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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 26, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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i'm derek mcginty. >> a nor easter served up an extra helping of frustration. good news, the snow has moved out as well. >> meteorologist, topper shutt is tracking the cold, right top? >> exactly. our main concern is the black ice. it's not going to flash freeze or anything. downtown, we aren't concerned about temperatures getting below freezing. north and west, we are. here's the precipitation. the back edge is into eastern montgomery county, across the district, prince georges county, baltimore. we are almost done with the light snow and the light rain combined. we'll zoom in a little bit. if you are going out toward 108, and toward sandy spring, you could see a couple flurries, but no more accumulation and temperatures above freezing. we'll zoom in. you are clear now. latensville, you are clear. left over showers and that is just about it. snow totals, wow, romney 18 inches. woodstock 4 inches. middletown, virginia, 4 1/2. and they had a 2.8 inches of
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snow. so, our headline, yes, our big concern now is black ice tonight. lows tonight will be below freezing north and west of town. a cold thanksgiving. maybe a flurry, and still cold. sunny for black friday. we'll come back and talk about hour as hour as the temperatures drop and when it will become critical. >> thank you, top. here's a spot where drivers are taking their time, but probably not by choice. this is a live look at route 50 east. sanity point just before the bay bridge. maryland transportation officials say there's a 3-mile backup. yeah, and there are still wind warnings in effect out there. and as topper points out, the big concern is the black ice. >> scott broom is on the road in his mobile newsroom. coming across slick spot>> no, slick spots, thank you for that yet. i'm on i-70 headed east. 36 degrees here. so as topper reported, not cold enough yet to cause serious
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problems. it is still snowing behind me on the top of south mountain. a thousand feet above here. let me take you back where we were earlier today because conditions, frankly, haven't changed that much. take a look. >> there were times in frederic county, maryland, where the flakes came down as chunky as ping-pong balls. >> it looks like a mix of rain and sleet, ice, snow, a little bit of everything. >> it's slush. >> interstate 70 and 270, nasty, wet, dangerous conditions met travelers. here's what heather cook saw. >> played across and almost slipped. we smelled burnt tires and we saw the car coming and into the ditch. luckily, the kids didn't see it. that was a good thing. >> they drove all night from florida for this. >> we're going to our moms in cumberland. >> little madeleine cook has her fuzzy slippers on. there's no shortage of highway
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trucks with crews working to keep it clear. the slush is not deep, but heavy enough to push with a plow and a truck. and wet enough for a little girl from florida to do what comes naturally. and hopefully by now, those folks are in cumberland safely at grandma's house. i think it's remarkable tonight. a lot of people, i believe, didn't heed the warnings. i would be interested in aaa's final figures as we look live out of the dash board camera on my mobile newsroom. the traffic is not that heavy out here right now. i suspect that is because a lot of people stayed home this evening and either left early or planning their travel for tomorrow morning because of today's weather. reporting live from the lockdown live cameras in my mobile newsroom, scott broom, wusa9, back to you. >> thank you, scott. well, it is supposed to be the busiest travel day on the roads of this entire thanksgiving week, but maybe we should be
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thankful things aren't worse out there. the bad visibility, a couple crashes along i-95 north toward baltimore and beyond. drivers had to hit the brakes. the traffic slowed down, but you know, just wasn't the mayhem that you might have expected for that anticipated holiday rush. >> same goes for the skies. this is a live look right now at reagan national airport. despite some of the snow, it's been fairly smooth for travelers. a few delays or cancellations at all of the d.c. area airports. reagan looked like a ghost town on this get away wednesday. according to the washington air force authority, anxiety over the storm prompted thousands of air travelers to fly yesterday instead. so yesterday ended up being one of the busiest air travel days in years. we have seen that over the years. some spots in northern virginia did get 4 inches of snow today. surae chinn is tracking the conditions in leesburg. >> reporter: drivers have been handling it well in loudoun county, but there is concern of
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temperatures falling and a refreeze on the roads. >> it's wet. it's going to be bad if it freezes tonight. >> not bad in the afternoon, but mid-morning was dangerous. >> it's slick. slushy, a lot of vehicles going slow. >> david webb has been up for two days prepping and clearing the snow. >> 11:00, started sleeting and turned over to snow. and then within 15, 20 minutes, it was totally white. >> probably 50 trucks coming in and out of here constantly. >> vdot has 400 trucks in northern virginia. some drivers will miss the snow and head out tomorrow. >> mother nature doesn't ask us for permission. she does her own thing, so we live with it. >> huge flakes. please go. come back on christmas eve. >> v-dot has 130 trucks on the roads and they will be throughout the night. and hopefully wrap things up by
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the morning. in leesburg, surae chinn, wusa9. >> hard to believe it's just thanksgiving. you can stay on top of all these changing weather conditions with the weather app. it is absolutely free and available in the apple and the google play store. >> celebrating the life of marion barry. next, when you can pay a final tribute to the so-called mayor for life. i came to celebrate family, celebration, and we've been devastatedded and all i want is my dog. >> she came to town to celebrate the good times, but instead, she is suffering because one of her beloved dogs is gone missing. what you can help reunit this woman with her lost yorkie. >> hear from coach gruden on his decision to start colt mccoy instead. and taking a live look outside as drivers are making their way to their thanksgiving destinations. the temperatures are dropping and slick spots are possible. topper is tracking how cold we'll get together and you're
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take another live look outside. the snow now really tapering off and just a slushy mess out there for most of us. now we are looking at chilly temperatures for this thanksgiving. topper is finishing up his forecast right now as we give you this live look on the road. this is u.s. 50, where there is quite a backup right now. we're told a 3-mile backup, in fact. in a lot of other parts of the area, smooth sailing. >> the memorial service plans are in place for d.c.'s mayor for life, marion barry. he will lie in state for 24 hours at the wilson building beginning thursday, december 4. he will stay there until friday morning and his body will move to the temple of praise church for several memorial services and then on saturday, thousands are expected to turn out for a
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celebration of barry's life and legacy. this event goes until 3:00. you can find a full list of dates and times on our wusa9 app. meantime, mayor vince gray and phil mendelson said the memorial will stress the importance. bruce johnson is back where colleagues and staff were making the plans to move on with life after marion barry. >> one of two condolence books for marion barry today. >> we wanted to talk about politics instead of marion. i'm not here to talk about politics. i'm here to talk about you. >> council chairman says barry served on the d.c. council for as long as he served as mayor. >> he was, as a leader, a leader on issues, especially to those who felt that they were voiceless. >> we are inside marion barry's office. he had a staff of five people. the law says upon his death, those five people are out of
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work. they don't have jobs. but the chairman of the council told me today that he placed those five staff members on his payroll. they will be there until december. come january, they are out of work. >> a small, but steady stream of visitors arrived in the rain today to express their feelings for the mayor for life. >> i was able to get into an organization to which he build. taught you a trade, taught you a skill, taught you how to be a leader. >> we don't have any figures yet, but the d.c. government will pick up some of the expense for the tributes and memorials. with long-time barry associates and family members, meeting today to begin raising private dollars to cover the remaining expenses. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> tonight, a d.c. public high school teacher's aid is facing serious charges involving a student with special needs. carla charged with second- degree sex abuse of a minor. the 27-year-old was caught in a car having sex with a 16-year-
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old student. that victim's mother says the girl is a special needs student and talked with us today. >> called me and explained to me everything that went on. the only thing is tears came to my eyes. i didn't know what to say to her. very numb and angry. i thought, you know, she was protected in school, you know, i feel like every child need to be protected in school. and i just feel like i am hurt personally, because this is going on and i didn't know anything about it. >> expectedded to appear in d.c. court wednesday afternoon. >> maybe you can help save thanksgiving for a distraught dog owner who is visiting her sister in d.c. we are putting out the word if you have seen the missing yorkie. she is five years old. weighs 7-pounds and ran into one piece of bad luck. tiffany was at a home on sunday when a burglar broke down the back door. the tv, a laptop, and other
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electronics gone. and it's a tough loss because tiffany and another yorkie named jada have been helped adrian get through a serious illness. >> i just want my dog to get home. i want my little girl back. these two dogs are my family. >> tiffany has a rhinestone collar, tags, and a microchip. if you see her, contact us or drop her off, no questions asked. the address is 4100 wisconsin avenue in northwest. and robert griffin's time in washington come to an end? >> that's a lot of redskins fans are thinking about after head coach, jay gruden, decided to bench the guy that was going to lead the team back to the promise land. more from redskins park. >> colt mccoy was the only quarterback this season to win a game from start to finish. he's the team's best quarterback right now. gruden looked at game films, griffin, and mccoy, and decided
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to go with mccoy against indianapolis. today was mccoy's first practice back with the first team since dallas week. he said it was a bit rough because the offense needs to get used to his style of play again, but his teammates are supportive of the change. this was all about productivity, griffin wasn't working. >> doesn't mean he isn't going to be a great quarterback one day, he needs more time to go through this. >> at this level, professional level, you know, anything can happen and i wouldn't say that it's something that shocks us or surprises us, because in the pros, it's a business and tough decisions have to be made. >> when you go through something like we have been going through, either from the missed time of injuries or, you know, one quarterback doing a little more than the other. whoever has a chance, like i said before, where they are all capable.
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got to take advantage of it t. because at the end of the day, we are trying to win. >> mccoy takes full responsibility for the games that he has lost in the past in his career, but right now, he is in a good place where he feels like he can win. with the redskins, kristen berset, wusa9. >> redskins fans had strong reaction to rg3 getting benched. >> we asked football fans whether they thought rg3 is a cooked turkey? do we call him done? i don't think so. >> i thought this was gong going to be the season. i know he only played a couple games, but he is so out of rhythm. >> he isn't sinking with gruden or gruden isn't sinking with him. >> i think they need to rally around the quarterback. that's the leader and they need to look at what they can do to make him look better. like catching the ball when >> that would help. a lot of people today agreed with rg3 getting benched, but they also said not to stick a fork in him just yet. still, they are interestedded
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in seeing just how well colt mccoy performs this weekend. >> i'm meteorologist, topper shutt. just slush right now, but some of the slush could refreeze overnight. we are getting critical north and west. 35á in martinsburg and 34 in winchester. we'll talk about when we think temperatures will go below freezing and where. we'll also take you through the holiday weekend.
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this is a red alert day. now, wusa9's first alert weather. >> we canceled the red alert now. we don't think the black ice is going to warrant a red alert for the entire metro area. we are concerned about some slick spots tonight. it is 39 at national. the dew point is down to 33. light rain and drizzle. winds northwest at 10. doppler radar over the past couple of hours, most of the activity is gone. any accumulating snow ended around 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. light rain up 95. between d.c. and baltimore. up 29. baltimore washington parkway. back to the west, very little. maybe a sprinkle or flurry. but that's it. we are looking at partially clearing skies tonight. so, the winter, 18 inches. haywood, virginia, 2 inches. darnstown 1 1/2 inches. and somewhere between half an inch and 3/4. i saw earlier, it's all melted.
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okay, temperatures, 33 in white oak. that's critical. 34 in rockville. 34 in reston and germantown and fairfax and arlington. so, we're getting close now to the freezing mark. it's not going to flash freeze. arctic air is not pouring in here. we are concerned about black ice tonight. what is black ice, it looks wet, but it actually is frozen. lows tonight will be below 32 degrees north and west of town. inside the district, it's not going to make it below freezing. that was never in the cards. a cold thanksgiving. cold and sunny for black friday. 9:00 tonight, 34 at gaithersburg, 34 leesburg. get through 10:00, now we are getting critical. 33 in leesburg. and 34 in manassas. then by 11:00, some areas will be 32. and it doesn't have to be 32 at these readings, as these sites to have some black ice. remember that, especially on bridges and overpasses. by morning, a few clouds,
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temperatures now 30 in gaithersburg. 31 in leesburg and 31 in frederic. want to be careful getting your paper tomorrow morning. and 9:00, a few clouds to the south. temperatures still in the mid to tupper 30s, but we're above freezing. by 12:30, low 40s downtown. by 5:00, we're still low 40s downtown. with upper 30s in the suburbs and temperatures tomorrow night, similar. we'll fall in the upper 20s and low 30s. so tonight, partial clearing and cold. some slick spots late. low temperatures 28 to 34. winds northwest at 10. so, 33 tonight for lows. these are low temperatures. but 30 in bethesda. 29 in rockville. 29 in fairfax. 29 in stearalling and leesburg 28. even springfield will be about 31. so, that's why we are concerned about the black ice. partly sunny tomorrow morning, thanksgiving morning. 28 to 38. brisk and by afternoon, partly sunny and cold, per happen as flurry. high temperatures in the low 40s. that's 10 degrees below average. so, 37 on your day planner at
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9:00 with a fair amount of clouds. a lot of clouds. and cloudy skies at 1:00. 41. we'll have more sunshine to the north of town on thanksgiving. still cold friday. but nice 42, and saturday, milder, 50 for the terps game. that's nice, too. next seven days, mid 50s to upper 50s on sunday. ravens, very nice. that's a nice way to end november. you watch that right here on channel 9. and then we're in good shape. monday, upper 50s, briefly colder on tuesday, flurry or shower and then we're back in the mid 50s on wednesday. now, snow is over, so i traded in the snow tie for my ugly thanksgiving tie. >> so the only question is, is this bad weather a hair harbenger of things to come? >> we got snow earlier than we predicted. >> technically, we had an inch after dulles, nothing at national. white christmas, and there was nothing. >> i like it that way.
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>> we can go with that. >> we'll be right back. >> i knew you
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take another live look outside.
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this is near the bay bridge where there's a 3-mile backup. avoid the area if
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another cosby accuser comes forward to "e.t." could he now face a class-action lawsuit? we are with gloria allred and she is fired up tonight. > > many, many women have contacted me. >> we'll explain what legal options these women can now take against cosby. >> like a former jane doe now revealing herself to us tonight. >> i woke up in the limousine with his hands all over me. >> plus roseanne just put herself in the middle of it all blaming cosby for this. then more news, our night backstage with "dancing's" winners. and i'm on the "magic mike xxl" set. >> jealous. >> how much racier can you get? >> way more. there's a stripper odyssey. also robin roberts gets emotional over her thanksgiving special. we have michael douglas' childhood home movies. he has a big surprise for his dad, kirk, for his 98th birthday. it's fantastic.
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>> i never know where he is. >> behind you. >> whoa! now "entertainment tonight." we love entertaining people. >> hi, everybody. kevin frazier is in new york getting ready to co-host the thanksgiving day parade so nischelle turner is here. we begin with new trouble for bill cosby. the woman known as jane doe number one is talking to us tonight about her claims that she was drugged and raped by the comedian. >> you know, nancy, these allegations just keep piling up. there's nearly 20 women now. and tonight, we're going to talk about the possibility of legal action against cosby. >> yeah, these allegations are obviously so very serious and just disgusting when you hear them. so it is hard to imagine anyone would try to make a joke out of it but that didn't stop roseanne barr. >> roseanne startled her followers when she posted this image, ands caption, quote, got in a tussle with bill cosby. two minutes later she confirmed it was a


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