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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now and what's ahead for the weekend? >> we're not done tracking snow flurries and snow showers, some of the first of the season. we'll let you know if they get out in time for your morning commute and we'll take you through weekend forecast. >> it's not officially winter, but it's certain lo beginning to feel like it. are you dreading it? are you excited? either way it's coming. >> reporter: will congress intervene in the debate that d.c. voters have already decided on marijuana? >> plus see what else was going wrong the night an armed fence jumper made it past the secret service and into the white house. we are feeling the chill tonight, aren't we? i'm jan jeffcoat. >> we are indeed. i'm derek mcginty. bundle up. by tomorrow the arctic air will be blowing bitter cold temperatures our way. a rain/snow mix was seen just north of town today rolling up 270 to frederick, maryland, but it melted by the time it hit the ground, although topper is tracking a few wet flakes. reality is, this deep freeze,
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not just a one-day thing. expect below average temps will into next week. >> roads are still wet. temps are continuing to fall. >> will the commuters see slick spots on the way to work? >> i think we'll have a little bit of black ice. slow down. if it appears wet, it's probably frozen. right now we have radar going the last couple hours, this is all generally rain east of 95, but notice all the white, snow shows and snow flurries, hagerstown back to winchester and west of leesburg. if you look carefully, see a little snow flurry around poolesville on the west side of 270 and a little rain still going on toward bowie and out 50 toward annapolis. temperatures, we're watching this carefully because this will determine whether or not what's on the roads will freeze, 37 in chevy chase, 36 in rockville, 37 in reston, 36 in fairfax. remember black ice, the road looks wet, but it's actually frozen. that means slow down.
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also be careful walking as much as driving. in fact, there's probably more of a chance you'll have ice on your driveway than on the streets. cold at 5:00 in the morning. grab a coat, 28 to 36, breezy and cold by 9:00 with temperatures in the 30s. mola joins us live from montgomery county in chevy chase. what's going on? >> reporter: it's cold, wet, only getting colder and wetter. for some of us that may sound miserable. there are others around the dmv who are actually looking forward to winter. ready or not here it comes. >> here we are. >> reporter: winter, it's not officially winter, but -- >> it's coming early this year for sure. >> reporter: it's going to be long, too it seems like. >> yes. >> reporter: some are dreading winter. >> not ready for it. >> reporter: why is that? >> last winter was winter enough for two. >> reporter: amen. others are ready.
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>> i'm ready, but i wish it would make up its mind and just be winter, just be fall. >> reporter: stop teasing us with the 60-degree day and then the 30-degree days. >> exactly. >> reporter: and then there are those who are actually excited for winter. >> i generally like winter. >> reporter: you like winter? >> i love winter. i'm looking forward to it actually. >> reporter: why? >> because you can wear nice clothes during the wintertime. if you get hot, you can take something off. >> i'll just need a scarf and i'll be all right. >> reporter: and a hat, coat, gloves, boots. what is the worst part of winter? >> ice. >> slush. >> ice. >> cold. >> shoveling out my car. >> reporter: last year was bad. >> it was horrific. >> reporter: they say this year is supposed to be worse. >> let be it worse. >> reporter: i guess it's easy to have that kind of attitude if you have this kind of attitude. >> spring will be here before you know it. >> reporter: the power of a positive attitude there.
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the good news here is the dmv is no stranger to harsh winters. so we'll get through it again, as we always do. live in montgomery county i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. a comedy of errors is how one lawmaker summed it up. the department of homeland security found stunning mistake after mistake that led to a white house fence jumper scaling the fence sprinting across the lawn untouched making it inside the white house and east room before he was taken down. first the report indicates one officer who was on his cell phone on september 19th when omar gonzalez jumped the fence and multiple officers assumed the bushes would stop him. it was also revealed secret service stationed inside the white house did not get the message of the breach and some officers on pennsylvania avenue did not see gonzalez because a construction project was blocking their view. once inside he overpowered a
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female officer who grabbed her flashlight instead of her baton when she went to arrest him. inadequate training, poor staffing decisions and outdated or insufficient communication technology were findings cited. a copy of the findings was provided to secret service acting director joseph clancy so he could immediately take additional security measures. today the deputy secretary of homeland security briefed congress on the review findings. a doctor infected with ebola virus while working in sierra leone is expected to be flown to omaha, nebraska, for treatment this weekend. the university of nebraska facility has successfully treated and released two ebola patients. the sick doctor is from sierra leone but is a resident of the united states. sierra leone is one of the hardest hit areas of west
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africa. more than 80 u.s. troops returning from the combat on ebola in west africa are on a 20 day quarantine at joint base langely-eustis. no service members are showing any virus symptoms. a fourth suspect in the murder of woodbridge high school student brenden wilson is a juvenile, but tonight prince william county police want you to see his picture, 17- year-old deon moses and police hope somebody out there will tell them where he is. moses is wanted for conspiracy to commit a felony and it was a stolen gun used in that shooting. the suspected shooter, 20-year- old kawain smalls was out on bond wearing a monitoring bracelet at the time of the incident. attorneys for jesse matthew will not request a psychiatric evaluation for their client when he appears in court tomorrow facing charges in the sexual assault case in fairfax. a plea and trial date is expected from the hearing
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tomorrow. a renewed effort to find these siblings, 3-year-old sarah and 2-year-old jacob hoggle missing from montgomery county for two months last seen with catherine hoggle, their mother. while police admit they're in the middle of a homicide investigation, the father remains hopeful his children are alive. he's launching a reward fund in conjunction with the victims rights foundation. a large scale search is planned for this weekend in germantown. d.c. voters approved the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, but still lawmakers on capitol hill say it's not going to happen. >> 18 states do have similar laws, so how come the effort to overturn those laws is focused here in washington d.c.? hank silverberg tonight with the decades old tug of war between d.c. and the congress. >> none of the states face the possible nullification of their laws altogether by the congress. >> reporter: and that's as
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d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton makes the fight to uphold the voters' decision even more important. >> increasingly what more of the voters see is smoking marijuana is ubiquitous, particularly among young people who tend to outgrow cannabis. >> reporter: norton is getting some bipartisan support in her efforts to block in congressional vote to overturn d.c. voters, but republican andy harris from maryland is promising to use any means necessary to prevent the law from taking effect. the threat by congress to negate what the d.c. voters have said did the decriminalization of marijuana is not just about pot. it's about the decades old home rule battle. >> congress should get out of the way. >> reporter: that angers some d.c. voters. >> i think the fact congress is trying to get involved is a no go. we should be able to decide for ourselves on issues pertinent to d.c. and only d.c. and i don't think congress needs to get involved. >> we as people don't have a vote in the house of representatives, then we should be allowed to decriminalize
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small amounts of marijuana. >> reporter: d.c.'s initiative will be set to congress for review and at that time opponents will try to kill it. 18 states have similar laws decriminalizing small amounts of pot. >> no vote has been set on any attempt to overturn d.c.'s new marijuana law. a grand jury could decide any moment whether or not to indict officer darren wilson for michael brown's shooting death in ferguson, missouri. there was closed door testimony today by a private autopsy hired by brown's family. an attorney for the brown family is saying this grand jury is close to deciding whether or not to charge wilson. police attacks on terrorism charges, eric frein already facing first degree murder charges.
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one trooper died last september, another badly wounded. after his capture frein told them the shooting was an assassination meant to stir up a revolution against the government. on capitol hill the house is prepared to vote tomorrow whether to green light the keystone excel oil pipeline. the senate could take up the bill next week and the white house is hinting the president would veto. the pipeline would help transport oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. opponents say it would harm the environment. supporters say it would help create thousands of much needed jobs and help create energy independence for the u.s. tonight the white house is downplaying reports that president obama is poised to unveil a series of executive actions on immigration reform. press secretary josh earnest says there's been no decision made what would go into such a reform plan or when it would be announced. early today reform advocates were quoted as saying the president was ready to move on a plan that would among other things shield upwards of 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. a bill is in the works that
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could ban the nsa's controversial phone records collection. millions of americans phone records were collected. the mass surveillance program was exposed last year when nsa contractor edward snowden leaked those agency records. when republicans take charge of both chambers of the new congress in january, two very familiar faces will be running thing, mitch mcconnell and john boehner. today senate republicans unanimously elected kentucky's mitch mcconnell as new majority leader to take over for current leader harry reid, democrat from nevada. >> john boehner was elected as house speak are for his third term, but this time boehner will preside over the largest house gop majority since world war ii. by law boehner still needs to be approved by the full house on the first day of the new congress. they are your guilty pleasure, fatty, sweet and salty foods. >> so good, aren't they? >> chips.
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>> they are nearly impossible to ignore, but now scientists have found a way to at least stop the craving for the not so healthy foods. >> plus how the very things helping you see could be destroying your vision. you'll want to
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imagine how easy it would be to lose weight if you never had a food craving again. how researchers are working on a way to kind of reprogram the brain and stop those cravings. >> reporter: it looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but this device may actually be the key for ending food cravings forever. the cravings always seem to be for some of the most fattening foods, why they're impossible to ignore. >> you just need to turn it off, but i think most people tend not to and just kind of keep feeding the craving. >> reporter: experts say it's a vicious cycle. the more you give into your cravings, the more you crave them, not unlike other adctions. >> so much similar to alcohol, marijuana. some people really do get hooked. >> reporter: doctors know all about cravings, but now scientists may have a way to stop them using this device. it was originally designed to help stroke victims. >> if we can change brain activity, can we change that craving behave? >> reporter: here's w --
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behavior? >> reporter: here's how. a low intensity electrical current passes through electrodes placed on both sides of the scalp. >> it feels like tingling. >> reporter: the current targets the specific parts of the brain associated with cravings. >> your brain learns. >> reporter: it literally learns to stop craving. after just one simple stimulation session researchers found the desire to eat was diminished when study participants looked at pictures of food. >> they said after stimulation it was less than before. >> reporter: andrea roane, wusa9. >> don't know about that. you said you weren't sure if you wanted to actually turn that part of your brain off. experts are researching the use of electrical stimulation with other addictive substances including cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. a new dementia study questions the advice on taken certain supplements. researchers are saying taking vitamin b12 and folic acid apparently does not cut the
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risk of developing dementia. in one of the largest studies to date there was no difference in memory test scores between those who had taken those supplements for two years and those taking a placebo. according to a new report, nearly 1 million americans visit the doctor each year for eye infections often related to wearing contact lenses. microviral keratitis? an infection with bacteria. you can avoid the trouble by keeping your lenses clean and not wearing them overnight. wusa9 wants to help you find the lowest gas prices. tonight we're checking in hyattsville where you can find the cheapest gas at sunoco on kenilworth avenue, about 2.79 a gallon. here's your chance to get 500 bucks worth of groceries from giant foods. head over to our wusa9 facebook page to win. like the page.
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fill out the entry form. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> your friday night plans are probably going to be okay, but you better wear a had the and a coat. the arctic air will get you. >> you're tracking some below average temps, right? >> the air is so cold even a glancing blow will put us in the throes of winter. said this earlier in a tweet, hat and gloves are not overkill tomorrow. you'll need that. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 48 today. remember we talked about this monday. that was a distant memory. it was 71 on monday, 68 on tuesday, 41, light showers downtown, dew points still in the mid-30s, so they're still above freezing, relative humidity 73% and the winds are north, northwest at 8. if the dew points were below freezing, i'd be more concerned about black ice inside the beltway, but some slick spots possible early tomorrow primarily north and west of town. be careful driving and even
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more so walking. i think there's a better chance of some ice on your driveway than on the street. bus stop temperatures cold, 28 to 38, wind chills in the 20s early tomorrow morning. high school football is really cold. we'll say 32 to 42, but i think most of the games will be played in the 30s. still cold for the terps game saturday. that's an 8 p.m. game. temperatures will be in the 30s. good news, dry and no wind. tomorrow morning 43, clear, 40 in gaithersburg, low 40s in leesburg and manassas. by 4:00, 3:30, want to walk to lunch, come home, you can. already upper 30s in gaithersburg, low 40s downtown. by 6:00 just about the entire metro will be in the 30s tomorrow. that's well below average. our average high is still 59. even la plata will be 36 by 6 p.m. and fredericksburg. 7:30, 8:00 hour, we're at the freezing mark north and west of
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town leesburg and gaithersburg, clear. by 10:00 if you have plans on the town tomorrow night, 30 in leesburg and manassas, 29 in culpeper by 10:00. if you're out late tomorrow night, just expect upper 20s in the suburbs and low 30s downtown if you're planning a big night on the town. it is friday night, after all, tomorrow. partial clearing tonight, breezy, cold early, a couple flurries possible, low temperatures 28 to 36 and by morning mostly sunny, breezy and cold, a few slick spots possible early. if it's widespread, mr. bernstein will have more on that tomorrow morning at 4:25, temperatures 48 to 52. dress for the 30s even tomorrow. it's going to be in the 30s downtown to start, 37 at 9:00 in the day planner, 41 at 11:00 and 43 at 1:00, pretty much
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pure sun. saturday 45, a little better on sunday, dry for the game, burgundy and gold hosting the bucks. monday ugly, cold rain, temperatures mid-40s and behind that system, that arctic air is taking more of an aim on us, upper 30s for highs tuesday, low 40s wednesday and near 50 next thursday, so even next tuesday will be colder than tomorrow. how about that? >> you're so excited. we don't talk about boxing much anymore, but fight night is a chance to come back with a sweet science. >> the sweet science is here for a great event. i had a great conversation tonight and i got to pledge to you. i always try to bring you things you're not going to see anywhere else and you're about to see some of the legends of boxing visit the district for a good cause and wait until you hear, boom boom mancini's take on
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♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> all right. starting tonight with something different. the sweet science sponsoring a sweet event. d.c. fight night has been a highly acclaimed event in the
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district for years. boxing legends and power brokers coming together to raise money for kids, tonight it went down at washington hilton. there's your leave weight champ, larry holmes, the easton assassin. also ray boom boom mancini in the house. he's been involved with fundraising for years. i also asked boom boom about the state of boxing today and he said there's a difference between those warriors who used to go 15 rounds back in the day and those who only go 12 now. >> 15 rounds was the true champs of distance. those last three rounds changed the course of boxing. without those i don't win any after 12. >> great conversations right there. that could have gone on all night. some sad news. we've known since summer former capitals coach ryan murray has stage 4 cancer.
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today he provided a sobering update saying there's no cure for him at this point. he's going to keep trying chemo. on to football, you might want to direct your eyes to the line of scrimmage sunday. we know the bucks are awful, but -- bucs are awful, but they do have a young stud. mccoy eats offensive linemen for lunch, not good if you're washington. >> he's a heck of a player. the big thing is he does a great job of timing the snap count and getting off it. so it's going to be very important for us to try to neutralize him at the line of scrimmage with double teams or change the snap count or have different blocking patterns, but he's an impact player on defense. you can see why they made a priority to sign him for all that money. finally tonight athletes always tell us we can do your jobs. it's easy. so i thought why not let them try? what happens when a member of the burgundy and gold has to
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provide you with the highlights with the 11:00 sportscast? well, you're about to find out. as you well know, i am a sports broadcaster, but i'm turning the mic over to my man chris baker today. nickname? >> swaggie. >> reporter: i'll ask you about that in a second. we're going to show you a highlight and i want you to do my job because you are the commentator. are you ready? drops back, deal pass, he's gone, he's gone, open field, baby! he's out of there. no one is in front of him. he's celebrating early. oh, he got caught on the 4-yard line. that is a lesson to be learned. do not celebrate early until you score. >> reporter: what's that called, premature? >> premature celebration. you can't get called early. that's going to cost them the game. i'm telling him you are nuts. you look crazy right there. >> reporter: pierre garcon would never do that.
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>> without a question. [ attempting french ] >> reporter: i'm not really sure what that means. it's french. >> chris baker the sportscaster. >> he was pretty good. he obviously hadn't seen that highlight before you showed it to him because he had the guy going all the way. >> oh, wait a second. >> he reels it back in. >> didn't quite get there. >> but it was a good try. >> he brought it back around. >> chris baker, awesome job. >> swaggie. >> we'll ask about that after the break.
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the red carpet was rolled out tonight for a glamorous charity gala, knock out abuse
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against women. in the past 20 years the event has raised more than $6 million for local clarities that support victims of domestic violence and our andrea roane emceed this year's event and governor terry mcauliffe on his first ever break the silence awards for women's rights including keeping women's centers open in virginia. >> and andrea has the morning off. we'll see you. have a great night! >> letterman is next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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