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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 23, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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the football star, zach, had been drinking, and he had two different prescription meds in him, so, he was pretty seriously impaired. he's not denying he killed daycia. he pretty much confessed. he says he blacked out. so, you're thinking that zach's not responsible for the murder? according to the doc, the drowning was staged by pumping her body full of water. now, if that's the case, that means the killer had to feed a tube down her trachea, into her lungs. that's not an easy thing to do. basically had to intubate her. i've seen er docs struggle to do this. it takes dexterity, at the very least. zach was drunk and full of meds, so, no way he could have pulled that off. finlay: if zach is not the killer, where are we? we know that adam brought daycia home in the cab at 3:00 a.m., and says that he put her to bed. come on, adam!m i'tinot red! everybody's trying to sleep, okay? yeah, well, i'm not gonna be able to go to sleep. okay, well, let's just try to get you in bed. stokes: and we know that da ayciwasn't ready to call it a night, so she goes and convinces zach
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that it's a good time to take a bath. you don't see anyt hingat th w yo? come on, zach. in they go into the tub, they havx,e se leaving the marks on daycia's neck, and the scratches on zach, but, also, leaving daycia alive and well. stokes: tub takes 45 minutes, at the most, an hour. that gives the killer plenty of time to take care of business. so, not counting zach and adam, there were three other people in the house that we know of. there were two patients-- karen and len-- and a staffer named twyla. at this point, any one of the three is a candidate. morgan? hey. hodges, what's going on? i could use a little help as to context. doc robbins found a foreign substance in your victim's lungs, sent me a sample for analysis. okay, what did he find? it's all organic. primarily a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and carbon.
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some of the nitrogen had converted into ammonia. how can i help? well, it's just that what's suggested by the chemicals and their particular proportions is waste. specifically, fish or bird waste. now, i don't know how that could have gotten into your victim's lungs. fish waste. but that doesn't make any sense. actually, hodges, it makes perfect sense. ah. look at this. tubing. looks like it would be the right size to put down someone's throat. yeah. now, all you would need is a... pump... (pump whistles) to pump with. the same set of prints shows up on everything. they come back to the house therapist, twyla owens. oh, you said that she took care of the fish tank,
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so it makes sense that her prints would be everywhere. well, everywhere except for the plastic tubing. there were no prints there. it's been wiped clean. and what about the pump? has tons of her prints on it, and nobody else's. why would the killer clean one and not the other? oh. because the killer didn't use the pump. there's a crack in the housing. yeah, and it's bone dry. there's no way this was part of the murder weapon. yeah, but the killer had to use something to force the water into daycia's lungs. i mean, doc said her alveoli were popped like balloons. well, then, maybe the killer pumped the water the same way that you'd blow up a balloon. maybe he used his mouth. if that's the case, maybe our killer left us just what we need.
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come on, this is insane. this is absolutely insane. i'm two days away from completing the program. two days away from... holding my kids in my arms again. is this some kind of sick joke? look, daycia's death had absolutely nothing to do with me. says here that you worked as an emt in college. is that right? yeah. taught you how to intubate a patient, didn't they? yeah. yeah. so what? too bad they didn't teach you about dna, because you left yours all over the tube there when you blew in it. we also found the pillow that you used to suffocate daycia. look, we have everything we need. we know you did it. of all the people in that house, you were the one with the most to lose. why would you do something...? because i had the most to lose, because... because of my children.
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you know what daycia was? day-daycia was that, um... she was that little devil. and the little devil sits on your shoulder, tempts you to do bad things. so, wait. what are you... what are you saying? wh... daycia tempted you in some way? what? with alcohol? i woke up... to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. it must have been just past 4:00. i got back to my room. there was a bottle sitting on my nightstand. a bottle of bourbon, my brand, with a damn ribbon on it. and-and you think that daycia put it there. i know daycia put it there. like i just told you, she was that little devil. so, i got up, and i went, and i confronted her. what the hell is this, daycia? why did you put this in my room? geez, len, lighten up. it's a gift. you know how important the program is to me, that i stay clean so i don't lose my kids.
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you know you want some. stop it. don't make me drink all by myself. mmm. she wouldnto't sp. she wouldn't back off. she just kept at it. she kept trying to get me to drink. look, all i wanted to do was shut her up. with the pillow, i mean. i mean, come on, it was a pillow. i put it over her face just to get her to stop talking. stop it! stop it! no, stop! fl(mufed scream) i've worked too hard. i'm not gonna throw my life away. (whispering): i'm... sorry. the bathtub in daycia's room was already full, so i thought, why not... why not just make it look like an accident? make it look like she just... slipped away.
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i put he tr inathe wer. i got the piece of tubing from the fish tank, and i made it look like she drowned. insane part of this whole thing is, i made it, you knoatw th? i didn't drink. even after she was dead... (crying): ...and it was quiet in that room. i took that bottle, and i poured it in the toil... toilet. (sniffles) i didn't touch it. (sighs, sniffles) i didn't take a sip. i needed to do that. (sobs) for them. (sighs)
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finlay: so, we are just about cld eareout, and i'm officially releasing the rooms. good. we got two new patients coming in. wow. you don't waste any time, do you? we can't afford to. a lot of people need help. you know, i-i was really harsh the other day when i talked to you about daycia, and i shouldn't have been. she didn't understand her addiction. didn't realize that she was battling a disease. most people don't. patients come in here thinking all they have to do is put in the time. beating addiction is work. really hard work. and sadly, not everyone's up for the challenge. well, i don't know how you do what you do. i was gonna say the same thing to you. guess we just keep doing it, though. if we don't, who will? hmm. good luck. captioning sponsored by cbs,c.s.i. productions, and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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those of us in the movement had now decided we're going to try to come inside the institutional form of
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government and try to make some difference there. >> we've come a long ways, haven't we? >> what about who marion barry is? what motivates me being born black and poor rising out of that circumstance? >> i've just done so many things. the lord gave me a gift of courage, tenacity and vision. >> hello, everybody. i'm bruce john some. -- johnson. tonight flags are flying at half staff to mark the death of marion barry. by now you must know the 78- year-old barry collapsed early this morning, then died after being rushed to the united medical center in southeast. marion barry's music and some of his staunchest supporters packed union temple baptist church in southeast today to
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remember the city's so-called mayor for life. >> he's always been committed to making life better, particularly and especially for the least among us. >> marion barry died shortly after midnight sunday morning in the emergency room at united medical center. hours earlier he had been released from howard university hospital in northwest where he sought treatment for what he called a urinary problem. his spokesperson, latoya foster, says barry had dinner with his son and others saturday night after his release. >> the last conversations that we all had with mayor barry he was very strong. he was upbeat and he was in good spirits. >> foster says barry's driver brought him back to his home in southeast where barry collapsed while walking with assistance to his front door. an ambulance was summoned. never regained consciousness. marion barry's 34-year-old son christopher was at the hospital. his wife, friends, staffers and
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politicians also arrived throughout the morning. >> we are saddened and shocked and we will miss mayor marion barry. he has been an inspiration to so many people. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray, a close friend to barry for decades, has ordered city flags lowered to half staff. >> he will be missed in so many ways. he was a fighter. he was somebody who stood up for what he believed in. >> president obama issued a statement reading in part, "michelle and i were saddened to hear of the passing of marion barry. marion was born a sharecropper's son, came of age during the civil rights movement and became a fixture in d.c. politics for decades." tonight the district's medical examiner is saying the cause of death for marion barry was heart problems that occurred due to high blood pressure. the medical examiner found that a contributing factor was chronic kidney disease that
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complicated marion barry's diabetes. barry had a kidney transplant in 2009. he also survived prostate cancer, no word on memorial services at this point. it's certain to be a big public affair. tonight oprah winfrey aired an interview on her cable network that she taped with marion barry back in june. barry had scheduled a watch party at a school in southeast and invited friends to come watch the national interview tonight. surae chinn was there this evening along with mourners who came because they say marion barry would have wanted it that way. >> reporter: bruce, marion barry was excited about this watch party. he was looking forward to it. he even talked about it in his last hour of life, but we know that unfortunately he never made it. now his driver talks about his last moments. >> he would have loved to have been here tonight. >> reporter: marion barry was talking about his watch party up until the very end. on his way home he stopped to get a bite to eat. byron coleman took one of the
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last pictures with the former mayor stamped at 10:50 saturday night. minutes later barry's driver took him home. they were even singing in the car. >> coming up the side of the mountain. we were just having a good time right before we got to the house and the next thing you know, it was his time to leave. >> reporter: did you come up to the hospital? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: he seemed fine. >> he somed fine to somebody who just wanted him to be fine, but i knew he wasn't feeling well. >> reporter: mayor khdeir was with him when the mayor collapsed outside his home. >> got him up the steps. his legs were feeling weak and i got him to the steps of his porch and i said hold on. i said just hold on, brother. then i ran, opened the door and i cam and that's when his knees hit -- came and that's when his knees hit the steps and as far as i'm concerned, that's when he was gone. >> reporter: his caretaker for the last decade can't believe he's gone. >> he was my every day.
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he was my morning. >> reporter: she keeps a pair of barry's shoes and cherishes them. >> because of the miles he's walked, the places he's been, the people he's met, unbelievable. the biggest stars know marion barry. >> reporter: kim dick buildings is responsible for extend -- dickens is responsible for extending barry's so-called nine lives donating her kidney. >> it was a privilege. i'd do it again. >> reporter: whether you knew him a little or a lot, sunday night in barry's beloved ward 8, it was about celebrating his life and his love for the district. >> the celebration will continue throughout the week, i'm sure. mourners gathered outside marion barry's southeast washington home this evening. andrea mccarren reports that everybody there brought a story about his impact on washington and especially on the residents of ward 8. >> reporter: marion barry's memorable life had many facets. >> we're going to miss him. he was a great man, all time
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mayor. >> reporter: he was remembered as a mentor. >> he had a unique talent of being able to interact with anyone in the room and at the end of the night everybody felt like they had a personal relationship with him. over the past nine years since i've lived here i definitely developed a relationship with him. >> reporter: he was the consummate politician. >> the very first timei met him i tried to shake his hand. he stepped back and gave me a look and gave me a hug. i was like oh, okay. i've never had any politician embrace me like that. that's how he am braced the city. >> reporter: above all he -- embraced the city. >> reporter: above all he was a civil rights underdog. >> he was able to put black people in key positions not only in government, but give them chances with the d.c. youth jobs program and those people once they established themselves, they gave back to the community. >> reporter: the crowd here made it clear they were celebrating a life, not mourning a death, and they wanted to keep it positive. >> everybody has got a skeleton
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or skeletons in their closet. everybody has a chapter in the book of their life that they don't want read in public. so i would hope that people would be as gracious to marion barry as they would want others to be to them. >> reporter: with his girl friend, close friends and family looking on, major barry's supporters march through the city that he loved. >> rest on the leader and the mayor for life of washington d.c.! >> reporter: andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> marion barry wasn't born or raised in d.c. he grew up in the deep south, the delta, mississippi, but as derek mcginty reports from his early days in the civil rights movement to his four terms as mayor, the flamboyant and often controversial marion barry will always be linked to the district. >> reporter: marion barry made a career out of beating the odds and defying expectations. he was a chemist by training, but by 1965 he was here in
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washington fighting for civil rights. >> superfly says to you and the black community that the way to make money is to be supercool, superhip and push dope. >> reporter: six years later his epic political career had its beginnings on the city's first elected school board and by 1974 when congress allowed local elections barry won a seat on the district of columbia city council and that's where he was in 1977 when radical black muslim terrorists seized the district building. barry was shot just inches from his heart. it would be a defining moment. a year later he was running for mayor. >> our greatest hopes live side by side with helplessness and despair. >> reporter: expectations were high for barry's first term and he struggled at first but later rose to the challenge. in 19802 he was reelected, this time with 80% of the vote. barry is able to deal with the city's money problems and reformed the city government, but soon came hints of scandal
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and rumors about barry's personal life get louder. a friend is convicted on drug charges but refuses to testify before a grand jury on allegations against barry. drug questions continue to dog him and so do the rumors about affairs with women. january 18th, 1990, barry is arrested in a sting at the vista international hotel. he's convicted of misdemeanor possession of crack cocaine and sent to prison for six months. but the sting and the government's long pursuit of barry left a bad taste in the mouths of many washingtonians and when he left prison, barry began an epic comeback. in 1992 he was back on the city council and the resurrection was complete two years later when he was reelected mayor, but being d.c.'s mayor wasn't what it used to be. by-the d.c. financial control board had stripped -- by then the d.c. financial control worlds had stripped much of the office's power. he decided not to seek a fifth
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term, but politics are in barry's blood and it's hard for him to stay away. he would return to serve ward 8 on the city council. >> marion barry has done so much for so many. he has defended the poor, the vulnerable people, black businessmen made millionaires. i've just done so many things. the lord gave me a gift. >> and it's marion barry's gift that he was talking about that d.c. leaders past and present praise as his lasting contribution to the nation's capital. >> marion barry will always be the district of columbia and the district of columbia will always be marion barry because of the profound impact he's had. he's had impact on jobs. he's had impact on services. he's had impact on the persona of the city, has been so like him, hate him. whatever your reaction is marion barry is the district of columbia to so many people in the world. not just here, but in the world marion barry is the person that
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they think of when they think of d.c. >> it was his ability, his leadership skills, his enthusiasm, his commitment, the fact that he really wanted to bring d.c. up from a sleepy little town to a thriving city that really brought many of the best and the brightest in the african american community to this town. >> i think when people sit back and look, they're going to say that when all is said and done, marion is a change agent. if you put aside all the crap, you look at how the city has changed and how the city has grown, major barry is response -- marion barry is responsible for a lot of that. >> as a measure of marion barry, the man was seen today at a scholarship award for students. >> reporter: the event here was exactly the kind of thing marion barry would have loved,
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a scholarship breakfast for lots of kids from the 8th ward and ballou high school cheering at the memory of marion barry. >> you cannot say washington d.c. without thinking of the great marion barry. >> reporter: for a measure of why consider the story of darrell watt son. he's the -- watson. he's the band director at ballou in the 20th year of teaching there. it was marion barry's summer jobs program that paid him to work on a music program nearly 30 years ago. >> can changed my life tremendously. i'm actually doing what i started off doing with my first job. >> reporter: so his legacy is you in my ways? >> i am his legacy. >> reporter: and people like you? >> people like me, yes. >> reporter: now some of watson's students are carrying the legacy forward. >> he continued to soldier on. he never really gave in. >> reporter: stan jackson, president and ceo of the anacostia economic development corporation, was on the phone with marion barry much of the day yesterday from his hospital
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bed. yesterday? >> yesterday. >> reporter: he was working right to the end. >> never stopped. that was his life. i mean it was not like work to him. it was a passion. i mean it's what he did 24/7. >> reporter: scott broom, wusa9. >> among marion barry's top concerns he was working on yesterday, being sure th his annual turkey give-away in ward 8 was going smoothly. he was working on it even when he was in the hospital at howard university hospital. that event will go on in his absence. it will be this coming tuesday from 9:00 until 1 p.m. at union temple baptist church in southeast. >> and at the american city diner on coffin con avenue in northwest marion's name -- connecticut avenue in northwest marian's name has been added to the marquee.
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i should also point out the owner took a lot of flack for supporting marion barry after he got in trouble for that hotel situation. we've got more tributes, reflections and photos remembering marion barry on our new wusa9 app and on that's where you'll also find reaction to this headline on a popular website. many people say it disrespected the memory of d.c.'s four time mayor. turning to weather, prepare for wet roads in the morning. first alert chief meteorologist erica grow. >> the worst of this will definitely be over by the start of the morning commute and looks like the tail end of showers moving through charlottesville now, so we could be done with the rain altogether in the next three hours, but then it's a windy monday, near record high temperatures. in fact, we might break a couple record highs monday, but it will be windy. then the next issue is wednesday, an absolute mess for the biggest travel day of the
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entire year for many. so this is just the worst timing imaginable to have to deal with this kind of situation. what do you need to know as we head through this work week? as i mentioned before, near record highs monday, but windy. then tuesday seasonably cool. that will help set the stage for the snow that will fall on wednesday. how much snow will melt on contact? probably most of it, especially in the immediate metro area in the beltway itself, but regardless this weather is going to affect your travel plans. we are going to have impacts up and down the i-95 corridor from richmond to boston from that system on wednesday, but as you wake up tomorrow morning, there's possibility of a few showers lingering. 50 to 55 to start and we stay in the 50s through 7:00 into the 60s by 9 a.m. near record highs tomorrow and then cold and snowy weather returns. we'll talk about it more coming
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up in the first alert seven- day. coming up three young lives lost in a single car crash in silver spring. we'll have that story. >> but up next ferguson braces for a grand jury decision that has the whole country on edge.
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that ferguson grand jury is expected to reconvene sometime on monday. the jurors are deciding whether to indict officer darren wilson for shooting and killing an unarmed teenager michael brown. protests are expected regardless of the decision. 1,000 local police officers have now been trained on how to deal with protesters. president obama is joining growing calls for the community to demonstrate peacefully. >> this is a country that allows everybody to express their views, but using nina as an excuse for violence -- any of that as an exclusion for violence is contrary to the rule of law and who we are. >> local officials say once the grand jury reaches its decision the prosecutor will wait at least 48 hours before that decision is announced, but there's no guarantee that it will happen this week. closer to home a single
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vehicle crash leaves three people dead and five others heart. the early morning accident happened on -- hurt. the early morning accident happened on east-west highway. a suburban struck the road, hit a tree and died. five others are hospitalized. police are looking into speed, alcohol and passengers not wearing their seatbelts as possible contributors to this crash. it's been a year since postal worker tyson barnett was killed while delivering while in cheverly, maryland. tonight co-workers, family and friends held a candlelight vigil on the very same spot where the 26-year-old was fatally shot. they're hoping the $125,000 reward will somehow encourage somebody with information about the case to come forward. barnett's murder convinced the postal service to make some changes so that mail carriers finished their routes a lot earlier. commuters who use georgia avenue near wheaton will want
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to take a detour tomorrow or later this morning. a ruptured water main has traffic down to one northbound lane and two southbound lanes near randolph road. crews expect to have that 16- inch main repaired sometime monday afternoon. coming up there is still such a thing as free tv.
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