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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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they have pinpointed a credible threat, but it sounds outlandish. the climate-change people, they can point to disastrous examples. the bio-weapons alarmists, they have a compelling narrative to weave. even the giant comet people sound more serious than the enemies of ai. so... these are the people at etra who think ai is a threat? you think one of them killed edwin borstein, one of the top engineers in the field, and made it look like bella did it, all so they could draw attention to their cause? a small-scale incident, something to get the media chattering. feel free if you'd like to take a moment to admire the beauty of this theory. 'cause i've done so several times already myself. it's elaborate. but as a motive, it makes sense. one of these people intercepted the package from michael webb to edwin borstein, and replaced the disk within it. i've dispatched kitty to webb's apartment to see if she can establish a connection between him and one of our suspects.
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in the meantime... we wait. you said you didn't set andrew up with your friend from denmark. i want to believe you. well, i encourage you to do just that then. i want to believe you, because if you did do it, if you still don't respect the fact that i need my own space, then i don't know why we're trying this again. (sighs) watson, i have no inclination to excise andrew from your life. why would i? i like the man. oh, you like him? yeah. you-you never told me that. (stammering): why would i tell you? (stammers, grunts) to reassure that you've made a sound choice. as one might reasonably expect a friend to do. right, right, oh, very well. i like him. he's intelligent. he hasn't just jumped into a new business. he has the patience and self-possession to wait for something worthwhile. and, most importantly, he understands you. he understands you and me. wh-what do you mean by that?
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i mean, watson, that whether you care to admit it lately or not, i am an important part of your life. and, whether i say it out loud or not, you are an important part of mine. my return to new york was driven, in large part, by desire to repair our relationship. and i think, even though we might draw further or nearer from each other depending on circumstance, you and i are bound... somehow. andrew accepts that without feeling needlessly threatened. it's a rather enlightened position. and so, no, i've got no desire to banish the man to scandi-bloody-navia. okay, i believe you. kind of feel like hugging you right now. yet, as my friend, you know that would be a rash decision. (cell phone chimes) it's kitty.
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she says there's no connection she can find between michael webb and one of our suspects. in fact, she says his apartment is spotless. michael webb strike you as the kind of man to live in a pristine apartment? no. seems like someone who'd be living in the middle of a biohazard. yeah, i-i got an e-mail from a place called clean this house. they told me that a friend of mine entered me into a contest, and i won a package of free cleanings. did you ever think to verify that clean this house was a real company? because they don't have a web site. it's a little suspicious in this day and age, don't you think? watson: we think the person who killed borstein got into your place by telling you you won free cleaning services. then they swapped the disc that you made for him with one of their own. so, do you recognize any of these people? ah, well, these people are all old. the girl who cleaned my place was my age. are you sure no one looks familiar to you here? uh... hold up.
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her. yeah, that's her. i'm positive. holmes: isaac pike is a professor of computer science. he's also a vocal alarmist when it comes to artificial intelligence. pike was born with spina bifida. been confined to a wheelchair his entire life. for obvious reasons, he could not have executed the plan to pose as a maid, but his student... erin rabin... she's a graduate student in philosophy. she took pike's "ethics of technology" course last semester and has been assisting him with his research. she, no doubt, finds his ideas compelling. well, how do you know she was doing it for him? she could've been working on her own. she's a philosophy student. she has no programming experience. the virus that killed borstein is a cutting-edge piece of software. we can place her in webb's apartment under false pretenses. that, combined with the proven existence of the virus, should be enough to get a friendly judge to give us a warrant. (bell tolling) isaac pike, erin rabin,
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glad i caught you together. detective marcus bell, nypd. i wonder if you'd mind coming with me. i have some questions for you about the murder of edwin borstein. who's edwin borstein? the man you mailed a computer virus written by isaac pike to. sound familiar? isaac didn't write the virus. i did. i did everything. it was all my idea. you have the right to remain silent, and refuse to answer questions... we knew she might crack under questioning, but did you think it'd be this easy? i don't think catching both murderers is going to be easy at all. she's lying to us. she intends to cover up for her mentor. a typical male penguin shows his love... she's lying to us. offering the female... ...a pebble.
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figured out who he was corresponding with, and then i wrote the virus, posed as a maid, and had it mailed to borstein. bell: you have zero programming experience whatsoever. you really asking me to believe that you taught yourself to write a computer virus that eats itself? if i give you a piece of paper right now... ...could you write a little program for us? pike: erin was a conscientious student. i know she took my work very seriously. but i would never advocate harming somebody.
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we're executing a search warrant on your computer, as we speak. if there's any trace of that virus on there, we'll find it. bell: why are you making this so easy for us? because i don't want you dragging isaac's name through the mud. none of us can afford for it to be interrupted. so she's covering for him. gregson: there's not much i can do-- she confessed. there's nothing tying pike to the murder, other than you saying erin rabin couldn't have written that virus. could we hold him overnight? maybe if we had a little more time... gregson: the search warrant turned up nothing. erin confessed. unless something changes, the story she told us is gonna be the official version of edwin borstein's murder. (violin music playing over stereo) (cell phone ringing) (sighs)
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(home phone ringing) that was joan. she knows you won't come to the phone when you're... like this. she wants to come round and help. that won't be necessary. at times, watson presents certain... moral guidelines, and they can be an impediment to progress. we're going to spend the rest of the evening looking at the friends and family of isaac pike. why? erin rabin is willing to spend her life in prison if it means that pike is free to continue working. she's has made it all but impossible for us to prove that he is behind the killing. so we are going to have to settle for the next best thing: getting him to admit that he did it. isaac pike. sherlock holmes.
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we met briefly at the police station last night. mr. holmes. do i need a lawyer? no, you won't want her here for this. you see, you and i both know that you are the mind behind the murder of edwin borstein, just as we both know that, as long as your student holds fast to her story, i will never be able to prove your guilt. that's a problem. but not an insurmountable one. you have a younger brother-- joshua. he hasn't quite reached the heights that you have. in fact, he's had some struggles, hasn't he? drugs, alcohol... what's your point? he's been convicted of two drug-related felonies. and since he's made the mistake of living in jersey city, one more conviction makes him eligible for a sentence of 25 years to life under the state's horrific three strikes law. my associate took some photographs of him buying a rather large amount of heroin, just this morning. (quietly): oh... (wry laugh) you want me to confess... and, if i do, you'll-you'll-you'll
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get rid of this folder full of blackmail. i imagine you care quite deeply about your brother, or you wouldn't have paid his way through rehab half a dozen times already. take two hours to think it over, and if i haven't heard from you... i did a little research of my own last night. i was curious why the nypd had a consultant. you've got a very impressive record-- prolific, too-- except for a couple of years ago, when you suddenly disappeared for six months. six months-- that's the length of a very serious in-patient rehab. a man of your unique sensitivities-- i'm sure it's tempting to dull those senses. my history has little to do with the matter at hand. i think it may. i think it unlikely that a recovering addict would send another troubled soul to rot in prison, just to have the satisfaction of putting away his man. that would require ruthlessness, a kind of... machine logic... mm...
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i'm not sure you have. not entirely, anyway. same kind of machine logic you used when you murdered edwin borstein. some math equations are more compelling than others. yours is a one-to-one exchange: my brother for me. the equation you attribute to me trades one man's life for the chance to prevent billions of deaths. you're talking about nothing less than the survival of the species. surely that's worth compromising one's values for? in any case... i think you're bluffing. you might want the world to believe that you're an automaton, a calculating machine... but you and i know better. or we will, anyway... in a couple of hours.
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(footsteps descending stairs) kitty: hey... i didn't see anything on the news about pike getting arrested. nothing about his brother on the police band, either. what happened? he wouldn't confess. and you couldn't turn in his brother. we can still keep looking for a way to prove that pike did it. the property clerk's office called. they want to know when they can come and pick up bella. i need a couple more hours with her. thank you. hey. hey! wha...? i called to say bye. you weren't picking up. i wanted to surprise you. you're great. i mean, i knew you were great but someone helped me to see how great. thanks. so i called the airline, and there are some empty seats on your flight to copenhagen.
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listen-- i don't want to horn in, if you're too busy, and i can't stay the whole time but... i've always wanted to see copenhagen. (stammers, laughs) (watson laughs) holmes: bella... member of a murderous conspiracy is in jail. the second walks free. the cost of catching him is incarcerating his brother for unrelated crimes... ...crimes for which i, of all people... should have some understanding. is it right to let the second murderer walk free? i don't understand the question. can i have more information? captioning sponsored by cbs and ford captioned by media access group at wgbh
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two breaking stories right now, a woman with a gun arrested outside the white house as the president addressed the nation. >> and [laughing] ♪ ♪
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breaking news right now, a woman with a gun arrested near the white house as the president addressed the nation. >> reporter: president obama acts without congress to lay out some sweeping changes. i'm andrea mccarren at the white house. i'll have a report coming up. >> also breaking tonight marion barry in the hospital again. >> we'll finish the week on an arctic note, temperatures 20 degrees below average, but good news for e thweekend, warmer air on the way, what that means for your saturday and sunday forecast. we begin with breaking news from the white house. a woman with a gun in custody after an incident near the white house. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. she was arrested shortly after president obama addressed the nation. mola lenghi is life outside the white house. what do we know about this woman? >> reporter: it was around 8:30 tonight when the secret service spotted a woman walking along the north fence line here of the white house. a secret service spokesman tells distribution news the
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special agent spotted a 9- millimeter gun in a holster around the woman's waist. that's when she was arrested. president obama was home here at the white house at the time of that arrest just finishing up his address to the nation on immigration. the woman is identified as 23- year-old april lenhart of michigan. this comes one day after an iowa man was arrested around the white house when a rifle and ammunition were found in his car. also two fence jumpers in the last few months, one as you probably remember who actually made it inside the white house through the front door and inside the white house before he was finally arrested. it's certainly an embarrassment for the secret service. they caught some heat for that breakdown and since then they say they have been increasingly vigilant. the woman arrested tonight is currently in police custody where she is being questioned. live at the white house i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. tonight a step towards fixing our broken immigration system, but is it the right
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step? >> the president in a legacy defining move defined the gop and for protecting millions of undocumented immigrants. he addressed the nation for outlining the immigration reform on his own terms. >> reporter: president obama made it clear this is not a free pass to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in this country, simply put felons will be deported he said. families will get temporary relief. outside the white house undocumented immigrants from the d.c. area watched president obama's national address intently. >> 11 million in this country are waiting. every day they've been deported. now they have a future. >> reporter: the demonstrators are among the 5 million immigrants living in this country illegally who stand to benefit the most from the president's executive action. >> if you've been in america more than five years, if you
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have children who are american citizens or legal residents, if you register, pass a criminal background check and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. >> reporter: the president said anyone who is a suspected terrorist, a violent criminal, a gang member or a recent border crosser will be a top priority for deportation. >> felons, not families, criminals, not children, gang members, not a mom who is working hard to provide for her kids. >> reporter: the president said to those in congress who question the wisdom of his action he has one response. pass a bill. he did say he hopes to work with both parties to forge a debate that focuses on hopes, not fears. at the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> some of those demonstrators outside the white house are part of casa de maryland, a local immigration advocacy
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group. they hosted a watch party on both lafayette park and hyattsville. tonight's speech spoke to some of those people directly involved in this issue. >> the president made some big promises and urged lawmakers to put pen to paper. our jim osman is live in hyattsville where that casa de maryland watch party and rally just wrapped up. >> reporter: the president's speech will have a direct impact on the lives of the folks we saw tonight in hyattsville. organizers with the immigrant rights group casa de maryland handed out american flags just moments before president obama's speech was piped into this packed room in hyattsville. the president's executive action will impact people like marcella campos. >> it affects me directly because my status in this country is not lyle right now and i'm a mother of a usa citizen, children 2 years old. so it means much for me because now i won't be afraid.
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>> reporter: jose pena reacted moments after snapping a family photo post presidential speech. we communicated with the help of a translator. >> he said honestly initially i'm just speechless. i'm without words. secondly it's just overwhelming to think that i finally have an opportunity to come out of the shadows. >> reporter: but there are two sides to every story as we know and while the faces in this room eagerly awaited and just as eagerly embrace the president's announcement, there remain questions. what would you say to the folks that say the president is being heavy handed, overstepping his bounds and should wait for congress to act? >> i think president obama is doing something that's been done so many times in history notably by president reagan, president bush and using his executive authority. >> reporter: the folks we spoke to tonight say they wish the president could do more, but there again are the limits of executive authority. reporting live in hyattsville
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jim osman, wusa9. >> meantime republicans say the president is ignoring voters who just handed the gop control of congress. they vow to fight the president's plan. >> make no mistake. when the newly elected representatives of the people take their seats, they will act. >> some 11 million immigrants are in the u.s. illegally and the president's action would cover about 5 million. >> how does he explain that to the 6 million people who see now these 5 million getting preferential treatment and how in the world do you explain it to people who have waited patiently year after year? trying to do it the right way. >> the president's actions do not create a path to citizenship and they are all temporary. d.c. council member marion barry is in the hospital tonight. he tells our bruce johnson he wasn't feeling so well earlier this evening and had his driver take him to howard university hospital and that's where he is now. they are keeping him overnight
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for observation. barry who is 78 suffers from diabetes and has had a kidney transplant. an old station wagon might be the key to finally solving the disappearance of the lyons sister but first police have to find it. sheila and katherine lyons vanished in 1975 at wheaton shopping center. now investigators believe a 1970s or '60s station wagon might have been used in the girls' abduct. in the past few months police named lloyd lee well which and his uncle richard alan -- welch and his uncle richard alan welch as persons of interest. vandals targeted a uva fraternity house one day after rolling stone detailed an article of an alleged gang rape in 2012. that fraternity has now suspended all activities and charlotte police are going to investigate. a student named jackie said she was gang raped during a frat party and that friends and a
11:28 pm
university dean discouraged her from going to police. a former student is the gunman behind the florida state university campus shooting today. 31-year-old myron may graduated in 2005 but came back early this morning to the school where he shot and injured three people in the library. cell phone video shows the students moments after the gunman opened fire. police fatally shot may after he refused to drop that police coe shooter had a history of mental illness. investigators are still working on a motive. two students are still in the hospital tonight. lawmakers cook a closer look at cyber threats -- took a closer look at cyber threats facing the united states today. the majority of the discussion focused on information sharing and the cyber challenges our nation needs to overcome. >> i don't think there should be doubt in anybody's mind the cyber challenges are not theoretical. this is something real. it's impacting our nation and those of our allies and friends every day and it is doing it in
11:29 pm
a meaningful way that is literally costing us hundreds of billions of dollars that is leading to a reduced sense of security and that has the potential to lead to some truly significant, almost catastrophic failures if we don't take action. >> the hearing comes days after the senate killed a bill that would curve the nsa's mass collection of phone and internet records. russian hackers are getting into private webcams all over the world including here in virginia and posting what they see live on the web. they hacked into cameras on baby monitors like this one in virginia. the russian website lists the exact gps coordinates of each camera complete with a map. the website claims it's legal because they hacked into cameras where the owners did not change the default password. wow. a former fbi assistant director says there is not much the u.s. government can do about a russian website except hope for cooperation. if that doesn't scare you,
11:30 pm
this will. the head of the national security agency told congress today china and probably a couple other countries have the capacity to shut down he america's power grid via some -- shut down america's power grid via some sort of cyber attack. it's a matter of when, not if something like this happens. rogers says they've already detected malware from china on u.s. computer systems that would let the hackers shut down segments parts of our infrastructure. western new york is still buried as forecasters predict even more snow in the area. the roofs back to collapse under the weight of all that snow today as yet another storm brought buffalo's snowfall total to take record high 6 feet, 72 inches. if the forecast holds, that's more than a year's worth of snow in three days, but those extreme conditions have led to tragedy. at least 10 people have died and others have been trapped in their homes by snow drifts. at least our arctic air is not coming with snow, right, top?
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i guess that's a small consolation, but the arctic air is rolling in now. we'll come back and talk about how cold it will be tomorrow, plus light at the end of the tunnel. >> all the snow is replacing buffalo's football team. >> where the bills will end up playing monday night. that's next. >> if you crack the retail code, you could win big this holiday shopping season. we'll tell ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪
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they stand in long lines and form battle plans to execute your black friday shopping strategy. at least i do, but there may be a different way to help you score a deal. >> grab your pen and paper. get ready to crack the code with lesli foster. >> reporter: it's that familiar shopping shuffle, the holidays are just around the corner and the mad dash to get the perfect gift is already underway. >> i usually start in the summer and i like to be done before thanksgiving. >> i kind of know what i went when i come out looking. >> reporter: but what you see on the price tag may not tell its full story. did you know there's a way to crack the code at different stores you go to to get a good deal? >> no, i didn't. you have to share that. >> reporter: for answers we turned to savings guru kyle
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james. he says there is a better way to get to the real deals. we start with target. >> let's say there's a bunch of an item that you like at 15% off. the target employee told me every seven to 10 days they will do the markdowns. >> reporter: the key is look for the sticker on clearance items with a small number in the corner. that's the discount. target cuts its sale items by 15, 30, 70, up to 90% off. >> if you're shopping early in december, even black friday and they have a ton of something, if you wait and come back, you know it's going to get cheaper. >> reporter: at old navy or gap, kyle says if the price ends in 47, 49, 97 or 99, it's a discounted or clearance price. >> they're famous for having these great black friday clearance either coupons or sitewide sales. if you go in on black friday or the black friday weekend, you can save 70, 80%. >> reporter: if it's office supplies you need, kyle says you can rack up savings at
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office depot. that's where they do four different markdowns. prices ending in 1 like .1 or 31 is the first discount. ends in 2, that's the second, 3 the third and 4 is the final clearance price. what do you tell people who say this is just a little too much work? >> if you like paying full price, don't do the work, but the cool thing about this is it doesn't take much time. >> reporter: you may not enjoy the extra work around holiday shopping, but everyone enjoys saving money. lesli foster, wusa9. >> you see this here. this is your golden tickets to savings, a cheat sheet with all 15 different stores cracking a code, way too small for me to read without my glasses, but you don't have to print it out because it's here on our wusa9 app all for the taking. >> i'll take that. driving you crazy. the madness of traveling over thanksgiving. aaa says lower gas prices will fuel the surge in travel


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