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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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the day after demonstrations after the grand jury cide sionin ferguson. wa. >> streets are filled again -- >> the streets are filled again tonight with protests in boston, new york, d.c. >> big time nor'easter heading our way, snow, rain, how much snow will fall, what does that mean if you're trying to get out of dodge or if you're waiting for family members to come to town. >> the earlier you can get out of town, the better. coming up your options for making thanksgiving dinner on time. but we begin with breaking news coast to coast tonight, protests just like this one in ferguson tonight in cities all over this united states. this is a live picture of a patrol car in ferguson just minutes ago set afire by the mob. looks like that fire is out as we speak, but thousands of national guard members are there. the police in ferguson are trying to keep violence to a minimum. >> we'll take you to cities across the country.
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times square is shut down tonight filled with people. here in the d.c. area more than 1,000 peats marching to the white house on the streets. -- people marching to the white house on the streets. first tonight we've got to alert you to rough weather on the way heading out for thanksgiving. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. meteorologist topper shutt, rough time ahead? >> we're looking at a red alert, rain to start, snow to finish. we're lucky there's not more cold air. let's start with the warnings, winter storm warning still in effect for loudoun county points west and also frederick county, maryland, points north and west and a winter weather advisory just to the west of i- 95 which includes montgomery county, fairfax and prince william county as well as southern fauquier back into culpeper. you folks well northwest hagerstown, winchester and cumberland is the bull's eye because you have elevation. this storm is going to affect the entire eastern seaboard. don't go north tomorrow really.
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how much snow? east of i-95 not much, a trace to maybe an inch, more like a trace, but west of 95 even clipping northwest d.c. could be 1 to 2 inches which includes manassas, fairfax, mclean, reston, silver spring and wheaton, but gaithersburg to leesburg 2 to 4-4-inch band. a little north of that essentially up in frederick county 4 to 8 inches from frederick to hagerstown to winchester to cumberland to romney. out toward hagerstown and cumberland and romney 6 to 8 inches. so the impact meter, how will it affect you? given that it's wednesday before thanksgiving on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a big storm. it would be a bug storm if it were going to rain -- big storm if it were going to rain. we're giving it a 7 tomorrow. we will come back and open up the bread-o-meter in a few minutes. temperatures are falling a bit, 38 in martinsburg, 43 in gaithersburg, 51 downtown. surface temperatures do not determine what falls from the
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sky. we'll talk about more when the rain will kick to snow in the immediate metro area in a minute. >> a seven on the impact meter, that is no joke. because of this eastern storm, some stressed out travelers decided to start a brand-new tradition. that is get out of town the day before the day before thanksgiving. >> that would be today. mola lenghi is live at reagan national airport tonight as travelers make ad many dash to get out of town -- make a mad dash to get out of town. >> reporter: as expected travelers traffic has picked up in the last few hours ahead of tomorrow's mad rush to get out of town. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year, one that doesn't seem like it will be done any favors by the weather. >> i just want to get home as soon as possible. >> reporter: so do ese th people traveling early, a day ahead of one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> actually it's cheaper, but the last couple days with the storms coming in we were thinking we're really lucky. >> i hope everything goes smoothly.
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>> reporter: while the weather might be rough, reagan and dulles airports wdon't expect widespread delays or cancellations because of weather. still some airlines are allowing travelers from reagan and dulles to change flights without fees. >> i was supposed to leave out tomorrow morning, but i got my flight changed, u.s. airways. they didn't charge me. >> reporter: virginia d.o.t. has 400 trucks ready to begin treating road as early as wednesday morning. maryland d.o.t. says they're also ready. so are travelers, ready to get home. >> lay in my own bed, eat some home cooked food. i need to get there asap. >> reporter: the earlier you can hit the road if you have those plans, the better off you'll be. you can check the up to date weather and traffic conditions throughout the area on the wusa9 app which is free of charge. live at reagan national airport, i'm mola lenghi for
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wusa9. tonight in ferguson there are concrete barricades around police headquarters and thousands of national guard members patrolling the streets and city. more than a dozen businesses are in ruin, burned out cars lining the streets and people are on foot following a night of violent demonstrations against the grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the death of michael brown. tonight missouri governor jay nixon says they are ramping up the presence of the national guard and they are out in force on the streets of ferguson tonight surrounding that car that just a little earlier tonight was set afire by the mob of protesters on the streets of ferguson, missouri. now three times the number of national guard members are out there as last night when the crowd sort of roared out of control. today in chicago, though, the president once again denouncing the violence. >> that video is incredible. for the first time we are hearing from officer darren wilson. he spoke with abc's george
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stephanopoulos. williston said he was sorry to michael brown's family, but that he feared for his life that day and would not do anything differently. he described in detail everything that happened including the moment he said brown punched him in his face and tried to grab his gun while wilson was in his cruiser. he said it was like a 5-year- old holding onto hulk hogue an. that's how big -- hogan. that's how big this guy was. >> at that time i said legally can i shoot this guy and the quonesti i answered myself was i have to. if i don't, he will kill me if he gets to me. >> is it something you think that will always haunt you? >> i don't think it's haunting. it's always going to be something that happened. >> reporter: you have a very clean conscious. >> the reason i have a clean conscious is because i know i did my job right. >> wilson also said at no time did brown have his hands raised and alleged at one point brown walked toward him with one hand
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in his shirt and would not stop and show his hands. why did officer darren wilson fear for his life? >> we'll walk through some of the evidence the grand jury actually considered in making that ruling. >> reporter: the bruises to his face don't appear serious, yet officer darren wilson says the punches he took from teenager michael brown ultimately led him to fear for his life. right out of the gate a little of wills. hey, why don't you walk on the sidewalk the officer tells brown and his friend dorian johnson? according to wilson, the teen- ager answers [ bleep ] what you have to say. the officer testifies he put two and two together, that both teens might be suspects in an alleged store robbery minutes earlier. wilson puts his car in reverse and calls for backup. hey, come here for a minute wilson testifies. what the f are you going to do about it, the teen allegedly fire back. wilson then tells brown to get the f back. the 6' 4 210-pound officer said
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he felt intimidated by the 6' 5 289-pound teen. when i grabbed him, he testified, i felt like a 5-year- old holding onto hulk hogan. the teen wilson says hit him across the cheek. wilson, i if the another one of those punches could knock me out or worse. he had the most intense face. it looked like a demon. wilson describes a struggle for his gun. the teen is shot in his right hand. he runs. so does officer wilson. he makes like a grunting aggravated sound. he turns. he's coming back towards me. his left hand goes in a fist and goes to his side. his right one goes under his waistband and he starts running at me. not all but several witnesses back up wilson. one witness testifies i seen some type of movement and he started charging towards the police officer. blood drops indicated by circles on this grand jury
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chart showing how far brown ran before he turned around may have helped convince jurors. >> it's really undeniable that he turns because the blood trail turns and then it came back 25 feet. >> reporter: about 8 feet short of wilson. at least 12 shots are fired. at least six hit brown. the volley captured on a nearby cell phone. i tell him get on the ground. get on the ground. he still keeps coming at me. i'm back pedaling pretty good because i know if he reaches me, he'll kill me. but were the teen's hands up in surrender or down? for police it may not matter. >> this walking towards somebody, that is not -- that is an aggressive situation for the person you're walking towards. that's why they want you on the ground. >> reporter: wilson fires the final and fatal shot to the top of the teen-ager's head. his face went blank. the aggression was gone.
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the threat was stopped, but when a grand jury decides wilson should not be charged, violence begins. >> now a day later more intense protests across the nation. in boston state police estimate over 100 protesters gathered and marched from city hall to the statehouse. there were no confrontations between officers and demonstrators. in new york massive crowds peacefully protesting as they marched through the streets of manhattan reaching three major bridges with just one known arrest. >> also tonight protesters marching toward the georgia state capitol building earlier tonight. demonstrators shut down the i- 75/85 connector. the crowd dispersed less than an hour ago. meantime the aftermath of that grand jury decision also felt here in washington d.c. tonight peaceful protesters marched in northwest near fifth and i streets. they've just arrived at the white house. >> our jim osman is live in mount vernon square tonight where hundreds of demonstrators have gathered. >> reporter: there was a lot
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of passion here tonight, but it was all peaceful even as demonstrators took to the streets. mount vernon square filled with demonstrators who were peaceful, some angry and some weary. >> just tired. i mean how many times does it have to happen where you just stay on the side line and not do anything? something has to be done. we have to let those in power know we aren't going to take this anymore. >> reporter: the day after the demonstration follows a grand jury decision which declined to indict a missouri police officer for the death of michael brown. >> the final decision was not right and i think there's so much more work that our country needs to do. >> this is an opportunity to take the black experience and see it as a human experience. i think for so long that it's been shown as the other when i think that now is a real chance to show how many people that
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supported it, this is a real thing. >> reporter: the more than hour long rally then took to the streets heading east from seventh and k northwest to spread their message. police escort helped to safely guide the peaceful demonstrators. >> we're standing together in solidarity. >> this is history in the making. >> reporter: there were other protests in d.c. today in front of d.c. police as well as the justice department. reporting live in downtown washington, jimmous man, wusa9. -- jim osman, wusa9. that grand jury decision not to indict officer wilson is not necessarily the end of the officer's trouble. he could face a civil death lawsuit and civil rights charges. a driver's homicide conviction in a fatal car wreck thrown out. >> her name cleared nearly a decade later all buzz gm admits the car was at fault -- all
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because gm admits that car was at fault, so how come it took so long? >> reporter: got bad a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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in philadelphia. the woman was found three days later alive. >> a gps led the cops to the suspect. >> lesli foster shows us why the tracking tool is now creating a little controversy. >> this device will actually remind the consumer to make their payment. >> reporter: some dealers and lenders are turning to gps devices as a tool to get risky customers into vehicles and to protect their investment. >> they're very controversial, but they don't have to be. >> reporter: a youtube search turned up plenty of businesses hawking this new technology, companies like lender systems that say they hope to change the behavior of people who can't get a loan the conventional way. >> you want to help individuals rebuild their credit, we're finding lenders are more apt to give a loan because of this technology. >> reporter: lenders or dealers are supposed to disclose these virtual repo devices and even have customers sign for them. we were told that in most cases the devices are not turned on unless a person defaults on
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their loan, but consumer advocates like jack gilles are concerned some companies are more predatory than others. >> often these companies will track you all the time to be sure you're going back and forth to work, to be sure you're not taking the car outside of some kind of a boundary. >> reporter: at route 1 auto in laurel the owner says he installed a gps device on one customer's car, but he never had to shut it off or take the car back. there are more than 2 million vehicles in the u.s. that have these devices on them. most of them are installed at these buy here pay here lots. >> if these devices are properly used, they can be very effective. >> reporter: they also come with some strings attached that may not be so clear. so be sure you know the deal before you sign for a set of tracked wheels. lesli foster, wusa9. >> laws and oversight of this industry differ from state to
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state. most require consumers to have at least 30 days' notice before a car is shut off for a missed payment. lender systems goes a step further to provide an additional 24 to 48 hours to their customers so they are not stranded. a texas woman cleared 10 years after being convicted in a car crash that killed her fiance, cleared after general motors came forward to say its car might have caused the accident, information knowingly withheld from law enforcement. gm says the saturn the woman was driving was under recall for a faulty ignition switch. that flaw can cause the air bag and anti lock brakes to fail. anderson had been sentenced to probation for negligent homicide. this is a red alert day. now wusa9 first alert weather. >> if you stuck your head outside right now, you would find it doesn't seem all that cold like snowworthy, probably not. topper says, however, beware. >> you're right. it's not that cold. i was sniffing the air tonight.
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>> you can smell snow. >> still not there, is it? >> not quite, but it did smell clean and crisp. >> will it stick? >> grassy surfaces it's going to stick to. i'm more concerned about slick spots this time tomorrow night after the snow leaves. it will snow faster than it will melt causing problems north and west of town late morning to midafternoon. it was 69 today that occurred at midnight. right now 51. dew points only 35 which is not that low,s calm. if you want snow, you -- low, winds calm. if you want snow, you want that dew point in the upper 20s and 30s. a trace to maybe an inch on grassy surfaces, 1 to 2 inches manassas, fairfax, mclean, olney, wheaton and northeast d.c. a little north of that,
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rockville, gaithersburg to clarkbsurg, leesburg, back to culpeper 2 to 4-inch band. further north and get more elevation especially west of 15 in loudoun county and north of frederick out toward hagerstown and winchester, 4 to 8 inches there. so by popular demand ead- o-meter is back. i dusted it off. again, this is a tough call because some areas will see no accumulating snow, maybe in st. mary's county. you folks in hagerstown could see 6 inches. it's a tough call. on a scale of 1 to 10 we'll give it a 3. if it were going to snow everywhere, it would probably be a 6 or 7 storm. we're lacking cold air. just wet roads in the morning for the travel. bus stop temperatures 38 to 44, so above freezing, no problems tomorrow morning. even as far north as hagerstown you'll be above freezing in the morning. our critical hours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between 10 a.m. and noon we'll see rain change to snow west to east and move across i-90 five.
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1 to 4 inches in the metro and 4 to 8 in the mountains and higher elevations. futurecast, 4:30 in the morning rain, greeley, 5:30 still have rain. by -- green. by 5:30 still have rain. by 8:30 all snow hagerstown west. by noon rain and snow mix even into portions of prince george's county prince george's county and by 2:30 all snow moves further south, upper montgomery county and by 5:30 we still have rain and snow in the immediate metro area, even till 8:00 a little rain and snow in the metro area. overnight cloudy and colder, rain by dawn but just wet roads for the morning commute, 38 to 44. day planner, rain at 9:00, 38, a mixture at 11:00, 37 and then all snow by 1:00 but still 36. 36 at the surface, it's got to snow to beat the band to accumulate. i think it will happen. cold turkey day, maybe a flurry, 41, bright but brisk
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friday, temperatures in the low 40s. warming up over the weekend, nice for the terps game, low 50s, great for the ravens upper 50s and maybe a couple shower next monday and tuesday, temperatures in the low to middle 50s. there you have it. >> i can't believe it's already here, snow. that's why we got to talk indoor sports, right? >> plenty of action on the hardwood tonight. wizards looking to continue their best start in 40 years trying to protect home court, a look at that game
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> before we go to the hardwood some breaking news out tonight. espn reporting colt mccoy will start in place of robert griffin, iii this sunday in indianapolis. rg3 still remains part of the redskins long term plan, but as of now he's saying colt mccoy going on sunday in indy. we'll follow this story for
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you. the quarterbacks talking tomorrow in ashburn. tonight the wiz hosting atlanta in the verizon center, wizards trying for a late surge, down 14, bradley beal drives, misses the layup, there for the rebound and foul, 13 points. next possession john wall, fancy moves, goes down hard but so does the basket. wall with a double double. wiz down nine. an off night for the wiz offensively. they did have a season high 25 turnovers. hawks take it 106-102. terrapins in the championship game of the cve tournament, had a feeling this team was going to be good this year. 2nd half the three-point attempt but dez wells gets the rebound and putback. later the three buried. right now terps up 10 late in the 2nd half. that is against their first ranked opponent of the season. virginia hosting tennessee state, not much of a test. in transition justin anderson buries the three-pointer and gets fouled and with time
11:26 pm
winding down in the 1st half justin anderson gets the ball in the right corner, buries another three to end the half, 20 on him for the night. virginia wins huge 79-36. former washington redskin turned sports broadcaster fred smoot won't be appearing on the air waves any time soon. smoot was arrested over the weekend charged with misdemeanor domestic assault. the victim posted photos on instagram. valerie jackson claimed smoot grabbed her in an altercation sunday morning and claims there were three incidents in recent months and those were photos from those two her incidents. smoot's lawyer said it was the vindictive actions of a disgruntled ex-girl friend. after teammate marshawn lynch was fined 100,000-dollar for not speaking to the media
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-- $100,000 for not speaking to the media, sherman spoke today. >> the other day marshawn lynch got fined $100,000. did you know that? they wouldn't even have paid him 100,000 if he had spoken. doug, do you think they would have paid him 100,000? >> no, they sure wouldn't have. >> geez, louise but you know who does pay me a lot of money? beats by dre. they pay me a lot of money. i like them, but the league won't let me talk about them. why is that? >> i don't know. sounds a little hypocritical to me. >> who is talking? >> doug baldwin, one of the receivers. remember the beats head phones, they're not allowed to wear the logo anymore. >> somebody else. who does that? >> bose. they're supposed to cover it up. >>
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so you start colt mccoy and he stinks up the joint. then what do you do? >> quarterbacks talking tomorrow morning at 11:30. >> looking forward to it. that's silent night not so silent?
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