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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  November 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> then the new era goes to the wayside. >> thanks. >> the big apple's big bust. >> thank you, nick. it's 6:00 straight up. good morning and welcome to wusa9. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. we begin with weather and traffic. beverly farmer starts us off with road conditions. bev? mike is on. headed around town right now, we are checking out the ride for you. so far so good as far as incidents are concerned. not too many to tell you about. one crash closing a stretch of washington boulevard west of 395. that's going to be closed at columbia pike until further notice. as far as the beltway south of town is concerned, lanes are open for you across the wilson bridge. checking out the ride to the southwest freeway and d.c. 295 kenilworth here, volume is light at eastern avenue. it's just building from berning road to head on to the -- benning road to head on to the 11 rght street bridge. -- 11th street bridge. heaviest volume 66 gets you
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through manassas and northbound 95 to head both into quantico and into woodbridge at this point. that's a look at the ride. howard has our forecast, our frigid forecast. brutally cold for this time of year. this should be cold for january. so really cold stuff. we should be in the mid-50s. we'll be lucky to get to 35 today. look at the flag standing tall on the white house and also the walk monument. just a sign of how windy things are with gusts this morning over 30. we had a gust to 40 at dulles a few hours ago. 30 at 9:00. only 33 by noon. 35 if we're lucky. wind chills won't even be that close. the latest gusts, some strong ones out there gusting to 35 in easton. 30 at joint base andrews. we've seen gusts to 31 in cumberland as well with temperatures this morning down to the 20s. windchills routinely in the teens at the moment. ouch. officially it's still autumn but today it feels a lot like the middle of winter. >> if you look at howard's map, the temperature in cumberland
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23. gaithersburg 21. it's frigid outside. nikki burdine is live outside the new carrollton station bundled up to her ear lobbies. good morning, nick -- ear lobes. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. it's very cold out here and we waited a lot of people coming in and out of the metro bundled up head to toe trying to stay warm in the winter weather. as soon as it gets cold like thrk the first thing dow is crank up the heat. that's what most people do. unfortunately that means we'll start to see those heating bills come up and come in. this year is no exception. if you use natural gas, the cost of natural gas is up by 5.8%. wholesale prices are higher and the cost of natural gas, even though it is the most popular option, it is going to rise this year. so you'll see an increase in your bills in terms of that. electricity costs, well, they're associated with the cost of natural gas. you'll also see an increase in that, especially for people who use those options in the northeast. really the only people heating their homes who will see a
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break in their bills this year will be those who use heating oil because those costs are down. unfortunately that is the least popular option as most people use natural gas and electricity. a few things you can do of course is to call your company and ask if there are any things you can do to keep your bill at bay. they will offer a lot of options. it's just something to keep an eye on. if it's already this cold right now and it is still technically autumn as you said, it's only going to get worse. hopefully we'll get a break sooner rather than later. again, if you head outside this morning, be sure to bundle up. no joke. in new carrollton, i'm "dynasty." back to you. >> our frigid temperatures triggered a hypothermia alert this morning for the district. >> that means shelters are required to take in anyone who needs help. in addition, catholic charities is opening up temporary shelters, too, and adding an extra 300 beds. extra staff will be on hand as well to drive homeless people to the shelters. staff will also be handing out plan cets, gloves and -- blankets, gloves and jackets.
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anyone in need of help should call the hypothermia hotline if you see someone on the streets that needs help, please call 800-535-7252. the controversial keystone xl pipeline bill goes up for a vote in the senate today. >> democratic louisiana senator mary landrieu is facing a republican congressman bill cassidy in a runoff contest next month in the energy rich state. she says the senate has 60 votes that's necessary to pass it. the house already passed its version. even if the legislation clears, a presidential veto is likely. missouri's governor is taking no chances this morning as people in ferguson await a grand jury decision in the michael brown case. >> governor jay nixon has activated the national guard and he's declaring a state of emergency there. the grand jury is deciding whether or not to indict a white police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of the black teenager. more than 100 activists marched through the streets of clayton
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yesterday where the grand jury is meeting. >> our goal is to march for justice today. we're here because we believe our voices matter. >> one woman displayed a pro- darren wilson sign. she just wants her point to be heard. d.c.'s mayor vincent gray is saying no to a plea deal with federal prosecutors. >> that's according to "the washington post." gray rejected a plan for him to plead guilty to a single felony count linked to the investigation of his 2010 campaign. authorities say prosecutors offered the plea deal in mid- september. gray's attorney says he will not accept any deal requiring him to plead guilty to anything. in less than three hours, a lawyer charged with a home invasion and stabbing in mclean is scheduled to appear in court today. >> both andrew schmuhl and his wife, alecia, are charged with abduction in this incident. delia goncalves is live with more on what's happening today.
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>> reporter: he will be in court around 8:45 or so for a bond hearing. his wife was in court last week and was denied bond. they're both in jail. prosecutors say revenge was the behind -- motive behind the attack, what they describe as a torture session. andrew and alecia schmuhl forced their way into her former boss' mclean home last week and repeatedly stabbed 61- year-old leo fisher and his wife susan duncan. andrew is alleged to have posed as a cop. he had a badge and handcuffed the victims. he fired a gun but it lodged in a wall. the torture ended when the wife eventually hit a home alarm. the victims are recovering from their injuries. both suspects promising attorneys now facing felony
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charges. how they were arrested and the bizarre circumstances behind that coming up at 6:30. back you to. >> thank you, delia. u.s. troops deployed to help with the ebola outbreak in west africa are going to miss thanksgiving even though they're already back home. >> all the cold air makes for achy joints, especially if they've already been a problem for you. we're back after this with a joint specialist who can answer some of your questions.
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. 6:09 on this brute brutally cold november morning. we have windchills -- brutally cold november morning. we have are temperatures in the single digits. it will be windy. wind at times gusting to over
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30 this morning. i think that will be the case at least 20 to 30 during the day with windchills between 15 and 25. seven-day forecast had some hope for milder weather this weekend. i'll have that for you in five minutes. beverly farmer, what can we expect on the commute this morning? >> reporter: difficulty trying to make assess to washington boulevard at columbia pike. washington boulevard closed west of 395 at columbia pike. closed in each direction. open on 395 to get to washington boulevard or past it actually up to the 14th street bridge. beltway maryland outer loop seeing the volume building to silver spring. starting to slow down near colesville road around to georgia avenue but with lanes open there. mike, back to you. >> thank you, bev. the family of maryland dr. martin salia are now mourning his death. doctors say they used every treatment possible but the ebola virus progressed too far to save him. his family lives in new carolton. the surgeon was diagnosed with ebola while in sierra leone. he had been treating ebola patients there at the time.
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90 service members returning from west africa will be spending thanksgiving under quarantine in virginia. the pentagon has ordered all troops returning from the region to be quarantined for 21 days after they return to the united states. the airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines are being held in virginia on joint base langley eustis in the transit center at hampton roads. this temperature shift we're having today toward much colder weather may make already cranky joints even more unbearable. we're joined right now by dr. nathan goyle, an orthopedic surgeon with the inova joint replacement center. are you there? >> yes, thank you. glad to be here. good morning. >> good morning. so, the question is are aching joints really aggravated by cold wementer like we're experience -- weather like we're experiencing right now? >> it s. it's like the old war injuries you hear about. people can tell the change in barometric pressure because of them. achy joints is the same way, arthritis the same way. we see an influx of patients as
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the weather turns as their hips and knees start to bother them more. >> you're ready for the influx ever patients but are you going to be seeing more men or women? is there a different age group that is more affected by the joint problems? >> osteoarthritis affects both genders pretty equally. it's usually an age range of about 50 to 70 years of age but we sometimes see people in their 90s and sometimes see people in their late 30s. you know, i did a joint replacement two weeks ago on a patient that was 23 years old for a unique reason. it's a wide range of ages. >> what is the determining factor for doing the replacement, a partial or full replacement? what has to be happening to that person's quality of life before she or he and the doctor says we've got to get this thing changed completely? >> that's a great question. i think the biggest thing is it's got to affect them on a daily basis. hurt them in the morning, think about their joint when they get up in the morning and when they go to sleep at night. if it gets to that point,
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that's when you should start considering the replace machines. if it's limiting your quality of life, you're not able to do the things wasn't to do, can't walk, can't do the sports you want to play, it's an operation so you have to be willing to go through the recovery, the risks and go through the physical therapy involved. and then if you're willing to do that and it's affecting you, that's when you should consider it. >> what's really amazing is you have these replaced joints and doctors get you up it seems almost immediately, at least sometimes the day of the surgery they try and get you moving that affected joint or even walking if it's the knee. >> that's the key to the recovery. i did the first outpatient hip replacement at inova mount vernon hospital about a year and a half ago. and that is really has revolutionized the way we treat joint patients. our goal is to get you up and walking immediately. the reason is if we get you walking you avoid blood clots. we get you back to living in your own environment. people get to sleep in their own bed at night.
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it's a lot better than staying in the hospital for a couple of days and really making you feel like you're sick. our goal is to mobilize you and make you feel like hey, you got your joint replacement. you're back to living your life. >> we like that goal. thank you for speaking with us. if you are watching and you have severe joint pain and it's keeping you from enjoying the things you love, be sure to join us for our noon show today. we'll have a family health joint replacement phone bank full of experts to answer your calls and help steer you to the help you need. the number is on our screen 202- 895-5560. don't call us now. the phone bank will open, though, at 11:45 ready to answer the questions that you may have. it 16:14. here's -- it is 6:14. here's another look at the question of the morning. 14% of people believe owning this makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. is it a, a cute dog, b, a hot car, or c, a trendy wardrobe. >> we're going to have more of your responses and the correct answer in about 30 minutes.
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thanks for starting your day with us. i'm nick giovanni in the newsroom. let's take you through what is in the the news right now. israeli police say two ax and knife wielding men broke into a synagogue in jerusalem and killed four worshipers. officers responded and fatally
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shot the two suspects. investigators believe they were palestinians from east wounded during the attack. speaking from london, secretary of state john kerry called the act or the attack, rather, an act of terror. >> our hearts go out to all israelis for the atrocity of this event and for all the reminders of history that come with it. this is -- simply has no place for human behavior. we want to hear from the leaders who will lead their people to a different place. >> residents have been warned to stay inside while police continue to search for a possible third suspect in the area. in a twitter statement israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said they will respond with a heavy hand to the brutal murder. back state side missouri governor jay nixon has declared a state of emergency in ferguson, missouri activating the national guard ahead of an expected grand jury decision in
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the michael brown case. the governor says they're taking action ahead of the -- [ inaudible ] a decision expected any day now. here in the district, another twist this morning in the long-running investigation of d.c. mayor vincent gray and his 2010 campaign. "the washington post" reports that just weeks ago gray turned down a proposal by federal prosecutors to plead guilty to a single felony count in connection with that investigation. gray's lawyer reportedly told prosecutors gray would never take a deal that would require him to plead guilty to anything. today the new afternoon businessship of chicago will be installed. he takes over chicago's first retiring bishop. he was welcomed insides the cathedral, a first in a series of symbolic rituals in the installation process. this, mike, andre yarks on the same day pope tran sis confirmed his first stop in the united states as leader of the
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catholic church which will be next september in philadelphia. it is 6:20. it's cold outside. you need to bundle up in layers. what kind of weight minuten its do you need is -- mittens do you need? >> mittens are better than gloves. weather wise it's brutally cold for november. this would be cold for january. our average highs are mid- to upper 50s. we'll be lucky to get to the mid-30s and most won't even get there. let's start with the day planner. expect a cold, cold windy day. 33 as we get into the afternoon. maybe 35 for the high. average is 57 at reagan national. 29 by 7:00. we're going to the teens and 20s tonight but by tonight, the winds should be lesser, not completely calm but lesser. that will help a lot. 2 degrees in davis, west virginia right now to 21 in gaithersburg. still in the 30-degree range down from cambridge, pax river
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and tappahannock and fredricksburg. 25 in leesburg. feeling like 13. the winds at times have been gusting 30, 35, even gust to 40 at reagan national. right now at national, 28. feels like 17 with gusty winds to 24 miles an hour and the air is really dry. hope you got the humidifiers fired up as well. the cold air will be with us for the next few days but it does get better by the weekend. today 35. wind chills 15 to 25. layers, lots of layers. 24 tonight in town with mid- teens in the cold spots. tomorrow 37. still cold. a few more clouds in the afternoon. 46 on thursday. a touch milder. by friday we're looking still chilly at 42. then the weekend sees warmer temperatures with a chance of rain returning, at least some showers by later sunday. beverly farmer, happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. see how happy they are heading south on 270 out of frederick county and down toward hyattstown and the truck scales. sky 9 has been looking at that ride. southbound travelers with the volume delays. look at the stream of lights
6:22 am
southbound 270. a slow go but with lanes open into germantown and points south. not open now, washington boulevard west of 395. washington boulevard has been shut down at columbia pike each way with a crash. police on the scene there. we'll be right back. good tuesday morning. wusa9. thanks for joining us.
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it is 6:25. here's a look at some things you need to know in case you missed it. united nations experts are recommending new sanctions be brought against isis. the sanctions would authorize the seizure of tankers and trucks carrying oil from areas in syria and iraq controlled by the terror group. >> the u.n. panel also wants the security council to order a worldwide moratorium on trading of antiquities from syria to iraq. it also advised that all countries deny aircraft permission to land or take off if they are coming from or going to territories held by isis. new numbers are out this morning regarding terror attacks around the world. the new study says there were 10,000 attacks last year which is 44% more than the year before. the study comes from london- based institute for economics
6:26 am
and peace. the state department has shut down its unclassified e- mail network after apparently failing -- falling rather to victims of hackers. >> this is the latest in a series of government attacks targeting computer systems. more on what was stolen. >> reporter: the state department's unclassified global e-mail system was shut down over the weekend so technicians could assess and repair damage from a possible hacker attack. but officials say there is no evidence classified information was compromised. >> this is most likely an intelligence collection operation. >> reporter: the apparently tack on the state department's network is only the layest against government computer systems. the white house said one of its nonclassified networks was breached just last month. the fbi is investigating at least four recent attacks aimed at key government systems. sources say chinese hackers targeted the national weather service computers and the personal data of about 800,000
6:27 am
u.s. postal workers. around the same time, cybercrimes believed to be from russia struck unclassified e- mail networks at the white house and the state department. security experts say our best defense is to expect more attacks. >> to be able to detect it quickly and then to mitigate it, not unlike how we treat major diseases. we're not going to eradicate them. we have to detect them and we have to respond and mitigate the consequences. >> reporter: analysts say if hackers want to find a way into even the highest security networks, they will. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the state department is expected to address security concern once it's finished making improvements to its network security. you might want to think ties before ever throwing away an old smartphone. a cybersecurity firm is warning people the device could still be loaded with your personal information. >> company officials bought dozens of old phones online and they found many had not been properly wiped. >> we recovered photos, contact
6:28 am
information, calendar entries, e-mails, text messages, financial information, passwords. >> newer versions of the iphone and the latest android devices will thoroughly delete the information but the older models might not do it the same way. today house democrats will meet privately to pick their leaders and it seems the old guard will remain in place as there are no legitimate challengers. >> which means house minority leader nancy pelosi and the rest of the house leadership poised for another two years in charge. it is 6:28. let's take a look outside. if you can't tell from the picture of the white house there in the darkness, it's cold out there. very, very cold. >> some temperatures as low as 21 depending where you're waking up. it's dropping probably 3 degrees since we've been on the air. howard will have more on the weather in just a bit. first, we toss it over to beverly farmer who has timesaver traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we are heating up on the roadways, though. just volume on the outer loop of the beltway as you head west
6:29 am
through silver spring. that's the up side. heading west to new hampshire, take you around to georgia avenue with lanes open. eastern avenue, your trip out of cheverly sluggish coming off of 50 to get past eastern avenue most of the way to pennsylvania avenue and the 11th street bridge. 95 corridor virginia, it's been the volume for you heading into dale city, heading into woodbridge. now out of newington into springfield. 301-5 corridors out of waldorf, brandywine, it's been the volume and signal light delays for you with lanes open there. howard has a look at the frigid forecast for us right now. out on the weather terrace, and i'm glad i have the ear muffs. had to look for these last night. i've got the shell and liner now. anything i can put o. i wish i had a scarf. it's cold. it's colder when you factor in the wind chill. it's going to be that way today and tomorrow but today is going to be the worse day. here's a look at our day planner because we're talking sunshine and windy conditions. by afternoon only in the low to mid-30s. we should be in the mid-50s, about 57 at reagan national. not anywhere close to that today.
6:30 am
this morning the winds are gusting in the 25, 30 range. here's 30, even 35 at easton with temperatures which are in the 20s. wind chills in the teens and low 20s. andrea, mike? >> thanks, howard. as he just told us, it's cold outside. >> howard was forecasting these temperatures from last week so this is no surprise. still, it is a shock to our system because we're used to being outside with maybe a light sweater and now you have to bundle up. nikki burdine is outside the new carrollton metro station with more on how people are braving the cold this morning. nikki? >> reporter: good morning. since i've been standing out here, i've seen people walking a little faster than usual to get to the metro and they're bundled up head to toe. that's a testament to how cold it is out here and how people are trying to get warm and get indoors as quickly as possible. i want to bring up a point howard said earlier this morning. yes, this is a shock to our system because this is cold, yes, but it's especially cold for this time of year. this would be cold in terms if this were january. this would be cold for that time of year.
6:31 am
so but by that point our systems have really had a chance to get used to it. our bodies have adjusted to being cold. 65, 70 degrees last week, i'm missing those days right about now but it's a shock to our system. i don't know about you guys but whenever we have this big change in temperatures, i tend to get sick right about that time. that's why the cdc is recommending especially now with this big dip in cold temperatures that you go out and get your flu shot. it is important to do that, especially now. everyone, all ages, to go out and get your flu shot. you can do that of course at any of those locations to get your flu shot. it is important to do that for all ages. this weather, it's very cold out here. if you plan on heading out this morning, especially if you haven't had the flu shot, it's important to bundle up head to toe. cover those extremities. cover your head. don't be like me and forget your hat at home. make sure to bundle up because it is cold out here and no sign of it letting up any time soon. at new carrollton metro, i'm "dynasty." back to you. >> thank you.
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-- i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> thank you. shelters are required to take in anyone who needs help. >> and in addition, catholic charities are opening up temporary shelters and adding 300 extra beds. extra staff will be on hand as well to drive homeless people to those shelters. staff will also be handing out blankets, gloves, jackets. if you know anyone who needs help, you can call the hypothermia hotline. 800-535-7252. in other news this morning at 6:32, a 16-year-old girl is the latest suspect to be arrested in the murder of a student at woodbridge senior high. >> the teenager is now the fifth person to be charged in this. police say all five suspects were involved in the shooting of 16-year-old brenden wilson. investigators believer the -- believe the shooting was a drug deal gone bad. a 15-year-old suitland high school student is recovering from surgery this morning. he was beaten friday in the school hallway. the mother of one of the students involved says yates
6:33 am
stepped in to protect her daughter. a lawyer charged with a home invasion and stabbing in mclean is scheduled to appear in court later this morning. >> both andrew schmuhl and his wife alecia are charged with abduction in this incident. delia goncalves joins us live in fairfax county with more on the details on why they charged -- why they are charged and what's happening today. >> reporter: prosecutors say it was simply payback. they say that andrew schmuhl was avenging his wife's firing from a prominent arlington law firm. and now both of them are facing felony charges. let's take a look at their faces. andrew and his wife, alecia. prosecutors say andrew schmuhl posed as a cop when he and his wife forced their way into her former boss' mclean home last week. prominent arlington attorney 61- year-old leo fisher and his wife, susan duncan were then repeatedly stabbed. prosecutors simply calling it a
6:34 am
torture session. the suspect took off only after the wife managed to hit a home alarm. when police eventually caught up with the the couple, they say andrew was naked. he was only wearing a diaper and inside the couple's car, detectives found bloody clothes, a taser and a gun. police say they took a, quote, dying declaration from the victim leo fisher who described the suspects, described their getaway car, and said that the suspects threatened the couple saying, quote, we will come back to finish the job. fortunately the victims are recovering from their injuries. the suspect, he and his wife who were promising attorneys, some people say, are behind bars. andrew schmuhl will be in court later this morning. back to you in the studio. >> all right, delia, thank you. airlines are saving money on fuel, but apparently the fares are not falling. >> no surprise there. now that black friday really doesn't exist anymore, when is
6:35 am
the best time to go holiday shopping and catch those great deals? we'll try to answer that question when we return after this. but first, we want to congratulate our facebook fan ever the day. the winner is betsy maguire from damascus. betsy says she should our fan of the day because i love wusa. i've watched you guys since the kays of -- days of darling sportscaster len when he would bring in the nuns to predict the weather. pick me. >> we want you to become the next fan of the day. this week's winners get tickets to see donny and marie. fill out the entire form for your chance to
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a cold one but so far
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incident wise werks' on the low scale -- wise, we're on the low scale. a slow line of traffic heading for the lane divide out of rockville. yes, the volume delays. lanes are open as you make the trip to the 270 spur, main line. bw parkway, saw upper end delays. and more inside the beltway looking at the slowdown to get through riverdale. we're checking to make sure there's not a new problem n. from annapolis and bowie, lanes are open but you will slow at the 410 and 202 to get to kenilworth and new york avenue. 395 corridor, thru lanes are open. slowest through landmark getting past washington boulevard. the crash on washington boulevard west of 395 at columbia pike, traffic is able to get by now in each direction so that's a little bit better. mike, andrea, back to you. the cost of flying keeps increasing, even though airlines are saving more money. >> go figure. also, the world's largest automaker is going to begin selling its first hydrogen
6:40 am
fueled car. nick giovanni is the newsroom with more. >> reporter: some bad news for banks. a new survey finds customer satisfaction across the board for banks has dropped by almost 3%. the survey says it's mostly because ever rising fees. credit unions on the other hand are a different story. the american customer satisfaction survey find they boast the highest score among all financial services. meanwhile high up in the skies, airlines are reportedly saving more than a billion dollars on jet fuel alone in the last year mainly because of falling oil prices which represent the biggest expense for carriers. the only thing is they don't seem to be passing on the savings to flyers. the cost of an average domestic airline ticket has actually gone up over the past year. it has some customers fired up unlike reynolds american cigarettes. the country's second biggest tobacco company says it plans to launch a new type of cigarette which heats tobacco instead of burning it. they are hoping to capitalize on the popularity of alternatives to traditional smoking like e-cigarettes. it plans to begin selling its new product in feck. next month in -- in february.
6:41 am
next month in japan toyota is expected to roll out its new fuel celled cars. it will cost an estimated $57,500. you should be able to buy them in the u.s. in mid-2015. now to the serious shoppers, most likely they are already planning their strategy for next week's official start of the holiday buying season. there's actually something you should be snapping up right now. as a matter of fact, parents who want to buy their kids the latest toy would be wise to act sooner rather than later before supplies dwindle. if you plan to shop thanksgiving night or on black friday, though, that's when you can expect to get the best deals on electronic gadgets, small appliances and cookware. guess what tends to be hot on cyber monday? >> we tend to see 45% more clothing deals on cyber monday itself. cyber monday is generally when you see store wide discounts. it takes 30% off everything. take 40% off everything. so if you have a favorite retailer or a favorite brand,
6:42 am
cyber monday would be an excellent time to shop for apparel. >> if you do most of your shopping online, a survey finds you might want to fire up your phone or tablet while at the table at thanksgiving. that's when online prices are set to be at their lowest. >> no cell phones at the table. >> they're going to intrude on the dinner itself. >> mom will understand. >> no, no. >> no, she won't. >> i don't even fix the dinner. >> where has that kid gone. >> my goodness. they're leaving. >> not allowed at the table. 6:42. time to arranges the question of the morning. -- to answer the question of the morning. 14% people believe this makes them more attractive to the the opposite sex. is it a, a cute dog, b, a hot car or c, a trendy wardrobe. >> one viewer wrote i don't believe this myself but out of the three, i will pick a, the cute dog. >> and guess what? the correct answer is must have
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it 16:46. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell joining us live. >> good morning. ahead we're going to be taking a closer look at the deadliest attack in jerusalem in years. plus, a new car that could change the way we power our vehicles. and then we're going to talk with an astronaut about the 166 days in space and the amazing images that made him a social media star. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you at 7:00. >> norah, mike and i both want to congratulate you on the great interview you had with cardinal o'malley we saw on 60 minutes. very good and very insight flg.
6:47 am
>> thank you. it's amazing. i've never gotten more reaction on an interview than with that interview with cardinal o'malley. there's so much interest in the pope and if the catholic church is changing. i appreciate your feedback. that means a great deal. it's 6:47. howard is here and we're watching the temperatures drop, drop and drop. >> hang in there. a few more days. by the weekend things will get milder. 50s by saturday and potentially 60 on sunday. so we'll warm significantly. we've got to get there first. the journey is problem. not the destination. this morning we're talking about temperatures which are down in the 20s already. it won't make much progress today. 34, 35 for a high. back to 31 by 5:00 p.m. the winds, look at that. at 11:00 and 1:00. 19 sustained. we're still going to be gusting 30 or so. so windchills today, they're going to stay in the teens and 20s. right now down to 28 in town with 21 gaithersburg. single digits in the mountains. we've still got some 30-degree readings well to the south in
6:48 am
fredricksburg over to cambridge and tappahannock. when you fak oosh in the wind, now -- factor in the wind, now we're talking windchills. feels like 11 in gaithersburg and 21 in frericksburg. in washington at the moment, we've got clear skies, 28. feeling like 17 with the wind out of the northwest and gusting at 24 miles an hour. the arctic air is pouring in. we have lake effect snows. saw a report from one of the buffalo suburbs already over 30 inches of snow from this lake band. we'll get a few snow showers even in grandfather mountain in north carolina where the winds are gusting over 60 miles an hour. our feels like forecast here, by 2:00 wind chills will be in the low 20s in town. mid-to upper teens in many ever the suburbs. that -- of the suburbs and that will be about the max for today and back in the teens this evening. our forecast today, cold, windy. 35. wind chills 15 to 25. the cold spots could be down to 16 with light enough -- lighter winds. 37 tomorrow.
6:49 am
still quite cold. an extra cloud or two in the afternoon. by thursday we jump into the middle 40s. take a little step back on friday with a high of 42. milder saturday, 50. sunday a chance of some showers late but milder still with 60 and even warmer on monday. beverly farmer, 6:49. tell me we're still doing okay. >> for the most part we are doing okay. a lot of lume out there. 66 east still lined up to get through manassas, centreville. getting into fair oaks toward very nanny with all the lanes open as you make your way in toward the beltway. so far so good virginia beltway with just typical volume building on the inner loop toward gallows road. check out the ride for folks headed for the 14th street bridge. 395. you've got your lanes open but the volume building coming up past the pentagon and into downtown. the beltway near andrews, a crash reported on the inner loop near route 4. there are delays on the outer loop on the inner loop getting past approaching route 4. i believe there will be delays in each direction for the crash they're looking for on the beltway near
6:50 am
route 4. in silver spring, the volume delay we've been seeing typical past new hampshire avenue. it will take you most of the way around georgia avenue but nothing stopping you in the way. just the slow and go. we'll be right back right after this with more news, traffic and weather this morning. thanks for watching wusa9.
6:51 am
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welcome back to wusa9. here are some things in the news right now. the fay of the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline could come down to a single note today, one which could give hope to louisiana senator mary landrieu's political future. >> the nate votes today after the house approved its version last week. susan mcginnis reports the bigger question if it passes congress, what does the president do. >> reporter: the senate votes today on the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline which would move oil from canada's oil sands to the gulf coast. it could be a nail biter. for now every senate republican supports it as do 14 democrats. but the hunt is on for a key 60th vote. senator king, an independent from maine, left the possibility open he could move in favor of it. louisiana senator mary landrieu, the bill's chief sponsor is confident the votes are there. in louisiana where the pipeline is popular, senator landrieu
6:54 am
faces republican congressman bill cassidy in a runoff election next month. both support it. the house already passed its version of the bill but even if the senate gives the green light, president obama could veto it. the president insists the project should await an environmental review by the state department. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. the nebraska supreme court is also reviewing the pipeline's route before it can cross that state. supporters say it's a job creator that will relieve u.s. independence on oil. critics say it will harm the environment. charles manson is planning to get married? yes, apparently. the 80-year-old is serving a life sentence in california. he was convicted back in 1971 planning murders of seven people, including actress sharon tate. manson's fiance is 26 years old. her name is apton burton.
6:55 am
japanese actor ken -- [ inaudible ] takakura plan his career in 18976 -- 1976. he was 83 years old. the lawsuit against wal- mart is headed to court today. last summer a wal-mart truck slammed into the back after n c several -- tracy morgan and several friends after a show in delaware. morgan is suing wal-mart for punitive and compensatory damages. wal-mart claims the victim's injuries were partly due to them not wearing seat belts. the latest hunger games movie had its latest premier yesterday outside the l.a.
6:56 am
live theater. series. one more movie in the it's mocking jay part 2. weather wise, nothing is going to hit the runway today, uns will heavily dressed. tomorrow 37. a little less wind. 40's thursday and friday. 50 on saturday and look at the warm sunny into monday but that comes with an increasing threat of showers. >> reporter: beltway accident prince george's county impacting both loops of the beltway at andrews. the crash is just before route 4 blocking a right lane. slow from ritchie parm borrow. here's the delay -- marlboro. here's the delay on the left side. kennel worth delays from eastern avenue take you most of the way to the 11th street bridge with lanes open. virginia 5 still with the delays -- 95 still with the delays into woodbridge heading on into springfield. back to you guys. cbs this morning is next. protecting your personal information online. >> very important as the 1407ing season gets -- as itself shopping season gets under way. what you need to know to keep
6:57 am
yourself from a holiday hack attack. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with the latest traffic and i'll have the wind chills now as well. >> while you're on the move, you can always check our app for news, weather and traffic 24 hours a day. >> a quick reminder we have a phone bank coming up. if you have a problem with joints now that the weather is changing. >> get your questions answered. >> about replace plnlts. that's today -- replacements. that's today starting at 11:45. >> take care, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:25. >> stay warm.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday november 18th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." palestinians storm aer jusalem synagogue attacking with knives, axes and guns. israel vows to retaliate. a plane crashes into a chicago home overnight just moments after takeoff. plus, he became a social media star, among the stars, astronaut reid wiseman is back on earth and he joins us live. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 ses.cond >> i'd like to come back, atlanta. >> a pla


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