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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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is warranted, they'll go forward with that and then they post it on a bunch of different websites to let people know, but there's at this moment no word and answer to my question i posed to them earlier. why did it take 16 months for them to act after this first alleged incident? debra alfarone, wusa9. high tension and simmering emotions surround president obama's address to the nation tonight about his plans to take executive action on immigration. the move could shield as many as 5 million illegal immigrants. andrea mccarren is at the white house with a preview of tonight's address. andrea? >> reporter: lesli, white house officials tell us the president's plan will focus on deporting felons, not families, and will include a relentless focus on the border with an emphasis on national security and public safety. white house officials acknowledge the president's executive action is just a first step toward fixing a
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broken immigration system. and that congress will have to make the final move. >> once you prioritize going after felons rather than families it really frees up the resources of the federal government to work in terms of real good law enforcement, in terms of national security, in public safety. >> reporter: exasperated republicans say the president interest bypassing congress and exceeding his constitutional authority. >> it seems to be about what a president thinks would be good for his legacy. those are not the motivations that should be driving such sweeping action and i think the president will come to regret the chapter history writes if he does move forward. >> reporter: in fact, the incoming senate majority leader vows to undo any action the president takes when republicans take over congress in january. so what do americans think of all this? i'll have the latest polls tonight at 6:00. reporting live from the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9.
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undocumented immigrants across the region are celebrating tonight and illegal immigration opponents are promising political payback. bruce leshan is live in hyattsville with reaction from both sides. >> reporter: advocates estimate that there are about a half a million undocumented immigrants in maryland, d.c. and virginia, a whole lot of them going to be watching very closely the president's speech tonight. from what we can tell so far about 40% of them will qualify for some kind of legal status under the president's executive order. that is about 200,000 people. enrique taraes says after a dozen years of living in fear the president's offer will finally give her some relief. >> reporter: so happy you
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don't have words to express it? >> very, very happen. >> reporter: with it two children, one born in the u.s. she dreams now of a much brighter future. translator: i hope that my daughter will one day be able to be a doctor. >> reporter: but the executive order is limited. >> i can go to school now. i can work. >> reporter: and the president is not expected to extend legal status to the parents of dreamers like 19-year-old college student claudia kinones. >> i will be very upset. it will be shame on him because we've been working hard. >> reporter: her mother rosemary brought her to the u.s. from bolivia when she was 11 years old. >> they work. my mom pays taxes and she works because she wants me to have a better life. >> all of the actions that we have been doing through the last 20 years pay off right now, but it's not a solution. i want to be very clear. we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> the president is making a joke of citizenship. >> reporter: maryland anti-
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illegal immigration activist brad botwin says the reform needed is tougher border enforcement laws and english only policies. >> i don't need another 5, 6, 7 million people competing with american citizens who really still can't find work. >> reporter: the immigrant rights activists say that they're going to be celebrating and watching the president's speech here in hyattsville, at casa and lafayette park in front of the white house. brad botwin says he's not going to watch. he's going to be having dinner with friends at cuban corner in rockville, friends he says who have left maryland because they are angry about the government policies here. >> let's look at some of the numbers of people who could be directly impacted by the president's order on immigration. according to the migration policy institute, 5.2 million
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people in the u.s. could be saved from deportation. that's nearly half of the country's undocumented immigrants. state by state the measure could keep 92,000 illegal immigrants in virginia, 80,000 in maryland and 6,000 in the district. you can watch the president's dress here on wusa9 at 8 p.m. we'll push back cbs primetime programming airing all of the other shows in their entirety. >> if you want to dvr those shows, you may want to record the entire evening to be safe. expect another night of cold temperatures throughout the d.c. area. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is on the weather terrace. sounds like those breezes aren't going to help anything either. >> they're just kicking up. the arctic air is about to crawl over the mountains. we're looking at wind chills in the teens and 20s. we got a break today temperature-wise. it's 54 downtown, but notice to the north and west, the blues are colder air. we have some 40s showing up, 43 in gaithersburg, 45 in leesburg, down to 38 in
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hagerstown and you go out toward cumberland and temperatures are in the mid- 30s. you jump the divide and oakland only 23 degrees. so we still have a bit of wind chill, not so much downtown, but where temps are in the 40s and 30s it feel like 34 toward martinsburg and feel like 37 in winchester. tonight dress for the teens and 20s. don't be fooled it's still in the low 50s downtown. forecast lows 27 downtown, 23 in rockville, fairfax, 21 toward leesburg, 24 in woodbridge, 25 in waldorf and upper 20s by the bay. we'll come back, talk about how long the arctic air will be around and look ahead all the way to thanksgiving. right now police in tallahassee say the gunman who opened fire at florida state university was a lawyer and graduate of the school. a student recorded video of the mayhem just after the shooting in a library packed with students studying for final
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exams. the gunman is identified as myron may, an fsu graduate who earned his law degree from texas tech university. may wounded three students before he was shot and killed by police this morning. >> i look behind him and there's blood on his pants. so you can already tell that that was definitely a gunshot. it was pretty scary. >> police say it's unclear why may opened fire. two students have been hospitalized. another was treated and released. sky9 flew over the scene of the fda campus on new hampshire road in silver spring after reports of a weapon in the back of a vehicle in the parking lot. the facility was ordered on lockdown while the owner of the vehicle was looked for. officers found the owner and the lockdown was lifted. a court appearance today for an iowa man accused of illegally carrying a rifle near the white house. secret service agents were approached by 41-year-old r.j. kapheim yesterday along 15th street. he told them that someone in iowa told him to drive to the
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white house. a search of his car turned up a hunting rifle, dozens of rounds of ammunition and a 6-inch knife. kapheim was ordered to return to d.c. superior court tomorrow morning for another hearing. in prince george's county a man is locked up accused of shooting his own mother. police say 41-year-old omari brown shot his mother inside a apartment the two share in largo. this was yesterday. brown was arrested a short time later near prince george's county community college. investigators say there was an argument over money. brown's mother is listed in critical condition but is expected to survive. former virginia u.s. senator jim webb evidently has presidential ambitions. the democrat has formed an exploratory committee to consider a campaign in 2016, the first official step in a white house run. in addition to his single term in the u.s. senate, webb served as secretary of navy under president reagan. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. why the dallas cowboys are
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showing a high profile d.c. financial -- suing a high profile d.c. financial planner for $7 million, that story at 5:30. >> plus why some people are deliberately sabotaging an app designed to help you avoid gridlock. >> reporter: communities around the buffalo area are trying to dig out. i'm alison harmelin with
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for the third straight day heavy snow is burying the buffalo, new york region and the death toll has climbed to eight and state and local officials are preparing to ask the white house to declare a federal disaster. alison harmelin has the latest from the batavia, new york, where more than 2 feet of snow could fall by midnight. >> reporter: snow isn't the only thing falling in the buffalo area. roofs are coming down under the weight of 6 feet of snow.
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>> we've seen some significantly large structures already collapse and that potential still exists. >> reporter: officials say on some roads the snow is too deep for plows to work properly. the state has provided hundreds of vehicles to help with emergency response and snow removal and the national guard is also helping residents dig out. >> i couldn't get through to anybody. thank god the guard was here. they helped me out. >> reporter: here in batavia the streets are quiet. most residents are obeying orders to stay off the roads. >> thank you. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo who arrived in the area yesterday is sticking around to monitor the storm recovery. >> there are hundreds and hundreds of vehicles stranded all throughout the area and that is going to be a massive problem. >> reporter: cuomo says it would be impractical for sunday's nfl game to go as scheduled in buffalo. it's unclear when or where it will be played. >> i think it could happen maybe monday or maybe if the league would let it push a little later back in the week. >> reporter: adding to the
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problem, thousands of homes are without power. the storms are expected to clear out by friday, but temperatures are expected to hit nearly 60 degrees over the weekend causing widespread flooding. >> the nfl just announced the bills/jets game will not be played in buffalo on sunday. two potential alternative sites are being discussed. one is here in washington, another detroit. a broken water main is driving commuters crazy in suitland, maryland. the 14-inch pipe burst around 8:00 last night in the northbound lanes of silver hill road. it is expected to take a while to fix because that 71-year-old pipe is right next to a gas line. two-way traffic is getting through in the southbound lanes, but there's no timeline when everything will be fixed. if you're planning to go out of town for thanksgiving, expect a little more company on the roads and airports. aaa predicts more than 46 million americans will head out of town, an increase of over 4% from last year and the highest
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number since 2007. the aaa president spoke at reagan national airport this morning and here's his take on the uptick in turkey day travels. >> most importantly, consumers are just more confident about the economy. they're confident about the current situation and about the future and clearly the economic picture is brighter this year than it was last year at this time. >> also contributing to more people traveling, of course, is falling gas prices. the cost of gas has dropped 84 cents nationwide since april. in our area you can fill up for 2.82 a gallon at the shell located on little river turnpike in annandale. no doubt many of you will use some sort of gps device or perhaps an app to get you where you're going next week or just getting around town. >> the way app promises to save you time by giving you an alternate route to bypass all that traffic, but as john
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blackstone shows us, some communities say this app is rerouteing the congestion right to their front yards. >> reporter: the average commuter spends nearly 40 hours a year stuck in traffic, but with the help of a popular map app drivers are finding new short-cuts often through neighborhood side streets. people who lev in this los angeles neighborhood -- live in this los angeles neighborhood say it's more than just a nuisance. >> it's like freeway traffic. we got to put a stop to it because somebody is going to get hurt. >> reporter: she blame ways, a smartphone app updated in realtime. the app itself uses gps technology to monitor traffic speeds, users can report accidents, construction and roadblocks. millions of people use it to find their way around gridlock, but the traffic has to go somewhere. >> this is a small street. it can only handle so much traffic volume and then when you get the commuter mentality here it becomes a safety issue,
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not just a faster route issue. >> reporter: some are lobbying the city to deter traffic with speed bumps, stop signs or by limiting traffic at certain times of day. others are fighting back using the app's own technology hoping to sabotage it with false information. >> people in the neighborhood have been putting on accidents to get people not to come here. >> we haven't seen many people trying to gain the system. >> ways says its drivers have every right to be on any open road. >> although ways may use streets that could be residential, if they're public and it's legal to be driving down them, we will use them to help dissipate traffic, but keep in mind ways was created to help dissipate congestion and because of the algorithms that we have we'll never route enough cars down a street to create a problem that wasn't there. >> i'm a ways user myself. i think we have to be more conscious of how we're using it and driving through people's neighborhoods. >> reporter: because in cities
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where people battle traffic at all it's the last thing they want -- all day it's the last thing they want to come home to. the only station with weather alert day, wusa9 first alert weather. >> you want me to ask you about cell phones? >> i do. i tweeted it out today. cell phones can track you where you are locate., but now they can track your altitude and they'll do it because there's a barometer embedded in a lot of cell phones and i tweeted out how interesting is it that something that was discovered and developed in 1642 is going into your brand-new smartphone? a different version, obviously, not a mecurical barometer, but the same concept and we still use barometers today in doppler radar. i'm done. >> the tie? >> hopefully my middle school students remember that. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, most folks
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made it back to the 50s, 54 now, dew points in the low 20s, so another dry air mass rolling in, relative humidity 27%. you can drag your feet across the carpet and shock your sister and you want to put humidity and moisture back into your home right now. fresh arctic air arrives tonight, bus stop temperatures 21 to 32. those are straight temps. factor in the wind, feel like teens and 20s. cold for high school football playoffs tomorrow. if you're going out on the town tonight, dress for teens and 20s. milder saturday, high temperatures near 50. so futurecast, 8:00 37 downtown, but most everybody else in the upper 20s and low 30s, so temps fall quickly. by 10:00, want to walk the dog one last time, upper 20s gaithersburg, leesburg, maybe 30 in manassas and culpeper, but primarily 20s cumberland to hagerstown and 32 in andrews
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and la plata. by morning everybody is in the 20s. notice the arrows. those are northwest winds. those are cold winds, wind chills in teens tomorrow morning. by 8:00 maybe crawl back to 30, most of the burbs upper 20s and by 1:00 on futurecast 36 downtown but low to mid-30s in the burbs, so yet another day with temperatures 20 degrees below average. by 4:00 low to mid-30s again and then as the winds die down tomorrow, we'll have clear skies and a very, very dry air mass. temps will fall quickly. by 6:00 we're back in the upper 20s in the suburbs. again high school playoffs cold. by 8:00 tomorrow we're in the mid-20s in gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas and below freezing downtown and by 9:30:20s pretty much across the board, even d.c. 29 or 30. tonight clear skies, breezy, very cold, low temps in the 20s, winds northwest 10 to 15 with higher gusts, nothing crazy but enough to generate wind chills in the teens.
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by morning partly cloudy, breezy, cold, wind chills in the teens, 21 to 34 and by afternoon mostly sunny, breezy, cold, need a at, coat, gloves, highs only 34 to -- hat, coat, gloves, highs only 34 to 39. 30 in cumberland, should make freezing in hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester mid- 30s, upper 30s in culpeper. once you get across the divide it's all sunshine, 35 leesburg, 36 in reston and mclean, 37 downtown, 36 in rockville, gaithersburg, 38 annapolis and there is a small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. the day planner, downtown temps, 31 at 9:00, 34 at 11:00 and only 36 at 1:00 with northwest wind at 13. that will drive the wind chills down. improving saturday, near 50, improving on sunday, temperatures upper 50s, showers late if we're lucky holding off till sunset, if not, maybe 1:00
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or 2:00 in the afternoon. plan for sunday morning. next seven days, monday fantastic, returning partly cloudy, 70. mid-50s on tuesday, upper 40s wednesday, a quiet travel day, turkey day cold as it should be, low 40s and i threw a flurry in for fun. area athletes are kicking it up a notch with a hot new sport. dave owens tees up the story for us coming up. >> next we'll tell you about a hidden danger in certain minivans that can potentially ca
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in tonight's consumer alert some news that could impact how you get around. first minivans are the workhorse set of wheels for millions across the country, but new crash tests reveal a hidden danger that can be devastating in a crash. judy wolfhouse runs her usual errands with her 9-month-old niece in her dodge caravan. >> when we looked everything up, it had a pretty safe rating. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety crash tested many types of minivans including the grand caravan and the chrysler town
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and country. they performed poorly in small overlap front crashes when the front corner of the vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object like a tree and look at the front end of the chrysler. it caved in pinning the test dummy inside. the nissan quest rated the worst. >> the structure collapsed like a of cards. this point here moved nearly 2 feet toward the driver trapping its left leg between the seat and the instrument panel. we had to cut the seat out in order to remove the dummy and then we needed a crowbar to pry the right foot loose. >> the quest sustained much more damage than the honda odyssey, the top rated safety pick, but 2015 toyota sienna also received high marks, but the results may affect wolfhouse's decision when she buys a new minivan. >> i would want to buy something that is as safe as you can get. >> reporter: the iihs says minivans often perform poorly in this crash test because they are wide vehicles built on a
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car frame. now the insurance institute for highway safety does say in general minivans offer good protection in other types of crashes because of their large size and weight. the institute recommends when you shop for a new minivan, choose one with the best overall crash test rating and a front protection system. this next story affects another set of wheels. graco is recalling nearly 5 million strollers. the folding hinge on the side of 11 models like the aspen, breeze and light rider can pinch a child's finger and in some cases even lead to amputation. graco has heard about 11 children who got their fingers caught in that hinge and six of them lost their fingertips. this is serious. to find out if your stroller is part of this bunch and how to get a repair kit, go to our wusa9 app. we'll have all the details there. most people who drink too much are not alcoholics. really? we'll tell you what's behind
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the new study in just a little bit. >> plus a reporter asks bill cosby about the sexual assault allegations made against him and we will show you part of that interview. >> the dallas cowboys want to take a prominent woman who lives and works in ♪ they may not be the most handsome of body parts. yet, there they sit on the sides of our heads. for the world to see. but what happens when they stop hearing? should we stop doing? should we stop living? not today. esteem. the hearing implant. ♪
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in washington believe it or not we do have some cowboys fans and it's got 1 chevy chase woman in a bunch of financial trouble. the team says dawn bennett, a
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prominent financial advisor, is not paying her bills for her luxury suite she is leasing at at&t stadium. >> bennett isn't charged with anything. remember this is a civil suit dealing with money and a lot of it. the cowboys want $7.3 million in damages for the remainder of her 20 year lease agreement on that luxury suite. >> she should be responsible for paying for that luxury suite. >> we would all love to have access to that, but you've got to pay for it. >> according to court document, dawn bennett had a multi- million dollar lease agreement for suite no. 242, similar to what's pictured here on the hall of fame level inside the dallas at&t stadium. bennett lives and works in the d.c. area. her office is located in an upscale shopping district of chevy chase across the street from neiman marcus, but when we
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tried, no one wanted to talk to us. she's the ceo of bennett group financial and knows a lot about money appearing on tv, radio and the internet including this clip on youtube. >> let's turn to somebody who manages 3 -- 3/4 of a billion dollars. >> she's also profiled in this vogue tv clip. bennett signed contracts for the luxury suite in 2007. court documents state for the first five years she paid in full a half million dollars each year. but then the payments started dropping off. >> it's hypocritical. >> somebody maybe is right. somebody is wrong. >> you get a lot of people that give financial advice end up in jail. it's just a fact of life the way it's going nowadays. it doesn't surprise me. >> die hard redskins.
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>> some folks who didn't want to touch that subject. we attempted to contact dawn bennett. after repeated calls there has been no response. an attorney representing the team says the cowboys organization views these types of lawsuits as a last resort. they say, "we're not chasing mom and pop companies." and they say the team says these party know what they're getting into. -- parties know what they're getting into. lawmakers on capitol hill grilled the man in charge of making sure takata air bags are safe, the defective air bags responsible for five deaths and dozens of injuries. >> the air bag what is killed my sister. >> i hope there will be no more mothers taken from their children or no more fathers blinded by the exploding air bags. >> at the end of the hearing takata reps would not comment to backing a nationwide recall, neither would honda and chrysler, the only two automakers at today's hearing the it could take several years to fix all the recalls so far.
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tonight we are hearing excerpts of an interview between bill cosby and a reporter from the associated press from an art exhibition here in d.c. it was recorded before the two newest women came forward with sex assault allegations but after a comedian made a joke about the decades old accusations. >> i have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian. >> no, no, we don't answer that and i tell you why. i think you were told i don't want to compromise your integrity, but we don't -- i don't talk about it . can i get something from you that none of that will be shown? >> i can't promise that myself. >> now the a.p. made no promises to not air that portion of the interview. they made the decision to release the exchange after the
5:34 pm
latest two women came forward with allegations. director mike nichols has died. >> he died at age 83 after a cardiac arrest. nichols is best known for films like the graduate and who is afraid of virginia wolf. in addition to his award winning films, nichols did turn out a couple duds and he said the 1970s catch 22 was one of them. >> some movies you have a terrible suspicion that this is the end of all of you and you can't say anything to anybody. that's how i felt all through catch 22. >> nichols has been married to abc news anchor diane sawyer the last 20 years. he's one of the very few people to win an emmy, grammy, and oscar. he was 83 years old. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is calling for a full review of sexual assault policies at the university of virginia and it comes after a rolling stone article detailed the story of a freshman who said she was sexually assaulted
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by several men at a uva fraternity party. the victim claims the school covered up the rape in order to protect its reputation. new information tonight on that suspicious fire we told you about yesterday afternoon on south horner's lane in rockville, fire investigators charged 27-year-old carlos peralta with first degree arson and three counts of reckless endangerment. the two alarm fire forced six people from their home, three people inside the home at the time made it out safely. fad food or healthy diet solution? we'll look at gluten free lifestyles in a little bit. >> trending now a woman claiming to be michael phelps' girl friend makes a shocking revelation. >> a barbie knockout designed to show young girls what reality looks like and much more. top? >> temperatures are falling to the west, still 54 downtown, 52 in manassas, low 40s in
5:36 pm
upper 30s in hagerstown. we'll come back, talk about arctic air rolling in tonight, how long it will stick around if we can't flip th
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community. here's your chance to get $500 worth of grocery from giant foods to win the wusa9 grocery card give-away. go to our wusa9 facebook page, like it, fill out the entry form. the give-away ends tomorrow, so good luck. we are looking at stories trending. this has a lot of people talking because she's got cellulite, a little makeup and a few extra pounds and she might be getting some fanfare, but this dog is also getting a lot of haters. >> -- this doll is also getting a lot of haters. >> if you want to make her more flawed, the doll even comes with pimples, stretch marks and scratch stickers. the creator says he has more than 22,000 orders for normal barbies and they begin shipping later this month. you can see why people can have some interesting comments, although people comment about the regular barbie, too, and say it's not realistic. >> like some guy wrote so is ken going to have a beer belly and balding head now?
5:40 pm
there's a lot of people who aren't liking this. pope francis is raffling off some pretty expensive gifts to raise money for the poor. among the offerings? a new four wheel drive bike, fiat, fancy hat and watches and more. traditionally those gifts have been quietly given away to churches or quietly sat in the vatican warehouse. during the chaos of the shooting at fsu, a reporter tweeted reported gunman on the fsu campus. maybe he's heading for winston, the much assigned quarterback on the -- maligned quarterback from the school. a girl friend of michael phelps was born a man. taylor is apparently an
5:41 pm
intersex meaning she was born with some male and female parts and had resignment surgery in her 20s -- resignment surgery in her 20s. now she's worried phelps may leave her after learning the truth. >> why would she feel the need to make that public? >> is she the girl friend? >> she says she is. >> we don't know that for sure. here's a craze that could catch on that started in our area. a sport that combines the strategy of golf with the excitement of soccer next. >> what's with all of the gluten free foods cramming store shelves? is it a fad or healthier way of
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in tonight's health alert a sobering study on drinking in america. the cdc found nearly one of every three adults in this country drinks excessively. for women excessive is defined as eight or more drinks per week and 15 or more drinks per week for men, but it's determined nine of 10 excessive drinkers are not alcoholics. >> the conventional wisdom has been that most people who drink too much have the disease of alcohol dependence or alylcoholism. >> whether alcoholic or not, the cdc obviously says excessive drinking can ruin
5:45 pm
your health. it is linked to cancer, heart disease and liver disease and kills 88,000 americans each year. a decade ago most of us had never heard the word gluten and now millions are trying to cut it from their diet. >> it's claimed gluten causes everything from stomach pain to fatigue. so marley hall looks into whether this food shift is a fad or a healthy solution. >> reporter: misty nelson is making chicken gluten free having given up all gluten products seven months ago trying to get rid of stomach pain. gluten is a protein found in wheat which humans have eaten for thousands of years. now nearly 1/3 of american adults are trying to cut it from their diets. about 1% have celiac disease and gluten can actually damage their intestines, but the rest run the gamut. lynn shooter owns a gluten free store in new york and hears a
5:46 pm
whole range of complaints. >> everything from being tired all the time, acne, infertility, ibs. >> reporter: sales of gluten free food are expected to top $15 billion by 2016. doctors are scrambling to figure out why. >> is it a diet fad or are there legitimate health concerns associated with it? >> i believe there's a bit of both. >> reporter: dr. steven lamb says people may be more sensitive to gluten because there's simply more of it. >> it appears that the wheat products from thousands of years ago probably had less gluten than they do now. >> reporter: dr. lamb says more research is badly needed, but misty says she has all the proof she needs. >> no doubt at all and you know what? i'll never go back. >> reporter: she's learned to cook a gluten free version of just about everything. marley hall, cbs news, landing, new jersey. >> researchers are now looking at whether the culprit in wheat is not gluten but a different
5:47 pm
type of carbohydrate and more studies are underway. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. >> i love bread. >> you do? >> i love gluten. >> i love gluten, too. i don't know if i could ever go gluten free. >> i was with my friend the other day and this is not an exaggeration. he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for lunch for the nine years i went to school with him from kindergarten to 8th grade and i said back then if you had been allergic to peanut butter, you wouldn't be here. >> back then there didn't seem to be anybody -- >> he moved on to mcdonald's now. >> my kind of guy. >> a scottish restaurant, exactly. we hit the 50s today, felt pretty nice, going in the right direction until tonight. arctic air is rolling back in. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, downtown oddly enough 54 still at the airport. i don't know where they put
5:48 pm
these temperatures probes. it is in the 40s north, south, east and west of national. look at the dew point, low 20s, relative humidity 29%, winds west at 7. they will increase a bit. we showed you this map yesterday because the warmer air was moving eastward and there it is. we are 17 degrees warmer now than 24 hours ago, 16 degrees warmer in richmond, 15 degrees warmer in ocean city. they had snow flurries yesterday evening. wind gusts starting to show up, 22 miles per hour gusts now in martinsburg, 18 in leesburg and frederick. arctic air tonight, a breeze and more wind chills in the teens. fresh arctic air arrives, bus stop temperatures 21 to 32. that is 6 a.m. to 9:00, but dress the kids for the teens and 20s in terms of wind chills, cold for high school football playoffs tomorrow, definitely dress for the teens and a bit milder saturday. temperatures go back near 50, even better news on sunday and
5:49 pm
monday, but don't get used to it. 8:00 tonight this is futurecast, 37 downtown, 30 in gaithersburg, 29 in leesburg and 20s upstream, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. walking the dog by 10:00 you're primarily in the upper 20s if you're north of town. you're still 34 downtown, 30 in manassas, 32 down toward la plata. we get into the morning hours. everybody falls into the 20s tomorrow which is a pretty cold night for mid-november, temperatures 26 in frederick, 24 in hagerstown, could see a snow flurry in oakland. you might see a flurry between cumberland and hagerstown tomorrow morning. we get into midmorning, 8:00, everybody is still in the 20s except downtown, maybe 30 there, but with the winds dress for the phenes and 20s. by 1:00 it's -- teens and 20s. by 1:00 low to mid-30s.
5:50 pm
by 4:00 low 30s. tomorrow night the winds will die down and temps will fall like a stone tomorrow night. 27 gaithersburg, 28 leesburg essentially 24 hours from now and by 8:00 20s everywhere and by 10:00 mid-20s gaithersburg, leesburg, manassas, 28 in andrews, 26 in la plata. so tonight clear, breezy, very cold, temperatures in the 20s, winds northwest 10 to 15 and gusty, just enough to generate a wind chill, partly cloudy, breezy and cold, wind chills in the teens tomorrow, 21 to 34. by afternoon mostly sunny, breezy, cold, need a coat, gloves, hat, 34 to 39. what's average? about 56. the day planner, 28 at 7:00, 31 at 9:00, 34 at 11:00 and 36 at 1 p.m., essentially with full sun. now saturday we're going in the right direct, near 50, late
5:51 pm
showers sunday, upper 50s. most of the day will be okay, kind of hard to pinpoint when these showers roll in. they could get in before sunset. next seven days 70 monday, cloud s -- clouds to start, then partly cloudy. mid-50s on tuesday, respectable, wednesday respectable, a little chilly, upper 40s. turkey day 42, maybe a flurry and wednesday looks like a quiet travel day both in the mid atlantic and much of the east coast. we have put two together today we wouldn't normally do. >> good golf. i always want to bring you something a little -- foot golf. i always want to bring you something a little different. there are signs golf's popularity is declining, but a new sport is bringing young people on golf courses all over the country. one such course is on silver spring and you don't even need a set of clubs to play it.
5:52 pm
soccer balls on a fairway? go figure. it's called foot golf and while rules are similar to traditional golf the game is more forgiving. >> there's not as much ways you can mess up and you're kicking into a giant tub instead of a little hole. >> reporter: chris holneck and sister liz have been regulars since july, but the ball doesn't behave quite the way it would on a soccer pitch. >> it can bounce forwards, backwards, it can go anywhere. it's unpredictable. >> reporter: liz says after all this time on the green she wants to learn and that's what the golf instructor is hoping to hear. >> we're trying to teach the game of golf through foot golf. >> reporter: after investigating $3,000 in foot golf equipment it's brought in an extra $40,000 to this course where traditional golf and its soccer ball cousin exists side by side. >> it's a game that anyone can play and that makes it accessible to everybody.
5:53 pm
>> reporter: chris says his mom is ready to try. >> i think that would be awesome just to get her out here. >> reporter: but expanding the size of the ball and reach of the game. >> pretty cool. the sport got its start in europe and is spreading in popularity all over the united states. to find out more about foot golf at a course near you, visit our website at ladies, coming up, of course, buffalo has got some serious snow problems, so football is not an issue. bills/jets game is being moved. fedex field was thought to be a location. we'll have an update at 6:20. he's ready to do it alone. coming up why the president is taking executive action to tackle the nation's immigration issue and why some say he should not take that path. >> but first we go inside the crowded university library where a gunman opened fire leaving a trail of blood and
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
police in tallahassee identified the man who went on a shooting rampage inside a crowded library at florida state university. >> his name is myron may. he's a lawyer who graduated from the school in 2005. police say he shot and wounded three students before officers killed him in an exchange of gunfire. chris van cleave takes us inside the library. >> reporter: students gathered outside the florida state university library where a beginman opened fire after midnight -- a gunman opened fire after midnight. myron may wounded three people before police killed him in a shootout. >> he was in a sense of crisis.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: investigators say the 31-year-old lawyer had a journal and videos that revealed he was emotionally unstable, but they have no other motive. >> we have not found any information at this time to indicate why he chose this morning to act or why he chose the library. >> reporter: several students recorded the chaos. one showed a victim on the ground waiting for help to arrive. in another police with guns drawn enter a room full of students. annie martinez was in the library when -- andy martinez was in the library when the shots rang out. >> everyone hear thought it was a textbook thrown to the ground. >> reporter: but the students soon realize it was gunfire. >> i looked behind him and there was blood on his pants. you can already tell that was definitely a gunshot. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: authorities say may used a semi automatic handgun and reloaded at least once. chris van cleave, cbs news. >> police are examining a journal and some videos that were posted on the internet.
5:58 pm
police say those records suggest may feared he was targeted by the government. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. a political firestorm is brewing over the president's executive action on immigration. i'm andrea mccarren at the white house. i'll have a live preview of tonight's speech coming up. >> reporter: how did a male nurse manage to get job after job at hospitals even as sex abuse allegations were mounting? i'm debra alfarone in northeast d.c. asking those questions. >> reporter: the person with tuberculosis at potomac high school has now but did anyone else here catch the disease? i'm peggy fox in oxon hill. i'll have the answer. but first here is a live look at the white house where in about two hours president obama will lay out his own plan on what to do with millions of undocumented illegal immigrants in the united states.
5:59 pm
good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. andrea mccarren is at the white house tonight with the latest. >> reporter: one congressional republican actually accused the president of picking a bar fight and provoking the gop into battle, but white house officials say it is imperative to fix an immigration system that is profoundly broken. >> part of staying competitive in a global economy is making sure that we have an immigration system that doesn't send away talent, but attracts it. >> reporter: as president obama honored top scientists at the white house, he alluded to his pending action on immigration. >> we want them to initiate discoveries and start businesses right here in the united states. >> reporter: republicans are furious he's acting alone and say the american people sent a clear message in the midterm elections. >> they said they want to see us working together. they said they want to see more
6:00 pm
serious ideas pass through congress. what they didn't say they wanted to see was the president sidestepping the very representatives they just elected. >> reporter: white house officials offered a glimpse of the president's plan indicating it will priority eye the deportation of fell -- prioritize the deportation of felons over families. >> it becomes a choice. do you go after the person who committed a serious personal crime or the mom who is on a shift at work working in the back of a restaurant someplace? that's the emphasis. >> reporter: so what do most americans think of all this? well, one recent poll found that most agree that the immigration system needs to be fixed, but about half disagreed with how the president is fixing it. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> the president's executive order is not expected to


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