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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> if you'd done another "batman" there would be no "birdman." >> because many a hand full of people went you're in big trouble if you keep going down that road, you're going to have to do a lot of work and remind people of everything else you do or did. whether they're right or wrong i really have no idea. you're beautiful and talented. and i'm lucky i have you. >> when people call it a comeback, do you want to dismiss that and say no? >> no. honestly, it's okay with me. call it what you want. >> i think in your case, comeback means they just haven't seen or heard much of you. >> yeah, yeah. >> in terms of a movie that is generating so much buzz that's what it is. michael keaton at the center of a movie that everybody is talking about. >> comeback. >> comeback. >> have at it. >> exactly. ( laughter ) >> nice way to end with charlie and michael ceetop. and there you have it. the awards season is officially under way. >> and remember, it all started here at the hollywood film
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awards live from the cbs hollywood after party. i'm norah o'donnell. >> and we can say i was there. i'm gayle king. >> and along with charlie rose we'll see you monday on "cbs this morning." >> for now, good night, and taylor swift. ♪ at least that's what people say that's what people say. ♪ but i keep cruising can't stop, won't stop moving. ♪ it's like i got this music in my mind singing it's gon be all right ♪ it's in millions of car right now and it could be in yours. >> yet most of us don't evennen about the death trap under the
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dashboard -- even know about the death trap under the dashboards, how to find it. >> reporter: dupont circle is one of the most happening spots in the area, but you might be surprised what's underneath, what it's become and what it may become. >> it's going to be cold this weekend. sunday we're looking at cloud rolling in leading to rain monday. we'll -- clouds rolling in leading to rain monday. we'll talk about your morning commute on monday. we begin with breaking news tonight, the beltway back open after a man bailed out of a moving car, was hit by one, possibly two cars and it shut down several lanes of traffic. >> mdot and montgomery county fire tell us the 28-year-old was struck as he ran across the lanes of the inner loop, hopped the center divider and kept running to the outer loop. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but not life threatening. we are in the grips of the arctic air we've been tracking all week. i'm jan jeffcoat.
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>> i'm derek mcginty. tonight we are facing some bone chilling temperatures, hard to believe we're still five weeks away from winter. >> these are some of the coldest temps so far this season. the high today just got to 45 and some of us didn't get that high. a lot of us still have weekend activities planned. >> topper says you'll have a cold start to your saturday morning, so how cold will be it and what about the possibility of wintery weather? >> probably the coldest start tomorrow morning. wakeup weather 6:00 breezy, cold, 26 to 36. by 8:00 looking at 30s and then by 10:00 looking at 34 to 40. it will be dry but cold if you're taking the kids to the soccer games around 9:00. dress for the 30s now for the terps game. that's going to be dry but not windy. still chilly sunday but dry, more cloud cloud cover sunday, dry at fedex, cold rain heading back to work. we had to issue a yellow alert for monday and the coldest air
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of the season rolls in tuesday behind that system. so here's our futurecast. 5:00 sunday evening clouds in place and here comes the rain monday. we'll come back, track that for you and tell you if this rain could end in snow before tuesday. a grand jury could decide within days or perhaps weeks whether to indict ferguson, missouri police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. you remember the riot erupted in august following the shooting. now the county prosecutor's office promises to alert local school districts that are worried about getting kids home safely three hours ahead of the decision if it comes down during the week and 24 hours ahead if it comes down on the weekend. tensions have lingered more than three months around concerns that grand jury may not charge officer darren wilson and what the reaction might be to that. local communities have warned residents to stockpile water and food just in case. various groups have been practicing how to peacefully protest while 1,000 area police officers have gone through
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extra training in crowd control. wusa9's russ ptacek is stationed in ferguson on assignment. we expect his reports in the next few days. we're learning details of a home invasion in mclean, virginia, that involved a torture session that went on for hours with a husband and wife stabbing and tasering the owners. alecia schmuhl and her husband andrew attacked her former boss and his wife and left them for dead. the victim fisher was manager at a law firm that recently fired elisha -- alecia. >> thank god they're alive. i'm going to go see the male victim this afternoon. >> prosecutors say andrew fired a gun toward fisher's wife but missed her. the schmuhls were arrested
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after a 4-mile police chase. both are held without bond. a fourth suspect wanted in connection with the murder of a woodbridge teen-ager turned himself into the police. he is 17-year-old deion moses and prince william county police arrested the three other suspects earlier in the week in the murder of 16-year-old brenden wilson. he was shot to death monday on a path to woodbridge senior high. police believe the suspects lured wilson there to rob him of marijuana. the man charged with abducting uva student hannah graham went before a judge today facing charges of attempted murder and sex crimes for an attack in fairfax city in 2005. today jesse matthew pled not guilty to all the charges during a hearing in fairfax county and the judge set the trial date for march 9th. all sorority and fraternity activities are suspended at west virginia university after the death of a college
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freshman. 18-year-old nolan burch died this afternoon. he was hospitalized wednesday following an incident at the kappa sigma frat house. officers found him not breathing when they arrived. police are investigating whether his death was the result of hazing. this is not the chapter's first run-ins with problems. the chapter had been revoked two days before this incident. major lapses, mismanagement and broken equipment at our nation's nuclear arsenal. tonight defense secretary chuck hagel says congress need to pony up $7.5 billion in the next five years to make sure u.s. nukes are ship shake. among the more shocking revelations in recent months? missile maintenance crews had only one wrench to attach warheads to the minuteman nuclear missile and employees had to use fedex to send that wrench between three bases to do the maintenance. magel is ordering a top to bottom overhaul of how that force is managed. it is one of the largest automotive recalls ever and now part of a federal
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investigation. >> air bags installed in more than 7 million cars are being recalled after five people were killed when the japanese made air bags blew up. hank silverberg is outside now to explain that it's not so easy to know if your car is impacted. hank? >> reporter: this is a 2005 honda civic. it belongs to one of my colleagues at channel 9 and it is also one of the cars on that recall list. however, the air bags in this car are not faulty. it's safe. finding that out was not so simple. the faulty air bags made by takata company were installed in more than 7 million older model cars made by 10 automakers putting who da, nissan -- honda, nissan, ford, subaru. there are many people out there not getting the recall message. >> let's say you bought a used
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car or haven't been diligent about filling out reports to go back to the manufacturer. you wouldn't know. so you have to go to the nhtsa website or manufacturer's website and check it as to whether it pertains to the driver's side air bag or passenger's air bag. this is more complicated than most people think it is. >> reporter: there is a list of make and models, but not all cars that fit that category have the bad air bags. to find out in yours does, you must go to a website and put in your vin number. if your specific car is on the list, then you contact the dealer, but even then it's not simple. there's a shortage of replacement parts. >> this can be a long process, but the 1 thing you don't want to do is put yourself at risk or your passengers into harm's way. >> reporter: one manufacturer, toyota, has suggested the air bags be disabled until replacement parts can be found. >> that's risky and i wouldn't recommend you do that. just don't drive the car. >> reporter: the federal
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government opened an investigation on the faulty air bags linked to five deaths. if you want to check your own car and find out if it's on the list, you need your vin number. go to the wusa9 news app and we have the link there where you can get to that federal site where it will tell you whether your car is on the list. all you need is your vin number. a doctor from new carrollton, maryland, is expected to arrive tomorrow at a nebraska hospital to be treated for ebola. dr. martin salia contracted the virus treating patients in his native sierra leone. he's reported to be in stable condition. salia divides his time between his family in new carrollton and his work in sierra leone where he's a medical director of a hospital and surgeon. amber vinson, the nurse who traveled on a plane after she was infected, still defends her decision to fly after treating a patient with ebola. dr. thomas frieden, director of
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the cdc, is talking about the lowest moments of the epidemic and including the mistake of allowing her to board a plane. >> i wish we had prevented her from flying. that would have prevented a lot of people from having to be inconvenienced and go through the anxiety of concern that they might develop ebola. no one got infected, but still we should have prevented her from flying. >> now prior to boarding that plane vinson did report a temperature of 99.5, but she was told she was clear to fly because the cdc's threshold at that time for ebola was 100 now 4 degrees. victim son was diagnose -- 100.4 degrees. vinson was diagnosed four days later. dupont underground is some long abandoned space that could be getting a rebirth. >> reporter: just beyond that sealed tunnel here in one of d.c.'s prime neighborhoods sits tens of thousands of square feet of abandoned space, space
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that may now finally be put to use. thousands of people walk through dupont circle every day, some likely unaware of what's beneath their feet. 75,000 square feet of unused space, now one d.c. group is making plans for that space. >> everything from pop-up retail and restaurants, fashion shows, dance and theater events, concert performances. >> reporter: the arts coalition for the dupont underground says the long term vision is a mix of the cultural and commercial. now the space has a long and at times tortured history. it was created at underground streetcar space in 1949, converted to a fallout shelter in the 1960s. while underground shops, playgrounds and marks were proposed the space remained -- markets were proposed the space remained in 1995 when a food court opened only to close in 1996. that space has failed before.
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what's different this time? >> we've been very deliberate trying to understand you can't just throw anything down there and affect it to work. we've been -- expect it to work. we've been very deliberate in how we approached this. failure would be very easy down there. >> reporter: potential commercial tenants would have to fit the space's character. margaret lyons has been down there having toured it a few years ago. she sees the potential and challenges. >> it's a very big space and it seems like something that could be put to use for someone that had a very good idea but very awkward because it's narrow. >> reporter: the space could simply be cleaned up and plastered over generically. >> but then it would look like any other building basement space and part of the reason we love the space is because we want to celebrate it. it's old infrastructure and kind of the raw industrial aspect of it is terrific. >> reporter: thomas lee just moved to d.c. from atlanta. he sees value in preserving the historical character of the space. >> it would depend on the
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historic value. in underground atlanta basically used to be the top part of atlanta till i forgot which general came through and burned it down. >> reporter: sherman. >> sherman. so that's what's historic about it. >> it all sounds better to me than nothing. i'd definitely take a look, doesn't bother me it's underground. i like the idea that it's space that's not being used would get used. >> reporter: the arts coalition is in the process of finalizing a five year lease with the city in order to use the underground and hope to begin transformation of the space by 2015. live in dupont circle i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. this man has endured 78 surgeries since returning from battle. >> why doesn't he qualify for the help he needs? andrea mccarren has his story and explains why he need your help. >> and a real life reminder for anybody considering leaving their pet out in the cold this winter, how one kitten somehow
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru.
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only on 9 tonight a wounded warrior who sacrificed so much for his country, but is struggling to get grant money or enough donations to build a handicap accessible home. army sergeant frans walkup was severely wounded in afghanistan
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but apparently is not considered injured enough to qualify for help he needs. [ gunfire ] >> september 29th, 2012, i was shot five times. >> reporter: frans walkup was inexplicably ambushed by the very afghan army members he and his unit were training. >> four in the stomach, one through the back. >> reporter: frans spent six months at walter reed and endured 78 surgeries. he was awarded the purple heart for his bravery. >> it's hard because it kind of feels like my sacrifice wasn't great enough. >> reporter: when frans and his wife shannon applied for financial help to build a handicapped accessible home, the couple was rejected by at least five organizations. >> they act like getting shot five times wasn't enough because you didn't step on an iud. you didn't lose extremities. >> reporter: frans has his legs, but one of them doesn't work. >> i fit into that gray area where i have a loss of a limb,
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but i still have my limb. >> reporter: his body, a shattered pelvis, broken leg, lost his spleen and most of his small and large intestines. >> it kind of stresses me out because i'm working so many jobs and i can only do so much whenever he can't do much anymore. >> it's not just me that serves and sacrificed. >> reporter: frans is proud to come from a military family. he's one of four brothers to serve. >> it's just hard when they turn you away. >> reporter: his older brother frank was killed in iraq by a roadside bomb in 2007. >> i just need a little three- bedroom house with 36-inch doors so i can fit a wheelchair through. >> i'm very proud of him every single day. i'm very proud of you. >> reporter: despite all frans and shannon have been through they don't begrudge the wounded warriors who get priority. double and triple amputees and those with traumatic brain injuries. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the walkups have applied for
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a grant from the veterans administration that could cover some of their costs, but they've been told there is an extraordinary backlog. would you like to help them? a go fund me account has been set up in frans walkup's name. you can find information about that on our wusa9 news app. here's another sweet story, a kitten found outside frozen this week this denver's subzero weather is on its second of nine lives expected to make a full recovery. the family found the 3-month- old kitten limp, eyes closed in their yard. she was rushed to a local shelter and still unresponsive and had a temperature below 90 degrees. they placed her in a bed of heating pads and warming bottles and she perked right up and her temperature stablized. they named her elsa after the character in frozen. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> very chilly out there, my friend. >> probably the coldest we've had so far. this is a warm-up for next
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week, so to speak. >> good way of putting it. >> before we get to that, big earthquake indonesia. we'll zoom out to the west. these are all the dots are earthquakes in the past couple hours. that's the earthquake, philippines to the north,ed up -- north, indonesia there. it was a 7.3. this will be on our app very quickly. download our app wusa9 news. we have weather, traffic and news wrapped in one. it's pretty cool. that just occurred about two hours ago. all right. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, 36 downtown, dew point in the teens, more like december and january air. winds have calmed down now west northwest at 8. we sort of have a perfect night for a cold night, if you will, clear skies, calm winds, very dry air mass. not windy but still cold tomorrow. saturday night high clouds come in, cold for the terps. sunday clouds and chilly and a
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yellow alert monday already for a cold rain. we think actually that cold rain will affect the morning commute and evening commute. get ready. 10:00 tomorrow morning taking the kids to the soccer games, it's in the 30s, not windy. about 1:00 we're back in the low 40s, maybe mid-40s downtown. by 3:00 still low to mid-40s about everywhere, so cold day. our average high is 59. our average high in january is 41. that's how far ahead we are. by 6:00 mid-30s in the suburbs, low 40s downtown and by 8:00 start of the terps game we're in the 30s. we get to the second half of the terps game high clouds come in, stays dry, temperatures in the 30s. these high clouds will linger through sunday. overnight clear skies, very cold, in fact, coldest so far, low temperatures 24 to 32 and winds northwest at 10. day planner looks like this, 32 to start, 36 at 9:00, 41 at
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11:00, 43 with sunshine at 1 p.m. again sunday we're dry at fedex but a lot of clouds, but not quite as cold and there's that cold rain on monday with a yellow alert. we're looking at perhaps it ending in snow flurries before tuesday rolls around. football forecast, we're hosting the bucs. it should be a w. we'll see. mostly cloudy, chilly, still need a coat, 45 to 50. next seven days there's the cold rain monday. look at this, even colder tuesday and wednesday with full sun. we hold upper 30s. these are lows downtown. there could be teens tuesday night in the burbs, back to near 50 thursday and friday in the mid-40s. some kansas food made up a submarine. the national jayson werth gnome among a butch of other things designed at -- bunch of other things designed at reagan national airport for the canned
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structure institution. the cans will be donated to arlington food pantry, very creative stuff going on there. speaking of creative we got some stuff for you tonight, high school football and basketball college style. how small is wagner college? if you multiplied the student body by 10, it still wouldn't equal maryland. terps versus wagner is a mismatch, sort of like our newscast versus all the rest. we're way up here. everybody else is way down here. that's what i'm talking about. college basketball opening night at the xfinity center. look at dez wells. he says i ain't a player. i just flush them out. terps up 26. i tell you if this was an election, it would be mondale versus reagan, a landslide. maryland wins 82-48. let's move on. preseason ranked 16th in
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annapolis rams, bcu beats tennessee 85-69 in annapolis. that's the hoops story. now we turn to high school football. let's get the spirit popping, quince orchard pom squad. ladies, take us to the break. make us stronger. when a girl connects with a science mentor... her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america.
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got to love it. welcome to the playoff edition of game on varsity. tonight we find out who is moving on, who is turning their gear into coats tomorrow. we'll get to highlights first, but a little energy from the quince orchard pom squad to get us going. ladies, hit it. [ cheer ] >> i like that. let's get to the highlights. that is some cool stuff. i like that. the cool pom squad had a lot to shout about, quince orchard taking on clarkbsurg, but here come the coyotes first.
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[ howling ] gets behind the defense and he is gone, clarkbsurg trying to pull the upset. the kids out there without shirts on, look at that. what do you know? here comes kyle green, bangs in to tie the score. we got a pretty good one. cougars defense, they hunt in packs and here's an example. there's three of them there on that clarkbsurg running back. they caused a fumble. making it count, marvin b eander king of the red army, they win it 21-14. let's move on. they call northwest high school the black hole because this is where opponents' dreams go to die. blair in the playoffs for the first time. things not going well. the ball gets batted in the air. blazers couldn't run it well. northwest dominating this one easy 38-3. let's get over to virginia. we got some chantilly and
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heyfield. it's like 12 degrees out there, topper. a little cold. this is chantilly's kearns. just when you think it's safe to stop trying to make the tackle, kearns goes the distance as he pops out the side and chantilly takes the lead. the catch of the year right there. show me the suction cup hands. he's got it down at the 1, but the chargers too much. shake, shake, shake, chantilly wins it 49-35. our final stop, potomac falls at wakefield. wakefield students with a tribute to lebron with the chalk, pretty nice. look at wakefield's kareem hall, spinorama for your mama, takes it down to the 5-yard line, very nice. the warriors rolling. wakefield advances 25-18. those are great highlights, but
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we'll take it even higher as we get you out of here, the ladies from quince orchard pom squad taking us out of here one more time. lady, take it to the bridge. >> see can you feel it? oh oh yeah. you know you love it. c getting funky. a all together. >> i love it. we'll be right back.
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