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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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american sheriff in 355 years. i'm scott broom in waldorf. coming up, i'll introduce you to the new sheriff in town. >> who would hit a woman in a wheelchair with their car and then just take off without stopping? that's what d.c. cops are trying to figure out right now. thanks for being here, i'm derek mcginty. >> and i'm lesli foster. we're at the intersection where a 19-year-old woman in a wheelchair was struck this morning. deb? >> reporter: lesli, she was struck, knocked out of the wheelchair. >> left here in the street. that's what she said happened to her as she was crossing in the crosswalk behind me to get across the street to take the bus. the good news is she's doing better tonight but she says the problem is what is she going to do tomorrow, the next day, and the next day after that? >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. .
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>> reporter: esmerelda has cuts and bruises after a car knocked her out of her wheelchair this morning, leaving her in the street. this is what's left of her wheelchair now. her dad says it cost about 20 $20,000. the college sophomore has spina bifida and needs it to get to school. >> it was, like, very important. like, i -- basically, that chair meant everything to me because without it, i wouldn't get anywhere. >> i just can't understand how somebody who calls themselves human beings would do something like that. >> reporter: her dad, jeremiah, called wusa9 to see if we could help get the word out to get the drivers off the streets. he showed us this piece he says is from the driver's car. he says he wondered why police didn't take the time to do that. >> that's her blood, right there. and that's what puzzled me that the police wouldn't treat this as a crime scene.
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they were in a rush. >> reporter: tonight, this 19- year-old is surrounded by friends and family, while the driver is still out there. the self-described computer geek says she's not sure when she'll return to classes at udc now that her wheelchair is and as for the driver -- >> and hope he gets caught, that person gets caught. >> reporter: at this point, police say they can't confirm whether that piece of car that you just saw there a little while ago is actually from that driver's car. they're certainly investigating. and the they need your help. if you have any information that might help them, if you're in this area around 7:00 a.m. or you know anything about a car missing a piece, anything at all about this, give them a call. 202-727-9099. >> thank you, deborah. in and around the d.c. metro area, the temperatures are above freezing, so the roads are just wet. for now. but later tonight, well, the
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temps are likely to dip well below freezing, making for perhaps a slick commute come morning. topper is keeping an eye on the temps. what's up and what's down, top? >> i tell you, first things first, another batch of rain going to roll through. if you're not home yet, you're going to have a wet commute, especially west into loudoun county. even up to 70 now. mainly it's green, all rain. radar is depicting a little bit of a mixture but i'm not that concerned with temperatures above freezing. they'll stay above freezing all night. as low as they're going to get. rain out toward leesburg and upperville and aldi. moving quickly off to the east. about to roll into chantilly and sterling. crossing the river into poolsville and 270 corridor. slowing folks down a little bit. still advisories out to the west. keep these going until 1:00 a.m. some light icing possible. again, even there temperatures are marginal.
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right now, 34 in gaithersburg. in good shape temperature-wise. we'll come back. tracking a cold front. we'll tell you what that means to your wednesday. the rain has jammed up traffic as it usually does but it may also have opened up a huge sinkhole on the inbound gw parkway and that left people complaining this morning about a 2 and 3-hour commute just to try to get into work. bruce leshan is live on the gw. >> reporter: lesli, my earpiece just cut out but we have great news on the paving. i was just down where they're doing the work where you see all the trucks. and kevin fontleroy of virginia paving tells me they have the hole filled. one layer of asphalt down. two more to go. they should be done in the next hour or so.
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they're rushing because nobody wants a repeat of this morning's gridlock. >> how has it been? >> crazy. >> reporter: for thousands of drivers trying to get into the city, a big-time bottleneck. and there is more likely to come. >> i don't know where to go. and my gps is acting up. >> reporter: the sinkhole opened up the pavement in the southbound lane just the other side of the bridge over windy run in arlington. road crews closed all the inbound lanes starting at 1:23 and then pushed cars even further back to the beltway. >> it's very unfortunate. points out how important the gw parkway is as a commuter route into the district. >> reporter: southbound will stay closed until crews can fill the hole. >> hopeful it's going to be done by the morning, but mother nature has to cooperate. >> reporter: workers have been able to stabilize the hole, and they have started filling it back up.
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they have all kinds of equipment standing by for repaving. they are hoping they get it all fixed up, patched up, before the morning inbound rush. now you can see, the out of bounds lanes, they're moving. people are heading home tonight. but if you thought this a good plan, a good way to get home on the gw outbound, think again. the secret service actually had all these lanes closed for about 40 minutes. they just reopened them. they ran the president the wrong way down the gw to get him back to the white house from bethesda. and the i'm looking across the river over at the clara barton. it's at a standstill. back to you. >> we need people to breathe deeply tonight on the way home. >> that's for sure. tonight, montgomery county police plan to execute a search warrant at the rockville condo where a woman was murdered. crime scene technicians are
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still on the scene at old georgetown road. police got a call around 10:00 this morning that there had been a death in the building. the victim's name has not been released but police say she was stabbed to death and they're questioning her roommate. >> we're interviewing a roommate who is identified as a female in her 50s. she was present when police arrived. >> reporter: police described this as a closeable case. detectives do not believe this was random and they say there is no danger to the community. $6.2 billion, that is how much president obama wants from congress to step up the fight against ebola. he put in that request about a month ago and today the white house tried to put new pressure on lawmakers to approve that emergency funding. >> despite the progress that has been made, there's still too many communities in africa that are fighting this deadly disease and the president wants to make sure we're devoting the
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necessary resources from the united states to combat this outbreak and try to stop it in its tracks. >> reporter: the ebola epidemic in west africa killed more than 5600 people and president obama has declared that stopping the epidemic is a national security priority. the centers for disease control and prevention have designated 35 hospitals around the country as ebola treatment centers, and around our area they include med star washington hospital center, children's national medical center, and george washington university hospital here in the district. along, of course, with the national institutes of health clinical center in bethesda. coming up when the news continues -- >> from racially motivated arsons here in charles county, maryland to the first african- american sheriff in 355 years, i'm scott broom in waldorf.
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violence in the streets of mexico city overnight and a protest over 43 missing college students continues today. thousands from around the country gathered to denounce what appears to be government corruption over the vanishing of these students. police stopped them. they were headed on a bus to a political rally in september. it's believed police took those students and handed them over to a drug gang that killed them. the sex assault scandal at the university of virginia is already bringing changes at
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public schools in this area. >> the alleged gang rape at uva fraternity house described in "rolling stone" brought a change in fairfax county. the board of supervisors brought up a plan to educate students about sex assault but at chantilly high school, the director already has a plan in the works for additional counseling. it would separate senior boys and girls and invite recent graduates about open conversations about how to be safe in college. robin lady received a master's from uva and she believes her alma mater will emerge from this crisis with new, stronger policies that will be a model for other schools. >> topper is tracking a cold front heading through the region and he's up with your first alert
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there is a new sheriff in town, and today, troy berry made history. she was sworn in to be charles county's first african-american sheriff. >> scott broom talked to him about the challenges in policing in the wake of the ferguson situation. >> reporter: charles county's first african-american sheriff in 355 years, troy berry, comes into office with an immediate focus on integrity, ethics and
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with ferguson in the background, community relations. >> whaaffects one law enforcement agency affects others. and i think we have to really do a good job as far as law enforcement, continue to be open and transparent and allow the citizens to know what's going on in law enforcement. >> according to the constitution and the laws of this state. >> reporter: that's sheriff troy berry taking his oath today. [ cheers and applause ] . >> reporter: barry defeated incumbent sheriff rex coffee in a primary election landslide amid questions about integrity. in a video obtained by the maryland independent, coffee was accused of excessive force for kicking a drunk driving suspect late last year while a key commander was punished for intentionally blocking the dashboard camera view of the ensuing arrest. the incident was not racially motivated and coffee denies committing abuse. berry, a former internal affairs commander, says the antidote across the country and
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in places like ferguson is openness. >> atmosphere of trust and open and safe environment for all. >> by the way, berry says he is open to the idea of body cameras in charles county if they don't cost too much. all right. so we went from rain to a little bit of rain to is it sticking around? >> more rain. yeah, more rain. but then we'll make the 50s tomorrow. let's try to concentrate on that. today was pretty abysmal. let's start with a live look outside. michael and son. you can see the airport somewhere between the drizzle and fog. it's still 37 and it's been that way the last 4 or 5 hours. winds are still north-northeast at three. and i keep harping on that because if winds continue out of the northeast, it keeps this cold wedge in place.
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cold air dammed up against the mountains. we are looking at -- remember colder air is denser than milder air. it will take a while to scour this out. the warm air will win. it may take until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon for that to happen. the radar mainly green, mainly rain. you do see a little bit of a mix just to the east of i- 81 and frederick county. winter weather advisories, frederick county north and west. nothing crazy, though. a littlebit of rain in leesburg on the moderate side. a mess. heading west 66 westbound or even now northbound on i 270, which is never fun, more rain to worry about. we'll zoom in and you can see pretty good rains from frederick to leesburg, aldi and hay market with lighter activity into fairfax county and rockville and the bethesda area. this is around smithburg.
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we're looking at hagerstown. there's smithburg. a little bit of freezing rain in this area. temperatures still right around 32. i think you're going to see a little bit of icing on the trees. i don't think the roads will be a problem. when this batch of rain rolls through, temps go up a little bit. 37 in springfield. everybody above freezing in the immediate metro area and that's as low as we'll go tonight. temperatures are going to remain above freezing overnight, they will not fall down. bus stop temperatures, 34 to 44. chilly for the kids and maybe a little bit of drizzle. i don't think you'll need the umbrella. mild on wednesday buts chilly on thursday behind the cold front. 10:00, most of the rain is through. just clouds and temps in the 30s. walking the dog, prepare for drizzle and fog tonight. but the rain should be out of here. 6:00 a.m., more showers possible east of town but for the most part just drizzle and clouds. a real dreary start tomorrow.
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a little bit better than today, but not much. temps by 8:00, this is little bit warm. still in the 30s, i think, by 8:00. 1:00-hour, we'll pop back into the 50s with clouds still in place. cold front goes through, again, maybe a sprinkle generated by the cold front, late afternoon. it generally will move through, though, on the dry side. day planner, low 40s at 7:00. low 40s at 9:00. back to 50s at 11:00 and 53 at 1:00. behind the front, we're chilly but dry on thursday. respectable day, upper 40s. chilly with late showers on friday. temperatures struggle to get to 50. next seven days, more showers and rain on saturday. 55. home game on sunday looks okay. 55. showers sunday night. but after the game. still mild monday, and then a little arctic air just tries to brush us on tuesday. temperatures hold in the low 40s. we have yet more news on mr. ray rice.
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>> we heard from janay rice yesterday i today ray rice spoke out in an interview with "the today show" and he shared his thoughts on what's unfolded the last several months. aside from the incidents of that night in atlantic city, find out 
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her confidence grows. when schools connect with technology... a 5th grader's world opens up. and when a worker connects to online degrees... his opportunities multiply. the at&t aspire initiative. helping students and communities across america. now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> for the first time since winnock his appeal -- winning his appeal and being reinstated
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to the nfl, ray rice is speaking out. rice, his wife janay and her parents sat down with matt lauer, much of the focus on the joint press conference following the release of the elevator video. we heard her say yesterday the baltimore ravens suggested he apologize for her actions that nice. rice said they were limited in what they could say because of legal issues and given a suggested script. the presser was heavily criticized but rice said one of the biggest mistakes he made that day was not publicly apologizing to janay. >> i made a horrendous mistake not apologizing to my wife. we were going in, given what to speak about. it wasn't truly coming from us, if you can understand. but i, you know, made that clear my last time i was able to speak that my wife is an angel. she can do no wrong. i take full responsibility for
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my actions. move on to local sports. through 16 games, there's plenty more good than bad to talk about the wizards. 11-5. the team has been able to maintain control on the court. no loss has gotten out of control. players are producing off the bench and the stars are doing their partly. most recently, the wizards walloped the heat last night, never trailing in the game beating them by 21 points. the wizards focused this offseason on taking advantage of home court, something that hurt them last year. after getting a taste of the postseason, this team is hungry for more. >> i think we are just a great team. everybody worked hard in the training camp. everybody was committed to everything. >> just us being together as a team, being confident in ourselves and just playing the right way, i think we have that belief that we're one of the best teams in the league and we still -- we play with a chip on our shoulder. we feel we still have a lot to prove.
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maryland terrapins ranked in the top 25 for the first time since 2010. making tomorrow night's battle of the borders even more important. tomorrow night a big test when they host seventh-ranked virginia. >> we're happy to be ranked but we're not satisfied. we're number 17 in the country coming in. a big chance for us to show who we are. >> to this point, it's been fun. everything has been great. but now is a chance for the young guys to suptep more with guys out. it's going to make us a better team down the road. d.c. united went from worst to first this season, now their leader is being rewarded for it. head coach ben olson has been named coach of the year. d.c. united came back to finish this year with the best record in the eastern conference. one step closer to a new stadium.
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council voted to move forward with the plans. a second vote will happen later this month and if it gets final approval the facility will be built at buzzard point. christmas lights going up in neighborhoods everywhere. one family in new york combined the holiday spirit with their favorite sports team to come up with something pretty spectacular. >> the bills make me want to shout. kick your heels up and -- >> shout. >> throw your hands back and -- >> shout. >> the bills are making it happen now. come on and shout. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that was pretty good. that was pretty good, though. >> bills are 7-5. th
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>> pelley: tonight, a major storm. california's biggest rain of the year floods streets, knocks out power, and forces evacuations. ben trace sethere. while americans are enjoying bargain gas, anthony mason reports oil prices threaten to throw russia into recession. jeff glower on a new investigation of deadly airbags. >> i went through living hell. >> pelley: how many vehicles should be recalled. bob orr on the break-in at sony. hackers stole unreleased movies. is north korea behind it? and michelle miller with soldiers encouraging dropouts to take a second chance. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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