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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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generally dry. the wet roads with some rain. and a little bit of the rain mixed in. and also up in to northeastern montgomery county, the reports of some snow as well. they've had snow there for awhile asstill wet. and that he is about 37 degrees, with snow this afternoon. and that is the first one of the season. and that they could support snow and that it melts when they would watch the ground. i don't think that we would see a flash freeze, but in any event we're looking for the season. temperature wise we are still above freezing at 39 and even damascus sitting at 37. and generally in the lower 40s inside that beltway, even 45
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still downtown. we'll come back and talk about when this would roll out and we'll take you all the way through your weekend. >> thank you, top. the uva student's murder reminded all of us just how vulnerable the young women could be as they go off to college. student, they are racing to meet an end of the year deadline to develop some new policies to protect the students from sex assaults. >> the state attorney general would offer guidelines, but bruce leshan reports that there will be one controversy at college park. and a warning now as this will be an adult conversation. and new rules to protect the students. some of them are irate as they find penetration. >> when they say that things that might be twice a year on the campus, that it will be an
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issue. >> if i'm touched a certain way, i feel like it will be the sexual assault. >> the attorney general, they are just out with a new report. and offering them a kind of tool kit for drying up the new policies. and which they say that it is almost always fueled up by alcohol. >> it's not that there is a ram pant amount of people in the campuses, but actually just a few people who will be committing these sexual assaults. and many times with the different victims. >> only yes means yes. and warning students that they need consent with the thumbs up before sex. >> i'm a sexual assault survivor. >> reporter: they were raped in high school. >> we spent a lot of time talking about oh that girl is drunk, make sure that she is home safe. but what about that guy acting inappropriately and taking
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advantage? >> there has been a huge cultural shift in the last few decades on drunk driving. friends don't let friends drive drunk. advocates say we would need the same kind of shift on this place here. friends don't let friends get sexually assaulted. at the university of maryland college park, bruce leshan wusa9. we have breaking news from d.c. where police just announced an arrest of the murder of the one-month-old child. the 19-year-old is charged in the murder of the one-month old, where investigators say that the baby was beaten to death happening on october 29. while the names are very similar, police cannot say if both the suspect and that baby are related. the man linked to the abduction of hannah graham will head to fairfax county tomorrow. it happened early yesterday,
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facing three felony charges in connection to the 2005 sex assault in fairfax county, and also faces attempted murder charges in fairfax city. the u.s. customs officer would seize more than two pounds of cocaine stuffed in bottles marked natural medicine. they came in on a flight from el salvador with a picture of the stash. both the woman and her young daughter were put right back on the plane. the mother has been barred from coming back to the country for five years, which that cocaine would have a street value of more than $115,000. it did not take police very long to track down a robbery suspect. this is the 43-year-old leaving the bank last friday as they would say that he took a cab to the bank and handed the teller a note and then left in that same cab as they managed to
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track him down through the cab driver who we were told was not involved in that robbery. two people inside the warehouse store on north frederick road were hurt today after the mini van would crash through the window. sky 9 captured the scene just before 1:00 this afternoon. there was a baby in the store that was not hurt. but boy it was a close call as authorities say that the driver who was older was shaken up, but not hurt. well a stoning -- a stolen gun was used in the murder of brandon wilson as peggy fox broke that information on twitter today who has more on the new information. >> he is 17 years old. normally police do not release juvenile cases, but they want to help police catch him by releasing a name. within eyesight of the murder scene, and with the spect at large, police check out leads
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for suspicious juveniles. >> he always put everybody else before himself. always smiling, always happy. >> reporter: it's where the 16- year-old wilson was gunned down. his murder was not drug related. commonwealth attorney paul ebert say it is was. >> it looks like he was associating with the wrong people. >> reporter: the 20-year-old is a convicted felon who was out on a $10,000 bond. and was wearing a monitoring bracelet. ebert says he argued against giving small's a bond. >> he was released on bond for robbery, a $10,000 bond. >> reporter: small's and the 18- year-old timothy wilson both appeared in court by video linked this morning. wilson is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. one juvenile is also in custody and charged in the case. in woodbridge, peggy fox, wusa9. today a grand jury in missouri heard closed door testimony from a private pathologist who conducted an autopsy on the body of michael
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brown. now brown is that unarmed teenager shot by ferguson police officer last summer. the attorneys for the brown's family believes that today's testimony could indicate the grand jury is close to deciding on whether or not to charge officer wilson in brown's death. >> we gain a sense that we are probably reaching the end of the role as it relates to witnesses. >> reporter: the attorneys would call from both the police and the possible protesters, when that grand jury decision becomes known. up next, why the father of the sailor attacked in turkey says that the wave of calm washed over him after seeing the footage. and later if you cannot decide between cake or pie for your guests this thanksgiving, maybe this creature could be what you need. >> yum. here is your chance to get $500 worth of groceries from giant's food. to win the wusa9 thanksgiving grocery card giveaway, head over to our wusa9 facebook page. like our page, fill out the
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information in the entry form, and you just
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the u.s. navy is investigating an attack this week on three sailors in istanbul, turkey. >> it was caught on video. they were taunting the sailors, briefly placing a bag over their head. fortunately the sailors got away unharmed. mark of north carolina says one of the sailors is their son.
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mark jr. he phoned his parents about the incident before the video went viral. >> the swift reaction is fear and anger, but then they come in and give you peace about it. i was very proud for my son and the other sailors there for not wanting to fight back. obviously they did what they have been trained to do and to diffuse the situation. >> they say that their son was on a day path hoping to grab a bite to eat on shore as that attack happened. a veteran paralyzed from the chest down gave his new bribe the ultimate surprise on their wedding day. a first dance without the wheelchair. joe johnson served in afghanistan. he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. he rode motorcycles to ease his mind, but something went wrong, leaving him paralyzed. johnson's friend had a harness,
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a total shock to his new bride and practically everybody else at the wedding. >> how sweet. how sweet. all right it is november and we are already talking about snowflakes. topper is up next with more on tonight's
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about two weeks ago frank romano and his dog ty was flying to atlanta. romano says it wasn't until he boarded the flight that he learned that his dog was missing. and they said that we found him, but we need you to identify him. and then two minutes later she told me that they still can't find him as he ran away an hour ago. >> they are still looking in to the dog's disappearance and looks like they did follow their procedure. so far no one has reported seeing a dog. delta gave romano a $200 credit. >> oh, that is some cold comfort for your best friend. isn't it? if you are flying to texas for thanksgiving, we have a dessert that would leave your
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host blowing away. how about that pie stuffed in the cake? it is called the turduncan of desserts. it's got pumpkin, pecan, and -- and an apple pie. >> it's a pecan pie with a chocolate cake, an apple pie in an apple spice cake. >> it is juicinesses gossans city -- it is just nasty, isn't it? it costs $175. and it is nasty. i'm sorry. >> they should have a moratorium on these products unless they are here for us to see and taste. >> you really want to taste that? >> absolutely. >> too much going on. >> well, if you could eat the whole cake it is too much going on there. >> now you're going in the
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wrong direction. nothing downtown yet, but as you get towards rockville and west, a couple snowflakes, still up in jefferson, maryland, okay? and in frederick county as it is confusing. you can see that the roads are just fine, but we do see the grassy surfaces covered up with a little bit of the snow. we'll keep you posted and extend that yellow alert for you tomorrow morning, but right now does not appear to be a problem downtown. relative humidity, only 61%. okay, now the radar over the past couple of hours, the showers will just be getting to the other side of i-95, which
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took a while. the radar, they will color coat here if you see the white it is snow and you could see the magenta, which will be a mixture, but again it will be reluctant to put in snow or a mixture where they are still running 35, 36, 37 degrees. that is why they are still showing a little rain around frederick to the north and back down towards damascus. but between here it is mainly snow at this hour. it'll be slow going with all kinds of problems, the wet roads would not do us any favor for the rest of the night. we're looking at 38 in martinsburg, so it's not like we were seeing the temperatures in the 20s on the other side of the blue ridge, where they would evaporate before freezing. yes some flakes going north and
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west and the bus stop temperature, 28 to 38 and with a little bit of the breeze. it will feel like they are in the 20s for those kids to go to the bus stop early to dress them in the 30s for the whole day and a regular winter's day, even though it is november to treat it like january. and 10:00 tonight most of the showers now on the other side of 95, pushing through southern maryland and charles county, and calvert county with a little snow flurry still left in the mountains. by 6:00 we would clear out. as it is cold, down in the burbs. by 8:00 we're in the low to mid- 30s with a lot of sunshine. and then by 1:00 the lower 40s, that's it tomorrow. now remember that the average high is still 59 or 60. so these temperatures, they are almost 20 degrees below average. by 4:00, 42 downtown, even some upper 30s now in the suburbs. so the playoff football tomorrow, it will be some kind of a cold to dress for the 20s really. by 6:00 it will be 40s downtown. most everybody else in the mid-
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30s, okay? and by 10:30 you are walking the temperatures, only around 30. for tonight, a shower ending by midnight with the flakes that are possible north and west and colder and low temperatures are about 26. by morning plenty of sunshine, yes, but breezy and cold. you'll need a winter coat tomorrow morning with the temperatures 28 to 42 and go ahead and grab your shades as well. on the day planner we are 37 and only 37 by 9:00. 41 by 11:00 and 43 by 1:00 with the sun though. still cold on saturday with the high of 45. game time temperatures in the 30s. 8:00 would start. and then for the game on sunday the upper 40s with the clouds moving in, staying on the drier side. a cold rain on monday. we're looking at temperatures behind the system even colder in the upper 30s with sunshine on tuesday and only in the lower 40s for wednesday. you know, don't pretend that the buccaneers have a quarterback on the podium crying last week. i'm not scared of them. i'm not scared of them.
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>> what is so wrong with that? >> it is soft. >> that is just soft, wrong and soft. everything. everything about the bucs, wrong and soft. we'll explain that. it is the one thing that would scare you about tampa's terrible offense. trust me, not all skunk things when it would come up to the bu
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don't be joking, as they are nearly 13 feet combined, but before becoming that, of course, the dude who will be tearing it up is mike evans. now he's an nfl rookie. >> that's a great test for me as they are both big and physical, that is why we like them both, bigger tight corners to go against these receivers, so it will be a great matchup for them. >> and they have some big guys, especially at the receivers, so they have some good challenges, indeed. >> the redskins corner, 5-11 and six feet. wow. now, i always promise you
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something different tonight. we'll be mixing it up just a little bit. from one of the pro athletes. and washington defensive lineman, chris baker would take over my job. here is a little taste. he's gone, baby. and they love that mic. find out when we give him a couple of highlights to read tonight. that'll be fun. saturday night the wide receiver, check this out guys. you get so caught up, celebrating the touchdown as he would forget to take the rock with him to the end zone. wow. >> yeah. >> and he's been called a lot of things. oregon picked up the fumbling. who better to know the shame better than deshawn jackson when he was an eagle as he would do the same thing. and so jackson, they would reach out to the young buc, giving him advice. >> i was trying to give him a word of advice saying you know,
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you cannot be down here. and things, you know, you need to go out expecting nothing, but the best. once something bad or negativehappens, the best way to respond is to come back and do something positive. >> i would say he's done some positive things. >> i don't know even know who it is. who is this guy? >> yeah, who is this guy? yeah. the final briefs would turn in today to the ray rice appeal's case seeking for the judge's decision. maryland basketball opens up tomorrow against wagner who i call a cupcake, but maybe i shouldn't because i really don't know who the turps are as they have lost several players this season. but the general has enlisted new troops as they would say they are ready. >> and i'm really excited. i'm ready to go. i'm excited to play with this group of guys and in front of, you know this crowd. >> the guy haves been coming in, getting extra work, everybody, you know, they have come in getting extra shots up,
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and doing extra things. you know, to make themselves better. i believe the team has worked extremely hard as we are excited about tomorrow. >> yes, they've got a clean slate. they start fresh. >> i'm looking forward to it at 11:00 with chris baker and the forecaster. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> hopefully that is not too loud. >> i've got to say what kind of friend are you? all right that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> good. >> i'll be back with jan jeffcoat. >> are you sure? >> i'll be back unless chris baker is here at 7:00.
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>> pelley: tonight the arctic blast goes coast to coast. records fall with freezing temperatures moving into every state. reports from adriana diaz and jamie yuccas. eric fisher tells us what's coming next. nancy cordes with new revelations tonight on how the secret service missed an intruder who ran into the white house. the russians are coming. david martin on putin's plan to send bombers to the caribbean and the gulf of mexico. the first photo from the surface of a comet. but charlie d'agata tells us there's a shadow hanging over the mission. and jim axelrod in a town that forgets its tough times every friday night. >> we're all here for the same cause, friday night we're here to watch the


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