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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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get below freezing, the overpasses will be 33 to 34 degrees. still cold, and sunny for black friday. so bundle up. and 38 downtown, 38 in gaithersburg, leesburg. and 33 and 35 in martinsburg. we'll come back with more snowfall totals for you. erica will join me. we'll also talk about when the temps will fall below freezing. >> thanks. it's the busiest day to drive a holiday week. certainly feels that way. debra alfarone is live looking at the i-95 heading south with what you can expect if you have not headed out just yet. >> and also a lot of experts.
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and by all accounts, you weren't listening. >> they saw the wipers, and the salt spreaders. it is the brake lights and a few crashes. and by one of the busiest days of the lives. we came up to north carolina and it was raining. how are the roads? >> fine. >> are people behaving on the train? >> yes. >> the first time they've seen snow. >> oh my gosh. and it will be great. what does it feel like today? the entire family is driving
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up. to talk to us. but they are slowing drivers down. >> can you say snow? >> snow. >> they saw another crash. the victim of the slick roads. a part of the 15% of all crashes. and that it is still to fall. it is slushy and covered with snow. >> are people behaving? >> we're somewhat, yeah. i had a car almost run in to me. how do you get through that? >> exactly. watch out for the other guy. looking up at the 95 going south there. you can see a slick roadway. and on the overpass that it might be a problem area later on because as they would say
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that we've got the potential for black ice. that's what you'll be dealing with tonight. we're live here in college park tonight, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> all right, thank you so much. the coolest kids who have seen snow for the first time. bundled up out there. >> awesome. all right, more now on the areas for the snow this season. airline travelers facing better than expected conditions in all three dc area airports. >> and reagan national and dulles would experience a few cancellations and delays. andrea mccarren is live at nationals with an update. >> and only a cold rain that will be falling right now. in fact we're told that anxiety over this thanksgiving evening storm prompted a lot of travelers to fly yesterday. and in fact that one air traveler has had a nice
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compliment come my photojournalist partner. >> reagan national airport looked like a ghost town. yesterday was one of the busiest days here in years. >> and i've watched them break -- i've been watching breaking bad. >> reporter: reunions and talk of thanksgiving traditions prevailed. we play football, then we go to sleep, play football, then eat some more. >> it just means to spend time with my family. and having fun. >> reporter: family and friends that are living in the greatest country of the world. in this tradition it's football. that's it. just playing football. the turkey day. >> we started grocery shopping about a month ago. and so there will be a lot of cookies waiting, their favorites.
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we can't wait to get on the table tomorrow. >> and right now at reagan national airport, the departure delays are on average 33 minutes. and the two minutes, we will not see any delays to speak of. right at this hour. however if you are coming to the airport to pick up somebody coming here or if you yourself are headed to the northeast, you'll definitely want to call the airlines first. reporting live from reagan national, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> now that's great news from there. >> yeah, it really is. >> let's take a look at the scene from the traffic cameras stationed around the area as this will be 270 at 109 in maryland. doesn't look like a whole lot there. this is 270 in clarksburg and again as we just showed you that it will be a bird's eye view of the traditions at reagan national. >> it's another big story tonight that we're following
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with the franchise quarterback. they benched robert griffin iii in favor of the third string quarterback. the head coach told the quarterbacks individually and then the team this morning. what happened? >> reporter: well jan one of the reasons why he was brought in was his success in the past working with quarterbacks. they don't have a franchise qb. they're trying to find the person that will give them the best chance to win. he wants all the film tape of all the games that griffin, kurt cousins and kirk mccoy played in the season and he says that mccoy is the redskins best option as quarterback as you said he told the guys this morning and that the rest of the team found out this afternoon. griffin not surprised. he was upset with the choice as you could get the sense of that from him in the locker room, but after going 0-3 since returning from the ankle injury, he was forced to make a
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change. he was asked why not let griffin play the rest of the season? and he said well you could make a case for that, but you could also make a stronger case for mccoy being 2-0 and wanted to give this team a spark. >> we're searching for that spark and he was 2-0 as a starter and came in relief of the second half of the titans game. i thought i would change it up. >> yeah, i've talked to robert. that's a hard decision. and it is just a hard thing. and the fact that he has handled great, is a great teammate, but i did not expect anything less from him. >> reporter: and now griffin, he chose not to spoke to reporters today, but as he was leaving the locker room, he said i'm fine, i'll be strong. he is now the backup and kurt
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cousins is the number three quarterback. we'll have the reactions from the teammates coming up later on in the show. in redskins park, kristen berset, wusa9. >> of course fans have all kinds of things to say about rg3 getting benched. the reporter stephanie ramirez talked to fans on both sides of the thanksgiving table. >> reporter: is rg3 cooked like a turkey? do we stick a fork in him and say that he is done? >> nah, i wouldn't say it's done. you've got to respect the bird. >> reporter: mixed reactions is what we got out in dc today, rg3 getting benched for sunday's game. some say that they have had enough of the losses where it will be time for him to go. >> it's been disappointing. i know he's played a couple of games, but he's out of the rhythm. >> and rather that gruden or that they are overthrowing, all of a sudden he's forgotten how to play it seems like.
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so yeah, let's give colt a chance, he's won two games. let's see what happens. >> reporter: and the redskins fans, and that this is more of the missed situation. >> and that is the leader and i think that they need to look at what they can do to make it look better like catching the ball when they throw it. >> and maybe i'm more of having a little faith in them. >> more than likely that it is what they would always do here to go somewhere else and shine. and that's what they always do, you know. i mean that there is something here for it. >> reporter: they had plenty to say about coaching and management. but the one thing is for sure that they are about to be glued to the tv to see how the switch goes. in the district receive knee ramirez -- stephanie ramirez, 9 news. we've got new information tonight on the plan for dc's
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mayor for life. on thursday, december 4 at 9:00 a.m. that there will be a brief ceremony to receive the casket at the wilson building where the remains will lie for 24 hours. and then friday at the temple of the praise in southeast that there will be a musical video tribute celebrating barry from 3:00 to 6:00 and then from 6:00 to 9:00 that there will be a community memorial service. the main event will be on saturday at the convention center with the viewing from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m., followed by the memorial service from 11:00 to 3:00. the mayor vincent gray and the council chairman say that the city's send off for mary will stress off the contribution for the mayor and the council member and our bruce johnson that will be back to the building today where the colleagues and the stf were making plans, to send barry home with one kind of special thing. >> and if people will be lining up because they want to know
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which way they could come as you can imagine that they would say that whatever the motivation is going to be. that it will take all day. okay? >> reporter: and we don't have any figures just yet. but i'm told that they will pick up the tab for a lot of the expenses for their contribute to the memorials with the long-time barry associates. the family members are meeting as recently as this afternoon to begin raising the private dollars to cover the remaining expenses. >> and signing one of the two condolences for barry today. that they have been friends for decades. and to run run to the dc council chairmanship. >> and that they will be sitting there, we're not talking about politics, but we'll be talking about you. >> reporter: they said that he served on the dc council for as long as they served as mayor.
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both men at the memorial services will look at the positive and not barry's negatives. >> i want them to know what an incredible leader that he was and what a self sacrificing person. i refuse to go to the other issues. the memory of marion barry. >> he was a leader, a leader on the issues, especially to those who felt voiceless. and that they were not hearing them. >> and we were in his office for the first floor of the john wilson building with a staff of five people. the law says upon that that those five people are out of work. and that they don't have a job. they told me today that he has played them on his payroll. they will be there until december. come january, they're out of work. >> his office is but a few feet from the condolences line, a small, but the steady stream of
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the visitors, arriving today to express their feelings for the mayor for life. >> and that my present story is that i was able to get in to the organization to which he build and that it is what you were traded for to be a leader. >> i would like people to know that he was a people's person. that we all have our faults. and god is our judge and nobody could judge us or to put us in, but that he would stick with the people and that he fought for the people. >> now lesli, you know he was in the hospital now. and in and out over the last several years. but one of those times we thought he was going to die. he had hive to say about how the funeral would go because he wrote it down and that you'll see a lot of that incorporated in the activities coming up this week. >> you talk about the efforts to raise money and to say good- bye. >> and the finances that they
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had. >> he didn't have any money and that he would tell you about that and he would also hike to say that he was never accused of taking a dime of the people's money and he wasn't. but that he doesn't have any money. he and his wife, you know, they were estranged, but never got a divorce. you know a part of his paychecks are being garnished by the irs because he owes taxes as he lived in a duplex in the southeast a. very humbled guy in terms of how he lived with a car that was very old. and that they had the bumper, falling off the back of it, becoming a new story and his car got keyed one time and he would say, "that's the kind of thing that happens when you live in the ghetto." when this is all you can afford that this is what you can drive. he was never motivated by the money. >> he'll be interesting to see the kind of celebration that the city will plan to send him off. first thank you. ferguson, missouri is bracing for more possible trouble tonight after two days of protest and violence. the unrest lead to the cancellation of the annual thanksgiving day parade.
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45 people were arrested in ferguson during the demonstration. the area's first snowstorm of the season. there's been quite a bit of snow to the north and the west of the beltway. >> and that is why we've got our scott broom and the mobile
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newsroom vehicle positioned in frederick county, maryland. scott, tell us where you are going and what is happening where you are. >> reporter: i'm at the top over the hill. here is the gopro camera. we'll show you a couple of those shots in a moment as it is foggy up here and still snowing, 32 degrees behind me here. you can see it there in pittsburgh, ohio, michigan where folks are headed for thanksgiving. what a day that it has been out here in frederick county heading west. there were times today in frederick county, maryland where they would be as chunky in the ice built up on the windshields, faster than what you could clear. >> it looks like a mixture of rain. and sleet, ice, snow, a little bit of everything. >> reporter: the interesting 70
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and 270. nasty, wet dangerous conditions that met travels. here is what they saw. >> the car that almost flipped. we smelled the burnt tires. and then we saw the car come up to the ditch and luckily that the kids didn't see it. >> reporter: they drove all night from florida for this. >> we're going to our mom in cumberland. >> they still have their slippers off that it is no shortage. and what a little girl from florida to do what will come naturally. all right. so our little friend from florida proved that point of what we're trying to show you in south mountain. and that there is a lot more.
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you start to see stuff like this. when i come back, i'll take you for a ride at 6:00, so stick around for that. reporting live, scott broom, wusa9. >> i love it when he takes us with him. >> yeah, you can see what's going on here. >> i can't wait for the ride. thank you so much, scott. >> all right, he's the man. >> yes, he is. >> the big question is is he over? >> i don't think we'll see more accumulation, but it will take a while for the light stuff to get out of here. so what appears to be wet could be ice. >> yeah. you have to be out late, okay? and hopefully you'll be in by midnight. but if you are up before the chickens tomorrow that you could see the patches of black i'm be careful when you walk to your paper to get your paper. a lot of the folks will slip and fall and be careful on bridges and overpass. okay, we can't do a live look outside. we're operating on a different at national and the dew point is above freezing. and to remember that you can't have them fall below the dew
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point, which is what we would talk about it. and that it will be by 12, signaling the path or the parallel in the northwest. doppler radar, they still have a fair amount of snow and the precipitation, even back towards fredericksburg. and the light snow and/or rain, depending on where you are. we'll zoom in a little bit. out towards germantown as scott mentioned northward, that they would get the share of the immediate metro area. in fairfax right now, light snow. we'll send it outside to meteorologist erica grow on the weather terrace. she'll go through the snowfall totals so far, erica? >> reporter: thanks, top. we have light snow out here on the weather terrace, but we had the burst of snow earlier on in the afternoon and of course for the snowfall right around noontime take a look at the snowfall totals that we have received as the big winner that would be west virginia and that
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we have 14 inches in virginia if you are not familiar with where that is. it is near augusta. hagerstown only got 1.1 inches. cumberland a little better, 4 inches. same thing in winchester. and they picked up four and a half inches. here in the metro area it was hard to measure that snow because we had the bursts of the heavy wet stuff and then it would let up a little bit, allowing some of the snow to melt for you. so in between the melting that it was hard to get that clean measurement. back to you, topper. >> okay, thank you, ear chasm we'll talk about where they are as a lot of people don't know where we are, but as they lie from dc it is only about 86 miles an hour. . when we are trying to draw up the snowfall bands, oh yeah. 37 downtown, 34 in gaithersburg and leesburg. 36 in manassas and culpeper, even to the north they are not
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below freezing. but outside tonight we're going to see the temperatures fall below freezing, which is why we are concerned about black ice. what appears to be frozen and the low temperatures, they will be 32 north and west of town in the upper 20s. and a flurry is possible for them. and actually cold, but sunny for black friday. if you're going to fight the crowds, you'll need a jacket no doubt. the future cast at 8:00 tonight, most of the precipitation is gone. a couple of flurries here and there with the temperatures up in the upper 30s. by midnight if you are still out there late, making the side dishes, it is 32 out here with some breaks in the clouds and that is when we will be concerned with the black ice that might develop. we'll be looking for the possibility of the black ice. by 6:00 in the morning we'll be below freezing with most of the
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suburbs. even 33 in andrews. downtown again, we won't make it, but a little system that will be making a pass on out to the south tomorrow that they could give us a flurry. of course you'll find more snow showers out in the mountains. good news for the ski resorts. all right the day planners, partly sunny and then at 1:00 we're looking for the temperatures in the lower 40s. okay, now the next three days, still cold on black friday. you can watch that right there with the upper 60s on monday and the colder pass, not a big huge deal right now. worried about black ice after
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that. >> thank you, top. we are just getted started. three healthy foods for families in some of dc's most economically challenged neighborhoods. we'll tell you about the community organization making it happen later on in the newscast. and plus black friday or cyber monday? and why one local retailer would say that the real magic is at the mall. plus, looking to gobble another day after the annual presidential pardon.
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they are offering perks like extra discounts and a survival kit for the earliest thanksgiving night and black friday shoppers. >> the mall is really a social experience. so families like to come and they like to, you know, have that whole shopping experience. they want that time to be together. >> reporter: many stores are
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experimenting with the same-day delivery to keep the shoppers from heading back to their cars with full arms. there are two turkeys that were literally avoiding thanksgiving dinner this year thanks to president obama. >> the birds mac and cheese will live out their lives at the turkey hill in northern virginia. twitter voters chose cheese to be the national thanksgiving turkey. president obama poked a little fun during the annual ceremony. >> some will call it amnesty. and don't worry. that there will be plenty of turkey to go around. and that malia and that mali sasha and i -- malia, sasha, and i will pick two turkeys. and in 1989. just ahead a 12-year-old boy playing with a pellet gun that was shot dead by police in
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cleveland. watch the newly released surveillance video and what they might reveal. plus, first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt will be tracking the snowy weather as we head in to your holiday weekend. and a look at the road conditions in northern virginia. i'm surae a secure retirement.
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a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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you can see the back edge of the precipitation that it will need to roll through tonight and that we will be concerned about the black ice later tonight. a little bit of the snow visibility that they are out towards leesburg on route 7 and also the germantown as you would go up 270, it's not a huge problem. we'll zoom in a little bit. and also towards chantilly. now in terms of the temperatures, that we will be above freezing tonight. 37 right now, 34 in gaithersburg and leesburg and manassas. we'll come back and talk about when we think that the black ice will develop to take you through the timetable in terms of the temperatures and the holiday weekend. >> all right, topper will be monitoring things from here. we'll take a look at the conditions out in northern virginia. >> tracking the conditions in leesburg. how is it? >> well the snow has stopped snowing here. they have stopped falling anyway in leesburg. what's left is the very wet pavement and the slushy conditions on the side streets and the residential, where
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drivers, they will be concerned about it all, but they will be taking it nice and slow. >> and it is black ice that it will be bad if it freezes tonight. but it will be drivable. >> how are the roads? >> it's not bad at all. not bad at all. >> no, it's pretty slick and it is slushy with a lot of the vehicles that are going slow. >> they've been up for two days, prepping, clearing the snow. >> it's like 11:00 that it would start sleeting and turn over their snow. and then within 15 to 20 minutes that it was totally white. >> when i would first wake up this morning that there was just rain and that they would say it missed us. and probably like 9:00 or so, like oh my gosh, just great. and then it would be done in spurts. >> and it was probably $50 coming in and out of here constantly. >> reporter: they have 400 trucks out there in northern virginia. a third of which are devoted to
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loudoun county. >> we'll be working through the night, especially the main lines, the interstate. >> reporter: some drivers, they will miss that snow and head out there tomorrow. >> reporter: mother nature does not ask us for permissions that she would do her own thing, so we would live with it. >> yes, explain it. and to come back on christmas eve. >> yeah, come back on christmas eve, i'm with that woman. and that they will hope to wrap things up by tomorrow morning and so crews, they could enjoy the thanksgiving dinner, back to you. >> thank you so much. and stay with us for the latest conditions on the weather and plus you could check their mobile app if you will be on the move here tonight. and that construction worker who was rescued from the trench yesterday in maryland, that he has died. sky 9, they flew over that scene yesterday afternoon where the crews, they were able to free him, the 26-year-old somehow got trapped in a trench next to the foundation of the house that he was helping to
5:35 pm
build. >> the cleveland police department, they have released the surveillance video, showing them shooting to death a boy who has what turned out to be a pellet gun. they were playing with that gun outside the center last saturday. and somebody nearby, they would call 911 and they told the dispatcher that the boy, they probably had a fake gun. but that police tape, they would show that the dispatcher, they only referred it to a gun when communicating with the responding officers. the police department said that they told him to raise his hands three times. and the department, they would say that the officer opened fire when he reached for that pellet gun. and the child died just hours later at the hospital. >> this case, it will continue to be investigated. all of our findings, they will be turned over to the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office. >> the prosecutors say they will present that case to a grand jury and the two officers involved remain on leave.
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supreme court justice is recovering right now, after undergoing a heart procedure last night. they were experiencing some of the discomfort during their exercise routine and was taken to washington hospital center. doctors doctors a stint as she's expected to be discharged the next couple of days. keeping them running smoothly that this time of the year is no small task where a little later a behind-the- scenes look at how they would keep it all together. then right after the break. out businesses in colorado that they will be planning for a green friday. we're not talking
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but only 500,000 users would select a plan. the government has a lot of work to do now. some new businesses, they are hoping for a green friday in colorado. , here is why. marijuana businesses across the state are using the familiar holiday sales strategies to help boost tir sales in the
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industry. one is selling pot in the shape of a mini christmas tree. many are selling their high-end products at bargain basement prices. >> those prices represent more than a 50% discount off of the every day top shelf marijuana. just as they would at macy's or any other big box store. >> usually you hear of black friday sales being big screen tvs, video game consoles. are people really going to turn out to get marijuana? they hope that the deep discounts will lead to a bump in their holiday sales and an increase in the new customers. all right, thinking of stress? getting there on time. wait until you see how some of the nation's air carriers would ramp up their operations to make sure that you would get there. and robert griffin iii out, mccoy in. i'm kristen berset.
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coming up we'll hear from the coach and the players on the big change. and those thanksgiving gas prices, they are not driving us quite so crazy. if you are filling up on your way on out of town that you could get a good deal at the shell located in baltimore avenue for you. you can fill up there for just $2.74 a gallon.
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experts say they consume about 3,000 calories and 230 grams of fat in one thanksgiving meal. let's say you want to lessen the risk of gaining the holiday weight. start with a walk or jog. also jump start your metabolism. experts say that many try not to eat before that it takes 20 minutes for you to register that you are full as they would help you avoid that nap from overeating. all right, this is a live look where thousands of those people are coming in, a familiar scene that will be
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typically the start of the busiest travel weekend of the year. >> and with today's winter weather, it's making it harder for them to get to the family to grandma, right? >> they g a look inside one major airline's travel war room as the staffers, they would try to keep them on schedule. >> the clock is ticking towards the departure and on the airlines and their thanksgiving race against mother nature. the meteorologist at the network operation center in chicago have been tracking the east coast storm with increasingly threatening winter weather. >> this feels sort of like mission control. >> it is. if they prompt the delays or cancellations, it'll be made of their team working around the clock to keep them running. >> what could really huts we get the mix. >> reporter: they are tracking
5:46 pm
everyone over the u.s. right now and that it will be even busier that during that time that they will expect about 2.5 million passengers, nearly the population of faux. >> that we are looking for issues that could arrive. and preventing it before the customer would ever know that ideally, really i don't want you to know that they would exist that i want everything to go seamless. >> reporter: it will be on this screen turning red, warning the sides. >> and it will be an option to help the flights a day to land where and when they are suppose to. cbs news, chicago. >> this is a red alert day. >> we're hooking at temperatures above freezing which is good and all the accumulating snow is over. that's good. right now at 37 at national and the dew points are above freezing where they are not
5:47 pm
going to make it below freezing downtown with the winds out of the north at about 12. okay doppler radar, you can see the back edge of the precipitation over the past couple of -- couple of hours with the rain pushing on through the immediate metro area. but now you're done. and even back in to culpeper you'll be done where they would end late as you move north and east of town as we'll zoom in a little bit of the snow again nothing is accumulating anymore. it's not snowing hard and it's not above freezing, pretty much everywhere. some light snow and up 270. the roads are wet now that we will be concerned with the black ice for you later tonight. now, we'll talk about the new snowfall totals. for that we have a new list for you. we'll take it out to erica grow on the weather terrace. >> thank you, topper. the light snow in the last half hour, even that has tapered off with some precipitation, but holding my hand out, i can't see anything landing on my glove there. so everything, it will be so tiny and minute that it's not showing up anymore. but that we do have the lingering snow that i did not touch this at all today that we
5:48 pm
had maybe half an inch on out here at the weather terrace where it will be that very packable snow for you and that it is not going to stick around very much either. we'll take a look at the snowfall side. in west virginia that they would pick up 18 inches. and a lot less in gaithersburg with the melting that it has been hard to measure that snow today. 1.4 inches in gaithersburg. they would pick up six inches, which will be one of the higher totals that we have. in west virginia that it will be 3.2 inches. so it's not a bad storm in the higher elevations. topper back to you. i guess that the question is if it is snowing six inches that it will melt four. did they really snow that much? that's the old tree in the forest right now. think about it. 34 downtown in gaithersburg and 36 in culpeper. so these temperatures, they will still be well above freezing. but with that said, that it
5:49 pm
will be 33 and 34 on the overpass. and it could be black ice. and so please that it will be a big concern tonight. in town that it will be the problems. and that they will be giving it to you tomorrow morning, but don't slip on the driveway. cold this morning, maybe a flurry. still cold and sunny for black friday if you want to fight the clouds and you want to fight a little bit of the cold temperatures in the 70s. our future cast is 8:00 tonight and everything is gone and maybe a flurry here or there and that the storm is pulling away from us, taking aim. and it will be the mid-30s. and then by 10:00, down freezing in martinsburg and up to 32. so that is what we are concerned about and to remember that it might look wet that it will be frozen. it will not happen quickly, there won't be a flash freeze
5:50 pm
tonight. and temps will be critical. in fact by midnight p2 in gaithersburg and also up towards frederick and towards leesburg, even 35 down towards andrews. by the morning with a few breaks in the clouds. a little clipper passes tomorrow that you will be able to find clouds in the morning and temperatures in the mid-30s to the upper 30s downtown. and at 9:00 in the 40s and it will be partly sunny by 1:00 and 41. and it will be the 40s. and 50 miler on saturday, pretty nice for the game. the next seven days, the ravens, nice. temperatures in the upper 50s right here. and maybe rain or the snow shower, in the mid-40s.
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i'm kristen berset live at redskins park. big changes that will be here. robert griffin iii is your starter. they say that the change is all about the productivity that he has not shown much improvement over the last three games, playing as confidently as he once had. and diane roberts was in the locker room today, talking to the players about the big change. >> reporter: the head coach himself, he said that it has been a merry go round talking about the quarterback position for the redskins. we've talked to them today about what it means for them. anything could happen as you know that the pros, it's a business and it is a tough decision that needs to be made. >> when you go through something that we have been going through this year and even from the missed time of the injuries, you know or one quarterback doing a little more than the other or one that
5:52 pm
would have it done that you know much more than the other and that you know that we would just need to roll up with the punches. >> they are great guys in the locker room for both that i would consider friends of mine, both competitors, doing a phenomenal job as quarterback, pretty supportive whoever has that job and that is all you can do. >> reporter: many players said that they thought that he earned that right to start as quarterback after the big cowboys win. that did not happen, but he will be back under center now. if you ask fie player, they would tell you that it does not matter as they don't have any control over that. all they want to do is win. from the redskins park, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: thank you so much. now of all the three redskins quarterback. colt is actually the only one that has won a game from start to finish. coming up rg iii time might be up in the air, but one team
5:53 pm
owner still thinks that he could be a big star. we'll have that story later in sports. hope for people living in dc, the food desert and the organization that not only provides the fresh produce, but to show you why the healthy diet is vital for success in the classroom. also coming up at 6:00. i'm surae chinn in leesburg checking out the
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community organizations would focus on healthy eating, helping the parents with the fresh produce and it is free. she visited the pop-up market where they are the star and families, they are getting ready for thanksgiving. >> the cauliflower and sweet potato. students here at the elementary school, they will be going home with all the ingredients for the healthy feast. as a parent of the effort to get that to children in low- income neighborhoods. the volunteer organization hosted the free healthy grocery markets at 10 schools in dc. the market ensures they would have nutritious meals. it would last for two to three weeks. >> reporter: that's crucial for those families with a monthly budget. a food educator at martha's table. >> it is easier to meet them where they are and the need and
5:57 pm
where it is. >> handing out the recipes where they would help the students like their fourth grade son digest what they have learned in school. >> what class -- what class do they teach you in? and what do they tell you? >> reporter: they tell us about the healthy foods. >> reporter: it started three years ago where the donations have helped them grow. the turkey. >> reporter: this year they will be making sure that the families have a turkey and all the trimming. cbs news, washington. >> they try to make sure that parents and their parents would have a shopping experience, choosing what they want. students assume that if they don't like that there is a kid friendly recipe that they don't like. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:58 pm
a teachers aide caught having sex with a 13-year-old student as we spoke to the victim's mother. that story is coming up. >> it's been a slow go on the roads with a couple of crashes. but it could have been a lot worse. some fears about freezing tonight. i'm scott broom, cruising through frederick county, maryland coming up a look at the roads north and west of the city. >> the weather team would nail it. the nor'easter did make an appearance in our region. thank you for joining us on the night before thanksgiving, i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. topper, we are hoping that the accumulating snow is done, but we are worried about the slick spots, my friend. >> reporter: you are correct. it is pretty much done. but yeah the slick spots are the main concern, not so much downtown, but north and west of
5:59 pm
the town no doubt. we'll zoom in here and then we'll be looking at a little bit of the snow and also out towards rockville and germantown over towards here and a little bit of the mixed precipitation between silver springs up in to the baltimore area, moving out towards new hampshire avenue that you would get that it is a little bit of the light snow. but the accumulating snow will be over. look at the winner, 18 inches of snow. and this is about what we have forecasted, 18. we have forecasted 10 for you guys or for you guys with them at 1.5. here in the northwest with about half an inch, although that most of it has melted. so the headlines, yes, we will be concerned tonight. it will not freeze, but they will be falling gradually. it'll be a cold thanksgiving with a flurry possible. still cold, but sunny for black
6:00 pm
friday. temperature wise again, we are still well above freezing. 38 downtown and leesburg and 36 in manassas. by about midnight temps will be right on that 32-degree line. which means that they could freeze first. between 95 and dc and baltimore, some of the overpasses could freeze first as we'll talk about that and your holiday weekend forecast coming up. if you are staying in town or leaving for the holidays, we know that the weather could affect your plans. scott broom of the mobile newsroom room is live. how is it looking out there, scott? >> reporter: hey derek, i'm just popping out here coming in to the intersection, that's the way a lot of folks go


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