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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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rejected plea deal. >> bill cosby is an institution as this d.c. institution, but tonight customers have been reacting to the allegations of rape against cosby. >> this sounds a little crazy, but it's true. who is going to marry charles manson? >> arctic air is pouring into the metro area on the heels of some very strong winds. we'll tell you how strong the winds will be tomorrow, the wind chill and our winter outlook tonight. for the second time in two weeks a mass of arctic air is sending temps plunging below freezing. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. unlike last week's blast of bitterly cold air this round of arctic air will take closer aim on our area here in town. >> let's check in with our chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> we're kind of in the crosshairs of this arctic outbreak. we were lucky last friday and saturday, not so much now. temperatures in the 40s now. we don't anticipate any black
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ice overnight. wakeup weather, can't emphasize this enough to dress as if it were in the middle of january, the teens and 20s, especially when you send the kids to the bus stop, 26 to 32 at 5:00, mid- 20s to only about 30 as we get into the 6:00 hour and then by 9:00 temps don't go up much. we're still looking at mid-20s to 32 if we're lucky we'll be around 32 at 9:00. many areas may not break freezing tomorrow. wind gusts over the past hour still gusting to 25 in gaithersburg, 28 downtown and a 38 mile-per-hour wind gust in leesburg. that is going to make it feel so uncomfortable tomorrow. 6:00 in the morning everybody is in the 20s on the futurecast. it's like 20 degrees below average. by 7:00, 8:00 we're still in the 20s, 24 in gaithersburg, 27 in la plata and by 9:00 31 downtown but still upper 20s north and west. we'll come back, talk about how long the arctic air lingers, if we're going to mix any moisture with that and have the winter
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outlook. the last place you want to be tonight is out in the cold. >> a hypothermia alert is in effect in d.c. and there are no signs things are about to get any warmer. our jim osman is up bearing these frigid temperatures live in mcpherson square tonight. how cold is it, jim? >> reporter: it's pretty cold, but it's on a night like this that d.c. is required by law to provide any residents shelter who need it. as the temperatures continue to plummet, a hypothermia alert was declared in d.c. tonight at 7:00. >> during the hypothermia alert nights which is the only time that the district is obligated to house families we do see an unprecedented number of families on a daily basis. so with that we do our due diligence to determine that they're d.c. residents and there really is no other place for them to go. >> reporter: at second and d street northwest shelter and d.c. general the need for space increases so much so there's
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concern this coming winter whether there will be enough room for everyone who needs it. >> it's an essential fact which is that it's predicted there will be 840 homeless families seeking shelter during this winter season. we have at least count 409 units. so the demand exceeds the capacity by double. >> reporter: d.c. city councilman jim graham has butted heads with the city about its preparations, but even graham concedes what the city does offer is a whole lot better than a bench in the cold. >> what's happening here may not be the best, but it's better than a stairwell or a bus station or a van or a park. >> reporter: now thankfully we haven't seen anyone sleeping on a bench here in mcpherson square tonight. as an observation, earlier in the evening it was a little bit warmer. the winds have picked up. it's gotten a lot cold are. if you go out late tonight or
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-- colder. if you go out late tonight or early tomorrow morning, bundle up. yet another twist tonight in the long running investigation of d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign. the washington post reports gray turned down a plea deal offered from prosecutors weeks ago. the post quotes unnamed sources as saying that offer came in september and would have required gray to plead guilty to one felony count. gray's lawyer reportedly told prosecutors gray would never take a deal that required him to plead guilty to anything. the mayor who has already denied doing anything wrong told the post, "i've made clear all along what my feelings are about this whole situation, so i'm not about to change anything. what would i plead to? ". a change in plan for passengers who thought they would be in san francisco tonight and not d.c. united flight 1564 took off from dulles 6:30 this evening. once airborne the pilot reported a mechanical problem and turned back landing safely at dulles. the plane could not taxi off the runway, so mobile plongs
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were brought in to remove passengers. crews found a tire had blown out on the left main landing gear. a state of emergency tonight in missouri, governor jay nixon making the call today activating the national guard ahead of the grand jury ruling. protesters marched near the st. louis county courthouse today where that grand jury will release its decision on whether or not to indict a ferguson police officer in the shooting death of unarmed teen-ager michael brown. the police there have prepared with thousands of hours of additional training. louisiana senator mary landrieu says she's got enough votes to pass the controversial keystone pipeline bill. the senate is expected to vote about 6:00 tomorrow night. the house passed its version of the bill friday. this legislation would allow construction of an oil pipeline from canada down to refineries near the gulf coast. the white house has hinted president obama will veto it. the u.s. state department is stepping up security following a lack of its e-mail system which is still shut down tonight after it became the
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latest victim of hackers officials admit it is related to the hacking of white house computers reported last month. billions have been spent to better protect u.s. computer systems, but analysts warn there's no fail safe network beyond the reach of highly motivated cyber criminals. a fifth suspect is in custody in connection with the murder of a student at woodbridge senior high school. police arrested a 16-year-old girl friday. police say all five suspects were there one week ago today when 16-year-old brenden wilson was shot along a path leading to the school. it's believed the suspects lured wilson there for a drug deal with a machine to rob him of marijuana. -- a plan to rob him of marijuana. police at university of maryland say they now have a description of a man who tried to attack a university student with a weapon over the weekend, a white man, 6 feet tall wearing a red flannel shirt or coat and the victim said the man had dirty fingernails and a foul body odor. the attack happened off campus
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near the 4400 block of hartwick road sunday. the suspect went up to a female student at her parked car, grabbed her by the neck. he had a knife in his hand, but police say she struggled and got away. campus police are reminding students to call their 24 hour escort service if you are walking alone and feel unsafe. a lot of questions about the current ebola tests and what could have been done differently to save dr. martin salia. that doctor tested negative for ebola twice before testing positive. by the time he got to the u.s. for treatment doctors were rushing to save his life. he died of ebola this morning after an emergency flight from sierra leone to university of nebraska medical center and he is the second ebola patient to die in this country. both contracted the virus in west africa. salia practiced in sierra leone but divided his time between maryland and west africa. the parents of peter kassig whose videotaped beheading by isis was released sunday said their hearts are battered and
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asked today for prayers and privacy. >> please allow our small family the time and privacy to mourn, cry and yes, forgive and begin to heal. >> isis murdered ed and paula kassig's only child. peter was just 26 years old and was captured last year while delivering emergency supplies in syria. in the video this masked executioner with a british accent threatens that isis will be slaughtering u.s. soldiers next. it's believed he's the same member who appeared in videos beheading american journalists. kassig did not address the camera and his captor is not in the same desert location. this time he's in northern syria. the 15 minute long video also includes a gruesome mass beheading of 18 syrian soldiers and in a show of defiance none of their executioners were masked. some troubling allegations have all of washington talking tonight about a beloved comic,
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an icon with a reputation once so clean he used to be a jell-o pudding pitch man for kids. >> now bill cosby is facing renewed accusations of rape. mola lenghi swung by a regular d.c. stop for the comic legend, ben's chili bowl. >> reporter: most of the allegations are not new, although one new woman came forward this week with our own accusations of rape. supporters stunned by these allegations just hope they are not true. playing the role of heathcliff huckstable, it's claimed cosby and the obama family are the only ones who eat for free at this institution. the allegations of rape against cosby are hard to swallow for ben's customers. >> i certainly hope they aren't true. that would be very heartbreaking to americans everywhere. >> people look up to him. he's a role model, so i hope
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it's not true, but he's innocent till proven guilty. >> sadly that behavior unfortunately was ignored for a long time, so i just think it's not surprising. >> it's crazy. >> completely at odds with his public persona, so in that respect, yes, surprising, but these have been out there for a while. >> reporter: in 2006 cosby settled a civil suit with a woman accusing him of sexual assault. her lawsuit claimed that 13 more victims were ready to come forward and testify. one of them was actress barbara bowman who alleges cosby raped her in 1985 while she was a teenager. >> i was served a glass of wine and the next thing i knew i was hovering over the toilet bowl on my knees in a white t-shirt that was not mine. it was a man's that i did not arrive in. >> reporter: on sunday another woman wrote an essay for hollywood elsewhere accusing cosby of raping her twice back
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in 1969 when she was 19. >> the comment of the most recent lady is that no one listened to me and so i think that's been a sad state of affairs that women haven't had that voice heard for a long time. >> reporter: some want to hear cosby's voice. >> i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> there will be lack of credibility in anything he says until he actually takes some personal accountability. >> reporter: until now cosby has remained silent about the accusations. >> i believe mr. cosby is a very honorable person. for a lot of people he's a role model. it's kind of shocking to me, but then again i wouldn't know. >> reporter: cosby saying very little. his attorney on the other hand says the fact that the allegations are repeated does not make them true. cosby has never been charged with a sexual assault.
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a podcast series about a 1999 murder in baltimore is drawing renewed something in this aging case. the podcast is called serial tied to the npr program this american life. the host takes listeners through a journey of over a year examining the case against ahman saeed who was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for the strangulation of his girl friend, but he always said he did not do it. charles manson is hated, feared and engaged. you heard me. manson, the 80-year-old culture leader convicted of killing 19 people in 1969 has now been issued a marriage license. the other name on that license? afton elaine burton, 26 years old and told the associated press she moved to corcoran, california, to be close to manson. she says she loves him and the
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couple will be wedding next month. remember the winter of 2009/2010? >> snowmageddon, how could you not? could we be in store for another really bad one this season? topper's winter weather outlook after the break. >> you'll never believe where rg3's jerseys are now ending up. >> but here's your chance to get 500 bucks worth of groceries from giant foods. to win the thanksgiving grocery card give-away, head over to our wusa9 facebook page, like
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derek is looking forward to this. >> no, i'm not. >> it's hard to say what's ahead this winter, though. >> yeah, but there's some indicators out there. here's our meteorologist topper shutt with what he calls the winter weather outlook. >> we look for something to hang our hat on, so to speak, when we make our winter predictions, specifically el nino versus la nina events. they dictate how much precipitation we could have and the temperatures and el nino means unusually warm temperatures in the pacific off the coast of south america. conversely, a la nina means unusually cool temperatures in that same region. if you're a snow lover, you want a weak to moderate el nino.
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if you hate the white stuff, well, then you're pulling for a strong el nino or a la nina weather pattern. what will it be this winter? we think it will be a weak el nino. there was a weak el nino the winter of 2002 and 2003. we got a lot of snow, over 40 inches at national and over 50 inches at dulles, but the totals can fall the other way, too, if the supply of cold air isn't there. for example, the el nino of 2006/2007 resulted in less than 10 inches of snow downtown and under 15 inches in the suburbs. so here is the prediction for this winter, average to below average temperatures and average to a little above average snowfall. now our area usually gets 10 to 23 inches of snow a year depending on where you live.
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we believe there will be 15 to 30 inches of snow in the d.c. metro area this winter with more to the west, 30 to 50 inches, but up to 60 inches in cumberland and less in southern maryland, somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 inches. >> oh, goodie. i can hardly wait. >> as for our first official snowfall which is an inch or more at national, predicting this time a little bit later december 12th. >> okay. how do you win that? how does that work? >> i don't know. actually last year howard and i were within 24 hours of it. he was a day late and i was a day early and we were like iits can you go over? we'll see. >> it's kind fitting you're giving us this winter outlook on a day like today with the coldest air of the season. >> it worked out that way. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow cold by january standards. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, high temperature today 52 and we
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mentioned earlier the high tomorrow will be the midnight temperature. so it's going to be 43 or 44. if you're playing that forecasting game, that's what you'd have to go, but in terms of living through the day tomorrow afternoon, it will be in the low to mid-30s. winds northwest now 18 and dew point was 45 at 6:00. now it's 25, humidity down to 47%, so colder drier air moving in. in fact, it's just creeping over the mountains, 44 downtown, 41 in baltimore, but west it's 37 in leesburg, 30 in cumberland and you jump the divide oakland and davis, 14 in oakland and 12 in davis by timberline. the cold air will creep in overnight but not quick enough to cause black ice. windy and cold, yes. bus stop temperatures 24 to 30. that's without the wind chill. wind chills tomorrow morning will be in the teens and wind chills all day will be in the 20s. again dress for the 20s and bundle up the kids, hat,
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gloves, scarf, not overkill. 30 down town, 20s in the suburbs, 23 in hagerstown. by 1:00 tomorrow 33 downtown, temperatures struggling to reach freezing in the suburbs and by 6:00 everybody is in the 20s already by 6 p.m. tomorrow. wind will die down and when the winds die down, the wind chills go up, but the temps plummet. 23 at 10:00 tomorrow night in leesburg and gaithersburg and also culpeper and manassas. we get to the 11:30 hour down to 22 in culpeper and gaithersburg. wind gusts again 8:00 tomorrow morning 20 miles per hour, 22, maybe 24 in gaithersburg. these numbers are in miles per hour at a snapshot in time. so 8:00 these are the wind gusts. by 929 mile-per-hour wind gusts in gaithersburg, gaithersburg still a 22-mile an hour wind gust downtown and that will drive the wind chills into the teens and 20s. 27 to start on the day planner,
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30 by 9:00, 32 by 11:00 and 33 with sunshine by 1:00. next three days still cold, 37 on wednesday, lower temps a little on thursday, only 46. our average high is 58 this time of year, so nowhere near average until we get to the weekend. 44 on friday, 53 on saturday. hey, 60 on sunday sounds good, maybe a shower, better chance for showers on monday, by then upper 60s. >> oh, my goodness. this is not good news. there's a store in frederick that put the jerseys of both washington redskins quarterback robert griffin, iii and the former captain kirk cousins on a clearance sale. it's hard to say whether that's because of their performance. maybe it's just an overstock thing. either way if you're a fan or just want a warm jersey, i guess it's a buyers market out there. remember when rg3 jerseys were such hot sellers? it was never on sale.
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>> i've seen quite a few of them. >> you say you've got a positive spin. >> i'm here for you and you. i'm bringing you some positive stuff tonight. we've explored how bad things were at fedex field yesterday, but we are glass half full people around here. it could have been worse. video evidence that maybe things aren't that bad for the buundy and gold. buundy and gold. we'll be make us stronger. when a girl connects with a science mentor... her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply.
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now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> well, when he's in rhythm, his jump shot is as smooth as a freshly waxed bowling lane. last year i gave him a nickname bradley beal. he was coming of age, 17 points a game, but he does get banged up sometimes. he fractured his wrist in october, but the wizards are about to get his 17 points back in the lineup. he practiced today for the first time. he's listed day to day. reporters asked him whether he's considering taking extra
11:25 pm
precautions with this particular injury. >> yes and no. yeah, just be smart about it and if i'm not comfortable or confident in myself but no because knowing me i'm just going to be myself and be a warrior and competitor and try to getck ba out there as much as i can and be confident in playing. maryland hosting central connecticut tonight in front of six people. there are assaults with deadly palmed objects. that's what this is called, assault with a deadly palmed object. dez wells, 27 points, maryland wins 93-57. finally at the end of yesterday's washington/tampa game you could have stood at the 50-yard line, made a cell phone call and not been drowned out by fan noise because most of the fans had lift. it was crickets. they couldn't stand to stick around and watch the destruction. jay gruden said his team looked like it was playing its first
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preseason game. we were talking in our sports office and our great producer tom reminded me things could be worse. here are three other future performances by burgundy and gold that might fit that description. no. 3, remember this, derek? >> oh, this is awful. >> november 8, 2013, weather not fit for man nor beast. before the game robert griffin, iii supposedly said it was not worth playing. mike shanahan looked frigid in that bubble jacket. he was a dead man coaching at that point. no. 2, it could always be worse, gang, september 27th, 2009, lions with the epitome of detroit blight, lost 19 straight, enter jim zorn, exit hope. albert haynesworth actually sacked quarterback matt stafford and hurt himself on the play.
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big man down, big man down. they went 4-12. zorn got canned that year. no. 1, november 16th, 2010, donovan mcnabb gets a contract extension, then commenced one of the most thorough derriere whoopings i have ever seen, desean jackson flying by leron landry the first play of the game and oh, by the way, albert haynesworth, check help out here, guys, horizontal again. the big guy i've fallen and i can't -- you see? i've fallen and i can't get up. never got up on that play. 59-28, eagles win the game. it was bad yesterday, but it could always be worse. >> i thought you were going to talk about positive things. >> you said you were going to do something positive now. >> it could always be worse. >> it has been worse. fair enough. >> but it's not getting better is the problem. >> we got to take a break. >> we got to take a break. we'll be a remote that lives on your phone.
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we were just reminiscing when the redskins offensive coordinator was a bingo call. things have been worse. that's our broadcast. >> thanks for staying up with us. letterman is
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