. today michael brown's family joined the call for calm in the wake of that decision. federal law says rape victims should not pay for rape kit exams. yet across the country rapes survivors are -- rape survivors are getting bills for thousands of dollars today. a committee was scheduled to meet and discuss the issue. a cbs news investigation found that in 13 states, including
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maryland, rape survivors are getting bills after taking a rape test. the bills aren't directly associated with the citsz. for example, -- kits. for example, e.r. visits and h.i.v. tests. maryland hospitals are not supposed to bill for costs related to the forensic exam, but the state coalition against sexual assault says there is apparently some confusion. there have been at least two attempts to change federal law to expand covering beyond rape -- coverage beyond rape kit. both have failed to pass congress. one victim spoke about her experience but didn't want to show her face. >> when you keep getting revictimmized, you know, once a month, you get a reminder in the mail hey, you were raped, hey, this happened, you know. it's hard to move on. >> maryland and virginia didn't report any issues with billing. meanwhile minnesota senator al franken is promising action. in a statement the senator said he's troubled by what the cbs news investigation found and
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he's looking into options to fix the problem. some members of congress are banding together to call on their colleagues to not interfere with marijuana laws. voters in the district, alaska and oregon all approved ballot measures last week legalizing marijuana procession. and -- possession. and their representatives in congress, including d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton held a news conference this morning urging capitol hill to stay out of state drug policies. >> i'm asking house members to remember their own states that have taken action on marijuana laws before you vote that the district should not have the same privilege. i particularly ask the senators who represent 23 states that have passed marijuana -- medical marijuana laws, 18 states that have decriminalized marijuana and the four states and the district that have heckized marijuana to -- legalized marijuana to give the district the benefit of the doubt that federal authorities have given your are states.
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>> if the referendums hold up, d.c., oregon and alaska would join colorado and washington state which already have legalized pot laws. the first picture taken by the small spacecraft that landed on a comet 300 million miles away from earth has been released. the photo shows the rocky terrain with one of the lander's three feet visible. the european space agency says the craft bounced at least two times before coming to rest in the shadow of a clift. that's posing a potential problem, though, for the lander's solar panels which are supposed to recharge its own batteries. scientists hope exploring the comet can help unlock questions about the origin of our own solar system. coming up repairs are under way to 568th floor -- to a 68th floor window cut open to pull two window washers to safety. >> first, a disturbing incident involving two u.s. sailors on
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three u.s. navy sailors are back on their ship in turkey after being attacked by anti- american protesters. the group called the sailors killers and put hoods over their heads. the american sailors had just come off the guided missile destroyer the u.s.s. ross for leave in turkey's capital. investigators are now looking into why a scaffold carrying two window washers collapsed yesterday high up on the world trade center. a cable suddenly developed slack yesterday afternoon leaving the workers dangling 68 stories up for two hours. rescuers had to cut through a double layered window in order to pull them to safety. repairs to that window are now under way. coming up next, dr. phil's wife robin mcgraw and "dancing with the stars" pro joins us in
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the studio to talk about how they're helping to lead the charge to knock out domestic abuse. >> howard will tell us how close some snow flakes will get close some snow flakes will get to us tonight here a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®, mary can leave those monthly trips behind. domestic flight? not today! like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib
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before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. switching to xarelto® was the right move for mary. ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. no regular blood monitoring; no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit 21 years -- [ inaudible ] -- victims of domestic violence. the night of the flashy party, they'll honor a knockout champion and dance the night away to raise critical funds. with us is the the champion robin mcgraw and maxim. we thank you both for being with us here. i'm -- i have the honor of being the emcee.
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tv viewers know you for your passionate work about helping domestic abuse victims. it's the mission of when georgia smiles, your charitable foundation named after your mother and you have an app that can help women of domestic abuse. >> i'm so proud of the app. when we launched our foundation one year ago in october, we launched with two initiatives. one was the aspire initiative and one after that was the aspire news app. imsee proud of it because on the news app, when you see the app on the phone, especially for the user, we wanted it to be something that just looked like a news app. what is really wonderful about it is it's current news every day. we have 13 different news channels that you can look at it and see it. but what's behind that news app is so much help and what's really key is the go button. and when the abused victim pushes that go button, it immediately contacts their preselected friends. it can even go to 911.
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and it is a pretyped or prerecorded message that says i need help. come now. >> because that's the real problem. victims of domestic abuse sometimes don't know where to turn and think there's no one out there to help them. >> that's right. in that go button and in that news app, we have so much more information. we have local shelters in their area. we have help lines, hot lines. we have gps trackers so that if the abuser takes them away from their home, their friends that they have contacted can find them. also what's important that these contacts that they have in there are not listed in their contact list. >> so the abuser won't know how to get in touch with them? >> they won't know. >> why did you say yes to knockout to be the celebrity auctioneer this evening? >> because i get to sit next to robin. i knew of knock out abuse through my friend's mom who is a huge part of it.
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i'm been silently part of it now. this is my first time being here. clearly i'm not on the show. i have a little more free time. in the last three or four years i've been part of such amazing charitable organizations that kind of -- once you get in, it sucks you in to see people you genuinely want to help. once you see people in these environments, you know, you see the passion and you see how involved they are and you want to be involved too. >> absolutely. there are three charities, bethany house, crossway communities and dg volunteer lawyers project. robin, you are a powerful woman and you give that in part to your mother, georgia. i wanted to ask you what would your mother's advice be to women who are struggling with domestic abuse, not know wrg to go or not -- knowing where to go or not knowing how to take charge of their lives? >> my mother was not a victim
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of domestic very leans but i did name the foundation -- violence but i did name the foundation after her because she had strength about her, she taught me the strength of a woman. every day through whatever hardships we had, we were very poor and my father was an alcoholic and gambled what little we had. she had such strength. every time i looked at her she had a smile on her face and it gave me a sense of peace that i knew everything was going to be okay. i know my mother would want them to know there's help out there. you do not want to suffer alone and she would want them to know it is not your fault. this is not your fault. >> robin mcgraw, thank you very much. maksim, thank you for being here. he is going to be our celebrity auction near. she's our knock out champion. it's going to be a great time raising funds for these three worthy causes. now to howard who says there will be some rain on our glitzy evening tonight? the showers could be cold enough north and west for even
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few flakes to mix n. upper 40s to near 50. that's all we're going to muster today due to the clouds. late afternoon, early evening a few showers, flakes north and west. any accumulations should be in the mountains, out in western maryland, west virginia. we're only talking an inch or two you can see on the radar some of the snow into west virginia trying to get in toward garrett county, morgantown, those areas. we have low to mid-40s across the board but in the mountains 20s. yeah, there could be a few slick spots there. la plata now 42. clouds on our michael & son weather camera and 47 at noon. feels like 44. thankfully the winds are light but tomorrow we could have gusts in the 25 mile an hour range. big picture, the southwesterly flow, there's a lot of winders in the upper -- wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. this in itself creates lift so we're expecting to squeeze out the rain showers with snow in the mountains. again, not a lot. by 3:00 toward i-81. as we get toward 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, notice the showers are green but a blue starts mixing out toward the higher
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elevations, skyline drive, blue ridge. even upper montgomery county, loudoun may see a little dusting on the grassy areas north and west. for the rest of us i don't anticipate much more than a little wetness. 49 today. 34 tonight. spots north and west in the upper 20s. tomorrow 44 but it will feel like it's in the 30s. the sun is back but winds could gust 25. chilly this weekend with saturday in the mid-40s. sunday we'll be in the upper 40s with a few more clouds. rain develops monday 49. then cold again on tuesday, highs may not get out of the 30s. we're back in just a couple of moments. it's petline thursday. you'll love this puppy i'm going to show you
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just in time for the holidays here's your chance to
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get $500 worth of groceries from giant food. to win the wusa9 thanksgiving grocery card giveaway, go to our wusa9 facebook page, like our page and fill out the information in the entry form. and you could be one of the four lucky winners. the cost of college keeps going up, but not as much in years past. new figures from the college board finds the average cost of in state tuition at a four-year public school is almost $19,000 a year. that includes room and board. out of state students pay more than $32,700. four-year private schools are the biggest jump averaging more than $42,400. that's a 3.7% increase. andrea, it's thursday. that means it's time for petline 9. this is sandra from the prince george's humane society spca. this is a really cool pup you brought us. tell us about this guy. >> we're calling him a dutch shepherd but we're not sure
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what she is. >> a well behaved young lady. >> but very energetic and full of love. this is sort of a puppy so we need someone who will be home a lot during the day to take her out for walks. she's not fully trained but almost there. >> her foster is a trainer so she's already getting that. she's three months old and already knows how to sit. >> she'll be at the annapolis show this weekend. people can come out and meet her in person. it's on our website. we're there from 12:00 to 2:00. >> where is n annapolis is that? >> at the petco. they can come out and meet her or put a no ob division application -- obligation application online. she would be great with kids 8 to 10. she gets along with other dogs, rides well in the car. >> she has a great demeanor. we're running out of time. the week site? >> prince george's humane society spca. come to our show this weekend in annapolis. she'll be there. >> what a great face. thanks, howard. thank you for watching
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9news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day.
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>> mariah: oh, good morning. sharon, meet coffee. coffee, sharon. sharon, coffee. >> sharon: you -- you have no idea how much i needed this. >> mariah: judging from the dark circles under your eyes, yes, i do know how much you needed this. >> sharon: no, i meant your kindness, not turning your back on me. just your being here means so much. >> mariah: well, didn't have anyplace else to live, so... sorry. you gave me a chance when nobody else would, so i figured i owe you for that. i'm not gonna kick you when you're down, okay? [ knock on door ] >> sharon: no!


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